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WWF 1995

Guest The Real Deal

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Guest The Real Deal

This diary will start in September 1995.

.:WWF 1995 - Refuelling For Hope:.

user posted image

The record thus far

Up until September 1995 the WWF was in a downer. Many fans questioned this situation. I even heard the wild responce of a fan saying this could be the death of World Wrestling Federation! A statement which I non the less laughed off.

Diesel's WWF World title reign wasn't as popular as backstage writers would have wanted it to be. He wasn't getting over as the WWF champion but ideas were in place to try and hamper this troublesome situation.

McMahon was getting worried, WWF's rival promotion WCW were to be granted a Monday Night Show starting on the 4th September.

I was a former American Soap writer which you may laugh at or be inclined to say other statements but I won't take much notice of these. I've always been interested in wrestling and I was apart of the Cactus Jack arrival in Extreme Championship Wrestling which was played down as a trade offer from WCW.

I worked with Foley and Tommy Dreamer during the interviews helping out Michael Hayes whom gave Foley some valuable advice. And now Vince was in line for my services. His personal assitant at titan towers had requested my services and he aligned me to meet the boss.

.:The Meeting:.

I walked into the room and shook the hand of the middle aged character that stood behind a wooden mahogany desk. He gulped and sat down before repressing his sleeves into a relaxing motion and sitting up straight in his chair.

Character what was I talking about? This was Vince McMahon the man with the ideas in World Wrestling Federation. The familar voice on Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon - Hello there.. Please..erm..sit down..

I pushed aside the black chair and sat down firmly placing my CV on the desk.

Vince's fingers outstretched onto the folder and he opened it. Vince peered over my work for 10 minutes as I sat day dreaming.

Vince McMahon - Well..very good indeed.

Me - Thanks. So you know is there any chance I could be of use to you?

Vince - Well you see im in a risky situation. A situation which could be a success or bomb miserably. The fans haven't been responding to Diesel and other issues on our shows. I need someone that can help me and the wrestlers well when I say wrestlers I mean to get their morale up. I need you to help me with your own ideas and issues on solving these troublesome situations..

Me - So...so...so.. I've got it?

Vince - Spit the breaks out kid..Yeah you do. But if you mess this up. You'll be out that door as quick as you came in.

A ray of sunshine gleamed inside of me.

This was the first step to solving the WWF's poor 1995 regime. With WCW bringing onto TV screens a Monday night program we had to make sure we well I can now say we, the best that we can.

user posted image

Promotion Info

Owner - Vince McMahon

Money - $25,000,000

Popularity - 75.6%

Size - Global

Based In - America

Top 5 Faces

The Undertaker (97.4)

Bret Hart (94.3)

Razor Ramon (92)

Shawn Michaels (85.2)

British Bulldog (80.5)

Top 5 Heels

Diesel (94.3)

Psycho Sid Justice (90)

Yokozuna (87)

Owen Hart (84)

Jeff Jarrett (82.3)

The roster will be put up later.

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Guest The Real Deal

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WWF Active Roster

Faces Heels

Main Eventers

Bret Hart

The Undertaker


Psycho Sid Justice

Upper Midcarders

Razor Ramon

Shawn Michaels

British Bulldog

Jeff Jarrett

Owen Hart



1-2-3 Kid

Bam Bam Bigelow

Billy Gunn

Doug Furnas


Phil LaFon

Savio Vega

Dean Douglas


Irwin R Shyster


Lower Midcarders

Ahmed Johnson


Bart Gunn

Bob Holly

Dr. Issac Yankem


Henry Godwinn

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jean Pierre LaFitte

Phineous Godwinn

Chris "Skip" Candido


Aldo Montoya

Barry Harowitz

The Brooklyn Brawler


Jim Cornette *Managers Yokozuna, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog*

Paul Bearer *Manages The Undertaker*


Ted DiBiase

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Guest The Real Deal

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WWF Superstars preview

WWF Superstars comes straight at you from the SBC Center in Texas. Its the start of a new month in the World Wrestling Federation and lets hope the upcoming months are as exciting as the past few.

The big man Ahmed Johnson will take on the evil Dr. Issac Yankem in singles action.

Rad Radford will be taking on Henry Godwinn. But Radford has the advantage with his supposed partner Chris "Skip" Candido at ringside. Will he be here for his assistance?

The loveable 1-2-3 Kid will take on the snobby and arrogant Dean Douglas. Will 1-2-3 Kid be able to scrape together a victory against this high society?

Jim Cornette has said that on Monday Night Raw Is War he will be starting a "Camp Check" more news on this on Superstars.

And in the WWF Superstars main event the WWF Intercontinental title will be on the line when fan favourite Shawn Michaels defends his gold against Jeff Jarrett.

Don't forget to tune in to watch an explosive show filled with plenty of action.

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Guest The Real Deal

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WWF Superstars Results

Date: Saturday 2nd September 1995

Location: Texas

Arena: SBC Center

Announcers: Kevin Kelly & Michael Cole

WWF Superstars kicks off with a WWF video package. The package finishes with our WWF World champion Diesel standing in the ring with his belt hung smoothly in the air. We are taken into the arena where we are welcomed by the new WWF Superstars commentators Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole.

Dr. Isaac Yankem Vs Ahmed Johnson

The match was basically a complete bore. Absolutly sluggish and Ahmed Johnson was horrible. Yankem finished the match off when he hit Johnson with a steel chair for the victory.

Winner via pinfall - Dr. Isaac Yankem

55%, 52%, 52%

I Want Your Ass!

After the match as Yankem walked up the aisle to the backstage area Admed grabbed a mic in the ring and said:

"Yo Yankem.. You fink yoo can uze a chair to put me down? Well that is that! On Raw Is War its me and you in a CAGE match!"

The scene ended with Yankem smiling whilst clenching his fists.


Rad Radford w/ Chris "Skip" Candido Vs Henry Godwinn

We all guessed it, Candido was at ringside to help out Radford and he grabbed Godwinn's legs when Godwinn went off the ropes numerous times. The match ended with Radford hitting Godwinn with a implant ddt.

Winner via pinfall - Rad Radford

After the match Radford and Candido beat down Godwinn. Godwinn was whipped into the ropes and then hit with a double clothesline before Candido went to the top rope and hit a moonsault. Radford shouted whilst laying in the stomps "We've gotta be taken seriously... You're just a hillbilly on our hill" Henry was saved by the run in of his tag team partner Phineous Godwinn but Radford and "Skip" hit the outside and ran backstage.



Check Camp?

We come back from the break to find the Camp Cornette leader Jim Cornette standing in the ring with a mic.

"I have came out here tonight in front of you diabolical texicans to live up to my promises. You may not live up to your promises but I do. I am a man of standards and I said earlier I was going to give details on the "Camp Check".. Many people have been bugging me, coming up to me and saying "Hey Jim what's this Camp Check?" but I walk on. The Camp Check is simple, every Monday night on Raw Is War I will give the opportunity to anyway in the back to take on a member of my camp." Jim smiles and begins to pace around the ring *"But they don't choose who they take on. NO! I DO! I give them the chance to take on a prestigous member of my group and it all starts this coming Monday Night"


1-2-3 Kid Vs Dean Douglas

It was an exciting match and the fans got into it. But 1-2-3 was able to hit a northern lights suplex into a cover for the victory.

Winner via pinfall - 1-2-3



user posted image

WWF Intercontinental Title

Shawn Michaels © Vs Jeff Jarrett

The match was a great ending to the show. But everyone knew there was no way in hell Jarrett was going to defeat Shawn Michaels never mind at Superstars. The match ended with the only finisher used on the show and that was Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music for the victory.

Winner via pinfall and still WWF Intercontinental champion - Shawn Michaels


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Guest The Real Deal

The Smark Scoop

By Scott Inside

Edition # 212

This week I bring to you some bits and pieces I've managed to assemble from the wrestling world. If you managed to catch WWF Superstars which is becoming abit of a bore recently well the WWF in general. It was a fairly poor show to be honest, Yankem and Ahmed Johnson? First match on Superstars? Ahmed is like a brick wall, he sells nowt' and to be honest his whole move list concludes just powerslam, pin, powerslam, pin oh and another powerslam and a pin.. Absolutely boring. Yankem is an ok wrestler. Not the best but I can see him going far in WWF. The only 2 good matches on the show were that of 1-2-3 Kid Vs Dean Douglas and Shawn Michaels Vs Jeff Jarrett. Im curious as to WWF's reason to shape up the commentating on Superstars with Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly. Does this guy Cole think we are complete dumbasses? We'll have more on this later.

ECW Hardcore TV Results

Rob Van Dam beat Tony Mamaluke (49.4%)

J.C Ice beat Bill Alfonso (60.5%)

Tommy Dreamer beat Raven (68.0%)

2 Cold Scorpio beat Taz (64.8%)

The Public Enemy beat Dudley Boyz (62.5%)

Its amazing, Rob Van Dam away down at the opening section whilst we have the constant bores of the Dudley Boyz and Public Enemy taking the main event slot..

The Tommy Dreamer Vs Raven match was a pure blood fest. Pity I missed it, I was watching Buggs Bunny with my son which im sure was more entertaining.

WCW Saturday Night Results

Eddy Guerrero beat Mr JL (59.5%)

Disco Inferno beat Steve Armstrong and Scotty Riggs in a three way dance (59.5%)

Kevin Sullivan beat The Renegade for the WCW Television title (66.9%)

Hawk beat The Barbarian (78.4%)

The Steiner Brothers beat Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team titles (74.6%)

Just like Rob Van Dam we have a talented wasted in the opening section this promotion is Eddy Guerrero. Its good he picked up a win of course but in my opinion he's at least midcard stature by now.

We now have Kevin Sullivan as our WCW Television champion.. Oh the joys! This 40 year old is our WCW Television champion.. I mean seriously? What the hell is WCW and co thinking?

And another tag team wasted to the awful...awful...AWFUL Steiner Brothers. Harlem Heat are far better than the Steiners.

Other Beings

Did I just hear that? Award:

Winner: Tony Schiavone - "And we all know The Steiner Brothers are going to pick up the victory."

You have to be kidding me! Award:

Winner: Michael Cole - "And Jeff Jarrett has the chance of a lifetime, I think he's a good chance of defeating HBK here tonight."

Well from me and not one happy smark see you's on Friday with my first ever report on the new WCW Monday Night Nitro and WWF Raw Is War.

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Guest The Real Deal

Guys im going to be using Javert's style of writing well the way he writes his matches and interviews which will keep me entertained and keep this diary flowing so to speak.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WWF News

A recent article published on wwf.com has highlighted the firing of WWF stars Sniper and surprisingly Mabel. Mabel who is currently feuding with The Undertaker  has been cut to contract negotiations not being able to improve and Mabel is said to have become depressed at this. Although this wasn't published on wwf.com reports on other websites seem to suggest Mabel's temper and attitude was beginning to wear down the patience of key figures backstage. The firing of Sniper on the other hand isn't that surprising at all. WWF cut Sniper from the roster because they believe they don't have any future plans for him and he is better off somewhere else.

WWF In talks with Brian Adams and Curt Hennig?

Various rumour mills have been discussing and sharing points of view that they believe the WWF is in talks with both Brian Adams and Curt Hennig about possible appearances on World Wrestling Federation shows. Adams is believed to have been offered a good 5 figure deal plus the chance to feud with a top WWF star going into the Royal Rumble 96. Hennig is also asking for a 5 figure salary which we estimate to be around the $10,000 - $15,000 mark. Nothing has been confirmed but with the departure of Mabel it does look possible that the WWF are after a new big man and Adams may fit the bill.

user posted image

Waste Of Space!

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WWF Raw Is War Preview

Date = 4th/9th/95

WWF Raw Is War comes onto your TV screen from the Alamodome arena in Texas filled with plenty of top WWF action.

WWF president Gorilla Monsoon will not be appearing on the show due to a vacation but he has left someone in charge whoever will it be?

Kicking off Raw Is War Barry Harowitz will be taking on Aldo Montoya.

After the happenings on WWF Superstars Ahmed Johnson is itching for revenge and he will have the chance to get such revenge when he meets another monster by the name of Dr. Isaac Yankem.

Before leaving for vacation Gorilla Monsoon has ordered a tag team match which will sort the differences out between Rad Radford / Chris "Skip" Candido Vs The Godwinns.

We'll have word on British Bulldog and where he stands with the WWF World champion Diesel.

And this coming Raw is the start of the "Camp Check" what will this check entail and who will be the first man to take on a Camp Cornette member?

Fatu will take on Irwin R Shyster in singles action.

Razor Ramon has demanded a match with The Undertaker for reasons unknown as of yet. We'll be expecting an interview with Razor about this demand.

Confirmed Matches

Barry Harowitz Vs Aldo Montoya

Cage Match - Ahmed Johnson Vs Dr. Isaac Yankem

Rad Radford / Chris "Skip" Candido Vs The Godwinns

Camp Check Match *Participants Yet To Be Announced*

Fatu Vs Irwin R Shyster

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Damn too bad :P I was gonna do a TEW 95 WWF after i get to the point I want in my WWE diary <_< Oh well...

Raw Predictions

Barry Harowitz Vs Aldo Montoya

Cage Match - Ahmed Johnson Vs Dr. Isaac Yankem

Rad Radford / Chris "Skip" Candido Vs The Godwinns

Fatu Vs Irwin R Shyster

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Decent Superstars man, I gotta give you credit though, You got most of the roster down. But Furnas/LaFon did you hire them or something? They weren't in the WWF in '95. And Phineous hasn't debuted yet. You also had Bearer listed as a heel. The only little mistake you made was put Diesel as a heel and Bulldog as a face.

But it's just minor mistakes, Looking forward to MNR :D

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WWF Raw Is War Results

Date: Monday 4th September 1995

Location: Texas

Arena: Alamodome

Announcers: Jim Ross and Vince McMahon

The WWF Raw Is War video kicks off with the numerous WWF stars hitting their moves and posing for the camera. As the video package ends we are taken into the arena where the pyros go off signalling the start of the show. We are welcomed by the familar voices of Jim Ross and Vince McMahon at ringside.

Barry Harowitz Vs Aldo Montoya

Pretty basic match with Harowitz hitting a couple of hard moves onto Aldo to stiffen him up. Aldo was able to take control of the match and put Harowitz away when he hit a belly to belly suplex before hitting a legdrop off of the top rope for the victory.

Winner via pinfall - Aldo Montoya

53%,68%, 57%

I've got my back to the wall tonight!

The music of Bob Backlund plays over the Pa System and the WWF legend makes his way down to the ring clutching a mic.

Bob Backlund - Tonight is the night in which I gain control of Raw Is War...For the night that is. Yes you guessed it Gorilla Monsoon has left me Bob Backlund in control of things tonight..And I play on putting out a good show believe me. We have the Camp Check situation coming up later on tonight but it seems to me...Yes it seems to me that tonight's main event slot is free.. So I've taken it apon myself to unfree that slot so to speak. It will be The British Bulldog Vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart Vs Psycho Sid Justice Vs Razor Ramon in a total elimination match for the number 1 contendership for Diesel's WWF World title.



Cage Match

Ahmed Johnson Vs Dr. Isaac Yankem

This match was the result of the happening's between the two on WWF Superstars. Neither man seemed to be in control of the match but Yankem was able to fend of Ahmed's challange and climb the cage for the victory. After the match Yankem got back into the ring and tried to assault Ahmed, But Ahmed turned the situation around and hit Pearl River Plunge onto the big man before shouting "Yo take that! TAKE THAT!" whilst delivering a few boots.

Winner - Dr. Isaac Yakem

55.9%, 51.9%, 55.2%

Rad Radford / Chris "Skip" Candido Vs The Godwinns

A rather boring match to be honest. The fans didn't really enjoy it at all, The Godwinns managed to pick up the victory due to a spot of cheating when Henry used the ring bell to floor Rad as the fans cheered. After the match though it was a different story as Radford and Candido turned the tables and managed to make the Godwinns retreat to the back.

Winners via pinfall - The Godwinns

43%, 61.8%, 55.4%

Backstage British Pass

We head backstage where Vince McMahon is standing in front of the camera with a mic in hand. Standing alongside Vince is The British Bulldog draped in his British attire.

Vince McMahon - Hello World Wrestling Federation fans im Vince McMahon standing alongside the man that has the chance of taking on Diesel for his WWF World title at the next PPV...

Vince is cut off.

The British Bulldog - Chance? What you chancing about? You think Bret and Psycho Sid are going to stop me? *Bulldog laughs* I don't think so Vince... I don't think so. Just remember I have the guidance of Jim Cornette..

Vince McMahon - But...hasn't he got the Camp Check ordeal?

The British Bulldog - Yeah he does.. but that can wait. A number 1 contendership shot will be in the bag for Camp Cornette tonight, That has far more signifigance to us than this Camp Check crap..

Bulldog walks off the set looking pissed off.



Fatu Vs Irwin R Shyster

Was an ok match not the best that we have ever seen. It was mediocre to be fair. Fatu was abit sloppy especially when he attemped a leg drop. But Irwin managed to pick up the victory over the big man when he hit a low blow followed by a cheap roll up for the pinfall.

Winner via pinfall - Irwin R Shyster

66%, 60.5%, 68%

Camp Check

The music of Camp Cornette plays over the Pa System. Out come Jim Cornette, The British Bulldog and the WWF Tag Team champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna. The Camp get into the ring and Jim is passed a mic:

Jim Cornette - Well...here we have it..Camp Cornette is standing in this very WWF ring before you. And I am here to welcome you all to the first ever Cornette Camp Check. Before me are my 3 warriors. Unfortunatly Dave here won't be participating in the camp check due to his important main event match tonight. So without further ado can we please have the first ever Camp Check challanger...

Cornette raises his arm up pointing to the titintron as the music of the WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels blasts over the Pa system. The IC champ walks out onto the stage with his belt around his wasit and a mic in hand.

Shawn Michaels - And you're looking at him Jim....The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!

Jim looks completly disgusted.

Jim Cornette - Ok...Ok...OK SHAWN MICHAELS! Tonight boy you're going to be facing the hard lines. You're going to be tasting the big man..Tonight its going to be Shawn Michaels Vs Yokozuna!


Camp Check Challange

Shawn Michaels Vs Yokozuna

Yokozuna was in attendance with Camp Cornette at ringside and the odds were firmly stacked against Shawn Michaels. Jim Cornette distracted the referee allowing Owen Hart to slide into the ring with Shawn's Intercontinental strap. Owen went to hit HBK but HBK ducked and he hit Yokozuna instead. Shawn then hit a sweet chin music onto Owen before knocking Jim Cornette off the apron and covering Yokozuna for the victory.

Winner via pinfall - Shawn Michaels

After the match Shawn Michaels was attacked by Owen Hart and Yokozuna. Owen beats down Shawn whilst Yokozuna laughs before hitting a big splash. Owen raises the WWF Intercontinental title in the air before shouting "Your days are numbered!"

85.1%, 71%, 79.8%


Razor's Edge

As we come back from the break we head backstage where our WWF announcer Vince McMahon is once again standing with a mic in hand. Razor Ramon stands towering over McMahon grazing down at the concrete floor.

Vince McMahon - Hello WWF fans it is me Vince McMahon once again and this time im standing alongside Razor Ramon a man that has the chance of being the number one contender for the WWF World title.. How are you feeling Razor?

Razor Ramon - Hey Chico......Im feeling pretty cool dude..But ya see Vince I have a few issues chico that I would like to get off my chest.. I have a strong chance of being the WWF World title number one contender and all I have to do is be the last man in this total elimination match.. The Undertaker? Taker is nothing compared to me. I don't respect him or his manager and he justn't isn't cool enough to be in the same ring as me. So Taker whatever plan you think you're got up your sleeve put it to sleep and never wake it up chico..

Razor takes out his toothpick and throws it at the camera as the scene ends.


WWF World Title Number 1 Contendership - Total Elimination

Bret Hart Vs Psycho Sid Justice Vs Razor Ramon Vs British Bulldog

Before the match a coffin was carried down to ringside and propped up on a table.

It was the best match of the night by far, The first person eliminated was Psycho Sid Justice when all 3 men teamed up to get the big man out of the challange. Next was Razor Ramon as the lights went out and the coffin opened and out came The Undertaker who tombstoned Razor Ramon before Bret covered him. It was Bret Hart Vs British Bulldog and the Bulldog picked up the win when Jim Cornette hit Bret with a chair before Bulldog hit a german suplex into a cover.

Winner via total elimination - British Bulldog

Jim Cornette steps into the ring and raises Bulldog's hand in the air whilst mocking Bret Hart "That's right Bret. My man the Bulldog is the WWF World title number 1 contender."

91%, 74.7%, 94.6

WWF Raw Is War goes off the air with the picture of Bulldog standing over Bret's limp body.

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Guest The Real Deal

The Smark Scoop

By Scott Inside

Edition # 213

Well what an interesting week we had. Monday night I couldn't wait for the new WCW show to kick off but to be honest after half an hour I turned over and watched WWF Raw Is War and I was just in time for the cage match between Dr. Isaac Yakem and Ahmed Johnson. Another boring match between the two I unfortunatly see a match between these two at In Your House 3. Well the very uncharismatic Bob Backlund was put in control of Raw Is War. The good thing was he only came out once and I missed that. Chris "Skip" Candido is a promising talent for the WWF and they should do their darn best to keep him there for the future. He was the only sense of enjoyment and talented wrestler in the match between Rad Radford / Candido Vs The Godwinns. It also looks like its The British Bulldog Vs Diesel at the next In Your House. The WWF champ wasn't at Raw Is War for some reason but Bulldog won a number one contendership match which also featured The Undertaker popping out of a coffin and tombstoning Razor Ramon. This Camp Check crap sure looks to be a bummer to be honest, I hope Cornette doesn't throw Yokozuna into the path of any upper midcarder or main eventer that accepts the challange.

WCW Monday Night Nitro Results

Interview with Scott Steiner (76.5%)

David Taylor beat Scotty Riggs (46.2%)

The Renegade beat Sister Sherri (58.3%)

Kevin Sullivan beat Steve Armstrong (57.6%)

Brian Knobbs and Cobra beat Van Hammer and Alex Wright (64.5%)

Marcus Alexander Bagwell beat Jerry Sags (62.1%)

The Steiner Brothers beat Johnny B. Badd and Dean Malenko (73.9%)

Absolutley cack that is all I can say. The Renegade taking on Sister Sherri? This was due to The Renegade coming on to Sherri backstage earlier in the evening.. Kevin Sullivan retained his WCW Television title defeating Steve Armstrong and The Steiner Brothers retained their WCW Tag team titles defeating Johnny B. Badd and the technical sound wrestler of Dean Malenko.

Other Beings

WWF have announced that they have signed young Japanese talent Kaz Hayashi to a 1 year contract. It'll be interesting to see how he is used and when he will debut. WWF are believed to have beat Smoky Mountain Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling for this talent.

Well that's it for the weekly edition of The Smark Scoop I'll be back on Sunday with the low down on WCW Saturday Night, ECW Hardcore TV and WWF Superstars.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WWF Superstars Preview

WWF Superstars moves across into Canada hitting Toronto with some sports entertainment action.

Kicking off the show will be Bam Bam Bigelow Vs Billy Gunn in singles action.

We'll have a look back at what happened on Raw Is War.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley will take on Hakushi and Bob Holly in a triple threat match.

Avitar will take on Ahmed Johnson will Dr. Isaac be in content to cause harmony on Ahmed after the brutal beat down he suffered on Raw Is War?

We will have an exclusive interview with the WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels.

And in the WWF Superstars main event the WWF Tag Team titles will be on the line when Owen Hart and Yokozuna defend the straps against Rad Radford and Chris "Skip" Candido.

Confirmed Matches

Bam Bam Bigelow Vs Billy Gunn

Hunter Hearst Helmsley Vs Hakushi Vs Bob Holly

Avitar Vs Ahmed Johnson

WWF Tag Team Titles - Owen Hart & Yokozuna Vs Rad Radford & Chris "Skip" Candido

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WWF Superstars Results

Date: 9th September 1995

Location: Toronto, Canada

Arena: Maple Leaf Gardens

Announcers: Kevin Kelly & Michael Cole

WWF Superstars kicks off with Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole welcoming us to tonights show. Cole and Kelly run down tonight's card and talk about the incidents on Raw Is War between The Bulldog and Bret Hart.

Bam Bam Bigelow Vs Billy Gunn

Was an ok opener, Bam Bam looked in better condition and had lost a few pounds which was obvious. Billy Gunn managed to pick up a victory when he hit Bigelow with a top rope DDT for the pin.

Winner via pinfall - Billy Gunn

58%, 63%, 65%

Monday Night Raw Is War

A video is played showing what happened on Monday Night Raw Is War. We see Ahmed Johnson beating down Isaac Yankem, The Godwinns picking up a victory over Rad Radford and Chris "Skip" Candido, We see the highlights of the camp check ordeal and the main event which also shows The Undertaker popping out of the coffin and tombstoning Razor Ramon. The video ends in the same way as Raw Is War ended with British Bulldog's hand raised in the air by Jim Cornette.



Hunter Hearst Helmsley Vs Hakushi Vs Bob Holly

The match was fairly basic, nothing entertaining really. Hunter Hearst Helmsley managed to pick up a win when he hit his pedigree onto Hakushi. After the match Hakushi got into Hunter's face and starting shouting in Japanese. Hunter looked away and looked to be backing off but he turned round and hit Hakushi with a wild right hand "Don't talk jibberish to me!"

Winner via pinfall - Hunter Hearst Helmsley

63%, 75%, 70%

Avitar Vs Ahmed Johnson

Avitar was in control of the match for most of it but he couldn't put the big man away. Ahmed Johnson managed to defeat Avitar when he hit him with a military press slam. After the match however Dr. Isaac Yankem slid into the ring and beat down Johnson. It seemed as Avitar was going to help Johnson but he turned on him and helped Yankem before shaking his hand as the crowd booed in envy.

Winner via pinfall - Ahmed Johnson

41%, 57%, 41%


True Consequences

The music of the WWF Intercontinental champion plays over the Pa system and the fans scream with delight. "HBK" Shawn Michaels comes out with his WWF Intercontinental title slung around his shoulder. Shawn gets into the ring and demands a mic.

Shawn Michaels - Last Monday night on Raw we all witnessed the cowardly actions of Camp Cornette. Jim everytime you think of this Camp Check you will think of me Shawn Michaels the WWF Intercontinental champion that won the first ever Camp Check match. Maybe you enjoyed sending your boys out to do your dirty work? You may knock me down Jim with your cronies but the Heart Break Kid will always get up and will always attack each and every time he can. I am a man of my word Jim...you remember that.


user posted image

WWF Tag Team Titles

Owen Hart & Yokozuna © Vs Rad Radford and Chris "Skip" Candido

We all knew it was going to happen with Shawn Michaels sitting comfortably in the front row. With Owen Hart and Yokozuna in control of the match Shawn Michaels grabbed Owen Hart whom was standing on the apron and gave him a right hand before throwing him into the steel steps. Radford had the referee distracted. Yokozuna was distracted by this and went over to check on Owen, Yokozuna turned round to catch Candido and ran with him in his arms into the turnbuckle where Radford was. Yokozuna covered Radford for the win.

Winners via pinfall and still WWF Tag team champions - Owen Hart & Yokozuna

52%, 68%, 64%

Shawn Michaels retreated to the back as Yokozuna helped Owen up as Superstars went off the air.

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