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Just a note ahead of everything. Im trying a style of diary that ive never done before. Dont expect an attempt to do a diary the same as my old WWF 93 which is often held up as an expectation before reading my attempts at starting a new one because I simply dont have the time lol. Rather this is based off the TEW original data and follows a fed from the ground up and has more of an emphasis on matches than sports entertainment (to begin with) but if all things go to plan the promotion will evolve and a TV slot down the line will mean that I have to go sports entertainmentish to a degree to keep things fresh. For now though, I hope you enjoy what im going to try to build here. Credit must go to the writer of SWEW whose fantastic diary re-energized my batteries for TEW when I was struggling to get into diary writing again. This will have a certain initial echo of his style of layout but will develop as I get into it and know where im going. I pre-wrote three shows and I already have changed format for news posting for the three shows after so thats just an example of how the diary is evolving as I get more comfortable with it. Once again, have fun guys and feedback on the game is always welcome.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Michael Bell and I own and operate Tri-State FM, available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York states. They have a good regular audience which allows me to make a nice turnover from advertising, but it will never make me a millionaire. On December 23rd, just two days before Christmas local wrestling legend “The Strangler” Graham Vine, 56, suffered a massive heart attack and died later in hospital.

“The Strangler” was one of those old school greats who delighted wrestling fans up and down the east coast of the United States of America as well as being a highly prized gaijin for the Japanese promotion Golden Canvas Grappling in the late eighties. We had been good friends stemming from the days when he was a regular guest on my first ever radio gig for All-Sport Radio in ’86. By the time he retired from the ring aged forty six, I had moved up in the world of radio and had bought into Tri-State FM and I offered him a path into radio as the host of a Friday night wrestling talk show. He took it up and has hosted one of our top rated programs for most of the last ten years. His death came as an enormous shock and for the duration of the festive season myself and the family of Vine pondered how best we could honour him and allow all his fans to pay their last respects.

As it happened what we decided to do came courtesy of a caller on the Wrestling Radio Show that I had taken over on. His suggestion? Hold a benefit show for a charity of the Vine families’ choice. And so after agreement from the Vines we decided on inviting wrestlers to compete on a one-off show in New York City’s “Full House Bingo” Megaplex Hall and began to promote the event through a specially designed sub-site on Tri-State FM’s official website.

Tri-State Radio Announces Benefit Show!

Posted January 1st 2005

Tri-State Radio and Full House Bingo are honoured to announce a benefit show to be held in memory of local wrestling star, and host of the Wrasslin’ Radio Show “The Strangler” Graham Vine who passed away over the Christmas Holiday Period.

New York’s own Full House Bingo have kindly offered to host the event in their impressive three thousand capacity premises in New York City. The mammoth facility will be turned over to the wrestlers and fans who wish to pay their last respects to a legend of the eighties and early nineties.

The names and matches that will be signed for this spectacular will be announced over the coming weeks ahead of the show on Saturday 22nd January 2005. Doors will open at 6PM, with bell time at 7PM. All ticket sales, priced at $10 and purchases of drinks and food at the venue will go towards the Graham Vine Fund and will be distributed by his family to charities of their choice. So don’t miss this chance to see some of your favourite east coast wrestlers, say a final farewell to the Strangler and help some worthwhile charities!

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First Names Announced for the Charity Bash!

Posted January 7th 2005

Earlier this afternoon, the first three names were confirmed for the Charity Bash at Full House Bingo’s New York City Megaplex. All of the superstars will be working for free come January 22nd in an effort to show their respect for the passing of the Strangler.

The first name is one that wrestling historians will be familiar with. Big Smack Scot was twenty six years old when he stepped inside the ring for Danger and Violence Extreme (DAVE) against “The Strangler” Graham Vine. Little did anyone know at the time that this match would be the Stranglers last one ever as he suffered severe trauma of the neck when taking a power bomb from Scot towards the matches end. Vine managed to complete the match and made Big Smack tap out to a dragon . After checking into a hospital after the show Vine would learn that he had partial paralysis down his left side and whilst he would be able to live a pretty much normal life it would mean his wrestling days were over for fear of further injuring the neck. Now Big Smack Scot, 36, who went on to have a two and a half month reign as DAVE Brass Knuckles champion in 1997 will be paying his respects in our main event.

Highflying sensations Flying Jimmy Foxx and Air Attack Weasel, collectively known on the independent circuit as Reckless Abandon will be showing utter disregard for their bodies and the laws of nature when they show up at the Megaplex. They’ve been lighting things up on the east coast for some time and will finish a three week stint in Mexico just in time to wow the passionate New York fans. They’ve issued an open challenge to any pair that wishes to take them on.

Tri-State Radio also has been promoting on their breakfast shows a special raffle during the intermission at the Charity Bash. Tickets for this raffle will be $1 and will be sold before bell time. We will have more news on what the prizes for the raffle are and the very special guest host of the raffle in the next week.

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Looking good man, This is looking to be amazing. I haven't really been reading tons and tons of diarys right now but after getting pumped up about this one through talking to MSN with you. I'm loving the backstory part on this...:)

I've never seen a diary built around someone dieing and then memorial show happening...(I've seen dieing ones just not where theres been memorial shows) But maybe I just haven't been around long enough to see one of them before.

Either way...I've never read an Original Data diary and I really love the data :) So i'm really looking forward to see how this turns out!

Keep up the great work!

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Special Guest Raffle Host, Dermots opponent and more!

Posted January 16th 2005

The Host for the Charity Bash Intermission Raffle can be confirmed as being the self-styled ‘Lifestyle’ Guru. The Guru is a former wrestler from Maine who has found success in recent years as what some would describe an ‘obnoxious’ manager always stepping on peoples toes and talking people down. The Guru will bring his ridiculous look and his debtable gift of the gab to our Intermission Raffle on January 22nd. Officials organising the event stressed they tried to get somebody else, but the Guru just wouldn’t stop ringing them…

The speed with which we are approaching this show has meant that wrestlers have wasted little time in ringing our offices at Tri-State Radio and we can now confirm the rest of the card.

Dermot O’Logical will take on Philadelphian rough neck Tom E. Hawk in a mix of the farcical and the deadly serious.  Hawk broke into the wrestling business last year and has a link to “The Strangler” in that he once phoned the Stranglers radio show asking where he could go to learn to become a wrestler. Vine recommended a few schools and sooner than you know it, Tom E. Hawk is competing across the Tri-State area paying his dues and earning the respect of his peers.

Mississippi ace, Marc Speed has been signed to match his reputed skills as a technician against New York Cities own Jorge Wilkes. The charismatic eighteen year old Wilkes is currently balancing college life with wrestling but could experience a lesson in technical wrestling by the more experience Speed, 24.

In a match that should have everybody on their feet, as the utterly brilliant young high-flyer American Elemental – a man whose name and costume are a tribute to legendary Japanese junior heavyweight Elemental, has been added to the Triple Threat Match already including New York’s Hell Monkey and in addition newly added Black Eagle. The Zoo is coming to town on January 22nd with wrestling Weasels, Foxes, Eagles, Monkeys and more all competing!

The final match and a potential main event anywhere in independent wrestling as the superb veteran all rounder Brent Hill who has competed for both DAVE and the Supreme Wrestling Federation over his thirteen year career locks horns with the Floridian crossface finishing Mean Jean Cattley.

Full Card

Main Event:-

Big Smack Scott versus Nathan Coleman

Feature Match, Triple Threat:-

Hell Monkey versus American Elemental versus Black Eagle

Tag Team Challenge:-

Reckless Abandon versus Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman

Mean Jean Cattley versus Brent Hill

Marc Speed versus Jorge Wilkes

Dermot O’Logical versus Tom E. Hawk

Plus don’t forget that The Guru will be on hand to oversee the Intermission Raffle with a superb seven seat vehicle up for grabs, generously donated by Full House Bingo and tickets for the next SWF pay-per-view Jailbreak provided by Tri-State Radio. So come along on the 22nd of January. Tickets are available to order by phone by ringing the Megaplex Bingo Hall or purchasing on the door for just $10. Remember, all takings are going to the Vine Fund to benefit many of “The Stranglers” favourite charities so bring as many friends and family as possible!

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Main Event:-

Big Smack Scott versus Nathan Coleman

Feature Match, Triple Threat:-

Hell Monkey versus American Elemental versus Black Eagle

Tag Team Challenge:-

Reckless Abandon versus Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman

Mean Jean Cattley versus Brent Hill

Marc Speed versus Jorge Wilkes

Dermot O’Logical versus Tom E. Hawk


Smack Scott's pretty bad :P He has a tendancey to hurt people...As he did to Vine :P

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Tri-State Radio and the Vine Family Proudly Present

In Association With Full House Bingo


Live from the Bingo Megaplex, New York City

January 22nd 2005

Attendance: 1,687

Rating: 40.5%

Considering I had never been involved with a wrestling show outside of giving a promotional dig on radio and interviewing wrestlers ahead of shows in the past, I must admit that the butterflies never really got to me as we counted down to Bell Time. All of the wrestlers, and all of the staff at the Megaplex just went about and organised everything. The wrestlers sorted their own matches out, and I just sat at the bar with nothing to do but watch the ring go up. I offered to help but the ring crew – the ring belonged to local promotion New York City Wrestling – declined my assistance claiming they’d get it up quicker without my questions. Fair enough. Clara Vine, the window of the Strangler arrived about an hour before doors were opening with her twenty one year old daughter Sophia and we spoke for a little while, sharing memories of Graham. Before I knew it, 6PM rolled round, the doors opened and I walked Clara and Sophia to their special seats beside the time keeper and went to find out what I’d be doing as I had volunteered to be the interviewer for the show between matches.

Time: 7.09

With a very respectable nine minute delay for the first show I’ve been involved in, we got under way with our time keeper Bob Tyler signalling the start of the show by clanging the bell five times to send people away from the refreshments, the raffle stall and to their seats. The biggest thing I remember about the moment when I first walked through the curtain we had placed over one of the fire exit doors was the amount of people in attendance. The Megaplex was just over half full! I made my way to the ring and opened the show.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls… Welcome to the Charity Bash! At this moment in time I would like to thank not only you yourselves for coming, but for the wrestlers for agreeing to perform for no fee, and to Full House Bingo who have kindly donated the use of these wonderful facilities. Tonight is a night not to mourn the loss, but celebrate the life of a wrestler who many of us grew up watching. It is also a night to celebrate the very thing that enriched his life so much – good wrestling. With that in mind, and not wanting to procrastinate any longer I ask just before the opening match that you all please adhere to a one minute silence in memory of “The Strangler” Graham Vine…”

Tyler rang the bell once and a hush fell over the building, aside from the traffic outside and a few babies whinging in the crowd. Heads bowed as people reflected on their fondest memories of Vine who although never headlined for an American promotion (he did headline Golden Canvas Grappling in Japan) became one of the most popular guys in the business. Before we got even half way through the minutes silence though “Yankee Loving” began to play and to the shock of the crowd local boy Jorge Wilkes came through the curtain.

If Jorge had expected a hometown boy reception his manner of introducing himself backfired as the crowd began to boo him. He got in the ring and accosted me demanding that these grieving no-good time wasters give him the respect he deserves. Pressed up against the ropes I squeaked out that he had interrupted a minutes silence and that was why he was getting such heat, to which Jorge threatened to hit me. Just then Marc Speed came out to the ring and shoved Jorge telling him that if he wants a fight, he can save it for later and try and match himself against the “Technician”. Wilkes responded by slowly getting out of the ring and drawing a thumb across his throat before turning it into a thumbs down. (35%)

Dermot O’Logical versus Tom E. Hawk

The first match of the nights show saw the Irish American skincare specialist Dermot O’Logical begin things by refusing to compete with Philadelphian native tom E. Hawk unless he ensured he wasn’t carrying unduly large amounts of bacteria – and promptly presented a bottle of handcream and deodorant. To make matters worse, Hawk actually took the stuff and began spraying himself but abandoned it to nail Dermot on the head with the canister starting the match. Dermot proved a glutton for punishment as Hawk whipped him from one turnbuckle to the next, softening up his back with some back breakers and suplex’s as he set up for his Powerslam finisher. Dermot had enough wherewithal though to kick himself free of Hawk by slamming his knees into Hawks head as he held him up for the finish. Dermot fell out behind and shoved Hawk at the official before diving through the middle rope and hurrying up the aisle way throwing his arms up in disgust, apparently finished with the contest. The official, Pee-Wee Germaine managed to keep Hawk in the ring and counted Dermot out, raising Tom E. Hawks hand at the 9 minute mark.

Winner: Tom E. Hawk via Count Out

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 10/48/20

“The Technician” Marc Speed vs Jorge Wilkes

After the less than… average opening match the two young workers who we used to open the show on a controversial note in an effort to generate some heat for the rookies were up next. The background to the match helped with the crowd paying more attention to this encounter even if they were a tad less vocal than they were in the opening match. Wilkes and Speed exchanged wrist locks in the early going demonstrating a variety of reversals and feeling out one another’s chain wrestling ability. A beautiful bridged version of a cravat by Speed almost had Wilkes tapping midway through the match but for Wilkes superb use of the ropes with his feet enabling him to float over into a pinning predicament. Wilkes took advantage from there with some stiff knee shots into the side of Speeds head which kept the babyface grounded with his hands over his head. An attempt at an STF by Jorge was escaped only by touching the ropes with his toes. Jorge was reluctant to break the hold and veteran official Jay Fair had to force the break by pulling the Wilkes legs away. This led to an argument between Wilkes and the official allowing Speed to recover. The finish of the match centred on Speeds consistent use of the cravat and several high impact moves such as brainbusters and back suplexes to hurt the neck of Wilkes to the point where Speeds was able to win the match with his ‘Cravatilation’ finisher which is a variation on the Rings of Saturn using his hands to reach down and apply the cravat for extra pain. After the hard fought contest, the Technician showing good sportsmanship offered Jorge his hand but had it promptly slapped away as the begrudging loser left the ring to boos leaving Speed to a small victory pop from the crowd.

Winner: “The Technician” Marc Speed by Submission

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 9/54/36

Reckless Abandon versus Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman

Perhaps the most anticipated of the matches on the first half of the card saw the colourful highflyers Jimmy Foxx and Air Attack Weasel against the less experienced pairing of a cocky Deano Machino and Barry “BK” Kingman. Both Machino and Kingman have a lot of potential and I noted that Tom Bryant, a road agent for DaVE was in the crowd tonight. There had been a lot of talk that either or both Machino and Kingman could be receiving written guaranteed contracts in the next few weeks to sign for DaVE. Good luck to them if it happens. Its fair to say that the show was getting better and the crowd more into it as we went along. Foxx and Weasel wowed the fans with some dives during the match but this came back to haunt them as Weasel appeared to hurt his ankle on one dive and showing great psychology Deano dropped Weasel to the mat with a drop toe hold and began his teams systematic destruction of that ankle. Quick tags and occasional double teams saw Weasel in agony. The hot tag had to come, and a criticism of Weasel would be that his ankle seemed fine after he hit an enziguri on Kingman and ran across the ring to tag Foxx in. Foxx cleared the ring and received a cheer as the only man left standing between the ropes but an ill advised suicide plancha over the ropes was caught by Dean and Barry who delivered a double powerbomb to the edge of the apron. With nobody to save Foxx as Weasel was lying on the floor on the opposite side of the ring rubbing his ankle, BK and Deano were able to put him away with a novel combination of Kingmans favoured finishing move – the reverse suplex – with Deano catching the legs before they flipped Foxx over slamming him back first into the mat. Elementary one, two three though in Foxx’s favour he did attempt a weak kick out but was too late.

Winners: Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman by Pinfall

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 24/56/45


The intermission passed with most of the crowd hurrying for drinks and to the toilets. About ten minutes into the fifteen minute intermission, “The Guru” came out in a flamboyantly purple outfit and proceeded to joke with the fans, making fun of the fat and the bald. He had a tombola on a table beside him and proceeded to draw numbers from it for the second and first runner up prizes. He then introduced Christopher Bell as the special guest to draw the first prize raffle ticket, the winner of which would have a brand new seven seater vehicle and tickets to the Supreme Wrestling Federation’s Jailbreak pay-per-view. (48%)

Brent Hill versus Mean Jean Cattley

People were just settling back into their seats when this terrific encounter took place. A first time match saw Brent Hill, a man widely recognised as a phenomenal wrestler and one many can’t believe in his twelve years in the business has never received a push in a major promotion. The thirty six year old would be battling a younger upstart Mean Jean Cattley whose gimmick as a pissed off biker coupled with his charisma have made him a red hot Indy talent. Ten year difference between them, the experience edge never really showed itself as Cattley matched him in the early goings. Brent a superb master of the suplex and its variations teased the Fishermans Suplex, but wasted a perfect chance to utilize it when he turned it into a brutal Fishermans Buster and released the hold. He recovered Cattley but Cattley swung his foot on the ropes saving himself. It was a match which on another night, in a different setting could of stole the show but the two were evidently holding back some of their arsenal though it was an entertaining matchup. Cattley almost stole it after he forced himself loose of a superplex attempt by Hill and stood up grabbing Hills arm leaping off the top rope and driving his knee into the arm as they hit the mat, the pain on Hills face told the whole story. Cattley covered but only got two and when he attempted to go for his favoured crossface submission, Hill scarpered out of the ring for a breather and in an attempt to get some circulation back into his hurting arm. The finish saw Cattley fall out of a fisherman suplex attempt behind Hill and the two jockey for position in a backslide. Cattley got the better of it, and as the ropes were behind them used them to kick his body up and flip into a sitting position on the folded up Hill’s legs pinning him for a cheeky three count.

Winner: Mean Jean Cattley by Pinfall

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 27/70/54

Cattley snatched the microphone as he stood catching his breath in the corner of the ring and pointed at Hill. His breath panting over the microphone. He laughed some and cleared his throat.

“I got told I would be facing top competition for this charity event. When they said top I never knew how ill advised the organisers of this show were. Because as far as I’m concerned you’re a nobody, whilst I’m a somebody. And that win makes you nothing more than another notch on the almost criminal record of Mean Jean Cattley”

Cattley wished Hill the best of luck next time and told him to go fight some men of his own level and ability before dropping the microphone and leaving the ring. Hill picked up the microphone and thanked the fans for their support, adding that “may the Strangler be enjoying tonight’s action up in the heavenly squared circle”. (51%)

Hell Monkey versus American Elemental versus Black Eagle

Three Way Dance Rules, First Fall Wins It

The undoubted match of the night on reflection. The crowd was quiet for this one but that wasn’t for fault of the three competitors. Hell Monkeys demonic monkey mask is a sight to behold. Having said that the ‘Eagle’ mask and black singlet that the Black Eagle wears is also impressive. Infact lets just leave it to say that these three stand out in a crowd. The elder statesman of this match, Eagle at a reputed 30yrs of age took the brunt of the high impact, high risk offence from the monkey and Elemental. It almost seemed to be a game of one upmanship by Hell Monkey and American Elemental. Monkey scored brownie points when he delivered a triple set of backbreakers and suspended Eagle across his knee for Elemental to nail a shooting star legdrop decapitating Eagle. To say that Elementals coccyx was hurting from his own move would be an understatement after that breathtaking sequence. Eagle still managed to kick out. Things broke down and all three took advantage of the ringside area by diving in turns from the top turnbuckle or the ropes in the case of Black Eagle and attacking the other two. This flurry of offence led Eagle to be trying to get his second wind on the floor as Monkey and Elemental brought the fight in the ring and began stiffing one another with kicks. Monkeys jump spinning back kick was parried by Elemental who attempted a jumping roundhouse which would of knocked Monkeys head off had he not ducked and ran for the ropes coming back to catch Elemental just as he stood up with a lariat turning him inside out. Near fall was stopped by Black Eagle who would unfortunately be the man suffering the deciding fall as Hell Monkey took advantage of Elemental getting his leg caught between the top and middle ropes (wrapped round his leg), and hung upside down unable to stop Monkey catching Eagles crossbody from the top rope, displaying his strength advantage and turning it into a double powerbomb pinfall. After the match all three competitors grudgingly acknowledged the effort showing tonight and raised each others hands to a polite applause from the crowd.

Winner: Hell Monkey by Pinfall

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 15/74/48

It was at this time that I retook centre stage in the ring and thanked the fans once more for attending tonight’s charity event and informed them that wrestlers would be signing autograph’s after the conclusion of the main event which was coming up next. Big Smack Scott came out to his music ahead of his match and signalled for me to bring the microphone closer to him. He claimed that the Vine Family and Tri-State Radio had broken a non-disclosure agreement by leaking details of his payment for tonights appearance onto the internet and informed us he almost didn’t attend the show tonight. He was heckled by some fans who wouldn’t of been bothered either way and he ignored them going on to say that he decided he would show because unlike Tri-State Radio and the Vines, he was an honourable man and these fans would be paying to see him Smack the living hell out of Coleman. It was a weak promo highlighted by him calling out one particular fan who was shouting over Scott, heckling him with obscenities. Just before Scott got his hand on the young man and earned us a law suit though Colemans music began to play and we were ready for the main event. (35%)

Big Smack Scott versus Nathan Coleman

The Main Event

Nathan Coleman was one man who we knew had just signed papers with Dangerous and Violence Extreme, the promotion ran by Paul Vibert as the risqué number three promotion in the United States. This would be his last independent appearance before starting full time for them, so we were expecting a strong farewell to the Indy scene, especially given this was in honour of a man Coleman has repeatedly said in interviews was a massive influence on his career. Big Smack Scott also had a fair bit to prove as in the last six months he had been frozen out by most companies due to the breaking of an opponents neck with his finishing move – the Jackhammer. Scotts earned a reputation for being sloppy so this was a rare chance for him to prove his critics wrong, especially with the time and angles invested into making this a good main event. However on all fronts this was a disastrous failure, as an unprofessional Coleman phoned it in expecting the crowd to not expect much, and Scott looked especially sloppy at times and almost repeated his neck breaking exploits when he did a back toss on Coleman as he came off the ropes. Luckily Coleman was only dazed but it could have been much worse. The saving grace was that the crowd were hotter for this than any other match on the night and comes courtesy of the fans disliking the fact that Scott allegedly threatened to pull out if he wasn’t paid for his appearance, and threatening to assault ringside fans in his pre-match promo. The match was largely wrestling by numbers and had little flow. What flow it had came from the finish as Coleman followed up on an Irish whip into the exposed steel rungs of the turnbuckle by unleashing his spinning back drop and putting an end to this forgettable main event with the three count.

Winner: Nathan Coleman by Pinfall

Crowd/Quality/Overall: 28/36/31

After the match Big Smack Scott raged against officials refusing to admit his defeat and he was ushered away from ringside as the rest of the roster emptied and filled the ring. The show ended on a fitting note with the wrestlers receiving a standing ovation and themselves applauding the crowd for coming to the show and donating their money to a worthwhile clause, all the while “The Stranglers” music played over the PA System.

EDIT: Please note this was more in 1st person, the rest of the shows are in 3rd person as I am continuing to tinker with how I want to present this.

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Press Announcement – TSR & Full House Bingo Announce Partnership

Posted 30th January

Tri-State Radio and Full House Bingo Inc. today announced to the press from the Megaplex Bingo Hall venue in downtown New York City a decision to co-promote regular wrestling shows together following the enormous success of the Charity Bash just a few days ago, an event which was aimed at raising money for the Vine Fund and more than met its target of a thousand fans. Official figures claim that over 1,600 paid fans were in the building for the show headlined by Big Smack Scot against Nathan Coleman.

“Tri-State Wrestling” will be headed by Tri-State Radio Owner Christopher Bell  with TSR and Full House Bingo sharing the investment into the fledgling company. As it stands, Full House Bingo have turned over their prime facilities at the Megaplex for one show a month for the next three months to gauge the prospects of a second promotion based out of New York. The company has long term plans for promoting events in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania however only three dates were announced for the moment in the Megaplex itself on 2/13, 3/20 and 4/24.

At the press conference the newest promoter in East Coast wrestling Chris Bell declared that he was rather daunted by the prospects of promoting regular wrestling events but expressed a great excitement and enthusiasm for the task ahead. Asked if he and Full House Bingo were targeting the Big Three (Supreme Wrestling Federation, Hollyweird Grappling Company, Danger and Violence Extreme) he joked that he wants a future for his company. Not suicide. His desire is simply to bring the best independent wrestling in North America to the Tri-State region. Asked if either of the headliners from the Charity Bash would be working with the new promotion he said that Big Smack Scotts attitude at the show was not what TSW was about. He also claimed that Nathan Coleman would not be part of the new venture but he wished him all the best for his future with DaVE.

Bell commented that the details for the first Tri-State Wrestling show, which would launch a new alternative to the big three would be announced on www.Tri-StateWrestling.com within the next few days.

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TSW Newswire 2/7-2/13

7th February: “The Best Kept Secret in Wrestling”, Hell Monkey will return to the Megaplex on 2/13 to complete our showcase main event in a match with Brent Hill. The two phenomenal young athletes will look to set the bar for independent wrestling. The New York native, Hell Monkey intends to continue his winning form and inflict a second straight defeat on Brent Hill in the Megaplex. Responding to news of his opponent being selected Brent said that “In all my years in wrestling few have impressed me like Hell Monkey but he’s young and inexperienced and if he thinks he’s making a name at my expense he’s got another thing coming.”. Journeyman Brent Hill has enjoyed a career with some of the top promotions over the last ten or so years but has never managed to gain any considerable success. Now entering his late thirties Brent sees TSW as a place to make his mark and achieve the success he craves.

8th February: We have just received a special request from The Insane Heat, a man most known for his work as a top gaijin in japan. Heat wishes to come to the Megaplex and be part of the birth of a ‘New Alternative’ in pro-wrestling.

9th February: The hilarious and offbeat Guru, last spotted as the host of the Charity Raffle at last months Charity Bash will be returning to the Megaplex with an agenda of his own to fulfil. He claims that he has found a wrestler of terrific ability who only requires a little of his experienced guidance in order to become a major player on the indy wrestling scene. The Guru refused to say who it would be and simply claimed people would have to show up on 2/13 to find out for themselves.

10th February: An opponent for the Insane Heat has just been found and TSW management cannot be more pleased with their choice in the young brilliant highflier American Elemental. Now both these American students of Japanese wrestling will test their skills – highflying and strong style, against one another in what could be a dark horse for Match of the Night.

11th February: With five matches so far added to the card, officials are currently looking to add a final sixth match and are looking at a variety of options.

12th February: Match Makers today handed me a note revealing the final match to be added to the 2/13 card. It will be the Irish American Skincare Specialist Dermot O’Logical going against two exciting young prospects in Wildfire Warren Technique and Jacob Jett. The trio will compete in a Triple Threat match, first fall by pin or submission wins it all.

13th February: Wrestlers and staff began arriving to the Megaplex earlier today. Everyone is in high spirits ahead of the show which the doors open for in a little over two hours time. There had been a small worry that the ring wouldn’t arrive in time for the show after the ring purchased by TSW officials was stranded after the van it was in broke down. However the fine folks at New York City Wrestling have responded to an urgent request and delivered their own ring to the show. TSW officials are delighted with the way that NYCW are treating the fledgling company when others might have tried to kill off Tri-State Wrestling before it got off the ground. The final card for tonights show then is;

Main Event:

Brent Hill versus Hell Monkey

Charity Bash Re-Match

Reckless Abandon versus Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman

Are You a Mexican or a Mexican’t?

Mean Jean Cattley versus Los Fury

Two American students of the Japanese Style Collide!

American Elemental versus The Insane Heat

Tag Team Exhibition Match

Tom E. Hawk & Little Bill Lewboski versus “The Technician” Marc Speed & Ernie Turner

Triple Threat Frenzy!

“Wildfire” Warren Technique versus Dermot O’Logical versus Jacob Jett

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Tri-State Wrestling Present

In Association With Full House Bingo


From the Bingo Megaplex, New York City

February 13th 2005

Attendance: 1,591

Rating: 42.8%

DVD Extra! Pre-Show

The Guru as promised is in the Bingo Megaplex and seems to be standing in a kitchen of some sort backstage at the building. The arm of a man, presumably the person whom the Guru has signed to manage the affairs of, can be seen on the left of the picture. The Guru folds his hands into a temple, much like Mr Burns in the Simpson’s and speaks directly to the camera revealing that his new charge was already arguably the finest independent wrestler in north America today and was competing in tonights main event. A slot he would be holding on a regular basis under the Guru’s watchful eye. The Guru then introduced the man he dubbed “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill. Brent shook Guru’s hand cementing the partnership and promised his fans a memorable victory tonight against the Hell Monkey.

Jacob Jett versus “Wildfire” Warren Technique versus Dermot O’Logical

Triple Threat Rules

The young lion “Wildfire” Warren Technique was the first man through the curtain as the first official show from Tri-State Wrestling was presented from the Bingo Megaplex. Commentating on the video release was the promoter and ring announcer Christopher Bell, he’s a jack of all trades that Bell is. Technique arrived cheery and waving to the fans. Little known he has his work cut out against eighteen year old Jacob Jet, reputed to be a hot prospect for the future and the skin care specialist Dermot O’Logical who lectured both wrestlers on personal hygiene after they had shook hands. The gimmick is just so out there that it works for Dermot, though he’s more laughed at than boo’d. Technique showed why he got the nickname “Wildfire” with an explosion of intensity after suffering for five minutes to both Dermot and Jacob Jett. Warren chopped Dermots chest a crimson colour and without pausing spun round to deliver a discus forearm to Jett which knocked him on his backside. The crowd were definitely getting into Wildfire who went close to winning following a trio of snap suplex’s delivered to Jett but Dermot broke it up. The match broke down after that with Dermot and Wildfire brawling through the ropes to the floor outside. The much bigger Dermot getting the advantage but they were both surprised when Jett hit a lovely dive to the outside. He almost seemed to glide through the air head first, then with a twist of his body flipped over to crash backfirst onto Dermot and “Wildfire”. The action eventually got back in the ring after Dermot and Wildfire had dealt with Jett they turned their attentions to each other. When Warren attempted to hit his Back Suplex finisher Dermot rolled out of it and fell through the ropes to the outside just as Jacob Jett leapt from the top rope to catch Warren with a crossbody which Warren floated over, but Jett used his momentum to turn him again to be ontop for the three count as Dermot was standing back up on the outside.

Winner: Jacob Jett (12mins) by Crossbody.

C/Q/O: 8/46/35

”The Technician” Marc Speed & Ernie Turner versus Tom E. Hawk & Little Bill Lebowski

Classic Tag Rules

The smallest fighter in North America, Little Bill Lewbowski looks like a sparkplug of aggression dressed in a set of old jean shorts and a slightly tattered “The Great American Rockfest 89” shirt, a little known, little remembered one time rock festival in New Jersey. His partner Tom E. Hawk was familiar to the Megaplex crowd and so was one of their opponents Marc Speed. Speed and Hawk started things with Speed exchanging front chanceries with Hawk who took advantage by holding Speeds head in his arm and then drilling him with some stiff looking knee shots to his face. Speed collapsed out of the hold and Hawk dragged him to the corner allowing Little Bill to climb to the top rope and hop off with a double stomp on Speed. There was actually no tag but the referee let things continue with Bill unleashing a jumping knee drop to the facial area of Speed. Speed is actually only an inch taller than Bill but his keener grasp of technical wrestling turned the match when he tripped Bill with a drop toehold as Bill was about to tag out. Speed then tied up Bill in a figure Four and dragged himself towards his corner along the mat all the while with Bill thrashing in pain. Before he made the tag Hawk raced in and stomped on Speeds head breaking the hold. Speed still made the tag though as Ernie came in but Bill had made it back to his corner and Hawk met the debuting Ernie with a vicious big boot. He failed to get the pinfall there but only a few minutes later had thanks to a diving headbut to the gut of Speed knocking him off the apron, delivered his trademark powerslam to Ernie Turner hooking the leg tightly for the three count. After the match Speed was helping Turner to his feet when Tom E. Hawk returned to the ring and when Speed turned to face him unleashed a Powerslam that Speed sold heavily, rolling around clutching his back. Hawk gloated over his work and finally left the ring.

Winner: Tom E. Hawk & Little Bill Lebowski (10mins) by Powerslam

C/Q/O: 11/59/39

The Insane Heat versus American Elemental

Classic Singles Rules

One of the most anticipated matches saw the incredibly talented American Elemental and the strongstyle worker Insane Heat clash just before the intermission. Arguably the match of the night, American’s hero “Elemental” would be smiling down on him from heaven after some of the awesome death defying moves he utilized – if Elemental wasn’t alive and well enjoying his retirement, with Masami Fuchida keeping the gimmick alive by being the second person to wear the Elemental attire. There was an eye watering sequence when Elemental was unloading kicks on Heat and ran up nearby ropes to get extra height and momentum behind his kicks and knees only the third time he went up the ropes, this time to the top of the turnbuckle he came off and Heat caught his leg, over his shoulder and delivered a Fall Away style slam right on Elemental’s head. Amazingly he kicked out before the three. Elemental seemed a little groggy after this and Heat took his time with him backing him into a corner and brutalizing him with a headbutt that knocked Elemental onto his backside only staying sat up because of his back being against the turnbuckle pads. Heat pulled Elemental up and nailed him with a short arm clothesline before applying an Anaconda Vice submission. But Elemental was too close to the ropes and managed to get his feet on it. The match progressed at a much slower and deliberate pace after that brutal fall away earlier. Elemental mostly on the defensive. Elemental almost won it against the run of the match when Heat got overzealous on a belly to back suplex and threw Elemental up into the air. Elemental landed on his feet behind Heat ducked under the swing of an arm and spring boarded off the opposite ropes to collide with a moonsault on Heat for a 2.75 pinfall. But this was a false come back as Heat, with his flame like face paint around his eyes flaking away scored with the double leg cradle shortly before the sixteen minute mark for the three count. It was an intensely competitive match which had a different appearance than most had expected following Elementals nasty bump but even when seeing stars Elemental and Heat ended the match with an ovation from the crowd as they shook hands and hugged showing a respect for one another’s ability.

Winner: Insane Heat (16mins) via Double Leg Cradle.

C/Q/O: 22/72/55

DVD Bonus!

Intermission time and TSW camera’s are backstage at the Megaplex where Jacob Jett is finishing getting into his street gear and is tying the laces of his trainers. Christopher Bell comes into the picture and announces that TSW Officials have just put pen to paper on the next big show. It’s Tri-State Wrestling Live from the Megaplex once again on the 20th March. Bell ensures the viewers that all of the top stars of the independent scene will be on hand for another stellar event, but we’re not quite finished with tonight’s show. He reminds us that still to come is Mean Jean Cattley’s challenge to the “Mexican or Mexican’t” Los Fury, the rematch from the Charity Bash between Reckless Abandon and Deano Machino & Barry Kingman and ofcourse the main event Mean Jean Cattley against the newly dubbed “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill who now has the Guru in his corner. How will that affect tonight’s match? As he finishes the hype for the rest of the show he comments that tonight we’ve had a glimpse of a future star in Jacob Jett. Before he can talk to Jett though Wildfire Warren Technique comes into the picture standing over Jett who is sat on a bench. Bell holds out a microphone towards them as Warren tells Jett he hasn’t come for a fight. He congratulates Jett on the win saying the better man won on the night. Jett responds in kind by complimenting Wildfire and pushing him to the limit in the triple threat. They shake hands as Bell takes us back to ringside with the line “intermission is just about over here so we’re going to go back to ringside for more action here on a night when a new alternative in professional wrestling is born” (39%)

Mean Jean Cattley versus Los Fury

Special Challenge Match, Classic Singles Rules

In a line directly out of the film “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” Mean Jean Cattley came out determined to discover whether this import from mexico, Los Fury, was a Mexican or a Mexican’t. Cattley’s scorn for lucha wrestling has been prominent on the TSW site all month feeling that no luchadore could ever match it in the ring with a real profeshional wrestler. And he was right as it happens. This was barely more than a squash match for Cattley who folded Fury up like a… Mexican delicacy.. a Pretzel, yea I think that’s right. Fury showed us a few glimpses of his ability with his distinctive lucha style. One moment he would be stalking around Cattley, the next he would explode in a fury of offence earning an applause for a head scissors take down followed by a moonsault legdrop he calls Una moneda de diez centavos por docena, translated “A Dime a Dozen”. Cattley punished Fury for his sheer arrogance in thinking he could embarrass Mean Jean with his jumping bean hijinx and deftly countered Fury’s finisher – a stiff martial arts kick to the head designed to KO his opponent, by ducking Fury’s leg and as Fury put his foot down infront of Cattley, rose behind him and dragged him to the mat causing a thirty second struggle between the two as Cattley tried to put on the Crossface and Fury tried to get away. Gradually Cattley was able to cinch in the hold and Fury had no option but to tap out. Cattley refused to shake Fury’s hand rubbing insult into the defeat, believing himself above the spotmonkey.

Winner: Mean Jean Cattley (8mins) by Crossface

C/Q/O: 17/64/44

Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman versus Reckless Abandon

Re-Match from The Charity Bash

Deano and BK entered into this match confident of repeating their victory over Reckless Abandon from the Charity Bash, but with the loudest vocal support of anybody on the show Reckless Abandon simply refused to die even when Jimmy Foxx was suplexed to the outside floor smacking his head off the railings as he rolled. To a “Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy!” chant he managed to shake enough of the cobwebs off to kick out of the follow up pinfall attempt by BK. In a reversal of what happened a month ago, Jimmy Foxx became the whipping boy as Deano and BK exchanged tags and occasionally double teamed him whilst Air Attack Weasel stood on the apron with some notable strapping on his ankle due to an injury suffered last month during their previous encounter. Machino was very laid back throughout and seemed to be taking Foxx apart methodically. But it was his relaxed nature which allowed Foxx to escape – catching Deano with two knees when he went for a splash after running the ropes. Foxx rolled to his corner and made the hot tag to Weasel who nailed BK with a missile dropkick as he came in to cover for his partner. Weasel then nailed a leg lariat to Machino and both opponents rolled out of the ring, Deano gesturing for a time-out. Bell on commentary reminded us that there were no time outs in wrestling and just then Weasel and Foxx both dived at the same time over the top rope to take Deano and BK out in the aisle. The crowd popped big for that and Reckless Abandon rolled into the ring together and high fived each other as the referee’s count continued. Deano and BK helped one another to their feet and seemed to not hear what count the referee was up to because they spent three vital seconds whispering in one anothers ear. Just when they had decided on a recourse, Deano started toget in the ring and the official rang the bell causing confusion amongst the wrestlers and the fans. Deano and BK had been counted out. Nobody was happy but the fans cheered the win for Reckless Abandon who protested the referee to restart the match. Deano and BK attacked them from behind and tried to go for their finisher but Foxx and Weasel fought back and the two heels abandoned their assault by retreating to the curtain. Neither team looked like they felt this matter was resolved.

Winner: Reckless Abandon (12mins), by Count Out

C/Q/O: 27/56/42

Hell Monkey versus “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill w/The Guru

Main Event, Classic Singles Rules

The match on the marquee, with the added spice of the Guru in Brent’s corner. Guru came out and introduced “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill. During his entrance he clapped the hands of the fans around the ring cementing his position as a face. The Guru has spent most of his time on the indy circuit working as a heel manager, and did so at the last event so this is quite the break from the norm for him but he seems to be handling it well acting as the brains behind the ability of Brent Hill. Hell Monkey’s entrance had the fans near the curtain coughing due to smoke which drifted in from under the curtain before the Monkey came cautiously through the curtain, he slapped away an extended hand from a fan and got jeered, the jeers turning to flat out boo’s when he scaled up the turnbuckle and posed with his head hung low and arms outstretched like Christ on the top on one knee. He rolled off it onto the mat ending up on his feet crouched infront of Brent Hill. Hell Monkey gestured at him and drew a line with his finger on the mat between them goading Hill to cross it. He did, and we were underway.

Monkey with that demonic mask looked even more evil when he took control of the match courtesy of a suspiciously low breadbasket shot which the referee decreed was above Brents groin despite him going down clutching his jewels. Hell Monkey split his time between threatening the Guru and working over Brent and used a double underhook DDT to brilliant effect. Driving him into the mat once, then keeping his hands clutched stood back up with Brent and drove him again into the mat a second time before rolling him over for a two count. Brent frustrated Hell Monkey by staying on his back and raising his knees and fists, ready to bat away any assault. Monkey just couldn’t get at him and fell into a trap as Brent half rolled backwards then springed his legs up catching Monkey round the waist in a classic boddy scissors causing Monkey to fall to his knees in the hold in evident pain. Brent snatched hold of one of Monkeys Arms and applied an armbar to it turning Monkey onto his side with the bodyscissors. There was no chance of a submission though and Brent released the hold and crossed to the opposite side of the ring to allow Monkey to stand back up. He extended his hand in a gesture of sports manship and Hell Monkey actually took it, then armdragged him across the mat before raking his face with his boots, running at the ropes and coming back with a standing shooting star press, right on the money for another two.

Hell Monkey attempted to target Brents back from now on, softening him up for the Double Powerbomb finisher and delivered a series of painful looking backbreakers to the man dubbed by the Guru as “Mr Wrestling”. A Bow and Arrow had Brents voice carrying over the crowd in an intermittent groan of pain and shouts of “no” to the match officials repeated requests if he wanted to give up. Somehow he got free and was able to float out and ontop of Hell Monkey into a pinning predicament for a one count. Hill clutched his back wincing and Hell Monkey stood up took one look at the injury and applied a reverse chin lock with his knee stuck in Hills back. The move was a setup for his real intention – a half dozen of knees driven into the spinal column of Brent and a pinfall attempt.



Kickout! Monkey dragged Brent to his feet and hooked his arms in a chicken wing lifting him up before dropping backwards and raising his knees in a bone-jarring backbreaker variation which he turned into a body scissors of his own. He got serious heat for reaching for the ropes behind him and using them to get extra leverage for every higher rope he grabbed till the Gurus protests led to the referee catching him and he had to break the hold. Monkey then irish whipped Brent into the far turnbuckle and he staggered out only to get whipped into the turnbuckle on the far side, the ring post actually shaking from the violent velocity of Brents impact. The Guru shouted encouragement at Brent and Hell Monkey went to the ropes and threw a wild punch which missed Guru by a mile, but the distraction bought Brent vital seconds of recovery for he countered a third attempt to whip him across the ring by keeping hold and almost knocking a tooth loose with an elbow to the jaw. Brent paused wincing, then countered a punch by Hell Monkey by stepping inside his reach and clasping his hands around his neck and under his right armpit and driving him face first into the mat (ala Mohammed Hassan’s finisher) buying him some vital moments to get his breath. He covered Hell Monkey but could only get the two count.

Brent, with the Guru shouting on from ringside, continued his recovery by clipping the knee of Hell Monkey from under him and stomping it, Christopher Bell suggesting that if Hell Monkeys leg is hurt he cannot kick out of the Fisherman Suplex, Brent’s finisher of choice. Brent attempted to go for the Fisherman Suplex but his back hurt too much and he let go of Hell Monkey who kicked him in the gut and pulled him between his legs signalling for the Double Powerbomb but then he couldn’t lift up Brent because he couldn’t spread his weight over both legs due to the work Brent had done to his left leg and Brent was able to get out of the hold exchange blows with Hell Monkey that had them both rocking and backed Hell Monkey into the corner. They switched positions twice as momentum continued to swing but in the end it was Brent pushing Monkey onto the top turnbuckle and there, without the need for strength in his back he delivered the moment of the night by hitting a dangerous Fisherman Suplex off the top turnbuckle, no lift, just all fall. He kept hold of Hell Monkeys left leg.




Hell Monkey breaks out of the pin just after the three count and rolls onto his knees to hear the bell ringing and Bren’ts music playing as he is announced the winner of the match. The Guru climbed in and raised Brents arm in victory as Hell Monkey rolled out of the ring in disappointment and hobbled on his bad wheel towards the back ignoring the arms extended towards him.

Winner: “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill (20mins) by Fisherman’s Suplex

C/Q/O: 21/74/52

DVD Bonus!

Post-Show at the Megaplex

We open up in the locker room area where several of the wrestlers and ring crew can be seen dotted milling around. Theres a commotion and the cameraman runs across the large room to find Deano Machino and Barry “BK” Kingman throwing their bags around in anger. Deano wheels on the cameraman pointing into it stabbing his finger menacingly into the lens. Deano asks what kind of a freaking promotion is this when they allow referee’s to count him and BK out. Nobody wanted that finish to their match. As a result of the referees deciscion he and BK have been embarrassed by Reckless Abandon. A count out defeat? Come on! Deano makes it plain that this thing with Reckless Abandon isn’t over, and in fact it’s only just beginning. BK added that “You can count on that brah”. (45%)

We then cut to Christopher Bell who had the first two confirmed matches for next months return to the Megaplex they were;

Main Event – Two out of Three Falls

The Insane Heat versus Mean Jean Cattley

Grudge Match – No Count Out’s!

Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman versus Reckless Abandon

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TSW Newswire 2/14-2/20

14th February: We are just 24hrs removed from yesterdays historic debut show from Tri-State Wrestling which saw a close run thing for match of the night between American Elemental versus Insane Heat and Brent Hill versus Hell Monkey. The Guru also unveiled his chosen charge in the thirty-six year old Brent Hill for so many years a “nearly man”, fans will no doubt be delighted with the promising start Brent made under the Guru by beating Hell Monkey. We will have news on the DVD release in the near future with several promos having been taped at the event. We also have two matches confirmed for 3/20 in the shape of;

Main Event – 2/3 Falls

The Insane Heat versus Mean Jean Cattley

Grudge Match – No Count Out’s!

Deano Machino & Barry “BK” Kingman versus Reckless Abandon

15th February: The Guru has revealed exclusively to me that his client “Mr Wrestling” Brent Hill has just signed a full time contract with the promotion and will be appearing at both the 3/20 and 4/24 shows at the Megaplex. The popular Mr Wrestling aims to dominate the promotion and uphold the sporting virtues of his ameatuer wrestling background – honour, humility in victory, athleticism and respect for ones opponents. He has claimed he will happily shake the hand of any opponent before and after a match regardless of result.

16th February: Tri-State Wrestling Head Booker, and Tri-State Radio Owner Christopher Bell today was snapped outside of the new offices of the fledgling promotion based in New York City. TSW have begun letting office space in a building just six blocks down from the Megaplex Bingo Hall itself where they are hosting shows. Mr Bell said today’s opening was a major step in setting up a profeshional environment for the running of the company including its media arm which will produce onsight the DVD Home Release’s of each of TSR’s shows plus other material including a reported series of never-before-heard interviews with the stars of yesterday and today shedding light on a cut throat business. Tri-StateWrestling.com itself has relocated to the new premises.

That’s all for now, be sure to check back in two weeks time as we build to the 2nd Tri-State Wrestling show on 3/20

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11th March:

Dermot O’Logical and Little Bill Lebowski will open up the showon 3/20 in what should be an interesting match at the very least. Also at the show, Dermot has promised to reveal a “hideaous secret” about 90% of the Tri-State Wrestling roster that he discovered at last months show. He’ll be bringing this news direct to the ring so be there in person! This will be Lebowski’s first singles match in the Tri-State after suffering a defeat in tag team wrestling last month.

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lol erm thanks for the kind words cole.

TSW Newswire 3/14-3/20

14th March: It could very well be a fan’s dream pairing. The young and exciting American Elemental will continue to learn his trade on 3/20 when he teams up with the veteran Silver Shark in tag team action. There opponents will be two men who were opponents at the Charity Bash – Black Eagle and Hell Monkey. Monkey is coming off a defeat to Brent Hill in last months main event and is sure to be looking to get back to winning ways in order to get back into that main event spotlight. In a rather cryptic message Hell Monkey threatened American Elemental and Silver Shark with Fiery Banana’s. Okay…

15th March: There is still no opponent for Cowboy Tom E. Hawk, though this is expected to be resolved within the next 48hrs. Management have set a deadline of 6PM EST tomorrow for Deano Machino to get back to them about Sunday’s event following the withdrawal of Barry “BK” Kingman last week.

16th March: Deano surprised officials with a phone call at 5am this morning claiming that he has decided on a course of action for this Sunday. If it was permissible, Deano would attend the show alone and go into a 2 on 1 match with Reckless Abandon. Management have said they will contact Reckless Abandon and make a formal announcement on Friday at the latest.

17th March: “The Technician” Marc Speed has been selected to face Cowboy Tom E. Hawk at this Sundays show. Also today officials have turned down Deano’s offer to fight 2 on 1 claiming that the match would not be fair therefore they have booked a singles match in its place giving Deano time to find a tag team partner for the No Count Out match which has been rescheduled to the 4/24 show. This Sunday Deano Machino will take on Flying Jimmy Foxx in singles action. Air Attack Weasel is expected to be making an appearance at the show as well.

18th March: “A New Alternative” went on general release today with pre-orders shipping to locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and even further up the coast to Rhode Island. Silver Shark, 36, will be filming an unedited, uncensored interview on the afternoon of 3/20 ahead of his tag team match later that night. His will be the first release in the UNCENSORED line of DVD’s.

19th March: The full card has been announced now for tonight’s show. Tickets are available on the door for $10 and don’t forget to take a look at some of the tape tables with “A New Alternative” being available to buy at the show. By 4/24 we expect to have a short line of t-shirts and baseball caps available to buy. Currently announced cards are as follows;

3/20 at the Megaplex in New York City, New York

2/3 Falls:

The Insane Heat versus Mean Jean Cattley

Grudge Match:

Flying Jimmy Foxx w/Air Attack Weasel versus Deano Machino

American Elemental & Silver Shark versus Black Eagle & Hell Monkey

"Mr Wrestling" Brent Hill w/Guru versus Jorge Wilkes

Dermot O'Logical versus Little Bill Lebowski

Tom E. Hawk vs "The Technician" Marc Speed

4/24 Live at the Megaplex in New York City, New York

Special Challenge – No Count Outs:

Reckless Abandon (Jimmy Foxx, Weasel) versus Deano Machino & Partner of His Choice

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Tri-State Wrestling Present

In Association With Full House Bingo


From the Bingo Megaplex, New York City

March 20th 2005

Available on DVD Soon!

Attendance: 2,201

Rating: 30.1%

DVD Extra! Pre-Show

A record crowd turned up to the Megaplex for the second of three agreed shows between Tri-State Wrestling and the Full House Bingo Megaplex. Loosely dubbed the “Best of Three?”, a play on the main event match stipulation and the fact that the card seemed to be loaded with the second half of the show especially good with the tag team match between American Elemental & Silver Shark and Hell Monkey & Black Eagle, the grudge match between Flying Jimmy Foxx and Deano Machino and the best of three falls main event between Mean Jean Cattley and The Insane HEAT. However despite arguably having one of the most talented cards in the companies short history, the show was hurt by some truly dreadful announcing by Tracy Brendon – the younger sister of lady wrestler Michelle Brendon. The Idaho siblings have both been released from Angel Athletic Association – the north western womens wrestling promotion, and it appears that Tracy was auditioning tonight for a more regular role with TSW. I don’t like her chances at being rehired to announce anyway.

The DVD opened with a music video of the wrestlers arriving to the building, the ring and seats being set up and some of the wrestlers like The Insane HEAT and Marc Speed taping up wrists and tying boots. The montage then showed clips of those wrestlers who competed at the last show and are here tonight along with tonights card for the show appearing on screen with the images. It ended with a split screen view of Mean Jean Cattley and Insane HEAT winning their respective matches.

We then cut to a corridor of the Megaplex where the masked American Elemental is standing by. He informs us that it is his honour and privilege to compete with Silver Shark tonight against Hell Monkey and Black Eagle. He warns that whilst Hell Monkey is regarded as one of wrestlings best kept secrets that all of the unpredictable violence he can bring to the ring may not be enough to overcome this “dream pairing” of Elemental and Silver Shark. Shark steps into the picture and poses a question for Hell Monkey and Black Eagle who at the Charity Bash were competing against each other… can they really trust one another? Will they be on the same page come bell time? As far as Shark and Elemental were concerned they were on the same page, the same cannot be said of their opponents. (31%)

The wonderful Charismatic Enigma that is Tracey Brendon was stood with Deano Machino in the ring, the building empty but the sound of the fans outside being faintly heard suggesting this was filmed shortly before the doors opened. Brendon showed her great investigative skills by asking him how felt being left without a partner for tonight and being forced to compete in his first singles match as a result. Deano snapped that Barry “BK” Kingman was right to take the guaranteed money he was offered and that he was offered the same deal but opted to finish this ‘thing’ with Reckless Abandon before moving on to better things. He doesn’t like being embarrassed and was prepared to fight both of Reckless Abandon together but in the wisdom of TSW officials they decided it was unfair. Deano accuses TSW officials of trying to keep him with the company by drawing out the matches between him and Reckless Abandon. He doesn’t blame them, after all. He’d want to keep himself with the company if he was them. Deano oozed arrogance and didn’t seem concerned that he was a tag team specialist not a singles wrestler, whilst Flying Jimmy Foxx competes regularly on his own across the eastern coast of America and will surely have the experience edge. (47%)

Dermot O’Logical versus Little Bill Lebowski

Singles Challenge

Dermot is without a win so far in his tenure at Tri-State Wrestling and this looked like he was going to stop the bad run with a victory over the little man of professional wrestling Bill Lebowski. Dermot took the microphone before the match and revealed the hideous secret he has been holding since the last show, and that was that the majority of the locker room did not shower after there matches. Do you know what that did for personal hygiene?! When the match started Bill proved how tenacious he was by continuing to get back onto his feet, as groggy as he was whenever Dermot knocked him down. Dermot screamed at Bill to stay down as the beating turned ugly but Bill kept standing back up, kept raising his fists, and kept falling back down and so on. The finish came when Dermot delivered his Logic Breaker finishing move and ordered the referee to issue a standing ten count on Little Bill. Dermots arrogance extended to him walking out of the ring at the count of four and slowly walking down the aisle content to let the referee count out Bill Lebowski. However Bill pulled himself up on the ropes at a count of seven and the referee continued his count – directed at Dermot. Dermot was counted out of the ring! Dermot raised his arms in victory as he reached the curtain and the bell was ringing only to throw a fit when the ring announcer Joan Evans declares Bill the winner. Dermots losing streak continues.

Winner: Little Bill Lebowski by Count Out

C/Q/O: 23/55/32

Tom E. Hawk versus “The Technician” Marc Speed

Grudge Match

The 6’1’’ Tom E. Hawk could not repeat last months efforts in tag team action and fell afoul of Marc Speeds guile as he kept countering Hawks offence. Hawks brawling game brought him some success in a largely even match, at one point scooping up Marc Speed for his Powerslam, delivering it but was too close to the ropes allowing Speed to grab it with his arm. Speed had his cravatilation hold on in a spot which looked like the finish but Speed only started tapping after Speed lost his balance and fell into the ropes. Credit where its due they worked on the fly and allowed Hawk a brief comeback, lifting up Speed for a suplex and dropping him back first into the turnbuckle. This got a two count and was Hawks last rally as Speed came back to reapply the cravatilation this time without falling backwards in the process, Hawk tapped out and rolled to the outside when Speed released the hold. The referee raised Speeds arm in victory then went to check on Hawk who pushed the official away in anger and muttered something in Speeds direction before walking off to the back. Speed milked the crowd, spending a good few minutes shaking the hands of the fans around ringside.

Winner: Marc Speed by Cravatilation

C/Q/O: 15/57/30

Mr Wrestling Brent Hill w/The Guru versus Jorge Wilkes

Singles Challenge

There was a few Hispanic new Yorkers in the crowd who cheered for Jorge as he came out but for the most part he was jeered by the fans. This was in stark contrast to the entrance of Mr Wrestling who received a warm reception from the faithful and was guided to the ring by his manager The Guru dressed as flamboyantly as ever. Jorge almost stole the match from Brent when he delivered a Full Nelson Suplex, bridging for two, but as they say form is temporary and class is permanent, Brent came back into the match and won it with a series of two snap suplex’s followed by his trademark Fisherman’s Suplex. Brent continues to rise under the tutelage of the Guru.

Winner: Brent Hill by Fishermans Suplex

C/Q/O: 19/60/33

DVD Bonus!

At the half way point of the show the cameras are at the merchandise stands filming the fans buying t-shirts and DVD’s of last months event and moves through the people to a table where the face-painted Insane Heat is sat signing autographs for fans for $5 each. Asked by the cameraman about his main event match tonight the Insane Heat said that he had watched Cattley last month against Los Fury and warned that he wouldn’t be so easy to beat. Cattley will learn that If you can’t stand the Heat, get out of his ring. (34%)

Two Masked Superhero’s (American Elemental & Silver Shark) versus Hell Monkey & Black Eagle

Tag Challenge

Good match to start the second half of the show. Elemental and Hell Monkey started things in the ring and teased tagging Silver Shark in. Hell Monkey repeatedly demanded that Silver Shark be tagged in but Elemental refused wanting a go at Wrestling’s Best Kept Secret who returned from the west coast yesterday having competed for Combat Zone Coastal Wrestling successfully. Hell Monkey had a great sequence of being on the receiving end of chops from Elemental, grabbing Elementals head and headbutting him, taking some more chops, then headbutting him again. Eventually the sequence led to American Elemental falling over holding his head and Hell Monkey dragged him back to his and Black Eagles corner. The duo didn’t show any mistrust or problems after having competed against each other at the Charity Bash and worked well, with Black Eagle taunting Silver Shark by allowing Elemental to crawl towards him before dragging him back across the ring. On one such time Elemental pushed himself off the mat as he was pulled backwards and delivered an ear bursting enziguri to the side of his head before doing a forward roll into his corner to tag in Silver Shark who got a loud ovation as he springboarded onto the top of the ropes and delivered a missile dropkick to the chest of Black Eagle. The tide turned and Shark and Elemental won thanks to a Swandive Senton Bomb from Silver Shark who got the 1,2,3… Elemental shook hands and bowed before Silver Shark after the match as they celebrated, a nice tribute to the veteran.

Winner: Two Masked Superhero’s by Swandive Senton Bomb.

C/Q/O: 23/69/41

Flying Jimmy Foxx versus Deano Machino

Special Challenge Grudge Match

Dean spent the opening moments mouthing off to Jimmy Foxx and Air Attack Weasel on the outside, determined to provoke a two on one for some reason. Weasel tried to get in when Machino spat at him but the official blocked him and remonstrated with him about staying on the floor. This distraction allowed Dean to take the advantage on Foxx with a rake to the eye as he turned round. Dean proceeded to work Jimmy over with a collection of wear down moves including a long front face headlock spot. Dean would apply the hold and force him down to the mat, and then Jimmy would start pushing himself up to his feet and begin moving towards the ropes, pushing Dean backwards step by step but every time he got close to the ropes Dean would deliver a DDT, reapply the hold and drag him to the middle of the ring. His strategy was simple. He could not be ‘embarrassed’ by Foxx again if he took the vast majority of Foxx’s arsenal away from him – his speed, and agility. Grounding him was a sure fire move… but keeping him grounded was the key. Jimmy wouldn’t stay down for long and he escaped twice with a brief flurry of offence using the ropes including a slingshot sunset flip off the middle rope which was merely moments from causing a shock upset. His false comebacks always ended up back in a variation of a headlock however.

At about the halfway mark, Deano inexplicably abandoned his successful if time consuming strategy of taking Foxx’s wind away and went after the ankle that was injured in January and still has a protective brace. Deano stamped on it and drove his knee into it. He even pulled off Foxx’s boot and removed the brace to apply an ankle lock to the exposed ankle. Foxx managed to reach the ropes on this one though and rolled through the ropes to the outside where his partner rushed to his aide as the referee tried to keep Dean in the ring. It was suggested on commentary that the official might throw this one out if Foxx is too hurt to continue. Foxx must of heard the commentator because he immediately began trying to “walk it off”, with a look of pain on his face he hobbled but managed to move all the same. The tide of the match swung in Foxxs favour for really the first extended amount of time when Dean frustrated by waiting for Foxx to recover and get in the ring jumped to the floor and attack Weasel throwing him into the ring post head first and then grabbing Foxx and rolling him in the ring. As he followed Foxx caught him with an elbow drop and proceeded with a striking attack culminating in an enziguri after Dean caught his bad foot. This got two, but Foxx took an age to crawl over and cover Dean and may have won it if he had been quicker. Dean backed into a corner with his hands held up, backing off Foxx who hobbled after him. As Foxx throw his arm back the referee grabbed hold of his fist preventing him from using it, Dean hit a massive knee to the middle of Foxxs back which knocked him and the official out onto the floor. Weasel took this opportunity to the cheers of the crowd to hop up to the top turnbuckle near Dean and leap off with a flying head scissors takedown. As he got up though he was turned almost inside out by a clothesline from Tom E. Hawk who had charged out from the back. Hawk stood over Weasel for a moment as the crowds boos grew louder and then dragged Jimmy Foxx to his feet and delivered a shin breaker followed by a brutal running powerslam. Hawk pulled Dean over and the official came around in time to make the three count seemingly forgetting to ask why there was two people in the ring that shouldn’t of been.

Winner: Deano Machino via Powerslam

C/Q/O: 20/57/38

Mean Jean Cattley versus The Insane HEAT

Main Event – Best of 3 Falls

The nights main event was good but you got the feeling that these two were saving their best for another day, and a likely rematch. The first fall was strewn with indecision and a basic lack of strategy on both competitors side due to the fact that they were feeling each other out, seeing what was damaged goods and what to avoid. As a result we went from mat wrestling, to striking, to general brawling in the first ten minutes. However Cattley was able to score the first fall when he reversed a sidewalk slam attempt by Heat and applied a modified crossface. Heat couldn’t move and his body was twisted awkwardly on its side rather than on his chest as a victim of the crossface usually finds themselves and was forced to tap out.

The second fall went the Insane HEAT’s way but not through any action of his own. He was still for much of this fall fighting a determined defensive style and spent a few minutes on his back like a stuck turtle fending off an insistent Cattley who just cheekily booted him in the lower abdomen to make him drop his guard. Cattley then delivered three quick elbows into the sternum of Heat before dragging him to the corner of the ring and pulling his body , rib first round the steel post, literally wrapping his opponent around the steel. To add further punishment Cattley placed his feet on the post and leant backwards so that Heat was actually holding Cattley in the air. Heat screamed in pain but was not about to submit given that he was already one fall down. Cattley seemed oblivious of the referees count and when he reached five he jumped out of the ring and pulled Cattley off Heat. Cattley feigned to hit the official and then reapplied the hold as the crowd’s boos grew louder. The official gave him another five count to release the hold but it passed with no response from Cattley and the official rang the bell disqualifying Cattley and awarding the fall, for whatever its worth to HEAT.

The third fall began much like the other two falls had gone, with Cattley in control and seemingly not bothered by his disqualification. Cattley delivered a rib breaker to Heat which almost won him the match but Heat kicked out and when Cattley went to pull him up Heat flipped Cattley forward, over him, and applied a fujiwara armbar. Cattley had his hands locked preventing the full execution of the move and turned into Heat before lifting him up with the hold still on and powerbombing him to the mat. Heat didn’t release. Cattley went for it again, heaving him up and driving him back down and the hold seemed to weaken but Heat still didn’t release. This time Cattley held him where he was, with his shoulders pinned to the mat…




Heat pushes Cattley backwards and Mean Jean accidentally lets go of his hands allowing Heat to synch in the fujiwara armbar to full effect. The bell rang and Heat got up throwing his arms into the air as he staggered against the ropes in celebration. Cattley holding his shoulder in some pain on the mat stared wide eyed at the official and Heat and seemed in utter confusion shaking his head saying “I didn’t tap”. The referee left to check why the bell had rung and the announcer declared that the thirty minute time limit of this main event match had run out and as a result of both wrestlers having won one fall each, this match would be a draw. Not a popular finish, Heat whose face paint had worn mostly away during the match complained bitterly that he wanted five more minutes – which the referee was not able to give him.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

C/Q/O: 37/56/20

DVD Extra! Post-Show

Cattley was sitting down in his locker room after the show has finished with an ice pack on his shoulder wincing in pain. He cursed and said that he had HEAT right where he wanted him and would of won had the match not ended in a Time Limit Draw. He said that Heat got away lightly tonight because they don’t call him Mean Jean for nothing, things could of very easily ended differently with HEAT iceing his shoulder after a second crossface rather than Cattley doing his after the fujiwara armbar. (41%)

We cut to a disturbance elsewhere and find Air Attack Weasel and Tom E. Hawk are brawling after the events of earlier tonight. Other wrestlers including Marc Speed and American Elemental separate the two with referee’s as Mr Bell comes into the picture and tells them to save it for next month because there will be a rematch between Flying Jimmy Foxx and Deano Machino and a singles match between Air Attack Weasel and Tom E. Hawk. (37%)

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Ok sorry for no update ive finally come up with a system which im going to enjoy writing this as I really enjoy the game (4 shows ahead) but its been a pain trying to find the time to write stories.

They will now take the format of a;

News paragraph

Quick Results List

Storyline info from that show in review style.

Wider News.

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