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Classic Championship Wrestling

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Extreme Warfare Revenge and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan sat in his ill-furnished dressing room, wondering about his career choices. He knew that his match was coming up soon and that he should be preparing but his thoughts always seemed to return to one place. What was left for him in wrestling? Jobbing to some kid who wasn’t going anywhere? He didn’t mind that so much. It came with the territory. He accepted that. But what he had seen earlier while casually chatting with a couple of road agents bothered him. There were stiff chair shot, barbed wire and spot monkeys everywhere. No one seemed to respect the sport anymore. He sighed. Hacksaw found himself immersed in memories of past glory days. Back then, you didn’t need to bleed in every match or hurt your opponents to be successful. All you needed was drive and determination. And maybe a bit of faith in your booker. As long as he wasn’t out for himself, you were usually set. Despite his dislike for WCW bookers and some of the higher ups, Duggan felt like a part of him was gone. WCW had started as a place of tradition and green pastures. It was a steady paycheck, even in the worse years. Now, Hacksaw had to constantly search for work to make a living. He had been one of the luckier ones, not having to demean himself or his legacy with embarrassing gimmicks or pointless bumps. He shifted his trademark 2X4 so his elbows could rest more snugly. He found himself thinking of his buddies from the old days, pondering what they were doing for a living. He scarcely heard from them.

A man walked in, nervously sweating and shaking. Hacksaw was oblivious to the man’s entrance. The trembling man noticed Hacksaw and approached him carefully. He gingerly tapped him on the shoulder.

Man: Mr. Duggan…umm…there’s…someone here to…ummm…see you…

Duggan shifted himself to look at who was speaking to him. He was a toothpick of a man and Duggan was a bit put off by his shaking. He had already discussed the plans for the match with his opponent, who seemed less than excited to be wrestling him. He had already spoken to the weasel-like promoter. Duggan hadn’t liked him but work was work. Puzzled, Hacksaw did the only thing that would relieve his curiosity.

Duggan: Yea…sure…Send him in.

The man who entered was neither the booker nor his opponent. Duggan had half a mind to send this man he’d never seen before away. The man walked as a ghost would, almost floating. He wore a large trenchcoat on and Duggan couldn’t tell anything about the man. The trenchcoat was about 6 sizes too big and Hacksaw had to squint to see the outline of his face.

Duggan: Do I know you?

Shadowy Man: You may or may not. That is irrelevant. Do you like where you are?

Duggan’s face scrunched up, confused with the question.

Duggan: What do you mean?

Shadowy Man: In your career, I mean. Do you like doing these small shows?

Duggan pondered the question. Something told him that he had heard the voice before but he pushed that thought out of his mind.

Duggan: I enjoy wrestling but not here, not small time. I don’t want my career to end in some high school gym.

The man nodded, a flicker of a smile appearing on his face. Hacksaw blinked and it was gone, as quickly as it appeared. Had he said too much?

Shadowy Man: I have an offer for you to return to the spotlight. It’s going to be a fairly large fed…

Duggan: What do you mean?

Duggan felt the shadowy man’s brief moment of indecision. Then the man’s composure returned, like blood rushing to someone who’s standing on his or her head.

Shadowy Man: The backer is still organizing things. He has yet to line up a head booker but he has a ring, a TV deal and several sponsors. Also, some big name talent has already jumped on board.

Duggan: TV deal, huh? He must have some connections…

Shadowy Man: …Yea. We will be appearing on Urban America.

Hacksaw smiled, visibly impressed. This seemed like the opportunity of his dreams. Usually, he could read people well and separate reality from fiction, but this man was different. Hacksaw felt all of his tricks bounce off the wall. Still, as wonderful as this surprise seemed, there remained a nagging doubt in his mind.

Duggan: Do I have to decide here and now?

Shadowy Man: Of course not. But this is a limited time offer. We only have so much time to secure talent….

Hacksaw nodded. It made sense. The backer wanted everything in order before the time came. He could not help but feel like he could trust this man with everything of value that he owned.

Shadowy Man: I’ll leave the number to call if you have any more questions or if you’ve made up your mind.

The shadowy man produced a pen and card from his pocket swiftly and in one fluid moment, wrote the number down. He handed the card to Duggan and slid the pen back into his pocket. He made his way out of the room, not looking back. As he disappeared around the corner, Hacksaw slumped back down. He considered getting back up and signing a contract with the man but decided that, at this point, he should prepare for his match. He would call the number later, just to see what other information he could get.

Meanwhile, the shadowy man pushed the door open, walking into the misty night. For someone who was watching, it appeared that he was enveloped in the darkness. The shadowy man walked casually to a white limo in the parking lot. The window rolled down and the driver poked his head out of it.

Driver: You get him?

Shadowy Man: …Yea. The bait is out there and it’s only a matter of time ‘til he’ll bite…

The driver chuckled hoarsely as the shadowy man opened the door and squeezed in. The limo then cruised casually out of the lot.

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Meet the roster? Hmmm…” The voice on the other end seemed distracted. “We are holding a meeting in a small town hall. Many of the other wrestlers will be there. I guess one more wouldn’t hurt…

Though Hacksaw had been talking to the man for two weeks, he didn’t know if this was what he wanted or expected. Sure, he had signed the contract but he was still worried. Who was the head booker? The man on the phone seemed frustrated and his directions hadn’t been the best either. But Hacksaw was still able to find the hall with little trouble. The hall resembles a smaller tan Quonset. He walked slowly up the stairs to the door, admiring his surroundings. As he turned the knob, sounds from the inside flooded outside, past him. Hacksaw hung his coat up in the small room devoted specifically for coats. When he went into the main room, he scanned it for familiar faces. Maybe the backer was here…or at least some of his old friends. He was unfamiliar with most of the faces.

He was soon greeted by a group of young men, none older than 25 as far as Duggan could tell. One man, noticeably tattooed, stepped up as the leader.

Young Man: You’re Hacksaw Jim Duggan, right?

Duggan nodded slowly as the man seemed to become excited. The others’ smiles grew friendlier.

Young Man: I’m Seth Knight. I was a big fan of yours when I was a kid.

Duggan: Thanks.

Seth Knight: This is most of the guys who’ll be in the development camp. We’ve been told that we have a bright future and the camp will set us up for great things.

He smiled brightly. Hacksaw felt that this kid definitely had potential and could see a future for him. As for the rest, they seemed to have “it” as well. Who ever was scouting knew what they were doing. This backer definitely had experience. Or perhaps he had hired someone who knew what they were doing. Either way, that helped Duggan to believe he had made a good decision. Hacksaw took note of those he talked to or saw. He participated in a short conversation with Lenny Lane about WCW. After it ended, he became more interested in surveying the room and answering the remaining questions.

Jake Roberts stood beside the refreshments table, sipping on some punch. It was okay but not what he wanted to be drinking at that moment. He was also watching what the room was doing. The Ultimate Warrior was bragging to the Demolition and Greg Valentine, who looked like they would rather be anywhere else at that moment. Steve Williams was telling an enthusiastic Demon about Japan while two Japanese guys were having a conversation in the corner of the room. Tank Abbott was speaking to Bull Buchanan, who looked to be falling asleep. Alan Funk, Norman Smiley and Marty Jannetty stood about 2 feet from Roberts, laughing at a joke Marty had just told.

Voice: Hello? Is this thing on?

Roberts shifted his head so he could see who was speaking and the reactions of his now intent audience. A skinny kid stood on the stage, staring at the sea of faces.

???: I’m very happy to be the new head booker of Classic Championship Wrestling. I’d like to thank those who chose me for my work with several backyard feds and my creative style. I look forward to making this experience a success.

Roberts groaned, silently. What did some kid know about wrestling? Roberts had hoped that someone he had worked with before would be booking. Not some punk. What could he do that would help the company? What came next was more of a shock than the first announcement.

???: I’ve hired some Internet fans as writers as well.

He was interrupted by a buzz, and some boos from those in the room. Most seemed deadset against it while a few of the younger ones didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the decision.

???: Hold up a second. All the writers I hired are huge fans and have great ideas. While their experience may be lacking, I have complete faith in them. We have got all the other needed staff members on contract and they also will help contribute to the quality of our show. Thanks, guys! Also, we have secured a spot on Urban America for our new program.

This seemed to excite the roster, as the buzzing grew loud enough that they had to be asked to quiet down.

???: Yes, it is a very exciting time for us. Apparently, we have just inked deals with Snickers, New Line Cinemas and EA Sports to sponsor us. So, with the sponsorship money and the help of our backer, in a few months we should be all getting the paycheck we want and deserve.

There was a great number of people cheering and there wasn’t anything done to silence them. Some of the older wrestlers seemed skeptical but excited.

???: If anyone wants to talk about their role in the company, please find me and speak to me. That’s it. I’m done. Oh…yea…I’m Christopher Perry Larcen and I hope we can all gain something out of this business venture.

With that said, he handed the mic to someone else and walked down the steps, smiling in a dorky way. Several wrestlers approached him straight away to ask him about their future and plans for them. He didn’t seem to mind. Roberts sneered a bit. He felt a bit guilty about thinking bad about the kid but he shrugged it off and finished the rest of his punch.

Larcen…The name rang a bell in Hacksaw’s brain. He sat there trying to recall when and what he had heard about Christopher Larcen. He knew it was in there but his memory seemed fuzzy. He couldn’t seem to get passed the wall in his mind. It was in there. He just had to find it.

The young Christopher Larcen stayed by the stage until the last of the roster had approached him about their pushes and ideas. Chris listened attentively until he had listened to every concern and then made his way steadily to the coatroom. He was in no way in a hurry and would stop and talk to anyone who wanted to. Finally, after engaging in several long conversation-like debates, he reached the coatroom. There, he retrieved his coat and bid the others farewell. He left and after his departure, there seemed to be a trickle of people leaving the hall until it was empty.

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I gulped down the aspirin with a mouthful of water. My headache felt a bit better. The constant ring of the phone had stopped, at least for now. It had been ringing non-stop since all the superstars had gotten the number. Most of the time, the questions were about plans I had or ideas they had. There were also the odd ones, like the one from Dale Torborg, better known as The Demon. He had called to ask if my fridge was running. Then he told me that it must run like I did, very homosexually. I told him I knew it was him and he laughed, hanging up. I sighed, filling my lungs with the delicious silence. I walked over to the checkered coach and slumped on top of it. I drifted in and out of sleep, being yanked out by the ringing phone. I reached across the glass table and picked up the receiver.

Chris: Yea?

My annoyance was pretty obvious. The person on the other end paused awkwardly.

Woman’s Voice: Hey boss. It’s Sophie…

Chris: Who?

Sophie: Sophie…

She seemed to be waiting for some indication of recognition. I didn’t have a clue who she was so I decided to fake it.

Chris: Ooh…yea…Ummm…so what did you call here for? I was almost asleep.

She seemed to be a bit regretful but there was a touch of annoyance.

Sophie: I’m sorry to disturb your beauty sleep but they wanted me to make sure you were finished everything.

Chris: What do you mean everything? What’s everything?

Sophie: We’re making a trip down to Urban America. They’re letting us use their studios. They’re gonna air our shows in November.

Chris: What?! Are you serious?

Sophie: Of course I am. Haven’t you been watching Urban America?

I turned on the TV. I was on the Urban America channel. It was airing a promo hyping the evolution in wrestling, featuring stars of the past, present and future. It was a glitzy commercial and the thought popped into my mind that I hadn’t started writing up the scripts. How could we live up to our promises with no scripts?

Sophie: I’m sure I told you about the trip to Arlington the other day. Weren’t you listening?

Chris: Of course I was. I just forgot.

Sophie: Good. I’ve arranged it so we can film the backstage interaction before the show and plan when it says to in the script. Then we’ll use the cameramen to film the matches.

Chris: What about tickets?

Sophie: All sold already. Isn’t it great?

Chris: …Yea…

My spirits felt crushed as she gushed over how great it would be.

Sophie: Oh…and what about the script? Is it done?

Chris: Ummm…yea…of course. I just have to tweak it a bit.

Sophie: Okay. Don’t stay up too late. Bye!

Chris: …Bye.

She hung up and I sighed. I logged on to my computer and printed off the email with the roster listed. I looked it over and shook my head in displeasure. I grudgingly accepted the reality that I had no real choice over who we hired or fired. It was up to the backer and the higher-ups. All I could do was suggest and hope they listen to me.


Main Eventers


Ultimate Warrior

Upper Midcarders


Jim Duggan


The Demon


Jake Roberts

Mark Henry


Steve Williams

Tank Abbott



Bull Buchanan

Greg Valentine

Marty Jannetty

Norman Smiley


Lenny Lane


Alan Funk

Rodney Mack


Tiger Ali Singh

Lower Midcarders


Demolition Ax

Demolition Smash





I sighed. It was going to be a long night.

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PW Insider

The newest wrestling company on the market has now launcehd their website. As of right now, it only lists their roster and does a small promotion for their upcoming show, aptly named Classic Wrestling. No matches have been confirmed but it is assumed we will have an announcement dealing with their main title as well as showing off their biggest stars such as the Ultimate Warrior, Jim Duggan and others. More news as we get it...

>>>WWE Raw diva confirmed for Playboy In April 2005… No Way Out Spoiler, Updates on Lesnar fileing lawsuit against WWE & more [>>]

[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]

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The Home of Classic Championship Wrestling

Welcome to our page and thank you for your support. We are very excited about our upcoming show, Classic Wrestling. Thank yous go to our network, Urban America, our sponsors (Sega, Snickers, Electronic Arts and New Line Cinema) and all those who helped with the launch of this promotion.

Classic Wrestling

On the first show, things are going to get wild. Whick superstars will make an impact and which will be left in the dust? It is expected that at least one title will be decided on Sunday. The only question is which one? Will it be the Icon, the Superstar, the B-List or the Doubles titles? And who will be in charge? All these questions and more should be answered after the first show. This should be quite a show!

Confirmed Matches

Apocalypse vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Kyo Dai vs. Demolition

Marty Jannetty/Norman Smiley vs. The Demon/Dr. Death

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We start off the night with the pyros going off and the crowd going crazy. They are really excited about seeing the first ever show put on by Classic Championship Wrestling. We are shown the announcers. Jesse Ventura is posing and flexing his muscles. The announcer beside him, who we don’t recognize, looks down at his sheets.

Ventura: Welcome to the first ever Classic Wrestling event. This is going to be historic.

Ventura notices his colleague and then introduces him.

Ventura: Sitting beside me is the very talented Mike Johnson. (whispering) He was the best we could get.

Mike Johnson glares at him a bit then faces the camera.

Johnson: Tonight promises to stick in the fans’ minds for a long time to come.

They begin talking about the matches scheduled and are interrupted by some music playing over the PA system. Jake “The Snake” Roberts comes out from behind the curtain in wrestling attire. He gets a mixed reaction. Then Alan Funk, attired in a cowboy hat and western wrestling trunks walks out, inciting boos. They walk to the ring and Jake takes the mic.

Roberts: I’m back! (cheers and boos) I know I was away…I know I had problems…But the problems have been fixed. You know why I came back to wrestling? Why I came back even though I had enough money to live off for the rest of my life? (boos) I came back because, week in and week out, I see these cocky 20-year-olds strutting around and it makes me angry. I’ve come back to crack some skulls. It doesn’t matter whether it is Marty Jannetty or Rikishi. Someone will feel the DDT tonight. So, to all the boys in the back, come out here and feel the Revelation!

Some rap music his and two men make their way out from behind the curtain. One is tall and heavy, while the other is just tall. They are hooded so their faces cannot be seen. The fat one has a mic and takes off his hood, revealing himself as Mabel.

Mabel: You fools want to throw down? Prepare to learn a lesson lesson in rap…Isn’t that right?

Mabel gives the mic to the other man, who pauses before he speaks.

Other Man: BOOYAH!

The other man throws his hood off, revealing, B-Squared (Buchanan). Rap 101 runs to the ring.

Rap 101 (Mabel & B-Squared) vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Alan Funk

Rap 101 slides into the ring and it becomes a brawl from the start. Jake and Alan are thrown out of the ring and the match gets a bit of order. Mabel and Jake are the declared the legal men and Mabel dominates the early going with his power. As Mabel runs to the ropes, Alan Funk knees him in the back and Jake wears his opponent down with technical prowess and quick tags. Mabel comes close to tagging several times but is always pulled back by Alan Funk. Alan eventually tries for a piledriver but Mabel powers out and tags B-Squared. Jake comes in but is booted back out by B-Squared. Mabel and B-Squared deliver the Lesson Learned then pin Alan for the win.

Winners: Rap 101 (Mabel & B-Squared)

Jake Roberts and Alan Funk make their way back up the ramp, looking less than pleased with the loss.

Ventura: Rap 101 better watch their backs. The Snake will look for revenge. Mark my word on that.

Johnson: They’re just sore losers.

After all the competitors have left the ring, Hiroki Suzuki makes her way down to the ring to some traditional Japanese music. She snatches the mic and begins to talk.

Hiroki: I’m sure all of you already know about Kenzo and I (cheers) …We’ve broken up…But it wasn’t Knezo’s fault…It wasn’t my fault…It was America’s fault. (boos) America held my husband back. They hold every Japanese superstar back because they know Americans cannot compare. They realize America doesn’t stack up. So they make us wrestler losers who used to be half-decent. I made a promise to myself when my husband left. I promised to help the Japanese defeat all Americans. Tonight, I have the priveledge to introduce the future of this buisness…Kyo Dai!

Kyo Dai makes their way down to the ring. They get into the ring and look angered by Hiroki’s statement that they couldn’t beat America alone. Suddenly, they hug and Hiroki raises their arms.

Hiroki: You’re looking at the future, America. Prepare for defeat!

They mouth future champs and then leave the ring as we fade to commercial.


We return from commercials to the announce booth. Jesse Ventura and Mike Johnson are arguing about Kyo Dai. They are jolted back to reality when some dark, gothic music hits and a young Jericho look-alike walks down to the ring. He is wearing all sorts of occult necklaces and has strange symbols on his trunks.

Johnson: Here comes the young Apolcalypse. He’s gonna do great things here.

Ventura: We’ll have to see how he fares against Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

HOOOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s music plays and the crowd roars. He enters waving the American flag with his 2X4 in the other hand. He slides into the ring and Apocalypse bails. Hacksaw taunts a bit, getting the crowd behind him. Apocalypse gets on the apron and the bell rings.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Apocalypse

Jim Duggan dominates the match with his signature style and moves. He powerslams Apocalypse and attempts a cover. Apocalypse kicks out at two, then pokes Duggan in the eye. He gets a bit of offense, until he tries a crossbody and Duggan catches him. Duggan drops him and attempts the Old Glory Knee Drop but Apocalypse moves out of the way and dropkicks him in the face. He tries to keep Hacksaw down but Duggan gets up. He dominates Apocalypse and sets up for his Running Tackle. Apocalypse notices this and moves, sending Jim Duggan crashing into the turnbuckles. He rolls Hacksaw up and puts his feet on the ropes for insurance.

Winner: Apocalypse

Apocalypse goes to the outside and grabs Duggan’s 2X4. He uses it to beat down on Hacksaw. Suddenly, Greg Valentine runs down to the ring and chases Apocalypse out of the ring. Valentine checks on Hacksaw as we go backstage.

Johnson: Cheap win by Apocalypse.

Ventura: Duggan's just lucky that Vvalentine was here to save him.

We are in a hallway. There is a table with a water cooler on it. Hiroki is getting a drink as Demolition’s Ax walks by. She calls out to him and he stops.

Hiroki: Hey, Ax.

Ax: What do you want?

Hiroki: To tell you that you Americans will be the first to fall in front of Kyo Dai.

Ax: Is that all?

Hiroki: No, there’s something else too.

Kyo Dai jumps out of the shadows and attacks Ax. Ax fights but is taken down by the numbers. He is left lying as we fade to commercial.


We return as Kyo Dai are in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the remainder of the Demolition. Hiroki is in the corner, talking strategy. Kyo Dai seem confident that they won’t show up. Suddenly, Demolition’s music hits and fear comes into Kyo Dai’s eyes.

Johnson: I bet they thought they could beat up Ax and get a win by count-out! I hope they get what’s coming to them.

Ventura: You should make fair comments. Kyo Dai’s actions were pure genius!

Smash runs down to the ring and Kyo Dai bails. Ax hobbles down slowly. The bell is rung and the match begins.

Kyo Dai w/ Hiroki vs. Demolition

Akio and Sakoda attack Ax as he tries to reach the ring. But Smash grabs them both and tosses them into the ring. The ref restores a bit of order. Smash dominates the early going with power moves. But Hiroki trips him and Sakoda is able to get the advantage. They double-team him as Ax watches helplessly. Smash tries to outfight them and gets close to tagging several times but is pulled back. Finally, he clotheslines both of them. He makes the tag to Ax, who fights with a vengeance. All looks lost for Kyo Dai until Hiroki gets on the ropes. Ax has him finished but Hiroki distracts the ref. Ax begins arguing with her and she throws something into his eyes. The ref misses it because Akio distracted him. Akio then rolls up Ax for the victory.

Winners: Kyo Dai

Kyo Dai walk up the ramp, smiling like they had cured world hunger or won a large cash prize.

Ventura: A tough loss for Demolition… (laughs)

Johnson: Kyo Dai cheated! I hope they get theirs next week…

Rodney Mack’s music hits as he walks out. He struts a bit as he makes his way down the ramp.

Ventura: Rodney knows he’s got a shot at that gold…a pretty good one too…

Johnson: I would count Tatanka out if I were you…This Superstar title match will be fast paced. Both men want that title.

Rodney waits in the ring as Tatanka makes his way down to the ring in his traditional headdress. As he enters the ring, the Mack Militant attacks him.

Rodney Mack vs. Tatanka

Vacant Superstar Title Up For Grabs

Rodney knocks him down and attacks him with a flurry of boots. Tatanka gets up and begins clotheslining Mack down. Mack crawls to the ropes after the third and boots the Native American warrior in the gut as he comes close. Mack begins working on Tatanka’s head and right arm with headlocks and arm drags. Tatanka fights back and clotheslines Mack, then grimaces. He holds his arm. Tatanka gets some offense and the Mack Militant rolls out of the ring. He grabs the championship. He gets back in and Tatanka gets some more slams in. Unfortunately, Tatanka’s airplane spin causes Rodney’s feet to hit the ref. Rodney delivers a low blow then uses the belt to knock Tatanka out. He wakes the ref up and wins the match.

Winner and NEW Superstar Champion: Rodney Mack

Mack beats down Tatanka for a while then tosses him out of the ring. He gets a mic and begins to talk.

Mack: I’m the greatest…You wanna know why? Because I’m not like you losers. I’m a winner. A champion. So get on your knees and worship me!

Mack drops the mic and walks backstage.

Johnson: He’s awful cocky for a guy who had to cheat to win.

Ventura: He did what he had to in order to get what he wanted. That’s the kind of man I respect.

We fade to commercials as Ventura and Johnson argue.


Marty Jannetty’s peppy rock music hits as he enters the arena. The fans cheer as he stands on the ramp, surveying the crowd. Then Norman Smiley’s music hits and they high-five. They walk down to the ring, slapping hands with fans on the way down.

The pyros start going off as The Demon and Dr. Death enter. The crowd gives them mild boos as they taunt the fans. They slide into the ring and the match gets under way.

Dr. Death & The Demon vs. Norman Smiley & Marty Jannetty

Jannetty starts the match off by delivering several dropkicks to The Demon, then sending Dr. Death off the ring. He delivered another dropkick to The Demon and went for an early win. The Demon powered out and Jannetty tried to beat him down in the corner. But The Demon pushed him away and delivered a clothesline. The Demon got him up and began to slap him. Marty replied with several fists and The Demon went down. He got up and was grabbed from behind. He kicked back in between Marty’s legs as the ref was out of position and tagged in Dr. Death. Marty dropkicked him and tagged in Norman Smiley. Smiley was dominated and double-teamed the rest of the match. Finally, he was able to make a tag that the ref saw and Jannetty came back in, fired up. He deposited Dr. Death on the outside and hit the Rocker Drop on The Demon, who was legal at the time.

Winners: Marty Jannetty and Norman Smiley

As Marty and Norman’s arms were raised, Dr. Death and The Demon attacked them from behind and began to beat them down. All of a sudden, Lenny Lane ran out. He slid into the ring and clotheslined Dr. Death out of the ring. He turned around and hit Memory Lane on The Demon. Lane helped both Marty and Screamin’ Norman up. He raised their hands as we fade to commercial.


We return from commercial to the announcers, Mike Johnson and Jesse “ The Body” Ventura. They hype this main event.

Johnson: What a night it will be for the winner of this fatal four-way. They will have won the biggest title in the promotion.

Ventura: I’m glad I’m here to see Mark Henry or Tank do it.

Johnson: What about the Ultimate Warrior? And Rikishi? Don’t you think they can do it?

Ventura: No…

The Ultimate Warrior’s music hits and he runs down to the ring. He gets in and shakes the ropes, getting a pop from the crowd. Rikishi comes out to his “Turn It Up” music but he seems more serious. He climbs into the ring and starts talking to the Ultimate Warrior.

Ventura: That’s not fair! He’s making plans with the Warrior!

Tank Abbott comes out to some generic boxing music and he begins to shadowbox on his way down to the ring. But he stays on the outside. The last contestant, Mark Henry makes his way to some strange music that sounds like someone’s hitting a hammer on something to a rhythm. Both heels stand outside talking as the bell rings.

Mark Henry vs. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Tank Abbott vs. Rikishi

For the Vacant Icon Title

Rikishi and the Warrior slid out of the ring and catch the heels off-guard. They work as a team to beat down both Henry and Tank. Finally, the Ultimate Warrior breaks their alliance and it goes back to the way it’s supposed to be. The match has a lot of quality brawling and Tank Abbott is the first to be eliminated. He knocks out Rikishi and is about to pin him when the Warrior turns him around. Tank is gorilla-slammed and then splashed and sent on his way. Rikishi rolls out of the ring during this and Mark Henry attacks the Warrior inside the squared circle. Henry gains the upperhand and attempts to finish the Warrior with a splash off the second rope. The Ultimate Warrior moves out of the way and splashes him for the elimination. Rikishi slides back into the ring and they shake briefly before they start wrestling. Unfortunately, the Warrior is tired from eliminating the others and Rikishi is able to nail the Rikishi Driver for the victory.

Winner and NEW Icon Champion: Rikishi

Johnson: Wow! What a huge win for Rikishi…

Rikishi begins staring at the title and then holds it up for a pop. The Warrior gets back up and turns Rikishi around. He extends his hand and Rikishi shakes it. They raise each other’s arms. Then they separate a bit.

Johnson: Respectful gesture by both Rikishi and the Warrior…

Ventura: The Warrior’s trying to steal Rikishi’s spotlight.

Johnson: He is not!

Rikishi holds his belt in the air for more cheers. He turns around and calls to the Warrior. The Warrior walks towards him…and is WALLOPED by Rikishi. The fans really boo Rikishi.

Johnson: What the hell is Rikishi doing?

Ventura: He’s setting himself apart from the pack.

Rikishi beats down the Warrior and gives him not 1…not 2…but 3 Banzai drops. He then wipes the Warrior’s blood on his chest and holds up the championship as he stands over the Ultimate Warrior’s unconscious body. We fade out as the fans boo Rikishi.

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PW Insider

Judging by CCW's use of WWE trademarked names, it is rumoured that some sort of deal had taken place and the WWE had sold the names for a tidy sum to make up for some of the losses their PPVS caused. It is unknown the amount of trademarked names and phrases that CCW purchased but it is thought to be at least 20 or 30.

[>>]Possible & rumoured WrestleMania 21 matches involving Kane, Undertaker, HBK, Angle & more.. [>>]

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Classic Wrestling Preview

Taken from classicwrestling.com

Last week, the debut of Classic Wrestling blew fans away. Rikishi was crowned the Icon champion and proceeded to lay out the Ultimate Warrior. What was his motivation for this heinous attack? Will the Warrior avenge himself? Tune in to find out. Also, despite Kyo Dai's efforts last week, Demolition came out on top. How will this effect the Doubles championship match this week? Will Kyo Dai avenge their loss or will Demolition dominate again? Tiger Ali Singh makes his debut in a match against Norman Smiley. It is expected that the board of directors have decided on an authority to serve and enfore order. All this and more on Classic Wrestling.

Scheduled Matches:

Norman Smiley vs. Tiger Ali Singh

Rap 101 vs. Kyo Dai vs. Demolition vs. Jake Roberts & Alan Funk

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As fans tune in on a lazy Sunday evening at primetime, a logo comes up on the black screen. It shows two wrestlers grappling. Then it says Classics Are Better under the logo. It shows clips of the last show and pictures of the wrestlers. We are shown the announcing booth where Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Mike Johnson are sitting. Their names flash under them.

Ventura: Welcome to Classic Wrestling. We have an amazing show for you tonight.

Johnson: Indeed, we do. We have…

Mike Johnson is interrupted by Rikishi’s new music, “Superstar” by Saliva. He is not wearing his normal thong attire, but tights like the Big Show. He is also wearing sunglasses. He struts down to the ring with the belt over his shoulder.

Johnson: What does he want? He showed us his true colours last week when he turned on the Ultimate Warrior.

Ventura: The Warrior got what he had coming. He was hogging the limelight.

Rikishi is in the ring with a mic. He smiles as he gets boos from the crowd. When they die down, he speaks.

Rikishi: Tonight is Rikishi night. (boos) It’s finally my time in the spotlight. I’ve been held down for too long. In the WWE, I had to wear that terrible thong stuff and demean my self for all of you morons. Did I ever get a title shot? No…I wasn’t singles material. I was only fit to team with nobodies like Scotty 2 Hotty. But now, I am not going to be pushed out of the spotlight for anyone. Not the Ultimate Warrior. Not Marty Jannetty. Not anyone. No one’s gonna ruin my chance at stardom. This is my time to shine and no one will knock me off my pedestal. In honour of my championship win last week, I will hold a celebration. A party for the idiots here to admire my greatness. I hope you enjoy it…Strike that, I know you’ll all enjoy it…

Rikishi drops the mic and walks back up the ramp.

Ventura: I’m looking forward to that.

Mike Johnson rolls his eyes.

Suddenly, some Indian music plays and Tiger Ali Singh walks out. He is attired in a turban and a robe. He walks down to the ring and takes off his turban and robe. He hands them to the ref, who puts them outside. Some catchy dance music plays and Norman Smiley walks down to the ring. He does the Big Wiggle and gets into the ring.

Norman Smiley vs. Tiger Ali Singh

Norman Smiley starts off aggressively, trying to wear down Tiger quickly. He uses various arm submissions and headlocks. Tiger Ali Singh throws him to the ropes and delivers a karate-style kick to the stomach. He procedes to use basic wrestling techniques to keep the match in his favour. Norman bulldogs Tiger Ali Singh. As Singh is trying to get up on his hands and knees, Smiley starts doing the Big Wiggle. He grabs Tiger in the Norman Conquest but the ref is out of position, allowing Tiger Ali Singh to kick Norman in the jewels. Tiger then rolled up Norman with the tights in his hand for insurance.

Winner: Tiger Ali Singh

Tiger celebrates as he walks up the ramp. The fans boo him but he doesn’t seem to care.

Ventura: Hard fought win for Tiger Ali Singh.

Johnson: What are you talking about? He cheated…

Ventura: It’s only cheating if you get caught.

Before Mike Johnson can reply, Swollen Member’s “All Night” plays and a man wearing a rather tacky suit walks out. He is wearing a boat captain’s hat and a large medallion around his neck. He walks down to the ring without the normal lightning bolt on the bottom of the screen. He takes the mic from the ring announcer and addresses the crowd.

Mystery Man: Welcome, fans, to my show…

Johnson: What? What’s he talking about?

Mystery Man: I own this company so everyone in the back better take caution not to piss me off.

Johnson: Wow…This is the owner?

Mystery Man: I am Lotto Money and I’ve got the power. I’ve got the power to fire anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a champ or a schmuck, I’ll fire your *** if you make things hard for me.

After this, Lotto Money drops the mic and walks backstage.

Ventura: Our new owner, Lotto Money…Seems like an upstanding man…

Johnson: Come on! Stop kissing ***! We're supposed to be impartial...

We fade to commercial as Jesse The Body and Mike exchange opinions then insults.


We return to Classic Wrestling as Rikishi makes his way to the ring to the tune of Saliva’s “Superstar”. He grabs the mic and adjusts the belt over his shoulder.

Rikishi: Now, we get to the part you’ve all been waiting for. The part of MY show that celebrates my achievements.

A video spanning Rikishi’s career begins to play, to the sound of his theme music. It shows him training, WWE highlights such as the Armageddon Hell In A Cell match, his feud with Val Venis, his time as Rikishi the Bad Man and occasionally, him tagging with Scotty. It ends off with a few clips of him walking down the ramp last week and wrestling. Then it shows him winning the title and his beat down on the Ultimate Warrior. Rikishi claps and smiles.

Rikishi: What a night…

Some confetti begins to fall down from the ceiling and Rikishi begins to taunt the fans.

Rikishi: Last week, I proved that I was a legitimate contender for the WWE title and that I’d be a dominant champion. Since last week, none of the boys in the back have looked me in the eye. None of them have told me they wanted my belt of that they thought I was a joke. Last week, I used the Ultimate Warrior to send a message. I am not a joke. I am everything to this company. If anyone of you boys thinks you are a contender, come on out here.

We pause for a minute as Rikishi looks intently at the stage. He breaks into a smile.

Rikishi: Just as I thought…No one’s got the guts…

Rikishi is cut off as some music starts to play. HOOOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan marches out to the ring, 2X4 in hand and the fans are completely behind him. He gets into the ring, gets another mic and stands face to face with Rikishi.

Hacksaw: What you did last week to the Ultimate Warrior was a travesty. (pop) Hacksaw used to respect you. Now, Hacksaw’s gonna have to take your title.

Rikishi: Is that a challenge? You’re challenging me for my belt?

Hacksaw nods slowly.

Rikishi: That’s too bad. I’ve already decided to take the night off. I need to rest before I kick your ***.

Hacksaw: If you’re so confident, why don’t we settle this right now, tough guy?

Rikishi looks at Hacksaw, then at his 2X4. He slowly backs out and then charges full speed at Duggan. Hacksaw gives him a couple of 2X4 shots and the champ hurries away. We see him point and talk trash to Jim Duggan, who the fans are clapping for and cheering.

We journey backstage where Lotto Money is in the middle of a conversation with the Big Bossman and Mark Henry. The Bossman seems to be complaining about not getting any airtime while Henry is upset about being humiliated by the Ultimate Warrior. Rikishi walks up and pushes rudely in between them.

Rikishi: What the hell is this? This is my show. My show, dammit, and Duggan thinks he can get away with ruining my championship celebration? What the hell are you gonna do about it?

Everyone looks rather angry and Lotto Money places his hand on both Mark Henry and the Big Bossman’s shoulders. Henry and the Bossman look ready to attack Rikishi.

Lotto Money: You’re right. You’re absolutely right, Rikishi. So tonight, it will be Hacksaw Jim Duggan teaming with the Ultimate Warrior against Rikishi, Mark Henry and the Big Bossman.

Everyone looks rather pleased as we go to the announce booth.

Johnson: A damn handicap match, that’s what it is. It’s an abuse of power.

Ventura: Sounds like a good match to me.

Johnson: Oh come on.

As The Body and Mike fight, the team of Alan Funk and Jake “The Snake” Roberts make their way down to the ring. Alan Funk has a slightly different cowboy hat and a guitar. He wears cowboy style tights. Roberts has tights with a snake down the side. They get into the ring and go to the far right side of the ring.

Demolition enters next to a huge ovation. The fans go nuts. Demolition slaps some hands and goes to the corner opposite to Alan Funk & Jake “The Snake”.

Next in is Rap 101, who get a big pop but it is less then Demolition’s. Their hip-hop theme song and funky style gets them some points with the fans though. They style their way to the ring, exchange a couple of words with Funk and Roberts, and get in their corner.

Kyo Dai enters to some traditional Japanese music and the loudest of boos. Hiroki is whispering in their ears as they slowly make their way down the ramp and to the only open corner.

Johnson: This is a huge match with some very particular rules. Only two men are allowed in the ring at a time and a person legally in the ring can tag anyone else into the match.

Ventura: Wow…That means partners could be in the ring and have to fight.

Kyo Dai vs. Rap 101 vs. Demolition vs. Alan Funk & Jake “The Snake” Roberts

This match was probably one of the highlights of the night. There wasn’t much of a crowd reaction due to the fans being on the edge of their seats. Various partners faced each other at different times but would tag instead of fight. The first singles elimination occurred when Alan Funk faced off against Rap 101’s behemoth, Mabel. Funk got a splash and lost. Roberts fared no better when he tried to hold B-Squared for a cheap shot in this no-disqualification match. B-Squared moved and The Snake got clotheslined. B-Squared tossed Alan over the top and finished the match for Roberts with an axe kick. Instead of leaving, Roberts and Funk interjected themselves in the match later, causing Rap 101 to lose the match. Roberts tripped B-Squared, leading to a rollup by Sakoda. Jake attacked him as he was leaving the ring and Mabel was distracted by it. As he turned around, Funk jumped off the second rope and broke his guitar over Mabel’s head. Mabel received the Decapitation Elbow for the official elimination. Rap 101 proceeded to chase Alan Funk and Jake Roberts backstage. With only two teams left, the match began to get a lot more fans into it. There were various near falls. Smash was eliminated when he fell victim to Hiroki’s cheating. She got up on the apron and began to argue with him, then blasted him with an eyeful of powder. After that, he was an easy elimination. Ax began to fight courageously against all odds. Suddenly, Kyo Dai began getting on the wrong side of an asskicking. Hiroki jumped up on the apron and Akio grabbed him from behind. Smash rushed back to ringside. This distracted Hiroki, who threw the powder in Akio’s eyes. Akio was pushed into Hiroki, who fell off the apron. Ax eliminated Akio with a powerslam. Sakoda didn’t stand much of a chance on his own and was promptly eliminated with another Decapitation Elbow. Demolition held each other’s arms up and celebrated their victory.

Winners and New Doubles Champions: Demolition

We fade to commercial as Demolition is in the ring celebrating and Kyo Dai is leaving the arena, carrying Hiroki and cursing the new champs.


We return from commercials to find Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in the ring. He has a mic and begins to speak.

Valentine: Rodney Mack! Last week, you brought disgrace to the Wrestling Superstar belt when you cheated to win it. A real man doesn’t cheat to win. A real man wrestles and wins fairly. Then he looks his opponent in the eye and shakes his hand. Even if a real man loses, he still gets up, looks his opponent in the eye and shakes his hand. If you’re a real man like I am, you’ll come out here and face me. I’m challenging you, Mack, right here and now.

There is a pause and everyone is waiting for something to happen. Yo! It’s The Mack Militant! Hits and Rodney walks out with the Wrestling Superstar belt. He holds up his left hand, for the fans to be quiet. This prompts them to boo and jeer him louder. Finally, he begins to speak into the mic in his right hand.

Mack: You want a match? Fine. But since you challenged me, I get to pick the stipulations. It’ll be a non-title match (boos).

Valentine: If you don’t have the guts to put that title on the line, so be it. I’m going to beat you in the middle of that ring and become the number 1 contender. Then you’ll have to put the title on the line. So you go back to your dressing room and get your gear on and I’ll go get mine on. I’ll see you out in the ring.

Mack nods and leaves. Valentine follows soon after as we start to fade out. We fade in backstage, where Alan Funk and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are having a heated discussion.

Funk: Come on, Jake. You know I need a partner if we ever want to be Doubles champions.

Roberts: We could have been champs if you hadn’t messed up and got me eliminated.

Funk: That was an accident, partner. But if we want the gold, we need to knock those rappers out of contention.

Roberts: And let Kyo Dai and the Demolition beat each other down? Good plan but what’s your problem with those rappers? I know what mine is….

Funk: I plan to become the biggest country western singer in the world. I’ll be on lunch pails and hats and t-shirts. And those rappers stand in the way of me reaching my dreams. They take the spotlight off of me and my ability.

Roberts: Then why are you wrestling if you want to be a country star?

Funk: Dad….He didn’t think Funks should get into that kinda thing. He thought Funks should wrestle just like cows should produce milk.

Roberts: I’m not completely convinced…

Funk: Come on…You hate rap, don’t you?

Roberts: Yea, so?

Funk: Together, we can eliminate rap…

Roberts: I don’t really want to kill rap. I just want to beat down those cocky youngsters.

Funk: Okay, you’ll do that then. And I’ll eliminate rap.

Roberts: Fine. But no more screw ups, okay?

Funk nods his head and they both notice the camera. They both get fairly close and start talking trash about Rap 101. They make a promise that on their next encounter, Rap 101 will wish they were never born. Then Jake and Alan go their separate ways as we head back out to the ring. Greg Valentine has made his way out to the ring and is awaiting the champ.

Yo! It’s The Mack Militant! hits and Rodney walks out with the Wrestling Superstar belt. He smiles and wipes dust off his belt. He shines it as he makes his way to the ring, rather slowly.

Rodney Mack (champ) vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Non-Title Match

This match was definitely entertaining for the fans and the road agents all agreed that their styles gelled together well. Mack used a variety of power moves and arm holds on Valentine in the early going, trying to wear him down for the Blackout. Valentine however gained the advantage when Rodney charged at him. The Hammer delivered a drop toehold, setting Mack on the second rope. Valentine ran to the ropes and back, jumping on Rodney’s back. Greg focused his offense on the Mack Militant’s legs. The end was a bit controversial. The ref was in the corner, with Rodney standing in front of him. Valentine ran at him and Mack moved out of the way. Greg was able to stop in time but Rodney dropkicked him into the ref. The Mack Militant then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair while The Hammer was preoccupied with trying to wake the ref up. Mack got back into the ring and cracked Greg Valentine with the chair. He then threw the weapon out of the ring and pinned Valentine. The groggy ref got up, saw the pin and counted the 3.

Unfortunately, referee George Smiley ran out to the ring and informed the other ref of what happened. The other ref disqualified Mack.

Winner by DQ: Greg Valentine

Rodney was livid and attacked the refs until Valentine got up and chased him out of the ring. Rodney walked up the ramp, taunting Valentine. Greg motioned that he was the next champion.

Ventura: What the hell does George Smiley think he’s doing?

Johnson: His job. He saw Mack cheat and informed the other ref. Mack got what he deserved.

Ventura: This is a travesty…Rodney Mack had it won and the guy refing the match should have the final decision. He raised Rodney’s hand and Smiley shouldn’t be able to take that away.

Johnson: (sigh) We’ll be back with the main event after these commercials.


We return from commercials to see Kyo Dai in the ring. Hiroki isn’t with them. Akio has the mic.

Akio: Demolition. Do you think you have won? Do you think you have beaten us? This is not the end…Only the beginning. We are not going to rest until we have those tag titles.

Sakoda: Demolition! Come out here right now and give us what is rightfully ours!

Demolition make their way out and get into the ring. Kyo Dai and the Demolition brawl for a few minutes. They brawl towards the back and don’t come back.

Johnson: Wow…This rivalry is far from done.

Ventura: Definitely! Now to the main event…

Saliva’s “Superstar” hits and Rikishi comes out. He motions behind him and the Bossman walks out, with Mark Henry not far behind. They raise their arms on the stage and the fans boo them. They casually walk to the ring and we not that Rikishi looks confident while both Bossman and Mark Henry seem to be lacking that confidence.

The Ultimate Warrior’s music hits and he runs down to the ring but doesn’t get in. Instead he waits for his partner. HOOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan jogs down to the ring, 2X4 in hand. They both rush into the ring, causing Rikishi and his teammates to flee out of the ring.

Ultimate Warrior & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Rikishi, Mark Henry & The Big Bossman

The ref gets some order in the match. Henry starts out against the Warrior. The Warrior looked strong in the match until Henry and the Bossman started double-teaming him. The Ultimate Warrior tagged Hacksaw, who dominated the Bossman and tagged the Warrior again. The Warrior was doing great until Rikishi kneed him in the back when he was running to the ropes. Then the quick tags between the Bossman and the World’s Strongest Man got the better of him again. Rikishi would only tag in at times when the Warrior was down or being held by one of his associates. Rikishi got the Warrior up and got punched in the face. He threw the Ultimate Warrior to the ropes and the Warrior came back with a clothesline. He tagged in Duggan, who presented knuckle sandwiches to all of Rikishi’s team. After depositing the Big Bossman and Mark Henry on the floor, Hacksaw Jim Duggan delivered a running tackle to Rikishi. Rikishi kicked out at 2 and pushed Duggan away. He tagged the Bossman then started walking up the ramp with his belt.

Johnson: Where the hell is Rikishi going?

Ventura: Looks like he’s taking his ball and bat and heading home to me.

Rikishi stands on the stage and points to the Wrestling Icon belt. He yells that it will never leave him. Duggan is yelling at Rikishi to get back into the ring and fight. The Big Bossman tiptoes up behind Duggan, only to get an elbow to the face for his troubles. Duggan sets up and delivers his signature running football tackle to win the match. Henry tries to break it up and gets clotheslined to ringside by the Ultimate Warrior.

Winners: The Ultimate Warrior and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

We end the production with Henry and Bossman leaving the arena to lick their wounds while Rikishi continues to talk trash on the stage to the Warrior and Hacksaw. Hacksaw makes a gesture that says he believes he will be champion. They celebrate as we fade out.

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PW Insider

It is thought that since the young Apocalypse did not appear on the second Classic Wrestling that he has been sent back down to The Camp. Rumours are circulating that it was felt that he was not ready for the push he was apparently supposed to get.

[>>] Raven back in WWE?, NWA Negotiating With Austin and More... [>>]

[ Source: PW Insider ]

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Classic Wrestling Preview

Taken from classicwrestling.com

Last week, Rikishi was dealt a stunning loss by a determined Hacksaw Jim  Duggan. Is Rikishi's Icon title in jeopardy? Look for him to do something drastic to keep from losing what has brought him some exposure. Our commishioner also has heard that one of the superstars in the lockerroom is unhappy about the discrimination he's been recieving backstage and is hell bent on satisfying his demands, lest legal action be taken. Also, Demolition, Marty Jannetty, Mark Henry as well as the Big Bossman will be in attendance. Tune in for a hell of a time!

Scheduled Matches:

Jake Roberts vs. B-Squared

Greg Valentine vs. Rodney Mack

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Classic Wrestling Preview

Taken from classicwrestling.com

Last week, Rikishi was dealt a stunning loss by a determined Hacksaw Jim  Duggan. Is Rikishi's Icon title in jeopardy? Look for him to do something drastic to keep from losing what has brought him some exposure. Our commishioner also has heard that one of the superstars in the lockerroom is unhappy about the discrimination he's been recieving backstage and is hell bent on satisfying his demands, lest legal action be taken. Also, Demolition, Marty Jannetty, Mark Henry as well as the Big Bossman will be in attendance. Tune in for a hell of a time!

Scheduled Matches:

Jake Roberts vs. B-Squared

Greg Valentine vs. Rodney Mack

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PW Insider

Apparently, rumours have been going around about the rest of CCW's titles being decided on this show. It has been thought that the people in charge want to establish their stars as quickly as possible. There has also been a rumour going around that a light heavyweight title may be introduced. This is shaky though, seeing as CCW does not have alot of cruiserweights.

[>>] Trish to pose with Playboy?, Interview with the Rock and more... [>>]

[ Source: PW Insider ]

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As fans tune in on a lazy Sunday evening at primetime, a logo comes up on the black screen. It shows two wrestlers grappling. Then it says Classics Are Better under the logo. It shows clips of the last show and pictures of the wrestlers. We are shown the announcing booth where Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Mike Johnson are sitting. Their names flash under them.

Ventura:Wow, Mike. Tonight’s gonna be special, huh?

Johnson: Yes. Last week, Rikishi was handed his first loss by Jim Duggan.

Ventura: Rikishi wasn’t even pinned. That’s no win in my eyes.

Johnson: It is in everyone I’ve talked to.

Before The Body can reply, “All Night” by Swollen Members hits and Lotto Money waddles out. He proudly shows off all the gold around his neck and tips his captain’s hat down a bit. He walks up the stairs and gets into the ring. He takes a mic from some college kid and begins to speak.

Lotto Money: Tonight, I am going to rectify a wrong done last week. I’m going to do something about an unhappy client.

The fans buzz at who this lucky superstar is. Ventura and Mike Johnson name wrestlers too.

Lotto Money: Come on. Don’t be shy. Come out here.

Some Japanese music hits as Akio comes out from behind the curtain. He is dressed in black wrestling tights and has his hair in a bun, as usual. He smiles a little as he walks to the ring. Akio slides in.

Lotto Money: Since this is my company and I can do what I wish with anything or anyone….

Lotto pauses, letting this sink in. Akio looks a bit nervous.

Lotto Money: I hereby award you with a new championship….the B-List title…

Money is handed a new title, which he slowly presents to Akio.

Johnson: What? He’s awarding that poor sport a title? Last week, after they LOST, they called the Demolition out and attacked them.

Ventura: Don’t argue with the guy that writes your checks, Mike.

Akio jumps up and down with the title and the taunts the fans. He stands on the turnbuckles and holds it high. He then is leaving until Lotto Money calls him back.

Lotto Money: Where are you going, Akio? I’ve got one more once-in-a-lifetime offer…

Akio returns to the ring, wondering what else he was getting.

Lotto Money: You also will compete one-on-one for the vacant Napoleon title…Against Marty Jannetty…

Johnson: Wow! What a matchup that’ll be!

Lotto Money: And it’s up next!

The fans pop at Jannetty’s name as Akio looks worried. We fade to commercial as Lotto Money walks up the ramp.


We return as Akio waits nervously in the ring for Marty Jannetty. Janetty’s rock and roll music hits and Marty raced to the ring. He is dressed in the same Rockers attire he used to wear while teaming with Shawn Michaels.

Akio vs. Marty Jannetty

For the Vacant Napoleon Title

Jannetty slides into the ring and dominates with standard high flying. He uses at least 5 dropkicks during the course of the match, each sending Akio flying. Marty sends a good part of the match beating down Akio. Then Jannetty applied a headlock. Akio pushed him off and into the ropes. The young Japanese sensation booted him in the gut and hit a half hearted axe kick. Then both competitors lay, breathing heavily. At this time, both Sakoda and Hiroki rushed to the ring and tried to encourage Akio to get up. Akio gets up and is met with a dropkick. Hiroki gets up on the ropes and argues with referee George Smiley. Behind his back, Sakoda gets in the ring with a chair and cracks Marty over the head. He slides back out and Akio goes up top. He hits the Dai Time for the three.

Winner and new Napoleon Champion: Akio

Johnson: Akio stole that one! He doesn’t deserve either belt he has!

Ventura: He’s a resourceful champion. Someone I think we can all be proud of….

Akio holds up the Napoleon title and his B-List title. Sakoda gets in the ring, with Hiroki not far behind. Hiroki points at the barely conscious body of Marty Jannetty and Kyo Dai nods. They put the boots to him until Lenny Lane runs down to the ring and clears them off. He helps Marty up and raises his hand, much to the delight of the fans.

Ventura: Lenny Lane saved Marty Jannetty. But why? What does he have against Kyo Dai? Or does he have some sort of relationship with Jannetty?

Johnson: Lenny did the right thing and I bet Marty Jannetty is thankful for that.

Ventura looks as if he’s going to say something but “Superstar” by Saliva hits before he spits it out. Rikishi enters, looking extra smug and flaunting his Wrestling Icon belt. A tall man covered in black follows him. His hood covers his face from plain view. They both get into the ring, though the man who holds the ropes for the champ then enters himself. Rikishi grabs a mic and begins to talk.

Rikishi: I've noticed that since I won the title, all of you and everyone in the back have become jealous of me. Everyone wants a shot at what is rightfully mine. Last week, Jim Duggan defeated the Big Bossman. Not me! I was never pinned. And the rest of the week, I had to hear the taunts of you idiots. You all think Hacksaw will take my title away. Normally, I could beat him with one arm tied behind my back but he has decided to play dirty. Not only does he refuse to wrestle without using that 2X4, but he’s also enlisted the help of the Ultimate Chimp. So I’ve one-upped him. I have my own warrior, someone to watch my back. Let me introduce to you….The Human Insurance Policy…..

Rikishi suddenly stops, as the man in black is ready to take his hood off.

Rikishi: I just realized something. You’re not worthy to see my new bodyguard’s face.

Rikishi drops the mic and leaves, with the man in black not far behind.

Johnson: Wow…Rikishi has a new bodyguard…I wonder who it is…

Ventura: Well, maybe we’ll see. Because Lotto Money has just sent us word that Rikishi will team up with Sakoda, Mark Henry and the Big Bossman against Hacksaw, The Ultimate Warrior and the Demolition.

Johnson: What a huge main event!

Some rap music hits and B-Squared dances out. Mike Johnson points out that Mabel is not here tonight and B-Squared slaps some hands on his way to the ring. He picks up a mic and starts to rap. The camera goes to a sign that says Vanilla Ice Can’t Rap, Yo. He is interrupted by Jake Roberts’ music. Roberts stomps out to the ring and goes face to face with B-Squared.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. B-Squared

Jake proceeds to slap B-Squared, who answers with a right hand. This match is probably one that would remain in the fan’s memory for a long time to come as both participants did a fantastic job of entertaining. The match went back and forth for some time with several near falls. B-Squared gained the advantage at the end by elbowing “The Snake” while he was applying a sleeper. He nailed Roberts with a leg drop off the top ropes and got another nearfall. Alan Funk obviously felt that the end was near and ran out to aid Jake. B-Squared made a mistake, trying to clothesline Roberts, who got out of the way and pushed B-Squared into the ref. Alan Funk saw this as an opportunity to help his partner and grabbed a chair. He slid into the ring as Jake was getting up behind B-Squared. Jake The Snake got up and the resourceful B-Squared got out of the way as Alan clocked his partner inadvertently. The rapper deposited Funk on the outside of the ring and pinned Roberts. The ref, who had just woken up, counted the 3.

Winner: B-Squared

Johnson: You can’t help but admire B-Squared. He fought two men and won.

Ventura: That’s only because Alan Funk is a moron. He cost his partner the match.

B-Squared celebrated as Alan helped his reluctant friend up. Jake looked less than pleased but Funk seemed to convince him that winning the match didn’t matter. They both got back into the ring and beat down B-Squared as we fade to commercial.


We fade back in to the Demolition, who are standing backstage. They look into the camera and speak their mind about Kyo Dai.

Ax: You guys think you’re slick, right? I bet both of you punks are sitting in your locker room, wondering why you couldn’t win the Doubles titles.

Smash: Yea…our Doubles titles…

Ax: Well, you kids wanna play with the big boys so much that next week, the Demolition will beat you once again.

Smash: Yea…one more time…

Ax: We’ll even put our Doubles titles on the line. That’s how much we want to get you two in the ring again. We promise that next week, both of you and your handmaid will receive the Decapitation Elbow and leave on a stretcher.

Smash: Yea…a stretcher….

Johnson: Huge news. The Demolition want revenge so badly that they’re willing to put their titles up for grabs.

Ventura: Not a smart move on Demolition’s part, though nobody ever accused them of being smart…

Johnson: We have a rematch from last week coming right up. Last week, we thought Rodney Mack would retain his title after he cracked Greg Valentine with a chair.

Ventura: That’s what should have happened but referee George Smiley had to ruin it.

Johnson: That led to Mack getting disqualified.

Ventura: A wrongful DQ if you ask me…

Johnson: Nobody did...

A sound effect of a hammer plays and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine walks out. He is half way down the ramp when Rodney Mack flies out from behind the curtain and smacks him with the Wrestling Superstar belt. He throws Valentine into the steps then the ring and the ref rings the bell to start the contest.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Rodney Mack

Mack drops a hard elbow and pins The Hammer. He gets a 1…2…2 and 5/6ths as Greg kicks out. Rodney looks surprised and starts to beat down Valentine. He uses his Tiger Bomb but The Hammer kicks out. Then he tries to choke him out in the Blackout but again Valentine escapes. Rodney Mack is frustrated and attempts to bring in a chair. But Greg takes the chair and tosses it out. Then he rallies and nearly wins several times. Scared of losing his title, Rodney Mack rolls out of the ring and grabs the chair. He considers sliding back in but the starts to walk towards the ramp. The Hammer slides out of the ring and turns the corner of the ring, only to be nailed by a chairshot. The ref had no choice but to disqualify Rodney Mack.

Winner by DQ: Greg Valentine

We fade out as the Mack Militant walks up the ramp, celebrating with his Superstar title.


We fade back in to Hiroki in the ring. She has a mic in hand and is yelling.

Hiroki: Ax! Get out here! Kyo Dai isn’t waiting until next week. We want to fight, right here and now!

The Demolition’s music plays as Ax walks out to the ring. Sakoda and Akio jump him from behind. They throw him in the ring and Hiroki slaps him. They put the boots to him. Kyo Dai gets him up and is in the midst of setting up for something big when Smash sprints to the ring. Kyo Dai flees as Smash checks on his partner.

We fade backstage to where Hacksaw Jim Duggan is standing. He has his 2X4 slung over his shoulder and the microphone in the other hand.

Hacksaw: HOOOOOO!

The fans mimic him.

Hacksaw: Rikishi…You are a traitor to the flag and it shows in your companions. Sakoda…An American-hating Japanese man…The Big Bossman….A corrupt cop…And Mark Henry…Formerly an all-american hero and now, an all-american couch potato….But that doesn’t matter to me. Hacksaw doesn’t care about winning the match, so long as he wins the fight. And this fight ain’t over yet, tough guy! It doesn’t matter who you team with because Hacksaw will always be on your heels, as long as you hold that title….

Hacksaw hands the mic roughly back to a kid and leaves the screen.

We are in a hallway now. Rodney Mack struts down it, most of his attention focused on polishing his title. He bumps into someone and says something angrily. Then he looks up and a look of fear glimmers. In front of him stands Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Mack backs off a little, then smiles cockily.

Rodney Mack: Too bad you couldn’t get the job done out there. Guess this is the closest you’ll ever be to my Superstar title.

Valentine stares at him, then replies.

Greg Valentine: Just keep talking. One of these days, you won’t be able to weasel your way out of defending against me. Then that belt will be mine.

Mack shakes his head, still smirking.

Greg Valentine: Just keep shining it up, Rodney. Next time we meet, it’s coming home with me.

Valentine then pushes past Rodney Mack and he is left with a worried look on his face as we fade to our final commercial.


We return to Classic Wrestling as Mark Henry and the Big Bossman are making their way to the ring. They stop and look back, waiting for their teammates. Sakoda appears next, to some traditional Japanese music. Rikishi enters last, to “Superstar” by Saliva, with the man in black still following. They all get in the ring and start to converse between themselves as the man in black places himself on the other side of the ring, opposite to the ramp.

Next, Demolition enter and run down to the ring. They look like they want to slide in but then stop. The Ultimate Warrior enters next, running down to the ring, stopping and talking with Demolition. HOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s music hits and he charges down to the ring. All his teammates slide in, followed by him. Rikishi’s team bails until the ref gets some order.

Rikishi, Sakoda, Mark Henry and the Big Bossman vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Ultimate Warrior and Demolition

This matchup was out of control. There was usually at least one illegal member of either team in, sometimes distracting the ref and sometimes attacking his team’s foe. Sakoda gladly engaged in fights with both members of Demolition all through out the match while Rikishi picked spots to come in when the legal man, either the Warrior or Duggan, were on the canvas. Mark Henry and the Bossman weren’t picky on who they were scrapping with. They attacked anything that moved. In the end, the match degenerated and every member of both teams were fighting in the ring. Sakoda and Bossman were thrown over the top, only to pull their adversaries outside to brawl. Duggan tried to get his hands on Rikishi but was blindsided by Rikishi before he could succeed. Mark Henry threw Hacksaw out then got out himself. The ref was distracted by what was going on outside the ring and consequently, he missed a pin by the Warrior on Rikishi after the Ultimate Warrior delivered a series of clotheslines then a splash. The man in black came off the top ropes with a leg drop to the back of the Warrior’s skull. He then picked the Ultimate Warrior up and delivered the White Russian Leg Sweep. He exited the ring as Rikishi made the cover and got the win.

Winners: Rikishi, Sakoda, the Big Bossman and Mark Henry

The winners attacked and overwhelmed the remaining losers. They stood over their enemies and the man in black got into the ring, handing Rikishi a microphone.

Rikishi: I told you…I told you all…The Human Insurance Policy…JIM FULLINGTON!

The man takes off his hood to reveal his face as Jim Fullington, better known to many as The Sandman.

Johnson: The Sandman? He’s Rikishi’s new bodyguard? Well then, both Jim Duggan and the Ultimate Warrior are in a lot of trouble.

We fade out as Rikishi and Jim Fullington raise each others hands as they stand over the Warrior and Hacksaw.

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PW Insider

CCW has apparently planned to hold both their Classic Wrestling televised show as well as their first PPV Americana this Sunday. Classic Wrestling will take a Sunday Night Heat role this week and provide hype for a basically unpromoted PPV. CCW is taking a chance on this and may consider moving their show to another day if this isn't met well.

Many rumours are going around about who CCW is interested in signing. Names have been thrown around, from A-Train to Rico to Macho Man as well as others. Only time will tell what CCW has planned.

[>>] Brock Lesner vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania, Warlord making a TNA run, and Much More... [>>]

Credit: PW Insider

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Classic Wrestling Preview

Taken From www.classicwrestling.com

Classic Wrestling will take some time out of its' normal show to update new fans on what has happened in the past weeks on Classic Wrestling. Mike Johnson and Jesse Ventura will give commentary on the hottest fueds that rage in Classic Championship Wrestling.

Our main event features an eight man tag team match between Rap 101, Marty Jannetty and Lenny Lane against Jake Roberts, Alan Funk, Tank Abbott and newcomer Tiger Ali Singh. Look for each man to try and prove why he deserves a title shot. Expect this match to be explosive.

Also, if you haven't ordered Americana, you are missing out. Americana will feature highly anticipated matches and will thrill your senses.


Rap 101, Marty Jannetty and Lenny Lane vs. Jake Roberts, Alan Funk, Tank Abbott and Tiger Ali Singh

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The fans tune in to Classic Wrestling at its regular time to find that something’s different. It is mostly a hype show for the PPV, highlighting feuds and matches that will happen at Americana. The only actual wrestling match was the main event.

Main Event for Classic Wrestling

Rap 101, Marty Jannetty and Lenny Lane vs. Jake Roberts, Alan Funk, Tiger Ali Singh and Tank Abbott

Rap 101’s hip-hop music hits and Rap 101 walks out. They walk out, in pimped out attire. Marty Jannetty and Lenny Lane are not too far behind, wearing outfits similar to when Marty was in the Rockers. They make the way to the ring, slapping the fans hands as they go.

Some fighting music hits as Tank Abbott makes his way out, followed reluctantly by Tiger, Alan and the Snake. Tank talks trash to those in the ring as he makes his way down to the ring. Roberts and Alan talk strategy. Tiger looks nervously around.

The match starts off with B-Squared and Tank. B-Squared gets a bit of offense but Tank overpowers him. Tank is vicious and beats down B-Squared until Alan Funk tags in himself. The ref forces Abbott out and Alan hits a piledriver to eliminate B-Squared.

Eliminated: B-Squared

Alan is all smiles until he turns around and realizes that Mabel is now the legal man. Mabel dominates, despite Funk and Roberts’ attempts to double-team. Mabel gets rid of the cowboy with a splash.

Eliminated: Alan Funk

While the ref is distracted with trying to get Alan Funk to leave the ring, Jake lowblows the monster rapper and delivers the DDT for the elimination.

Eliminated: Mabel

Roberts laughs out loud and taunts Mabel as he walks up the ramp. Unfortunately for him, Marty Jannetty and Lenny Lane got into the ring and delivered a double dropkick. Marty went to the top and nailed a splash.

Eliminated: Jake Roberts

Lenny and Marty then focused their efforts against Tank Abbott. Tank waited until Lenny Lane was in the ring and Marty was on the apron and then launched his shoulder into Lane’s gut. He knocked Marty off the apron and delivered a stiff clothesline to Lane. Abbott let the ref get to 2.5 and then got Lenny up. He delivered a Knockout Punch for the official elimination.

Eliminated: Lenny Lane

Marty snuck into the ring behind Tank, who was getting up after beating Lane, and rolled Abott up.

Eliminated: Tank Abbott

Tank was less than pleased with being eliminated and took out his frustration on Marty. When he finally left, Jannetty was in no real condition to fight. He tried to win with a leg drop but Singh got out of the ring. Marty got up and received a super kick for his trouble.

Eliminated: Marty Jannetty

Winners: Tiger Ali Singh, Tank Abbott, Alan Funk and Jake Roberts

Many fans, despite their disappointment that Classic Wrestling is on promotion duty for the PPV, decide that the PPV will be worth their money and order it. The logo of two people grappling comes up and some text comes up. It says, “Classics are better.” Then the background turns to and American flag and the opening video highlights all the feuds, centering on the Rikishi-Hacksaw feud. We go to the announce table with Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Mike “The Mic” Johnson.

Jesse Ventura: What a show we have tonight.

Mike Johnson: Indeed. We have a hardcore match booked.

Jesse Ventura: Rikishi will beat the living hell out of the Ultimate Warrior…again!

Mike Johnson: The Ultimate Warrior will be looking for revenge for the beat down he received on the first Classic Wrestling show. Remember that Rikishi’s Icon title is on the line…

Jesse Ventura: Speaking of titles on the line, Greg Valentine tries to make his third time a charm against Superstar champion, Rodney Mack.

Mike Johnson: Demolition put their titles on the line against the crafty Japanese tag team Kyo Dai.

We fade to commercial.


We return to commercial with a view of the ramp. A hammer sound hits then Valentine’s music plays and Greg makes his way to the ring. He doesn’t take his time and looks anxious to end Rodney’s title reign. Yo! It’s The Mack Militant! Rodney Mack’s music hits as he slowly makes his way down to the ring, showing off his belt to the jeering crowd. Valentine slides out of the ring and begins to brawl with the champ. He throws Mack into the ring and then gets in himself.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Rodney Mack (champ)

For the Superstar title

Valentine really wants to win the title and you can see that from the way he wrestles the match, he is very aggressive. Mack is given very little time to get a breath or any offense. The Mack Militant spends most of his time trying to get away. He tries to get disqualified several times but Greg Valentine always takes the chair away and tosses it back outside. The Hammer works the legs, trying to weaken them for the Figure Four. Valentine gets Mack up, only to get punched in the gut. Mack gets some brief offense but Greg ends it with a clothesline. Rodney retreats outside the ring and Valentine pursues him. The ref is out of position, which causes him to miss the Mack Militant hitting Valentine in the gut. Rodney throws him back in the ring and hits his Tiger Bomb. The ref counts 1…2…2.999…Kickout! Mack looks frustrated and locks in his Blackout but Greg gets out of that. Valentine “hulks up” and begins to fight back. He clotheslines Mack out of the ring. Mack gets up, looks at Valentine in the ring and walks up the ramp with his belt.

Winner by Count-Out: Greg Valentine

Johnson: Valentine gets another win over Rodney Mack.

Ventura: The Mack Militant is still the champ though. That’s all that matters.

The camera fades backstage, where Hiroki is sitting and talking to Akio. She stands up. Neither notices the camera.

Hiroki: Today is the day that will be remembered as the start of a revolution…The start of the Japanese hostile take over…These Americans are old and vulnerable…Just like Pearl Harbor, these people won’t know what hit them….

Akio nods, looking face down.

Hiroki: Akio…Remember…you are from Japan…You are not one of them and they hate you for it…It is our duty to make people respect us…It is your duty to fight…

Akio nods again then looks Hiroki in the eye. She pats him on the back as we fade to another commercial.


We return from commercials to see Kyo Dai walking down to the ring to some Japanese music. Hiroki accompanies them. She smiles and waves her fan. Both Sakoda and Akio look nervous, obviously realizing how important the match is. Demolition’s music hits and they run down to the ring. They slide in and engage their enemy.

Demolition (Champs) vs. Kyo Dai

For the Doubles Titles

Demolition wastes little time pummeling their adversaries with a flurry of power moves. Frequent tags in and out make in difficult for the challengers to get any offense. Finally, about ten minutes in, a distraction from Hiroki allows Kyo Dai to get the jump on the Demolition. Both Akio and Sakoda double-team Ax several times. Then they use distractions to allow themselves more cheating time. Ax is able to make a tag and Smash dominates until Sakoda is able to cheap shot him. Smash is the victim of a two-on-one assault. Akio tries to throw Smash to the ropes but Smash reverses. Akio collides with Hiroki and Smash takes out Sakoda. Then he knocks down Akio and hits the Decapitation Elbow for a successful title defense.

Winners: Demolition

We fade backstage to Greg Valentine, who is standing by the water cooler. He takes a sip from the half-full cup in his hand then goes down. We see Rodney Mack standing over him, chair in hand. Mack gives the Hammer’s ribs a couple of shots then starts yelling at him.

Rodney Mack: This is my title…MINE! Just give up!

Valentine attempts getting up but gets hit with a chair for his troubles. He tries again and this time, Mack gets him up and grabs the water cooler. He uses it to hit Greg in the head. Then he picks the bloody Hammer up and puts him through the table. Satisfied, the Mack Militant gives Greg Valentine a couple more boots to the gut, yells at him to give up and walks away.


Americana returns from the break with some new, hard rock music. Jim Fullington walks down to the ring, taunting the fans with his muscle poses. He begins talking trash to a fan then turns and gets in the ring. HOOOO! Hacksaw’s music hits as the American Hero makes his way down to the ring, 2X4 in hand. He looks focused on the task at hand and there is a glint of uncertainty in Fullington’s eyes.

Jim Fullington vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw and Jim exchanged blows, neither getting a distinct advantage over each other. This delightfully entertaining brawl spilled in and out of the ring several times. Fullington dominated most of the match, trying to make fans despise and fear him. This tactic actually seemed to get him over with the fans as they began to cheer Hacksaw harder. Duggan began to gain an advantage until Rikishi strolled to the ring. Rikishi started talking trash to Duggan, who was distracted long enough for Fullington to attack him from behind. Jim climbed to the top ropes and hit a leg drop. He pinned Duggan…1…2…2 and 3/4…Kickout by Duggan! Fullington looks confused and tried several more times to pin Hacksaw. Hacksaw refuses to stay down and Rikishi tries to interfere again. Duggan knocks him off the apron and hits a Charging Tackle. This time, it’s Fullington’s turn to kick out barely before 3. Duggan sets up for another as Fullington tries to pull himself up. Duggan charges and Jim Fullington steps out of the way. He starts to distract the referee. Duggan crashes into the turnbuckles and Rikishi gets up on the apron, chair in hand. Rikishi uses the weapon, behind the ref’s back, and Duggan goes down like a sack of bricks. Fullington covers for the win.

Winner: Jim Fullington

Fullington attacks Hacksaw after the match as Rikishi directs traffic. Fullington gets Duggan up so Rikishi can hit him. Before that can happen, the Ultimate Warrior rushes out to the ring. Unfortunately, Fullington drops Hacksaw and clotheslines the Warrior before he can aid his friend. Both superstars are savagely beaten down until Lotto Money appears on the ramp. He directs the referees to “get them out of there before they ruin the main event”. Rikishi and Fullington are forced to leave ringside as Duggan is carted away on a stretcher and the Warrior is supported by two road agents.

After this is finished and the ring is empty, Mark Henry’s music hits and he walks casually to the ring. He looks, coolly and calmly at the fans, then takes the mic from a ringside announcer.

Mark Henry: I am the NEXT BIG THING! I am the WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN! I am the future! Now, for all those who doubt my words, sit back and watch this.

The Demon’s music, a tune by KISS, plays and he rushes down to the ring. He cautiously gets in. He stares at Henry for a second and then climbs the turnbuckles and taunts to the fans.

Mark Henry vs. The Demon

As The Demon climbs down, he is met with a vicious clothesline from Henry. This match is nothing more than a beat down. Henry toys with his opponent then squashes him in the corner. He goes for the cover. The Demon narrowly escapes and gets a bit of offense, only to receive a huge spinebuster from the World’s Strongest Man. The self-proclaimed “Next Big Thing” lifts up The Demon and delivers the F7 ½, an F5 into a spinebuster. Henry pins him, only to jerk his head up at the last second. Mark delivers a splash and covers for an easy victory.

Winner: Mark Henry

Henry puts the boots to The Demon. He soon grows bored and gets the poor guy up, only to clothesline him back down. He delivers the F7 ½ once more and leaves the ring as we fade backstage.

Backstage, we see Jake Roberts and Alan Funk still celebrating their victory. There are moderately attractive ladies and champagne.

Roberts: Finally, we showed those rappers who’s boss.

Funk nods and starts to say something. He is interrupted by the door slamming open. Mabel and B-Squared walk in. Neither Funk nor Roberts seems to know what to say.

Mabel: Yo…wassup, dawgs?

No one answers Mabel. In fact, the room is silent.

Mabel: You boys think you’re down ‘cause you beat us once? That don’t prove nothin’.

B-Squared: Nothing!

Mabel: You boys betta recognize that we are gonna beat you down next time we square off…

B-Squared: Way down…

Funk finally gets the nerve to get off his seat and stand face to face with Rap 101. He tries to stare down Mabel then gives up and goes up to B-Squared. Roberts is standing face to face with Mabel and neither team seems willing to back down from a fight.

Mabel: Yo, B-Squared! Let’s blow this sausage fest.

B-Squared: BOOYAH!

The rappers get right in the face of Funk and Roberts then leave. We fade to commercial as Funk sighs and Roberts looks stonefaced at the door.


Rikishi strolls down to the ring, a confident smirk on his face. He adjusts his tights a bit.

Johnson: He knows that he’s taken some of the Warriors wind from his sails. Will it be enough to ensure a successful title defense?

Rikishi shines his championship up as he rolls into the ring. The Warrior’s music hits and Rikishi looks a bit surprised that the Warrior is still here. The Warrior walks out, though it is obvious that he’s not a 100 percent after Fullington and Rikishi’s attack moments ago.

Hardcore Match – Rikishi vs. The Ultimate Warrior

For the Wrestling Icon title

Rikishi dominates the early going, pausing to rub the fans face in the mud after every successful move. Eventually, the Warrior starts to regain a bit of strength and blocks Rikishi’s moves. The champ looks scared and tries to retreat but the Ultimate Warrior pulls him back in by his legs. The Warrior gains the advantage and the fans are behind him every step of the way. The Warrior splashes the champ in the cover then covers him for a 2 count. The Warrior gets another near fall after he gorilla press slams Rikishi and splashes him. Rikishi hits a blatant low blow then rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He delivers three shots to the Ultimate Warrior and drops down into a cover. The Warrior kicks out right before three. Rikishi raises up the chair, as if intending to do more damage, but when he brings it down, the Warrior grabs it. The Ultimate Warrior tosses it from the ring then repeatedly clotheslines Rikishi. Jim Fullington runs down to the ring but the Warrior knocks him off the apron before he can get into the ring. The Warrior gorilla presses Rikishi. He drops down and covers him. 1…2…2.5…Jim Fullington slides into the ring and uses the chair in his hands to break the cover.

Johnson: Dammit! The Ultimate Warrior had the match won!

Fullington hits the White Russian Leg Sweep. Rikishi climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits the Banzai drop. The ref counts. 1…2…3.

Winner: Rikishi

Johnson: The Warrior got screwed!

Afterwards, Fullington beats down the Warrior while Rikishi celebrates with his belt. The champ nails the Warrior with the belt. The Ultimate Warrior is stood up again. HOOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan races down to the ring. He slides in and swings his 2X4 around wildly. Rikishi and Jim Fullington bail and walk up the ramp as we fade out. Duggan tends to the unconscious Ultimate Warrior.

Johnson: What a way to end our first PPV. Tune in next week for some answers.

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As Americana ended, I sighed as I swiveled my chair around. It squeaked a little as I rested my elbows unsteadily on my knees. I had mixed feelings about what I had seen. Despite an unsure month, I felt like I had made progress. Fans were hailing it as the best thing I had booked yet. Whether this was a compliment or not, I wasn’t sure. But it renewed my devotion to my job as Head Booker.

I got up and strode to the door. I turned it and walked out, heading down the narrow hallway. I passed Greg Valentine, who sat solemnly in the hall. “Good match.” I complimented him generously. “You guys worked great together…

“The Hammer” stood up. He was about the same size as me and he looked straight into my eyes. The look seemed to last minutes. Then, in a fluid movement, he turned away. As he walked the opposite way as I had been going, I was joined by Barry Darsow. I gave him a questioning glance.

He smiled, even chuckled a little. “Greg’s just a little protective of his reputation. He’s seen a lot of his friends in the business get flushed because the booker only cared about making the young guys look good.

I stopped him there. “I understand. Next time you are talking to him, could you let him know that I don’t plan to do anything to hurt your futures’.

He nodded and walked away from me after giving me a firm handshake. I made it to the parking lot before I was stopped again. Alan Funk had received some papers he was to give to me. He handed the envelope and assured me that he had not tried to look at them. As strange as his behavior was, I believed him.

I knew what the envelope contained. Orders. More information about who was acceptable, in the higher-ups eyes, to hire. I was delighted that at least a couple on my list had made it. I would phone up them tomorrow. Until then, my brain buzzed about the coming weeks. I had many potential storylines in my head. But I had to follow protocol and get them approved by the higher ups. That was troublesome enough. As well as the knowledge that some former WWE stars would be finding their way into my regular order. I hoped that they wouldn’t cause any trouble to a particularly serene backstage. But that was so far away and I had to concentrate on what we would tape to be aired on Saturday. The higher ups had been unhappy with the PPV messing up the Classic Wrestling schedule, only allowing us to have 3 shows a month. So they used their seemingly unhampered power to change our timeslot. That was a good thing. I was sure of that…

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