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WWE 2005


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This diary begins the night after WWE Royal Rumble. This was a huge night with Batista winning the Rumble. Triple H retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton! Also, JBL defended the WWE Heavyweight title against two men, Kurt and Big Show. Taker defeated Heidenreich in the casket match.

My name is Mike, I was a writer for a column in the local newspaper. I was also a good friend of Shawn Michaels. He was my foot in the door. He introduced me to Vince and he hired me on as the Head Booker, for both shows. I knew I had a lot on my plate so hired an assistant, Sophie. She helped me organize my rosters and gave me a huge idea. Anyway...

Current Champions:

World Heavyweight: Triple H

WWE Intercontinental: Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team: La Resistance

WWE Womens: Lita

WWE Heavyweight: John Bradshaw Layfield

WWE United States: John Cena

WWE Tag Team: The Basham Brothers

WWE Cruiserweight: Rey Mysterio

Royal Rumble Winner: Batista

Raw Preview is next!

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WWE Raw Preview

January 31, 2005

Chris Jericho will team up with Chris Benoit to take on the former Tag Team Champions, Edge & Christian! Edge will team with his brother one more time to take out Benoit/Jericho.

Also, we will see The Hurricane get his hands on Simon Dean.

Rhyno vs. Gene Snisky & Maven steps into the ring to meet A-Train!

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A-Train got hired back when I hired him back. What kind of backstory do you guys need? You do watch wrestling don't you? You know what's going on....

Orton felt he was cheated out of the title at the Royal Rumble. He asked Bishoff for the match, both Bishoff and I felt it would be good ratings to put them in a cage.

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January 31, 2005

Pyro hits the stage as Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome the fans to Raw. They announce a couple of matches for tonight, including a huge tag team match with Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit taking on Edge and Christian.

They were cut short to the music of Evolution as Triple H and Ric Flair walk out to the ring. Triple H is gets on the mic and begins talking about the night before. He talked about how he beat Randy Orton within an inch of his life. He said that he is unstoppable and no one would take the title from him. Triple H was interupted by Eric Bishoff. Eric came out and asked Triple H how he feels about Batista winning the Royal Rumble. Triple H said he thinks it will be the biggest match ever. Eric then asks him if he thinks he will be the champion still at Wrestlemania. Eric then pointed to the cage hanging above the ring and said it was for the Main Event. Triple H would defend his title once again, against Orton in the cage!! Triple H looked livid as Bishoff walked backstage.


<Commercial Break>

A-Train vs Maven

A-Train didn't wait for the match begin before he attacked, stomping on Maven. A-Train then lifted Maven up over his shoulder and slammed him hard to the mat. A-Train then whipped Maven into the turnbuckle and followed up with a running avalanche. He then ran off the ropes and took Maven out with the Pump Kick. Maven kicked out. A-Train now whips Maven into the ropes, but Maven slides under the big man and takes him down with a drop kick. Maven climbs to the top rope and waited for A-Train to stand. Maven came off with a cross body, but only got a two count. Maven ran against the ropes, but A-Train took him down with a big boot. A-Train now sets him up and hits him with the Derailer. 1....2...3, it's finished. Maven now sits in the ring with the look of utter dis-belief. Maven now begins to yell at the referee and leaves the ring.

Winner: A-Train

64, 69, 67

A limo pulls up outside, and out steps John Bradshaw Layfield and Smackdown! GM Theadore Long. Long tells the champ to smile he is on Raw and they both walk into the locker rooms.


<Commercial Break>

We come back from commercial with JR and The King talking about JBL and Theadore Long being on Raw.

Simon Dean vs The Hurricane

Dean comes and warms up before getting into the ring. Hurricane entered the ring but was quickly taken down with a heel kick from Dean.Dean then hits him with a Russian legsweep, followed up by a standing leg drop. Hurricane kicked out before the three. The Hurricane reverses an irish whip and follows up with a flying clothes line. Hurricane then hits a standing drop kick on Simon Dean. Dean drops to one knee and Hurricane hits him with the Shining Wizard, but Dean kicked out. Hurricane sets him up for the Hurri-Choke Slam, but Dean kicks him below the belt and pushes him into the ref. With the referee out Dean reaches into his gym bag and pulled out a Thigh Master!!. Rosey comes running down the aisle and into the ring! He tries to clothes line Dean, but he ducks and he hits Hurricane. Dean smashes the thigh master on Rosey's head and hits the Spin Doctor on Hurricane!!! The ref comes to and 1....2....3!! Simon Dean leaves the ring runs to the back, before The Hurricane and Rosey could retaliate.

Winner: Simon Dean

92, 67, 79

The Hurricane lost overness from this match.

<Commercial Break>

Gene Snisky vs. Rhyno

Snisky enters the ring and Rhyno is all over him, hitting him with a couple of knee to the gut and whips him into the ropes. Rhyno then hits him with a huge spinebuster!! Rhyno then whipped him into the corner and hit him with a shoulder block to the ribs. Snisky turns Rhyno around into the corner and gives him a couple of huge chops to the chest. Snisky now hip tosses him across the ring. Snisky pickes him up onto his shoulders and hits him with a huge Samoan drop. Gene Snisky now has Rhyno down throat first on the ropes and applying pressure with his knee. Snisky signals for the end, but Pyro blasts on the entrance way and in the corners of the ring. The lights go out and come back on. Snisky turns to look at Rhyno, but Rhyno smashes him with the Gore!! 1....2...3, it's finished.

Winner: Rhyno

74, 62, 68

John Bradshaw Layfield is backstage with Theadore Long. Long tells the champion to tell everyone what he has to say. JBL gets on the mic and begins to bad mouth Raw's roster... especially the winner of the Royal Rumble, Batista. He stated that even he came to Smackdown! to fight him for his title that it wouldn't be worth it. Long then jumps saying that he is wrong about that it would be worth switching to fight JBL, because Batista is too good for the Raw Roster. Long then invited Batista to join Smackdown! and fight at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship!


<Commercial Break>

Edge & Christian vs. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

Christian and Benoit start the match out. Christian attacks Benoit from behind and stomps him into the ground. Christian pulls him to his corner and tags out to Edge. Edge comes in with a kick to the midsection. Edge went to the top rope and hit Benoit with a missile drop kick. Edge tags Christian in again and they whip Benoit into the ropes and hits him with a double back drop. Benoit kicks out at a two count. Benoit ducks a Christian right hand and hits him with a German suplex. Benoit holds on and hits him with another and another!! Edge enters the ring and takes Benoit out with a clothes line and the ref forces him back to the corner. Both Benoit and Christian are down and making their way to their corners. Benoit makes the tag first with Jericho. Jericho comes in with a drop kick on Christian and then hits a spring board drop kick to knock Edge off the apron. Jericho takes Christian out with a snap suplex. Jericho now tags out to Benoit and they hit Christian with a double suplex! Christian kicks out and hits Benoit with a desperation low blow. Christian makes the tag to Edge. Edge rushes towards Benoit and misses the Spear!! Benoit turns him around and attempts the Crippler Crossface, but Edge reverses it and drops him down with the Edge-O-Cution. Jericho makes the save with a drop kick to the back of the head. Benoit now makes it to his feet and hits Edge with a German suplex. Benoit heads to the top rope and signals for the Swandive Headbutt. Christian runs in and knocks Jericho into the ropes, this cause Benoit to be crotched on the top rope. Edge makes it to his feet and Spears Benoit!! 1...2...3!! Jericho helps Benoit up and he pushes him off. Benoit starts questioning Jericho about hitting the ropes, causing them to lose. Jericho pushes him back and they begin to brawl. A host of official run out to break the two apart.

Winners: Edge and Christian

100, 96, 98

Christian gained overness in this match.

Edge is in the back now with Johnathon Coachman. Edge states that he was screwed out of the Royal Rumble and his match with HBK. Edge said he wants another match with HBK and this time it will be Falls Count Anywhere match next week on Raw!! HBK shows up and accepts the challenge. Edge flips out and begins to attack HBK, but he was taken out with Sweet Chin Music!! New Fued - Edge vs. Shawn Michaels - 95


<Commercial Break>

World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton vs Triple H ©

Cage Match

This match begins with both men trading blows. Triple H misses a right hand and Orton slams his head into the steel. Orton climbed to the top rope and came off with a double axe handle to get the champ down. Orton runs off the ropes at Triple H, but he picks him up and slams him into the cage. Triple H hits Orton with a neck breaker and Triple H punches him in the head a couple of times. Triple H now begins to climb the cage. Orton makes it to his feet and grabs onto Triple H in the corner. He has him up in a powerbomb position and slams him to the ground. Orton now climbs to the top rope and comes off with an elbow drop and connects. Orton makes his way up the cage wall... and swings his body up onto the top. Triple H makes his way up the cage wall now and grabs Orton by the head. Triple H gets his footing on the top rope and superplexes Orton off the top of the cage!! Orton rolls around the ring in agony. Triple H makes it to his feet and pulls Orton between his legs, getting set for the Pedigree. Orton reverses and hits the backdrop on Triple H. Orton then hits him with the RKO!! Orton goes to leave through the door, but Batista comes running down, with Flair at his side, and slams the door on Orton's head!! Batista enters the ring and hits Orton with the Sitout Powerbomb!! Flair pulls Triple H out the door and he wins the match. Triple H grabs his title and celebrates in the ring with his fellow Evolution stable mates. Batista now grabs the title and stares at it. Triple H starts shaking his head no and Batista hands him back his title and walks to the back.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

72, 91, 85

Eric Bischoff runs into Theodore Long backstage. Bishoff threatens Long to get off his show and to stay away from his wrestlers. Theadore simply explained to him that he just wanted to talk with Batista and he doesn't have to worry about him being on his show anymore. The show closed out with a worried look on Bishoff's face.


Theodore Long debuted his new gimmick, it got a negative response. Theodore Long gained overness from this segment.

Overall Rating: 77%

We got a 5.92 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 8037 people.

We made $321480 from ticket sales.

What do you guys think?

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Febuary 3, 2005

Before Smackdown! tonight I called Theadore Long into my office for a meeting. Me and him went over the roster and picked some superstars to let go. We came up with a final list:



Miss Jackie

We gave the three their pink slips and wished them luck in their future. Not an hour goed by and Al Snow bursts into my office. He grabs me up my shirt and slams me into the wall. He threatens me that if I fire Jackie Gayda, then he is gone also. I looked him dead in the eyes and told him not to ever threaten me and to get the hell out of my office. Al Snow has now been added to the top list. Me and Theadore continued to talk about tonights show and posted the current card on WWE.com.

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Febuary 3, 2005 - Boston, Mass

Tonight on Smackdown! there will be two titles on the line and some other hellacious matches.

Hardcore Holly will take on WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield in a non-title match.

John Cena defends his WWE United States title against Kenzo Susuki.

WWE Tag Titles are on the line tonight when The Bashams defend agaist Rey Jr. and a mystery opponent.

Also, a triple threat #1 contender match for the WWE Tag Titles. This match will have Angle's Boys, Jindrak & Reigns taking on Rikishi & Scotty and The FBI.

Angle is also scheduled to be in the house!!

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WWE Smackdown!

Febuary 3, 2005 - Boston, Mass.

Lights, camera, and action! Smackdown! begins with a boom and the crowd is wild. Tazz and Michael Cole welcome you to the show. They talk about the two titles being on the line, but first a number one contender triple threat tag match.

The FBI vs Jindrak & Reigns vs Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

This match begins with Luther Reigns taking it to Johnny. Reigns whips Johnny into the corner and follows up with a huge avalanche. Johnny makes the tag to Rikishi and he cleans house. Rikishi whips Reigns into the corner and follows up with his butt against his chest. Reigns falls on his ass in the corner. Rikishi gets ready to do the Stink Face on Reigns, but Jindrak is in and takes Rikishi out with a huge drop kick. Reigns & Jindrak hit Rikishi with a huge double spine buster. Rikishi makes it over to his corner to tag in Scotty. Nunzio comes into the ring and drop kicks Scotty to the corner. Nunzio hit Scotty with a 10 punch mount. Nunzio then hits him with the super kick. Rikishi comes in now and cleans house of the other teams. Scotty makes it to his feet and hits Nunzio with a face smash. He signals for the it and W O R no... Big Vito comes from the crowd and takes Scotty out with a huge clothes line. Nunzio moves in for the kill and finishes off Scotty with the Arriverderci. 1....2...3.

Winners: The FBI

74, 59, 66

Rikishi comes into the ring for the save, but was blindsided by Johnny. Nunzio takes Scotty out again, this time with the Sicillian Slice. Johnny now holds Rikishi in a full nelson, while Vito takes shots at him. Vito then grabs Rikishi up and hits him with a huge Implant DDT. The three men leave the ring and taunt this huge crowd in Boston.


Rikishi lost overness from this segmant.

<Commercial Break>

Kurt Angle comes walking down to the ring. He enters followed by his usual 'You Suck' chants. He enters the ring and tells the crowd he does not suck. Angle is pissed off about not being at No Way Out for the title. He deserves it more than the "Big Slow". He could snap his ankle in a minute, in fact he can beat him anytime and anywhere. Angle is cut short when Theadore Long made his way out to the entrance ramp. Long told him that he can do him one favor and give him a match tonight. If he wins he will be able to fight for the WWE Championship at No Way Out. He will have to win the number one contendership from the Big Show, tonight on Smackdown!


Long gained overness from this segmant.

<Commercial Break>

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Basham Brothers © vs Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Mysterio's mystery partner was Billy Kidman to the fans delite. The Bashams quickly slide to the outside and take it to the challengers. Doug whips Kidman into the steel steps. Rey gets the upper hand on Danny and whips him into the gaurd rail. Rey then comes over the top rope with a somersault plancha to take out both Bashams. Kidman now rolls into the ring with Doug. Kidman hits him with an arm drag and then a quick drop kick. Basham makes it to his feet and catches Kidman's foot and spins him around to hit him with an enziguri. Doug now makes the tag and the Bashams hit Kidman with a double backdrop. Danny makes the cover, but Rey makes the save. Kidman flips out of a German suplex, and connects with a Kid Krusher on Danny. Kidman makes it to Rey to tag him in. Rey comes in on fire and hits Danny with a drop toe hold. Danny falls into the ropes and you know what time it is. 6-1-9!! Rey connects with the 6-1-9 and waits on the apron for Danny to stand. Orlando Jordan runs out to the ring and pulls on Rey's foot. Doug slams Kidman off the announce table on the other side of the ring. Rey kicks Jordan in the head and the ref yells for him to get out of here. Doug slides in and changes spots with Danny. Jordan backed off and Rey went for the springboard hurricanranna, but Doug dropped him with a sit-out powerbomb for the three count. Orlando takes Rey and hits him with the Black Ice on the outside of the ring.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Bashams

80, 72, 76

The Bashams now bring Kidman into the ring and hold him, while the former boxer Orlando Jordan takes hard shots at Kidman's head. Kidman is busted open and they aren't finished yet. They take him to the outside and crotch him on the corner post!! Kidman is down and hurt. Rey comes to help, but JBL's cabinet scramble.


Jordan gained overness from this segmant.

John Cena did an interview in the back to hype his upcoming match. He says he is going to take out Kenzo like he takes out the trash. He also said that any man in the locker room feels froggy, then he will take them out too. Booker T heard this walking by and began to laugh. Booker T told him to look at himself, Booker tells him that he want to take Cena up on his offer. He says that he wants a title shot at No Way Out. Cena accepts.


WWE United States Championship

Kenzo Suzuki vs John Cena ©

Suzuki got taken out from the beginning with hard shoulder block. Cena then ran against the ropes and came back with a fist to the face. Suzuki makes it to his feet and hits Cena with a stiff side kick. Suzuki now locks Cena in a head lock, but Cena drops him down into a chin breaker. John Cena signals for the F-U! Booker T comes out of the crowd and into the ring! John Cena turns around, right into a kick to stomach and Booker T nails him with the Scissors Kick!! The referee calls for the bell disqualifying Kenzo. Booker T now leaves the ring and grabs the U.S. title. He enters the ring and takes Cena out with it. Booker T stares at the title before he leaves.

Winner by Dq: John Cena

75, 55, 65

<Commercial Break>

Hardcore Holly vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Bradshaw attacked Holly from behind and stomped his head into the ground. JBL runs against the ropes, but Holly hits him with a back drop. JBL stands up and Holly takes him out with a massive drop kick. Holly whips JBL into the corner, but he puts his boot up and stops a Holly attack. JBL now picks Holly up and hits him with a back breaker. JBL makes the cover, but Holly kicks out. JBL clotheslines Holly over the top rope and he spills out onto the floor. JBL picks Holly up and slams him down onto the announce table. JBL climbs onto the table and sets Holly up for the powerbomb. Holly reverses and back drops JBL off the table. Holly then whips JBL into the steel stairs. Holly rolled the big man into the ring and went to the top rope. Holly came off with an elbow drop on JBL and made the cover. JBL kicked out!! Holly whips JBL into the ropes and slammed him down hard onto the mat. Holly calls for the Alabama Slam, but The Bashams run out to the ring to distract the referee. Hardcore Holly rolls to the outside to take Danny Basham out. He rolled back into the ring, but JBL hit him with the Clothesline From Hell!! 1...2..3! JBL and The Bashams celebrate the victory, when some un-familiar music plays. JBL and The Bashams look around and out from the back came Batista!! Batista entered the ring and The Bashams tried to attack him, but he took them out. JBL attacks him from behind, but doesn't do any damage to the big man from Raw. Batista now grabs him by the throat, but Doug Basham chop blocks him. The Cabinet now get JBL out of there.

75, 72, 78

Batista gets on the mic and makes a huge announcement. He says starting after No Way Out, he is joining Smackdown! He will take the WWE Championship from either JBL or Big Show at Wrestlemania.


Big Show vs Kurt Angle

These two do some intense brawling to begin the match, with Big Show beating Angle down. Big Show went to slam Angle, but he reverse and hit him with a huge German suplex. Angle locked the big man in the Ankle Lock, but Show used his strenght to kick out of it. Show makes it to his feet and puts his huge hand around Angles neck. JBL comes running down to the ring and hopped onto the apron. Big Show dropped Angle and ran at JBL. He jumped off the apron and ran away from Big Show. Angle rolls outside behind Big Show. JBL went to hit Big Show with the Clothesline From Hell, but he moved and JBL took Angle out. JBL took off through the crowd and Big Show rolled Angle into the ring. Big Show hits Angle with the Show Stopper and makes the cover. 1....2....3!! Big Show taunts in the ring and the show goes off the air.

Winner: Big Show

76, 86, 82

Overall Rating - 69

We got a 5.85 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 8024 people.

We made $320960 from ticket sales.

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WWE Raw Preview

Febuary 7, 2005 - Baltimore, MD

Tonight, Live on Raw we will see a special Last Man Standing Match putting Shawn Michaels vs. Edge.

Plus, we will see Shelton Benjamin defend his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho.

Also, the World Tag Titles will be on the line with La Resistance defending against an old favorite tag team... T & A!!

Simon Dean will see action again tonight as he goes one-on-one with Tajiri.

Raw will be the last night Batista will grace the locker rooms. Triple H, Randy Orton, and Kane are all scheduled to be there.

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Raw is tonight so I called Bishoff to my office to talk about tonights show. Tonight is Batista's last night on Raw so we have to do something to send him off. Now, I wanted to do some cuts so we can bring in some new talent. I went over my list with Bishoff:

Christopher Nowinski

Eugene Dinsmore

Mark Henry

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Guest LilJoeyPez

Start explaining things. Johnny Stamboli, A-Train and Rikishi have been rehired with no explanation. You've fired Rico even though he is long gone from WWE. T & A have been reformed with no buildup whatsoever - why not have Test help A-Train out in his match with Maven leading to their reformation?

Plus, 90% of a live SmackDown! audience would have no idea who Big Vito is. But he just comes in and beats the crap out of everyone before leaving. Why not have Nunzio get on the mic and introduce Vito? Some very sloppy stuff so far.

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The show starts with Kane walking into the building. He walks around looking for Snitsky. Someone point him to Snitsky's locker room and Kane enters. He looks around, but doesn't find him. Kane looks around the corner and is taken out with a huge chair shot. Snitsky appears and stomps Kane into the ground. He then leaves the room, proud of the damage he just caused to Kane.


Kane lost overness from this segmant.

Simon Dean did an interview in the back. He talked trash about The Hurricane and Rosey. He then began to hype his next match, against Tajiri.


Tajiri vs Simon Dean

Tajiri really took it to the WWE sponsor. Dean regained the momentum with a couple of high risk moves on Tajiri. Dean took Tajiri out with a missile drop kick. Simon then removed one of the turnbuckle pads. Tajiri came back with some painful offense. He tried to whip Dean into the corner, but was reversed and Tajiri was sent into the exposed turnbuckle. Dean then followed up with a Stinger splash!! Tajiri stumbled out of the corner and Simon Dean hit him with the Kryptonite Krunch. 1....2...3! Simon Dean left the ring and began to head backstage, when he was attacked by Hurricane. He slid Dean back into the ring and hit him with the Hurri-Choke Slam. Hurricane taunts to the crowd and made his way backstage.

Winner: Simon Dean

77, 69, 86

<Commercial Break>

Test walks into the locker room area and meets up with A-Train. He jokes with him about his current gimmick, he even made a 'choo choo' comment. A-Train laughed sarcastically and said A-Train is no more. Albert then asked Test if he was ready to go get the belts.


World Tag Team Championship

T and A vs La Resistance ©

Test and Albert dominated the Tag Champions in this one. T & A showed they could still hang in the tag division, keeping Grenier from making the tag. Grenier finally tagged out to Conway, who had a little success taking the fight to T & A. In the end it just wasn't enough and Test takes him out with the Test Drive, while Albert knocked Sylvain off the apron. The ref counted the three and we have new World Tag Champions. T and A get their titles and celebrate in the ring.

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: T & A

69, 65, 73

The World Tag Team titles have gained image.

<Commercial Break>

Kane comes walking out to the ring and grabs a mic. He calls Snitsky to the ring, but there was no answer. Kane then threatened to come back there and look for him, but as Kane stepped out of the ring he finally came out. He ran down to the ring, but Kane took him out with a suicide dive over the top rope. He slid him into the ring and called for the chokeslam. Kane applied his hand around Snitsky's throat, but he was attacked from behind!! It's John Heidenreich!!! Heidenreich then takes Kane out with a huge chokeslam!! Snitsky grabs a table from underneath the ring and they double powerbomb Kane through it. They celebrate and walk to the back.


Kane lost overness from this segment. Gene Snitsky gained overness from this segment. John Heidenreich gained overness from this segment.

<Commercial Break>

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © vs Chris Jericho

This was definatly the best match so far. Back and fourth action the whole match. Jericho almost picked up the victory when he locked Benjamin in the Walls of Jericho. Benjamin made it to the ropes and Jericho lost it. He left to get a chair from ringside and rolls back into the ring. The ref grabs the chair out of his hands and Benjamin hits him with a super kick!! The ref makes the count, but only gets to two. Jericho blocks the T-Bone Suplex with a roll up pin, but Benjamin kicked out again. This time Jericho picks up the chair and hits his mark!! The referee immediatly calls for the bell disqaulifying Jericho. Jericho now locks Benjamin back in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho is going to break Benjamin in half, but Chris Benoit comes running down the aisle, and Jericho releases the hold and runs to up the aisle. Benoit gets on the mic and asks, what has gotten into him. Jericho tells him that he is tired of sitting around waiting for something to happen and it is time for a change. Jericho said he will stop at nothing and no one would get in his way of being at the top of the WWE. He tells him to choke on that and leaves.

Winner by Dq: Shelton Benjamin

83, 87, 77

Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this match. Chris Jericho's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Chris Jericho gained overness from this turn.

<Commercial Break>

We come back to Randy Orton standing in the ring. He begins to talk trash about last week's match in the cage. He then called out Batista, because he wants to end some unfinished business before he heads of to Smackdown! Batista comes out and accepts the challenge.


Batista vs Randy Orton

This was a great match with some intense action, as these two prove how much they hate each other. Neither men held anything back. Orton took the upper hand and nailed Batista with the RKO, but Batista kicked out. Orton came off the top rope, but Batista caught him in mid air. Batista hoisted Orton up onto his shoudlers and dropped him down with a big Sitout Powerbomb for the three count. Batista celebrated his victory as Triple H comes walking down the aisle with Ric Flair by his side. Triple H is also carrying the infamous sledge hammer. Triple H entered the ring and took Orton out with it and he is busted open big time. Triple H shoved the title in Orton's face and said that it was the closest he would come to the title as long as Triple H was the champ.

Winner: Batista

73, 74, 72

<Commercial Break>

Edge is backstage now before his big last man standing match next. He said he wants to end HBK's long carreer tonight. He not only wants him to be the last man standing tonight, but he doesn't want HBK to walk ever again. After Edge wins tonight he will be one step closer to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.


Edge gained overness from this segmant.

Last Man Standing

Edge vs Shawn Michaels

This was as extreme as they can get here in the WWE. Both men hitting some unbelievable offense to take their opponents out. HBK layed Edge out onto a table on the outside and came off the top rope with an elbow drop to put them both down. They both made it up before the ten and Edge then took HBK out with a Spear into the gaurd rail. HBK finally catches Edge with some Sweet Chin Music. The ref begins the 10 count, but Christian and the Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko run out to the ring. HBK takes the fight to both men and hits Tyson with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK turns and is creamed with the Conchairto, by the two brothers. The ref counts the 10 and Edge picks up the victory. With HBK busted open Edge orders Tyson to pick Michaels up. Edge swings and takes HBK out with the chair once again. EMT's and officials run out to the ring. As officials clear the ring of Edge, Christian, and Tomko, EMT's put HBK onto a stretcher and begin to roll him up the stage. Edge comes back and tips the stretcher over, he then picks him up and hits him with the Implant DDT on the steel. Officials pull Edge to the back and the show goes off the air.

Winner: Edge

94, 95, 92

Overall Rating: 76

We got a 5.27 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 8032 people.

We made $321280 from ticket sales.

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I know I should've done this in the beginning, but neverless so there is no more confusion here is the roster and current champions.


Main Event:

Chris Benoit

Shawn Michaels

Triple H - World Heavyweight Champion

Upper Midcard:

Randy Orton


Chris Jericho



Matt Hardy

Shelton Benjamin - WWE IC Champion


The Hurricane

Val Venis

William Regal


Albert - World Tag Team Champion


Simon Dean

Test - World Tag Team Champion

Lower Midcard:



Spike Dudley

Stevie Richard

Chuck Polumbo

Garrison Cade

Gene Snitsky

John Heidenreich

Rob Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Tyson Tomko


Main Event:

Big Show

Eddie Guerrero


Kurt Angle

Upper Midcard:

John Cena - WWE US Champion

Rob Van Dam


Booker T

John Bradshaw Layfield - WWE Champion

Rene Dupree


Billy Kidman

Charlie Haas

Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio - WWE Cruiserweight Champion


Bubba Ray Dudley

Chavo Guerrero

D-Von Dudley

Lower Midcard:


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Ultimo Dragon

Big Vito

Danny Basham - WWE Tag Team Champion

Doug Basham - WWE Tag Team Champion

Jamie Noble

Johnny Stamboli

Kenzo Suzuki

Mark Jindrak


Orlando Jordan


Luther Reigns

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Febuary 10, 2005 - Dayton, OH

WWE No Way Out is just 3 days away!! This will be the last Smackdown! before the big show. Tonight, Live on Smackdown! Batista will step into the ring and sign his WWE Smackdown! contract!!

Also, Rob Van Dam makes his return in a match with Booker T. John Cena will also be in the house so Booker T should watch his back.

Orlando Jordan cost Rey & Billy Kidman the tag titles against The Bashams. Tonight, Rey Jr. will be able to get some revenge in a match with Orlando Jordan.

Also, FBI's newest member Big Vito will make his WWE debut against Rikishi. Vito cost Rikishi & Scotty a shot at the Tag Titles at No Way Out and then the FBI jumped Rikishi in the middle of the ring. Will Rikishi get his revenge tonight?

Also, Chavo Guerrero and Funaki will go one-on-one for a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out.

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WWE Smackdown!

Febuary 10, 2005 - Dayton, OH

Tazz & Michael Cole

Eddie Guerrero pulls into the arena parking garage in his low rider of the week. He parks and begins to walk into the building. Rene Dupree walks up to his car with his dog. Fifi then emptied her bladder on Eddie's car. Eddie sees this, runs back to his car, and slams Dupree onto it. Eddie tells him that he is going to pay for this, in the ring tonight.


Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment. Rene Dupree gained overness from this segment.

Big Vito w/ FBI vs Rikishi w/ Scotty 2 Hotty

These two went back and forth in an average match. Rikishi took Vito out with a shuffle side kick. Rikishi then dropped a big leg drop on Vito. Rikishi whipped Vito into the corner and went for the Stink Face, but Nunzio pulled Vito out. The ref began to count Vito, but Stamboli rolled into the ring and hit Rikishi with the Mamaluke DDT. Vito rolled into the ring and picked up the easy pinfall. It's over! Vito begins to pound on the head of Rikishi, but Scotty entered the ring and Vito rolled to the outside. FBI taunted Rikishi and Scotty on the way back.

Winner: Big Vito

64, 63, 66

Big Vito gained overness from this match.

The 3 members of Full Blooded Italians are backstage. They did an interview hyping Big Vito's debut and how Nunzio & Stamboli were going to win the tag titles at No Way Out.


<Commercial Break>

#1 Contender Match/WWE Cruiserweight Title

Chavo Guerrero vs Funaki

High paced back and forth action in this one. These two put on a great cruiserweight match. Funaki scored with a Tornado DDT, but Chavo kicked out. Chavo then hit him with the Brainbuster, but Funaki found enough strength to kick out. These two then went into a series of moves and reversals, until Funaki launched him self of the the second rope and Chavo reversed a crossbody into a roll up. Chavo grabbed the tights and the ref counted the three. Chavo Guerrero celebrates his cheap win, as he will be heading into No Way Out to face Rey Jr. for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

78, 65, 91

<Commercial Break>

We come back to a replay from last week's Smackdown! It was the brutal ring post attack from JBL's Cabinet on Billy Kidman.


Danny Basham lost overness from this segment. Doug Basham lost overness from this segment.

Orlando Jordan vs Rey Mysterio

Jordan took it to Rey in the beginning of the match with some jabs. Rey countered a back suplex and hit a drop kick to Jordan's back. Jordan lands on the second rope and Rey gets set for the 619. Jordan ducks the 619 and rolls to the outside. Jordan grabs ahold of the ring bell. Rey comes over the top rope with a somersault plancha, but Jordan holds the ring bell up and clobbers Rey with it. The referee sees it and calls for the bell. Orlando Jordan has been disqaulified. Jordan measures Rey Jr. and takes him out with another ring bell shot to the head.

Winner by Dq: Rey Mysterio

72, 66, 78

<Commercial Break>

We come back from the commercial and Batista is making his way down to the ring. Theadore Long waits for him to enter and begins to speak. Long said this is the biggest signing to Smackdown! in quite some time and Long was behind it all. Batista interupts him and says the only reason he is on Smackdown! is to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Theadore tells him he will get that chance as long as he signs. Batista signs the contract and the lights go out. When the come back on JBL appears in the ring. He takes Batista out with a Clothes Line from Hell!! JBL then stomped him into the ground real good and bailed.


JBL lost overness from this segmant.

<Commercial Break>

Booker T vs Rob Van Dam

RVD did ok in this match early on, but you could just tell his injury was still getting to him. Booker T quickly took him down with a spinning heel kick. Booker went to the top rope for the Houston Hangover, but RVD moved out of the way. RVD then connected with the Rolling Thunder!! Booker T kicked out before the three and made it to his feet. Booker T ducked a kick from RVD and kicked him in the gut. Booker T then hit RVD with the Scissor's Kick and it's over. 1....2...3!!

Winner: Booker T

84, 86, 81

Booker T celebrates his win in the ring, but it is cut short by the music of John Cena. Booker T waited in the ring with confidence for the WWE US Champion. John Cena comes from the crowd behind him with his title in hand. He rolls into the ring and waits for Book to turn around. When he does Cena takes him out with the spinner title belt. Cena did his 'you can't see me' taunt and exited the ring.


<Commercial Break>

Eddie Guerrero vs Rene Dupree

Eddie comes out to the ring with a mic and demands Rene Dupree comes out for a match with him. After a few seconds out came the big frenchman. Eddie couldn't wait and attacked Rene on the outside. He slams him into the steel steps and stomped on him. Eddie then rolled Dupree into the ring and hit him with the Frog Splash. Rene Dupree rolled to the outside before Eddie had the chance to pin. The ref counted Rene out, but Eddie wasn't done. Eddie brought him up the entrance ramp and hit him with the snap suplex, not once, but twice!! Rene has been takin' out.

Winner by Count Out: Eddie Guerrero

73, 75, 70

Overall Rating: 70

We got a 6.04 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 8006 people.

We made $320240 from ticket sales.

After the show Rene Dupree came up to me and said that maybe he is being pushed just a bit too much. I told him I wanted to book him at No Way Out against Eddie Guerrero in a falls count anywhere match. No Count out and no Dq's. From there I will make my decision as to his push.

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WWE No Way Out

Live from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Febuary 13, 2005

JBL vs. Big Show - Will be fighting for the WWE Championship, but they will do it in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match. Who will win Sunday and move onto Wrestlemania to defend against Batista?

John Cena vs. Booker T - With the WWE US Championship on the line we are in for a hell of a match up. These two are no strangers to each other and should put on another great performance.

Rene Dupree vs. Eddie Guerrero - These two will meet again at No Way Out, but time there are no count outs, no dq's, and it will be Falls Count Anywhere.

The FBI vs. The Basham Brothers - The FBI won a triple threat tag match to become the number one contenders. They couldn't do it with out the help from the newest member, Big Vito. What role will he play in this big WWE Tag Team Championship match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero - Chavo won his number contender match on Smackdown! Chavo certaintly had the momentum going into this match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Only because Rey might have other things on is mind, like Orlando Jordan.

Batista will also be in the house to witness who he will be facing at Wrestlemania.

Please post your predictions!

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user posted image

Febuary 13, 2005

Live from Pittsburg, PA

The show begins with Batista pulling up in what looks like a very expensive car. He tugs on his expensive shirt, smiles, and confidentally walks into the building.


The show starts with Tazz and Michael Cole introducing the big PPV. Pyros go off and No Way Ouy begins!

WWE Tag Team Championship

The FBI w/ Big Vito vs The Basham Brothers ©

The Bashams do a great job defending their titles. Keeping a freshman in and double teaming Nunzio in the corner. It looked as if Doug was going to pick up the win with a Superplex from the second rope on Nunzio. The ref counted to 2, but Stamboli pulled the referee out of the ring. Big Vito snuck into the ring and hit Doug with the Implant DDT. Vito then pulled Nunzio onto Doug and took Danny out with a big clothes line, over the top rope. The ref rolls in and counts the 3!! The FBI has won the WWE Tag Team titles. All three members of the FBI celebrate in the ring as The Bashams make their ways to the back.

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: The FBI (Nunzio/Stamboli)

74, 65, 84

The WWE Tag Team title has lost image.

Their celebrating is cut short when the music of Rikishi hits. Rikishi walks out onto the stage and asks Vito why he can't stay out of other people's matches. Rikishi then challenges him to a match, now.

Rikishi vs Big Vito w/ FBI

The ref had to toss the FBI out of the ringside area do to some early on interference. Vito beat the big man down in the corner, but Rikishi turned him around. Rikishi hit him with a chop heard throughout the arena and Vito falls to his ass. Rikishi backs that ass up and gives the Stink Face to Vito. Vito came out of the corner swinging, but Rikishi ducked and took him out with a big Samoan Drop. He only gets a three count, though. Rikishi then picks him up and finishes him off with the Rikishi Driver, for the victory. Vito rolls out of the ring and Rikishi begins to celebrate his win. Vito grabs a chair and slides into the ring. Vito assaults Rikishi with the chair and leaves, damage done.

Winner: Rikishi


Next up is out WWE Cruiserweight Championship match. They show a replay of Chavo beating Funaki to get his title match tonight.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio ©

Fantastic match by these two veteran cruiserweights. Back and forth action through out the match. Rey was about to pick up the win after hitting Chavo with the 6-1-9. Orlando Jordan ran out to the ring and dropped Rey neck first on the top rope. Chavo took the advantage and picked up the victory with the Brain Buster. Chavo grabs the title and hightails it out of there. Jordan taunts Rey from ringside and eventually makes his way to the back.

Winner and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero


The WWE Cruiserweight title has gained in image.

Batista is in the back talking to some random people, when the Big Show walks up to him. Show asks him what exactly he is doing here and if it has to do with costing him his WWE Championship? Because if it was the reason, it would be the last thing he would ever do. Batista gets right up in the Big Shows face, un-intimidated, and tells him that it doesn't matter who he faces at Wrestlemania XXI. Either way he is walking out the WWE Champion. Big Show nods his head, says alright, but he will be watching him.


We come back to a replay from Smackdown! of Rene Dupree letting his dog piss on Eddie's car. Then it cut to their match and Dupree getting the hell beat out of him.

Falls Count Anywhere

Rene Dupree vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie took it to Dupree the whole match, beating up and down the arena. Dupree finally took a little advantage, by throwing some kind of powder in the eyes of Guerrero. Dupree then hit him with the Dupree Driver on the steel entrance way. Eddie kicked out and began to fight back. Eddie caught Dupree with a stiff inzeguri and Dupree got knocked to the floor. Eddie climbed up onto the special No Way Out entrance and came off with a huge Frog Splash. He connects and the ref counts the pinfall. Eddie makes his way back to the ring to celebrate and exits through the crowd, after this brutal match.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero


Kurt Angle is the back now with Josh Mathews. Angles begins some kind of rant about not even being on the No Way Out card! He said it was an outrage and that it is no way to treat an Olympic gold medalist. Angle said one way or another he would have an impact on this PPV. He ended the interview saying 'it's true'!!


Kurt Angle gained overness from this segment.

Next up a video segmant is shown of the current fued over the WWE United States title. It showed various segmants Booker T and John Cena did to hype up the match.

WWE United States Championship

Booker T vs John Cena ©

There would be no way of knowing who was going to come out on top of this match, the way these two were going at it. Near fall here, near fall there. Booker T begins to get fustrated and heads to the outside to grab the US title. Booker swings the title at Cena, but he hits Booker with a drop toe hold. Booker landed face first onto the title. Cena makes the cover, but Booker kicked out. Booker made it to his feet and took Cena out with a side kick. Booker now set Cena up for the Scissor's Kick, but Cena moves out of the way. Cena grabs Booker T up in the F-U, but Booker gets out of it. Booker T now rolls the champion up and grabs his tights!! The ref doesn't see and counts the three. Booker T celebrates as we have a new WWE US Champion.

Winner and new WWE US Champion: Booker T


The WWE United States title has gained in image.

The night is coming to an end as the barbed wire steel cage lowers to the ring. Now a video segmant is shown to hype up the Main Event, next!

WWE Championship/Barbed Wire Steel Cage

Big Show vs John Bradshaw Layfield ©

Absolute brutal match with these two going at it. Big Show tosses JBL all over the ring and back. JBL is now busted open and then hits Big Show with the Clothes line from Hell!! JBL makes the cover, but Big Show kicked out. JBL began to climb the cage and escape, even through the barbedwire. With out warning Jindrak & Reigns run down to the ring and begin to climb one wall of the cage. They pull out wire cutters and begin to cut the barbed wire off. Show climbs to the top and literally choke slams Reigns off the top of the cage through the announce table. Big Show now focuses on JBL and hits him with the Show Stopper. Kurt Angle comes running down to the ring and climbs up the fence. Angle climbes right over where his cronies cut the barbed wire off. Angle comes up behind Show and hit him with the Angle Slam!! JBL makes the cover and retains the WWE Championship. Kurt Angle now calls his boys in and Jindrak brings the barbed wire he cut into the ring. Angle tells then to finish him off and they hit the Big Show with a huge Spike Powerbomb, onto the barbed wire. The three stand in the ring and taunt until the show goes off air.

Winner and still WWE Champion: JBL


Big Show didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. The WWE Heavyweight title has lost image.

Overall Rating: 78

We got a 1.58 buy rate for 'No Way Out'!

The attendance was 17333 people.

We made $3950000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $1039980 from ticket sales.

After the PPV was over I wanted to talk to a couple of superstars about their performances tonight. First I called Big Show into my office. I told him that if he doesn't start selling his moves and get more into the matches then I would have to release him. I told him he has until after Wrestlemania to prove me otherwise. I decided to book him against Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.

The next person I called into my office was Rene Dupree. I basically told him that he does have enough skill and charisma to be in the WWE, but I was dropping him down the card. Until, he can improve in some areas he will be a midcarder.

Big Vito was next... I told him he did a wonderful job tonight in his match with Rikishi. I told him that he should be receiving a bit of a push in the next coming weeks. I was unsure whether or not he would be at Wrestlamia or not, but he might have a tag title shot in the future.

Well that is my first PPV. Tell me what you think?

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WWE Raw Preview

Febuary 14, 2005 - Indianapolis, IN

Eric Bishoff earlier announced on WWE.com that there will be a tourniment. This tourniment will decide who will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 21 for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Randy Orton


Matt Hardy

Gene Snitsy


Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels

Tonight we will see two of these matches. Edge/Orton and Christian/Benoit. Who will take the first round?

Test will step in the ring with Rob Conway. Last week on Raw Test reunited with Albert and they won the World Tag Team Championship. This week Conway wants a measure of revenge.

The Hurricane will be in one on one action, tonight, against Steven Richards. Hurricane has had problems with Simon Dean as of late. Dean is scheduled to be in the house.

Also, the huge return of The Rock. What will he have to say and will he be at Wrestlemania!?

Any predictions or feedback?

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Febuary 17, 2005

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to Indianapolis for Raw. Jim Ross remind the viewers of The Rock's return tonight. They then cut to the next match.

Rob Conway vs Test

Test took it to Conway in this match. He forced Conway into the corner and choked him with a boot to the throat. Grenier hopped onto the apron to distract the referee, but Albert pulled him down and they began to brawl. Test rolled out to help, while Conway grabbed a chair. Conway took Test out with the chair and then rolled him back into the ring. Test pull him self up with the ropes and Conway connected with a Neckbreaker for the win. Grenier entered the ring and they hit Test with the Au Revoir!!! Albert entered the ring, but the damage had been done.

Winner: Rob Conway

57, 45, 69

Eric Bischoff is in his office when Kane bursts in the room. Kane demands to know why Heidendreich interfered in his match and why he was even on Raw. Bishoff explained to him that he signed Heidenreich to a Raw contract. Kane said then he can wrestle on Raw and he wants a match with him tonight. Bishoff had no choice but to agree, because Kane was right in his face.


Steven Richards vs The Hurricane

Clean fought match between these two. Richards adapting to his style much better and takes it to Hurricane. Hurricane has Richards down and heads to the top rope. He comes off with a cross body, but Steven catches him with the Stevie Kick in mid air!! He makes the cover, but Hurricane gets a foot on the ropes. Richards pulls his hair and screams at the ref. Hurricane makes it to his feet and hits Richards with a drop kick to the knee. Hurricane then hits him with the Shining Wizard!! Hurricane makes the pin, 1...2...3!!! Huricane picks up the win. Simon Dean comes from the crowd and enters the ring behind Hurricane. Dean turns him around and plants him with the Spin Doctor!! Rosey runs to the ring, but Dean quickly exits through the crowd.

Winner: The Hurricane

72, 66, 78

The Rock's music hits and the fans go wild. He steps out onto the etrance ramp and lifted his arm in the air as the fans almost blow the roof off. Rock makes his way to the ring. He enters and begins to talk. You know finally The Rock has come back to Indianapolis!!! Rock said he is back and he wants everyone to go and see his new movie. Rock wishes he would be able to wrestle at Wrestlemania to take the title from Triple H, but he has to go back to Hollywood... before he could say anything else... Maven's music hits and he walks out onto the stage. Maven gets on the mic and tells him that he used to idolize him. Maven tells him that he is a discrace to the fans in the WWE. Rock just told him to bring it!! Maven comes walking down to the ring, but ref and other officials rush out to hold him back. Rock is in the ring taunting him to get into the ring, but officials pull Maven to the back. Rock taunted to the big crowd and a left.


The Rock lost 2 points of overness from this segment. Maven gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

John Heidenreich w/ Gene Snitzky vs Kane

Big powerful match from these two physical competitors. Lots of high impact moves from Heidenreich to Kane. Kane turned the momemtum with a big boot to put Heidenreich out! Kane accended to the top rope and stalked his prey. Heidenreich made it to his feet and Kane went to take him out with the flying clothes line, but Snitsky grabbed his leg and Kane falls to the mat. Heidenreich picks him up and takes him out with a huge Shoulder Breaker!! Heidenreich covered and got the win. Snitzky now enters the ring and the two men begin to beat Kane down again when the lights went out. The only thing you could here is the Undertaker's gong!! When the lights come back on Undertaker is standing in the ring. Heidenreich tries to run at him, but Taker takes him out with a big boot. Snitzky powers him into the corner, but Kane grabbed him from behind. Kane looks at his big brother and Taker gives him a sick look back. The Brothers of Destruction hit Snitzky with a huge Double Chokeslam!!! Heidenreich gets the hell out of there, sprinting to the back.

Winner: John Heidenreich

75, 78, 70

Edge is backstage now with the Coach. Coach ask's Edge about his recent beat downs the last couple of weeks. Not to mention having his brother help him in the Last Man Standing match last week on Raw. Edge tells Coach that HBK isn't even in the same city tonight because they beat him down so bad last week. Edge then tells Coach he is not going to worry about Michaels tonight, because he has the opportunity once again to wrestle at Wrestlemania for the World Championship. He ends it with he will win at all costs.


Number One Contender Tourniment/Round 1

Christian w/ Tyson Tomko vs Chris Benoit

This match was back and forth the whole time. Both men performed on the top of their game tonight, with the winner moving closer to the World Championship. Benoit hit Christian with the Multiple German Suplexes and made the cover. Tomko hopped onto the apron to distract the referee. Benoit got up and knocked Tomko off the apron, but Christian hits him with a low blow. Christian then drops him with Peep Impact. He makes the cover, but Benoit kicks out!!! Christian is in dis-belief!! Christian now begins to throw punches on Benoit, but he drops him down with the Crippler Crossface!!! Christian intches towards the ropes, but Tomko is back on the apron. The ref goes to get him down, but Benoit doesn't release the hold. Jericho runs down the aisle, into the apron, and pulled Benoit off Christian. Jericho hits Benoit with the Breakdown! and rolls to the outside to hide. Christian rolls on top of Benoit. The ref counts the three and Christian will move on in the tourniment. Tyson pulls Christian out of the ring and they walk to the back. Jericho remains in the ring with a chair. He beats the hell out of Benoit with the chair and then lays it on his chest, in the middle of the ring. Jericho springs off the second rope and connects with the Lion Sault. Jericho crashed down onto the chair, onto Benoit. Benoit is hurt and Jericho walks to the back.

Winner: Christian

90, 87, 94

Chris Benoit lost 1 point of overness from this match. Christian gained 1 point of overness from this match.

World Heavyweight Championship Tourniment

Randy Orton


Matt Hardy

Gene Snitsy



Chris Benoit         

Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels

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World Heavyweight Championship Tourniment

Randy Orton

                               Randy Orton


Matt Hardy

Gene Snitsy



Chris Benoit         

Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels

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