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Interesting GTA:SA discoveries

MalaCloudy Black

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I browse the forums frequently but this is my first post. I was looking at the american.gxt file on my laptop and I found quite a few interesting things. I searched and didn't find anything really so I thought I'd ask about it. I'm 20 years old but I don't know anything about "source codes" or hacking or anything so go easy on me. What is this file exactly? Does this file contain all the text in the game? Does changing it change the text in the game(i'm assuming no)? If stuff was taken out of the game why is it still in the .gxt file?

Anyway here's some of the more interesting things (copied/pasted directly from american.gxt) I found which IMO would have been awesome to have in the game, although some don't really make sense.

-No more hurricanes

-Flag City unlocked

-Number of furniture purchased

-Number of safes cracked

-Carefully rotate tumbler, listen closely for any clicking and pay attention to any irregular vibrating 

-Burgular status

-Perfect quadruple insane stunt

-Money spent building property

-Drugs budget

-Amount of drugs sold Amount of drugs bought 

-Rifle Skill

-Body type


-Game gore rating

-Game sex rating ?


-Hidden Packages found

-Highest score with Keepie-Uppy beach ball 



-To use the skateboard pick it up and select it from the weapons inventory items. To use the skateboard, select the it from your weapons inventory. Use the ~h~left analog stick ~w~ to steer the skateboard. Tapping ~x~ helps you pick up speed and ~q~ makes you jump. 

The bolded ones are interesting. Apparently there was going to be a sex mini-game, which would have been odd, to say the very least.


Flag city unlocked, basically meant that after doing a certain mission the Flag city became unlocked... like after sweet gets locked up, you can now check the countryside and San Fierro.

And after a few mission in San Fierro the Flag city known as Las Venturas becomes unlocked. Thats my guess.

I also believe there was supposed to be a beach volleyball mini-game, but they probably cut that out... I definitely hope it wasn't needed for 100%, or I would have stayed at 99.87%.

When it comes to the safe and the safe being cracked, I believe it had to do with the Burglary missions. Although that was cut out, There are ALOT of burglary mission interiors. The many different versions of HOUSE are astounding. Viewing the hidden interiors, I noticed ALOT of different burglary houses. I believe that the safe crack was meant for the Burglary house, and I believe the Burglary houses were supposed to be more important in the game then they are.

"Money spent building property" - I believe this to be exactly what Kendl was telling CJ. Notice how in the end, CJ never even fixes that garage!!! I believe there was supposed to be more to this, like buying land and re-developing it... My guesses is the spot behind the garage, another construction site in San Fierro, and also one spot in Las Venturas near the pyramid, I believe.

"Drugs budget", and "Amount of drugs sold Amount of drugs bought"...

I think they were going to allow CJ to buy drugs and also sell drugs, but in the end, decided to make him anti-drug, but left those there, because they didn't want to skin thru lines of code.

There is a "drugs_buy" label in the SLUS file, although I believe it to be for peds only.

"Assassinations"... on some hitman sh1t? wow.

Ever find anything tied into MC Strap when looking in the GXT file?


The guy that posted that last bit, OD fa real, has also found a lot of hidden interiors such as the girlfriend's bedrooms, etc :

...You can change your #21 from Sky Door, to INTERIOR HEAVEN, as we've found 138+ interiors by using the Ganton Gym, and most are just accessible using only these button cheats:

-jetpack cheat

-cars float

-cars fly

We've also found that each girlfriend has their own bedroom, for sex scenes... and someone found the coding for those sex scenes... crazy stuff like pressing X at maximum excitement, and moving the left analog up and down in rhythm. Just wild stuff...

We've also found the secret tattoo parlor that was cut out of the game... you know, the one where you can get San Fierro tatted on your back. And it can be reached without the use of any cheat devices. Just the button cheats.


This is some really interesting stuff, imo. I wish they would have kept in the property development stuff, that would be really cool to buy a vacant lot or something and turn it into your own casino or house etc.

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Instructions on viewing hidden interiors via Ganton Gym.


Odfareal's hidden interior screenshots.

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Yes indeed. I'm going to attempt to get to the hidden SF tattoo parlour this afternoon when I get home, the tattoos there are awesome.

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