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Is grappling in fighting games Cheap ?


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So do you you think grappling in fighting games(not wretling) is cheap . I know some people that refuse to play a game if you allow grappling moves.

My view on this you should learn to avoid , break or block grapples . Don't blame a player for being cheap because they grappled . Suck it up and go practice and learn how to avoid it

For Example when I first started Playing Virtual Fighter 4 . I sucked and the other people I played against in little get togethers beat the snot out of me buy grappling , but I didn't care i sucked and i knew where I needed to improve . over the months i practiced and practiced with Vanessa until I knew all of her moves and reversals . at the next get together I cleaned house and had some of the guys complain at How i cheat to much because i reverse

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What's more effective in a fighting game?

The roundhouse kick, or the powerbomb?

I rest my case.

With that, grappling is not cheating, nor cheap. The desingers (hopefully) test the game out to check what's balanced, and what isnt'. Typically, grapplers are slower, so they can't dominate with their big moves.

But hey, if you can figure out how to reverse and make life miserable for your otherwise happy to put you through a table grappling opponenet, by all means. Reverse and block away.

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Guest Future Shock

Depends. If you're doing it randomly, no.

If you're playing Capcom vs SNK 2 and you're trying to fucking Roll Cancel into the throw (Making the throw invincible), then yes, it's fizucked up.

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