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Bob Dylan


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I just began to wonder does Dylan still have the same impact now as he 30 or 40 years ago? Sure he's not chuning out albums at the same rate he was (he really doesn't need to anymore) and the fact that he's really become a slightly mysterious and reclusive figure (in that he has only given about 2 TV interviews in the last 20 years or so and from what I hear he likes to shut himself off from the world sometimes which goes as far as not watching TV or reading newspapers). But with all he has done and the amount of brilliant albums (most recently Time Out of Mind and Love and Theft, some might argue agaisnt that but I enjoyed his recent work anyway).

I suppose what I'm wondering is can a modern audience still appreicated Bob Dylan, or has he been surpassed by others?

For me, I think Dylan is still as good as he ever was. Some of his songs take a bit of getting used to but all round he isn't passed it yet.

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I'm not sure. I like him and my parents never listened to him while I was growing up. So I guess people will still search him out.

Having said that I prefer some of the newer artists making similar sorts of music i.e. Ani Difranco, Bright Eyes, the Waifs etc. His voice is either his strongest gift or his biggest downfall, on some songs (like Mississippi my favourite Dylan track) it sounds excellent, but normally it just sounds really ravaged.

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He had a string of average albums for a while but Love & Theft is fantastic and one of my favourite Dylan albums. I think a new audience will definately appreciate him. My parent's were never big Dylan fans, but a friend lent me Blood on the Tracks when I was 14 and I fell in love with his music. So I think it'll continue like that, rather than chart wise or anything... I think that's what you were asking.

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Dylan may not be as important socially or in the Media as he once was, but he's still releasing consistently brilliant material and will hopefully go on doing so for a long time. Personally, I'm more interested in what Dylan's doing now than in his "prime", much like I was more interested in Johnny Cash's later recordings...I guess I find it interesting to see what musicians record in their "twilight years", as almost anyone can write interesting songs when they're young and on top of the world, but when you've reached your peak of fame and fallen from it, and you're playing to a select few fans, that's when the real test is.

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