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WWE SmackDown! - Regaining The Glory


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Folks, it looks like that Heidenreich has made The Undertaker a bit too furious. Heidenreich screwed Undertaker out of the WWE Championship twice. The first was at 'No Mercy', where "The Deadman" battled John Bradshaw Layfield. Paul Heyman's client helped JBL to retain the title, as he throwed 'Taker to the hurse with Bradshaw. Already this made The Undertaker mad and he proved it by Tombstoning' Heidenreich to the grave, so to speak, November at Survivor Series. Undertaker thought 'That's it', and the great Fatal 4 Way Match at 'Armageddon' arrived. JBL faced his biggest odds, as he had to face Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker and Booker T. Bradshaw retained the title, you guessed it, thanks to Heidenreich. Heidenreich destroyed the Undertaker, and allowed JBL to pin "The Deadman". This time it was Heidenreich's time to believe 'That's it', but nope. Undertaker scared off Heidenreich. With a casket. It seems that Heidenreich fears caskets, and at 'Royal Rumble', the first major Pay-Per-View of the 2005, The Undertaker defeated Heidenreich in a Casket Match, even when RAW's Gene Snitsky interfered the match. Luckily, from RAW too, Undertaker's brother Kane beated up Snitsky. So that's it, Heidenreich rests in peace. But was the Rumble really his final destination?

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We all have hated John Bradshaw Layfield ever since he won the WWE Championship from Eddie Guerrero at the 'Great American Bash'. He is slimy, he is over-cocky, and he's just unbelievable, at least when it comes to victory plans. Maybe that's the reason why he now has succesfully defended the title at 5 PPV's in a row. The Undertaker, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero... those are just few of the names Bradshaw has, as impossible as it sounds, defeated. At 'Royal Rumble 2005' few weeks ago, we again saw something unique: JBL defeated the first Olympic Gold-Medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle, and seven-foot tall, five-hundred pounds, The Big Show. So JBL continues as the SmackDown! main champion, but will that last long for now on? Believe it or not, JBL's biggest odds might just be only ahead...


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Perhaps you're right now looking at the one reason. At the first SmackDown! TV Show after the Rumble, the General Manager Theodore R. Long announced, like Tazz would say it, something off-the hook, a blockbuster. An 8-Men Tournament that would finish on February 20th at 'No Way Out', which is the next step for the SD! brand. You also see the parteciapents at the photo. But as we speak, the tournament has already evolved a bit... take a look...

John Cena defeated JBL's Chief Of Staff, and he will face Booker T at the very next show. Kurt Angle has already made it to the finals at 'No Way Out'. He will face either Cena or Booker at the NWO, and the winner... well, the winner goes to WrestleMania 21 for JBL's OR The Big Show's WWE Championship...


So this is where i step in. JBL will defend the WWE Title against Big Show in a Barbedwire Steel Cage Match, but all the rest is under my control. Let's see what i can do. This is WWE SmackDown! in the year 2005 how i would like to have it. Please enjoy, i'll try my best!

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February 17th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

This week will be the very first WWE week under new SmackDown! booking team control. This week will also be the very last WWE week before No Way Out, which is now only three days away, so it's very likely that tonight is going to be one hell of a night. The WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield will be at Cleveland. What will he have to say about his last week's un-succesful plan to destroy The Big Show? After all, JBL will still have face "The Big Man" at No Way Out inside demonical Steel Cage. With barbedwire included. And of course, the WWE title will be on the line.

But that's not all about Bradshaw tonight. This week's edition of WWE SmackDown! will include as it's Main Event the sixth competition between Booker T and John Cena inside one year. Last time these two battled for the U.S Championship, this time the stakes might be even bigger: winner will battle Kurt Angle for the #1 Contendership for JBL's title at No Way Out. Winner will face the current champion at WrestleMania XXI, the grand-daddy of 'em all.

SmackDown! will also feature big-time matches this week, where names like Rey Mysterio, René Dupree, Charlie Haas, and Rob Van Dam are confirmed to be in. The WWE Tag Team titles will be defended by The Basham Brothers tonight, they will collide with two very great Mexican cruiserweights, Nunzio and Chavo Guerrero.

So what's the conclusion? The point is, The Cabinet can lose it all this week. If Bashams lose Tag titles tonight, and if JBL loses the title-match sunday, what kind of World Wrestling Entertainment SmackDown! will we witness next week? And remember, for those who sin, always comes the day of reckoning. So what it come’s to our “fine” WWE Champion, itt’s only a matter time until JBL will realize, that there is No… Way… Out.

Stay tuned for some SmackDown! Thursday 2/17, on 8/7, live on UPN.

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WWE SmackDown! from Cleveland, Ohio, announced by Michael Cole and Tazz


WWE SmackDown! kicks off as we see a footage of John Cena pinning Orlando Jordan after the FU, and Kurt Angle defeating Rey Mysterio, and Booker T defeating Eddie Guerrero from last week. As the video goes off, the usual SmackDown! video plays with Drowning Pool's "Rise Up", and soon we're taken inside the are where huge blue pyros explode on the entrance-stage. The announcers hype tonight's event with a very high voice, let's take more close look...

Michael Cole - The crowd is red-hot, as we welcome you ladies and gentlemen, to SmackDown! live from Columbus, Ohio. Last week we saw one of the greatest match-ups of all time as Kurt Angle beated Rey Mysterio, and advanced to the finals of the tournament to determine the WWE Champion's challenger at WrestleMania.

Tazz: - You're so right, Cole. And indeed, last week we saw one of the most biggest SmackDown! style main event's since the beginning of time, and the Japan crowd was just awesome, but dude, tonight is going to be completely off-the-hook too!

Michael Cole - Yes, John Cena and Booker T will face in tonight's Main Event. Winner will go to face Kurt Angle at No Way Out. The WrestleMania Main Event for the WWE title will be revealed at No Way Out, after that huge Barbedwire Steel Cage Match between Bradshaw and Big Show is done. Also in action tonight, is Rey Mysterio, who will go head-to-head with sensational technical wrestler Akio. But Tazz, that's not all of cruiserweight action tonight, 'cause also tonight Chavo Guerrero and Nunzio, two very great Mexicans, will face the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Basham Brothers, with the titles on the line. Charlie Haas will face 'French Phenom' Rene Dupree. All this, and much, much more here tonight on SmackDown!


After the announcing team has ended, we go backstage, all the way to SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long's office, where the GM himself stands looking at a video-tape where JBL invades RAW with the video in the titantron. *KNOCK-KNOCK*.

Theodore Long - Come in.

The door opens and in steps Kurt Angle, with huge boos from the crowd, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

Theodore Long - Yes, Mr. Angle, how can i help you?

Kurt Angle - Look, Teddy. I got screwed at the Royal Rumble. You saw it, i didn't know JBL was about to hit that Clothesline from Hell. I'm American Hero, i won the gold for this country, with a broken freakin' neck! We true Americans let you, black people, live here, i did YOU a favour, and i want it payed back...

Theodore Long - Kurt...

Kurt Angle - Yes, yes, yes. My point is, i deserve a rematch, and yes, i know i'm in the #1 Contender Tournament finals at No Way Out. I'm glad about it. But i still feel nervous. You know... you watched RAW? It's about... it's about Shawn Michaels. *The crowd gives really big cheers*. How can i be sure that he doesn't interfere my match at No Way Out? You saw how he talked about me, i'm not gonna take that risk...

Theodore Long - Kurt, i've heard enough.

Kurt Angle - Really? What are you going to do about it?

Theodore Long - Nothing. *Kurt freaks out*. Kurt, you did, what you did at the Royal Rumble. Nobody forced you to, but you did it. It's your fault that you did the Angle Lock to bloody Shawn Michaels who was bleeding at the steel steps. You have to stand the results. I wouldn't wonder if HBK would be out for revenge. I really don't care if he Sweet Chin Music's your ass! And this is all i've gotta say about that, playa'!

Kurt Angle - What, you can't...

Theodore Long - O' yes i can, playa'. And i will. Now get to hell out of my office! Now! And ya know what, playa'? Since you seem to want to ring so badly, why don't you get there? Yeah, now i know. Tonight, in that very ring, Kurt Angle vs. .... mmm... ROB - VAN - DAM! How 'bout dat, playa'?

Kurt Angle - You're gonna regret this, you don't treat me like this...

Theodore Long - GET - OUT!

Finally, Angle leaves the GM's office with his henchmen. Long is left alone.

78%, Theodore Long gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Akio

This was no-doubt a great match, althought the crowd wasn't so into this because of Akio. Mysterio has been in a great roll, but now Akio has the chance to prove himself. Mysterio started the match by taking Akio down with an armbar. Mysterio kicked Akio to stomach, and tossed a Hurricanrana. Mysterio dominated Akio like that sumthin' like thirty seconds, but then Akio hit Mysterio with nice Enzuigiri. Akio covered but Rey kicked out. In this point i've gotta ask, how many of you actually believe Akio could win this? I... great Jumping Tornado DDT by Akio. Now Chinlock is locked in, can Mysterio make it to the ropes? Yes, he gets a hold from the ropes for three seconds, and the referee forces furious Akio to quit the submission-hold. Akio pretty much doesn't care, as he goes after Rey right after he gets up. Akio kicks to Rey's stomach, and pushes him to the ropes. Akio sends Rey to opposite ropes, but when Mysterio runs back, he suddenly nails Akio with Spinning Hurricanrana from the run. Mysterio runs quickly to the ropes and lands to Akio with nice Senton Flip. Mysterio covers, but Akio just kicks out before the three-count. Mysterio crabbed Akio from his hair, but Akio punched Rey with his elbow. Nice Suplex by Akio. It looked like it actually could hurt, Rey Mysterio lays on the canvas, and what's here? Akio climbs the turnbuckle. He's going up, for his finisher move. Akio is up, and he taunts cockily. Yang Time! Akio connects it, and immediatedly covers, a surprise could be here, but no, Mysterio just, barely, desperatedly kicks out! You know, Akio's been very impressing here tonight. I think nobody believed he could do this good. Akio gets the Standing Headlock locked in, Mysterio is the victim. The crowd starts to yell:

"6-1-9! 6-1-9! 6-1-9!"

That is what they would want, but i bet it isn't what Akio would want. Mysterio is still in the Headlock, but he slowly starts to get out. Yes! Mysterio gets behind Akio, and rolls him into a School Boy! But Akio just kicks out. Rey runs to ropes, and lands Akio with a Bulldog. Mysterio taunts a while, as Akio rises up. Akio looks very stupid when he runs near Rey and then Rey gets him down to position for his finisher. Yes, it's time to press the numbers, this is 619! Rey hits it, and Akio is down and out. Mysterio jumps to the ropes and lands to Akio's neck with the Springboard Leg Drop! Rey Mysterio covers Akio and scores the win in 6:34!

After the bell has rung Rey rises up to his feet and the referee rises his hand to the air. Mysterio climbs happily to every turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd. We go to a commercial break, as the announcers hype Rey Mysterio and the fact that you can see him only here on SmackDown!

Match Quality 94%, Crowd Reaction 66% and the Overall Rating 80%, ***

Commercial Break

WWE SmackDown! soon came right back, stupid commercials...

Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs. Rene Dupree

This was the second match of the evening, where very great athlete Charlie Haas faced off very young, unfourtunately very arrogant too, Rene Dupree. Let's hope that Haas can kick his ass right now! Dupree started match off with huge right-hands. He got few of them hit, but then Haas ducked the attack and suplexed' Dupree to canvas. Haas taunted quickly and then locked nice Headlock. Dupree countered it and slammed Charlie down with a Backdrop. Dupree started to kick Haas furiously, like he would be Rene's arch-enemy or something. Every time it seemed like that Haas would finally get up, Dupree kicked him down again. This lasted about thirty seconds and then Dupree did it, "The French Tickler", yay! Michael Cole was like "O' for God's sake", while Tazz sang as silly "I'm a Frenchman..." and that way. Dupree danced for a little too long as Haas soon jumped up HBK-style. Haas slowly walked behind The French Phenom and attacked him with nice German Suplex. Dupree is shocked, and plus now, hurted too. Haas now locked the Camel Clutch! Dupree is in a trap, and Haas sure won't let go! Dupree is now looking for the ropes, but it's very likely that he will never get a hold for 'em. After looong clutch, Dupree finally got up. He punched and kicked Haas to stomach, and then he did a DDT to Haas! Now both men are down, and the one who first gets up, will definetly get upper-hand. Time goes and goes, and finally, Dupree is up. He's smiling cockily, and goes close to Haas for Dupree Bomb... but Haas reverses and hits the Exploder Suplex! My God, what a shot! Haas covers... but Rene Dupree kicks out just before the referee's hand hits the ring three times. The match continues!

A hype-video for No Way Out's Barbedwire Steel Cage Match

We're back and here we have Rene Dupree and Charlie Haas colliding in exciting singles action! Haas is currently in very small lead, but it can come to an end very quickly. Haas walks close to Dupree and takes a Standing Headlock. He pushes Dupree to turnbuckle. Haas gives one, two, no, three very painful hand-chops to French Phenom's chest, he screams for pain! Haas... Haas... he, he places Dupree to the turnbuckle, what is he up to? Haas gets there himself too! Could it be... Haas takes Dupree to Suplex- position. Can he? Yes, Haas slams Dupree off the turnbuckle with very brutal Suplex! Now they're both down, for sure! Haas slowly crawls on Dupree and places his hand to his opponent's chest, one, two, th... NO! Dupree still kicks out! What kind of an action we are witnessing here tonight in WWE SmackDown! You won't see this anywhere else! Haas nearly starts to cry when he realizes that he didn't won afterall. He crabs Dupree up, and goes for German Suplex, but The French Phenom counters and hits the Death Valley Driver... nope, this time Haas counters and he hits a great Enzuigiri! Haas locks Haas of Pain on Dupree! He can't stand the pain, and he taps out in 8:49! A Great victory for Charlie Haas!

Match Quality 75, Crowd Reaction 73% and the Overall Rating 74%, **


We go backstage where Josh Matthews stands with the WWE United States Champion, John Cena. Cena's wearing street clothes, and the U.S title shines on his shoulder.

Josh Matthews - John Cena, first of all, congratulations by surviving to the semi-finals of the #1 Contender Tournament. How do you feel?

John Cena - Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh, don't ya' get it man? It's not 'bout how John Cena feels, it's about how da' "Chain Gang" feels! We roll together, we rule together! If somebody had a bad week, we stick together! "The Chain Gang" dominates the streets, with da' fightin' spirit, and there's nobody's stoppin' us!

Josh Matthews - I'm a big fan of "Chain Gang" myself... oh well. Tonight's it's the quarterfinals. You're clashing off with a man you know really well. Booker T. We all still remember your huge rivalry last year. You battled for the U.S Championship, yes, you're holding it currently, and it was huge. But now, the stakes might be even higher. Your thoughts?

John Cena - You know, i was coming to that... well, Booker T knows my style very well and i know his. I'm stepping to that ring, and i'm going one-one-one with the 5-Time WCW Champion for da' sixth time inside one year. John Cena's coming in, and he's coming out as the winner. And soon, maybe the fans are gonna experience the real John Cena, and the real Chain Gang! But for now, my eyes are locked in to one simple target: i'm going to No Way Out. I'm defeating Booker T tonight, and The Kojak Kurt "I have a Broken Freakin' Neck" Angle. And then i'm taking down The Big Show, or JBL. And then...

Josh Matthews - Allright, allright, allright. Now... what about your United States Championship? Are you gonna be a double champ?

??? - No.

Suddenly, GM Theodore Long walks in.

Theodore Long - John Cena, i'm really sorry to do this, but if you win the tournament, you have to give up your U.S title. See, if you're hunting the biggest title, there's no way you can hold the minor title. I'm sorry, but this is how it has to go.

John Cena - .... So... basically: you're forcing me to vacate this title? You know what? No! Like i said, "Da Chain Gang" is fighting till the end, and...

Theodore Long - John, i'm sorry, but you have only two choises: 1. You win tonight and at No Way Out, and you vacate the U.S title. 2. I book it 'Kurt Angle vs. Booker T' at No Way Out, and you can keep the title. It's your choice, and i know it's a tough one. I just wish The Board Of Directors wouldn't be forcin' me to do this.

John Cena - I see...

Now Cena leaves the room, and Josh Matthews and Long look really worried.

92%, John Cena gained overness from this interview

Tazz - You know Cole, Cena's gotta do a hard choice. Is he gonna give up the U.S title, or is he giving up of the tournament?

Michael Cole - Fans, i believe we're hearing more from John Cena later on. We'll be right back, here on SmackDown!

Commercial Break

WWE SmackDown! soon came back, as again something shocking happened...


We go backstage again, this time to The Cabinet's locker room, where we see Danny Basham laying out cold. He's knocked out, he's bleeding and he's badly hurt and screaming for pain. Soon JBL walks in with Doug Basham and Orlando Jordan.

JBL - What in the hell... get some damn medics here, Orlando, NOW!

The medicals step in, and so does, again, GM Teddy Long.

Thodore Long - And what now?

JBL - Look at this! This is maddness! The WWE Champion's 1/2 secritary of defense, is out cold! This is just what can happen when you're the GM! This is your damn fault!

Theodore Long - Relax playa', and i'll...

JBL - NO! You cancel the Tag Team titlematch right now! Danny can't wrestle, you know that! I'll sue you if you won't!

Theodore Long - Well, i hate to say this, but you're right. We can't have the title match. *The crowd boos*. Therefore it's cancelled. But still in action next, it's Doug Basham vs. Chavo Guerrero! That's how i'll apologize this from all these SmackDown! fans.

JBL - Thank you, Mr. Long, thank you!

Long exits the room, and it comes quiet. Then JBL starts to laugh, so does the rest of The Cabinet, and then Danny Basham jumps up, taking ketchup off his face laughing hard! This was all damn faked!

JBL - I'm a genius, ha ha, i really am!

The picture of the locker room fades.


Singles Match

Chavo Guerrero vs. Doug Basham

WWE SmackDown! continued with this one. Danny Basham acted like he was injured just moments ago and allowed JBL to fool GM Theodore R. Long. Long still booked this match, but of course, this isn't the same because the title can't be on the line. Chavo started the match up really good way. He Suplexed Doug Basham to the canvas and landed with his elbow to Doug's chest, cover and a kick-out. Then Chavo German Suplexed Doug and right after this he did another Elbow Drop. Then, Doug turned the tables by slamming Chavo down with a big-time Suplex. You know, Doug Basham seems to actually be pretty good technical wrestler, althought it's a surprise for me. After that, Doug locked an Boston Crab. Chavo went for the ropes, and he got a tide soon, and Doug was forced to quit the hold. Men brawler around, and then Doug slammed Chavo face-first to the canvas. Doug went for something i would call 'rolling necklock', it's crazy, and Chavo got out of it. Right after it something strange happened as Nunzio, who was supposed to be Chavo's tag partner tonight, appeared on the stage. He walked down the aisle and then he stopped to the ringside. He came to watch the match, apparently. Chavo's got the headlock locked in, and he pushes Doug nearwards the turnbuckle. Chavo shoulder thrusts Brock Lesnar-style, and then he goes for a Bronco Buster, but Doug rolls out of the way and rolls Chavo into a Rolling Clutch Pin. 1, 2, 3! Doug Basham steals the victory and he leaves the ring laughing, taking his WWE Tag Team titlebelt with him.

Match Quality 91%, Crowd Reaction 69% and the Overall Rating 80%, ***½

Chavo Guerrero lost overness from this match


Nunzio gets into the ring with a chair in his hand. There's no 'friend'-acting, he just attacks Chavo with the damn chair! Oh my God, no, Nunzio just attacked Chavo! But why? Why is he doing this? Nunzio leaves the ring getting small boos, not surprising, we can read "I'll now go see JBL" from Nunzio's lips, from the crowd, as Chavo is laying down bleeding.


Nunzio's turn was completed, and he is now a heel.

Nunzio gained overness from this turn.

Michael Cole - Again one kind of unacceptable act here on SmackDown! And it seems that there's a few selected men who are behind it; Why i'm not surprised it's all done by The Cabinet?

Tazz - Cole, you're not now talking trash about JBL? You should respect the champ like i do. He's been the champ for seven months!

Michael Cole - I would say he's cheated for seven months, but everybody has the right to have own opinion. But still up next: it's...

Singles Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle

Now the greatest match-up on SmackDown! tonight kicked off. Oh baby, RVD's and Kurt Angle's nearly-perfect styles collide! RVD kicked this one off huge way, tossing Angle down with Armbar. Great kicks to 'everywhere' from Van Dam. RVD Monkey Flip's Angle down. Now RVD tries some suplex, but the master of wrestling's basics, Kurt Angle, turns into a suplex of his own. Angle covers and RVD kicks out of it. Angle kicks to knee and crabs Van Dam from his hair, taking him up. Nice Backdrop by Angle. Angle locks a Boston Crab but thanks to Robbie V's very surprising styles and quick legs he somehow rolls Kurt out of it, tossing him to the turnbuckle. Van Dam runs there too and another Monkey Flip, this time it has more effect and Angle actually looks hurted. And that just might hurt again, as RVD hits with a Leg Lariat. RVD ran to the ropes and connects a Rolling Thunder! But he misses it as Angle just kicks out of the way. Soon Angle crabs the former ECW World Champion up, and slams him down with a German Suplex, after few chest chops. Naturally. Angle kicks RVD to knee while he's still down and what's here? - The Angle Lock! Angle locks his patented lock out of nowhere, and now RVD sure is suffering! Angle's got the damn submission-maneuver locked in, there's not much Van Dam can do anymore... but he gets out of it! RVD crabs the ropes just for those three seconds that he needed to; Angle is forced to quit. But wait! Angle gets RVD to the middle of the ring, and locks another Angle Lock! Bah Gawd, Kurt Angle is really destroying Mr. Thursday Night's legs, there's no doubt about it anymore! The announcers, especially that old dog Tazz keep shouting that there's no way RVD can survive - but he defeats the odds and gets to the ropes second time, surviving the Angle Lock - twice! Angle can't believe his eyes, RVD just held from the ropes six seconds in one minute, in two Angle Locks. Angle looks so frustrated as somebody just can look, and he crabs RVD up, going for a Angle Slam - but RVD kicks Angle straight to his head! My God, Angle just falls down, he's like after a spear or something! My God! That was one hell of a hit, and now RVD is climbing up! He's still fighting, Rob Van Dam is climbing up the turnbuckle, and he's sure going for some Five Star Frog Splash! It doesn't connect, as Angle kicks RVD to the stomach while Robbie V lands down. Angle seezes the oppourtunity and he quickly rises up, sending Rob Van Dam straight out with a devastating Angle Slam! Angle crawls to cover, one, two, three! Kurt Angle got it, one hell of a fight! Angle has survived, will he survive this Sunday at No Way Out too? Will he go to WrestleMania's WWE title match?

Match Quality 88%, Crowd Reaction 92 and the Overall Rating 90%, ****½

Michael Cole - Ladies and gentlemen, we just witnessed that Kurt Angle really can do 'it' one more time.

Tazz - Of course he can, Angle's a genius, he's always on strike. No matter would it be John Cena or Booker T, Angle will win this Sunday! I'll promise that one, Cole.

Michael Cole - And by the way, it is now time to see what kind of #1 Contender's Match were gonna see at No Way Out!

Main Event

Singles Match

John Cena vs. Booker T

Both men got a huge ovation from the crowd. Both men battled very intense way eachother last year. And now the both men stepped in to the squared circle... again. Booker kicked things off, kicking (it's ironic) Cena to the stomach and giving a few unique-style Chest Chopes, same time pushing Cena to the ropes and sending him to the opposite ropes. Cena came back and a nice Overflip by the Bookerman. Another kick to the stomach by Booker T, and a very good Spinebuster, a cover (and a kick-out) follows. This far it really doesn't seem like Book would be 38-years old, he's really putting his heart to this one. Now Cena gets the upper-hand by taking Booker T down with his patented Throwback. Cover by Cena, no result. Did he actually think that could be it? Cena keeps hammering Booker T to the head and he crabs him up, Reverse Atomic Drop. Cena does the 'U Can't See Me' taunt and runs to the ropes, taking Book down again with a huge clothesline, it shuffled the ring. Cena kicks Booker T almost everywhere he can, and keeps now waiting, as Booker T gets up slowly. Cena goes for FU already, and it sure seems like it; Booker T easily falls behind John, and punches to the spine a few times. Cena sure seems to be un-confident, and i believe the reason is the whole thing about the U.S Championship. Booker T goes for a Book End, but Cena counters it and hits Book with his elbow. Cena Backdrop's Booker T down and covers, but the Five-Timer kicks out. Cena crabs Booker T up, and punches him with his fists and elbows. Then, Cena does a Bodyslam that sure made impact! Booker T now screams for the first time, and we can see a little "evil" smile in the face of John Cena. Cena steps on Booker T, and starts very aggressively punches to the head. My God! Booker T is bleeding! Cena just punched the blood out of the booker, chill down Cena! Cena crabs Booker T up and does the "Word Life" taunt with his hands, getting huge pops from the crowd. Cena goes for FU - and it connects! Cena pins, one, two, no! The 5 Time WCW Champion just kicks his shoulder up before it's too late. Cena can't believe it, he walks to the front of the referee Mike Chioda and starts to run his mouth, complaining about that "Booker T didn't got out, don't lie to me!", but then Cena turns his eyes to the U.S title that shines outside the ring, and he chills down. Booker T is rising up, and Cena looks to the crowd, and then he Spinebuster's Booker down again. Cena goes and runs back from the ropes, Five Knuckle Shuffle! It connects! Cena crabs Booker up, and slams him to the mat again with a very powerful FU! Cena covers, and he wins it! My God, Cena just won the match! It's John Cena vs. Kurt Angle at No Way Out this Sunday!

Match Quality 80%, Crowd Reaction 85% and the Overall Rating 83%

Michael Cole - Yes! Yes! John Cena just did it! He evolved in the tournament! My God!

Tazz - A great match, awesome match, but Cena just was the better man tonight.

Michael Cole - It's John Cena - Kurt Angle at No Way Out, and ladies and gentlemen, we just heard that the GM Theodore Long will be the Special Guest Referee for that very match! And this night isn't over yet, will be right back! Don't go anywhere!

Commercial Break


Soon the arena spotlights become yellow and the cowbell rangs, and the cow 'moo's. Yes, it's the champion! The very familiar white limousine comes out, and soon The Basham Brothers come out carrying the WWE Tag Team titles on their shoulders... for at least now, don't forget they're defending it later on! After Doug and Danny have come out, out steps Orlando Jordan, dressed in a fine black suit. And after him the cheater himself comes out; JBL. He comes out of the limo and rises his white hat and the WWE Championship belt high to the air, whit a sneaky smile on his face. He helps Amy Weber out, and together (actually with JBL hiding behind Jordan and Bashams, even behind Weber) these five walk to the ring. The Cabinet stands proudly in the ring, and Amy Weber hands the microphone to his boss.

JBL - You know, i'm not in a very good mood tonight... damn, my week's been like a hell. I lost a lot of money... and then last week, my plan was ruined. The Big Show, i hate you! You are a perfect example, for what's wrong in the country of the glorious, at least it used to be, United States of America. *The crowd boos*. You are over-sized bastard, who can treat people how you want. It's unfair, it's almost like rasiscm! You treat smaller people than yourself like trash, and i try the best i can to stop you ruining the USA completely! I am a true champion, i'm the "golden one" of this company. I rule WWE SmackDown! Now look, Big Show. I know we have a match this Sunday, and i know it cannot be cancelled, thanks to our fine *JBL says with very underestimating voice* GM Theodore Long, but hey, does it absolutely have to be a Barbedwire Steel Cage Match?!? How about... a Hardcore Match! Yeah, think about it, tough action! Or umm... a exciting Singles Match? Yeah, that would be OK. If it's okay for you, don't come out in a second. *One second goes very quickly. Good! I knew you would like it. Why don't you now come out here, and shake hands with me. You know, it's okay that you come out now. C'mon, please! Your champion is begging. I mean really...


JBL - Yeah baby, now we're talking!

The Big Show's music starts to play, and the huge pyros explode. There he is! The big man walks down the entrance ramp, and he steps into the ring over the top rope. He walks right in to the front of JBL, and stares at his WWE Championship. Big Show's eyes soon turn into JBL, and they're ice cold.

JBL - So, the normal Singles Match is OK for you, huh? Listen pal, i knew we wou...

Big Show suddenly crabs the microphone from JBL's hand, and he scares off.

The Big Show - SHUT UP! I didn't come out here to listen your begging, and i sure as hell didn't come out here in Cleveland, Ohio... *The crowd gives big cheers and pops*.... to listen you crying like a baby that you really are! First of all, i just came from GM's office, and Mr. Long said that it is still a Barbedwire Steel Cage match between you and me for my undisputed WWE Championship this Sunday. It's not going to change! Second, i'm not shaking damn hands with you, i still remember what happened last week! And if you have any intelligence in your tiny, small brains, you remember last week too, and thereby you should get the hell out of my ring, right, NOW! You know, JBL, you awaked a sleeping giant. I came out at the night after Armageddon, after your and Kurt Angle's title match, with a good mood. It was just bussiness. But, what you've been doing over the gone weeks... you made it very, very personal. When i first came out for you, i just wanted to pin you one, two, three and regain the gold. But now... now i want to rip the flesh of your very bones, i want to make your suffer, i want to make you bleed, hell, i want to KILL you. This Sunday, we're in a perfect place to do just that. There will be no excuses, and i'm taking no prisoners. And i'm showing no mercy. There's nobody else, but we two. Can you imagine... yes, John Bradshaw Layfield, can you imagine, what i can do to you? Wait... don't answer, i will make my guestion again. Can you imagine, what i will do to you? My point is... this Sunday, it's only we two. I'm not there anymore after only for the WWE title. For most of it, i'm there after YOU!

JBL - Listen, you, chill down, i do...

The Big Show - YOU DO NOTHING!

The Big Show crabs JBL from the throat, and The Bashams attack Big Show, unsuccesful way. Big Show Big Boot's Danny down, and he crabs Orlando Jordan from the throat too with his other hand. Doug too runs there and Big Show tosses Orlando on him, therefore they both fall off the ring, and Amy escapes. They're alone, and JBL falls down on his butt to the canvas.

The Big Show - Look, JBL. Now it's like it's going to be. Only two of us. This Sunday, at No Way Out, we will crown a new WWE Champion. The Big Show. Now, now it's again like it's going to be this Sunday...

The Big Show crabs scary JBL up, and crabs him from the throat. The Chokeslam! Big Show does it! John Bradshaw Layfield is out cold! Oh my God! The Big Show's music starts to play, and Show does his trademark taunt in the ring. Then he walks to where JBL lays, and places his foot on the champion's chest. The Big Show crabs the WWE title belt from the ground and rises it to the air. Oh my dear God! Will this happen again this Sunday at No Way Out?


The whole show overall: 82%

Edited by Verder
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Thanks for the feedback, JustinCredible2k. It's very nice to see that somebody actually told his opinion for such an unknown guy like me, not just posting "i look forward to next show!" Well, i hope you'll keep reading this and that somebody else might "accept" this too.

Now, let the story continue...

user posted image

February 19th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Tonight just might be the wildest night in the WWE Velocity history. We're only one day away from the major spectacular they call No Way Out. It's gonna be an action-packed matchlist, as we're gonna witness, in the Main Event, "The Japanese Icon" Ultimo Dragon facing off with a man, who at least in his own opinion got screwed this past Thursday, Akio. So it's gonna be Ultimo Dragon vs. Akio, some great cruiserweight action.

Also, we're gonna see Scotty 2 Hotty and Charlie Haas facing off, in live tag team action, the mega-time tag team champions The Dudley Boyz. Will the major technical guys be able to defeat the odds, or will the experts of the team-wrestling destroy another obstacle in their way to the Tag Team titles?

We will also be taking a look, of what kind of matches we're gonna see at No Way Out; not only we'll be thinking about the Bradshaw - Big Show rivalry, and their Barbedwire Steel Cage Match this Sunday, but we're gonna get a close look to the Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns- match. Reigns will be in action tonight, as he takes on "The Badass" Hardcore Holly - and we're gonna be hearing from The Undertaker himself. That's right, The Deadman will speak tonight in Velocity!

And then there's gonna be one bonus match. Catch Velocity this Saturday, 11/10 p.m. CT on Spike TV. It's sure worth it.

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user posted image

WWE Velocity from Cleveland, Ohio, announced by Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott


Minor green pyros explode on the rampway and the crowd's reactions are between huge cheers and... well, nothing. The announcer still hype up tonight's show, and it should actually be pretty good, huh? We hope so, so let's take a look...

Josh Matthews - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to World Wrestling Entertainment, welcome to Velocity! We are just one day away from No Way Out, and so tonight is shaping up to be the best Velocity night ever, since the beginning of time!

Bill DeMott - Yes, you're talking the truth! Folks, are you ready for some velocity? We are! Oh boy i can't wait for Ultimo Dragon vs. Akio, can you imagine how well their styles will fit?

Josh Matthews - But we can't forget the fact that we'll be hearing from The Undertaker here tonight. *The crowd gives ultra-big cheers and pops*. What will The Deadman have to say about his match with Luther Reigns this sunday?

Bill DeMott - I bet Reigns is at least nervous, and don't forget he'll be facing Hardcore Holly tonight! So you better not switch the channel, or DeMott will come there and watch RAW with you!

Josh Matthews - Yeah, right... whatever, he's crazy.

Tag Team Match

Charlie Haas and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The Dudleys

The crowd actually was pretty excited for the way Velocity kicked off. The Dudleys are really over, and Haas is beginning to have a little push too, and S2H is still in pretty good shape. So this was good. Haas started with D-Von. D-Von slammed Haas down with a Bodyslam and ran to the ropes, taking Haas down with clothesline. D-Von covered but Haas kicked out and so, D-Von tried a Spinebuster but Haas countered it, a nice Suplex by Haas. Charlie kicks Devon to arms, legs, knees, everywhere, and crabs him up, tossing him down with a T-Bone Suplex. And right after that, he locks a Camel Cluth on D-Von Dudley. D-Von is getting up by himself, but Bubba Ray Dudley breaks the hold and tags himself in. Bubba walks to the front of Haas and runs his mouth to him, and then he slaps him to the face. Haas is about to attack, but Scotty 2 Hotty wants to get in - and Haas tags to S2H! Hotty runs in and nails Bubba with his forearm. Scotty 2 Hotty makes D-Von fall from the corner by doing Stinger Splash- style move, i actually think it was it. Scotty then nails Bubba Ray with a Running Elbow Smash, and then Scotty stops, standing in the middle of the ring. And he starts to dance. Yeeeeeesss, it is coming. S2H dances and jumps and does his stuff - and The Worm connects! S2H covers Bubba while Haas is celebrating, but D-Von just breaks the damn cover in time. D-Von crabs confused ex-student of Seton Hall Universary up and blasts him with the Dudleyville Drop! Haas is down, but S2H is still up there! Scotty runs near D-Von for a Flying DDT, and it connects! D-Von is out too, but Bubba takes Scotty down with a Bubba Bomb! Bubba covers, and Haas is down, but then Charlie, while he's down, kicks the cover off with his leg. Bubba gets furious and crabs Charlie up, and then he blasts Bubba out-of-nowhere Exploder Suplex! Haas covers and it's 1, 2, 3 time! Scotty and Charlie take the victory in 6:56!

Match Quality 89%, Crowd Reaction 76% and the Overall Rating 82%, ***½

Bubba Ray Dudley lost overness from this match. D-Von Dudley lost overness from this match. Scotty 2 Hotty gained overness from this match. Charlie Haas gained overness from this match.

Josh Matthews - What a great beginning for WWE Velocity, and what a great victory for Charlie Haas! The stars are bright for him! We just heard that Hardcore Holly can't wrestle tonight because of an injury that took place in House Show this past Friday. We don't know how long Holly has to be out, all best for him, but luckily Paul London is willing to replace him. We'll soon continue our exciting in-ring action, but first, we're heading to the locker rooms!


You heard it, we go backstage where new announcer Justin Roberts stands with Paul London, a great cruiserweight wrestler.

Justin Roberts - Paul London, it's nice to have you here tonight in Velocity.

Paul London - OK, no problem.

Justin Roberts - So, we just heard that Hardcore Holly is out because of injury, and during the newest informations, he's out for alchohol problems. Paul, you offered yourself to replace him in action next against that psycho Luther Reigns. I mean, why?

Paul London - It should be pretty clear. Paul London's time has come. I'm done with getting beaten down by some super heavyweights. It's my time, it has come. I feel sorry for Bob "Hardcore" Holly, but where everybody else sees' this as an terrible accident, i see this as a chance. Now i'm goin' to that ring, and i'm gonna prove everyone what Paul London is really made of! Or else...

London then walks off, leaving Roberts alone holding a microphone.


Singles Match

Paul London vs. Luther Reigns

This match sucked, honestly, and i think you believe it. I'm sure that Hardcore Holly could have done this better, but hey, the man went to the damn rehab. Well, London kicked the match on the way with a terrible Hurricanrana, and that's all thanks to my buddy Luther Reigns. Reigns countered London's Enzuigiri and slammed him down with a Spinebuster. Reigns kicked and slammed for like two minues, and then he slammed Paul with a Bodyslam. Reigns started to taunt, and he crabbed London up. Luther hits the Reign Fall and covers London, scoring the victory in very short 3:33.

Match Quality 71%, Crowd Reaction 66% and the Overall Rating 68%, *

Singles Match

Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman

Now this was a solid bout. Both men gave everything they had, and everything they could, IMO the best Velocity match here tonight. Moore started off by kicking Kidman to the stomach and by Enzuigiri. Moore stomped Billy, and slammed him down with a Backdrop. Moore ran to the ropes and nailed Billy Kidman with a Running Elbow to the chest. Moore covered, but Kidman kicked out of it. Now, Moore crabs Kidman up but he counters and punches Shannon to the stomach with his elbow. Kidman runs to the ropes and a nice Running Leg Scissors by Kidman, as a result Shannon Moore falls from the ring. Kidman runs to the ropes again and connects a great Rope Flip to the outside of the ring, taking Moore down! Kidman gets up and punches and stomps Moore a few times and then rolls him back to the ring. Billy crabs Moore up and does two Suplexes'. Kidman then does a sneaky smile and gets up to the ropes. He goes for, and connects a Shooting Star Press! Kidman covers, 1, 2, but somehow Shannon Moore kicks out! Kidman can't believe it! Furious "Kid Flash" crabs Moore up, and then Moore surprises him with a Mooregasm! ( ^_^ ) Shannon covers, one, two, THREE! Shannon Moore got the victory in 6:47!

Match Quality 89%, Crowd Reaction 61% and the Overall Rating 75% - Billy Kidman lost overness from this match. Shannon Moore gained overness from this match.


After Velocity's Main Event we go to a dark, no-lights-included graveyard, where one grave is open. Then we hear somebody screaming and then we see a dark, tall character coming nearer and nearer, until we see it's faces. It's The Phenom.

The Undertaker - The Lord of Darkness is wasting his time tonight. I'm wasting my time crawling here around at Velocity talking, where i should be hunting. The creatures of the night are desperatedly hungry, they want fresh blood and meat. They're gonna get it... soon enough.

The Undertaker stops talking for a moment. We hear him taking a deep, scary breath.

The Undertaker - Luhter Reigns. You stepped up, and you stepped up a little too high. You stepped up to the level of 'The Deadman'. You actually believed you could destroy me... no. I will now come and destroy. This Sunday night. There's gonna be No Way Out for Luther Reigns. And then... he will... finally Rest... In... Peace.

"The Graveyard Symphony" somehow starts to play from somewhere, as we see the dark character walking off. How will it go this Sunday? Will The Undertaker make Luther Reigns rest in peace? Will we have a new Cruiserweight Champion? Who's going to WrestleMania? Will JBL once again be The Man? See you Sunday!


The Whole Show Overall67%

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Yeah, I'm liking too. Isn't Nunzio Italian, not Mexican?

Don't like the idea of jobbing off the Dudley's and Kidman already, but it's not a huge deal.

Looking forward to No Way Out.


JBL over Big Show

John Cena over Kurt Angle

Undertaker over Luther Reigns

Not too sure about the rest of the card, and that's another flaw, but good work nonetheless.

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user posted image

Pay-Per-View Time!

February 20th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

The night has arrived. Tonight, at No Way Out, so many guestions will be answered. Who will face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania 21? How will John Cena deal with his championship situation if he wins tonight? The #1 Contenders' Tournament began right after the Royal Rumble, and it will end at the No Way Out. Who will be the challenger at WrestleMania? The only Olympic Gold Medalist in the WWE history, Kurt Angle, or the current WWE United States Champion, John Cena? Plus, SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long will be the special guest referee! And that's where the problem is; Cena is the U.S Champion. Long told this past thursday on SmackDown! that if Cena wins at the PPV, which is up next, he must retire of the United States Championship, because therefore he would be already after the World Wrestling Entertainment Championship. And all this mess can be just fooling, if Angle wins. How will it be? And who will it be?

Those are some big guestions, but the biggest guestion is only ahead, because JBL will face off with the biggest of em' all! Will John Bradshaw Layfield survive... The Big Show? They will clash off right here tonight, and they're going to do it inside demonical Steel Cage, but this time, there's some barbedwire in too! Althought it's very unlikely that JBL could walk out with the WWE Championship, we've seen many, many times how smart Bradshaw is when it comes to planning. But tonight there will be no plans for JBL, and no excuses, for JBL... There's No Way Out.

The Final Card

Charlie Haas vs. Nunzio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Funaki © vs. Billy Kidman vs. Paul London vs. Shannon Moore

The Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns

Winner will face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania 21 - John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Championship - The Big Show vs. John Bradshaw Layfield © - Barbedwire Steel Cage Match

Yeah, i know. Five matches. Not so much for a 3-hour PPV. Just remember, i started this thing until the final 'No Way Out' card was revealed, so i couldn't have know them. And i had the build-up time of two shows, which wasn't very much. Well, No Way Out will be up... umm... at least on Monday. Please don't post any predictions, just feedback if you feel to, i don't want any predictions until WrestleMania, which will have a "real" card.

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Well, it took longer than i expected. But here it is! And don't worry about the future show's! Now this diary like really starts. Well, however...

This bussiness.

It's forever.

This sport.

It's global.

This tradition.

It's always.

This legacy.

It goes on.

Until it stops. (We see footage of JBL winning the WWE Championship at Great American Bash). The biggest possible sin in this bussiness, this sport, is to stop the tradition, and destroy the legacy. One soul is sinned. There's no way to help it. There's no way to set it free. We see footage of JBL bleeding in the hands of Big Show. There is No... Way... Out.

user posted image

No Way Out kicks off with a videotape of a long, dark tunnel that leads to the sun. When the 'light' is almost ahead us, a black lock comes in it and locks the way to the light. The 'No Way Out' logo is in the lock, and the voiceover says 'And now, WWE SmackDown! presents, No Way Out'. The video fades. Huge pyros kick off, as we are taken inside the arena and the crowd is on it's feet. The stadium fills of blue spotlights that 'rumble' inside it, and one more firework explodes on the entrance ramp. And then, we are taken to the SmackDown! announcers.

Michael Cole - Ladies and gentlemen, World Wrestling Entertainment SmackDown! is pleased to welcome you to No Way Out! It's February 20th, the crowd is wild as you can see, and it's gonna be a red-hot night here in Pittsburgh.

Tazz - Yeah baby, the crowd is set for some SmackDown! Pay-Per-View action, and so am i. We have so, so many great match-deals that i don't know how i can even talk about them. Well, they're great. Well, i can honestly say that even how great the Main Event is going to be, i'm personally most looking forward to the Fatal 4 Way Match for the undisputed WWE Cruiserweight Championship. It's gonna be off-the-hook and i don't wanna miss it!

Michael Cole - Well, partner, you mentioned the Main Event; how about that blockbustah'?

Tazz - I should always say 'blockbustah' here, you're the nerd here.

Michael Cole - OK, OK, it's not that big. Now finally, when it comes to the main event, there's nothing bigger match-up, and nothing bigger John Bradshaw Layfield could possibly face than the Big Show. Tonight, JBL vs. Big Show, for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, inside the demonical Steel Cage, and this time the cage is even surrounded by it and the ring-ropes are tided to it. It's barbedwire! It can take the skin off from your very bones like Big Show said this past Thursday, and i believe that tonight we are seeing the last of the WWE Champion Bradshaw.

Tazz - But Cole, you can never, never, underestimate JBL's intelligence, you've seen it, i've seen it, and we know that. Who knows, maybe JBL really will walk out of No Way Out tonight as still your WWE Champion, althought the chances are very weak.

Michael Cole - We will see Luther Reigns challenging the Phenom himself, the legendary Undertaker tonight. Reigns has guaranteed he will score the win here tonight, but i think he has now taken something that's too much for him. John Cena and Kurt Angle will clash off, and the winner of that match will challenge the WWE Champion at the glorious spotlights of WrestleMania XXI in April, whether will it be JBL or the Big Show. The scene in this is very interesting, because John Cena is the current WWE United States Champion. On SmackDown!, we heard Theodore Long saying that he will strip John Cena of the U.S title if he wins tonight. Of course Long is sorry about it, and so are we. How will Cena react? Will Kurt Angle be able to steal the win in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The tension is even higher when you remember that Long himself will be the special referee for that match tonight.

Tazz - All the guestions will be answered tonight, i stick to it. Who's going to WrestleMania?

Michael Cole - We kick off with Charlie Haas taking on betrayer of the fans, Nunzio in a 1 on 1 match! Great beginning action here on SmackDown! No Way Out!

Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs. Nunzio

Nunzio's music started to play first, and the italian superstar came out wearing black, long tights. Nunzio's heat wasn't the best possible. Charlie Haas came out with a great ovation from the crowd, and he seemed happy. Haas ran to the ring and celebrated already while Nunzio just walked around. We were able to see already in the beginning that these two don't like eachother. Nunzio started by taking a lock-up position with Haas. Haas took Nunzio from the arm and slammed him down. Haas kicks Nunzio to his legs and crabs him up, tossing him to the ropes. Nunzio runs back and Haas takes him down with a Belly To Belly Suplex. Nunzio seems like his back would have been badly hurted, and he crawls out of the ring. Haas follows and jumps over the ropes. Haas crabs still crawling Nunzio up and tosses him back to the ring. Surprisingly, Charlie Haas starts to climb the turnbuckle up, from 'outside-to-in' so to speak. What is he up to? We don't have to think about it long, as Haas comes down with a Diving Elbow from the top ropes, straight to the heart of Nunzio. Cover, one, two, Nunzio just has enough power to kick out. But Haas won't complain, he runs to the ropes and goes for a Running Superkick (Sweet Chin Music?), but Nunzio counters it and STO's him down! Nunzio runs to the ropes and comes with a Running Leg Drop to Haas! Hulkamania! We're really witnessing some old finisher's being done here! Althought Nunzio covers and Haas kicks out. Nunzio punches Haas to the head with a furious look on his face. Nunzio falls on Haas with a elbow and then crabs him up. Nunzio hits Haas with a nice Jumping Tornado DDT! That made an effect, it sure did. Nunzio somewhy now starts to dance, and the fans... well, they really don't response. Nunzio now crabs Haas up. He sets Haas for the Cicilian Crab, but Haas somehow counters it. Charlie Haas hits the Exploder Suplex! Haas connected it, and now, he locks Nunzio to the Haas of Pain! Nunzio can't stand the pain anymore, he taps out! Nunzio taps out! The third victory in a row to Charlie Haas! He's victorious again! And what a great way to kick off No Way Out! Haas rolls out of the ring, and he goes slapping the fans' hands. Haas then does one more hands-up celebration on the rampway.

Match Quality 95%, Crowd Reaction 65% and the Overall Rating 72%

Michael Cole - Another great victory for the sure-promising Charlie Haas. The third straight victory in a row, that's one hell of accomplishment. Who knows what's in still-to-come stored for this superstar?

Tazz - I gotta say Cole, Haas is impressing me more, every day. And i gotta admit that i agree with you.

Michael Cole - And Nunzio got what he deserved. Up next, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship! It's a Fatal 4 Way Match with the 'Sudden Death' rules! The champion Funaki defends the title against Billy Kidman, Paul London and Shannon Moore. This one sure is good! Funaki has been the Cruiserweight Champion since Armageddon in December. Will his reign continue here tonight, or will one of the three intense challengers concuer? We'll find out!

Fatal 4 Way 'Sudden Death' Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Funaki © vs. Billy Kidman vs. Paul London vs. Shannon Moore

Grrrrreat (i love cherios) cruiserweight match here. Everybody knew, especially the critics and Tazz, that this was gonna be something off-the-hook. Wait, did i say 'off-the-hook'? O' crap... oh well. All four men started things off via brawling. London attacked Kidman and Funaki Moore. Moore slammed Funaki down with a DDT, and at the same time, Paul London punched Billy Kidman out of the ring with a clothesline. London attacked Shannon Moore, and kicked him to the guts. London pushes Shannon Moore forward and 'sends' him to the ropes. Moore comes back and he counters Paul London's Overflip to a Sunset Flip Pin. Moore covers, 1, 2, Sho Funaki breaks the cover and rescues his title. Remember folks, whoever makes the first pinfall or submission, will win the title. Funaki crabs Moore from the neck and throws him out of the ring. Funaki crabs young Paul London up, and takes him down with a Backdrop. Funaki runs to the ropes, but Billy Kidman crabs him from the legs from the outside of the ring, and takes him out. Kidman punches Funaki to the head hard-way and then he busts Funaki's head to the steel steps. Kidman goes for Moore! He wants to revenge what happened at Velocity. Kidman takes Moore up and punches him to the head. All the sudden, Paul London jumps on them from the ring with a Rope Flip! He takes them, and himself, down, and the current CW-champion bleeds. Everybodys down, nobody's in the ring! This is a real wild thing, who will win? Paul London first gets up. He tosses Billy Kidman back to the ring, and he goes there too himself. But wait! London goes up! Oh yes, we're gonna see that pearl! Paul London is climbing up the turnbuckle, and he goes all the way up. LONDON CALLING! Paul London connects his finisher, 1, he's the new Cruiserweight Champion, 2, he really is, thr - NO, Shannon Moore breaks the hold, and Funaki is in the ring too, and he really is bleeding. Funaki attacks Paul London and blasts him with his Tornado DDT! Paul London is down, and he seemed to come down on his head really badly! The referee Mike Sparks goes to check for London! Shannon Moore tries the Halo DDT, but Funaki counters it and takes him down with a perfect, yes, perfect Enzuigiri~! Moore is down too. Funaki crabs Kidman up, but he LOW BLOW'S FUNAKI! Funaki lays down, as the referee is taking care of Paul London, and Kidman goes up, for the Shooting Star Press! He connects the SSP, and he covers, but now what happened comes as a backlash to Kidman, the referee doesn't see it and Kidman breaks the hold himself. All the sudden Paul London starts to crawl up, he's bleeding too after Funaki's Tornado DDT. Kidman goes for a Kid Krusher to London... but... London counters it and Superkicks' Kidman to the head! London falls on Billy Kidman, and Mike Sparks now has attention on them, he covers! One, two, THREE! HE DID IT, MY GOD HE DID IT! PAUL LONDON IS OUR NEW WWE CRUISER F'N WEIGHT CHAMPION! HE DID IT!

Here is your winner by pin fall and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London!

Match Quality 83%, Crowd Reaction 63% and the Overall Rating 65%

Mike Sparks takes the WWE Cruiserweight title from Tony Chimel and hands it to proud, bleeding, and smiling Paul London! The crowd gives little cheers, as London rises him hands proudly up with Sho Funaki's... wait, his championship belt in the right hand. London climbs up to the turnbuckle and celebrates! The Superkick, the great Superkick has brought Paul London his first WWE Cruiserweight Championship! The interview is up next, folks!

A 2 minutes long, 'WrestleMania 21 Goes Hollywood'- themed videotape.


We now go backstage where Josh Matthews stands with still celebrating Paul London.

Josh Matthews - Paul London, congratulations. You are, you really are the new World Wrestling Entertainment Cruiserweight Champion, and this is your first singles title here in the WWE, too.

Paul London - Yeah, baby, yeah! YEAH~! This has to be the biggest day of my life! You saw how i, Paul London, put everything i had on the line, and it was worth it, wasn't it Josh? Superkick baby, one, two, three, Paul London is da new CW Champ of da world! --- Oh, hey sorry, i'm just celebrating now.

Josh Matthews - Don't worry, it's OK. Actually i'm happy for you too. I wish you all the best for future. Hope we'll see you as the U.S Champion someday.

Paul London - Hey, thanks man, i appreciate it. Hope i'll see you announcing SmackDown! someday. Michael Cole... he sucks.

Paul London now walks off with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt on his shoulder, leaving Josh Matthews alone with the microphone.


Tazz - Hey, we have a new CruiserWeight Champion, and he just told his opinion about you Cole!

Michael Cole - You think i did not hear it?

Tazz - Umm...

Michael Cole - Anyway, fans, there you saw the likely best of WWE SmackDown's Cruiserweight Division. Still, stay in the broadcast. Next... well, this is insanity. Luther Reigns challenges the legendary Undertaker.

Tazz - Only on No Way Out!

Singles Match

The Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns

The crowd was just half, and half in this "middle" match of 2005's edition of 'No Way Out'. The crowd was excited as The Undertaker was included, but on the other hand, Luther Reigns wasn't so over. Somehow he still got pretty good boos when he came out with Mark Jindrak. Could Jindrak help Reigns to win? The men now started this bout off with a lock-up-position. Luther Reigns got the upper hand by locking a Standing Headlock, and he pushed The Undertaker forward the ropes. Reigns tossed Undertaker to the ropes opposite them and did a great Spinebuster to the Undertaker. Spinebuster is probably the only thing Reigns can do well... and a big boot. Well, anyway, he covered and guess what? The Undertaker kicked out. What a surprise! Reigns crabbed Undertaker up, but The Deadman hit him to the guts with his elbow. The Undertaker did one, no two, no, three boring punches to Reigns' head before he Bodyslammed him down. The Undertaker ran... oh wait, walked to the ropes and soon did a Big Boot on Luther Reigns. Ya' baby, the leg still rises! Mark Jindrak jumped to the ring, but the Undertaker took him from the throat with his hand, and Chokeslammed' him to the hell! Jindrak fell out of the ring in pain, as The Phenom now again took Reigns to his 'service'. The Undertaker crabbed Reigns up and again, he hit him to the stomach with his elbow. Suddenly Luther Reigns surprised and hit the Undertaker with a thunderous clothesline. Luther Reigns sent The Undertaker to the ropes and went for a Overflip, but the Undertaker ran to the ropes behind Reigns and then nailed him with the Running DDT! He did it without looking stupid! *Clap clap*. The Undertaker rised up and rised his arm to the air, looking for his minor finisher. Reigns crawled up, straight to the hand of The Undertaker. Chokeslam! Luther Reigns is down. The Undertaker does the 'Cut-throat" taunt and crabs Luther Reigns up. Tombstone Piledriver to Luther Reigns, who sure now is down. Cover, 1, 2, 3. Rest In Peace.

Match Quality 77%, Crowd Reaction 72% and the Overall Rating 66%

It's done. The purple lights come, and the "Graveyard Symphony" starts to play, as the crowd cheers, everyone is one their feet. The Undertaker does his taunts, as we go backstage. Luther Reigns - R.I.P.


Now this is the point where No Way Out really started to get interesting. We see Kurt Angle in his locker room, he's lacing his boots and you know, just preparing for his next match. He starts to talk to the camera. The crowd's reaction is mixed, as Angle sure is hated, but this is his hometown.

Kurt Angle - Oh, yes, the best city of America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

The crowd gives big, big cheers. Kurt Angle sure is acting really 'face' way.

Kurt Angle - The town of the greatest heroes this country has ever seen. Like me, Kurt Angle and... umm... let's see... yes, i know... no...

The crowd now starts to boo a bit.

Kurt Angle - Oh, you know what? I just thought about it. Now i know why everybody hates me. I don't suck. YOU suck. That's right, i'm embaressed of my hometown! Everytime i step to that ring, the fans don't boo for me, they boo for you, folks. They love me, just like me hometown loves me. Come on, show me your love. The crowd really, really boos. Oh, is that so? Of course! You don't appreciate what i've done! You're jealous! But you know what, pal? It's OK. Soon, you really have something to honour me about. I will in a matter of moments beat that selfish, arrogant son of a bitch, John Cena! And i will prove, why Pittsburgh, Penns... oh wait, wait. Why Kurt Angle is the top-class thing, and you are not. Oh' it's true! It's damn true!

The crowd keeps booing, as Angle leaves the locker room, and his music starts to play.


Singles Match with Theodore Long as the Special Guest Refere

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

The crowd was so damn into this match, and this would be a blockbuster. As Angle walked around the ring and the "champion" gave his United States Championship belt to the Special Guest Referee Theodore R. Long, a "Cena" chant started. Cena actually didn't seem to care about it, he just looked to Kurt and then to his U.S title belt. I wonder has he made his mind up about the situation? Cena looked to the belt and Angle sneak-attacked him from behind by hammering him to the back. Angle hits and kicks Cena to the guts, and throws him to the ropes. Cena comes back and Angle slams a Spinebuster. Angle rolls behind Cena and wham, the Surfboard Lock is locked in. This move really adds the pressure to the back, to the spine, and at the same time, Kurt Angle can destroy Cena's hands too, basically making the F-U impossible. Cena now gets to his feet thanks to the "Cena" chant, and he hammers Angle to the guts with his elbow. Cena walks behind Angle and Backdrops' him down to the mat. Cena runs to the ropes, comes back, does the "U Can't See Me"- taunt, and baby, The Five-Knuckle Shuffle! It connects! The crowd just cheers every time we see that move, IMO it sucks. Cena gets up and kicks Angle to the legs, then he locks the basic Leglock. Angle seems to be suffering, but he gets to the ropes. Somewhy, Cena quits the hold at the last second before the DQ. It seems he's a bit aggressive here tonight. Cena kicks Angle to the spine mercyless style and crabs him up. Cena with a Spinebuster, and a cover. One, two, thr... no, Kurt Angle gets up. Cena crabs Angle up again and kicks him to the guts. He sets Angle for the FU, but Angle crumbles and he gets Cena distracted the way that Cena accidently pushes referee Long to the turnbuckle, and he's now being knocked out for a few minutes. Cena quits the FU-position and goes to check for Long, but Angle comes from behind... Angle Slam! John Cena is down! Angle now goes outside the ring. Damn, he crabs the steel chair. Now the crowd really boos to it's Hometown "Hero". Angle waits until Cena rises up, and then he blasts 'The Doctor of Thuganomics' to head with the chair, busting him wide open! Angle's playing it fair, folks! Angle smiles and starts to laugh, as he covers Cena. Theodore Long gets up too, but he sees the steel chair and Cena bleeding. Long almost disqualifies Angle, but he begs and Long accepts; "no". Angle turns around and crabs Cena up. Angle goes for another Angle Slam, but Cena fells back and out of nowhere hits the FU! Cena fells on Angle and Long covers, one, two, THREE! JOHN CENA! JOHN CENA! JOHN CENA! MY GOSH! John Cena stands up and the referee, SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long raises Cena's hand up, and Cena wants the belt now, but Long refuses to give it to him. The crowd boos.

Match Quality 87%, Crowd Reaction 95% and the Overall Rating 82%

John Cena gained overness from this match.


Now John Cena and Theodore Long are in the ring. Cena wants the United States Championship back, but Long refuses. Cena gets the microphone.

John Cena - All right, Teddy, chill down. Gimme the U.S title, right now. I need it, it's mine. And i'm sure you understand...

Suddenly Long crabs the microphone from Cena's hand.

Theodore Long - John Cena, i wish i could agree with you, but it's against the rules. You now are the WWE Champion's #1 Contender for WrestleMania 21 Goes Hollywood. Now, i just have to strip you of the title.

Cena crabs the mic back.

John Cena - Teddy, i don't think you now realize this thing. I am the WWE United States Champion. I won a match. And you're strippin' me of my championship? Listen, old man, i don't take that shit! I deserve it, and...

Long crabs the microphone back from almost shouting Cena, this time with a furious look on his face.

Theodore Long - Old man? John Cena, i think we should ask from the SmackDown! fans here...

Cena gets his own microphone.


Theodore Long - John, relax...

Then, it just happens. Cena kicks Theodore Long to the guts, raises him to his shoulder and blasts the GM with the FU! Long is down and out, and Cena looks very, very angry. Cena crabs the other microphone and the United States title belt.

John Cena - I've played enough with you! I hate you, i hate everyone! Don't you ever try to take this belt away from me. I made you, you loved me. WWE SmackDown! fans, you can kiss my ass! I don't need you! I can do it on my own! You, fans... i hope you pieces of crap can get this one: F... U.

John Cena now starts to beat the living hell out of Theodore Long. He kicks him just bruised, and he punches him to the head so much that the GM actually starts to bleed. 'Basic Thuganomics' starts to play and the crowd kinda boos. Cena leaves the ring with the belt and walks up the ramp. On the way, he spits to the direction where the right half of the crowd is. He does the 'U Can't See Me' taunt to the left side. Cena goes backstage, as the crowd already boos. We see people really mad, somebody even throws a John Cena T-Shirt off him.

81%. Theodore Long gained overness from this segment. John Cena’s turn was completed, and he is now a heel. John Cena gained overness from this turn.

Michael Cole - I... i... i don't believe it. We just witnessed the United States Champion John Cena turning his back to the SmackDown! fans. He spitted to their faces. I'm just shocked. I've seen it, and i still cannot believe it. Tazz, what do you think?

Tazz - Well... of course, that was pretty unacceptable, but... Cena is a smart guy. He always does what's best for him. Despite anybody else wouldn't like it.

Michael Cole - But still! Insulting the fans and the General Manager like that is unacceptable. I don't think i can never forgive this to you John Cena. Never. But up next, here's somebody else, who never can forgive. Take a look.


We go backstage just before the Main Event, and we see the #1 Contender, The Big Show, being interviewed by Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews - Well, the Big Show. Your night has come. Tonight, in like ten minutes from now, you'll be standing in that ring with John Bradshaw Layfield. It will be the WWE Championship on the line. And the ring will be surrounded by barbedwired steel cage. Your thoughts?

Big Show - Josh... i think it's best for us to stop this interview right here, right now... well, my thoughts? I think this company has seen enough of JBL as the champion. It's time to finally, finally bring the belt back to somebody else's waist, and that'll be my waist! Also, i think we have seen enough of... JBL. That's why i'm gonna do everybody a favor tonight. I'm gonna destroy JBL. Right... damn... now!

The Big Show walks off, as we go back to the announcers table.


Michael Cole - Well, Tazz, the moment of judgment is here. The two greatest will now collide. Without any further, let's see JBL getting his ass kicked!

PPV Main Event

Barbedwire Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Championship

The Big Show vs. John Bradshaw Layfield ©

Wow, this was it. The biggest match of the evening, hell, the biggest match of the month... for at least now on. JBL sure looked scared when he stepped to the ring. The Big Show started it very quickly. When JBL stepped in to the cage, Big Show nailed him with a Big Boot. Show crabbed Bradshaw up very quickly and attacked his chest with like five Chest Chop's and ten punches to the head. JBL felt down from the last of 'em. He crawled to the ropes, but Big Show crabbed him up from the mat, taked him up with the Guerrilla Press, and slammed him with it, straight to the cage wall and the barbedwire! Auch, it seemed like JBL's chest would have headed straight to the barbedwire. So now, John Bradshaw Layfield is down... but the mercyless, awakened angry giant crabs him up again and pushes him to the turnbuckle. He attacks JBL one more time with his 'Mega Chest Chop' so to speak, and JBL falls down to one knee. Big Show crabs JBL from the neck, and takes him down with a Backbreaker To Knee! JBL is really being insulted here! Big way! Big Show could cover, but he kicks JBL to the chest and then, yes, he crabs him up, but JBL hits him downstairs with a Low Blow! The Big Show falls down, but so does JBL. He's still in pain. JBL crawls to the ropes, and gets up, holding from them. JBL laughs a bit when he realizes that Big Show is still down. JBL rises his left hand to the air in fist. Big Show too crawls up, and JBL runs to the ropes, but he misses the Clothesline from Hell as Show rolls out of the way! JBL ran straight to the cage and the barbedwire! Big Show is again, he's on his knees and he gets up. The Big Show crabs the WWE Champion from the neck, and... my god! He pushes JBL's faces to the cage and the barbedwire! JBL very quickly starts to bleed, and The Big Show seems very happy about it.

Michael Cole - ...'lk about it. And ladies and gentlemen, we're right now witnessing how JBL is being destroyed in front of our very eyes. What a pleasured look...

Big Show crabs JBL up to his legs, and takes the throat-hold. Chokeslam! JBL is being downed by the #1 Contender's finisher! Big Show starts to smile, and he starts to unlock the cage door lock. Big Show almost gets it opened, until... ...Drop da bombshell straight to da track. A 21st century killing machine... The Dudleyz' music starts to play, what in the green hell is this? Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley don't appear on the stage, their music and videos just keep playing. Big Show looks distracted, and then, somebody climbs up the cage with a black mask in his head, and he's dressed in black! He climbs up very quickly and does what Rey Mysterio did years ago; he jumps from the top of the cage! The Big Show crabs him, and takes the mask from his head. It's Spike Dudley! The Dudleys Family is apparently trying to ruin Big Show's championship dreams, and JBL is crawling up. Big Show Chokeslam's Spike down! And he unlocks the cage door, and tosses Spike out! Big Show gets out of the cage... NO! JBL hits the Clothesline from Hell in the last moment to survive! Both men are now down, and Spike Dudley is laying on the floor. JBL starts to get up first. He takes support from the ropes and gets to his feet. He crabs Big Show up a bit, and now JBL pushes Big Show's faces to the solid steel! Big Show is very weak, and JBL hits Big Show with a Running Knee Drop when he's down to Show's faces! He starts to bleed... from that? Anyway, both men are now down, but referee Mike Chioda has again locked the cage door. So JBL starts to climb up the cage. He gets to the top! But the Big Show is up, and he just has enough power to get JBL down from the 'roof'! They are now standing in the ropes, and what's here? Big Show... CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP-ROPE! The ring shakes, but it barely, barely does not collapse like it did on 2003. John Bradshaw Layfield... well, at least now he's down and out. Big Show starts to unlock the cage door. But now the Dudleyz are here! Bubba Ray and D-Von start to shake the cage, distracting the Big Show. And Bubba Ray enters the cage, and he has a steel chair in his hand! This No Way Out main event is totally out of control!

Bubba Ray Dudley now tries to hit The Big Show with steel chair, but Big Show crabs him from the throat. D-Von enters the cage, and he runs straight to the other hand of the Big Show! Big Show lifts them up to the air, but Spike Dudley is back in the cage and he kicks Big Show to the 'balls'! Big Show quits the hold and Bubba and D-Von fall down to their feet, but Big Show falls to his knees. Remember, there's no DQ! Except GM Theodore Long told that if "Somebody from The Cabinet interrupts, they'll be fired". But who would guessed that the Dudleyz would help JBL? Bubba Ray now finally hits Big Show to the head with the steel chair! There's Big Show's blood all over the ring. Big Show is out! He's gone from this match-up! JBL quickly crawls out of the unlocked door, the cage, to the floor! He did it! He survived the Steel Cage! The Dudley Family has ruined everything! Damn the Dudleyz!

Here is your winner by escape from the cage door, and STILL the WWE World Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield!

Match Quality 60%, Crowd Reaction 88% and the Overall Rating 72%

"Why, why!" yells Michael Cole as John Bradshaw Layfield's music starts to play, the Pittsburgh crowd boos really heavily and the referee hands the belt to JBL (they're both outside the ring now). JBL walks in pain up the rampway, with the WWE Championship still in his waist. We see The Dudleyz standing over the bloody, beaten and bruised Big Show. Bubba Ray spits to the face of The Big Show. They just helped Bradshaw to survive another major challenge!

Michael Cole - Well, folks, 'No Way Out' is now over, but there are still questions open. Why did John Cena turn his back to the fans? Can John Cena be the U.S Champion and the #1 Contender at the same time? Why did the Dudley Family screw the Big Show? How will General Manager Theodore R. Long deal with this outcome? Good night, everybody! See you Thursday, on SmackDown!

The Whole Show Overall - 76%

Overall Rating – 76%

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Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I just had a very bad day in school, this is really nice. Now, without any further ado;

user posted image


February 24th, 2005

Hershey, Pennsylvania

The epic 'Road To WrestleMania' begins tonight on SmackDown!, as we are only four days removed from the classic No Way Out event.

No Way Out was full of surprises. We saw John Bradshaw Layfield doing it once again, he retained the WWE Championship. What we all know is, it's wasn't a very fair way. It was probably the lowest, dirtiest thing JBL has ever did. He outsmarted the General Manager, who told that if anyone from Bradshaw's The Cabinet stable would interfere the Barbedwire Steel Cage Match, he would get fired. JBL, however, hired The Dudleyz to do the dirty job for him. And they were succesful. The Big Show was left to the cage laying out bloody. The giant was down.

John Cena revelad his true colors, as the 'Doctor of Thuganomics' turned his back to the fans. It was Cena's own greed that led him to that. John Cena literally destroyed the SmackDown! General Manager Theodore R. Long by humiliating him. The bottom was the moment when Cena blasted Long with the FU.

However, No Way Out wasn't all that bad. Paul London made his dream true, as he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship for the first time in that Fatal 4 Way Match. The former champion Funaki won't be here tonight, but the new champion sure is! In fact, he will face Shannon Moore in a non-title friendly match-up. Will the new champ be in the shape?

So, No Way Out's outcome is actually just perfect. SmackDown! 2/24 will be probably the biggest SmackDown! ever. Theodore Long will be here tonight, and he demands answers from Cena, as there is only one question for him: "why?". JBL will also be tonight. Long has confirmed that he will have something to say for J. B. Layfield, too. Will it be about WrestleMania?

SmackDown! will come to smack your TV Thursday 2/17, on 8/7, live, and of course on UPN.

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From the PureAthleteWrestling.com:


World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., 's one of the top SmackDown! brand superstars, Eddie Guerrero, has left the company! Eddie told the WWE that the drugs and the alchohol have once again effected his life, and he's a 'user' again. Guerrero didn't want to continue wrestling anymore, so SmackDown! released Guerrero from his contract. Therefore, we won't see "Latino Heat" ever again on SmackDown!, or the WWE.

However, the shocking turn of events weren't over, as NWATNA signed Eddie Guerrero to a written contract on the first day after the firing! Eddie now has a 12 months contract with Terry Turner's company. Basically it now seems that Eddie Guerrero has betrayed the WWE by signing with their biggest rivalry today! Now, with Eddie Guerrero, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in TNA, and Steve Austin, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels in RAW, would SmackDown!'s worst nightmare finally come reality?

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