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Decent PS2 Games


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Yeah so it's half term, the brunt of my work is done and I have a lot of money - so can someone suggest some games it's worth buying? The only games I've bought this past year are:

Madden 2005

GTA: San Andreas

Pro Evolution 4

So there's obviously a sports bias, but any game'll do. Note - before anyone mentions it, the new MGS isn't out in the UK - but I probably will buy it when it's out. Is THUG2 any good? Because I never got round to playing it, and it sounds decent from what I've heard.

Edited post to make it more clear I have GTA: SA.

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imo Thug 2 sucked I rented it and beat it within 3 days . it focuses too much on destruction and not enough on skating. Stick to the first one.

as for ideas I'm afradi I cna't help you casue I'm trying to find some games to ren this weekend also.

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Definitely get San Andreas if at all possible.

Um...other than that and MGS3, there isn't much else I can recommend. It's been pretty slow on PS2 for a little while now, but there's supposed to be a huge rush of games coming soon, like Gran Turismo 4.

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