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Kid Rock Hits DJ; Gets Arrested


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Kid Rock Arrested; Allegedly Slugged DJ For Playing Bad Music

02.16.2005 2:12 PM EST

Rapper initially runs away so he could 'sober up,' but ultimately surrenders without struggle.

Kid Rock was arrested at a Nashville strip club early Wednesday morning after he allegedly slugged the DJ for spinning music he disliked.

Rock was taken into custody at around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday (February 16) in handcuffs, with an officer holding his hat, and charged with simple assault (a misdemeanor, punishable by a up to a year in jail), according to The Associated Press. Bond was set at $3,000 and Rock remained in custody until bail was posted.

The scuffle took place some time after 3 a.m. at Christie's Cabaret near downtown Nashville, police told the AP. Television footage showed the club's DJ, Jay Campos, standing outside the club, holding his broken eyeglasses and with a red mark on his face.

"Inside the establishment, there was a squabble concerning — I guess — the selection of music," Sergeant James Smith of the Metropolitan Nashville Police said. "There are not major injuries, but an assault did take place."

According to arresting officer Lieutenant Calvin Hullett, Rock snuck out the back door of a different strip club when authorities arrived to arrest him. Still, Hullett said Rock was "very cooperative" when he ultimately surrendered at an apartment where he had been staying.

Rock reportedly told the police that he ran from them because he hoped to sober up before being booked.

Nashville's NewsChannel5 reported that Rock asked reporters waiting to cover the story if his hair looked OK, and joked with arresting officers while waiting to see Night Court Commissioner Howard Tardash.

"Everything is wonderful," Rock reportedly said when he left the Criminal Justice Center. "It was a beautiful night."

Rock was in town for a Tuesday performance at a memorial service for songwriter and promoter Merle Kilgore.

— Alyssa Rashbaum

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