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Press Release: Lotto Winner Opens Wrestling Federation

Date: 1 March 2005

Recap By: Slamscoops.com

Recent winner of the $5,000,000 rollover of the lottery, Mr. S.R White has announced the opening of a brand new backyard wrestling federation based in Florida.  Wanting to prove competition for other major wrestling companies, it is estimated that Mr. White has invested approximately $3,000,000 of his winnings into the new company, known as Extreme Wrestling Entertainment (EWE)

Today at a press conference EWE revealed it's new logo (which can be viewed above) as well as it's plans for the next couple of months.  Currently, EWE have not signed any wrestlers to their roster, but have been said to be looking into signing seven of the following to open contracts:

Homeless Jimmy

Five Star Flash

Chris Curtis

Andy Barden

Mikey Whiplash

Ulf Hermann

Low Ryda

Guillotine LeGrande

Rapid Fire Maldanado

Bilvis Wesley

Dirtbike Kid

Doc Dean

Frank Shamrock

Greg Pawluk

Hade Vansen

Ajo Kong

EWE Management revealed that they would be looking at each piece of talent extensivly over the next couple of days before making any final decisions.

It is also worth noting that EWE have decided on a Wage Cap of $10,000 for talent and $5000 for staff members.

However, it is likely that the management will want to keep costs as low as possible so that they can expand into other areas such as merchandise.

EWE will be spending a lot of their finance on advertising with $1,000,000 a month being plowed into this area. It is likely the amount spent on advertising will decrease over time as EWE establish a solid fan base.  It is unknown at the current time if EWE will seek into investing in a TV Deal, however it looks like a deal has been reached with DirectTV to show weekly EWE Pay Per Views.

Finally, sponsership deals have been set up with a number of websites including EWAdditions.com, Gamewinners.com and TitleHistories.com

The EWE Management are set to make an annoucement regarding a final roster in the next day or two.


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EWE Announce Roster! - March 1 2005

EWE Today Announced Their Roster:

Five Star Flash - FACE

Andy Barden - HEEL

Rapid Fire Maldonado - HEEL

Havoc - HEEL

Doc Dean - FACE

Greg Pawluk - FACE

Hade Vansen - HEEL

So Cal Val - HEEL

Cassidy Reilly - FACE

Paul Birchall - HEEL

They also announced they will hosting weekly events on a Saturday available to all of Florida and the surrounding area, with an entrance fee of around $10.

The card for the first show is set to be announced shortly!

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I do like to read the occasional backyard diary, and well, because I've stumbled across this at the beginning I shall read. Now... The backstory wasnt brilliant, but it gets across whats needed and it explains why the fed is here and whats going to happen with it, basically. I like the roster thats been set up, but the next step is to see how you will book them and then how they are portrayed, those being two things that I look forward to.

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Thanks for the comments guys they are much appreciated. I am pretty new to diaries, but I hope you enjoy this one!

Extreme Wrestling Entertainment:

Breakdown Preview - Friday March 5th 2005:

Tonight Extreme Wrestling Entertainment is truly born when EWE explodes from the Orlando Civic Centre, Orlando Florida! 

We will see new EWE director of Authority So Cal Val announce her plans for Extreme Wrestling Entertainment as well as plenty of wrestling action!  It has already been announced that the EWE Platinum Championship will be decided in a no holds barred between former WWE Star Paul Birchall and Indy Sensation Greg Pawluk.  This match is one not to be missed, with the technical genius of Pawluk and the brawling techniques of Birchall.

Also Five Star Flash will be in action when he takes on fellow Brit, Andy Barden in a traditional one on one match.  Which of these two young stars will be able to pick up the victory and impress EWE director of Authority So Cal Val?  Get tickets to this week’s EWE Breakdown to find out!

Cassidy Reilly is also rumoured to be in attendance for this debut show as well as top cruiserweight Doc Dean and the team of Rapid Fire Maldonado and Havoc, otherwise known as The Ivy League. 

You do not want to miss this explosive EWE action this Saturday and tickets are still available for the show from the Orlando Civic Centre Box Office at just $3 per person!  You can also catch the event on Closed Circuit Television in the state of Florida; go to your local Theatre for more information!

Confirmed Matches:

EWE Platinum Championship No Holds Barred Match

Paul Birchall vs. Greg Pawluk

Five Star Flash vs. Andy Barden

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As much as I was never a fan of the first show having the world title in it, the match should be good and I do like the card put out. Burchill is a great wrestler and I enjoy watching all his matches and although I've never seen Pawluk wrestle, the match should be good. More matches need to be announced :P

Anyways, some predictions...

EWE Platinum Championship No Holds Barred Match

Paul Birchill vs. Greg Pawluk

Five Star Flash vs. Andy Barden

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Isn't a little hard to keep the credibility of two titles with such a small roster? I allways thought backyard feds should start with a sole title deciding who the best man is, and only making another title division after the roster bulks up a bit. Is this a title for specific matches (e.g. hardcore), or just a secondary title? Anyway, good luck.

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EWE Sign Five Workers To Written Contracts

In a shocking turn of events today, just one day before EWEs first ever show, EWE has put pen to paper and signed five of it's talents to written contracts.  The wrestlers signed are:

Paul Birchall

Doc Dean

Five Star Flash

Hade Vansen

Rapid Fire Maldonado

We asked EWE CEO Steven White why he put his money into signing these select superstars, and he has the following to say;

"In all honesty the reason I signed these workers to written contracts is that they are in the managements view indespenisble to the company and we are saving ourselves money by paying them on a monthly basis that per show.  For example, we were previously paying Hade Vansen $10,000 per show, which could easily have risen to $40,000 a month if he participated in every show.  However, instead we are now paying him $11,000 a month saving us a huge $29,000 which can be used in the development of other areas"

Many see this move by White as a very ambitious one, although locking Paul Birchall into a written deal is said to have been a very smart move

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EWE Breakdown Live On Closed Circuit TV in Florida

Friday March 5th 2005

Laughing Larry:  Hello everybody this is Extreme Wrestling Entertainment we are live on closed circuit television here in Florida and the local surrounding area!  I am joined here at ringside by my broadcast colleague, Brian Tegland, and Brian what a night we have in store on our debut edition of breakdown!

Brian Tegland:  Oh we sure do Larry, and may I begin by saying that it feels great to be sitting back in an announce position after such a long time!  I have been employed for too long and it’s just great to be back in announcing for a wrestling company!  But coming up tonight we have some huge one on one action with Greg Pawluk taking on fellow cruiserweight Andy Barden!

Laughing Larry:  And of course we cannot forget that huge main event here tonight, where we see former WWE Superstar Paul Birchall take on Greg Pawluk, who is an amazing technical wrestler!

Brian Tegland:  To top it all off the winner of that match will become the first EWE Platinum Champion, the prized championship here in EWE!  But anyway, we are kicking things off here tonight with one on one action between Rapid Fire Maldonado and Doc Dean, two of our great cruiserweights here in EWE!

Doc Dean makes his way down to ringside first slapping fans hands as he goes in a friendly way.  He smiles and throws some t-shirts into the crowd as he runs down to the ring.  Once inside he jumps up and down warming up, and looking excited to be back inside a wrestling ring.

Laughing Larry:  Doc Dean has been out of action for the past six months with a knee injury, but is back in action tonight and Brian; he is exclusive property of Extreme Wrestling Entertainment!

Brian Tegland:  That is correct Larry, along with his opponent tonight Rapid Fire Maldonado and three others, he signed a written contract with the company just yesterday!

A Strange Beat of Music hits throughout the small Orlando arena and smoke fills the area near the ring.  Rapid Fire Maldonado steps through the curtain, accompanied by his tag team partner Havoc.  They walk cockily into the ring cursing at the small group of people watching the show and get a lot of boos.

Laughing Larry:  Here is another exclusive to EWE and Doc’s opponent tonight Rapid Fire Maldonado, accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Havoc.

Brian Tegland:  Until EWE signed him, Maldonado has been touring in Japan with his good friend Steve Corino!  It is only now that his has been reunited with his former tag partner Havoc and his team ‘The Ivy League’ is back in business, and they will surely wreak Havoc on EWE, no pun intended!

Maldonado starts the match with a barrage of lefts and rights to the face and upper body of Doc sending Doc straight down to the mat.  Rapid continues to work on Doc on the mat with kicks and then hits the elbow drop not once…not twice…but three times.  Rapid gets up of the mat and laughs just slapping Doc around the face.  Rapid starts to taunt the crowd to start an asshole chant, when Doc comes back and hits a super kick out of no where!  Doc goes for the cover on Rapid 1…2…Rapid gets the shoulder up.

Laughing Larry:  That was a close two count there and Doc seems to be gaining some momentum now, but look at Havoc on the outside.

Brain Tegland:  Ha Ha!  He’s freaking out; he can’t stand to see Rapid Fire Maldonado go down for a one count, let alone a two!

Doc quickly pulls Rapid back up and hits the running DDT followed by a spear which sends Rapid flying out of the ring!  On the outside Havoc tries to help Rapid up and tries to talk some sense into him, but here comes Doc with a running moonsault to the outside knocking both men down!  Doc takes a minute to catch his breath before sliding back into the ring to break the referees 10 count.  He then slides back out and throws Rapid right into the steel barricade on the outside.  He then climbs up onto the barricade and motions for another moonsault off the barricade!  The fans cheer and Doc goes for it, but Havoc pulls Rapid out of the way and Doc is sent crashing onto the concrete floor!

Laughing Larry:  It looks like Havoc saves Rapid Fire Maldonado from a potential loss right there, helping him out of the way just in time, but look at Doc Dean he looks to be broken in half on the outside here!

Brian Tegland:  This isn’t good Larry, it looks like Doc Dean could be seriously injured here, I mean look at the way his spine impacted with the concrete floor. This isn’t WWE we don’t have a padded floor at ringside, all we have is exposed hard concrete!

With an evil laugh Rapid Fire Maldonado picks Doc up and pushes him back into the ring, he also slides back inside himself.  In the ring it is obvious that Doc is completely knocked out and defenceless as Rapid takes advantage.  He hits Doc with a big impact vertical suplex, all the time working on the damaged spine from the failed earlier moonsault.  Doc is down and out in the centre of the ring and Rapid goes for the cover 1…2…But Rapid lifts Docs shoulders up.  He isn’t done yet.  He turns Doc over so the injured back is exposed, then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle.  Rapid smiles and makes the Frog Splash sign before hitting a thunderous splash right onto the spinal region of Doc.  The crowd just stare in horror as Rapid laughs and parades around the ring.  Rapid finally goes for the cover on Doc, 1…2…But Rapid Lifts up the shoulders of Doc again!  He is not done yet, as he climbs back up onto the turnbuckle.  Rapid hits another huge frog splash right onto Doc, almost breaking Doc in half.  Rapid goes for the cover once more this time getting the three count.

Winner:  Rapid Fire Maldonado at 9:57

Overall Rating: 41%

Laughing Larry:  Jesus Christ, what was Rapid Fire Maldonado trying to do to Doc Dean?  I can’t believe my eyes Brian, he had the win but he kept piling on more damage!  This is wrong, Doc could be out for weeks after this match and all Maldonado can do is laugh?

Brian Tegland:  Well I have to agree with you there Larry, but what a match we were just treated to here live on Closed Circuit Television, only available in Florida!  Doc Dean gave it his all tonight to entertain these fans and in his first match back since his knee injury it looks like he could be out of action again.  All I can say is what a match!

Laughing Larry:  Well Folks, that was just the opening match here on the very first edition of EWE Breakdown and we have so much more to come!  Right now my colleague Tom Bacon is backstage with former WWE Superstar Paul Birchall!

Tom Bacon:  Thank You Larry and Paul tonight you challenge Greg Pawluk for the EWE Platinum Championship in a No Holds Barred Match!

Paul Birchall:  Oh yes I do Tom, and I have to say I am EXTREMELY confident that I will win the match tonight!  I mean I have no worries about Greg Pawluk or whatever he likes to call himself as everyone knows that I am the future of this company.  I am a former WWE Superstar for heavens sake I mean, where has he ever been?  He thinks that he can really match up to my pure wrestling ability?  Ha Ha, oh that thought makes me laugh it really does!  As a matter of fact Tom, I have only one worry tonight and do you know what that is?

Tom Bacon:  That the match is a No Holds Barred Match?

Paul Birchall: What? No don’t be stupid Tom, oh God you do make me laugh!  It’s obvious that my main worry is performing in front of these gross insolent inhumane pigs known as the American Society!  I mean who in their right mind would want to be associated with this ridiculous country?!  I thank God everyday that I am British and was born in Britain; I mean can you seriously imagine what it’s like to be an American?!?  To face each day with decisions like what shall I have in my hamburger today, Mustard or Ketchup?!?  Ha Ha, Oh God, but can you seriously imagine being an American!

Tom Bacon:  Erm, all due respect and everything Paul but I am American…

Paul Birchall:  Stop talking now Mr. Ham, I just don’t want to hear it!!  I don’t want to hear how you think you’re better than me!  Why don’t you go and meet up with Sausages?!?  I mean who seriously has a surname like Bacon?  Jeez what is this world coming too…?

Paul Birchall walks away shaking his head with disbelief as Tom Bacon just stands there looking completely dumbfounded by the whole interview.

Overall Rating: 37%

Brian Tegland:  Ha Ha!  That is the funniest thing I have seen all day, I wonder if Tom is going to go and meet up with Sausages?!  Maybe he fancies a slice of pork!!  Oh God, I’m killing myself here!

Laughing Larry:  Well let’s try and concentrate on our second match here tonight instead of laughing at Birchall’s rude remarks towards the society I was bought up in!  Coming up next we have a match booked yesterday by our Director of Authority, So Cal Val, Andy Barden will be going one on one with technical specialist Five Star Flash!

Five Star Flash starts the walk to ringside first, but doesn’t get far as he is attacked by his opponent Andy Barden on his way down the aisle.  Barden beats Five Star all the way down the aisle before throwing him into the ring and the bell sounds.

Andy tries to pick up the cheap victory by making the pin after the beating he gave Five Star before the match, but Five Star manages to kick out at two.  Andy hits Five Star with boots to the face followed by a harsh looking DDT.  Andy wastes no time in making another pin attempt but again only gets a two count.  Andy goes straight back to work locking in a figure four leg lock on Five Star who is screaming in agony on the mat.

Laughing Larry:  Andy is trying here to make the technical specialist tap out to a submission hold and think of the humiliation that would cause Five Star! 

Brian Tegland:  This could be the quickest win we see tonight, Five Star hasn’t yet made any offence whatsoever!

Andy still puts on the pressure with the figure four as Five Star tries to fight his way back.  Five Star, realising he has no other option than to fight back or give up does his best to use his hands to fight back.  Instead, he manages to turn over and counter the move so all the pressure is now on Andy Barden and it’s his time to nearly tap out!  Andy tries his best to reach the ropes and just manages to get to them before any huge damage can be done.  Both men now have trouble standing up but Five Star manages to get to his feet first and lifts Andy up into the power bomb position which he successfully hits with authority.  Five Star goes back to working on the leg area of Barden, possibly preparing to lock in the Boston Crab later in the match.  He locks in a huge number of moves on the legs before finally going for the Boston Crab which he also manages to successfully lock in!  It looks like Andy is going to get to the topes, but no, Five Star manages to pull him back into the middle of the ring!  Andy has no choice but to tap out and Five Star wins the match.

Winner:  Five Star Flash at 5:56

Overall Rating: 44%

Laughing Larry:  So much for an easy win for Andy, Brian!!  Five Star completely destroyed him in the end and the only reason that Andy even stood a chance at the start was because of that cheap attack before the match!

Brian Tegland:  Well that may be true, but how was I to know that?!  Anyway, moving on from that situation, Five Star put up amazing comeback and completely destroyed Andy in minutes!!

Laughing Larry:  Well, I am being told that we are going to now go backstage to EWE Director of Authority, So Cal Val who has an announcement to make!

The Camera goes backstage to a small looking office where the sexy So Cal Val is sitting on her desk in a short skirt and tight business top.

So Cal Val:  Well, Well, Well, the first edition of Breakdown and I have to say it has been great thus far!  But I have more surprises to come, because next week we are going to be having a HUGE match between two HUGE superstars!!  We are going to see in a one off match next week!  The match is going to be between a former WWE Superstar and a current NWA:TNA Superstar!!  Because oh yes, next week here on Breakdown on Closed Circuit TV in Florida, and available to download from our website, the main event will be Abismo Negro vs. Ryan Sakoda!!

Overall Rating: 37%

Laughing Larry:  Oh my God!!  What an announcement there from the EWE Director of Authority So Cal Val, and next week we are going to see Abismo Negro take on former WWE Superstar Ryan Sakoda!!

Brian Tegland:  I can’t wait for next week now, but this weeks show is not over yet as we have to more matches coming your way!!  Next up we have TNA Superstar Cassidy Reilly taking on EWE’s own Hade Vansen!  We only bring you the best here in EWE!!

Cassidy Reilly makes his way down to the ring first with a big uproar of cheers from the crowd in attendance, who obviously are a big fan of the TNA rookie.  He slides into the ring and grins broadly as he awaits his opponent.  His opponent, Hade Vansen makes his way down to the ring next faced by boos by most, who simply do not want to see him beat Cassidy Reilly.

Cassidy starts the match with a quick drop kick to the face of Hade Vansen, who goes straight down like a sack of potatoes.  Cassidy runs around the ring with speed before hitting a splash onto Vansen 1…2…Kick Out.  Vansen gets up but is knocked straight back down with yet another drop kick, followed by a big time hurricanrana!!  Cassidy goes for another cover 1…2…Kick Out by Vansen, who just won’t stay down!!  Cassidy measures Vansen up for the super kick, but Vansen ducks and hits Cassidy with a massive hurricanrana himself!!  Vansen goes for pin now 1…2...Cassidy kicks out!

Laughing Larry:  This match is so fast it is difficult to call all of the action!  I thought Vansen was down and out early but he’s getting more and more back into the match!

Brian Tegland:  I want to see if Vansen can hit his patented scissor kick that will surely win the match for him!

Both men start to trade left and rights now as the match begins to turn into a brawl. Cassidy bounces of the ropes and goes for a clothesline which is reversed into a spear by Vansen who can feel the blood pumping now!!  Hansen goes for the cover, 1…2…3!! 

Winner:  Hade Vansen at 5:21

Overall Rating: 43%

Laughing Larry:  Vansen!  Vansen with the upset victory here and he picked that win out of no where!  I wasn’t expecting that spear and by the looks of things neither was Cassidy!!

Brian Tegland:  Well everyone, the time has come for our main event here tonight!!  The winner of this match will become the very first EWE Platinum Champion, and boy am I excited about this one!!  Birchall really set the tone for this match in the interview he gave earlier and I think all this tension will meet boiling point during this No Holds Barred match!

A video package is shown hyping the match for the EWE Platinum Championship.  When we come back Birchall and Greg Pawluk are staring each other down in the ring!

All of a sudden both men just launch themselves at each other and the match is on!  Both men brawl all over the ring before Birchall takes control and throws Greg Pawluk to the outside.  Birchall follows and smacks Greg Pawluk right into the steel ring steps before mocking the American Crowd and spitting on a fans American Flag.  Birchall lifts Greg Pawluk’s head up once again and smacks it straight back down into the menacing steel.  Grinning evilly Birchall searches under the ring and pulls out a steel char.  He yells “It’s Party Time” and goes to bring the chair down onto the head of Greg Pawluk.  However, Greg Pawluk fights back and super kicks the chair straight back into the face oh Birchall who falls back onto the concrete floor. Greg Pawluk and Birchall are both wearing the crimson mask as Greg Pawluk slams Birchall into the announce table.  Greg Pawluk sets up Birchall on the announce table now and pulls a 20 foot high ladder from under the ring!!  Greg Pawluk sets up the ladder at ringside and thwacks Birchall over the head again with the steel chair before laying him properly on the announce table.  Greg Pawluk now clutching his chest, slowly climbs up the ladder until he is at the very top.

Laughing Larry:  Oh God!!  What is Greg Pawluk planning here?  He has Birchall set up on this table in front of us and he’s at the top of the ladder!

Greg Pawluk now signals to the crowd and performs the 450 degree splash from the top of the 20 foot high ladder, through the announce table onto Birchall!!!  The crowd in attendance cannot believe what they have just witnessed and a Holy S**t! chant starts up throughout the arena!!  Both men are completely out in the wreckage of the announce table and the referee seems to be the only one left standing!!  Slowly but surely Greg Pawluk makes his way to his feet and kicks Birchall hard in the head.  He rolls Birchall back into the ring and goes for the cover, surely this is over now, 1…2…BIRCHALL KICKS OUT!

Laughing Larry:  Oh My God!! Oh My God!!  How the hell did Birchall kick out of that move!!  That was unbelievable!! 

Brian Tegland:  He has gone through so much in this match and must definitely want to have that Platinum Championship around his waist!!

Pawluk cannot believe that Birchall kicked out of that one and goes crazy hitting lefts and rights all over Birchall!  Pawluk goes for the cover 1…2…Suddenly the lights goes out!  When the lights come back up Pawluk is lying in a pool of his own blood and Birchall only has to make the cover.  Looking around surprised, Birchall makes the pin 1…2…3!  Birchall parades around the ring with the title belt as the crowd boo and throw rubbish into the ring at Birchall.  As Pawluk rolls over, on his back is scrawled Abismo Negro in Pawluk own blood.

Winner: Paul Birchall at 17:26

Overall Rating: 47%

Laughing Larry:  What is going on?  I know Abismo Negro is going to be on the show next week, but what happened here tonight?!  We’re out of time, join us next week on Breakdown everyone only on Closed Circuit Television in Florida!

Show Overall Rating: 42%

Breakdown was attended by 7 people!

We made $21 from ticket sales.

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<b>EWE Sign Japanese Star Hi69</b>

It has been confirmed that shortly after this past weeks Breakdown show Japanese Lightweight Hi69 signed a written contract worth $10,000 a month with Extreme Wrestling Entertainment.

Expect to see him appear on Breakdown in the next couple of weeks

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/forum/index.php?showtopic=17280">Click Here To Go Back And View Show One On Previous Page If Have Not Yet Done So

Extreme Wrestling Entertainment:

Breakdown Preview: Friday March 11th 2005

Last weeks debut edition of EWE Breakdown was a truly historic one with many surprises including that huge announcement by So Cal Val.  Her announcement means that on this week’s edition of EWE Breakdown, top Mexican star Abismo Negro will take on former WWE Superstar, Japanese Sensation Ryan Sakoda.

In last weeks shocking main event Greg Pawluk was left lying in a pool of his own blood, with the words ‘Abismo Negro’ scrawled on his back.  How will Pawluk react this week knowing that Negro will be in the Orlando Civic Centre?

This week will also see the debut of newly signed lightweight Hi69, who has a really history of great matches in his home country of Japan.  He will be taking on former WWE Superstar, and current EWE Platinum Champion Birchall on this week’s edition of Breakdown, and will surely be looking to get an important victory over the champ.

After last weeks opening match Doc Dean will give a statement regarding his general health and well being, especially after the hideous actions of The Ivy League last week.  Cassidy Reilly and Five Star Flash will be looking to gain some retribution for Doc Dean when they team up to take on The Ivy League on Breakdown.

Finally, last week saw Hade Vansen getting the upset victory over opponent Cassidy Reilly.  What will the future entail for him?  Rest assured he will want to continue his winning streak on this weeks Breakdown, when he goes up against Brit Andy Barden in a one on one encounter.

The second edition of EWE Breakdown looks to be even better than the first with some explosive matches signed.  Who else will make an impact?  Tune in on Closed Circuit Television in Florida, on our website EWE.com, or attend the event yourself at the Orlando Civic Centre this Friday!

Confirmed Matches:

Abismo Negro vs. Ryan Sakoda

Hi69 vs. Paul Birchall

Cassidy Reilly and Five Star Flash vs. The Ivy League

Hade Vansen vs. Andy Barden

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Overall, i liked the show. Was quite good for a first one.

The announcers are good, not great, but i like the way you used them to hype your wrestlers, often reminding the crowd how good the wrestlers were and what they had being doing previouly, so they wouldn't be total unknowns for the majority.

I think you missed one of the aspects a backyard fed should focus on, in my opinion, which is the fact that you're a backyard fed and there's few people watching. In case i haven't made myself clear what i meant was something that was well done by conniption in the Golden Boy Wrestling diary. You're a backyard fed, not everything is supposed to work allright in your first show. There should be a little screw up in the first shows, and as i've seen in your show there were 7 people, so by "a holy s**t chant started throughout the arena" you mean "a holy s**t chant started involving all 7 fans!" :P

Doc Dean was very well brought as a face mostly because Rapid Fire Maldonado and Havoc seem to be very good heels. I liked the match quite a lot, although there's a time where it seems like doc dean is beating the crap out of maldonado outside the ring with Havoc just...watching?

Nice interview by Birchall, although "I thank God everyday that I am British and was born in Britain" seems a little redundant. He should have all the fans hating him by now, and that's a good thing :P

You made Andy Barden look terribly weak in his match against five star flash, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you don't go pushing him with great victories afterwards. As long as he's a coward-ish cheating heel, it should be all good.

Afterall Barden started beating Flash before the bell rang, and after 1 move (which was only the reverse of another move) he was allready being powerbombed and never came back after that one.

The Reilly match seemed to be one of those between two spot-monkeys who're just trying to get the nice photo-shot. :P I hope you don't push them to the main event too soon.

The main-event was nice, and the ladder spot was something i would mark out for. The ending though seems to be a little too much. The lights must have been out for a long time so that could happen without noone seeing it. :P

The announced main-event for the next show should be cool and it would be a nice way to bring more fans to the show so they would get to know the product and eventually become EWE fans too. :)

I'll be checking this out, but i still hope this gets better.

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Hi69!!!! I will forever markout for him. Liked your first show, but there are a couple problems:

1. How in the dear hell did you sign Sakoda?? (He's like 35 over, and every time I have tried to sign someone with his over, they say I am too small for him.)

2. A TV show already??? I am guessing that you made your own TV station called "Closed Circuit TV" with low ratings so you could have one...

Ok, they aren't really big, but they are there... Other than that, this diary is looking goooooood.

Chris Carpenter

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