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Rental Suggestions ?


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Well Like on every friday I go out and rent a few video games and this time I really have know clue what to rent

just to give you guys an Idea of the games I like

First Person Shooters (killzone and etc.)

Sports games(madden , ESPN ,)

Action ( punisher , Pop , Sands Of Time and Warrior Within)

I thought about Shadow of Rome but I'm not to sure so all sugesstions welcome as long as its ps2 games onle

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If you like Soccer games: Winning 11 8 is a great rental, well actually its a must have for soccer fans IMO.

The Punisher is a gret action game.

Shadow of Rome(like you mentioned) would be a great rental, its a good game.

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I have online but not broadband thats the reason I haven't bought Socom 2 I got socom 1 though . I"ve rented Punisher beat and and now own it as with NCAA 2005 , I've played street 3 and its pretty fun

and I thought Winning Eleven wasn't released here in the states and that I"ll need a modded ps2 to play ?

I"ll probably go out today and rent Shadow of rome and whatever else I cna find. Thanks for the suggestions

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