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hey, just played the game for the first time today at a buddies...thinking about buying a playstation just for it (well and San Andreas...I have xbox)...anyways, the story mode seemed awesome...

heres my questions...after you finish a season of career mode...if you start a second season as the same guy, are there different storylines, or would it start out the same. The reason I want to get this game would be if the storymode kinda continued, even if only a little different, as the one coming out for xbox has a set storyline that must be followed, and you can only use your created wrestler which blows....

can someone fill me in, I havent been able to get any info on this

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from what I can tell basically the bulk of the season mode storyline revolves around the divas , occasionally you'll get a different storyline , but like your first season you start arguing over a diva , then your second one you start arguing over a differetn diva.

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haha, seriously??

well for example, in my season we started as Benoit. We accepted to be in the World title runnings...

Week 1: Bischoff announces tournament for number one contender...Edge talks to us, but says we shouldnt get too excited, cause he's winning, we attacked edge (an option ) and took him out of the tournament.

We beat matt hardy, but after Edge attacked me and knocked me out of the tournament

Week 2: Bischoff says Batista ended uop winning, Edge says he wants a fair shot cause he didnt get a shot...Bischoff says he'll think about it, but announced Edge vs Benoit in a grudge match...

we beat edge...

Week 3: Bischoff announced triple threat match...Batista vs Benoit vs Edge, the winner faces the champ at PPV...Batista wasnt happy...but yeah

Benoit over Batista and Edge...

Thats where it ended...

So my question was, do these seasons all start the same, and go on to be the same...of are there different startings...etc....???

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I've had the same start to a season most of the times, mainly due to me picking lowercard workers like Jindrak. I lost the feud over Torrie with Dupree, but then went on to feud with US Champion Booker T and beat him, and got a storyline I haven't seen involving The Coach.

I'd imagine there's three options for a start of a season:

- Feud over diva (lowercard wrestler, like Jindrak or Batista)

- Accepting a title shot (upper card wrestler, like Triple H or Benoit)

- Being the champion (...well, a champion, like Orton or JBL).

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