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2 New NIN Songs Leak


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The Hand That Feeds & The Line Begins To Blur have officially leaked.

I don't know the story on the second one (apparently it's an album quality version, obtaining it now).

Anyways, the first song was taped at the video shoot, and it made it's way to some radio stations. Thus, the leak of that song is a radio rip. Kinda low-quality, but you get the idea.

I'm so stoked now.

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When you say 'officially' leaked, do you mean that they were intentionally leaked or just using officially to emphasize your point? I assume the latter since they wouldn't leak something low-quality ripped from a radio shoot.

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Well, on a NIN board I go to, there's been some talk of one of Trent's friends leaking it, or a member of Interscope, but yeah.

I meant it just to emphasize my point, since in the past couple a days, it's been said that it has been leaked.

Yeah. Still. "The Line Begins To Blur" is excellent sound quality, and if you obtained the "The Hand That Feeds" and you're disappointed, the second song fucking rips it to shreds.

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I was just curious since "leaked" is now used to make a premiere sound more appealing. Like you're not supposed to be hearing it, but it's actually just a new promotional tool. Basically what they did with SoaD and "Cigaro."

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I know for a fact no one important leaked "The Hand That Feeds", but no one knows for "The Line Begins To Blur". It's such high quality, that it makes wonder.

Fuck it, I don't care. I'm going to rock out to the songs. :P

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