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WWF: Montreal And Beyond


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WWF Survivor Series 1997: “Gang Rulz”

Date: November 9 1997.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Attendance: 20,593.

8 Man Elimination Tag

New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Jesses James) & The Godwin’s (Henry O Godwin & Phineous I Godwin) defeated Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) & New Blackjacks (Blackjack Barry Windham & Blackjack Bradshaw)

8 Man Elimination Tag

The Truth Commission (Interrogator, Jackyl, Recon & Sniper) defeated Disciples of Apocalypse (8 Ball, Chainz, Crush & Skull)

8 Man Elimination Tag

Team Canada (British Bulldog, Doug Furnas, Jim Neidhart & Phil LaFon) defeated Team U.S.A (Goldust, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman & Vader)

8 Man Elimination Tag

Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock & Legion Of Doom (Animal & Hawk) defeated Nation Of Domination (D’lo Brown, Farooq, Kama Mustafa, Rocky Maivia)

Intercontinental Championship

Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart ©

WWF Championship

Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart ©

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World Wrestling Federation

Owner: Vince McMahon.


WWF: Shawn Michaels.

Intercontinental: Steve Austin.

European: Shawn Michaels.

Tag Team: Legion Of Doom.

Television Schedule

Raw Is War: Live Monday nights.

Superstars: Taped on Monday nights prior to Raw. Broadcasts Saturday nights.

Pay Per View Schedule (Remaining 1997)

Degeneration X: December 7th, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Road Schedule (Remaining November 1997)

Raw Live/Superstars Taping: November 10th, Ottawa, Canada.

House Show: November 14th, Halifax, Canada.

Raw Live/Superstars Taping: November 17th, San Antonio, Texas.

House Show: November 21st, Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Raw Live/Superstars Taping: November 24th, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

House Show: November 28th, Allendale, South Carolina.

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World Championship Wrestling

Owner: Ted Turner.


WCW: Hollywood Hogan.

US: Curt Henning.

Television: Perry Saturn.

Cruiserweight: Eddy Guerrero

Tag Team: Steiner Brothers.

Television Schedule

Nitro: Live Monday nights.

Saturday Night: Taped on Monday nights prior to Nitro. Broadcasts Saturday nights.

Pay Per View Schedule (Remaining 1997)

World War 3: 23rd November

Starrcade: 28th December

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Extreme Championship Wrestling

Owner: Paul Heyman.


ECW: Bam Bam Bigelow.

Television: Taz.

Tag Team: Little Guido & Tracy Smothers.

Television Schedule

Hardcore TV: Taped Saturday nights. Broadcast Friday nights.

Pay Per View Schedule (Remaining 1997)

November To Remember: 20th November.

Better Than Ever: 6th December.

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Was it really necessary to post the extra info on WCW and ECW? Even if it was, it would have been better to put them all in one post, than all seperate posts. Also, it would of been better if you posted more info about the Survivor Series PPV. Good luck though.

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Shawn Michaels Wants Answers

Date: November 10th 1997.

Location: Vince McMahon’s office.

Shawn Michaels knocks on the door of a battered Vince McMahon and enters. Last night was possibly the worse or greatest night in wrestling history. Last night a wrestling storyline became real and no man could of written a better ending. Shawn was an egotistical self-centred man but regardless he had no idea what McMahon had planned. Shawn wanted answers. Vince on the other hand just wanted to lay low.

Shawn “What in the hell was that Vince? You do know I’m the most hated person in that locker room ever!”

Vince “What in the hell was I suppose to do Shawn?!”

Shawn “Not that!”

Vince “You know Bret’s going to be on Nitro tonight. I promise you he will be there. I couldn’t have the WWF Champion on Nitro Shawn. I don’t trust Bret.”

Shawn “Look me and Bret didn’t get along but why didn’t you sort it out. Why did we have that ending?”

Vince “Oh come on Shawn. That ending has made you the biggest heel ever. People literally want you dead. This was best for business. We don’t need Bret either. Steve is more than capable of being our top face. Right now I see Steve Austin Vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.”

Shawn “Well I guess so. Let’s face it I can put on a great match with anyone. Screw Bret. We don’t need him. But who is in line for a title shot next?”

Vince “I don’t know but since this is a special DX PPV we need something out of the bag. Ken’s been on a roll recently and he has big fan backing. It might be worth giving him a shot. But we need you to drop the European Title too, preferably tonight.”

Shawn “Aren’t I suppose to drop that Davey in April?”

Vince “Well right now I’m not interested in the Hart family. I have a feeling I’m going to get nothing but grief. I’ve already had Owen trying to contact me all day.”

Shawn “Well perhaps we could set us two up for December 6th?”

Vince “Maybe but I don’t see Owen being happy about jobbing to you right now.”

Shawn “Well I’m keeping this baby to Wrestlemania.”

Vince “Yeh and you’ll drop it to Austin. I don’t want another Hart anywhere near the title scene. Owen can be Austin’s job fodder to build up to you.”

Shawn “Well look. I’m gonna go get some lunch. We’ll talk about Raw later yeh?”

Vince “Yeh I’ll see everyone in the locker room area as usual.”

Shawn walked out. It seemed he was happy. He arch nemesis had been shifted off the program for good and anybody seeking revenge is going to be kept out of his way. Shawn was on top of the world and Vince had a big space to fill.

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A Meeting With Owen

Date: November 10th 1997.

Location: Vince McMahon’s office.

The entire roster had their orders for tonight’s show and everybody was aware what Vince McMahon wanted done. As you can imagine, every week there’s somebody happy with their character portrayal. Owen Hart was the first knock on McMahon’s door.

Owen “Finally McMahon you’re here! What in the hell was that last night?”

Vince “Hey, you watch how you talk to Vince McMahon, you show some damn respect.”

Owen “Like your showed Bret last night? Like you showed me entire family last night?”

Vince “Look what happened between me and your brother is no concern of yours.”

Owen “No concern! If you can treat Bret like that, then what’s to stop you treating me like that? What’s to stop you treating anybody like that?”

Vince “Your brother wasn’t being fair so I did what I had to do.”

Owen “He gave you a chance to compromise and you lied to him. He would have dropped it tonight I promise you.”

Vince “He’s contract has finished, I promise you he’ll be on Nitro.”

Owen “He will now! If you’d give him a chance then he would not of let you down.”

Vince “He would have showed up on Nitro either way, except this way he has no WWF Championship.”

Owen “That is bullshit Vince and you know it!”

Vince “Look just get out of my office unless you have some other business.”

Owen “Yes I do have some other business! What’s this about Austin beating the hell out of all of Team Canada? We’re in Canada for crying out loud!”

Vince “Look we need to build Austin up for Mania and this is a good way to do it.”

Owen “By having him beat 5 of the best roster members? What about us and how this makes us look to Canada?”

Vince “Look your booked to beat Mick tonight and that’s a big win some don’t worry about it. It won’t hurt your overness at all.”

Owen “Wow Mankind, the guy who just got destroyed by Kane and looked incredibly weak in doing so. That’s really giving the fans what they want.”

Vince “Hey you better watch yourself Owen, I’m allowing you some leeway because of the current situation but you can push it to far.”

Owen “I wouldn’t worry Vince, I’m perfectly intent on going to WCW.”

Vince “Well last time I looked Owen you still had a long term left on your contract here. A very long time.”

Owen “Yeh well you’re just gonna have to let me go then.”

Vince “No I don’t. Lose another talented superstar to Turner? Do you think I’m stupid? If you play your cards right Owen you may be the guy to take Bret’s place.”

Owen “Well if you can finally give me the push I deserve then I’ll be perfectly happy to stay but Vince just remember I’ll never forget what you did to Bret last night. What you did last night could destroy this company. If WCW use Bret right then they’ll go even further ahead in the ratings.”

Vince “Yeh well I’m prepared for the future Owen don’t you worry.”

With that Owen leaves. McMahon promised Owen Bret’s spot but didn’t he just tell Shawn Michaels that was going to Steve Austin? Perhaps he is prepared to push both? Well Owen’s not holding his breath that’s for sure. Owen defiantly had no intention of going to WCW, he’s not stupid but he did want to make Vince aware of his options. Perhaps McMahon has had his hand forced, after all no matter how long Owen’s under contract if he’s unhappy then he won’t perform to his best. Vince can’t afford to lose Owen, but then again Owen’s is a professional and it’s that very fact that Vince will abuse.

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WWF Raw Is War Preview – Monday 10th November 1997 – Ottawa, Canada

We are live in Canada again tonight with all the fall out from an incredible Survivor Series.

Shawn Michaels successfully regained the WWF Championship last night when he made Bret Hart tap out to Harts own move, the Sharpshooter. What will HBK have to say when he faces a hostile Canadian crowd tonight?

Steve Austin beat Owen Hart last night to claim the Intercontinental Championship. There is still bad blood between the two and what will happen when Stone Cole takes on Hart Foundation member British Bulldog?

Ken Shamrock was the sole survivor and picked up the win for his team last night against the Nation Of Domination. Tonight Shamrock takes on their leader Farooq, who is looking for some retribution.

Billy Gunn and Jesse James, Goldust, Kane, Team Canada, and Vader will all be in attendance too, in what will be a night of red-hot action from Ottawa.

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WCW Monday Night Nitro

Date: November 10th 1997.

Location: San Antonio, Texas.

Attendance: 6558.

Overall Show Rating: 80.7.

TV Viewers: 905,108.

The show started off with Hollywood Hogan coming out. Hogan announced that current United States Champion Curt Henning had a choice to make tonight; he could join the nWo or have a World Title shot. Hogan urged Henning to join the nWo.

Segment Rating – 86.7%

nWo Japan (Masahiro Chono & Mr Wallstreet) beat Stevie Ray and Carl Oulette

Match Rating – 79.4%

The Steiner Brothers beat Wrath and Hugh Morrus thanks to Ted DiBiase

Match Rating – 77.5%

Jeff Jarrett and Big Bubba Rogers beat Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Match Rating – 75.1%

Scott Steiner pledges his and his brothers (Rick Steiner) allegiance to the nWo.

Segment Rating – 77.3%

Diamond Dallas Page beat Stevie Richards

Match Rating – 79.5%

Hogan came to the ring and demanded Curt Henning join the nWo. Henning came down and said he’d rather have the World title. In the resulting match Henning beat Hogan for the World title.

Match/Segment Rating – 89.2%

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WWF Raw Is War

Date: November 10th 1997.

Location: Ottawa, Canada.

Attendance: 9737.

TV Viewers: 759,814

Dark Match: Interrogator Vs Jeff Hardy

Interrogator beat Jeff Hardy with the sidewalk slam. The crowd didn’t enjoy seeing Interrogator and let him know it.

Match Reaction = 35.5%

Match Quality = 65.2%

Overall Rating = 46.3%

Dark Match: Matt Hardy Vs Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo beat Matt Hardy with a moonsault.

Match Reaction = 35.5%

Match Quality = 65.2%

Overall Rating = 46.3%

Dark Match: Honky Tonk Man Vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Triple H beat Honky Tonk Man with the pedigree.

Match Reaction = 59.2%

Match Quality = 66.5%

Overall Rating = 66.4%

WWF Raw Is War Live

Voice Over The World Wrestling Federation, honour, pride and tradition. Not anymore…………………………………………………………………………………

<Clips from Survivor Series are shown of Shawn Michaels beating Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation championship. Shawn Michaels is shown reversing the Sharpshooter and then the bell being rung before we end with a close up on Shawn Michaels posing with the title. The video ends and we are taken through the firework display before Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler take centre stage.>

Jim Ross “Welcome everybody to Raw Is War! I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and we have one stacked card for you tonight.”

Jerry Lawler “That’s right Ross. We have Ken Shamrock Vs Farooq, British Bulldog Vs Steve Austin and so much more.”

Jim Ross “Two big match ups there King! Farooq wants retribution after Ken Shamrock almost single handily dismantle the Nation Of Domination.”

Jerry Lawler “That was a fluke JR and tonight Farooq will prove it.”

Jim Ross “Also King, our newly crowned Intercontinental champion Steve Austin will be one on one with British Bulldog.”

Jerry Lawler “Can Bulldog gain some retribution for Owen Hart?”

Rob Van Dam Vs TAKA Michinoku

As King finished that statement Rob Van Dams music plays and RVD makes his entrance. Next out is TAKA Michinoku. This was a very good, fast paced match up. After some back and forth action TAKA managed to land the Michinoku Driver for the three.

Commercial Break

<Oh! Oh! Shawn! Rips through the arena and HBK appears from the back to a barrage of hate. Shawn proudly struts to the ring with his WWF title and enters the ring before posing as fireworks go off behind him. Shawn leans over the ropes and is handed a microphone.>

Shawn Michaels “Now what kind of reception is that for an American Hero!?”

<The crowd give Michaels hell.>

Shawn Michaels “Last night, HBK proved who the better man in the WWF is. People before dared to doubt it, some even thought otherwise. But last night in Bret’s home country, right here in Canada, I made him tap out!”

<The crowd begin to chant for Bret.>

Shawn Michaels “You can chant for Bret the so called “Hitman” Hart all you like it won’t make any difference…………………………………………………………….”

<Suddenly Bret Hart’s guitar riff sounds throughout the arena and the crowd go nuts and HBK is stunned.>

Shawn Michaels “Alright then Hart, lets settle this!”

<The crowd are going crazy in anticipation and a familiar figure appears from the back. Hunter Hearst Helmsley in Bret attire including a “Shitman” jacket.>

Shawn Michaels “Oh no! No! It’s the Shitman!”

<The crowd start to hurl abuse and boo Shawn and HHH aggressively.>

“Shitman” “Now Shawn Michaels, I may lack charisma, wrestling skills and a personality but I want a title shot right now!”

Shawn Michaels “But Shitman, you only just lost your title last night.”

“Shitman” “You mean when you made me tap out?”

<The crowd show their hatred for this comment aggressively.>

Shawn Michaels “And I’ll do it again. When will you accept that you’re my bitch Shitman?”

<The crowd continue a barrage of abusive and boos and it only gets loudly after this comment.>

“Shitman” “Oh Shawn it’s true. I cannot match your superior charisma, looks and talent. I should do the right thing.”

<“Shitman” lies down in the ring and HBK pins him while counting himself the three. The crowd let Shawn and “Shitman" know preciously what they think of them.>

Shawn Michaels “Your winner and STILL World Wrestling Federation Champion, Shawn Michaels!”

<Oh! Oh! Shawn! Is played as Shawn poses over a down “Shitman” and the crowd want to rip Michaels a new ass.>

Jim Ross “What the hell was that? DX should be ashamed of themselves!”

Jerry Lawler It’s the Shitman JR! Haha!”

Commercial Break

Billy Gunn & Jesse James Vs New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham)

A decent tag team bout from these two teams. It wasn’t a classic wrestling match but the fans enjoyed it nevertheless. The New Blackjacks started off in control but a cheap shot from Billy Gunn on the outside to Bradshaw turned the tide for his team. Gunn and James then isolated Bradshaw with frequent tags and wore him down with double team moves at every opportunity. Bradshaw did manage to nail a clothesline on James and made the tag but Billy Gunn had Mike Chioda distracted and Chioda forced Barry Windham back out of the ring. Gunn and James continued to isolate Bradshaw until Windham had enough and burst into the ring to knock both men down with some hard offence knocking James to the outside. Billy Gunn reverses an Irish whip and sends Windham into the ropes. James drags Windham outside and throws him into the steps. Bradshaw is in control in the ring bounces off the ropes but James grabs his leg and Bradshaw turns around to kick James off. As Bradshaw turns back around he is met with a kick to the gut and Billy Gunn runs off the ropes and nails the Rocker Dropper for the win.

Commercial Break

<As we come back a video is shown of Goldust abandoning Team USA last night at Survivor Series. It shows Goldust continually refusing to tag until Vader slaps him and throws him in. Goldust is shown walking off and getting himself eliminated via count out. We are then taken to JR in the ring.>

Jim Ross “Ladies and gentlemen tonight I have been asked to interview Goldust over his actions last night in abandoning Team USA.”

<Crowd cheer a little at the mention of last nights result.>

Jim Ross “So without further ado. Goldust.”

<Goldust music blares out and the lights go gold as Goldust appears from the back with golden robe and wig and sporting his hand cast. The crowd actually cheer Goldust a little. Goldust makes his way down the ramp before “playfully” taking off his robe and wig and entering the ring. Goldust is handed a microphone by JR>

Jim Ross “Goldust, last night you abandoned your team and country in walking out of your match. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

<Goldust glares at JR and points at a message on his cast.>

Jim Ross “FU? Forever Unchained? What does that mean Goldust?”

<Goldust continues to glare at JR.>

Jim Ross “Is it a reference to your wife, Terri?”

Goldust “That’s enough.”

<Goldust goes to exit the ring. It’s time! It’s time! It’s Vader time! Vader explodes from the back and into the ring to a barrage of boos. Vader hammers away at Goldust and backs him into the corner as JR high tails it. Vader backs up and splashes Goldust in the corner. Vader poses on the turnbuckles to a barrage of boos.>

Jerry Lawler “I guess Vader didn’t take too kindly to Goldusts lack of words.”

<The action switches to the back and Team Canada is shown to a huge cheer and they are clearly pleased with their win last night.>

British Bulldog “Guys that what makes us better than those American scumbags.”

<The crowd cheer loudly for this remark.>

Owen Hart “Yeh, you guys did great last night but what about me and my match? I lost my title to that bald piece of garbage Austin.”

<Steve Austin’s name gets a mixed reception.>

British Bulldog “Don’t worry Owen. Me and the rest of the guys will make sure Austin doesn’t walk out of Canada at all.”

<That comment from Bulldog gets a mixed response, as the rest of Team Canada nod their heads in agreement to Bulldogs statement.>

Commercial Break

Farooq Vs Ken Shamrock

A good entertaining match between these two. Farooq had his Nation Of Domination cronies with him at ringside. Shamrock controlled early on until Kama Mustafa distracted Earl Hebner and Shamrock, which allowed D’lo Brown to attack Shamrock as he turned around. Farooq kept control with some hard-hitting offence until Shamrock fought back with a Hurricanarana. Shamrock slaps on the Anklelock, which leads to all the members of the Nation Of Domination to storm the ring and stomp away at Shamrock. Earl Hebner calls for the bell. The Nation continues to stomp away at Shamrock after the match.

Commercial Break

<As the commercials end we are taken to the Truth Commission and Jackyl briefing his troops.>

Jackyl “Last night we got the job done. Last night the world saw the true message prevail. But our message of truth and justice does not end. Tonight we will make another example and the world will fear the Truth Commission!”

Jim Ross “What does that mean?”

Mankind Vs Owen Hart

A very good match between these two, which the crowd enjoyed. The crowd in particular loved Owen. It was back and forth for the most part but Owen Hart managed to gain an advantage with a hard DDT. Owen went for the Sharpshooter, which the crowd went crazy for but Mankind pushed Owen off and Owen collided into Earl Hebner taking Earl out. Owen hit the low blow and went outside for a chair. Owen swings at Mankind but Mankind dodges and Owen hits the ring post making a loud sound. Mankind hits the Double Arm DDT and covers as Hebner recovers having heard the chair shot on the ringpost and seeing Owen laid out. Earl calls for the bell. Mankind freaks out at starts pulling his hair out and throwing it in the air. Mankind confronts the referee and slaps the Mandible Claw on him.

Commercial Break

<As we come back to Raw, Kane is in the back with Paul Bearer beside him.>

Paul Bearer “Underrrrrrrrrrrrrr-taker! No longer can you deny Kane his destiny! Last night Kane destroyed Mankind. Kane took that crazy screwed up pebble and took him through hell before ending his misery. Undertaker that too is your fate! We challenge you to lay down any challenge you see fit, anything and Kane will pass it. Undertaker you will pay for your crimes!”

<The camera focus’s in on a mean looking Kane.>

Jim Ross “Kane is one scary man King.”

Jerry Lawler “I wouldn’t want to be in Undertaker’s shoes JR!”

<A Hype Video For Kane Is Played.>

Bob Holly Vs Kane

A pretty decent and entertaining match considering it was a squash. Holly sold Kane’s offence well and Kane looked like a monster in the ring. The match consists of total Kane offence and he hit the Tombstone for the three. After Kane has exited, medics help Bob Holly up but the Truth Commission appear from the back and stomp away at Holly. The beat down finishes with an Interrogator sidewalk slam.

Commercial Break

<As we come back from the final commercial break of the night, footage of Steve Austin capturing the Intercontinental Title against Owen Hart at Survivor Series is shown.>

Jerry Lawler “I can’t wait for this JR. This should be a great match up!”

Jim Ross “Your dead right King.”

British Bulldog Vs Steve Austin

A good match, with a mixed crowd. Many in the crowd cheered both superstars. Austin dominated early on until Bulldog hit a clothesline. Bulldog dominates for a while until Austin regains control with a Lou Thresh press and mounted punches. Austin dominates and hits the Stunner for the three. After the match, Team Canada minus Owen Hart storm the ring. Austin stunners all three members and lands another on Bulldog to a mixed reaction.

Jim Ross “Austin just stunnered them all!”

Jerry Lawler “Team Canada don’t know what hit them!”

Jim Ross “Join us for another explosive Raw next week!”

<The WWF logo flashes onto a black screen as Raw goes off the air.>

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A Second Meeting With Owen

Date: November 10th 1997.

Location: Dressing room area.

Raw has just finished and the crowd enjoyed show but Vince McMahon is still not happy. He enters the dressing room area with a face of thunder. Owen bruised and battered from a tough match with Mankind, has just exited his dressing room bags in hands and ready to leave only for Vince to confront him.

Owen “Get out of my face McMahon.”

Vince “Why can’t you follow orders, you stupid moron!”

Owen “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Vince “Don’t play dumb with me Hart. You know full well you were suppose to come down get stunnered by Austin.”

Owen “What? You wanted me there too?”

Vince “Don’t take the piss Hart! I’ve had enough of you today already.”

Owen “So what you gonna do about it then?”

Vince “You better shape up or I will crush your career.”

Owen “Do you really expect me to comply to your demands after that whole “Shitman” thing? Could you of humiliated and insulted my brother and family any more?”

Vince “This is nothing to do with your family, not even you. This is about your brother and me. That’s why I chose to rip on Hitman and not Hart.”

Owen “When you insult one Hart you insult us all!”

Vince “I was insulting his character the “Hitman” not Bret Hart.”

Owen “What about the damn should of lied down references.”

Vince “Oh come on, your reading to much into it. That was harmless.”

Owen “You think so? Let me ask you Vince, have you heard about Bret’s appearance on Nitro yet?”

Vince “Not yet, but I will soon.”

Owen “Well you won’t because he wasn’t even mentioned. Bret had a prime chance to humiliate you and didn’t take it. Bret showed some class and decorum and you just showed what a scumbag you are!”

Vince “He wasn’t on Nitro? That can’t be right.”

Owen just walks off leaving Vince somewhat stunned. Owen is clearly in a tight situation and he isn’t helping himself by goading McMahon. McMahon however may have some regrets on the “Shitman” angle, but then again maybe not, it is Vince McMahon and it was good TV.

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WWF House Show

Date: November 14th 1997.

Location: Halifax, Canada.

Attendance: 2270.

New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham) defeated Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Ahmed Johnson thanks to outside interference from Chyna.

Vader defeated Goldust.

Legion Of Doom (Animal & Hawk) defeated Billy Gunn & Jesse James to retain their Tag Team championships.

Kane defeated Mankind.

Rocky Maivia defeated Ken Shamrock thanks to outside interference from Farooq.

Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart to retain his Intercontinental championship.

Shawn Michaels defeated Undertaker thanks to outside interference from Chyna to retain his WWF championship.

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ECW Hardcore TV

Date: November 14th 1997.

Location: ECW Arena, Philadelphia.

Attendance: 1424.

Overall Show Rating: 66.4.

TV Viewers: 2936.

Johnny Swinger beat Big Dick Dudley

Match Rating – 52.2

Buh-Buh Ray Dudley beat Pittbull #1, D-Von Dudley and Balls Mahoney in a 4-way dance

Match Rating – 59.3%

Chris Candido beat Bill Alfonso

Match Rating – 67.6%

Taz beat Bam Bam Bigelow for the ECW World title

Match Rating – 78.8%

Rob Van Dam and The Sandman beat Steve Corino and Sabu

Match Rating – 74.0%

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Wrestling Weekly News Roundup

Date: November 15th 1997.

Jeff Jarret Injured On Nitro

Jeff Jarret was injured in his tag match with Big Bubba Rogers against Konnan and Rey Mysterio on Nitro this week. Konnan applied the Tequila Sunrise on Jarret towards the end of the match and that led to back disc trouble for Jarrett. Jarrett soon tagged in Bubba Rogers and had no further part in the match. After examination by WCW medical staff, the problem wasn’t found to be as serious as first thought and they are optimistic of a December return for Jarrett.

Papi Chulo Injured At Raw Taping

Papi Chulo had no such luck in his dark match with Matt Hardy at the Raw taping this week. Chulo managed to tear his abdominal wall in what is still something of a mystery, as Chulo appeared fine at the end of the match. Chulo will be out till summer time next year at the very least.

Owen Hart To Leave WWF?

We have had numerous reports of arguments backstage between Owen Hart and Vince McMahon at Raw. The main source of these arguments seems to steam from Sunday’s fiasco. Owen Hart is said to have asked for his release following Raw this week and McMahon has yet to reply.

Interrogator Getting Abuse At Raw Taping

WWF are said to be worried with some of the comments aimed towards Interrogator in his dark match victory over Jeff Hardy. Various “boring” chants were heard and WWF officials are said to be worried that the Truth Commission as a whole are not getting over. The chants towards Interrogator did subside for his Superstars match against Matt Hardy however.

That’s all the news and gossip for this week.

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The Smark View

Date: 15th September 1997.

Hey folks, this is Smark with his roundup of the week’s events. I think the obvious place to start is Survivor Series and the monstrosity that occurred in Montreal. Having read various sources all week it seems a legitimate screwjob by Vince McMahon on Bret Hart. For those who don’t know what happened, in short, Vince McMahon give the order to ring the bell and end the match when Shawn Michaels had Bret in the Sharpshooter, despite Bret not taping out. We have all know for some weeks that Bret would leave WWF and there was some disagreements between the two as to when/where the title drop would happen. We had been led to believe that both parties had sorted it out and Bret would retain but we saw that would not be the case. Normally in this situation I would think it was a work but I know from first hand sources that Bret legit drilled Vince and broke his jaw with one punch backstage. It seems certain both parties had agreed on an ending in which Bret would keep the belt and Vince decided to strip Bret of the belt this way, we still don’t know and may never know what part Shawn Michaels played in it. We do know that Bret’s wife Julie was seen having words with a sheepish Hunter Hearst Helmsley afterwards. There is to be a documentary out soon called “Wrestling With Shadows” which should document the whole episode.

Nitro Recap

What the? What was going on with Nitro this week? It was an entertaining show but no Bret and the belt going on Curt Henning? Henning hasn’t even been turned face yet, I don’t understand this logic one bit, it may be a swerve but it’s a stupid one. Henning a non-nWo heel with the belt. Well I have to say I’m interested where it goes but I’m not holding my breath. The match of the night I would say was DDP Vs Stevie Richards. Now Stevie Richards has no place that high on the card granted but it was a very good match. Overall a solid show and the Tequila Sunrise on Jeff Jarret and resulting injury had no place on tv while I was eating my dinner, ouch!

Raw Recap

Ok wow! The “Shitman”, that has set this business backwards and forwards in so many ways! I mean it was hilarious and the crowd hated it (in a good way you understand) but seriously what is happening to our business? Anyway that segment aside Raw was good but not as good as Nitro, I don’t know why, there was something missing, maybe Bret? I don’t know. It seems Goldust and Vader are going to be pushed into a feud. There segment was ok, I think Goldust oozes charisma but Vader I think needs to be drop. I’ve never liked the guy and frankly he just bores me. Plus his new Pro USA gimmick really doesn’t suit him. Use he as a monster heel or not at all. The best match for me was actually the opener between RVD and TAKA Michinoku. WWF is missing highflying action like this and that’s another area WCW is killing them. Mankind is being seriously misused and by that I mean they aren’t using him. He put Kane over and now lost to Owen for no reason. Bulldog and Austin was decent for what it was. I don’t think anyone saw Austin losing but Austin destroying Team Canada at the end strikes me as odd and makes them look weak. Anything to do with Bret I wonder?

Hardcore TV

Not much to say really. Big Dick Dudley, Johnny Swinger blew. Balls Mahoney, Buh-Buh Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley and Pittbull #1 sucked. Bill Alfonso, Chris Candido was good. So much for Bam Bam Bigelow title reign, Taz soon ended that. Was there a point in him winning it? ECW should be above this if they want to make an impression on the big two and it wasn’t even the main event! Speaking of the main event, (RVD, Sandman Vs Sabu, Steve Corino) it was ok but not deserving of higher placing than the world title match. Crazy booking really. ECW shows needs some structure. I understand it’s “extreme” but it’s not going to get anywhere without a structure.

Well that’s for this week. I’ll be back next week, so until then peace out. Smark

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WWF Superstars Preview – Saturday 15th November – Ottawa, Canada

Steve Blackman will have to put the disappointment of Team USA’s loss last Sunday behind him as he goes one on one with Brian Christopher. Can the martial arts master score the victory over the cocky rookie? Team Canada member Phil LaFon will also be in action when he takes on Bart Gunn. Will the home field advantage tip the balance in his favour? The surging Truth Commission will also be in action when Interrogator takes on Matt Hardy and Recon takes on Scott Putski.

Don’t miss Superstars this week!

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WCW Saturday Night

Date: November 15th 1997.

Location: San Antonio, Texas.

Attendance: 6558.

Overall Show Rating: 65.6.

TV Viewers: 548,313.

Hector Garza beat Hector Guerrero

Match Rating – 52.7%

David Taylor beat Perry Saturn

Match Rating – 49.6%

Scotty Riggs beat Ultimo Dragon

Match Rating – 70.8%

Mortis beat Stevie Ray

Match Rating – 68.4%

Booker T beat Curt Hennig

Match Rating – 86.6%

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