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WCW '97 - The War For WCW

St. Dubb

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The Franchise of WCW - Sting.

Or so it used to be. This image of Sting is one that most fans are familiar with. This was the Sting that everyone had come to know and love throughout his career. This Sting was the fun-loving, energetic, fan favorite. He had spent his entire career going out each and every week and giving the fans what they wanted. But something went horribly wrong. What could have possibly been so life altering that it would send the once loveable Stinger into the darkness?

Three little words...

New World Order.

Sting's life went from the highest of highs into a downward spiral into the darkness and it all started when Scott Hall sauntered onto the Nitro set, proclaiming that the invasion was beginning. Sting was up to the challenge that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash brought however, and along with longtime friend Lex Luger and "The Macho Man" Randy Savage, Sting was ready to take on this threat head-on, just like he always was. The one thing Sting never expected was what came at Bash at the Beach in 1996.

Hulk Hogan and Sting had a lot in common. Both spent their careers being fan favorites, and always doing everything they could for the fans. So when Hogan came out and turned his back on WCW and the fans, it was a huge blow to everyone. The New World Order was born, and this betrayal would be just a sign of things to come for Sting.

He had never felt such hatred for anyone as he did Hogan and the nWo. This hatred was enough for Sting to do the unthinkable and team up with his longtime enemy, Ric Flair to take on the New World Order in the most dangerous match in wrestling, War Games. Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, and Arn Anderson were set to take on Hogan, Nash, Hall, and another nWo member yet to be named. The New World Order pulled one over everyone's head when they revealed none other than STING as their other representative as he emerged from a gift box and attacked Lex Luger.

Or so it seemed.

The truth of the matter was that it was actually Jeff Farmer, formerly known as Cobra who the nWo dressed up in Stinger paint and attire. It was enough to fool Sting's WCW teammates, and he upon trying to explain himself - he found himself being disowned by his teammates, including best friend Luger. Sting could not believe that of all people, Luger would not trust him. Sting begged for his trust, but Luger would have none of it.

Come Fall Brawl, Luger, WCW, and the fans would be in for a shock when Sting made his appearance as the last man to enter War Games. He took out everyone, including nWo Sting, before ultimately leaving WCW to lose to nWo. They had turned his back on him, and now he would do the same to them. Sting no longer wanted to be associated with WCW. His friends and fans had left him and not trusted him. He was in the darkest place that he had ever been in his career. Gone were the colors that had long been a trademark of the Stinger. And replacing them were the black and white colors. Was this a sign that Sting was siding with the New World Order?

The fact is, not even Sting knew where his allegiance lied. He had put everything he had into battling the nWo in order to save WCW. But his efforts had been in vain. All his hard work went to naught once Lex Luger and the rest of WCW decided not to trust him.

Sting wanted revenge. He should have expected something like this from Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, because he never really trusted them anyway. But Lex Luger was his best friend. Someone he thought he could trust and thought would trust him. They had held the WCW Tag Team Titles together, they had been up and down the road together. If there was one thing Sting didn't like, it was having people turn their back on him when he needed them the most.

Now Sting watched from the rafters as the New World Order continued to run rampant across WCW. Without him, WCW wasn't the same and could do little to stop them. Sting could not help but actually enjoy watching them fall under the pressure. But could he really sit back and watch the company he worked so hard for to be destroyed by this poison?

Honestly, right now, he couldn't care less. He wanted to get back at those who did not trust him...one by one they would regret not believing him. Those weeks where everyone thought and treated him like a criminal had completely destroyed Sting's pride and replaced it with the need to get retribution. He was the Stinger no more...now he was just a dark, vengeance-driven enigma. And perhaps the ultimate in revenge would be to join the nWo and completely cripple them. But his new persona did not change his feelings towards Hogan and the nWo. Sting was at a crossroads in his career, and this was quite the moral delimma for him.

For now...he was just a loner. A loner that held the fate of WCW in his hands.

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The New World Order

Bash at the Beach - 1996

By now, everyone knows what happened on this date in wrestling history. There is really no point in retelling the story once again, but what was created on this day would revolutionize wrestling like no event up until then had done. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had come to World Championship Wrestling as The Outsiders and promised a third member. At Bash at the Beach, it was revealed in unforgetable fashion that long-time fan favorite and hero - Hulk Hogan - was the third member of this rebel faction. Hogan would soon dub himself Hollywood Hogan and the three were known as the New World Order.

WCW Hog Wild - 1996

The nWo took its first step in establishing dominance over World Championship Wrestling when Hollywood Hogan challenged the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, The Giant in the main event. The Giant's power and strength made it appear that he would keep the belt in the hands of WCW, but Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would not have any of that. But The Giant appeared to be up to the challenge of keeping The Outsiders from making a difference, and had them set up for the Chokeslam. That was when Hogan took the title and slammed it into The Giant's head. From there it was just a simple three count before Hogan was awarded the Heavyweight Title. The nWo had taken the most prestigous belt in World Championship Wrestling to take a firm grip on the entire promotion. And to add insult to injury, he proceeded to spray paint the letters "nWo" onto the title belt which would not only spit on everything the belt stood for, but also to start the spray painting signature that would become a nWo trademark.

With the nWo becoming an established force in WCW, the new members started popping up. Ted DiBiase appeared at ringside for several Monday Nitros before being revealed as the "money man" of the nWo. DiBiase's infamous Virgil would also join the nWo as its "security." But perhaps the biggest jumper to the nWo was the man who just 23 days prior was screwed out of his Heavyweight Title. The power of money had led The Giant into joining the New World Order.


- September 9, 1996 - It would become the Monday Nitro that would start one of the longest and possibly most confusing angles of all time. Millions of fans around the world watched what appeared to be Sting attack his long-time best friend, Lex Luger before jumping into the New World Order limosine that quickly drove off. Everyone would quickly jump to the conclusion that Sting had joined the nWo, despite Sting's persistant denial. This all led up to Fall Brawl of 1996 in War Games. It was nWo, consisting of Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and "Sting" vs. Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, and Sting. Which side would Sting be on? Well, the later dubbed "nWo Sting" came out last for nWo, taking away whatever hope Team WCW had for winning the match. But as time counted down for WCW's last member to come out, out came none other than the real Sting. Sting proceeded to clean house for WCW. However, since his teammates had not believed him, Sting abandoned his them after taking out each member of the nWo. From there, nWo Sting would make Luger submit to a Scorpion Deathlock for a nWo win. The show would end with Luger crawling from the ring crying out to his best friend.

From then on, Sting's true allegiance was in question as he start wearing the black and white facepaint resembling that of The Crow. Sting would appear in the rafters week after week, ocassionaly showing up to take out members of both sides. His weapon of choice - the black baseball bat.

The nWo Grows - "If you're not for us, you're against us."

After Fall Brawl, nWo continued to grow stronger and stronger. They introduced the newest member, an old buddy of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall - Sean Waltman, or as he would become known as in the nWo - Syxx. The New World Order would also get some help from the inside during their matches when they recruited a referee to join the nWo. Nick Patrick joined the dark side, and his continuous bad officiating on the behalf of the nWo got him into a feud with Chris Jericho. The nWo would also acquire more gold when The Outsiders defeated Harlem Heat to become the Tag Team Champions at Halloween Havoc.

However, nWo would not realize its true power until they revealed the mastermind behind everything. On the November 18th edition of Nitro, during a segment involving Hollywood Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper, Senior Vice President Eric Bischoff's allegiance to the nWo. He then watched on as the nWo laid a beating onto Piper.

The next week on Nitro, Bischoff and the nWo would announce that the entire WCW had 30 days in order to declare where their allegiance lies. "If you aren't for us, you are against us." The first to take Bischoff up on his offer was Marcus Bagwell after he turned on his American Males tag team partner, Scotty Riggs. Marcus would soon take on the name Buff Bagwell as a nWo member. Also joining the nWo colors was Michael Walstreet and Big Bubba Rogers.

One man who gained the most from the nWo's membership drive was Battlebowl winner Diamond Dallas Page. Having not accomplished much besides a TV Title reign and the Battlebowl itself, was being courted by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to join the nWo due to their history. But Page was not giving in to the nWo temptation, but they were not giving up. Their attempt to get DDP into the black and white continues...

The Challengers

After Fall Brawl, WCW was left with not much hope as nWo had all but taken over World Championship Wrestling. The man who became the focus of the New World Order after Fall Brawl was Randy Savage. They brought Savage's wife Elizabeth into the equation, enraging Savage by showing him footage of the nWo pushing her around. Savage would challenge for Hollywood Hogan's Heavyweight Title at Halloween Havoc, but with Nick Patrick reffing the match, Savage was of course screwed out of his title shot. After this, Savage would disappear from WCW Television.

After the match, bagpiper blared through the arena and out came Rowdy Roddy Piper to confront Hollywood Hogan. Piper claimed to be the bigger icon than Hogan. Their old feud was rekindled and Piper became the new focus of the nWo's attack. This, as stated earlier, led to Bischof's heel turn and then the "big" match was signed for Starcade, but it would not be for the title. Instead it was for nothing but pride to determine just who the bigger icon was.

Lex Luger also continued to oppose the nWo after Fall Brawl. He took part in the big World War III event, that came down to himself, and Kevin Nash and The Giant of the nWo. Luger had actually lifted the huge Giant up in the rack, but could not eliminate him. He then had Nash in the Torture Rack when The Giant sent both men out of the ring to win the 60-Man Battle Royal and win a shot at Hollywood Hogan's Heavyweight Title. Luger and The Giant would continue their feud where it would be blown off at Starcade.

WCW Starcade '96

The Ultimo Dragon pinned "The Man of 1,000 Holds" Dean Malenko with a variation of the Tiger Suplex to become the new WCW World Cruiserweight Champion.

-Ultimo Dragon now holds nine Cruiserweight belts.

-During the match, Sonny Ono asked, "What should I do with the extra belt? Maybe I'll use it to hold my pants up!"

Mike Tenay explained why The Dragon is sometimes called Ultimo and sometimes Ultimate. Ultimo is the Mexican version. It means "final" and recognizes that Ultimo Dragon was the last protogee of Bruce Lee.

The match started really slow to the point of some "Boring" chants from the crowd. About halfway through, things really picked up.

-At one point in the match, Malenko got Dragon in the Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Sonny Ono jumped up on the apron and Malenko broke the hold and went after Ono before Drgaon submitted. In my opinion, it was a lame spot as Ono being able to break Malenko's concentration that easily is totally out of character for Malenko.

-The ending was somewhat surprising in that it wasn't the result of a monster finishing move.

Akira Hokuto pinned Madusa following a brainbuster to win the tournament and become the WCW Women's Champion.

-The pinfall came very soon after Sonny Ono clocking Madusa over the back with the pole of her American flag.

Hokuto was escorted to the ring by Kensuke Sasaki, her husband and also a wrestler (rated 70th in this year's PWI 500). At one point, Sonny Ono tripped Madusa and Sasaki got pissed at Ono for interfering.

-Nick Patrick was the referee but did not really come into play.

-After the match, Sasaki was very pissed at Ono for his involvement in the match.

Okerlund interviewed Piper. Piper was practically frothing at the mouth. Many threats, many jokes. He was a complete nut-job. Talking about Hogan's ego: "Rosanne Barr's bra cups, on Hogan's head? A yarmulke!"

Jushin "Thunder" Liger pinned Rey Misterio, Jr. with a Ligerbomb (powerbomb).

-Jushin "Thunder" Liger had a benign brain tumor removed in August. His return to the ring so soon is impressive.

Rey Misterio missed a Frankensteiner from the top rope immediately before the pin. It looked like a legitimate miss.

-Misterio powered out right at the three-count but it was too late.

-Three for three for the Japanese wrestlers tonight.

Jeff Jarrett pinned "The Crippler" Chris Benoit.

-Benoit and Woman came to the ring together smiling at each other. She looks kind of big. It's possible that the rumors of her being pregnant (by her husband, Kevin Sullivan) may be true after all.

-Benoit was very arrogant early in the match, talking trash.

-Benoit threw Jarrett over the top during the match, and the referee saw Woman raking Jarrett's eyes, but it was a no-DQ match.

-After Benoit was dropped on the top rope onto his lower extremities, Dusty commented, "That will mess up your fraternizing in Paris".

-Near the end of the match, Arn Anderson came out and walked right past Benoit and stood in Jarrett's corner. It looked like Benoit had been kicked out of the Horsemen in favor of Jarrett. Morrus and Konnan came out and attacked Woman. Woman gave Morrus a sweet kick between the wickets. When Benoit threw Jarrett outside the ring, Anderson DDT'd Jarrett on the floor and rolled him back in for Benoit to cover him, thus making Anderson's overture toward Jarrett a fraud. However, in the meantime, Sullivan had come into the ring and chaired Benoit and knocked him out flat on his back. Thus, when Anderson rolled Jarrett back in the ring, one of Jarrett's arms fell across Benoit and the referee counted the pinfall on Benoit.

-Anderson stormed off. Jarrett left making the "V" for victory. Benoit left being helped by Woman.

-No one wanted to talk to Okerlund so Steve and Debra McMichael came out. The crowd got loud while Debra was talking so McMichael yelled, "You zipperheads! Shut your piehole!!" The crowd went nuts. Debra had a great quote about Woman: "She's been rode hard and put up wet too many times".

The Outsiders def. The Faces of Fear when Kevin Nash pinned Barbarian after a powerbomb. The Outsiders retain the WCW World Tag Team Championships.

-Nick Patrick was the referee and started getting in the Faces of Fear way early on. He also conveniently missed all of the illegal tactics used by the Outsiders.

-Kevin Nash didn't do his homework. He gave Meng and Barbarian double coconuts at one point with no effect. They just turned and gave Nash a double coconut.

-After a Mafia kick, Barbarian waited about ten seconds to attempt the cover because Jimmy Hart missed his cue to distract the referee so he would miss the pinfall.

-Partway through the match, Syxx grabbed Jimmy Hart's megaphone and chased Hart back to the dressing room.

Scott Hall actually acted like a face at one point. Barbarian had Hall in a nerve hold for a long time and Hall "Hulked Out Of It". It was odd.

-The ending was actually a clean finish. Nick Patrick really did not do anything to help the Outsiders in the last few minutes of the match.

Equal time for the nWo since Roddy Piper was interviewed. Hulk proclaimed it Hollywood Day and said if it wasn't for him, the wrestling business wouldn't even be on the map.

Eddie Guerrero pinned "Diamond" Dallas Page with a frog splash in the WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament.

-The pinfall followed Scott Hall giving "Diamond" Dallas Page a Razor's Edge unbeknownst to Eddie Guerrero.

-After Guerrero realized what had happened, he talked trash at Hall, Nash, and Syxx such that they came back into the ring and did a mudhole stomp on him. When they were done, they stole the new U.S. Heavyweight belt that was to replace the one they had stolen from Ric Flair.

-Somewhat ironically, as Eddie Guerrero is a total face, the crowd was clearly behind Page in this match. Guerrero was actually getting as many boos as cheers. Actually, most people just weren't that interested in Guerrero.

-My theory was Guerrero would win this match as payback for Page legitimately (and accidentally) breaking Guerrero's ribs on a recent pay-per-view. This is similar to J.L. getting a pinfall victory over Dean Malenko (can you believe it?) some time ago after Malenko had accidentally broken J.L.'s arm during a match.

Advertisement for the nWo Souled Out pay-per-view Saturday, 1/25, Superbowl weekend.

"The Total Package" Lex Luger pinned the Giant after hitting a grand slam on the Giant with Sting's baseball bat.

-This was the nWo's first loss ever. (Editor's Note: Since originally posting this, I've gotten a couple of e-mails correcting this. This was actually at least the fourth loss of the nWo although, depending on your definition, the first three may not "count". Ric Flair beat Hulk Hogan via DQ at the Clash following Hog Wild. Chris Jericho pinned Nick Patrick. Chris Jericho defeated Masa Hiro Chono via DQ in Chono's nWo debut on Nitro.)

-Throughout the match, the Giant had a number of opportunities where he lifted Luger up from a cover to administer more punishment.

-When Schiavone hadn't heard the sound of a hard hit in the match, Heenan said, "If you'd put down that big jug with those three Xs on it, you would have heard it".

-At one point, Luger covered the Giant. The Giant powered out throwing Luger in the air and Luger landed on the ref and knocked the ref out. Luger racked the Giant and Nick Patrick came out and kneed Luger in the back and Syxx came in and gave Luger a spinning kick to knock Luger out.

-As Syxx and Patrick were trying to put Giant on top of Luger, WCW Sting came out with his baseball bat and chased off Syxx and Patrick. Sting whispered something to Luger who was in one corner and then whispered something to the Giant who was in the opposite corner. He then put his bat in the center of the ring and left.

-Luger got to the bat first but Giant stepped on it. Luger gave the Giant a low blow and took the bat and hit a grand slam on the Giant (whacked him four times). Luger then flipped the bat out of the ring and the groggy ref (and the crowd) counted a very slow three count. The crowd went absolutely friggin' nuts.

This was the beginning of the Giant's face turn as he realized that when he was in trouble, the only people sent out to help him were Nick Patrick and Syxx.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper defeated "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan via submission with a sleeper hold.

-Hogan started the match with slaps to make Piper angry.

-When the referee (Randy Anderson) started getting in the way, Piper sat him on the ropes and patted him on the head.

Hogan got an early advantage with punches and body rakes.

-Piper came back with a clothesline the signature two-finger eye poke. Hogan then rolled out.

-Piper got a headlock on Hogan and Hogan could not throw Piper out of it. Hogan gave Piper a belly-to-back suplex and Piper still wouldn't let go.

-Hogan finally got out of it and snapped Piper's neck on the top rope and threw Piper out of the ring and gave him a beating out there.

-Hogan got Piper back in, missed a clothesline, and Piper gave Hogan one.

-Hogan rolled out and started going toward the dressing room. Piper followed him out and started beating him in the aisle and brought him back to ringside.

-Piper pulled the belt off his kilt outside the ring and started beating and choking Hogan with it.

-Piper got Hogan back into the ring and DiBiase grabbed Piper's foot. Piper went out after DiBiase and Hogan followed him and took the advantage.

-Hogan slammed Piper into the metal steps and then tossed him into the crowd. He then brought Piper back into the ring and started working on the bad hip.

-Hogan then got Piper into an abdominal stretch until Piper flipped him out of it.

-Piper and Hogan started rolling around fighting and Piper and Schiavone commented that Piper was pulling Hogan's hair out. -Heenan said: "Well, that won't take long".

-Another signature two-finger eye poke by Piper and Piper suplexed Hogan. Piper measured Hogan and then missed a knee drop.

Hogan missed the Leg Drop Of Doom.

-The Giant came in and tried to chokeslam Piper. Meanwhile a legit fan tried to get in the ring. Hogan and Randy Anderson proceeded to beat the hell out of the fan while pushing him out of the ring into the waiting arms of security guards and cops.

-As the Giant was trying to chokeslam Piper, Piper backed the Giant up to the ropes and using leverage threw the Giant over the top rope.

-Piper put the sleeper on Hogan. The referee put Hogan's arm up three times and it fell down three times. The ref called for the bell. Roddy Piper beats Hulk Hogan by submission! Hogan jobs to Piper!! In a sleeper hold in a non-screw-job finish!!!

-After the match, Hall and Nash rushed the ring. Piper socked them both and made a hasty exit from the ring. He walked past the Giant and was met by two youngsters (presumably his kids) by the dressing room.

Hogan and Giant started getting into it with Giant saying, "I watch your back and where were you when I needed you?" The Giant then stormed off and Hogan said into the camera that "The Giant dropped the ball. He blew it."

As Hogan and The Outsiders got back into the ring, the crowd started a serious "Hogan sucks!" cheer.

Hogan said into the camera, "Piper, I beat you! I killed you!" and hocked a disgusting loogie right into the camera lens.

The nWo music started playing and Hogan started posing and the pay-per-view ended.

----Credit Results from DDTDigest.com

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World Championship Wrestling

Money: 50,000,000

PI: 50% Global

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hollywood Hogan

WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders

WCW United States Champion: Eddie Guerrero

WCW Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon

Italics = Heel

Bold = Tweener


Hollywood Hogan

Lex Luger

Ric Flair



Arn Anderson

Diamond Dallas Page

Kevin Nash

Rick Steiner

Scott Hall

Scott Steiner

The Giant


Big Bubba Rogers

Booker T

Buff Bagwell

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Dean Malenko

Disco Inferno

Eddie Guerrero

Jeff Jarrett

Jim Duggan

Kevin Sullivan


Lord Steven Regal

Steve "Mongo" McMichael

Stevie Ray


Ultimo Dragon


Alex Wright

Bobby Eaton

Carl Oulette


Greg Valentine

Hugh Morrus

Jacques Rougeau

John Tenta

Johnny Grunge


Masahiro Chono


Michael Wallstreet

nWo Sting

Rocco Rock

Scott Norton

Scotty Riggs

Squire David Taylor

The Renegade



Billy Kidman

Bunkhouse Buck

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Dirty Dick Slater

Hardwork Bobby Walker

Juventud Guerrera

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

The Barbarbian


Col. Robert Sanders

Debra McMichael


Eric Bischoff

Jimmy Hart


Sister Sherri

Sonny Oono

Ted DiBiase



Ace Darling

Brad Armstrong

Craig Pittman

CW Anderson

David Flair

Devon Storm

Horace Hogan

Jim Powers

Joe Gomez

Kenny Kaos

La Parka

Mark Starr

Mike Enos

Prince Iaukea


Rick Fuller

Robbie Rage

Scott Armstrong

Steve Armstrong

Super Calo


The Amazing French Canadians - Jacques Rougeau Jr & Carl Oulette

Harlem Heat - Booker T & Stevie Ray

Public Enemy - Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock

The Blue Bloods - Lord Steven Regal & Squire David Taylor

The Faces of Fear - Meng & The Barbarian

The Outsiders - Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

The Steiner Brothers - Scott Steiner & Rick Steiner


The New World Order

Hollywood Hogan - Leader

Big Bubba Rogers

Buff Bagwell


Eric Bischoff

Kevin Nash

Masahiro Chono (nWo Japan)

Michael Walstreet

nWo Sting (nWo Japan)

Scott Hall

Scott Norton


Ted DiBiase


The Four Horsemen

Ric Flair - Leader

Arn Anderson

Chris Benoit

Steve McMichael

The Dungeon of Doom

Jimmy Hart - Leader

Hugh Morrus

Kevin Sullivan



The Barbarian


World Wrestling Federation

PI: 15% Global

Owner: Linda McMahon

Top Five Stars:

1. Shawn Michaels

2. Bret Hart

3. The Undertaker

4. Sycho Sid

5. Steve Austin

Extreme Championship Wrestling

PI: 70% Cult

Owner: Paul Heyman

Top Five Stars:

1. Raven

2. Tommy Dreamer

3. Shane Douglas

4. The Sandman

5. Sabu

1996 Top Workers

1. Shawn Michaels (WWF)

2. Bret Hart (WWF)

3. Owen Hart (WWF)

4. Keiji Moto (Free Agent)

5. Chris Jericho (WCW)

6. Chris Benoit (WCW)

7. Steve Austin (WWF)

8. Diamond Dallas Page (WCW)

9. Rocky Miavai (WWF)

10. Eddie Guerrero (WCW)

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WCW Monday Nitro Preview for January 6

As we left Nitro in 1996, we witnessed Roddy Piper destroyed by the New World Order. When The Giant refused to do further damage to Piper and instead demanded a title shot from Hollywood Hogan, he found himself turned on quickly as he became subject to a New World Order beatdown as well. But that has done little to quiet The Giant's demand for a title shot. The last thing Hollywood Hogan wants to do is to have to defend his World Title against The Giant at Souled Out, but The Giant has earned the title shot and it is only a matter of time before Hogan has to meet The Giant in the ring. But for this week, The Giant will be on hand looking to get back at his former group.

With Piper out of comission, who is going to step up to face the New World Order. It looks like the next man to do so could be "The Total Package" Lex Luger. In this week's Nitro Main Event, Luger is set to face the New World Order's Syxx. Luger will have the power advantage, but Luger has to be aware of the threat from the back as the nWo always strikes in numbers.

Souled Out is still in the distance, but this week on Nitro we will find out who will be going to Souled Out to face The Outsiders for the WCW World Tag Team Titles. Coming off a win over Public Enemy last week on Nitro, The Amazing French Canadians will be looking to continue their momentum as they face one of the most successful teams WCW has ever had - The Steiner Brothers.

Will Diamond Dallas Page join the New World Order? WCW hopes that they can keep him on the good side, but his interview with Gene Okerland last week left many questions open. Perhaps in an effort to persuade DDP to stay with WCW, he has been given a WCW Television Title shot this week against Lord Steven Regal. Regal has shown that he will do anything to keep his Television Title...will he sneak away again this week?

Is there a rift in the foundation of the Four Horsemen? Ric Flair and Arn Anderson would like us to think otherwise. But ever since Jeff Jarrett has shown up on the scene and demanded a spot, tensions have been high. Jeff Jarrett feels he did enough to prove himself by beating Chris Benoit at Starcade, but apparantly it wasn't enough. Jarrett will be looking to continue to try and prove him worthy of being a Horsemen this week as he takes on Disco Inferno.

Plus - United States Champion Eddie Guerrero in action as well as a Cruiserweight Title defense from Ultimo Dragon!

Confirmed Card

-Lex Luger vs. Syxx

-The Steiner Brothers vs. The Amazing French Canadians

-Lord Steven Regal vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Television Title Match

-Jeff Jarrett vs. Disco Inferno


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Monday Night Nitro

January 6, 1997

The first Nitro of the 1997 year began with the last couple minutes of the last Nitro of 1996. We relived the scene of the nWo brutally beating Roddy Piper after he said that he wanted one more shot at Hogan's belt. We saw The Giant refusing to Chokeslam Piper, and the subsequent slap across the face from Hogan. Followed by The Giant grabbing HOGAN by the throat and demanding the title shot he deserved, only to get beat down by the nWo as well. The final view is of Hogan hitting The Giant with the belt and saying "This is MY belt" as the scene faded out into the Nitro opening. From the opening the camera panned around the live audience as the pyro went off on the Nitro stage. At the announce position was Tony Shiavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Tony Shiavone: Welcome to the FIRST Nitro of 1997! I'm Tony Shiavone and I'm alongside none other than Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as we get ready to bring to you a night that promises to be packed with excitement.

Bobby Heenan: I'm tellin' ya Tony, I'm so excited...I can't even see straight. Is that you Tony?

Tony Shiavone: Nevermind him...the last thing we remember from 1996 was seeing The Giant getting a beatdown at the hands of his OWN New World Order teammates! They did not take kindly to The Giant standing up for himself and demanding the title shot that he won at World War III.

Bobby Heenan: I've always said that the New World Order was full of nothing but a bunch of snakes who could not be trusted. And Hollywood Hogan, he's the BIGGEST snake of them all. And you know how you kill a snake Tony? You cut it's head off! Oh what I'd pay to see someone do that to Hogan.

Tony Shiavone: We're going to hope to have an update on the condition of Rowdy Roddy Piper sometime in the program as well after he took a massive beating from the nWo as well. The Giant will also be on hand tonight, and you know the nWo will be here...after all, we're going to see Syxx in the main event tonight against the man who could possibly step up and be the new leader of the WCW - Lex Luger.

Bobby Heenan: Somebody better step up, and if Lex Luger finishes with the bodywax soon enough...he just may be the guy we're looking for.

Tony Shiavone: Standing up against the nWo certainly hasn't gotten anyone very far...Randy Savage is out, Piper may have been beaten into retirement, and of course Sting now lurks the rafters because of the nWo!

Bobby Heenan: Speaking of which...hey Tony, why don't you stand up against the nWo.

Tony Shiavone: And on that note, this week we're starting the action off without the nWo as the Cruiserweights kick things off!

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Ultimo Dragon © (w/Sony Oono) vs. Billy Kidman

Neither man was met with much heat from the crowd, but they made up for the lack of heat by putting on a quality match atleast for the folks viewing at home. From the opening bell, Ultimo Dragon showed why he is the cruiserweight champion by mostly dominating Billy Kidman. Dragon introduced Kidman to his arsenal of kicks, keeping the normally high flying Kidman grounded to the mat. Dragon eventually sent Kidman to the outside and then came down onto him with his Asai Moonsault that left both men down. Ultimo Dragon rolled back into the ring and got the attention of referee Charles Robinson as Sony Oono snuck in and got a couple cheapshots to Kidman. Dragon then rolled back out of the ring to go back to work on Kidman. Kidman finally showed that he could indeed get some offense in as he reversed a whip attempt by Dragon and instead sent Dragon into the gaurd rail. Kidman ran, used the ringsteps as a springboard, and hit a head scissors takedown onto Dragon. Kidman rolled Dragon back into the ring, following him in and going for a quick pin. One, Two, Dragon kicked out.

Dragon got back up to his feet and swung a right hand at Kidman, but Kidman ducked and then lifted Dragon up for a back suplex but then instead drove him to the mat with a face slam. Kidman rolled Dragon over into a pinning predicament - One, Two, kickout again. Kidman attempted to whip Dragon into the ropes, but Dragon reversed it; however, it was re-reversed by Kidman. Dragon came off the ropes right into an elevated spinebuster bomb by Kidman. Another cover by the challenger - One, Two, kickout. Kidman's offense would come to an end for good, however, when he lifted Dragon up into a fireman's carry. Dragon fought it off and countered with the Dragon Sleeper almost out of nowhere on Kidman. Kidman was trapped in the middle of the ring as Dragon locked the hold on firmly. Kidman had no choice but to submit, allowing Dragon to successfully retain.

Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion - Ultimo Dragon

Overall: 71

Crowd: 51

Match: 91

-Cruiserweight Title gained image-

Bobby Heenan: I almost feel sorry for Billy the Kid, he was no match for the Ultimate Dragon.

Tony Shiavone: It's Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon, Brain. And Kidman refused to give up, but Ultimo Dragon proved why he is the cruiserweight champion by sticking with it and winning with that DEVISTATING submission hold.

Bobby Heenan: With BO like yours Tony, the Dragon Sleeper would win you A LOT of matches.

Tony Shiavone: ...When we come back, a word with Lex Luger!


-Leading the Charge-

As we came back from commercials, Mean Gene Okerland was backstage with "The Total Package" Lex Luger.

Gene Okerland: I'm with THE TOTAL PACKAGE, and Lex...many are saying that someone in World Championship Wrestling needs to step up and challenge the New World Order. And the question on EVERYBODY'S mind is...WILL THAT MAN BE YOU?

Lex Luger: I'll tell you Gene, it's NO secret that the nWo has got to be stopped. They've taken over the airwaves and they've even got their own Pay-Per-View coming up with Souled Out. I've watched as Randy Savage and Roddy Piper have tried to stop them, only to pay the ultimate price in the end. But even after seeing what happened to them, I cannot sit idly by and let WCW fall.

Gene Okerland: But don't you think that this task may be too big for just one man?

Lex Luger: Maybe for an ordinary men like Randy Savage and Roddy Piper, but I am The Total Package. I am no ordinary man. And who can I look to for help? Ric Flair and the Horsemen are too busy dealing with themselves and Jeff Jarrett. We've tried to get Sting to come back and fight the good fight, but he has deserted us in OUR time of need. It's obvious we can't count on him. If I have no choice, I will go into battle by myself.

Gene Okerland: What about The Giant, Lex? Someone of his size and power would make a strong ally in the fight against nWo.

Lex Luger: Let's not forget that not just a couple weeks ago, I had a match at Starcade against The Giant and we almost killed each other out there. The fact of the matter is that he already turned his back on WCW once by joining the black and white. Who is to say this isn't all some big master plan by Eric Bischoff to trick someone like me into trusting The Giant, only to have it bite me? I'm not willing to take the risk. And I'm willing to bet everyone in the WCW locker room feels the same way I do. The Giant cannot be trusted.

Gene Okerland: Ok, but what about your opponent for tonight, Syxx?

Lex Luger: Syxx is just a little scrawny twig and it would be my pleasure to snap in half with the Torture Rack. We all have seen me Rack the Giant, so Syxx will be no problem at all.

Luger then looked right into the camera and gave one of his trademark flexes before leaving Okerland to send it back to Shiavone and Heenan.


Bobby Heenan: I hope Luger is okay.

Tony Shiavone: What do you mean?

Bobby Heenan: Well he looked kind of constipated just then.

Tony Shiavone: We was flexing like he always does...

Bobby Heenan: OR...maybe he's just always constipated. I think I might have some medicine for him.

Chris Jericho vs. Masahiro Chono

Jericho got the crowd into the match, as he is really starting to get a following in WCW. Chono came out wearing an nWo Japan T-Shirt and seemed cool and confident in his dark shades. These two have met before, and Jericho went right at Chono - hitting him with a dropkick to the knee to start the match. Chono lost his shades in the scuffle which saw Jericho getting the early advantage thanks to his electricity and catching Chono off gaurd. Jericho tried to keep the match at his perferred fast pace to keep the advantage. Jericho went for the pin following a missle dropkick to Chono, but only got a two. After a couple more pinfall attempts, Jericho locked Chono in a waistlock. Chono fought off a German suplex attempt from Jericho by hitting him with a pair of back elbows. Jericho stumbled back and Chono took Jericho to the mat with a Yakuza Kick. Chono went for the pin which also got a two.

Chono grounded Jericho by applying a headlock and arm hold. Billy Silverman checked in on Jericho, but Jericho was not giving in. He had the crowd behind him and fought his way free - only to be taken back down to the mat by a clothesline from Chono. Chono stomped away at Jericho furiously which caused Silverman to step in and restrain him. Jericho began trying to pull himself up using the ropes, but Chono came in and headbutted Jericho in the back and pulled him to the center of the ring where he hit him with a snap belly-to-back suplex. Chono went for the pin - One, Two, Thr...Jericho got his shoulder up. Chono would soon attempt a powerbomb, but Jericho pulled Chono's legs out from under him and then turned him over into the Lion Tamer! Chono tried to fight off the hold, but it looked like he was about to give in when Nick Patrick and Syxx arrived at ringside. Patrick pulled Silverman from the ring as Chono tapped out. Patrick decked Silverman as Syxx bounced off the ropes and broke the Lion Tamer with a spinning heel kick to Jericho. Patrick climbed into the ring as Syxx helped Chono up. Chono walked over to Jericho and locked on the STF. Jericho wasn't tapping out, but Patrick called for the bell anyway - rewarding the match to Masahiro Chono.

Winner - Masahiro Chono

Overall: 72

Crowd: 60

Match: 84

-Masahiro Chono gained over-

Tony Shiavone: I can't believe this! Chris Jericho had Masahiro Chono locked in the Lion Tamer and had the match WON!

Bobby Heenan: When it comes to the nWo, it ain't over till it's over.

Tony Shiavone: But the match SHOULD HAVE BEEN OVER!

Bobby Heenan: Tell that to Jericho, he just loss.

The screen cut out to commercials as Nick Patrick raised Masahiro Chono's arm in victory as Syxx laid some cheap boots to Jericho all while the crowd booed them on.


-Tension Mounts in the Horsemen Camp-

Back from commercials, the screen fades in to the Horsemen's private suite.. Steve McMichael and Debra were sitting down while Benoit, Arn, and Flair stood. Flair paced back and forth, obviously upset about something. Woman was standing by the side of Chris Benoit.


Debra McMichael: Aw come on' Ric...he's a good guy. And he's helped us out a lot. Just give him a spot.

Arn Anderson: Listen missy...it's the FOUR Horsemen. And that's the way it's going to stay.

Ric Flair: There is no way in HELL that Jarrett is ever going to be a Horseman. I don't care who he beats. I don't care who he helps! THIS is the Horsemen.

Debra whispered something to Mongo, who then stood up from his seat.

Steve McMichael: You know, I've always thought that it was strength in numbers. It couldn't hurt to have one more person on our side. Especially with the nWo runnin' all 'round beating up anyone and everyone in their path. Come on Ric, Arn, Chris...what's it gonna hurt?

Ric Flair: What's it gonna hurt? WHAT'S IT GONNA HURT?! How about the legacy of the Horsemen?! Something I think YOU are doing enough of already! The only reason you're standing up for him is because your WIFE WANTS YOU TOO!

Chris Benoit: Yeah MONGO, maybe you want to thank about that for a second. Maybe Jarrett and Debra have a little thing going on behind your back?

Mongo squinted, then turned his head over to Debra who immediately denied it. Mongo looked back to the other three.

Steve McMichael: Oh yeah Chris, you would know ALLLLLLL about other people's WIVES, WOULDN'T YA?

This obviously angered Benoit, who went right up into Mongo's face. Mongo wasn't backing down, but they were seperated by Flair and Anderson.

Arn Anderson: Listen, we need to get our heads together here. Mongo has a point, there is strength in numbers. But the fact is, Jarrett is not and will not be a Horsemen. Case closed. Now put your differences aside now...

Ric Flair: That's it! Kiss and make up boys! Because tonight we're gonna tear the town up!

Benoit and Mongo very reluctantly shook hands at the request of Flair and Anderson.

Ric Flair: That's what I'm talking about! Come on guys and gals, it's party time! WHOOOOOO!

The crowded "Whoooed" with Flair as the screen faded out from the Horsemen suite.


-Arn Anderson gained over-

Tony Shiavone: It looks like things are settled in the Four Horsemen camp, for now atleast.

Bobby Heenan: Women are nothing but trouble, Tony. And I love trouble.

Tony Shiavone: We're going to see Jeff Jarrett in action later on tonight, but right now we...

Shiavone was cut off as the now unmistakeable music of the New World Order began to blare over the PA System. The crowd booed loudly as the WCW World Tag Team Champions - Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, The Outsiders - made their way from the back, not dressed in wrestling gear; but instead in nWo gear and jeans. They headed for the announce booth instead of the ring. Shiavone and Heenan looked ready to jet, but Nash and Hall pushed them back down into their seats. Kevin Nash took a seat next to Tony and put on a headset.

Kevin Nash: Woah what's the rush fellas? We're just here to see a little RASSLIN action.

Tony Shiavone: ...Alright...

Bobby Heenan: Sure! Pull up a chair fellas.

Kevin Nash: Oh good, you guys were ready for us...you have a fourth headset.

Nash pulled out another headset for Hall, who didn't have a chair so he took a seat on the booth itself.

Scott Hall: Hey yo.

Kevin Nash: You know how predictable you are?

Scott Hall: What's your point?

Kevin Nash: Meh...I dunno.

Tony Shiavone: If your going to be here, atleast call some action.

Scott Hall: Hey Einstein, looks to me like there's no action in the ring yet for us to call. Get a clue.

Kevin Nash: Haha, yo Scott...I don't think he can tell cuz you're kinda blocking his view of the ring.

Scott Hall: He's got a monitor, let him use that.

Bobby Heenan: I'm always telling Tony that he makes things too hard on himself.

Kevin Nash: Haha, you're a good man Brain.

Bobby Heena: Yeah, I think so too.

Kevin Nash: Allllright! In the famous words of Tony Shiavone - LET'S GO TO THE RING!

#1 Contender for the Tag Titles

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Amazing French Canadians

The Steiners were very over with the crowd, while the French Canadians could not really say the same. But they were getting this shot following a victory over Public Enemy last week on Nitro. The winner of this match was set to go on to face The Outsiders at Souled Out. Hall and Nash spent the match making fun of both teams, and the French in general. While the commentary was humorous, it did take away from the match; which was too bad since the match itself was pretty good. Both teams have plenty of experience and worked well with each other. The Steiners started off hot against Carl Ouelette and Jacques Rougeau, making frequent tags and taking out whatever member of the French Candians that came at them. Rick Steiner would go for a pin following a double suplex - One, Two, Oulette broke up the pin. Rougeau hit Rick with a low blow that allowed him to make the tag to Carl Ouelette who immediately met the recovering Rick Steiner with some stiff forearm shots. He then lit Rick up in the corner with some stiff chops. A powerslam resulted in a two count for Ouelette. Nitro headed to commercials as he locked a back mounted chinlock onto Rick.

Coming back from the commercials, Rick Steiner was still being the face-in-peril as Ouelette and Rougeau were using the standard heel tag team play book including drawing Scott into the ring to distract the ref, illegal switches, and of course double teaming. However, once Ouelette went for the La Cannonball, Rick managed to move out of the way just in time so that Carl hit the mat hard. Rick slowly crawled over and tagged in Scott. Both members of the AFC's took turns eatting Steinerlines from Scott before Rougeau was hit with a T-Bone suplex from Scott. Ouelette stumbled up to his feet and walked right into a swinging belly-to-belly suplex from Scott. He then pulled Ouelette back up and sent him into the corner. Scott came running in with a clothesline into the corner before positioning Ouelette on the top turnbuckle, setting him up for the Frankensteiner. He climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and was hitting right hands to Ouelette to ensure he didn't fight back, but Rougeau came out of nowhere and shoved Scott Steiner off the top turnbuckle back to the mat!

Rougeau tagged himself in and went right after Steiner, laying the boots to him. Rougeau went to pull Scott up to his feet, but Scott fought him off with a jawbreaker. Rougeau came back looking for a clothesline, but Scott ducked and then hit a release German Suplex to him. Scott grabbed Rougeau and pulled him to the corner where he tagged Rick back in and lifted Rougeau up into a shoulder lift as Rick climbed the top turnbuckle. Rick came off the top with the Steiner Bulldog onto Rougeau! Rick made the cover as Scott took out Ouelette - One, Two, Three.

Winners - The Steiner Brothers

Overall: 76

Crowd: 68

Match: 84

Kevin Nash: And the Germans beat the French again.

Tony Shiavone: Germans? What?

Scott Hall: Steiner...it's German.

Bobby Heenan: He don't get out much. We try not to let him out of his cage but once a week.

Back in the ring, Mark Johnson lifted Rick and Scott's arms before they climbed the turnbuckles facing the stage and pointed over in the direction of The Outsiders at the announce booth.

Scott Hall: Ooooh we're so scared.

Tony Shiavone: Be careful about your jokes, these are the guys you will be facing at Souled Out!

Kevin Nash: You think we're afraid of the Steiners? We've beat them before and we'll beat them again. No problem.

Scott Hall: Hey what's that noise mean?

Tony Shiavone: It means it's time for...



Coming back from the commercials, Hall and Nash were still at the announce booth as WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal made his way to the ring with Squire David Taylor.

Kevin Nash: Welcome back to nWo Monday Nitro.

Tony Shiavone: I've got to ask you, aren't you worried about what will happen once The Giant gets here?

Scott Hall: And why would we be worried?

Tony Shiavone: Well after what you did to him last week, he's going to be one angry giant.

Kevin Nash: Well punmaster Shiavone, let us not forget The Giant is but one man...with no friends...and we in the nWo are brothers.

Bobby Heenan: That's what I was telling him earlier!

Tony Shiavone: No you weren't, you called them snakes!

Bobby Heenan: Oh no, that was you. Don't try to put this on me. I love these guys.

"Self High Five"

DDP's Music hit the PA System as the fans got to their feet in anticipation of the arrival of Diamond Dallas Page for his scheduled Television Title match. After he did not appear after a few moments, his music stopped. Regal was still ready to fight in the ring as the fans were all very confused...

Tony Shiavone: What's going on?

Kevin Nash: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mr. Page is preoccupied tonight with a meeting in an "undisclosed" location with Eric Bischoff.

Tony Shiavone: What?! What is this all about?

Scott Hall: What do you think, monkey?

Kevin Nash: Yeah, jump to your own conclusion. But don't worry, he has a replacement.


The Dungeon of Doom's music began to play as DDP's replacement was apparantly the DOD's Konnan who was led to the ring by the megaphone wielding Jimmy Hart...

WCW Television Title Match

Lord Steven Regal © (w/Squire David Taylor) vs. Konnan (w/Jimmy Hart)

In a match that was not quite up to par with the matches so far on Nitro, these two still went back and forth the entire way. Once again Hall and Nash spent the match joking around about The Giant situation as well as the where-abouts of DDP. Regal has been escaping week in and week out with the Television Title by cheating his way to victory, making it to the 15 minute time limit, or Disqualifying himself to retain the title. Basically anything he could come up with to walk away the champion he had done. This match he continued his streak as he pulled out as many dirty tricks as he could, while also using David Taylor as an assit whenever he could. Regal had Konnan in a choke hold across the middle ropes as referee Randy Anderson counted - One, Two, Three, Four, Anderson pulled Regal off and warned him as David Taylor hit a right hand to Konnan. Regal made the cover - One, Two, kickout. Regal continued on othe offensive, soon sending over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. Regal grabbed Anderson as Taylor pulled Konnan up and threw him into the ringsteps. Jimmy Hart ran over and leaped onto Taylor's back to stop his attack to Konnan. This brought Regal out of the ring and pulled Hart down and threw him against the gaurd rail. However, Regal turned around into a clothesline from Konnan. As the brawl continued on the outside, we headed to another commercial break.

The action had been brought back into the ring as we came back from commercials. Konnan was now in control of the champion, working him over in the corner. He then brought Regal out of the corner and hit him with a modified backbreaker for a two count. He tried to take advantage and lock on the Tequila Sunrise, but Regal made it to the ropes. Konnan pulled Regal back to his feet, but a poke to the eyes stopped Konnan's offense. Regal decked Konnan with an European Uppercut and following a wraparound neckbreaker went for a pinfall. One, Two, Thre....kickout. Regal went for another pin following a double underhook powerbomb to Konnan - One, Two, Thre...Konnan once again just barely got his shoulder up. A frustrated Regal sent Konnan into the ropes, but off the ropes Konnan hit a rolling clothesline to Regal. Regal stumbled back to his feet right into a faceplant from Konnan. Konnan then pulled Regal to the center of the ring and could literally taste the Television Title gold as he locked on the Tequila Sunrise to Regal. It looked like Regal was going to tap, but David Taylor came into the ring and broke up the submission! Randy Anderson had no choice but to call for the bell. Konnan got the DQ victory, but once again Regal retained.

Winner - Konnan (DQ)

Overall: 75

Crowd: 72

Match: 78

Tony Shiavone: Not again!

Bobby Heenan: You got to admire a man who has a strategy going into a match, wouldn't you say so Mr. Nash?

Kevin Nash: Yes, very admirable.

Konnan was outraged as he got up and hit a pair of forearms shivers to David Taylor before whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a rolling clothesline of his own. Regal locked David Taylor in the Tequila Sunrise as Regal rolled out of the ring and grabbed his Telelvision Title. Regal headed up the aisle.

Tony Shiavone: And he leaves the man who made sure he retained! What kind of man is Steven Regal!?

Bobby Heenan: A smart one!

Scott Hall: I'll second that.

Konnan released the submission and rolled out of the ring, chasing after Regal. Regal quickly picked up his pace and disappeared backstage with Konnan close behind.

Scott Hall: Hey yo, Big Kev...I think it's time we go get ready.

Kevin Nash: Hm...looks like you're right. Well boys, it's been fun.

Tony Shiavone: Get ready for what exactly?

Kevin Nash: Don't worry about it, Tony. It's official, top-secret, hush-hush kinda stuff.

Bobby Heenan: And believe me, Shiavone is the LAST person you want to tell a secret too. He'd sell out his own grandmother.

Nash and Hall removed their headsets and headed backstage.

Bobby Heenan: Whew, I thought they'd never leave.

Tony Shiavone: You really are the Weasel, you know that...


As we came back from commercials, Disco Inferno danced his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans. As Disco climbed into the ring, Tony Shiavone was ready to pass along some information to us.

Tony Shiavone: As we prepare to see Disco Inferno take on Jeff Jarrett, I promised earlier that we would get an update on the condition of Roddy Piper before the end of the show, and I was just told that Piper sufferred a concussion as a result of the attack from the nWo and will be out atleast for three months to recover completely...and even then he may not be completely stable.

Bobby Heenan: No one has ever accused Piper of being stable.

Tony Shiavone: All jokes aside, we hope Piper a quick and speedy recovery so that he can hopefully get back and help in this war against the New World Order.

Disco Inferno vs. Jeff Jarrett

The crowd wasn't really sure who to pull for in this match, resulting in both men getting mixed reactions from the crowd. However, throughout the course of the match it was apparant that Jarrett was playing the heel with his tactics, thus the fans started to get more behind Disco. This one was mostly Jarrett as he dominated Disco for the majority of what could be described as an extended squash match. But Disco took his beating like a man and sold very well for Jarrett. Jarrett worked over Disco's leg for the duration of the match to set him up for the Figure Four Leglock, driving Disco's leg into the mat, stomping on it, and slamming it across the ring post several times. Following a back suplex by Jarrett, he proceeded to get more heel heat from the fans by doing his strut. Jarrett then grabbed Disco's leg, stepped over and locked on the Figure Four. Disco tapped out almost immediately.

Winner - Jeff Jarrett

Overall: 78

Crowd: 69

Match: 88

Tony Shiavone: Love or hate Jarrett, he certainly took care of business against Disco.

Bobby Heenan: It's gotta be the hair.

-Earning A Spot-

Following the match, Jarrett did not release the Figure Four immediately. He kept it locked on until referee Billy Silverman threatened to reverse his decision. Jarrett let it go, but then stomped on Disco a couple more times before throwing him out of the ring. Jarrett then demanded the microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: Now if THAT doesn't prove that I deserve to be a Horseman. I don't know what does. So Ric, Anderson, Benoit, McMichael...I'm not leavin' this ring until I am a HORSEMAN!

Jarrett propped himself up against the ropes and relaxed as he showed that he indeed wasn't going anywhere. The Horsemen music hit the PA system, bringing a pop from the audience as Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Steve "Mongo" McMichael, and Debra (no Woman around) made their way down to the ring. Once in the microphone, Arn Anderson snatched the microphone from Jeff Jarrett.

Arn Anderson: Listen, how many times are we going to have to tell you. You will NEVER be a Horseman. There is no denying your skills Jarrett. We all just witnessed that much. You just beat Disco Inferno and you did it convincingly...good for you. But there is one thing that every Horseman has that you lack. And that is RESPECT. You come out here and you demand a spot. You don't just get a spot in the Horsemen. You have to not only earn the respect, but you have to give it as well.

Ric Flair grabbed the microphone next.

Ric Flair: Goldylocks, you want in the Horsemen? TOO BAD! Because when I look at you I don't see a a limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', son of a gun! WHOOOO! You've got to put your BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS into this ring. When I look at you Jarrett, I don't see nothing but a country boy who wants to take the fast train to the top of this company and use The Horsemen as your ride. WELL THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Look infront of you and tell me what you see...you see THE NAITCHA BOY...you see THE ENFORCE, DOUBLE A....YOU SEE THE RABID WOLVERINE, and you see MONGO! WE ARE THE FOUR HORSEMEN. Who do you think you are?

Jeff Jarrett: Well, "The Fifth Horseman" Jeff Jarrett has a nice sound to it.

Ric Flair: The fifth Horseman? The Fifth Horseman???

Flair looked back at his Horsemen stablemates with disbelief on his face.

Jeff Jarrett: Ric, you've always said to be the man, you gotta beat the man...well how about I take on any one of the Horsemen for the spot? How about Benoit, I've beat him before...I think I deserve his SPOT. What has he done to deserve to be a Horseman? Huh?

Benoit's pride wasn't going to let him sit with that as he moved in and went right after Jarrett with a right hand, but Jarrett moved out of the way and Benoit struck Debra! Debra dropped to the mat and Steve McMichael went right after Benoit, shoving him, but Benoit shoved him back. Jarrett hit the mat and rolled out of the ring with a smirk on his face as Flair and Anderson had to break up Benoit and McMichael once again. We headed to commercials as the Horsemen argued.


-Jeff Jarrett gained over-


Non-Title Match

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko

Eddie Guerrero, the United States Champion, came out without his belt since it was still in the posession of the New World Order. Guerrero got a good face reaction, while Malenko was met with mostly silence from the crowd. This was a back and forth match that was actually a bit of a letdown in terms of quality, thanks to a couple of missed spots. Malenko made the best of his showing as he got in more offense than you would expect him to get against the United States Champion. He put a scare into the champion after getting a nearfall off of a fireman's carry into a gutbuster. Malenko tried to work over Eddie's leg to set him up for the Texas Cloverleaf as he applied a kneelock to Guerrero, but Guerrero was close enought to the ropes to get Malenko to break the hold, but not before Malenko held on to the full count. Malenko lifted Guerrero up and hit him with a couple of kneebreakers. He began to try and turn Guerrero over into a Texas Cloverleaf, but Guerrero fought it off.

Guerrero reversed a waistlock from Malenko with a go-behind into a waistlock of his own that he turned into a bridging German Suplex. One, Two, kickout. Both men were slow to get back to their feet, but Guerrero was establishing the match back into his control once again. Guerrero met Malenko with a boot to the midsection and then followed it up by dropping him with a brainbuster. He went for the pin - One, Two, Thre...Malenko got his shoulder up. Following a back suplex, Guerrero scaled to the top turnbuckle for his Frog Splash...but once he was to the top turnbuckle he noticed Ted DiBiase standing on the stage with the United States Title around his shoulder. DiBiase laughed from the stage as he had Guerrero's attention long enough for Malenko to recover and climb up to the top with Eddie. Malenko came off the top turnbuckle with a superplex onto Guerrero! Both men were down as referee Mark Johnson began to count them both out - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Malenko rolled over to make the cover. One, Two, Thre....Guerrero got his shoulder up just in time.

Malenko was back in control thanks to DiBiase, and was about to try and finish Guerrero off with a Tiger Driver, but Guerrero backdropped out of it. Guerrero dropped to a knee, using up a lot of his energy out of desperation. Malenko stumbled back over to Guerrero, but Guerrero caught him with a knee to the midsection and then hit him with a Swinging DDT. Guerrero went for another cover. One, Two, kickout by Malenko. Guerrero was slow back to his feet and began to pull Malenko up. He attempted an Irish Whip into the corner on Malenko, but Malenko reversed it and sent Eddie in instead. Malenko followed him in with a splash and then set Eddie up on the top turnbuckle once again. Malenko climbed up with him, but Eddie began to fight back. Eddie got the upperhand and shoved Dean off the turnbuckle to the mat. Eddie got his balance on the top turnbuckle and came off with the Frog Splash. One, Two, Three.

Winner - Eddie Guerrero

Overall: 71

Crowd: 62

Match: 81

Ted DiBiase shook his head and then disappeared to the back with the US Belt. Once Guerrero recovered, he rolled out of the ring not even taking time to celebrate his victory and headed up the aise after his belt.

Tony Shiavone: Eddie Guerrero gets a hard fought victory over "The Ice Man" Dean Malenko.

Bobby Heenan: Maybe now Eddie Guerrero will get a US Title shot.

Tony Shiavone: He IS the US Champion!

Bobby Heenan: Um no Tony, I'm pretty sure I just saw Ted DiBiase with the belt.

Tony Shiavone: Nevermind...when we come back, Lex Luger will be taking on Syxx in the Main Event!


Main Event

Lex Luger vs. Syxx

Time was winding down on Nitro, so it was fairly obvious that this match was not going to last very long. Not to mention that the referee of this match was Nick Patrick, so the chances of it being a clean match were slim to none. Syxx tried to cheat his way into beating Luger early, and scored with a flying spin kick to Luger. A very quick pin resulted in a one count that Luger powered out of. Syxx tried to get back up to his feet quick enough to catch Luger off gaurd, but it just wasn't working as Luger was too much for Syxx. Luger overpowered Syxx and threw him into the ropes. Off the ropes Luger hit a flying forearm to Syxx. Syxx stumbled up to his feet into an inverted atomic drop from Luger. Syxx was staggering around and Luger Irish Whipped Syxx into the turnbuckle. Luger charged in with a big lariat in the corner. Luger then grabbed Syxx and Irish Whipped him into the opposite corner and gave him another corner lariat. Luger then signalled for the Torture Rack as Syxx stumbled into Luger. Luger lifted Syxx up into the Rack. Nick Patrick pretended to get hit by Syxx's boot and dropped to his knees.

Luger saw the feigning Patrick, and dropped Syxx. He then grabbed Patrick and lifted him up into the Torture Rack as well, which sent a pop through the crowd. However, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hollywood Hogan hit the ring and attacked Luger from behind.

Tony Shiavone: This is typical nWo!

The rest of the New World Order filed out from the back to join in on the assault of Lex Luger as Nash gave Hall the Jackknife Powerbomb. Cups and various other trash began to fill the ring, which has become the norm for the end of a Nitro as of late. Hogan then bounced off the ropes and hit the Big Legdrop to Lex Luger. Buff Bagwell brought in a can of spray paint to give Luger the usual treatment. As Hogan gave him the nWo branding, the cameras tilted up to the rafters to reveal Sting looking down at his former best friend receiving the beating from the nWo.


This echoed throughout the arena as the fans chanted loudly for Sting to drop down from the rafters and save Luger from the onslaught.

Tony Shiavone: STING! If WCW ever needed him it's now!

Bobby Heenan: Look at him! He's a coward, WCW can't rely on him.

Tony Shiavone: Well SOMEBODY has to help Luger!

The camera stayed on Sting until he finally stood up and walked away, disappearing into the darkness. Back in the ring, the nWo celebrated over Luger's fallen body. Hogan grabbed a microphone.

Hollywood Hogan: YOU KNOW SOMETHING BROTHERS...This is what happens when you try to stand up to the New World Order! First it was THE STINGER, then it was Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, now you can add your so-called TOTAL PACKAGE to the list! WCW is at OUR MERCY. SO WCW...WATCHA GONNA DO...WHEN THE NWO RUNS WILD ON YOU??!

The New World Order continued their celebration..until the 7 foot GIANT stomped down the aisle from the back.

Tony Shiavone: THE GIANT! HE IS HERE!

Bobby Heenan: Watch the snakes scatter!

The New World Order wanted nothing to do with The Giant as Hogan, Hall, Nash, and most of the rest of the New World Order exited the ring as The Giant climbed in over the top rope. Vincent was the unlucky one left to the wolves as The Giant gave him a big Chokeslam.

Tony Shiavone: Luger said he couldn't be trusted, but he is here now to save him!

Big Bubba tried attacking The Giant from behind, but The Giant absorbed the blows. He turned around and caught Big Bubba with a Big Boot. The rest of the nWo backed off as the fans popped loudly for The Giant. The Giant leaned down and began to check on the fallen Luger...

Tony Shiavone: We're out of time fans! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

Fade out on The Giant crouching over Luger...




Ultimo Dragon def. Billy Kidman

Masahiro Chono def. Chris Jericho

The Steiner Brothers def. The Amazing French Canadians

Konnan def. Lord Steven Regal (DQ)

Jeff Jarrett def. Disco Inferno

Eddie Guerrero def. Dean Malenko

Lex Luger drew Syxx

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Guest Prototype

Good show. I think you can have some good angles to work with. I hope the nWo dont end EVERY show on top. The match lengths were a little long for me, but Im lazy :) Keep it up.

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The Weekely Resthold

by John Weekes

Welcome to my columnal debut here at RopeBreak.Net. What better to start the new year of 1997 off than to have a new writer here with a specialty in WCW. I hope to bring you all the latest and greates insight on the wrestling world, more specifically World Championship Wrestling - but I will try and break in with some of the competition's news whenever something of note happens.

Let's start with the very first Nitro of the new year. In case you have been living under a rock for the past six months, WCW is currently under a vicious struggle for power against the black and white wearing nWo, led by Hollywood Hogan and the WCW President himself, Eric Bischoff. And this Nitro, much like many Nitros in recent memory, was satuarated with black and white. Here's the Nitro Rundown.

The Highs

-The Horsemen-

Ric Flair is always entertaining, but the others have really stepped it up in the current angle. In a show dominated by nWo, it is this Horsemen angle involving Jeff Jarrett that is basically the only uppercard angle that does not involve any black and white in sight...atleast not yet. With Souled Out drawing near, if the Horsemen are going to be on the card you have to believe there will be some kind of nWo interaction soon. But in any event, it also happens to be one of my favorite current angles. And I must not be the only one because the Horsemen were getting the loudest reactions face reactions of the night. I'm not sure where they will be taking it, with tensions between Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael mounting as Jeff Jarrett continus to drive a wedge in the group. Jarrett has been impressing me as and Disco put on a good match, granted it was just an extended squash, and Jarrett might be the top heel not in nWo (but then again heels not in nWo are few and far between). Personally, I'd like to see "Mongo" kicked out of the Horsemen and have Jarrett replace him, because when I look at Mongo, he doesn't exactly scream "Horsemen."

-The Outsiders-

We here at RopeBreak.Net have gotten several e-mails talking about how much they enjoyed listening to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on commentary this past week. Which is strange. Not strange that they enjoyed the commentary, but because they're e-mailing us about it. But in any event, I have to agree with them. Hall and Nash may not be the best wrestlers in the world, but they are always entertaining to listen to. Speaking of commentary, I wonder who will be doing commentary at Souled Out. It's an nWo event, so will the usual Tony Shiavone, Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay, or Larry Zbyszko be doing it? Or will some nWo pair be doing it. Maybe Eric Bischoff will make his return to the announce booth.

-Match Quality-

It seemed like everyone brought their A-Game this week, with only Regal/Konnan being just subpar while everyone else "brought it" so to speak. The show started off on a high spot with Kidman/Dragon showing WCW's cruiserweight talent; while Jericho and Masahiro Chono put on another good match, which we have seen from those two before. Malenko and Guerrero surprised no one by being good, but even The Steiner Breiners and The Amazing French Canadians as well as Jeff Jarrett and Disco Inferno managed to bring the goods. Hopefully this trend continues.

The Lows

-Main Event-

Or really, lack there of. Lex Luger and Syxx were only in the ring together for about three minutes before Luger had Syxx up in the Rack and the nWo was hitting the ring. And seriously, what kind of Main Event is Syxx and Lex Luger anyway? Atleast Syxx takes a beating well, otherwise this would have just been a waste of time. I do, however, love watching Luger getting beat up. Too bad The Giant had to put a stop to it.

-Bait and Switch-

Besides the non-existant Main Event, WCW pulled a fast one on us as well earlier in the show with the Television Title Match. It was advertised as being Diamond Dallas Page vs. Lord Steven Regal for the Title, but instead we got Regal vs. Konnan (more on Konnan in the next point). Now I realize they are were pushing the idea of DDP having a meeting with Eric Bischoff, but it is still disappointing to have a match hyped and then not to get it. One positive is that I do like the teasing us of where DDP's allegiance lies.

-The Dungeon Of Doom-

Are they even still a stable? Konnan doesn't need Jimmy Hart out there with him. But as faces, the Dungeon of Doom just won't work, so hopefully they're just going to dissolve. But one way to do that would be to stop bringing Jimmy Hart out with the wrestlers who were associated with the DOD. Atleast that way the fans slowly forget the stable and suddenly they are just singles wrestlers (well except for the Faces of Fear), who happen to have some allies in the back.

Other News and Notes

-There were 6,546 fans in attendance for this week's Nitro.

-Nitro won the ratings war this week, defeating Raw's 5.45 with a 6.08. Looks like the Real Hall and Nash draw better than the fake ones.

-Tony Shiavone was making a pretty big deal out of who has tried to take on nWo so far and failed, with Randy Savage and Rowdy Roddy Piper topping the list. We all remember the vicious assault on Piper at the end of the last Nitro of '96. Well it looks like Piper could very well be done with WCW following that assault. WCW currently has no plans for him now, but he does have 12 months left on his contract. We can be assured he won't be seen for the next three months since that was the length of time given for him to possibly recover, but this time could be extended easily. It remains to be seen if WCW will allow Piper to sit out the rest of his contract or not. We'll keep you updated.

-As for the other name listed above, Randy Savage, we can confirm that he is the exact opposite of Piper in that he will be back. He just renegotiated a new two year deal with WCW and could be back at any time, but it is most likely it may be a couple months before he makes his return. Also, it will be interesting to see what side he returns with.

-This week on WCW Saturday Night you can catch the most unstoppable force WCW has ever seen - GLACIER - in action. Also, Harlem Heat, Alex Wright, nWo's Buff Bagwell, and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

That's all for this week, I'll be back next week with to wrap up another week in WCW action!

-John Weekes


Edited by J-Dubb
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Excellent early going, Dubb. The commentary is spot-on, with the wisecracks from Heenan, and I agree with everyone that's mentioning Nash and Hall as a strong point as well.

Also liking the Weekly Resthold, as it gives you a nice chance to play devil's advocate with your own booking. I enjoy doing that in my diary, and it's something that I'm not sure many people do. Nice work thus far.

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WCW Saturday Night

January 11, 1997

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Bobby Eaton

WCW Saturday Night kicked things off with what was a decent match up for a Saturday Night opener. As to be expected, the crowd didn't really care about either man, since they really haven't had any reason too. However, Chavo showed he could sell with the best of them in this match. Mike Tenay used this match to talk about Chavo's uncle, the United States Champion Eddie Guerrero and his problems with the New World Order. Anyway, Chavo started off strong against Eaton, displaying his quickness...but Eaton soon got the young cruiserweight grounded and slowed the pace down greatly. Eaton worked over Chavo's neck and back with a couple hammerlock variations as well as chinlocks. Eaton could not keep Chavo down, however, as Chavo fought his way back to his feet. Eaton tried to squash Chavo's come back by whipping him into the turnbuckle. When Eaton came running into the corner, Chavo brought his knee up into Eaton's midsection. He then climbed onto the turnbuckles, grabbed Eaton by the head, and hit him with the Tornado DDT! Chavo made the cover - One, Two, Three.

Winner - Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Overall: 61

Crowd: 49

Match: 73


Coming back from commercials, Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko discussed Souled Out and whether or not The Giant is going to get his World Heavyweight Title shot against Hollywood Hogan or not. They then brought up one title match that has been signed for Souled Out, the Tag Title match putting the champions, The Outsiders, against The Steiner Brothers. This was a segway into a recap of the Steiner Brothers vs. The Amazing French Canadians.

#1 Contender for the Tag Titles

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Amazing French Canadians

Hall and Nash spent the match making fun of both teams, and the French in general. While the commentary was humorous, it did take away from the match; which was too bad since the match itself was pretty good. The Steiners started off hot against Carl Ouelette and Jacques Rougeau, making frequent tags and taking out whatever member of the French Candians that came at them. Rick Steiner would go for a pin following a double suplex - One, Two, Oulette broke up the pin.....

..Once Ouelette went for the La Cannonball, Rick managed to move out of the way just in time so that Carl hit the mat hard. Rick slowly crawled over and tagged in Scott. Both members of the AFC's took turns eatting Steinerlines from Scott before Rougeau was hit with a T-Bone suplex from Scott. Ouelette stumbled up to his feet and walked right into a swinging belly-to-belly suplex from Scott. He then pulled Ouelette back up and sent him into the corner. Scott came running in with a clothesline into the corner before positioning Ouelette on the top turnbuckle, setting him up for the Frankensteiner. He climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and was hitting right hands to Ouelette to ensure he didn't fight back, but Rougeau came out of nowhere and shoved Scott Steiner off the top turnbuckle back to the mat!

Rougeau tagged himself in and went right after Steiner, laying the boots to him. Rougeau went to pull Scott up to his feet, but Scott fought him off with a jawbreaker. Rougeau came back looking for a clothesline, but Scott ducked and then hit a release German Suplex to him. Scott grabbed Rougeau and pulled him to the corner where he tagged Rick back in and lifted Rougeau up into a shoulder lift as Rick climbed the top turnbuckle. Rick came off the top with the Steiner Bulldog onto Rougeau! Rick made the cover as Scott took out Ouelette - One, Two, Three.

Winners - The Steiner Brothers

Overall: 76

Crowd: 68

Match: 84

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WCW Monday Nitro Preview for January 13th

The State of the WCW Address

WCW President Eric Bischoff returns after missing last week due to having some kind of meeting with WCW star Diamond Dallas Page and promises to deliver the State of the WCW Address. Souled Out is now less than two weeks away, and Bischoff plans to use this speach to make some announcements concerning the the line up for the show. We already know that The Steiner Brothers will be challenging for the WCW World Tag Team Titles held by the nWo's own The Outsiders. But what we are yet to find out is if Hollywood Hogan will be defending his World Heavyweight Title against The Giant or not. Bischoff also said that he will make an announcement concerning the WCW United States Title which is currently held by Eddie Guerrero, but in the possession of Ted DiBiase and the nWo. What tricks does Bischoff have up his sleave?

New World Order Revenge

The Giant must have missed the memo that nWo was 4-Life, because he has found himself on the outside looking in. But it looks like he wants it that way since last week he saved WCW star Lex Luger from a beating from his former teammates. The Giant is in line for a title shot because of his World War III win, but Hollywood Hogan is dead set on not honoring that. The Giant will have to wait to get his hands on Hogan, but this week he will get his hands on one member of the New World Order - one half of the WCW Tag Team Champions, Scott Hall. Hall will be looking to show The Giant what happens when you turn your back on the nWo.

Horsemen Troubles

Last week tensions were at an all time high in the Horsemen camp when Chris Benoit and Steve "Mongo" McMichael got into an arguement concerning Debra and Jeff Jarrett. It all came to ahead when Jarrett questioned what Benoit has done to deserve to be a Horsemen, causing Benoit to take a swing at Jarrett. Jarrett ducked the punch, but Debra was not as fortunate as she was on the receiving end of a Benoit haymaker. Mongo didn't take kindly to Benoit harming his wife, and he was about to get at Benoit when Ric Flair and Anderson stepped in and broke it up. Meanwhile, Jeff Jarrett just watched on, loving every minute of what he was seeing. Will the Horsemen problems continue as Chris Benoit takes on the nWo's Big Bubba?

Sneaky Steven Regal

Lord Steven Regal once again managed to sneak away from a Nitro still holding onto the WCW Television Title last week when he took on Konnan. This time he won by disqualification after David Taylor interfered on Regal's behalf when. Regal will hope to have more good luck when he takes on Konnan's friend and teammate from the Dungeon of Doom, Hugh Morrus. Can Regal escape with the title once more?

The Cruiserweight Title

Ultimo Dragon has taken on all challengers for his WCW Cruiserweight Title, and as of yet no one has been able to take the belt from him. After another successful title defense last week, one has to wonder if anyone will ever be able to get that belt off of him. Two of WCW's cruiserweights will meet this week for a shot at Ultimo Dragon next week on Nitro. The two wrestlers chosen to compete for the shot - Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr.

All this and much more!

Confirmed Matches

The Giant vs. Scott Hall

Chris Benoit vs. Big Bubba

Lord Steven Regal vs. Hugh Morrus - Television Title Match

Dean Malenko vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Edited by J-Dubb
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Didn't Benoit take a swing at Jarrett and ended up hitting Debra...not Mongo?

I like the diary..The results are okay length a little long for my liking but I could sit through them.

The horseman storyline is good and is getting you good ratings.

The nWo is being portrayed perfectly...I know what your going for. Your not going to come in and change things crazy right at the start. You're going to build it up and soon make it a level playing field.

Everything is looking good.

Good job.

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Guest Prototype

Good so far. Im looking forward to Souled Out. If Glacier isnt getting over, why not throw him in the nWo like WCW did back then with all its uncharasmatic stars? :)

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