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  1. Seconded. 2nd episode of Loki was superb. I could watch Mobius and Loki just talk to one another all day. Their chemistry is so amazing. The pace of this is so far superior to Falcon & Winter Soldier.
  2. You just start back over on Episode 1, or at least that's been my methodology for the last 8 years.
  3. Felt like it was a "good not great" episode of a "Good no great" show, which is fine. It was a good origin story for Falcon as the new Captain America and I enjoyed getting more character from both him and Bucky. As for some thoughts about the future
  4. Thoughts on the episode first: Now for the cameo theory:
  5. Started watching Cobra Kai on a whim on Saturday despite not really being into the Karate Kid franchise..... Finished season 1 last night. Man, what a fun ride. Loving every minute of it.
  6. Could also have to do with being framed at the end of Far From Home - he literally can't go home because he's a wanted man.
  7. I needed a cigarette after watching this episode. And I don't even smoke.
  8. She's also going to be in a Disney+ movie that comes out in February (I believe) about a super powered squirrel that also has Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz!
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