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Potential Megaman Enemies.


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Man...I remember that issue...January '93. The cover had Mickey Mouse to pimp the Magical Quest, and also had shit on Contra Force and Megaman 5....

Scary huh?


I love what they said about Sun Man:

    Pjalne: Wow, this guy has a beard made from fire. Plus, he could probably give Megaman skin cancer in five seconds. Well, plating cancer.

    RoG: Even more impressive is that he's apparently found a way to shrink down the sun so it can fit into his hands. But what if he misses when the throws the sun at Megaman? Then there won't be any light for them and they won't be able to see each other.

    Pjalne: And what would happen if Megaman beat him? Would he turn into Black Hole Man or Supernova Fuck the Galaxy Up Man?

    RoG: All I know is this — he may get his powers from the sun, but he's still infinitely cooler than that "Nuclear Man" guy from "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace."

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The "Wow, the guy has a beard made of fire" part is fucking funny.

Pjalne: He can be as nuclear as he wants, I'm not gonna be afraid of someone who needs swimming aids.

RoG: Yeah, how maneuverable can he be if he's wearing friggin' floaties? I bet he throws a hissy fit whenever the lifeguard announces it's time for the "adult swim" too.

Pjalne: Plus, how intimidating can you be with a broccoli hat?

RoG: If that's how Broccoli looks in Norway, remind me to never travel there.

Pjalne: You should see our cauliflowers.

RoG: Do they wear orange floaties too?

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