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Dog Day Afternoon

Guest Cool Xtreme Douche

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Guest Cool Xtreme Douche

Okay, so it's based on a true story? It came out in 1975 and it says he (Sonny) got twenty years. So is he out now? What's his name? Anyone know anything about that robbery?

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# Based on the real-life story of John Wojtowicz, who attempted to rob a Chase Manhattan bank branch in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York on 22 August 1972. He and Salvatore Naturale held nine bank employees hostage for over 14 hours. Wojtowicz was trying to get money for his lover, Ernest Aron, to have a sex change operation (Aron knew nothing of the plan, and later underwent sex reassignment surgery and changed her name to Liz Eden). Naturale was killed in the standoff and Wojtowicz received 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

# The real robbers got $213,000 in the robbery.

I found this because I was curious. You can work from there and if you cant thats just sad. Use Google!

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Guest Ringmaster

I believe that Sonny served 7 or so years in prison, then was released on parole and that his gay lover died of AIDS in 1985.

There is a documentary called the Third Memory that explains the events from Sonny's perspective which is quite good. On a funny note, it says that on the day of the robbery, Sal and Sonny went to see the Godfather, which started Cazale and Pacino, and that Sonny imitated Pacino during the robbery.


This link is an article Sonny wrote in 1975 that also sets some things straight.

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