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NWA:Total Nonstop Action - June 02


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By: Press Release

5/11/2002 12:52:37 AM




Nashville, TN (May 10, 2002) Jerry Jarrett, CEO of J Sports & Entertainment, commenting today on the announcement of the launch of the new weekly NWA: Total Nonstop Action wrestling series, talked about the importance of the NWA name being attached to the show.

"We're thrilled to be using the NWA name for our program," said Jarrett. "The National Wrestling Alliance has a long and prestigious history and was at one time the dominant name in the professional wrestling industry. We believe it's important for our company to be affiliated with a name that fans will recognize and we believe the NWA name is a familiar one to most fans of professional wrestling."

NWA President Jim Miller was equally excited, saying, "This is a win-win for everybody involved. I'm very excited about the prospects of working with J Sports & Entertainment to make NWA: Total Nonstop Action a tremendous success. The pay-per-view broadcasts will expose the NWA to fans in a way that hasn't been possible before and the opportunities for our member organizations will be better than ever."

J Sports President Jeff Jarrett added, "The NWA name is the foundation that sports entertainment was built on. We plan to build on that foundation with the cutting edge characters and revolutionary concepts expected by today's wrestling audience. Total Nonstop Action will be more than the name of the show, it's what we want our fans to think of every time they watch our program."

NWA: Total Nonstop Action will broadcast every Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern and will be available on cable and satellite at a suggested retail price of $9.95.

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2nd June 2002


Last night the WWE began a trimming of their roster with several developmental talents being release. The Damaja, Nick Dinsmore, Matt Morgan, Payne, Rob Conway and Damien all had their development deals cut by the WWE. Whether this trimming of the fat is a knee jerk reaction to the emergence of a new promotion in the industry which hopes over time to challenge the WWE, NWA:Total Nonstop Action, is as yet unknown.

Scott Hall was scheduled to be at a press conference to promote the opening NWA:Total Nonstop Action Pay Per View this coming Wednesday. Hall no showed, citing car problems as his reason for not making it. It's believed that TNA backstage staff are unhappy with Hall's attitude and aren't showing a lot of faith in him right now, but as perhaps their most well known star he is crucial in getting the company off the ground and no further action has been taken.

Speaking of the NWA:TNA the opening show is expected to have crucial matches concerning two of the promotions titles. The NWA World Title will be up for grabs in some sort of battle royal while the X-Division title, expected to be some variation on a Cruiserweight belt, will field some qualifying matches for a title match the following week.

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By: Press Release

3rd June 2002


As NWA:Total Nonstop Action brings its all new debut Pay Per View event to you this Wednesday night, the wrestling industry should be prepared for a major shockwave to emerge as Total Nonstop Action sends a tremor throughout the world of professional wrestling.


With such massive names as the World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock, Former WCW World Champion Jeff Jarrett and Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Scott Hall already throwing their name's into the hat for this massive event who will come out on top in the GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD. 20 wrestling superstars will compete in an over the top rope battle royal until just two men remain. From there it's a straight pinfall or submission NWA World's Title Match to crown the new National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion.


If NWA:TNA is all about Total Nonstop Action then that will never be more emphasised than by the TNA X Division. We're talking no limits, no boundaries, just the most X-Treme performers in the world of professional wrestling. Three qualifying matches will take place on the debut show to decide who goes into the X division title match on next week's show. There are no weight limits, it's all about styles as the fastest paced talent the wrestling world has to offer compete to become the World's first ever X Division Champion.

All this and so much more as NWA:Total Nonstop Action debuts on Pay Per View this Wednesday night, 8pm, contact your local cable operator for purchasing information.

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Wednesday June 5th 2002

Attendance: 2975

Welcome to TNA!

The show starts with a host of pyros as the camera pans around the arena. It moves to the broadcast position where former WCW announcer Mike Tenay is joined on either side by former shopping channel salesman Don West, and former WCW star Disco Inferno.

Tenay: Fans welcome, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this opening night of Total Nonstop Action. The history and prestige that the NWA name carries is well documented and you can expect that great tradition to be upheld right here in TNA.

West: That's right Mike, but don't forget, TNA brings its own new style to the table as well!

Disco: Pah! New Styles? Old Styles? Who cares Don West! I'm the greatest thing on this show. Why don't you tell the fans that they've got two whole hours of me!

Tenay: Tonight we will show you the debut of the X Division, and of course the crowning of a brand new NWA World's Heavyweight Champion in a match I knew you Don, really can't wait for!

West: You're right Mike, I can't wait for it because you've got 20, 20!!! of the greatest wrestlers in the world today all squaring off with just one goal in mind, and don't forget how crucial the draw is going to be. You get number one, you're in trouble.

Disco: You know what West, you make a lot of sense for a guy wearing a shirt shinier than Tenay's forehead. I tell you one thing in that Gauntlet for the Gold, I know the man who has number 20 and I think he's going to win the whole thing!

The Debut of the X Division

X Division Title Qualifier: Psicosis Vs Christopher Daniels

The much more well known Psicosis came out to the ring first in his old school WCW attire, including the mask. Tenay pushed his WCW and Mexican history, stating he was a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Christopher Daniels was out next, wearing a simple pair of medium length yellow and black trunks. The action was furious right from the get go with no real feeling out process at all. Even in the opening seconds Psicosis had managed to dropkick Daniels out of the ring, following up with a suicide dive over the top rope as the crowd began to get into the match. Daniels looked to have a huge amount of talent and once back in the ring exploded onto Psicosis with a sickeningly stiff clothesline before hitting a variation on an Ace Crusher. As Psicosis got to his knees on the mat Daniels crashed in a brutal kick to his chest that had the crowd gasping. He followed up with a low dropkick to Psicosis head. Daniels made the cover but only got a two. The pace was relentless and both men continued to trade the advantage. Psicosis ducked as Daniels charged into the corner but as Daniels leapt in, he managed to steady himself on the top rope. Psicosis turned to meet him though and got up onto the middle rope before German Suplexing him back into the middle of the ring. Psicosis gave the sign for the Guillotine Legdrop and went up to the top rope. As he leapt off Daniels rolled out of the way, getting to his feet pulling Psicosis up before kicking him in the mid section doubling him over. Daniels picked him up, before dumping Psicosis down with a move that Tenay informed us was the Angels Wings. The referee made the count, 1.....2......3, Christopher Daniels had scored a major upset to advance to the X Division Title match on next week's Pay Per View.

73%, 51%, 96%


Tenay: What a win for Christopher Daniels. He's wrestled all over the world, in Japan, Europe, the United States but if he can win the X Division title on next week's Pay Per View then that has to be the highlight of his career.

Disco: Japan? Europe? Who cares Tenay. In Japan they eat dogs. Why do you think when we went over there to do a show I'd ask them to leave Missy Hyatt behind? Wait..... Oh great, Ricky Tugboat!

Tenay: It's Steamboat Disco, and you know that

The Dragon has been put in charge!

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat makes his way out to the ring, announced by Jeremy Borash. The crowd give Steamboat a really big appreciative pop as he steps into the ring in a pair of trousers and shirt carrying the NWA World Title Belt. Borash hands him the microphone before stepping to the outside.

Steamboat: Ladies and Genteleman, it is my honour to stand before you right now with the NWA World's Heavyweight Title Belt. Nobody appreciates just how much this prestigious title means to someone than I do. This is the pinnacle of any wrestlers career and tonight we will crown a new champion. A new champion to add to the list of such great names as Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, and of course then there was the great night that I was lucky enough to win this title myself. 20 men will step through these ropes later on tonight with the hope of becoming the next NWA World Champion but only one will walk out with the belt. I will be the first man in the ring to hand over the belt and congratulate whoever the winner is as they will no doubt have earned their status as the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion.

Steamboat pauses as the crowd start a small "Dragon" chant, before stopping as he acknowledges them and gets ready to speak again

Steamboat: When I found out that the NWA was getting this national exposure with the beggining of Total Nonstop Action on Pay Per View I was excited. That excitement once again turned to honour when I was approached by NWA officials to not only be on this first show, but to carry out a very special role in this organisation. When I was asked I really didn't have to think about it for more than a minute. Just to be involved once again with the greatness of the National Wrestling Alliance was enough to bring me here. When the NWA officials came to me and asked if........ yes, well, I am going to be from this night on the National Wrestling Alliance Total Nonstop Action Chief Commissioner!


Disco: What the hell has he done Tenay? I could run this company better than Ricky Longboat!

Tenay: It's Steamboat Disco, Ricky Steamboat. But what a major announcement, not only do we have one of the greatest NWA World's Champions of all time in the arena but he is going to be running the ship here in NWA:Total Nonstop Action!

West: I know Mike, just think about it, whoever wins that NWA World Title tonight not only gets the belt, THEY GET IT HANDED TO THEM BY RICKY STEAMBOAT!

More Exciting X Division Action

X Division Title Qualifier: Low-Ki Vs "Future Icon" Sonny Siaki

Tenay ran through the credentials of Low-Ki as he made his way to the ring. His small short frame wearing a simple pair of white trousers tucked into his boots. Siaki was introduced as the "Future Icon" and came out to the ring wearing purple trunks. Siaki looked much the bigger of the two men and looked really well put together. His power took over in the early going as he battered Low-Ki with some stiff brawling offence before running off the ropes and flipping over with an excellent variation on a swinging neckbreaker. It didn't take long for Low-Ki to make his mark in the match though and after a German Suplex slammed the back of Siaki's head into the mat Low-Ki walked around him and connected with a vicious kick to Siaki's chest. Low-Ki followed up with another kick that had the crowd gasping before taking a step back and steadying himself. Low-Ki connected with a brutally stiff kick to the side of Siaki's head but on making the cover could only get the two count. Siaki looked to be almost out on his feet as Low-Ki blocked a weak attempt at a right hand and replied with a spinning kick again to Siaki's head that dropped him to the mat. Low-Ki looked ready to put Siaki away but the Future Icon managed to get a foothold back in the match avoiding a legdrop and getting back to his feet. Siaki pressed Low-Ki above his head before dropping him and catching him with a Samoan Drop. Siaki rolled over and made the cover as the referee counted, 1.....2.....Low-Ki raised his shoulder. Siaki thumped his chest and dragged Low-Ki back up to his feet, grabbing him from behind and tossing him over his head with a release german suplex that sent Low-Ki crashing across the ring onto the back of his neck. Siaki again went for the cover.. 1......2.....Low-Ki kicked out at the last second. Siaki lifted Low-Ki up and went to knee him in the mid-section but as he did so Low-Ki caught his leg and took him over with a dragon screw leg whip. Siaki got back up to his feet but walked straight into Low-Ki who lifted him up, ran him into the corner, and dropped him with a move that Tenay called the "Ki-Krusher 99". The referee made the count as Low-Ki held him down, 1.....2......3. Low-Ki was the second man to advance to the X Division Title match on next week's Pay Per View. The referee tried to raise Low-Ki's hand but Ki seemed uninterested. As he turned around he was knocked back down to the mat by Siaki who levelled him with a hard clothesline. Siaki began to put boot after boot into Low-Ki before being talked into leaving the ring by the referee.

64%, 52%, 77%

Disco: Hahahaha, I like this Future Icon. He seems like my kind of guy. He's a winner, just like me!

Tenay: Make no mistake, the winner of that one was Low-Ki and he advances along with Christopher Daniels to the triangle X Division title match on next week's Pay Per View.

West: What incredible action, this X Division, I mean, it's like nothing I've ever seen before Mike. IT'S UNREAL!

James Mitchell and his men are Hell Bound!

The camera cuts to a backstage segment where some men seem to be in some sort of particularly dark room backstage. The light rises slightly, enough so that you can see the face of ECW's former Sinister Minister, James Mitchell. He has a man either side of him as he begins to speak.

Mitchell: NWA.....Total Nonstop Action. You may well be wondering why I, Father James Mitchell, have taped this special recording for you all. Well you see, tonight is a most special night. Tonight is the night that I, along with my minions, win the NWA World Heavyweight Title and unleash a reign of hellacious proportions on the NWA. You'll see on my left I have the rather sadistic Slash....

Mitchell points over to a man wearing just a pair of black leather trousers. His hair is shaved bald but it's too dark to see much else.

Mitchell: .... and on my right I have the fury of my Tempest.....

Mitchell points over to the right where a man wearing similar trousers, with long black hair is standing snarling into the camera.

Mitchell: But best of all, this is my monster. You see, it takes a lot of hatred to destroy 17 other wrestlers, to go through them and cripple them and take away their ability to feed their families all in the pursuit of a title belt. You could say it takes a lot of MALIIIIIIIICCEEEE! HAAHAHAHAHAHAAA. You see my minions, YOU SEE US NOW!!!! Myself and my men...... WE'RE ALL HELL BOUND!

A much larger man steps forward into the more well lit area, he stands about 6'8 and had tattoos all over his body as Mitchell continues to laugh and proclaim that Malice will be the next NWA World Champion


Bagwell tries getting jiggy with the Queen of Extreme

After Mitchell's video stops playing we're shown some action backstage. Buff Bagwell, wearing his red tights and Buff Daddy hat is walking backstage when he sees former ECW star Francine. She's wearing a particularly low cut and short dress as Bagwell stops and walks over to her.

Bagwell: Sweet Jesus, what have we here. Hey lady, you wanna come take a ride with Buff Daddy?

Francine: Excuse me? Take a hike, I've got myself a new man and I definitely aint going anywhere near you

Bagwell: Well Francine, whoever he is he can't compare to me. I'm Buff......

Before he can go any further Bagwell is cracked across the back of the head with a cane dropping him to the floor. As the man wielding the cane comes into shot it's none other than another former ECW superstar, Steve Corino.

Corino: Come on Franny, I've got an NWA World's Title to win back

Corino takes her hand and leads her out of shot, with them pausing to take a look back at Bagwell on the floor and laughing as they go.


Tenay: Whoooah! That's former ECW World Champion Steve Corino. Not only is he going to be in the Gauntlet for the Gold tonight but he's actually a former NWA World Champion.

Disco: I love it, seeing that miserable Buff Bagwell laid out on the floor. Lets hope Corino has some more of that for him in the Gauntlet later on.

West: But that's just it Disco. You know that Buff Bagwell is going to be in that match too, and you know that he's going to be looking for revenge for that cane shot. You know what we've got next though guys? MORE X DIVISION ACTION!

Who's joining Daniels & Low-Ki on next week's Pay Per View?

X Division Title Qualifier: AJ Styles Vs "Primetime" Elix Skipper

Styles was the first man out to the ring as Tenay tried to push him as a former WCW Cruiserweight. Styles had a decent enough look and wore black and white trunks to the ring for this one, with matching boots. Skipper made his way out and got a much better reaction from the crowd who actually seemed to know who he was. Tenay talked about his run as the WCW Cruiserweight Champion. The two men felt each other out early on having a couple of nice exchanges, the second one resulting in a stand off after a series of counters resulted in both men going for a dropkick at the same time. Skipper was the first one to really make his mark on the match hitting a Sidewalk slam type move as AJ ran off the ropes. Skipper began to take control, tossing AJ out through the ropes. Skipper went for a baseball slide that connected with AJ's face as he tried to get up and knocked him back down. As Styles got to his feet again Skipper corkscrewed himself over the top rope to the outside knocking Styles back down once more. Skipper threw him back into the ring and waited for him to get up. As Styles clambered to his feet Skipper flipped over the top rope and followed through with a clothesline. Primetime made the cover as the referee made the count, 1....2....AJ kicked out at 2. Skipper picked Styles up and hit a belly to belly suplex but again Styles kicked out at two. Primetime picked AJ up and dumped him on the top rope. Skipper climbed to the top turnbuckle and tighroped the top rope, leaping up and taking Styles back into the middle of the ring with a hurracanrana. Primetime made the cover, 1.....2.....Again AJ was out at two. Skipper seemed furious and began to berate the referee about slow counts. AJ took advantage, grabbing Primetime from behind and rolling him up. 1.....2.....Primetime muscled his way out and immediately went for a roundhouse kick. AJ blocked it, then ducked a clothesline as Skipper sprang forward. Styles sprang up and over and connected with the Pelee to Skipper's head. Styles made a cover but this time it was Skipper's turn to frustratingly kick out. Both men got to their feet and Skipper went for a dropkick but AJ caught both his legs as Skipper fell onto his back. AJ stepped forwards, putting Skipper's arms behind his feet and jumping forwards to hit a move Tenay called the Styles Clash. The referee made the cover as AJ turned over to make the pin, 1.....2......3. AJ Styles would be joining Christopher Daniels and Low-Ki in a triangle X Division title match on next week's Pay Per View.

67%, 50%, 84%

Tenay: AJ Styles just beat a former World Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion Disco, that's a pretty impressive victory.

Disco: Impressive? If it wasn't for me being injured and unable to compete physically I could have been out there winning the X Division title Tenay

West: But what great action Disco. IT WAS UNREAL. I've not seen anything like this before, and.... THERE'S MORE, NEXT WEEK!

Tenay: Wait a minute, who's this coming out to the ring. Oh, here we go......

Jarrett promises a win, but there's somebody in his way

The camera cuts to the ring as we see Jeff Jarrett stepping through the ropes with a microphone. He's wearing his standard WCW style outfit, in yellow and silver.

Jarrett: You can all boo me all you want, I could care less. I'm here tonight for one thing and that's winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title. You idiots in the crowd should be cheering me, I'm about to put on a great show for you all as I beat 19 other nobody's to win the gold. There's nobody in this match that can stop me, y'all should know that!

Before Jarrett can go any further he's cut off by some unfamiliar music. Jarrett's facial expression turns to one of disgust as he sees that Scott Hall has made his way out from the back wearing black and red trunks, and a black and red t shirt with the word "Hall" on it in nWo style writing.

Jarrett: SCOTT HALL! What the hell do you think you're doing out here? In just a few moments I'm going to become the next NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World and there aint a damn thing your sorry ass can do about it!

Hall: Hey Jeff, last time I saw you I coulda swore you were a bit thinner man. Ya know, you look like you're carrying a little extra weight. Man, I hope you didn't pick number one in the draw buddy, I don't see you being able to last all that time in the ring.

Hall begins to walk to the ring and steps through the ropes as Jeff looks angry

Jarrett: WHY YOU!!! What the hell are you talkin about. Scott Hall, how about this for the last time you saw me. You were laying on your back and I was beating you out of WCW!

Hall pauses, taking a step back and looking away briefly before turning to Jeff and tossing the toothpick straight into his face. Jarrett launches himself forward furiously and begins to throw wild punches at Hall. Scott retaliates and soon the two men are on the mat rolling over trading rights and lefts. TNA Security come out to the ring, led by former WCW and WWF superstar Don Harris and manage to separate the two men as the show gets ready for the main event.


West: My God Mike, did you see how heated an exchange that was between Jarrett and Hall. This one is going to be one hell of a match.

Tenay: Just to reitterate the rules at this time, 20 men are entered into the Gauntlet for the Gold. Two men will start off in the ring and will be joined by another man every 90 seconds. The only way to eliminate a wrestler is to toss him over the top rope to the outside where his feet must hit the arena floor. When we get down to the final two it then becomes pinfall or submission until we have a winner, who will be crowned the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

It's time to crown a new NWA World Champion

The Gauntlet for the Gold

The crowd seemed pretty excited as the first competitor came out and we were ready for the Gauntlet for the Gold. Former WWE superstar K-Krush made his way to the ring as entrant number one. He was followed out by competitor number two, Steve Corino who was accompanied by Francine. The only really interesting moment of the first 90 seconds was Corino thinking he'd eliminated K-Krush, who held onto the ropes and landed on the apron, before taking a springboard dropkick from K-Krush. Mike Shane was entrant number three. He looked massive and came to the ring in a pair of long grey tights. Corino and K-Krush were smart enough to team up and work over the big guy, until entrant number four made his way out. Mike's brother Todd. The Shane Twins began to fight back a little and hit Corino and K-Krush with some pretty stiff offence until entrant number five came out, Jerry Lynn. The Shane Twins went straight after the newest competitor but Lynn ducked a double clothesline before turning round and hitting Mike with a dropkick that sent him bouncing out over the top rope. Todd seemed furious and charged at Lynn but again he missed with a double axe handle blow and Lynn was able to clothesline him out over the top. Apolo was the next man to enter the Gauntlet. Tenay pushed him as a multi time Puerto Rican champion. He had a good build and looked pretty solid as he went to work on trying to get K-Krush out over the top as Lynn and Corino went at it. James Mitchell came out to the ring with entrant number 7, Tempest, who Tenay pointed out we might remember from WCW as Crowbar. Brian Christopher was the next man to make his way into the Gauntlet at number 8 with his GrandMastaSexay outfit on. Christopher came charging into the ring and immediately eliminated K-Krush before stopping to have a little dance. As he boogied Steve Corino grabbed him from behind and tossed him out of the ring. Lenny Lane was next and made his way into the match at number 9. He was followed by another member of James Mitchell's Hell Bound Group, Slash. Slash and Tempest began teaming together and came really close to eliminating Corino, who Disco made a point of reminding us had been in right from the start. Corino hung on to the bottom rope and managed to remain on the apron as Tempest and Slash tried to push him out. The next entrant at number 11 was Rick Steiner. The crowd gave him quite a good pop as he came into the ring. Steiner almost immediately eliminated Lenny Lane with a Steinerline that sent him out over the top rope. As Steiner turned around though he walked straight into an Apolo superkick that looked like it really connected with his jaw. By the time the next entrant came in at number 12, Lash LeRoux, Steiner was back on his feet and seemed to relish the chance to give LeRoux a working over. As the Dogface Gremlin charged at LeRoux though, Lash ducked and pulled down the top rope as Steiner went out over the top. Lash turned around and laughed hard as he pointed at Steiner on the outside. Lash's laughter soon died as Steiner got back into the ring and dropped him with an incredibly stiff clothesline before Tempest and Slash tossed LeRoux to the outside. Scott Hall was in at number 13 and he got a really big pop from the crowd. Tempest and Slash went straight to work on him but he fought both men off and hit a double clothesline that knocked them both to the mat. Buff Bagwell was in at number 14. He ran out from the back, slid straight under the bottom rope and went right after Corino. The two men began to exchange wild punches before Bagwell backed Corino up against the ropes. He took a step back and charged but in doing so sent both Corino, and himself out to the arena floor. Both men were eliminated and as soon as they realised that they began to brawl again with Corino sending Bagwell crashing into the ring steps. Bagwell fought back, back body dropping Corino into the crowd as he ran at him until TNA Security managed to first usher Francine and Corino backstage, before getting Bagwell away from ringside too. Jeff Jarrett was the next man to enter at number 15. He chop blocked Scott Hall from behind as soon as he entered and began working over the leg of the big man. Elsewhere in the ring Jerry Lynn was trying to fend off both Slash and Tempest until Apolo interjected to help him out, pulling Slash away and starting to brawl with him in the corner. Ken Shamrock came out at number 16 as the crowd gave him a pop almost as big as they gave Hall. Shamrock was set about by Tempest and Slash as he entered the ring but it wasn't long before he was backing both men up. He tossed Slash out over the top before grabbing Tempest and battering him with a series of knees. Shamrock proceeded to toss Tempest out of the ring as James Mitchell looked furious with Shamrock, pointing up to him and telling him that his end was near. The next entrant was Mitchell's monster Malice. Before entering the ring Mitchell stopped him and whispered some words into his ear. It was obvious what he'd told him to do once he stepped into the ring. He went straight after Shamrock. The World's Most Dangerous Man didn't back down an inch as they stared down. Shamrock charged at him and leapt into the air, trying to hit a kick to Malice's head but the monster just caught Shamrock and drove him straight back down to the mat. Konnan was in at number 18 followed at 19 by Norman Smiley. Malice soon disposed of both men, chokeslamming Smiley before tossing him out over the top. As he did so Konnan hit him from behind but it didn't seem to have any effect. Konnan backed up and went for a clothesline but Malice ducked it and bundled the Mexican superstar out over the top rope. As the time ran out and we waited for entrant number 20 there was a brief pause. No music played and nobody came out. Tenay and West looked confused, until Disco Inferno stood up with a big smile on his face and climbed into the ring. He ran at Apolo who caught him and promptly dumped him out over the top after he'd been in the ring approximately 13 seconds. Apolo was the next man eliminated, another man falling victim of Malice's chokeslam before being tossed to the outside. Jeff Jarrett was still trying to take apart Scott Hall but it was Hall who got the last laugh clotheslining Jarrett out over the top. The final four were Jerry Lynn, Malice, Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall. Lynn was the first man eliminated. He traded offence with Shamrock but came off worst getting belly to bellied out over the top and taking a horrible looking bump on the outside. By this point Hall looked to be in trouble with his right leg struggling to take his weight but Malice seemed more intent on seeing to Shamrock. Hall got a breather as Malice and Shamrock traded blows. Malice managed to catch Shamrock and went for the chokeslam but as he grabbed Shamrock's neck the World's Most Dangerous Man managed to turn it into a cross arm breaker. Malice lifted Shamrock up with one arm and tried to dump him out over the top but Shamrock wouldn't release the hold as he was left hanging there over the top rope. James Mitchell ran around the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He swung and connected with Shamrock's back as Shamrock released the hold and toppled to the floor on the outside. Shamrock slowly got to his feet as Mitchell backed away. Shamrock looked incredibly angry and went for Mitchell, chasing him backstage as Malice turned his attentions to Scott Hall......

63%, 62%, 65%

NWA World Heavyweight Title: Scott Hall Vs Malice

Hall was struggling to stand straight as Malice began to pound on him. Mitchell's monster looked set to end this one quickly and in the end it didn't last long. Malice hit a belly to belly suplex on Hall and made a cover. The referee counted, 1.....2.....Hall rolled his shoulder up. Malice began to drive his knees into Hall's leg on the mat. Hall looked to be in excruciating pain as Malice tried to end the match. Malice sent Hall into the corner but as he did he squashed the referee. Malice charged in with a clothesline but Hall ducked out of the way and the big monster hit nothing but turnbuckle as the referee looked to be out cold on the mat. Malice turned around angrily and went straight to grab Hall's throat but as he went for it Hall simply kicked him between the legs, dropping him to the mat. With no James Mitchell out here to help him Hall sensed this was his chance. He sat himself up on the top rope before jumping off and connecting with a bulldog on Malice. He made the cover but the referee wasn't there to make the count. Hall gave the sign to the crowd that it was time for him to put Malice away and he picked Malice up, putting his head between his legs. Hall looked ready to try and go for the Edge when a woman leapt the barrier at ringside. Hall didn't even see her as she leapt off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick. Tenay screamed out that it was former WCW star, Daffney. Hall dropped to the mat briefly before getting back to his feet. Daffney backed away into the corner but Malice grabbed him from behind and spun him around getting him up and down for the chokeslam. Daffney slid out of the ring as Malice made the cover and the referee made the count, 1.....2......3. Malice had won and become the new NWA World Champion. Mitchell, Tempest and Slash came out from the back as Ricky Steamboat stepped into the ring with the NWA World Title belt. Steamboat stood across the ring from all of the Hell Bound group but at first refused to give Malice the belt. Steamboat grabbed a mic and said that while NWA rules state that all referee's decisions are final, he wasn't going to let Mitchell and Malice get away with this. Steamboat looked like he was about to hand over the title belt when Slash lunged in, hitting him in the mid section. Malice grabbed him and chokeslammed him down. Mitchell leaned over Steamboat and could be seen cutting his head with something. When Mitchell stood back up Steamboat's face was beginning to pour with blood. Hell Bound all took their turns at putting the boots into Steamboat as they destroyed the Chief Commissioner of the NWA:TNA. As the show was about to go off the air Ken Shamrock stepped out from the back, stopping and pointing towards the ring as Malice, and the others stopped what they were doing and looked back at him at the show's conclusion.

73%, 72%, 74%

Tenay: What the hell are they doing to the Chief Commissioner of the NWA. Somebody do something, STEAMBOAT's DRIPPING BLOOD FOR GOD'S SAKE!

West: I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS MIKE, Just look at the destruction and carnage in the ring!

Disco: Hahaha, I lo....

Tenay: OH SHUT UP DISCO! We're out of time!

Show Rating: 71%

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Good show. It's nice to see a good TNA diary around.

One thing I didn't like, however, was the name you gave to Mitchell's group. I agree with making changes, and encourage it, but the Disciples of the New Church can't be improved upon.

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6th June 2002


The WWE has further trimmed back what is considered to be the dead wood on its ever shrinking roster. Yesterday they released Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, Randy Orton, Mike Awesome, Nidia, Steve Blackman and Sean O'Haire. Add those to the previous releases and the WWE is definitely making a concerted effort not to overspend. The feeling had always been that with potential competition in the future they would try to keep the majority of the well known stars under contract to prevent them signing with a rival organisation but with the emergence of NWA:TNA it's been quite the opposite.

The buy rates are in for the first ever NWA:Total Nonstop Action Pay Per View. They pulled in a 0.17 and drew a decent crowd of 2975. Sources backstage in TNA suggest that the Jarrett's are incredibly happy with the way the opening show went and the figures its produced.

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By: Press Release

11th June 2002

After the amazing debut show of NWA:Total Nonstop Action this week's promises to be a must see event. With so much on the line and the fallout from the events on the first ever Pay Per View be sure to be a part of history as TNA returns to Pay Per View this Wednesday Night.


After Scott Hall came so close to winning the NWA World's Title at the end of the Gauntlet for the Gold he has requested this match against any member of Hell Bound as he goes looking for revenge. James Mitchell has thrust his Tempest in front of Hall. Who will come out on top?


On last week's Pay Per View we saw three of the most Xtreme athletes on the planet win qualifying matches to get them into this triangle match to crown the first ever X Division champion. Low-Ki, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels will all be vieing to become the first ever TNA X Division Champion. This one you just have to see.

In other action Apolo will take one Cassidy O'Reilly and the Shane Twins will go up against TNA newcomers, the Wildboys Chris Harris and James Storm.

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday night, 8pm on Pay Per View. Contact your local cable operator for purchasing information.

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Guest Too Tough Mike Rodriguz

I am really enjoying your diary I have been waiting to see a good TNA diary so keep it up man...I'll definatelly be reading

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user posted image

Wednesday June 12th 2002

Attendance: 2958

TNA returns on PPV

The music stops, the pyros go off and we’re live on Pay Per View with TNA. The camera pans around the crowd before it goes into a video recap of the Gauntlet for the Gold on last week’s show. It shows some of the more significant eliminations before going on to the final two. The video proceeds to show Malice and Scott Hall, with Malice winning the match and Ricky Steamboat taking a massive beating at the hands of Hell Bound.

Tenay: Fans, welcome to NWA:Total Nonstop Action on Pay Per View. I’m Mike Tenay joined again by Don West and the Disco Inferno and Don, you just saw the tape. We have a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

West: That’s right Mike, we all saw last week as Malice got the win over 19 other superstars to lift the gold. But that’s not all, we also saw Low-Ki, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels pick up wins in the debut of the X Division, and tonight we’ll see them going for the X Division title.

Disco: Hah, calm down Don, who cares about the X division tonight. I want to see what’s happened to that miserable Commissioner Ricky Narrowboat. I’ll bet he’s not even in the building after what happened to him last week.

Tenay: No word as yet on the condition of NWA Chief Commissioner Ricky Steamboat, or whether action will be taken after last week’s assault but one thing seems certain. James Mitchell’s Hell Bound minions have no respect for authority at all.

The Debut of the Wildboys

The Shane Twins Vs The Wildboys

The Shane Twins made their way out to the ring first looking absolutely massive in their simple long tights. Their opponents were the Wildboys who were introduced by Jeremy Borash as The Madness Chris Harris and the Lunatic James Storm. Both wore a simple pair of pink trunks and made their entrance to some pretty bizarre funky music. Tenay made mention that on next week’s show there would be a tag team title tournament, a tournament which the winners of this match would be involved in. Chris Harris started the match for his team and looked pretty explosive early on against first Mike Shane, and then Todd. Harris unloaded with rights and lefts on the bigger opponents before tagging in his smaller and slightly quicker partner Storm. Storm threw a kick out at Mike Shane but the muscular Shane Twin caught it. Storm quickly throw up an enziguri that cracked the side of Mike Shane’s skull. The early going was all the Wildboys as they cleared the ring and screamed out to the crowd. Mike and Todd looked to regroup and managed to get themselves into the match using their massive size advantage to try and slow down Storm and Harris. Todd Shane almost scored the win for his team at one point hitting a big full nelson slam but Chris Harris made the save as Storm was covered. The Wildboys turned things round once more as Storm came out of the corner as Todd Shane came running in. Storm tagged in Harris who went straight up to the top rope. Storm hit a superkick on Todd that spun him around straight into a spear from the Madness Chris Harris. Storm dropkicked Mike Shane away as Harris made the cover and got the win.

64%, 51%, 78%

Tenay: What an impressive win for the Wildboys, the Madness Chris Harris and the Lunatic James Storm. They’ve just earned a spot in the tag team title tournament next week.

West: And speaking of the tag team title tournament Mike, later on tonight we’ll have the tag team title belts, RIGHT HERE AT THE ANNOUNCE BOOTH!!

Disco: Who knows wh......... oh what is this? What is Corino doing out here.

Corino throws out the challenge

Steve Corino is on his way to the ring as the camera shows him being followed by Francine. Francine has on a tight pair of shiny silver trousers and a little shiny silver bra top as Corino has on his tights and a t shirt which reads “Back when wrestling was good…..”.

Corino: Come on Franny, get over here. Right, now last week you all witnessed a travesty of justice in this ring. I, Steve Corino, the King of Old School and the only former NWA World Champion in that entire gauntlet got aggressively and underhandedly and nastily and horribly and maleficiently and riotously and frenziedly and….

Francine: Ok, ok Steve, quit it already. I think they all get the picture.

Corino: ….sorry. Right, where was I? Yeah, last week I was unfairly jumped from behind and had my chance to regain my NWA World Title taken away from me by Buff Bagwell. Now…..

Bagwell’s music cuts Corino off and he comes out onto the stage with a microphone of his own wearing his trademark hat and tights.

Bagwell: Steve Corino, hehehehe, I took you out last week just like you took me out with that cane. Do you think I’ve forgotten the shot you gave me with that? Well the way I see it, you won’t ever forget the way I eliminated you from the Gauntlet either hehehehahaaaaa.

Corino: I was wondering how long it would take you to get out here. God, you’re more predictable than Tully Blanchard at a goat ropers convention. You’re right Bagwell, I haven’t forgotten you eliminating me from the Gauntlet. How about you give me a match tonight to teach you how to wrestle properly and start my rise back to the top of the NWA?

Bagwell: You want some of Buff Daddy tonight? You only have to ask Corino, I’ll see you in the ring. And just remember when you’re laying on your back, I’m Buff, and……

Corino: Yeah yeah, you’re the Stuff, we’ve heard it a million times already. Jeez that catchphrase was tiresome in 98.

Bagwell just smiles back at Corino and makes his way backstage as the ring is prepared for the next match.


Disco: I love it Tenay, it’s about time someone taught that Bagwell a lesson. Corino’s right, he’s an irritance.


Tenay: It’s a major addition to the show, no doubt about that. We all saw the animosity between these two men on the debut Pay Per View for NWA:Total Nonstop Action and it looks like we’re going to see it boil over right here tonight.

The Puerto Rican sensation is in action

Cassidy O’Reilly Vs Apolo

Cassidy was already in the ring when we got there and looked pretty generic with his blonde hair and powder blue trunks. Apolo came out much the bigger man and looked really athletic from start to finish. Tenay talked about his history in the IWA in Puerto Rico and his multiple title reigns there as he dominated most of the offence in this one. Apolo hit an excellent tornado style DDT as he sprung himself off the middle rope but on making the cover could only get a two count. It didn’t take long before Apolo was finishing things off following a spear up with a superkick that rocked the head of O’Reilly and allowed Apolo to make the cover, 1…..2……3. Apolo scored the win.

54%, 40%, 68%

Tenay: Apolo, the Puerto Rican sensation with a big win. He’s looking really impressive after a strong showing in the Gauntlet for the Gold, and now his first win in singles competition.

West: Boy you’d better believe it Mike. What a talent!

Disco: He’s a big old boy, no doubt about that Don. I’ve heard they found him on a street corner in Puerto Rico shining shoes. See, TNA are already trying to give the underprivileged a shot in the business.

Tenay: That’s not true! Now, it is my pleasure to present to you all the new NWA Tag Team Title belts that have been made especially for TNA with next week’s Tag Team Title tournament on next week’s show. What? Who in the hell?.....

Former WCW superstars want the NWA Title Belts!

Tenay looks up and notices the former WCW Tag Team of Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire walking to the announce desk. O’Haire has his standard blue trunks on and Jindrak has similar red ones as they approach Tenay

Tenay: Sean, Mark, it’s been a while. It’s good to see you out here but I have to ask. What are you two doing here in TNA?

O’Haire: Hahaha, what we’ve always tried to do Tenay. Go after tag team titles!

Tenay looks shocked as Jindrak grabs him by the throat and O’Haire motions for him to hand over the title belts. West and Disco are incredibly quiet as Tenay hands over the title belts angrily. O’Haire and Jindrak turn to the crowd holding them up as if they’ve just won them before disappearing backstage with the belts.


West: My God, are you ok Mike?

Tenay: I’m…. I’m fine, thank you Don. Thanks for the support Disco.

Disco: What? I’m retired, besides I’m in no physical condition to confront people like Jindrak & O’Haire. If I was 100%, actually, if I was 75% I could have taken them but I’m not.

West: Sure can’t argue with that Mike, he looked like a retired wrestler when he got dumped out of the gauntlet last week.

Bagwell walks straight into the trap

Steve Corino w/Francine Vs Buff Bagwell

Bagwell came out to the ring first awaiting the chance to get his hands on Corino and get some revenge for the shot he took with the cane last week. Corino’s music hit but he was nowhere to be seen. After a few moments Corino came out from the back, limping tenderly and holding his shoulder. Bagwell looked confused as Francine ran out from the back and grabbed hold of Corino’s arm, spinning him around. She looked to be pleading with him not to go to the ring. Corino shoved her off and continued to the ring slowly. As he stepped through the ropes Francine had grabbed hold of a microphone and screamed out.

Francine: For God’s sake Steve, what they hell are you doing? You’ve just been hit by a freaking car outside the back of the arena and now you want to wrestle a match? Well you know what, I’m done with you and your crap. Whatever!

Corino hobbled into the ring as Bagwell paused, unsure of how to react. Bagwell went over, at first looking concerned for Corino but as he got close Corino spun around and punched him straight in the face. Corino jumped all over him on the mat battering him with rights and lefts as Francine came back out to the ring with a huge smile on her face. She bought the cane with her and passed it to Corino who began smashing it into Bagwell’s head as the referee quickly called for the disqualification. Bagwell was busted open on the mat as Corino held the cane up to into the air. Corino and Francine made their way backstage laughing despite losing the match.

72%, 75%, 66%

West: MY GOD MIKE, THAT’S SICKENING. Bagwell believed he was hurt, DAMN THEM!

Disco: You know what, I like that Steve Corino. Even after getting hit by a car he still had the guts to beat up on Bagwell

Tenay: Ohhhh come on, he didn’t get hit by any car. That was disgusting. Steve Corino and Francine planned this whole thing, they didn’t even care about winning the match. Send it back to Goldy

Hall and Jarrett – NEXT WEEK!

Goldylocks is waiting backstage with Scott Hall ready to conduct an interview. She has long blonde hair and a sweet smile as Hall is there in his wrestling gear.

Goldy: Heyy, you want some Total Nonstop Action? I got ya Total Nonstop Action, I’ve got one of professional wrestling’s true greats, Scott Hall! Now Scott, you’ve got Tempest later one on one and after the way James Mitchell’s Hell Bound screwed you out of the World Title last week you have to be looking for revenge.

Hall: Yo Goldy, Tempest’s just the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everybody knows I wanted Malice for the belt but ya know what, I’ve got no problems with beating Tempest or whoever else James Mitchell wants to throw in my way.

Goldy gets cut off before she can answer another question as Jeff Jarrett storms into the shot and squares up to Hall

Jarrett: Well well well, what we got here? Scott Hall. After the beating I gave you last week and what Malice did to you afterwards I wasn’t expecting to see you back in TNA. I should have known you were here when I went to get a drink from the bar earlier and they told me they were out of beer.

Hall: Jeff, so err, what happened in the gauntlet for the gold? You got a problem, then how about after I beat Tempest tonight I go through you next week?

Jarrett: You got it pal, you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life Scott. I beat you in the WWF, I beat you in WCW and now I’m going to beat you in TNA.

Jarrett goes to walk off screen as Hall calls him back

Hall: Hey Jeff!

Jeff turns around as Hall casually flicks a toothpick right into his face. Jarrett looks mad as Hall tells him he’ll see him next week


Tenay: Whooah, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall next week on Pay Per View.

West: These two have so much history Mike, it’s going to be great.

Disco: Whadda you know about history Don? Last time I checked they never feuded on the shopping channel.

Time to crown the first X Division Champion

TNA X Division Title: AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Low-Ki

By the time the camera got back to the ring AJ, Low-Ki and Daniels were already there staring each other down and prowling back and forth across the ring. Jeremy Borash held up the X Division title belt for the fans, and then showed it to the competitors. AJ took a long hard look at it while Low-Ki just continued to switch his steely gaze between Daniels and Styles. The match took on a furious pace from the outset with all three men looking desperate to not only win the gold, but to wow the TNA fans. The three men exchanged high octane offence at the start with Styles back body dropping Daniels over the top rope to the outside. As Low-Ki charged at him Styles back body dropped him out over the top right onto Daniels. AJ leapt up to the top turnbuckle and sprang himself off to the outside with a cross body block on both men. It wasn’t long before Daniels and Low-Ki were back in the ring. Daniels hoisted Low-Ki up onto his shoulders but as he did so AJ sprung off the top rope from the apron and frankensteinered Low-Ki off of Daniels shoulders. Styles looked to have hurt himself and it was Daniels who actually went for the cover, almost getting the three as Low-Ki kicked out. Styles rolled out to the floor holding his shoulder and genuinely looked like he’d injured himself. Inside the ring Daniels went for an STO on Low-Ki but Ki blocked it and took Daniels over with a gut wrench suplex. Daniels sat up which appeared to be a big mistake as Low-Ki crashed in a sickening kick to his chest. Low-Ki followed up with a second kick to the chest before taking a step back and steadying himself. Low-Ki exploded forward with a third kick, this time to the side of Daniels head. Low-Ki went for the cover but as he did Daniels mustered up enough strength to sneak Low-Ki into a small package but Ki got out at two. Low-Ki threw a kick at Daniels but he ducked it and this time did manage to connect with the STO. As he made the cover Styles pulled him out by his legs from the outside. Styles swung a right hand but Daniels blocked it and drove him down to the floor wrenching his left arm, the shoulder he injured, and holding him down on the outside in an armbar that looked to have Styles in major trouble. Daniels had no reason to release the hold and Styles looked to be in serious pain as he screamed out frantically trying to get out of the hold. Low-Ki catapulted himself over the top rope to land on Daniels and Styles with a guillotine legdrop that broke the hold. Styles continued to spend a lot of time on the outside as the match progressed with his shoulder seemingly causing him major problems. Daniels and Low-Ki began to break each other down exchanging offence. Low-Ki hit a thunderous roundhouse kick that nearly took Daniels head off. Daniels fired back with a Northern Lights Suplex as the referee began to count, 1…..2…..Low-Ki got his shoulder up. As both men got up Daniels got caught by Low-Ki who got him up for the Ki-Krusher 99. Low-Ki drove him down as the referee began to count, 1…..2…..AJ was back in the ring and making the save, kicking Low-Ki in the back of the head to break the count. Low-Ki ran at AJ but he belly to bellied him out over the top rope to the outside. Daniels ran at AJ but Styles caught him with a powerslam but couldn’t make the cover, pulling away and holding his shoulder. Styles went to the top turnbuckle as Daniels lay out on the mat. AJ came off with the Spiral Tap, spinning and twisting through the air as Daniels rolled away and AJ crashed to the mat landing once again on his shoulder. Daniels bounced up to his feet, reaching out and grabbing AJ in a cross faced chicken wing, with AJ’s bad arm looking like it was about to get wrenched out of its socket. Low-Ki struggled back to his feet on the outside as AJ screamed out unable to break the hold. As Low-Ki crawled back into the ring and began to inch his way over to them Styles tapped frantically unable to take the pain any longer. Christopher Daniels was the first ever TNA X Division Champion. The referee handed him the belt and after briefly climbing up to the top rope to celebrate his win he left the ring. AJ needed medical assistance to get him backstage.

79%, 58%, 100%

Who did that to Hall?

Immediately at the match’s conclusion Tenay says there’s something going on backstage. When the camera cuts back there Scott Hall is down on the floor in what looks like the backstage catering hall. Scott’s laying face down with his head busted open as Konnan, Rick Steiner, and a host of officials surround him to check he’s ok.

Konnan: Scott, Scott, what the hell’s going on?

Hall remains still on the floor as Steiner tells Konnan that Hall had a match up next.

Konnan: You know what Rick, just leave that one to me

Konnan left as EMT’s came running into shot


Tenay: Who the hell’s done that? What’s going on, there’s no control around here. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! You saw the confrontation with Jeff Jarrett earlier tonight, damn you Jarrett!

West: Yeah but what about Mitchell and his Hell Bound minions Mike? They could have just taken him out of a match with Tempest, and the chance.......... TO EARN A WORLD TITLE SHOT!

Disco: Or maybe, just maybe guys, the big oaf tripped over his bootlaces and fell flat on his face.

Tenay: Gah, so what happens now Don? We're without a main event?

Konnan steps into Hall's slot

Konnan Vs Tempest w/James Mitchell

Tempest made his way to the ring with a gloating James Mitchell. Tempest had on his simple black leather trousers as he stepped through the ropes. They awaited their opponent, Scott Hall but instead got Konnan. He ran to the ring sliding into the ring and backing Tempest up with rights and lefts. Konnan sent him across the ring and followed in, clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. The crowd seemed really into it as Konnan began to gesture with Mitchell giving Tempest instructions on the outside. Konnan was all over Tempest early on but the tide soon turned, largely thanks to the distraction of Mitchell on the outside. It allowed Tempest to hit Konnan with a knee from behind before turning him round and sending him in for the ride. As Konnan came back Tempest leapt into the air and hit a flying elbow. Tempest went to work on Konnan, hitting a slingshot legdrop from the apron to the inside. Mitchell screamed encouragement from the outside as Tempest spent the majority of the match on top wearing down the Mexican superstar. Tempest took him down with a reverse chinlock and kept him on the mat. Konnan was looked really tired by this point as the referee lifted his arm and it dropped. It got lifted again and once more it dropped. The crowd began to cheer for Konnan as the referee lifted it a third time, this time Konnan managing to hold it up. Konnan began to thump his fist as he got up to one knee. Temptest looked worried as Konnan pushed his way up more, getting up onto his feet and thumping an elbow into Tempest's stomach. Konnan threw in another elbow and broke the hold. Konnan sent Tempest in for the ride and followed in, rolling through with the rolling thunder lariat. Konnan sent Tempest in again, following him in and hitting the same move before playing to the crowd. With Konnan looking ready to finish things James Mitchell got up onto the apron. Konnan turned his attention away from Tempest and grabbed Mitchell on the apron pulling him into the ring over the top rope and tossing him to the mat. Konnan turned back to face Tempest and kicked him in the gut before hitting a face jam on him. As the referee ushered Mitchell to get out of the ring Daffney came running from the back and climbed up onto the top turnbuckle. As Konnan got ready to hit a DDT on Tempest Daffney leapt off the top rope and hit a missile dropkick before rolling to the outside. Konnan slowly got back to his feet but as he did walked straight into the Mindbender from Tempest. Tempest held Konnan down as the referee counted, 1.....2......3. Tempest had won the match. After the bell Mitchell stepped into the ring and got Tempest to hold Konnan up. Mitchell pulled a vicious looking blade out of his jacket and sliced open Konnan's head. Slash and the new NWA World Champion Malice came out from the back. Malice stepped through the ropes and stopped, staring longingly at the blood as Mitchell presented the bloodied Konnan to him. Malice put his hand in the blood, painting a red cross over his own chest as Slash and Tempest began to beat on Konnan at the show's conclusion.

71%, 72%, 71%


Tenay: Somebody stop this, it's out of control. We're out of time, get security out here.

Show Rating: 72%

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16th June 2002


Just two days ago Joel Gertner had his planned managerial push in new promotion, NWA:Total Nonstop Action shelved after admitting to himself and the world that he had a drink problem. He's signed himself into rehab and while TNA's staff are said to be sad to see him go for the time being they are happy that he's faced up to his demons and is doing something about them. Whether TNA will be interested in him in the future is unsure at this moment but he certainly won't be seen anywhere in wrestling for the foreseeable future.

The Buy Rate for the second episode of TNA on PPV is in. It scored a 0.18 compared to a first week 0.17. While the 0.01 rise is minimal and insignificant it has given the Jarrett's a huge amount of belief in the staying power of their new venture. More important than having the buy rate rise, was not having it fall. There was a certain concern that after the curious excitement that the first show had going in, that by the second offering the buy rate would drop significantly. That has not been the case and with the industry looking ready to boom if a second promotion can maintain its place we could see exciting times in the wrestling world over the coming year.

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By: Press Release

17th June 2002

In only its third Pay Per View event NWA:TNA continues to revolutionise the wrestling industry with its blend of high octane in ring action and big name superstars you can bet that this week’s Total Nonstop Action Pay Per View will not disappoint.


In a feud that spans 7 years and many promotions these two wrestling legends will square off in the main event. Their problems began at the Gauntlet for the Gold but grew last week when Jarrett opened up a challenge to Hall. After what happened to Scott Hall on last week’s show what sort of condition will he be in, and just who did attack him?


New NWA Tag Team Champions will be crowned on this outstanding night of action. The Wildboys will take on the team of Brian Christopher & K-Krush while Tempest & Slash will be in action against Apolo & Buff Bagwell. Which two teams will go on to the final and eventually win the titles? After last week’s show and the appearance of Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire will the winners even have title belts to be given?

Also “Future Icon” Sonny Siaki puts his reputation on the line as he goes for his first win in TNA against the hugely talented veteran Jerry Lynn.

Make sure you don’t miss this Pay Per View extravaganza coming to you this Wednesday night, 8pm, contact your local cable provider for purchasing information.

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18th June 2002

With two Pay Per View's in the bag we've had a lot of feedback from fans regarding the NWA:Total Nonstop Action product as they go into their third show. The views expressed herein are not the views of this website...

The Rabbitman..... "I admire the balls it takes to make Malice the NWA World Champion. Think it'll work though?

Broken Cycle..... "I liked the first TNA show. They seemed good enough. One thing I’m not keen on though, Disco Inferno as colour commentator? What’s up with that?"

Gabriel..... "Hmm, I thought the first TNA Pay Per View was decent enough. I’m not sure about James Mitchell’s Hell Bound group though. Couldn’t they have come up with a better name?"

Trash..... "Wildboys all the way baby, I wanna see them win the tag team titles and if TNA are smart that’s what they’ll do"

Josesoto...... "I’m excited about the tag team tournament coming up, being from Puerto Rico I’m really hoping they put the belts on Apolo & Bagwell but I think that they’ll have the Wildboys going over"

SpiralTap..... "Before the Triangle X match I said that if AJ doesn’t win the X title I’ll be forced to swim to the United States and kick the crap out of the Jarrett’s. Having seen last week’s Pay Per View I’m finding my swimming trunks as we speak."

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user posted image

Wednesday June 19th 2002

Attendance: 2949

New Tag Team Champions, Tonight!

The pyros begin to blast as the show starts and the camera pans around the crowd. The shot cuts to a clipped video package with the highlights from the X Division triangle match last week. It goes on to show Scott Hall out cold on the floor before showing the entrance of Konnan into the main event and his subsequent defeat at the hands of Tempest before ending with Malice crossing his chest with Konnan's blood.

Tenay: Fans we welcome you to another NWA:Total Nonstop Action Pay Per View. I'm joined once again by Don West and the Disco Inferno and Don we know what our main event is supposed to be tonight but two questions surround Scott Hall. Who attacked him last week, and will he even be here tonight?

West: Oh Mike what a show it was last week. As you say right now we have no answer to who attacked Scott Hall last week and so far, we don't even know whether he's going to be here for the main event tonight!

Tenay: In additon right here tonight we're going to crown new NWA World Tag Team Champions as four teams battle it out in a tournament to decide the new champions.

Disco: Yeah but the last time I looked Mike Tenay, we didn't even have any tag team title belts to hand over to them. Whatever happened to Ricky Battleship, wasn't he supposed to be running the show around here?

West: And that's another thing Mike. We've not seen or heard from Ricky Steamboat or anyone in power around here since James Mitchell's men destroyed the Dragon on the first show. THIS PLACE IS OUT OF CONTROL!

The Tag Team Title Tournament Begins

NWA Tag Team Title Tournament: Hell Bound (Tempest & Slash) w/James Mitchell & Daffney Vs Buff Bagwell & Apolo

Mitchell led Tempest and Slash to the ring first. Both men were wearing dog collars and Daffney had both of them on a leash. Bagwell & Apolo made their way out second but didn't get the best of reactions from the crowd. To be honest the crowd seemed pretty dead right throughout this opening match. Tempest and Slash were let off their leads and jump started the match attacking Bagwell and Apolo before the bell had run. Apolo and Tempest went to the outside and began to brawl as Bagwell and Slash began to work in the ring. Slash sent Bagwell in for the ride but put his head down allowing Bagwell to hit a swinging neckbreaker and go for a very early cover. Slash was out at two. The match began to calm down with both Apolo and Tempest making their way back to their respective corners. Apolo looked really impressive when he got himself into the match hitting a spear on Slash. Apolo went to the top rope and leapt off with a double axe handle as the team of Apolo and Buff began to take control. Mitchell was always a factor on the outside and his distraction gave Slash and Tempest the chance to get some double team action in on the big Puerto Rican superstar. Slash and Tempest began to work Apolo over and break him down. Tempest took him down to the mat before slingshotting himself from the apron to the inside with a legdrop. Apolo looked to be in trouble as Tempest and Slash hit a double Russian Legsweep on him but as the referee's count got to two Bagwell was in to make the save. Apolo did eventually manage to make the hot tag to Bagwell, who came in like a house of fire hitting everything that moved. He even knocked Mitchell off the apron as he tried to get involved. There were simply too many Hell Bound members about for Bagwell to take care of though and Slash caught him from behind and tossed him through the ropes to the outside. As the referee concentrated on the action in the ring, where Apolo had managed to get himself up and was trying to brawl with Tempest and Slash, Steve Corino came running out from the back and attacked Bagwell on the outside. Bagwell tried to fight him off and the two men went over the barrier and into the crowd as Bagwell was drawn further and further away from the ring. Back in the ring Apolo was set up on the top rope by Tempest, who quickly called for Slash to come in with him. They hit a double team variation on a Stunner on Apolo before Tempest made the cover. The referee counted, 1.....2......3. Hell Bound were on to the tournament final later on. Bagwell and Corino were still fighting through the crowd. Buff grabbed hold of a chair and went to his Corino with it but Corino superkicked it into Bagwell's face leaving him down and out as Corino picked up the chair and held it up in celebration.

53%, 47%, 59%

West: MY GOD MIKE, WHAT A MOVE. WHAT A MOVE! Tempest and Slash advance to the final

Tenay: Tempest and Slash looked more than impressive out there but you have to wonder just how much the interference from Steve Corino was a factor. Buff and Apolo were almost fighting five men out there.

Disco: Nahh, who won Tenay? Nobody cares about how. Tempest and Slash have a shot at the Tag Team Titles later on tonight. That's all that matters.

And the first challenger to the X Division title is.....

After the match the camera is sent backstage to Goldylocks who is waiting with the new X Division Champion, Christopher Daniels to conduct an interview. Daniels is wearing a hooded robe and has the X Division title around his waist as Goldylocks begins the questioning

Goldy: I'm joined right now by the first ever TNA X Division Champion Christopher Daniels. You've gotta be so excited on winning that title last week Chris

Daniels: Excited? Excited? Did you see what I had to go through to get this belt? This title belt around my waist simply defines what I already knew. What I went through to get it, that was a neccessity. Goldylocks you really don't know the Fallen Angel at all and perhaps......... perhaps if you think long and hard you don't want to. So now I'm the first ever TNA X Division Champion. I ask, what's next? I've already beaten my most likely of challengers in my moment of glory. This belt will not, shall not go anywhere until I decide it's time.

Goldy: Well I've been told before the show tonight that you do have a challenger. Next week there's a former WCW superstar here to try and take that belt off you. He's been chosen by the NWA Championship Committee. I'm talking about Jimmy Yang.

Daniels: Hahahaha, do you really think I care who they put in front of me? Right now in this chaos driven company there is only one thing that is certain. Come the end of next week's show the Fallen Angel will still be the TNA X Division Champion. And that's the Gospel according to the Fallen Angel!

Daniels leaves as Goldy sends it back to the ring.


And facing Hell Bound for the tag team titles will be.......

NWA Tag Team Title Tournament: Brian Christopher & K-Krush Vs The Wildboys

The Wildboys made their entrance first. Both had bright pink trunks on with purple boots. The Madness Chris Harris, and the Lunatic James Storm got little reaction from the crowd. Their opponents, both former WWF stars, Brian Christopher & K-Krush got a much healthier pop from the crowd as they came out. Christopher had his Grandmasta Sexay attire on and K-Krush was wearing a pair of graffiti'ed white trousers. Harris and Storm looked a bit green at times in this one but all in all it turned out to be an excellent, if slightly short match. Christopher and Storm started off in the ring and had a nice exchange early on. Storm came out of it on top hitting a swinging heel kick on Christopher that had him scuttling across the ring to make the tag out. K-Krush fared a bit better with the Lunatic as he managed to duck a Storm clothesline attempt by doing the splits before popping up and catching Storm with a leg lariat. The action flew back and forth in this one with both teams picking their shots. The closest the Wildboys came to winning was when they hit a version of Demolition's old finishing move as Storm held Christopher over his knee while Harris came off the top middle rope with an elbow to the throat. The referee made the count, 1.....2.....Christopher kicked out. In the end it was the more experienced team who began to take control and after K-Krush doubled Harris over with a kick to the mid section he followed up with a scissors kick to the back of the neck. K-Krush tagged in Christopher who went straight up to the top rope and hit a legdrop off the top before making the cover, 1.....2......3. Christopher and Krush advanced to the tournament finals to face Tempest & Slash.

73%, 53%, 89%

Tenay: So it will be the team of K-Krush and Brian Christopher that go on to face James Mitchell's Hell Bound for the tag team titles later on tonight Don.

West: That's right Mike, but I want to talk about what went on before the match. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE X DIVISION. YOU HEARD IT, next week we've got the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels defending the title against former WCW Cruiserweight, JIMMY YANG. THE X DIVISION IS LIKE NOTHING ELSE I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE MIKE!

Disco: Don, please, you're spraying sweat all over me.

Tenay: What? What's that? I'm getting word through my headset, GET TO THE BACK!

Bagwell and Corino still going

The shot goes backstage where Steve Corino and Buff Bagwell are tearing at each other in a corridor. Corino charges at Bagwell but Buff sidesteps and tosses him straight into the wall. Bagwell begins to pound him with punches and as Corino turns around the impact of crashing into the wall seems to have bust him open. Bagwell already has a cut in his forehead. Corino fights back, kneeing Bagwell in the stomach and beginning to fire back with punches of his own. Francine can be heard screaming and is just visible in the corner of the shot as she's shown motioning for someone to come. Don Harris and the TNA Security come charging into shot. They manage to separate the two superstars and Corino is pushed back as Bagwell tries to get to him. Harris and the security have a tough time of keeping the two men apart but just about manage to do it as it goes back to Tenay at the announce desk.


Tenay: TNA Security struggling to keep those two men away from each other. You saw what happened earlier Don, they weren't going to stay apart for long.

West: Oh there's no doubt about that. First, you saw Steve Corino, ATTACK BUFF BAGWELL AND COST HIM THE TAG MATCH. And then, then...... you saw.... HIM KICK THAT CHAIR RIGHT INTO BAGWELL'S FACE MIKE!

Disco: Pah Bagwell's a nut. He's just jealous that Corino has a woman following him around that he doesn't have to pay for!

Tenay: We're just three shows in guys and already it looks like the NWA is struggling to keep control.

The Future Icon and the Wily Veteran

Jerry Lynn Vs "Future Icon" Sonny Siaki

Lynn got a decent reaction from the crowd as he came out in a simple pair of black tights. Siaki didn't elicit much heat from the nearly 3000 strong audience as he came out in a pair of bright green trunks. The two men locked up collar and elbow and tried to outmuscle each other. Siaki managed to get Lynn backed up on the ropes before being forced to break. Siaki gave him a clean break. Lynn and Siaki circled each other in the ring before locking up again. This time Lynn managed to back Siaki up in the corner. As he went to break Siaki hit him with a forearm blow to the head. Lynn just fired back with a really stiff chop. Siaki and Lynn began to exchange fierce chops and slaps before Lynn sent Siaki in for the ride to the other corner. Jerry charged in and hit a clothesline on the Future Icon who stumbled out of the corner before turning and trying to retaliate with a clothesline of his own. Lynn ducked it and grabbed Siaki around the waist, taking him over with a bridge German Suplex as the referee made the count, 1....2....Siaki rolled his shoulder over to break the pin. Siaki managed to take an opening and get himself on top in the match though. With Jerry Lynn in the corner Siaki charged in. Jerry hoisted himself up, twisted his legs, and tried to roll through with a variation on a sunset flip but Siaki merely held him up on his back and drove him down to the mat with a fallaway slam. Siaki sent Lynn in for the ride and as he came back launched him up into the air and watched him crash back down to the mat face first. Siaki went for the cover, 1....2....Lynn kicked out. Siaki tried to put the veteran away with another big move, getting Lynn up in a Press position before dropping down and hitting a Samoan Drop. Siaki hooked the leg as the referee counted again, 1.....2....Lynn rolled out a shoulder. Siaki ran off the ropes and went for an elbow drop but Lynn rolled out of the way. Jerry caught Siaki coming towards him with a dropkick that sent Siaki out through the middle ropes. As Siaki stumbled back up to his feet on the outside Jerry Lynn was up on the top turnbuckle, motioning to the crowd before launching himself off at Siaki and knocking him back to the floor. When the two men got up they began to brawl on the outside with Siaki having the better of it, getting Lynn up in an atomic drop position before dropping him across the guardrail at ringside. Siaki tossed Lynn back into the ring but as he rolled in himself and went to pick Lynn up Jerry caught him in a small package. Siaki managed to get out at 2 before nailing Lynn with a stiff clothesline that sent him crashing back to the mat. Siaki motioned to the crowd and thumped his chest before picking Lynn up. He got him up in a powerbomb position before dropping to his knees and hitting what looked like a sickening variation on a backbreaker which Tenay named the "Future Crush". Siaki made the cover and the referee counted, 1.....2.....Lynn kicked out. Siaki couldn't believe it and was furious with the referee. This gave Lynn the opportunity to get back to his feet. Lynn caught Siaki as he turned around with a kick to the mid-section that doubled him over. Lynn gave the sign for the Cradle Piledriver but as he went to lift Siaki it was blocked. Siaki lifted Lynn up and drove him down with a spinebuster. Siaki quickly hooked both his legs up onto the middle rope as the referee made the count unawares, 1.....2.....3. Sonny Siaki had scored a major upset victory.

71%, 58%, 85%

Siaki's the Future!

After the match Goldylocks stopped Siaki before he left backstage and grabbed a quick word. Siaki seemed really out of breath as he spoke

Goldy: Sonny Siaki, that was a massive win for you but I think we all saw that the way in which you won it was just a little bit questionable

Siaki: What are you talking about? **pauses trying to catch his breath**. Sonny Siaki won the match. Sonny **pauses again** Siaki is the Future and you'd better recognise bitch! **pauses again for breath as Goldy looks shocked**. I don't give a damn about you **stops, breathing heavily**, I don't give a damn about Jerry Lynn, or anyone else in the NWA:TNA!

Siaki made his way backstage leaving Goldy with an unhappy look on her face as she sent it back to the announce team.


Tenay: There's no denying that was a massive win for Siaki, but Goldylocks is right. You have to question the manner in which Siaki picked up his victory.

Disco: Haha, I love it Mike Tenay. I loved hearing someone finally tell Goldylocks what she really is. That girl's spent more time on her knees than a Fillipino maid.

Tenay: DISCO Will you stop! That's not true! Don, up next it's the tag team titles on the line as the two teams that won their earlier matches tonight face off for the gold.

West: Boy Mike, I can't wait, lets send it to JB and get this one going.

The NWA Tag Team Champions of the World

Brian Christopher & K-Krush Vs Hell Bound (Tempest & Slash) w/James Mitchell & Daffney

Jeremy Borash announced the participants as they made their way to the ring. K-Krush and Brian Christopher were out first and got a really decent pop from the crowd. Hell Bound came out led by Mitchell and Daffney. This time the leashes were gone as Tempest and Slash charged the ring and got this one underway. Borash leapt to the outside to get out of the way of the four men who began to brawl wildly. All four men spilled to the outside as K-Krush paired off with Tempest and Christopher and Slash went at it. Christopher sent Slash crashing into the ring post on one side of the ring while K-Krush and Tempest began to fight their way back up the ramp. K-Krush hit a suplex on Tempest on the steel runway before making his way back to the ring. Christopher rolled Slash back in and K-Krush made a quick cover. The referee got to 2 before Slash kicked out. K-Krush sent Slash in for the ride and caught him with a big arm drag as he came back, keeping hold of the arm and trying to keep Slash on the mat. Slash was quickly up on his feet though and backed K-Krush off into the ropes before sending him in for the ride. Slash hit a big dropkick that looked like it caught K-Krush a bit too well. Slash followed up with an elbowdrop. He furiously dropped another two in quick succession before turning to the crowd and shoving his tongue out as he screamed out to them. Tempest and Slash began to dominate and had K-Krush in serious trouble with a series of double team moves. Christopher on numerous occasions tried to get into the ring but every time he did it just allowed Hell Bound to double team behind the referee's back as he tried to ensure Christopher left the ring. Tempest stood K-Krush up in the middle of the ring and ran off the ropes. Tempest went for a clothesline but K-Krush managed to duck underneath it and ran off the ropes himself. As both men came charging back towards each other they clashed heads and both went down to the mat. K-Krush began to slowly edge towards his corner, desperately looking for a tag. Tempest also began to move towards his own looking for the tag out to Slash. K-Krush looked like he was going to get there first but as he got closer James Mitchell got up onto the apron. The referee went straight over and told him to get down as K-Krush managed to make the tag. Christopher stepped into the ring as the referee turned around having missed the tag. Christopher was furious as the referee forced him to get back out of the ring. With the referee's back turned Slash and Tempest hit a double suplex on K-Krush as Tempest made the cover. The referee made the count, 1....2.....K-Krush rolled a shoulder out. Tempest made the tag out to Slash. They sent K-Krush in for the ride but as he came back he ducked a double clothesline. K-Krush ran back towards them, launching himself up into the air and hitting a big flying double clothesline to take both men down. All three men lay down on the mat briefly before K-Krush seemed to get a second wind. He kipped up a la Shawn Michaels and tagged in Brian Christopher. Christopher went wild hitting both Hell Bound team members. He tossed Tempest to the outside, where he collided with James Mitchell. Christopher than grabbed Slash and hit a DDT. Daffney went up to the top rope but Christopher caught her. He launched her like a missile to the outside where she landed on top of Mitchell and Tempest. Christopher drove Slash down with a bodyslam before giving the sign he was ready to go up top. He looked set to climb up to the top rope when Mitchell distracted the referee once again. He was up on the apron turning the referee around. Daffney got up onto the apron as well and began screaming at the ref. Malice came charging out from the back and as Christopher got to the top rope and gave the sign for the Tennessee Jam Malice got up onto the apron and grabbed him by the throat. Malice chokeslammed him from the apron into the ring before getting back down and going to help Tempest up. Slash rolled over and went for the cover on Christopher as the referee turned around, 1.....2......3. Hell Bound won the NWA Tag Team Titles. K-Krush and Christopher began to make their way to the outside as Mitchell grabbed a microphone.

Mitchell: Well, where are our titles? First the NWA World Title, and now the NWA Tag Team Titles. Where are our belts?

Before Mitchell could go any further Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak stepped out from behind the curtain with incredibly cocky smiles on their faces. They carried the NWA Tag Team Title belts with them. As they got closer to the ring they gestured to Mitchell that they didn't want a fight, they just wanted to hand over the tag team titles to the new champions. O'Haire and Jindrak stepped through the ropes and came face to face with Slash and Tempest. Malice stood behind the tag team champs snarling and looking ready to pounce. O'Haire and Jindrak held out the tag team title belts to Slash and Tempest. As the champions went to grab them Jindrak & O'Haire simultaneously dropped the belts. Tempest and Slash leant forwards to pick them up but in the process O'Haire hit a huge clothesline on Tempest and Jindrak took Slash up with a spinebuster. Jindrak & O'Haire slid quickly to the outside and leapt the barrier at ringside before the larger numbers of Hell Bound could get to them. Mitchell looked furious and pointed to them, looking like he was instructing Malice to go and get them.

75%, 72%, 79%

Before the big man could get out of the ring he was stopped by the music of the World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock. Shamrock stood on the stage motioning for Malice to come and get him. The monster didn't need a second invitation and charged out of the ring and up the runway to get to Shamrock. They began to trade blows and fight with each other. Shamrock looked to be getting the better of it until Tempest and Slash ran in and got involved in the act. At first Shamrock was able to fight the new Tag Team Champions off but in the end it was too much as Malice spun him around and grabbed him by the throat. Malice hit a massive chokeslam on Shamrock that dropped him off of the stage and through a table as Mitchell looked on with a big grin on his face. He led his men backstage with the three title belts as EMT's tried to get to Shamrock to see if he was ok.



Tenay: Damn you James Mitchell, can nobody stop his Hell Bound minions right now?

Disco: With that monster Malice around of course they can't Tenay. I don't see you running out there to get in their way.

West: But you saw it, Ken Shamrock taken up.... WITH A CHOKESLAM, Jeez Mike, what are they going to do next? First Ricky Steamboat, then Konnan, and now Ken Shamrock.

Tenay: Not to mention that we still don't know who took out Scott Hall last week. Don't you think the fingers point to them right now?

Disco: Who cares. Besides, Hall should be used to being taken out. He has doormen chucking him out of every bar he drinks dry each night.

It's Main Event Time!

Jeff Jarrett Vs Scott Hall

When the camera got to the ring Jeff Jarrett was already on his way out with a microphone in hand. He told Jeremy Borash to shut his ass up and get to the outside before Scott Hall showed the world what a coward he was by not turning up and they could ring the bell and all go home. Hall's music hit and the crowd went wild when he made his way out from behind the curtain. He did have a small bit of bandaging across one side of his forehead as he stepped through the ropes. As the bell rang Hall stopped Jarrett and threw the toothpick in his face. Jarrett turned away slowly, obviously frustrated before getting back to face Hall and locking up. Jarrett got Hall in a hammerlock, but Hall reversed it. Jarrett stepped back through and took Hall down with a hiptoss. Jarrett strutted across the ring as Hall got up off his feet and stared him down. They locked up again and this time Hall managed to get Jarrett in a waistlock from behind and muscle him down to the mat. As Hall stood up he slapped Jarrett numerous times across the back of the head. Jarrett and Hall locked up again, this time Jarrett got Hall in a side headlock. Hall backed up against the ropes and shoved Jarrett off sending him in for the ride. Hall knocked him down to the mat with a shoulderblock. Jarrett got up and ran off the ropes again. Jarrett ducked a clothesline and came back off the ropes going for a cross body block. Hall caught him and took him over with his trademark fallaway slam. Jarrett got up to his feet but Hall ran at him and clotheslined him out over the top rope. Hall followed Jarrett out and backed him up against the ring post. Hall took a step back and charged at Jarrett but Jeff got out of the way and Hall ran headfirst into the post. Jarrett tossed Hall back into the ring and followed him in. Jarrett hit an elbowdrop and then went for a cover. The referee made the count, 1.....2....Hall kicked out. Jarrett had most of the offence over the next few minutes of what was to turn out to be quite a short main event. It was only when Jarrett had Hall's neck draped over the middle rope that the tide turned. Jarrett ran across the ring and connected with his legs to the back of Hall's neck. Jarrett spun out of it and strutted across the ring. Jarret ran in to do the same thing again but this time Hall moved out of the way and Jarrett went straight into the ropes and bounced back out. Hall unloaded with lefts and rights before sending Jarret in for the ride. Hall ducked his head though and Jarrett kicked him in the mid section. Jarrett walked around and looked ready to go for the Stroke. Just as Jarret looked set to drive Hall down the former Outsider hit Jarrett with an elbow and spun around, shoving Jarrett's head down between his legs and giving the sign for the Outsider's Edge. The crowd went wild as Hall got him up and dropped him down with it as the referee made the count, 1.....2....3. Scott Hall picked up a massive win at the show's end.

81%, 85%, 72%


Tenay: It's over, the referee makes the count. Scott Hall pins former WCW World Champion Jeff Jarrett. What a win!

Show Rating: 73%

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By: Press Release

24th June 2002

Just three shows in and already the wrestling industry is buzzing with excitement about NWA:Total Nonstop Action. With so much hot action on this week’s show you just won’t want to miss what promises to be another eventful evening on Pay Per View


On last week’s Pay Per View we saw James Mitchell’s team of Tempest and Slash win the World Tag Team titles in a four team tournament, beating K-Krush and Brian Christopher in the final with a little help from Malice. This week all three members of Hell Bound will team up as Christopher & K-Krush are joined by Scott Hall who is fresh from a big win over Jeff Jarrett last week. Can anyone stop Mitchell’s men? Does Scott Hall hold them responsible for the attack two weeks ago? What part will Daffney and Mitchell themselves play? This promises to be a huge main event.


The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels picked up the X Division Title just two weeks ago. On this week’s Pay Per View he makes his first defence of that belt. Jimmy Yang, fresh from a tour of Japan, will be in great shape and ready to try and take the belt away from the new champion. This one promises to showcase everything the X Division is all about.

Plus Ken Shamrock will be in action against Lodi. What shape will he be in after the sickening chokeslam at the hands of Malice last week? And an 8 man X Division shoot out as AJ Styles, Low-Ki, Christian York & Joey Matthews take on Elix Skipper, The Maximos & Sonny Siaki. We’ve also had word from the NWA Board of Directors that they will try to address the situation surrounding the Chief Commissioner Ricky Steamboat and his whereabouts

All this and so much more as NWA:Total Nonstop Action returnss on Pay Per View this Wednesday night, 8pm, contact your local cable operator for purchasing information.

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25th June 2002

News has flooded through that NWA:TNA have signed their first major star to a written contract. Sources within the NWA:TNA have been tightlipped about who has been bought in on such a big contract but he is expected to debut on this week's show. At this time any suggestion as to who it may be is pure speculation but judging by the high profile that this man carries it's almost certain he's been in the WWE and/or WCW at some point in his career.

If we get any further news on this we'll keep you informed but one rumour that is circulating is that the newcomer is expected to be involved in the angle they ran with Ricky Steamboat on show one. The Chief Commissioner was basically destroyed on the first Pay Per View and TNA has been without any major rule since. It will be interesting to see which way they go with this and who will be debuting on this week's show.

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user posted image

Wednesday June 26th 2002

Attendance: 2930

Major NWA Announcement Tonight!

The pyros explode as we come out of the opening music credits. The camera flashes about the arena as a clipped video from last week’s show. It shows Tempest & Slash winning the tag team titles before being attacked by Jindrak & O’Haire. It follows that up with the altercation with Malice and Ken Shamrock, resulting in Shamrock getting chokeslammed through the table off the stage. It ends with Scott Hall’s pinfall victory over Jeff Jarrett.

Tenay: Welcome to NWA:Total Nonstop Action on Pay Per View. We’ve got another two hours of exciting action for you right here tonight and Don, so much to talk about, not least the crowing of new tag team champions on last week’s show.

West: That’s right Mike, you saw it last week. Tempest & Slash won the tournament AND NOW THEY’RE THE CHAMPS!!! And tonight, tonight Mike we’ve got Malice and the new tag team champions teaming up to face Scott Hall, and the team they beat to win the belts, Brian Christopher & K-Krush. And, and THAT’S NOT ALL. BECAUSE we all saw what happened to Ken Shamrock last week, well, HE’S IN THE BUILDING TONIGHT!!!

Disco: Don West! Will you watch where you’re spitting. Tenay, I want to be moved next week. I want you to sit in the middle from now on!

Tenay: Well Don called it right, we all saw what happened to Ken Shamrock last week, being chokeslammed off the stage through a table by Malice. I’ve had word that Shamrock cleared himself to wrestle against Dr’s orders earlier tonight and he’s up next.

Disco: He landed on his head Mike Tenay, don’t you go pretending there was anything in there for him to damage.

West: BUT MIKE, MIKE, What about the announcement from the NWA on our website this past week? Fans, if you’ve not visitied NWATNA.COM you really have to. We’ve got T SHIRTS, WE’VE GOT MUGS, WE’VE GOT BASEBALL CAPS AND SO MUCH MORE RIGHT THERE ON NWATNA.COM, but Mike, this past week the NWA announced a major decision airing tonight. What is going to be?

Tenay: We’ve had no official word as yet as to the details of this announcement but I guess there’s only one way to find out Don, lets get on with the show.

Shamrock’s in a dominating mood!

Ken Shamrock Vs Lodi w/Lenny

Shamrock came to the ring in his usual style trunks. He did stop to hold the back of his head gingerly at one point as he stepped through the ropes. He prowled back and forth as he awaited the arrival of Lodi. Lodi came to the ring accompanied by Lenny. The two men both had on yellow trunks and stopped to give each other a big hug before Lodi got into the ring. Shamrock charged at Lodi but rather than try to lock up Lodi slipped his head out under the top rope causing the referee to back Shamrock up. Shamrock stalked Lodi again but he did the same thing. This time a the referee ushered Shamrock back and Lodi got out from under the top rope Shamrock was waiting for him and leapt forward with a clothesline. Shamrock began to batter Lodi with forearms before grabbing him by the head and driving four successive knees up into Lodi’s head. Shamrock hit him with the Belly to Belly Suplex as the referee made the count, 1……2……3. Shamrock picked up a very easy win.

71%, 66%, 76%

Tenay: I guess you could say that Ken Shamrock is all business tonight.

West: Oh Mike you are so right, as you saw Shamrock taking apart Lodi. This is…..

West is cut off by the sounds of bagpipes

Disco: What in the hell is that noise?

”Rowdy” Roddy Piper is in the building!

Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out from the back as the bagpipes play. He’s wearing a red tartan kilt and a white “Pay the Piper” t shirt as he makes his way to the ring and steps through the ropes. The crowd go wild as he calls for a microphone.

Piper: T…..N……A! Eh he, lets cut to the chase. You mighta hearda me, got a bit of a reputation around the wrestling business ya know. So how are ya likin it so far? Ey? Seems like Roddy Piper’s kind of place to me. Anybody else think things have gotten a little bit…. Out of control?

Piper pauses briefly before putting the mic back to his lips, the smile gone

Piper: OF COURSE IT’S OUT OF CONTROL! You’ve got James Mitchell walking around the place looking like something out of an Alice Cooper video thinkin’ that he’s runnin the show. Big big monster, you seen that Malice? Boy, what a brute eh he! 6’8, 6 FEET 8! That last guy, Ricky Steamboat, aint seen him in a while. You wanna play games around here well, now it’s time to pay the Piper.

the crowd really pop as Piper calms down a little

Piper: Two points of business! First point of business, Ricky Steamboat, NWA’s Chief Commissioner. Not anymore baby! I’m running the show and I aint about to go out like Ricky Steamboat. That’s first of all.

Piper stops as the crowd start a “you’re an icon” chant. Piper acknowledges them before quietening them down again

Piper: Second point of business! James Mitchell, now eh he, I don’t know what your major malfunction is but it seems to me like you think you can run about around here, running rough shod over the NWA. He Eh, you all seen this guy? Looks like that count from Sesame Street. You know the one? One, ahahahahaa, Two ahahahahahaa, three ahahahaaaa.

Piper’s expression changes again, the smile disappears as he lowers his tone and looks more serious

Piper: What you did to Ricky Steamboat was a disgrace, and you think I’ll come in here and let you get away with that? Now, I aint the guy that’s going to hand out suspensions and fines. I’m the guy that’s going to put that big dinosaur of yours in the ring next week to make his first NWA World Title Defence. I bet you want to know who ya facing don’t ya Malice? Huh? I bet you want to know ya big ape. Huh? Huh? Well ya know what, see, I could tell ya……. Or maybe….. No, that just, ….. well! Heh heh eh I AINT GONNA TELL YA! You can sweat on it all night long Mitchell. Learn one thing, and learn it quick. Everybody, EVERYBODY, has to pay… the Piper! Goodnight!

Piper tosses down the microphone and pauses before leaving the ring, as the crowd give him a huge cheer


Tenay: Guys, back in WCW we used to coin a phrase, “when Roddy Piper turns up on Nitro, things happen”. Well, that couldn’t be more relevant than right now with what we’ve just seen. Roddy Piper is here, and he’s going to restore some order.

West: I know Mike, and I for one Love that. I mean, think about it. He’s exactly what this company needs right now. A strong hand to steady the ship. You know Mike that Roddy Piper isn’t going to back down from anybody.

Disco: He’s an old man Don, what’s he going to do when he’s got Malice stood in front of him? Piper’s already retired from wrestling 17 times. Guess another movie must have flopped.

X Division Shoot out

AJ Styles, Low-Ki, Christian York & Joey Matthews Vs Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki & the Maximo’s

Skipper, Siaki and the debuting Maximo’s were already in the ring. The newcomers had purple and black outfits on and were both wearing head bands. York & Matthews made their way out next in their usual ECW attire. Low-Ki and AJ Styles followed them out shortly afterwards and both men got a small, but decent, pop from the crowd. This was really just an 8 man spotfest to being with which was to be expected. Early on the Maximo’s both went up to deliver Hurracanrana’s on York & Matthews. As they were held up and looked to be struggling to get them over Elix Skipper sprang himself off the top rope into the ring, hitting a double dropkick on the Maximo’s, the momentum sending them back and allowing them to hit their move. AJ was dumped to the outside shortly afterwards. The Maximo’s quickly went for a pair of suicide dives that connected with Styles. As all three men slowly got to their feet York & Matthews climbed a turnbuckle each and leapt down simultaneously to the outside on Styles and the Maximo’s. Low-Ki came into the ring but was followed in by Siaki. Low-Ki charged at him but Siaki caught him and got him up in a press position before launching him to the outside onto the five men. With si competitors now crumpled in a heap Elix Skipper got into the ring. He ran off the ropes and straight towards Siaki who launched him over the top rope to the outside. Siaki played to the crowd in the ring as all 7 of the other competitors were laid out. The action never really calmed down in this one and was fast paced throughout. It boiled down to Siaki and Low-Ki in the ring as the match came to its conclusion. With the referee distracted by the Maximo’s and York & Matthews who were fighting on the arena floor Elix Skipper was able to hit Low-Ki from the outside as he ran off the ropes. Low-Ki stumbled back into the centre of the ring where Siaki hoisted him up over his shoulder and dropped down to his knees hitting the “Future Crush” backbreaker as the referee made the count, 1…..2……3. Siaki, Skipper and the Maximo’s got the win.

65%, 47%, 84%

West: Oh Mike, they stole one right there. I’m not happy with the way they’ve just won that match.

Disco: Don West I’m not happy with the way you commentate but you don’t hear me complaining about it out here.

Tenay: Well there’s no denying that the means were questionable but a win is a win and “Future Icon” Sonny Siaki is looking to be on a roll here in NWA:TNA. Wait a minute, I’m getting word that Goldylocks is in the back and she’s got Jeff Jarrett with her.

Jarrett’s request, Access DE-NIED!

The camera goes backstage, Jeff Jarrett is walking quickly down a corridor as Goldylocks tries to keep up with him.

Goldy: Jeff, Jeff if I can just grab a few words. What are you looking for?

Jarrett: Get out of my face Goldy, I’ll tell you what I’m looking for, Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Jarrett stops outside a door, he pushes it open and walks into an office with Goldy following him in. Roddy Piper is sitting behind a desk, leaning back with his feet up on it

Jarrett: Piper, now that we’ve got somebody in charge around here again I want a title shot! I’m the greatest wrestler around here, I deserve my shot at the gold.

Piper: Eh he, Title shot? You want a title shot? When I sat at home last week watching the show I saw you getting beat by Scott Hall. Now why would I wanna give you a title shot man?

Jarrett: Look slapass, I want my title shot. I was cheated out of the Gauntlet for the Gold and now it’s my time Piper, my time!

Piper: You wanna title shot? Tell ya what, here’s what ya get. Jerry Lynn lost a match last week too. Tonight, you and Lynn, 15 minutes, winner gets a title shot…. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!

Jarrett smiles telling Piper he’ll see him later before turning and leaving the office


West: Whoah did you hear that Mike? JEFF JARRETT AND JERRY LYNN TONIGHT, but not only that, the winner gets a title shot!

Tenay: We’ve already heard Roddy Piper talk tonight about a new challenger for Malice’s NWA World Title. Perhaps this was what he had in mind? Could this be Jerry Lynn’s night to step closer to the NWA World title. No wrestler can claim to deserve it any more than he does.

Disco: Hah, I can Mike Tenay. And Jeff Jarrett can too. Jarrett is a former World Champion. What has Jerry Lynn ever done?

Tenay: What has he done? Former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, former ECW World Champion. Jerry Lynn has achieved a whole lot in this business Disco.

West: That’s great Mike, but you know what we have next? Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the X division debut and the crowning of the first X division champion. It’s time for the X Division title match, THIS X DIVISION IS UNREAL MIKE!

The X Division Championship

TNA X Division Title: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels Vs Jimmy Yang

Yang came out to the ring first and got a decent enough reaction from the crowd with his black hair and a pair of long white karate style trousers on. Daniels made his entrance with the X Division title around his waist, wearing a long hooded cape. The referee showed both men the belt before the bell rang. Daniels and Yang locked up collar and elbow as Daniels stepped through and got Yang in a hammerlock. Yang reversed it into one of his own before letting go and grabbing a headlock. Daniels backed him up into the ropes and shoved him off in for the ride. As Yang ran back at him Daniels dropped to the floor and Yang ran over him. Yang came back and Daniels took him down to the mat with a really deep arm drag. Yang got up and the two men began to circle each other again. As they got closer Yang fired in a low kick to Daniels shin. Yang threw another one but Daniels leapfrogged it. Yang went for a high kick which Daniels blocked with his arm. Daniels swung a right hand but Yang blocked it and kicked Daniels in the side of his stomach doubling him over. Yang took a step back and tried to go for a Yakuza style kick but Daniels grabbed his leg and took him over with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Daniels went for the cover but Yang kicked out at 2 turning around and superkicking Daniels in the face. Yang went for a cover of his own as the referee counted ,1….2…..Daniels kicked out and quickly rolled to the outside holding his jaw. Yang refused to give him any time to breathe and tried to catch him with a baseball slide. Daniels sidestepped it and began connecting with punches to Yang’s head before sending him crashing into the guardrail at ringside. Daniels leapt up onto the apron before leaping up onto the second rope and springing himself back with an asai moonsault. Daniels stood over the fallen Yang holding his arms out straight and gesturing to the crowd before rolling back into the ring. When Yang got back up and onto the apron Daniels went over to meet him. Yang blocked a left hand though and hit one of his own, staggering Daniels backwards. Yang leapt up onto the top rope and springboarded himself in with a missile dropkick before making the cover. The referee counted, 1…..2….Daniels was out at two. As he got up Yang charged at him and hit a big leg lariat. Yang went up to the top rope but was met by Daniels who climbed up to the second rope and began trading punches with Yang. The two men frantically brawled as Daniels climbed up to the top turnbuckle and met his challenger. They exchanged places as Daniels ducked a clothesline attempt and spun around, hitting an STO off the top rope. The crowd popped really big for this one as Daniels made the cover. They couldn’t believe it as Yang got his shoulder up at two. Daniels sprang up to the top rope himself going for a moonsault but as he flew through the air gracefully Yang managed to roll out of the way. Both men looked to be in trouble as Yang slowly crawled over and laid an arm over Daniels, 1……2…..Daniels lifted his arm up to break the count. They both got slowly to their feet. Yang grabbed Daniels and sent him in for the ride. As he came back Daniels ducked a clothesline and stopped himself in his tracks, spinning Yang around and hitting the Angel’s Wings. The referee began to count, 1…..2……3! The Fallen Angel had made his first successful TNA X Division title defence.

78%, 56%, 100%


Tenay: The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, forever the forgotten man in the wrestling business finally seems to be getting his shot and given the opportunity that he’s deserved for some time. That’s what the X Division is all about, what a match!

Disco: Pah, it’s nothing special. Anyone can do all those hoojamabackflippingsaultos or whatever funny names you come up with for them next Mike Tenay. Oh, what the hell for? They’re saying we’ve got to send it back to that blonde bimbette Goldy!

Jindrak & O’Haire will take on anyone!

The camera goes backstage where Goldylocks is waiting to interview Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire. Goldylocks is wearing a pair of black flared jeans and a strappy white top as Jindrak and O’Haire have on red, and blue, short trunks respectively.

Goldy: You wanna talk about TNA baby? It doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve got Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire here with me right now. Boys, what bought you to the NWA:TNA?

Jindrak: That’s simple, we spent months being told we were the future of the business. We heard from every corner that we were going to dominate professional wrestling for years to come, and where did it gets us? Nowhere. Well we are going to realise that dream and it’s starting right here, right now, with us dominating NWA:TNA!

O’Haire: Mark’s right Goldylocks. WE WANT GOLD! You’re looking at the best tag team the business has ever seen. Slash, Tempest, we didn’t have to give you those belts back last week, you just remember that you only have them because we handed them to you. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Mitchell’s goons running around taking over around here. There’s only two people you need to look at where that’s concerned, THESE TWO RIGHT HERE!

Goldy sends it to the ring as an uninspiring interview segment comes to an end


Who’s getting a World title shot?

For a shot at the NWA World Title: Jerry Lynn Vs Jeff Jarrett

When Goldy sent it to the ring Jerry Lynn was already there wearing plain black tights. Jarrett made his entrance in a pair of blue and silver short trunks and got a lot of heat from the crowd. Once Jarrett was in the ring he called the referee over, looking like he was telling him something about Lynn as he pointed to him. The referee went over to Lynn and asked to take a look at his boots, kneeling down to try and see if there was anything hidden in them. As he did Jeff Jarrett ran across the ring and attacked Lynn, jumpstarting the match with rights and lefts. Jarrett sent Lynn in for the ride and as he came back hit a beautiful dropkick before making the cover. The referee barely got to two when Lynn kicked out. Jarrett began to dominate the match early on with a lot of wear down tactics. He tried to keep Lynn grounded and take the sting out of his offence. Jarrett sat Lynn up on the top rope but as he went to climb up the turnbuckles Lynn kicked him off, grabbing his head in a front facelock and hitting a tornado DDT out of the corner. Lynn made the cover as the referee counted, 1….2….Jarrett kicked out. It wasn’t long before the action spilled to the outside. After a Jerry Lynn dropkick sent Jarrett through the ropes to the floor Lynn went up to the top turnbuckle. He launched himself towards Jarrett but Jeff got up to meet him with a dropkick that got a great reaction from the crowd. Jarrett began to work Lynn over on the outside, sliding into the ring at about an 8 count to break the count before sliding straight back out. Jarrett rammed Lynn’s back into the ring apron before standing him up against the ringpost. Jarrett grabbed a chair from ringside and swung it towards Lynn’s face. Lynn managed to duck out of the way and Jarrett smashed the chair into the ringpost. He turned around around and walked straight into a Jerry Lynn dropkick that sent the chair crashing into his face. Lynn slid Jarrett under the bottom rope before making his way up to the apron. Lynn sprung himself in over the top rope with a legdrop and made the cover. 1….2….Jarrett got his foot on the rope. Jeremy Borash announced over the microphone that there were five minutes remaining in the match. The action continued to fly back and forth with both men having their opportunities. With Lynn down on the mat Jarrett climbed up to the middle rope and leapt down with a punch type drop. Jarrett made another cover but once again only got a two. Lynn managed to roll it over at the two count into his own pinning combination but Jarrett managed to kick out again. Jarrett fired in a right hand as Lynn retaliated with one straight back. The two men began to trade frantic rights and lefts in the middle of the ring, punching each other to a standstill as Jarrett made one last tired swing that Lynn ducked and turned into a Northern Lights Suplex. The referee made the count, 1……2…….Jarrett rolled his shoulder out. Both men laid there on the mat as Borash announced that there was just one minute remaining. Jarrett was the first man to his feet and tried to pull Lynn up to meet him. As he grabbed him though Lynn caught him in a small package and went for the win, 1…..2…..Jarrett broke the hold. Jarrett ran off the ropes and hit a flying lariat and went for another cover, 1…..2…..Lynn again kicked out. Borash began a count down from ten on the microphone as Jerry Lynn managed to get Jarrett’s head between his legs and looked set to go for the cradle piledriver. Jarrett back body dropped him though before he could get him up as the bell rang. The match had ended in a 15 minute draw. After the bell rang it took a while for both men to get back to their feet. Lynn went to leave the ring but was pulled back by Jarrett. The two men stood nose to nose as Jarrett held out a hand. Lynn looked unsure about whether to take it as the two exhausted men stood facing each other. Lynn looked away briefly but as he did so was leveled by a Jeff Jarrett forearm. Jarrett began to put the boots into Lynn before raising his own arms into the air to a horde of boos from the crowd.

78%, 72%, 85%

West: Mike, Mike, what the hell is he doing. Those two men just had a match like I’ve never seen before and then he has to end it like that?

Disco: Seems obvious to me that Jarrett came out the winner. If wrestling worked on points and judges I think Jarrett would have won that one 28-2.

Tenay: After 15 minutes there was no separating those two men. That was a mighty effort on both sides. Why does Jarrett have to stoop that low after a great match. You also have to wonder, what happens next? With no winner, who’s getting a title shot against Malice? Wait a minute, what’s this?

The return of JUDY BAGWELL!

Tenay is cut off by Steve Corino’s music. He comes to the ring with Francine in tow. He’s wearing some simple black and white trunks while she’s got on an incredibly tight pair of purple trousers and a flimsy top that her chest is busting out of. Corino gets into the ring with a microphone and has a small white paper bag with him

Corino: What I’d like to do right now is ask for a little bit of your time to introduce you to a new friend of mine and Franny’s. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. But before I do I want to just remind Roddy Piper that I’m a former NWA World Champion. I’m the only former NWA World Champion in this promotion and I deserve a World Title shot. Even Piper himself never held that title did he Franny?

Francine: Err, no, I guess not?

Corino: Good, right now back to business. I want to bring out for you now mine and Francine’s new friend…… Judy………BAGWELL!

A woman who is obviously not Judy Bagwell comes out from the back. She’s even fatter, and even more ugly than Bagwell’s tubthumper of a Mum as she waddles to the ring. Corino goes to hold the ropes up for her to get in, but then lets go making out that she’s too big to fit between them.

Corino: Now Judy, what I want your four chins to do now is tell the world what you think about your baby boy little Marcus Alexander.

Fake Judy: Why that no good little son of a b#??h. I wish I’d never given birth to that pitiful little brat. All he’s done is disgraced the Bagwell family name. I’ve worked hard to support him. Do you know, when he was in college he used to come home every weekend because he couldn’t stand being away from his Mommy? While everyone else in his frat was out partying he was in with me learning how to bake. And what does he do with his life? That stinking little piece of sh#t is a disgrace, he’s a nobody, he was supposed to make me money and he’s never achieved a thing…..

Corino: Whoah there Judy, calm down, looks like those sugar levels are dropping. Here have a donut!

Corino pulls a big cream covered donut out from the paper bag and hands it to her. She stuffs it into her mouth, chomping gleefully on it as she shoves it all in, making a mess over her face. As she stuffs the donut Corino notices Bagwell storming out from the back. He slides into the ring as Corino and Francine leap to the outside. Bagwell reaches over the ropes but can’t get to them in time. He turns around frustratingly to see the parody of his Mother in the ring. She’s just finished stuffing the donut and begins to shout at him. She’s too big and slow to run away as Bagwell steps up to her and shoves her in the chest. She falls back on her huge ass, with manky bits of donut all around her face. The crowd roar with laughter as Bagwell turns back to Corino who is making his way backstage with Francine staring him down.


Tenay: Buff Bagwell is not going to stand for that, that’s disgusting!

Disco: Is it just me or has that big fat battleaxe got even bigger since we last saw her?

Tenay: WHAT? That’s not Judy Bagwell Disco.

West: Well Steve Corino looks like he’s getting under the skin of Buff Bagwell but I tell you what guys. Once Bagwell gets his hands on him I wouldn’t like to be Steve Corino!

Tenay: Well, you can hear the music, it looks like we’re ready for the main event. James Mitchell’s Hell Bound group on one side, Scott Hall, Brian Christopher & K-Krush on the other.

West: Boy I can’t wait for this one Mike, It’s going to be unreal!

It’s time for a Hell Bound Main Event!

Scott Hall, Brian Christopher & K-Krush Vs Hell Bound (Malice, Tempest & Slash) w/James Mitchell & Daffney

Hell Bound made their entrance first. James Mitchell led the way as Slash and Tempest were both on collars, with the chains in the hand of Daffney who had pink hair tonight. Malice came out behind them with the world title belt around his waist as he stomped to the ring in simple black trunks and boots. The crowd didn’t seem to get on their backs quite as much as I’m sure TNA would have liked. Hall, Christopher and Krush came out together and got a really decent reaction from the crowd. When they got into the ring all six men stood off facing each other as Mitchell and Daffney got to the outside. They all started to brawl in the ring. Tempest and Slash pairing off with K-Krush and Christopher as Hall and Malice began to exchange blows. Everyone bar Hall and Malice fell away to the outside as the two big men brawled in the corner. On the outside K-Krush whipped Tempest right into Slash as both men collided and fell to the mat. Gradually everyone made their way back to their respective corners. Malice drove his knee into Hall’s mid section in the corner before sending him across the ring to the other side. Hall staggered back out and went for a clothesline but Malice just brushed it off and slammed Hall down to the mat. Tempest got tagged in but Hall quickly got back on the offensive and tagged in Christopher. Hall held Tempest in an arm ringer as Christopher came down off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle on the shoulder. Malice spent most of the match on the apron but was always a threat, particularly later on in the match when K-Krush ran off the ropes but was met with a forearm shot from the outside from Malice. K-Krush turned around and connected with a massive leg lariat that showed a huge amount of athleticism in getting up that high. It barely phased Malice and it gave Slash the opportunity to spin K-Krush around and hit a variation on an Ace Crusher. Slash made the cover, 1…..2…..K-Krush kicked out. Scott Hall tried to get in the ring to get to Malice but that only allowed Slash and Tempest to set K-Krush up for a double side Russian legsweep. Tempest left the ring and Slash made the cover as the referee turned around, 1…..2…..K-Krush kicked out again. Mitchell was screaming for Slash to tag in Malice which he promptly did. Malice began to dominate K-Krush picking him up off the mat and battering him with stiff rights and lefts before literally tossing him back into his own corner and pointing to Scott Hall. Hall tagged himself in and began to square up to Malice. The two men looked right into each other’s eyes. Malice went for a left hand but Hall blocked it, backing Malice up with rights and lefts. Hall tried to send him in for the ride but Malice reversed it. As Hall ran back at him Malice got a big boot up that dropped Hall to the mat. Malice went for an elbowdrop but Hall rolled out of the way, picking Malice up and scoop slamming him down. Malice got up near the ropes. Scott Hall backed up looking ready to charge at him but as he did Mitchell grabbed his foot from the outside. Hall turned around but was clobbered from behind by Malice who turned him around and delivered the chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Malice made the cover as the referee counted, 1……2……3. Hell Bound scored the win. K-Krush and Brian Christopher came into the ring and started brawling with Tempest and Slash who had also stepped through the ropes. Mitchell screamed at Malice who promptly grabbed Christopher and chokeslammed him down to the mat before turning his attentions to K-Krush. Malice repeated the move on K-Krush as all three of their opponents laid out on the mat. Mitchell and Daffney stepped through the ropes as Mitchell stood in front of the snarling Malice. As they stood victorious Ken Shamrock’s music turned them all around. Shamrock came out from the back and began to walk towards the ring. He was severely outnumbered but didn’t seem to be backing up an inch. Without warning Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire came running through the crowd and leapt the guardrail at ringside. They pulled Tempest and Slash out of the ring as Shamrock leapt up onto the apron. Malice stared him down, beckoning for him to get into the ring. O’Haire and Jindrak fought Tempest and Slash off, tossing them into the crowd and beginning to fight their way through the fans. With Malice and Shamrock staring each other down a voice was heard from the back, Roddy Piper stepped out from behind the curtain as Mitchell looked furious.

Piper: How do you like it now Mitchell? You want to know who Malice is defending the NWA World Title against next week brother? KEN SHAMROCK!

Malice lunged forward to get Shamrock but the World’s Most Dangerous Man just leapt down out of reach from the ring apron and pointed back up at him with a sinister grin on his face as the show came to a close

70%, 64%, 77%


Tenay: Look at the staredown Don, look at the intensity in both their eyes!

Show Rating: 73%

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30th June 2002

With the first month in the bag for the Jarrett's new promotion, NWA:Total Nonstop Action it's time to take a look back at the month that was June and see just what they bought to the table.

Pay Per View Buy Rates started the month at a reasonable level and remained there for the four thows that were broadcast. After a debut show 0.17 many people were surprised when the following week's show held firm at 0.18. Week three saw the buy rate back to 0.17 before they finished the month with a 0.18. This is definitely positive news. While it was likely the opening show having been hyped with a lot of marketing would get a decent buy rate it looks as though those viewers have stuck with the product throughout the month of June. The arena attendances have been a similar story as the opening show drew 2975 fans. They have gradually decreased with each show to 2930 for the last show of the month. However a drop of just 45 fans from their debut show is really no major cause for concern.

Financially the company had a crippling month. This was to be expected with high worker costs and the amount of money involved in getting the company off the ground. The company is rumoured to have run at an operating defecit of around $4.5m throughout June. While it was expected, and acceptable for it to happen at the outset another month like that would finish the company off before they'd even begun. A number of talents have been signed up to much cheaper yet more secure written contracts as opposed to the pay per appearance ones they'd been working with in June.

On screen June was really most noted for the crowning of three new champions in TNA. The debut show saw the World Title up for grabs in the "Gauntlet for the Gold". 20 superstars faced off in a Royal Rumble style match with the final two men then wrestling a singles match to decide the new champion. It came down to Malice and Scott Hall and it was Malice who picked up the win to become the new NWA World's Champion. The first show also saw three qualifying matches for the Triangle X Division Title match with Low-Ki, Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles all picking up wins. In week 2 we saw Christopher Daniels pick up the win to become the first ever TNA X Division Champion. Finally week 3 saw the crowning of new tag team champions as the team of Tempest & Slash won a four team tournament to become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.

James Mitchell's Hell Bound were the most dominant force throughout June. Mitchell's men secured two of the three titles in TNA and destroyed NWA Chief Commissioner Ricky Steamboat in week one. They've had their problems too though with the arrival of Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire posing a serious threat to the tag team titles and the annoucement on show four that not only was Roddy Piper the new NWA Chief Commissioner but that he was giving Ken Shamrock a shot at the World Title in July. Elsewhere on the show Buff Bagwell and Steve Corino have been involved in a bitter feud that has seen Bagwell made fun of more than one occasion by the forner NWA World Champion Corino. Scott Hall was attacked and nearly put out in show two and we still don't know who attacked him. The month of June has been an intriguing eye opener and it will definitely be interesting to see where TNA goes next.

June 2002 Top Ten

based on overness

1. Scott Hall

2. Rowdy Roddy Piper

3. Jeff Jarrett

4. Ken Shamrock

5. Ricky Steamboat

6. Christopher Daniels

7. Buff Bagwell

8. Rick Steiner

9. Jerry Lynn

10. Brian Christopher

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