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World Championship Wrestling '00


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- Halfway through 2000, World Championship Wrestling had looked to be drawing it’s final breaths as a company, and the almighty alternative to Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation. Not sense the mid-90’s had WCW shown much profit, or would be able to draw higher numbers in their ratings war against WWF. It was the Attitude era, with names such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, to name a few, that would help keep WWF on top, and WCW as nothing more then 2nd best for years to come. In an attempt to capture part of this sports entertainment craze that so many people had grown to love, many head-WWF creative writers had jumped ship to WCW. One of those names was Vince Russo, who wouldn’t help improve the WCW product, but help further deteriorate it.

As we saw the transition from 1999 to the new millennium, Eric Bischoff would be cast aside by Time Warner executives, while Vince Russo and his creative team would run rampant on World Championship Wrestling. With no one in charge to tell Russo what to do, bad creative choices were being made left and right. Soon American Online would merge with Time Warner, and major changes that would effect the very future of the company would be made…

Fast forward to WCW Bash At The Beach on Sunday, July 9th, 2000

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WCW Bash at the Beach

July 9, 2000 from Daytona Beach, Florida

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson, and Mark Madden

Cruiserweight Title Match

Lieutenant Loco vs. Juventud Guerrera

The MIA and the Filthy Animals came down to ringside and both left when the match started. Loco clotheslined Juvy out of the ring after two atomic drops. Juvy teased leaving while Loco was making fun of him. Juvy got back in the ring but Loco suplexed him back out to the floor. Loco off the ring apron with a splash on Juvy. Back in the ring Juvy tries to beg Loco off. Juvy with ten shots to the head on Loco in the corner. Loco comes back with two running clotheslines followed up by a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Head scissors takeover by Loco followed up by a powerslam for a two count. Loco walks into a back elbow. Both men clothesline each other at the same time and get up at the nine count. Loco goes up top and flies off out to the floor with a plancha on Juvy. Filthy Animals come back down to ringside in mock masks. A ref comes out and orders them to the back. Juvy hit a over the top guiloteen legdrop on Loco. Back in the ring Juvy stomps on Loco then powerslams him. Juvy hits a springboard plancha into the ring for a two count. Juvy back up top but Loco follows him up. Juvy picks him up for a powerbomb for a two count. Front face suplex by Juvy. Juvy does the people's elbow for a two count. MIA come out to ringside in mock masks. Major Gunns walks down the rampway stripping for Juvy. Loco dropkicks Juvy off the top. Loco hits a inverted powerbomb on Juvy for a two count. Juvy with the juvy driver but Loco got his foot on the ropes. Loco hit his tornado ddt off the second rope for the pin.

Winner: Lieutenant Loco

Backstage Jarrett was with one of his fat women asking The Cat where Hogan was.

Hardcore Title Match

Big Vito vs. Norman Smiley

Vito told the crowd that Funk and Johnny the Bull were injured so he issued an open challenge. Out came Norman Smiley with Ralphus. Match started out with Vito and Smiley up near the entranceway. The match went backstage with Smiley in control. Ralphus hit Vito in the head with a garbage can while Smiley held him. Smiley started doing the big wiggle over Vito. Ralphus started hitting Vito again with a trash can lid. Vito comes back and throws Smiley in some backstage equipment. Vito and Smiley start fighting in a elevator. Vito leaves Smiley in the elevator and it takes off. Vito walks back to the ring but so does Ralphus. Vito drags Ralphus in the ring and beats the hell out of him. Vito pulls out a table and puts it in the ring. Vito places Ralphus on the table and goes up top and splashes him through the table for the pin. Smiley finally makes it back to the ring but he is too late.

Winner: Big Vito

Wedding Gown Match

Ms. Hancock vs. Daffney

David, in a tuxedo, escorts Hancock to the ring. David takes off his jacket and lays it on the announce table along with his hair clippers. David goes into the ring and starts french kissing Hancock. Daffney comes out and hits David between the legs then starts her assault on Hancock. Hancock does a poor excuse for a springboard into a back elbow on Daffney. Daffney tries to put Hancock's face in the wedding cake but David pulls Daffney off. Hancock nails the ref and kicks him between the legs, and pulls his pants off. Daffney pulls David's pants off. David grabs Daffney while Hancock starts shaving her head. Crowbar comes to the rescue and suplexes David. Crowbar pulls his pants off then starts chopping David. Crowbar starts choking David with his pants. Hancock grabs the mic and says she knows what we want to see then takes her gown off. Daffney shoves some cake in Hancock's face. A cake fight breaks out between everyone and the match is over.

Winner: Daffney

Tag Team Title Match

Kronic vs. The Perfect Event

Match starts off with Adams and Palumbo. Adams throws Palumbo out. Adams grabs Stasiak and press slams him out of the ring on top of Palumbo. Perfect Event tease leaving the ring. Back in the ring Stasiak gets kicked down in the corner by Clark. Clark walks into a big foot. Clark comes back with a one handed chokeslam. Double forearm by Kronic on Stasiak. Stasiak walks into a big foot from Adams. Adams one handed chokeslams Palumbo for a two count. Palumbo lowered the ropes for Adams to fall out. Perfect Event double team Adams. Back in the ring Stasiak pounds on Adams. Palumbo puts Adams in a sleeper hold. Adams gets out of it but gets a knee to the gut by Palumbo. Stasiak tagged in. Nice back elbow by Stasiak on Adams for a two count. Stasiak put a sleeper hold on Adams. Adams powers his way out and both men collide in mid-air. Clark and Stasiak tagged in. Clark starts cleaning house. Adams clotheslines Stasiak over the top. Palumbo hits a ddt on Clark. Stasiak back in and dropkicks Kronic out of the ring. Stasiak comes off the ring apron with a flying forearm on Clark. Back in the ring Perfect Event double team Clark. Adams comes back in for the save. Adams throws Palumbo out. Adams hits a botched fireman's carry on Stasiak. Double boot to the face by Kronic. Kronic hits the high time on Stasiak. Palumbo makes the save. Kronic deliver a high time to Palumbo. Stasiak tried to come in with the flexer but it was knocked out of his hand. Adams puts Stasiak on his shoulders and Clark comes off the top with a clothesline for the pin.

Winners and new world tag teach champions: Kronic

Jarrett asks the Cat again where Hogan is. Jarrett threatens to start screwing with the Cat's show if he don't find him.

Jung Dragons take out the Cat in the back.

"Positively" Kanyon vs. Booker T

Loud chants of Booker T before the match started. Match starts off with Booker hitting a spin kick on Kanyon. Back elbow by Kanyon. Booker connects with a dropkick. Booker slaps Kanyon to the mat and rips his shirt off. Booker throws Kanyon over the ropes. Booker grabs Kanyon's book and a brick falls out. The ref tosses the brick away. Booker goes outside and slams Kanyon into the guard rail. Back in the ring Booker comes off the top with a forearm smash for a two count. Kanyon pulls Booker to the floor and sends him into the guard rail and ring steps. Kanyon places the ring steps on Booker's arm. Kanyon picks up a chair and comes off the ring apron smashing the chair into the stairs. Kanyon baseball slides Booker into the ring post. Kanyon suplexes Booker back in the ring for a two count. Kanyon brings a chair into the ring and wedges it into the corner. Booker fights back and powerslams Kanyon for a two count. Kanyon flapjacks Booker to the mat for a two count. Kanyon applies an inverted boston crab on Booker. Booker rolls out of the hold. Booker hits a forearm off the ropes. Booker whips Kanyon into the chair then hits him with a spinebuster. Kanyon got his foot on the ropes. Booker grabs the chair but the ref takes it away. Kanyon hits Booker with the book for a two count. Kanyon is shocked that the brick was not there. Booker hits a harlem sidekick followed up by an axe kick. Booker hits the bookend but Kanyon kicks out at two. Jarrett runs out and hits Booker in the head with the guitar. Kanyon places Booker on the top. Kanyon hits the kanyon cutter for the pin.

Winner: Kanyon

United States Championship Match

Scott Steiner with Midajah vs. "Career Killer" Mike Awesome

Match starts off with BPP attacking Awesome before he can get to the ring. Both men make their way in the crowd. Awesome bodyslams BPP on the floor. Back in the ring BPP clotheslines Awesome for a two count. BPP walks into a big foot. Awesome goes up top but BPP follows him up and hits a belly to belly for a two count. BPP delivers a backbreaker to Awesome. Awesome hangs BPP out to dry on the ropes. Awesome follows out and attacks with a chair. Awesome grabs the ring bell and hits BPP in the head with it. Awesome grabs a chair and pounds on BPP with it. Awesome sends BPP into the safety rail. Awesome shoots himself back into the ring on BPP for a two count. Awesome comes off the top with a flying forearm for a two count. The Cat comes down to ringside. BPP suplexes Awesome. Belly to belly by BPP. Just as BPP went for the steiner recliner Cat got on the mic. BPP knocked him off the ring apron. Awesome comes off the top and connects with a splash on BPP for a two count. Ref gets knocked down. Cat comes into the ring and kicks Awesome by accident. BPP with a belly to belly on Cat. BPP covers Awesome and gets a two count. Another belly to belly on Awesome. Cat tells BPP if he puts the steiner recliner on Awesome he will strip him of the belt. BPP does it anyways. The Cat walks off with the belt and BPP chases after him knocking him down. BPP goes back into the ring and hits a t-bone suplex on Awesome. End of match.

Winner: Mike Awesome. BPP is not the US Champ anymore. US belt is open now.

Graveyard Match

The Demon vs. Vampiro

Match starts off with Demon and Aysa looking for Vampiro in the graveyard. Vampiro jumps out of a tree and the match begins. Demon hits Vampiro across the back with a stick. Vampiro comes back with kicks and sends Demon to the ground. Aysa kicks Vampiro in the back. Demon puts Vampiro in the grave. Vampiro hits Demon with a shovel and pulls him in. Vampiro gets out of the grave and drags Aysa off. Demon pulls himself out of the grave. The ref tells Demon which way Vampiro went. Demon finds Aysa sitting in front of a pond. Vampiro comes out of the water and pulls Demon in. Vampiro grabs Aysa again and walks off. The ref pulls Demon out of the pond. Demon chases after Vampiro. Demon finds Aysa laying beside a coffin. Vampiro comes out of the coffin and spits blood in his face. Vampiro smashes a tombstone over Demon's head and stuffs him into the coffin. Vampiro rolls the coffin into a grave and spits on the grave. Vampiro heads to the arena. The camera cuts away to Okerlund interviewing Shane Douglas.

No winner is announced because no one has arrived back to the arena yet.

Buff Bagwell vs. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

Bagwell gets a loud Franchise Sucks going before the match. Match starts off with right hands by Bagwell. Douglas rolls out and Buff follows. Buff sends Douglas into the safety rail. Douglas pulls back the floor mats. Buff counters a piledriver with a backdrop onto the concrete. Back in the ring Buff hits a swinging neckbreaker. Douglas rolls out of the ring again. Douglas pulls Buff out to the floor. Douglas crotches Buff on the ring post. Douglas grabs a chair but Buff takes it away. Douglas kicks the chair into Buff's face. Back in the ring Douglas snaps Buff over. Torrie Wilson comes down to ringside and gets up on the ring apron and slaps Douglas. Buff gets a two count out of it. Buff hits a cross body for a two count. Buff hits a second rope splash for a two count. Torrie gets into the ring and kisses Buff. Buff turns around and Torrie kicks him between the legs. Douglas hits the Pittsburgh plunge for a two count. Buff with a double underhook ddt for a two count. Buff goes up top and Torrie grabs his leg. Buff throws her off the ring apron. Douglas brabs Buff from the top and hits a jawbreaker for the pin. Torri and Douglas kiss after the match. Douglas and Torrie leave together.

Winner: Shane Douglas

World Heavyweight Championship

Hollywood Hogan vs. Jeff Jarrett

Michael Buffer is the ring announcer. Vince Russo is back as he comes out to ringside in JJ's corner. Hogan comes down and JJ heads back to the top of the ramp. Hogan gets on the mic and tells JJ to come back down. JJ gets in the ring and lies flat on his back for Hogan to pin. Russo throws the world belt to Hogan. Hogan has no idea what is going on. Hogan gets on the mic and tells Russo that this is the reason why the company is in as much bad shape as it is. Hogan puts his foot on JJ and the ref counted three.

Winner and new world champ: Hulk Hogan

Vampiro is shown walking back into the arena. Vampiro's entrance music hits and the arena fills with smoke. Vampiro comes down with a mic in his hand. Vampiro says the dark circle has been completed and the Demon is dead. Disciples in Sting masks come to the ring carrying a coffin. Someone in a Sting mask gets out of the coffin and points a bat at Vampiro. Sting's music fills the arena. The lights go out and come back on with Vampiro laying in the coffin with the disciples pointing bats at him. Vampiro is declared the winner of the graveyard match.

Vince Russo comes back down to the ring. Russo gets on the mic and we are lead to believe this is a shoot. Russo bows his head in shame. Russo says he didn't know if he was going to come back or not because ever since day one he has done nothing but deal with the bullshit politics behind the curtain. Russo says he don't need this shit. He says he came back because of all the guys who bust their ass week in and week out for WCW. Says he came back for Jarrett, Animals, MIA, Booker, etc. Russo says Hogan got his wish by beating Jarrett. Russo says from here on out the world belt don't mean shit. Russo says there will be a new WCW belt and as far as he is concerned it belongs to Jarrett. Russo puts over Booker T. Says the only reason he is in WCW is because of Booker T and Jarrett. Says that tonight's main event is a title match between Booker and Jarrett.

Tyler Riggs, our Nitro reporter, transcripted this Russo interview:

Russo: There's only one way for me to do this and that's for me to tel it like it is, three weeks ago, I left WCW...HUGE RUSSO SUCKS CHANT

Russo: (Serious sounding) Three weeks ago, I left WCW and quite frankly, I didn't know if I was going to come back. And the reason I didn't know if I was going to come back or not, is because from day one, that i've been in WCW, I've done nothing, nothing but deal with the bald shit of the politics behind that curtain. (Bullshit, not bald shit). The fact of the matter is I have a wife and three kids and I really don't need this shit. But let me tell you the reason why I did come back, I came back for everyone of those guys in their lockeroom who week in and week out, bust their ass for WCW, I CAME BACK, FOR THE BOOKER T'S, I CAME BACK FOR EVERY SINGLE GUY IN MIA, I CAME BACK FOR THE ANIMALS, JARRETT, THE GUYS BEHIND THAT CURTAIN, WHO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THIS COMPANY, AND LET ME TELL YOU WHO DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THIS COMPANY, THAT GOD DAMMED POLITICIAN HULK HOGAN, WHAT HAPPENED OUT HERE TONIGHT, ALL DAY LONG, I"M PLAYING POLITICS WITH HULK HOGAN, BECAUSE HULK HOGAN TONIGHT WANTS TO PLAY HIS CREATIVE CONTROL CARD, AND TO HIM, THAT MEANT THAT TONIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS RING, HE KNEW IT WAS BULLSHIT, HE'D BEAT JEFF JARRETT, well guess what, Hogan got his wish, and got his belt, and he went home, I promise everyone here on my god damn grave, you will never see that piece of shit again! I know you paid good money to come here tonight, and no one is going to be ripped off tonight. So Hulk Hogan now has the WCW belt..and Hulk, let's refer to that as the Hulk Hogan memorial belt, BECAUSE FROM HERE ON OUT, THAT BELT DON'T MEAN SHIT!!!! BECAUSE, THERE WILL BE A NEW WCW BELT, AND AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THAT BELT STILL BELONGS TO THE ONE GUY WHO BUSTED HIS ASS WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT IN THIS RING, AND YOU CAN LOVE HIM, OR HATE HIM, BUT HE DOESN"T SCREW ANYONE BACKSTAGE, AND THAT'S JEFF JARRETT...Jeff Jarrett is still the official WCW Champion, but he will defend that title, in this ring tonight, AND HE WILL DEFEND THAT TITLE, AGAINST A SON OF A BITCH BACK THERE WHO FOR 14 YEARS HAS BEEN BUSTING HIS ASS IN WCW AND CAN'T GET A GOD DAMN BREAK BECAUSE OF HULK HOGAN...AND I'M TALKING ABOUT BOOKER T!!!!!!!!!! BOOKER T AND JEFF JARRETT ARE THE TWO REASONS WHY I'M IN THIS GOD DAMN RING TO BEGIN WITH, SO TONIGHT, THOSE TWO GUYS WILL COMPETE FOR THE NEW WCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! AND HOGAN YOU BIG BALD SON OF A BITCH, KISS MY ASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg

** Scott Hall's contract is on the line **

As Nash walks to the ring he sees Big Poppa Pump and asks him to watch his back. Scott seems to be more concerned about his woman. Nash comes to the ring and looks at the contract. Match starts off with a lockup between both men. Nash backs Goldberg into the corner and delivers an elbow. Goldberg suplexes Nash for a two count. Goldberg sidekicks Nash to the mat. Nash with a chokeslam for a two count. BPP comes down to the ring. Goldberg kicks down Nash and applies a reverse chinlock. Goldberg kicks Nash in the corner. Goldberg walks into a big foot. Sidewalk slam by Bash for a two count. Goldberg misses the spear and hits the ring post. Nash goes to powerbomb Goldberg but BPP hits Nash. Goldberg hits Nash with the spear. Goldberg hits the jackhammer for the pin. After the match Goldberg rips up the contract while BPP puts Nash in the steiner recliner.

Winner: Bill Goldberg

World Title Match

Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T

Michael Buffer back out for the ring announce. Match starts off with a lockup between both men. Booker dropkicks JJ. JJ rolls out of the ring and back in. JJ backs Booker into the corner. Sidekick by Booker. Booker comes off the ring apron with an exe handle on JJ. The fight moves into the crowd. Booker whips JJ into a wall. Back to the ring JJ hits Booker with a chair. JJ slams Booker onto the announce table. JJ piledrives Booker on top of the announce table. Back in the ring Booker starts to fight back. JJ locks on a sleeper hold. Booker powers out of the sleeper but walks into a big foot from JJ. Booker puts a sleeper on JJ. JJ tried a figure four but Booker roled through and got a two count. JJ locks on the figure four. Booker reverses the figure four but JJ gets to the ropes and the hold is broke. JJ sits on Booker's leg across the ropes. Booker fights back and hits the axe kick on JJ. Spinebuster by Booker for a two count. Booker misses a sidekick and gets caught up in the ropes. JJ backs Booker in the corner for ten shots to the head. JJ whips Booker into the ref. Ref is out. Booker hits JJ with the belt but only gets a two count out of it. Low blow by JJ. JJ gets a chair and wedges it between the ropes. Booker slams JJ head first into the chair for a two count. JJ puts the stroke on the ref. JJ low blows Booker then gets his guitar. JJ goes up top and comes off but Booker catches him in the "Bookend" for the pin. Booker raises his hands in the air as tears fall from his face.

Winner and new WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T

End of show.

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World Championship Wrestling™


Owner: Ted Turner

Money: $23,000,000

Based: Atlanta, GA.


Face - Tweener - Heel

Main Eventers

Booker T - Face/Sucka/89

Bill Goldberg - Heel/Unique/100

Diamond Dallas Page - Face/Unique/98

Hulk Hogan - Face/Unique/100

Jeff Jarrett - Heel/Chosen One/93

Kevin Nash - Face/Degernerate/98

Scott Steiner - Heel/Monster/90

Sting - Face/Unique/100

Upper Midcarders

Buff Bagwell - Face/Cocky/80

Lex Luger - Heel/Prima Donna/78

Mike Awesome - Face/Monster/80

“Positively” Kanyon - Heel/Old School Heel/78

Rick Steiner - Heel/Bad Ass/76


Bam Bam Bigelow - Heel/Bad Ass/62

Brian Adams - Face/Bad Ass/66

Bryan Clarke - Face/Bad Ass/62

Don Harris - Heel/Bad Ass/60

General Rection - Face/Pro USA/68

Konnan - Face/Cocky/68

Lance Storm - Tweener/Legitimate Athlete/68

Ron Harris - Heel/Bad Ass/60

Shane Douglas - Heel/Old School Heel/68

The Cat - Face/People’s Boss/70

The Demon - Face/Power and Paint/62

The Great Muta - Face/Foreign Star/60

Vampiro - Heel/Mysterious/70

Lower Midcarders

Big Vito - Face/Extremist/52

Billy Kidman - Face/Blue Chipper/48

Chuck Palumbo - Heel/Bad Ass/44

Corporal Cajun - Face/Pro USA/38

Crowbar - Face/Weirdo/40

David Flair - Heel/Crazy/58

Disco Inferno - Heel/Putz/48

Juventud Guerrera - Face/Cocky/45

Lieutenant Loco - Face/Pro USA/45

Mark Jindrak - Heel/Blue Chipper/42

Meng - Face/Monster/55

Norman Smiley - Face/Fun Babyface/50

Psicosis - Heel/Luchadore/37

Rey Mysterio Jr. - Face/Show Stealer/50

Sergeant A-WOL - Face/Pro-USA/47

Shawn Stasiak - Heel/Blue Chipper/46

Tank Abbott - Heel/Legitimate Athlete/52


Alex Wright - Heel/Harsh German/38

Brian Knobbs - Heel/Slob/26

Evan Karagias - Heel/Boy Band/31

Fit Finlay - Heel/Bad Ass/28

Horace Hogan - Heel/Bad Ass/26

Jamie-san - Face/Blue Chipper/28

Johnny The Bull - Face/Fiery Italian/27

Kaz Hayashi - Face/Foreign Star/35

Lenny Lane - Face/None/26

Lodi - Face/None/26

Major Stash - Face/Pro USA/25

MI Smooth - Tweener/Comedy Character/13

Mike Rotunda - Face/None/24

Shane Helms - Heel/Boy Band/31

Shannon Moore - Heel/Boy Band/31

The Artist - Heel/Prima Donna/27

The Dog - Heel/Bad Ass/26

Yang - Face/Foreign Star/28


Asya - Face/Bad Ass/32

Daffney - Face/Weirdo/35

Major Gunns - Face/Pro USA/30

Midajah - Heel/Seductress/30

Miss Elizabeth - Heel/Bitch/65

Miss Hancock - Heel/Seductress/38

Paisley - Tweener/Seductress/25

Torrie Wilson - Heel/Slut/34

Tygress - Face/Girl-Next-Door/32


Jindrak & O’Haire - Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire

Kronic - Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke

Misfits In Action - Corporal Cajun and General Rection

Misfits In Action II - Corporal Cajun and Lieutenant Loco

The Filthy Animals - Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

The Filthy Animals II - Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr.

The Filthy Animals III - Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr.

The Harris Brothers - Don Harris and Ron Harris

The Jung Dragons - Kaz Hayashi and Yang

The Jung Dragons II - Jamie-san and Yang

The Jung Dragons III - Jamie-san and Kaz Hayashi

The Perfect Event - Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak

Three Count - Shane Helms and Shannon Moore

Three Count II - Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore

Three Count III - Evan Karagias and Shane Helms


Misfits In Action - Corp. Cajun, General Rection, Lt. Loco, Major Gunns, Major Stash, and Sgt. A-WOL

The Filthy Animals - Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Tygress

The Jung Dragons - Jamie-san, Kaz Hayashi, and Yang

Three Count - Evan Karagias, Shane Helms, and Shannon Moore


Title Holders


World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt

user posted image

Current: Booker T

Date: July 9th, 2000 - ????

Former: Jeff Jarrett

Date: May 29th, 2000 - July 9th, 2000

United States Heavyweight Championship Title Belt

user posted image

Current: NONE

Date: July 9th, 2000 - ????

Former: Scott Steiner

Date: April 16th, 2000 - July 9th, 2000

Hardcore Championship Title Belt

user posted image

Current: Big Vito

Date: June 6th, 2000 - ????

Former: Eric Bischoff

Date: June 5th, 2000 - June 6th, 2000

Cruiserweight Championship Title Belt

user posted image

Current: Lieutenant Loco

Date: June 6th, 2000 - ????

Former: Daffney

Date: May 15th, 2000 - June 6th, 2000

World Tag-Team Championship Title Belt(s)

user posted image & user posted image

Current: Kronic

Date: July 9th, 2000 - ????

Former: The Perfect Event

Date: May 30th, 2000 - July 9th, 2000

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Hulk Hogan Gone From WCW?

- It was last night at Bash At The Beach, live from the Ocean Center in Dayton, Beach, Florida, that would become one of the most shocking nights in recent World Championship Wrestling history. This would come about, during the originally scheduled WCW World Heavyweight championship title bout against “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett. During this match, Vince Russo would order Jarrett to lay down for Hogan in the center of the squared circle, allowing Hogan to pin Jarrett for the one, two, three. This was due to several political games performed by Hogan earlier during the day. Russo would become irate over this situation. Many people would be confused over this outcome, until moments later Russo would appear to cut a shoot style promo. Russo would talk about all the political bullshit he has had to put up with from Hogan, and that he was indeed the cancer eating away at WCW. This would lead to Russo booking a second main event of the evening, giving one of the most disserving superstars in the locker room a shot at the belt, that superstar being non-other then Booker T, who would go onto defeat Jarrett for the belt!

Now, as you can probably imagine, the backstage area would be in sure chaos. A very heated argument would irrupt between both Hogan and Russo, which would lead to the entire roster having the hold the two apart. Not to mention, Hogan’s entire family would be in attendance to see the anarchy unfold. As Hogan stormed out of the building, it was evident that he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon.

user posted image

WCW U.S. Championship Vacant

- As seen during the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title match between champion “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and the challenger Mike Awesome during last night’s Bash At The Beach pay-per-view. Steiner was stripped from the belt by commissioner Ernest “The Cat” Miller after using the dreaded Steiner Recliner submission maneuver. This would outrage Steiner, as The Cat feel victim to attack post-match, receiving a Steiner Recliner of his own! This Monday night on Nitro, we’ll find out just what The Cat plans on doing with the vacant championship belt.

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EDIT: I've come to the conclusion that Goldberg was still in his failed heel run at this time in WCW, and that during his match with Kevin Nash at Bash At The Beach, he was helped by Scott Steiner...I could be wrong, but I believe that Goldberg was still heel or somewhat at this time...so I've changed that around.

Another note, I'll post my Nitro preview up tomorrow, and Nitro should be up later this week, if anyone has any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

I am looking forward to your shows, this is my favourit time in wrestling and Vince Russo screwed it up, I hope you push people who deserve it in the right way. And it was a really good thing you informed us about the hogan/Jarrett/Russo controversy.

I think your shows are to be great, so I will defentnaly be reading :)

and for gods sake push Mike Awesome :D

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Last night at Bash At The Beach, live from the Ocean Center in Dayton Beach, Florida a major shake-up within World Championship Wrestling accrued. When “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett would lay down, allowing “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan to pin him in the middle of the squared circle, to win what would become the Hulk Hogan Memorial title belt. Later that night, Vince Russo would announce an impromptu second main event of the evening, putting Jarrett in a second title defense against one of the hardest working superstars on the roster, Booker T. History would be made, as Booker would capture the WCW World Heavyweight championship!

This Monday night on Nitro, which will imitate live from the Jacksonville Coliseum, in Jacksonville, Florida, will be the official start of Booker T’s reign as WCW World Heavyweight champion. The question is, who’ll be the first inline for a title shot? Rumors have already begin to circulated over Vince Russo’s discussion last night at Bash At The Beach to force “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett to defend his belt for a second time. It’s said to be furious, and has been quoted as saying that he’s put a target on the head of Booker, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets back what is rightfully his.

As seen last night on pay-per-view, commissioner Ernest “The Cat” Miller had stripped “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner of the WCW U.S. Heavyweight championship during his title bout against Mike Awesome. This action came after Steiner refused to obey The Cat, and used his Steiner Recliner submission on Awesome during the match. The Cat would declare the belt officially vacant, only to be viciously attacked by Steiner post-match. This Monday night on Nitro, we’ll find out just how The Cat plans to deal with the vacant championship title belt.

A number one contender’s match for the WCW World Tag-Team titles has been booked for this Monday night. Last night Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke of Kronic were able to successfully defeat Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak of The Perfect Event to capture the tag-team belts. Now The Perfect Event will look to pick up a rematch against the new champions, as they go up against Corporal Cajun and General Rection of the Misfits In Action.

Lieutenant Loco of the Misfits In Action was successfully able to defend his WCW Cruiserweight championship against The Filthy Animals Juventud Guerrera. This Monday night on Nitro he’ll defend the belt against yet another one of The Filthy Animals members, Billy Kidman.

Match Listings

Crowbar vs. Shane Douglas

Big Vito © vs. Ralphus - WCW Hardcore Title Match

Lance Storm vs. The Artist

Misfits In Action vs. The Perfect Event

Billy Kidman vs. Lieutenant Loco © - WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Mike Awesome vs. Rick Steiner

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(8:00-8:13) A very emotional recap airs highlighting Booker T’s career in World Championship Wrestling, and his winning the World Heavyweight championship title belt last night against “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett at Bash At The Beach. The Nitro montage plays as pyros hit throughout the Jacksonville Coliseum and the crowd goes nuts. Mark Madden, Scott Hudson, & Tony Schiavone welcome us to a live Nitro, from Jacksonville, Florida. Schiavone talks a little about Booker T becoming champion, and the unforeseen events that took place at the pay-per-view with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, that they are legally obligated to not talk about on air! They all three talk a little about several of the other events that took place during the ppv, one in particular, The Cat stripping “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner of the WCW U.S. title! “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” hits and out comes the WCW World champion himself, Booker T, to a massive pop from the crowd. Booker enters the ring with the belt over his shoulder, he posses at each corner to show off his newly won championship title. He’s then joined in the ring by Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: “What a night it was at Bash At The Beach, just 24 hours ago. The world title match that took place last night was just incredible, with you, Booker T, showing us that you had the ability to go toe-to-toe with Jeff Jarrett for the championship!”

Booker T: “I was given the opportunity of a lifetime last night, and I proved to everyone that I was ready to step-up, by becoming the World Heavyweight champion, but the one thing I couldn’t do it without, was without the fans support!”

This garners another massive reaction from the crowd, as the fans start to chant “Booker T, Booker T”.

Mike Tenay: “As a lot of us already know, what happened not but minutes before your impromptu title match, the confrontation between “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo, how do you feel about the Hulkster?”

Booker T: “I don’t really have anything to say on behalf of what happened last night, nor em I legally able to talk about it, all I can say is I got a chance to run with the ball, I took it, and made one hell of a slam dunk!”

Mike Tenay: “What about the former champion Jarrett? Rumors have it that he is outraged, and that he wasn’t prepared to defend his belt against you, so rightfully the title should still be his.”

Booker T: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game! If Jarrett wants a rematch, all I have to say about that is bring it, sucka. Unlike past champions, I’m gonna make this belt mean something again, as a fighting champion!”

This gets a smaller pop from the crowd, but still a pop non-the-less.

Mike Tenay: “What are your reactions on Goldberg, who seems to be making a beeline directly to your newly won championship title belt?

Booker T: “I don’t care if it’s DDP, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner, Sting or someone from a different organization, I’ll defend this belt any day of the week!

The old Harlem Heat music hits, and out walks Booker T’s brother Stevie Ray to a pretty good pop from the crowd. Stevie has a mic in hand, as he enters the ring. Once inside, he stands face-to-face with his younger brother. It appears that there might be some heat between the two. They look to be in a stand off with one another, until both men embrace in a big hug, getting yet another massive pop.

Stevie Ray: “Robert, I remember the day you were born, and I just wanted to say how much I’m proud of you. I also know someone who’s just as proud, if not more then me.”

Stevie points to the crowd, where Booker’s wife is sitting in the front row. Security leads Mrs. Huffman into the ring, where all three celebrate Booker’s success. Before Booker can say another word, he’s interrupted by loud sirens! Scott Steiner with lead pipe in hand, and Midajah by his side come walking down to the ring.

Scott Steiner: “Booker, I’m the only real man who disserves that title belt more then you! I just might have to come in that ring, and take that belt for myself…”

As Steiner climbs up on the ring apron, out of the crowd comes “Positively” Kanyon! The crowd doesn’t notice, and neither does Booker T or Stevie Ray. Kanyon slides into the ring, but doesn’t hit Booker with the Kanyon Cutter, but instead, Booker’s brother Stevie! The crowd is shocked, as Kanyon rolls back out of the ring and hightails it through the crowd. Booker turns to check on Stevie, as Mrs. Huffman watches in horror. In the crowd we see Kanyon signal for the “Bang”, with a big smile on his face. Steiner doesn’t enter the ring, instead he slowly makes his way back up the entrance ramp with a smile on his face, pointing directly at Booker, telling him that the belt is his.

(8:16-8:22) The announcers are going over what just happened with “Positively” Kanyon’s attack on Stevie Ray. They then send it backstage as we see EMTs are checking on the condition of Stevie. Booker T comes walking in the room to check on his brother.

Booker T: “How’s your neck?”

Stevie Ray: “It’ll be fine, but it’s not me you should be worrying about.”

The chosen one Jeff Jarrett is seen standing by with the busty blond Pamela Paulshock. Jarrett doesn’t look to be impressed, as he takes his glasses off, and puts his guitar over his shoulder in a very cockish manner.

Pamela Paulshock: “I’m standing by with the former WCW World champion, the cho…”

Jeff Jarrett: “What did you just say?”

Pamela Paulshock: “former champion, the cho…”

Jeff Jarrett: “Wow sweetheart, how long have you been working here?”

Pamela Paulshock: “Ah…”

Jeff Jarrett: “Lets get one thing straight right off the bat, I should still be champion!”

Pamela Paulshock: “But your not, Booker T is.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Your one dumb blonde aren’t you? I’m the chosen one damnit, and I’d still be champion if it wasn’t for that slap nut Hulk Hogan!”

Jarrett gets in the face of Paulshock, and grabs the mic, bringing it to his level.

Jeff Jarrett: “Now, tonight I’m going to get my rematch, if I have to give a guitar shot to everyone of these low life’s in this building, that includes you, now choke on that!”

Jarrett pushes the mic down, and Paulshock out of the way as he storms off camera. Paulshock seems to be a little shaken up after her first interview, as we head down to the ring for our first match of the evening.

[singles Match] Crowbar w/ Daffney vs. Shane Douglas w/ Torrie Wilson: This was the opening contest of the night, which saw Shane Douglas cut a promo talking about his victory over Buff Bagwell at Bash At The Beach. Torrie Wilson is handed the mic, and she talks a little about “little” Billy Kidman. A decent match between both competitors. The match started off with a tie up between Crowbar and Douglas. Torrie tried to get involved, which sparked a catfight between her and Daffney at ringside. Crowbar would hit a nice moonsault, only to get a two count. Douglas lays Crowbar out with a hard lariat, then goes to ringside, only to get slapped by Daffney. Crowbar slingshots himself over the top rope, taking out Douglas at ringside. The match continues outside for a minute. Crowbar receives a low blow from Torrie. Douglas attempts the Franchiser, but Crowbar reverses it into a DDT, only to have it blocked, and reversed into a Pittsburgh Plunge for the one, two, three! Once the match is over, Douglas and Torrie celebrate with a kiss.

60%, 54%, 80% ***

Pamela Paulshock catches up with Billy Kidman as he prepares for his match, as he’ll be taking on Lieutenant Loco for the WCW Cruiserweight title in just a matter of moments.

Pamela Paulshock: “What are you feelings on Torrie giving her managerial services to “The Franchise” Shane Douglas?”

Billy Kidman: “Torrie is nothing but a two bit skank, and Douglas is just getting sloppy seconds. Right now I’m more concerned on my career.”

Pamela Paulshock: “You’re scheduled to take on Lieutenant Loco for the cruiserweight title, coming up in a matter of minutes, are you ready?

Billy Kidman: “Your damn right, I’m going to go out and capture the cruiserweight title, for the fans!”

A limo is shown pulling up in the parking lot of the Jacksonville, Coliseum. MI Smooth appears, and opens the door of the limo. It’s Three Count dressed in nice tuxedo suits. Tank Abbott climbs out of the limo dressed in a sleeveless tuxedo, and shorts. He’s got a big smile on his face, as he follows Three Count into the building.

(8:23-8:31) Backstage, in the commissioners office, we see The Cat on the phone talking with someone about the incident involving Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach when in busts “Positively” Kanyon! The Cat quickly hangs up with the person on the other line, as Kanyon tosses a copy of his “Positively Kanyon” book on the desk.

The Cat: “Can I help you?”

Kanyon: “Did you see what I did to Booker T earlier? I made him feel the BANG, bro!”

The Cat: “Do you think that was a wise move on your part?”

Kanyon: “Your damn right, I beat Booker last night, and he ends up getting chosen for a title shot before me? That’s not right, bro!”

The Cat: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Kanyon: “It’s time!”

The Cat: “What?”

Kanyon: “I said it’s time! I beat Booker 1, 2, 3 at Bash At The Beach, that makes me the rightful number one contender, bro!”

The Cat: “You do have a point there, I had already planned on booking the match, but I’ll tell you what, you give me a signed copy of your book, and you’ve got yourself a title match!”

Kanyon quickly pulls out a pen from his back pocket, and signs the book on the desk as quick as he can. The Cat goes to shake Kanyon’s hand, but instead Kanyon taunts DDP and yells “BANG” before walking out of the room.

As we are sent down to the ring, we see a gold record hanging from above. The crappy pop music begins to play, as Three Count make their entrance in their fancy tuxedo’s and Tank Abbott’s not so fancy suit. Evan Karagias, Shane Helms, and Shannon Moore enter the ring to a chores of boos from the crowd. Abbott takes a microphone from David Penzer at ringside.

Tank Abbott: “If you could all be quiet please…”

At Abbott’s failed request, the crowd begin to chant random things to irritate the former shoot fighter turned music agent.

Tank Abbott: “I’ve seen these three young teen sensations grow up over the past several months as they’ve gone from nothing, and become the biggest pop artists in the world today!”

Yet again, the crowd don’t seem to enjoy Abbott’s speech, as a chant of “boring, boring” starts up.

Tank Abbott: “If you don’t believe me, just look at that gold record hanging above the ring.”

All three members of Three Count applaud Abbott, and they all exchange hugs in the ring. As they continue their celebration, they bring out bottles of whine. The celebration however is cut short when all three members of The Jung Dragons come running out from the back to a huge pop from the crowd. Jamie-san, Kaz Hayashi, and Yang slide into the ring and jump Three Count! Abbott tries to make the save, and jumps the dragons from behind. The Great Muta slides into the ring, and sprays Abbott in the face with the green mist! Hayashi and Jamie-san set up a ladder, as Yang climbs to the top, and grabs the gold record. The Great Muta and Jung Dragons hightail it backstage, while Abbott & Three Count are laid out in the ring.

Backstage, The Cat is on the phone yet again, this time he’s interrupted by Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett grabs the phone out of The Cat’s hands, and slams it down on the receiver. The Cat gets pushed back into his chair by Jarrett, and threatened by a guitar shot!

Jeff Jarrett: “How could you give Kanyon a shot at Booker T before me, I should have never lost that title in the first place!”

The Cat: “There isn’t anything I can do about it, the match has been made, it‘s official…”

Jeff Jarrett: “You better find some way to fix this mess, and give me what I deserve!”

The Cat: “I can’t give you a title shot tonight, but I can give you the next best thing.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Well, what’s that?”

The Cat: “A shot at the title at New Blood Rising!”

Jarrett lets go of The Cat, and backs away. He thinks about it for a second, and reluctantly agrees.

Jeff Jarrett: “Alright, who’s my opponent ”

The Cat: “Scott Steiner!”

Jarrett doesn’t look pleased, but at least he’s getting a chance to get back what he thinks is rightfully his at New Blood Rising! He agrees, and leaves The Cat’s office with a pissed look on his face. The Cat on the other hand, seems to be happy with his decision.

Backstage, Goldberg is shown walking into the building dressed in street cloths and a duffle bag is thrown over his shoulder. The fans seem to still be resenting Goldberg, as a mixture of boos and cheers can be heard throughout the building. Mark Madden, Scott Hudson, & Tony Schiavone talk about how Scott Hall is no longer employed after Goldberg defeated Kevin Nash last night at Bash At The Beach, thanks on behalf to Scott Steiner!

(8:35-8:47) Earlier today: In a local sports gear shop, Norman Smiley is teaching Ralphus what is the right type of wrestling gear to wear during a hardcore match. Ralphus ends up trying on nothing but a speedo, which sends everyone in the store running! The final attempt, sees Ralphus wearing a Norman Smiley football jersey, and football helmet.

Backstage, Pamela Paulshock is with The Cat who’s holding the WCW U.S. title in his hand. This is after the belt was stripped from Scott Steiner last night at Bash At The Beach during the title match between him and Mike Awesome.

Pamela Paulshock: “We saw last night that you had stripped Scott Steiner of the u.s. title after he used the steiner recliner submission on Awesome, what have you decided to do with the belt?”

The Cat: “Yes, I was in fact forced to vacate the title, and for that action I received a beating at the hands of genetic freak himself. However, the future of the title will be decided next week on Nitro in a one night, eight man title tournament!

The Cat walks off camera with the WCW U.S. title belt in hand.

Pamela Paulshock: “That’s it folks, you heard it right here, next week, an eight man title tournament to determine the winner of the vacant WCW U.S. championship.”

[WCW Cruiserweight Title Match] Billy Kidman vs. Lieutenant Loco ©: Great, highflying, fast paced match. Billy Kidman and Lieutenant Loco start off with an exchange of blows before taking to the air. An attempt at the Shooting Star Press early by Kidman, gets him tied up on the top rope. Lt. Loco connects with a nice looking frankensteiner. A couple near falls from both men. Lt. Loco comes off the top rope for a tornado ddt, which is turned into a northern lights suplex pin by Kidman. Both men are sent out to ringside after a clothesline by Lt. Loco. Kidman climbs to the top rope, and hit’s a flying cross body to the outside of the ring onto Lt. Loco. The matches goes back into the ring where Kidman nails the kid krusher. It only gets a two count. Kidman goes up top for another Shooting Star Press, but Lt. Loco moves out of the way at the last second. Lt. Loco gives a groggy Kidman a Brainbuster DDT for the pin! The ref raises Lt. Loco’s hand in victory, and hands him the belt. Kidman slowly gets to his feet, and is met with a handshake by Lt. Loco out of respect.

56%, 45%, 82% ***¾

Earlier Today: David Flair was hanging out with Miss Hancock around the building. It looked like Flair hasn’t had sleep for several days, as he looked in very bad shape. Hancock tries to console Flair in anyway she can.

David Flair: “You know Stacy, that’d I’d do anything for you, right?”

Miss Hancock: “Yes David, I know.”

Backstage, Mike Awesome is hanging out with Nitro Girl Beef talking about last nights Bash At The Beach pay-per-view. Pamela Paulshock walks up, and asks Awesome a few questions about tonight’s match between him and Rick Steiner.

Pamela Paulshock: “Awesome, how do you feel about losing by disqualification last night in your WCW U.S. title match against Scott Steiner at Bash At The Beach?”

Mike Awesome: “I know for a fact that I had that match won, if it wasn’t for Steiner using his steiner recliner submission maneuver on me, to force himself to get disqualified you’d be looking at the new u.s. champion.”

Pamela Paulshock: “Do you think The Cat will recognize your match last night, and give you a spot in the eight man title tournament next week on Nitro?”

Mike Awesome: “No doubt about it.”

Pamela Paulshock: “Last, but not least, tonight you’ve got a match against Rick Steiner, how do you feel your chances are?”

Mike Awesome: “Tonight, I’ll prove to The Cat that I’m worthy enough to be in that tournament next week, consider tonight’s match my qualifying match!”

Awesome leaves with Beef by his side, as he finishes preparing for his match coming up next.

(8:50-8:57) Earlier today, Norman Smiley & Ralphus continue their training. This time, Norman teaches Ralphus about the proper weapons to use in a hardcore match. Norman uses a couple weapons such as a kindo stick, trash can lid, among others. When it’s Ralphus’ turn to demonstrate, he picks up a chair and swings it at Norman. Norman goes running out of the room screaming!

[singles Match] Mike Awesome vs. Rick Steiner: Typical singles match. Both men would try to overpower one another throughout. The match would see Mike Awesome slingshot himself over the top rope from the ring apron, and catch Rick Steiner with a lariat. Awesome would go up top for an awesome splash, but get caught by Steiner. A failed attempt at the death valley driver by Steiner, as Awesome would reverse it into an Awesome Bomb for the win! The crowd would pop for Awesome, as he made his way backstage.

63%, 71%, 69% **½

Footage from Bash At The Beach: Goldberg rips up Scott Hall’s contract, and stuffs it in Kevin Nash’s mouth while he’s held in the recliner by Scott Steiner!

Backstage, Kevin Nash is shown being interviewed by Pamela Paulshock. Nash doesn’t seem to have a pleased look on his face after losing to Goldberg only 24 hours ago at Bash At The Beach on pay-per-view.

Pamela Paulshock: “Kevin Nash, last night you were turned on by big poppa pump in a match that your good friend Scott Hall’s contract was on the line, however due to the interference, you lost the match to Goldberg, how are you feeling?”

Kevin Nash: “I did lose the match last night, and indeed I wasn’t able to come through for Scott in the end, but in no way em I finished with Goldberg.”

Nash takes the mic away Paulshock, and looks directly into the camera.

Kevin Nash: “Mark my words Bill, we aren’t finished by a long shot!”

Nash hands the mic back to Paulshock, and walks off set.

Booker T is backstage preparing for his first every title defense coming up in just a few moments.

(9:02-9:13) Footage from Bash At The Beach: Booker T winning the World Heavyweight title over Jeff Jarrett.

Backstage, security is seen trying to hold apart Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner from an all out brawl between the two. It appears that Steiner had jumped Jarrett from behind moments in advance! These two can’t wait to get their hands on one another. Midajah is seen by Steiner’s side yelling at Jarrett. Steiner tells Jarrett that he’s a son of a b*tch! The crowd chant “let them go, let them go” as we head to the ring.

[WCW World Heavyweight Title Match] Booker T © vs. “Positively” Kanyon: The crowd would blow the roof off the arena, as Booker T made his entrance. Booker would circle the ring to slap hands with the fans, before the match would begin. Before the match even started, “Positively” Kanyon would attack Booker from behind, jump starting the match. Kanyon would have the upper hand in the opening moments of the match. Booker would catch Kanyon off guard with a harlem sidekick. The match would spill out to ringside, as the two fought in front of the announcer’s booth. Kanyon would use the announcer’s table to smash Booker’s head again, then send him back to the ring. A couple pin fall attempts, but nothing more then a two count. The crowd would begin to chant “Booker T, Booker T” as Kanyon would continue to wear Booker down. Kanyon would signal for the finish, but Booker would hit the Book End out of desperation. Neither man would have the advantage. Booker would slowly make his way up to the top for a missile dropkick. Kanyon would move and Booker would nail the ref instead! This gave Kanyon enough time to grab a chair from ringside. Booker would duck a chair shot, and catch Kanyon with a superkick. Kanyon would stumble to his feet, as Booker comes off the ropes with an axe kick! Booker signals for the spin-a-roony, and the crowd are on their feet. Kanyon gets to his feet, and walks right into another Book End! Booker hooks the leg, and picks up the three count victory! A huge pop from the crowd, as Booker is handed his belt. Booker climbs to the top rope, and celebrates his first successful title defense.

70%, 79%, 79% ***½

(9:15-9:19) “I’m the greatest” hits, and the crowd cheer as commissioner The Cat comes walking out. The Cat climbs into the ring, and does a little dance to get another cheap pop from the crowd. He tells them to cut his music, and is handed a mic.

The Cat: “Ok, it’s time to get serious. Now, Scott Steiner I want you to get your big steroided ass down here to the ring, right now!”

The sirens go off for the second time tonight, and out walks Scott Steiner with his lead pipe in hand, and Midajah still by his side. They make their way down to the ring, and once inside. Steiner gets in The Cat’s face. The two argue for a moment, before Steiner climbs to the top turnbuckle to taunt the crowd.

The Cat: “Scott, I’m sick and tired of the constant interfering, but instead of suspending you like any normal person would do, I’m doing the complete opposite, and awarding you with a possible shot at the world title!”

Scott Steiner: “That’s because you can’t stop the genetic freak, I do what I want, when I want, and there isn’t a damn person who can stop me!”

The Cat: “I’m telling you right now that if you don’t win tonight’s match against Jeff Jarrett, the next time you attack someone, your sorry ass is gone!”

Steiner grabs The Cat by the throat, and forces him into the corner of the ring. He starts yelling at him, when “The Chosen One” hits. Out from the back comes Jeff Jarrett, with his guitar in hand. These two will meet later tonight. Steiner drops the commissioner, and grabs his lead pipe. The two have a short stand off, before “Who’s Next” begins to play. A “Goldberg, Goldberg” chant starts up as the man himself walks out from the back with a mic in hand.

Goldberg: “Neither Jarrett nor Steiner deserve a shot at the belt before me, I want my shot, and I want it tonight!”

Both Jarrett and Steiner continue to argue in the ring. Goldberg slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, until he’s cut off by the “Wolfpac” theme! A huge pop from the crowd as Kevin Nash walks out just a few feet behind Goldberg.

Kevin Nash: “Cat, if you even think about giving anyone else a spot in the number one contender’s match, you can’t count out big daddy cool, big sexy. In fact, why not make it a four way?”

The Cat: “You all want a shot at the belt? Why not! Tonight, it’ll be a number contender’s four corners match. Only, to insure that there is a clean winner in tonight’s match, I’ll be the special guest referee!”

Jarrett and Steiner are livid in the ring, and go crazy that they’ve got to go through two other challengers to receive their possible shot at the gold at New Blood Rising! Goldberg and Nash stare one another down at ringside, as we head to commercial break.

(9:22-9:27) Earlier today, in the last training exercise before Ralphus’ hardcore title match against Big Vito. Norman lets him know he’s just about ready, the last thing he needs to know, is how to scream. First, Norman screams, then tells Ralphus to try. Ralphus screams as loud as he can, and charges after Norman, chasing him out of the room all while both men scream!

Footage from Bash At The Beach: Big Vito successfully defends his WCW Hardcore title against both Norman Smiley & Ralphus.

[WCW Hardcore Title Match] Big Vito © vs. Ralphus w/ Norman Smiley: The match starts out with Big Vito exchanging blows with Norman Smiley, while Ralphus runs away through the crowd screaming. Norman takes a big kindo stick shot to the head! They battle up the entrance ramp, and into the backstage area. Ralphus tries to surprise Vito from behind, but gets sent into Norman’s crotch. The match makes its way back down to the ring where a table is set up. Norman and Ralphus are both laid out on the table, as Vito comes flying off the top rope to the outside with a big splash! The crowd chant “holy shit, holy shit” as Vito covers both men for the win to retain his title.

33%, 38%, 36%

The Cat is shown walking backstage when flute music begins to play, and out of the shadows jumps Jamie-san, Kaz Hayashi, and Yang of The Jung Dragons! This is nothing more then a feeble task on behalf of all three dragons, as The Cat quickly shakes off his attackers, leaving all three laid out. The Cat tells them better luck next time, and walks off.

Backstage, in the wardrobe room we see a very girlish man wearing pink pants, and a pink vest, covered entirely with sparkly glitter. He begins to talk in the third person, which allows us to find out his actual name is Kwee-Wee. A panicking Paisley runs into the room holding a shirt in her hand.

Paisley: “I need this shirt pressed for The Artist’s upcoming match!”

Kwee-Wee: “Wow, wow, wow. Kwee-Wee does not work well under extreme pressure.”

Kwee-Wee takes the shirt from Paisley, and begins to smirk as he begins to suck on the tip of his index finger.

Kwee-Wee: “The Kwee-Wee doesn’t believe he hasn’t been introduced?”

Paisley: “My name is Paisley.”

Paisley becomes flustered as Kwee-Wee takes her hand, and gives it a kiss.

Kwee-Wee: “Well, Kwee-Wee’s got some good news for you, he can get the job done, in many ways then one…”

Kwee-Wee and Paisley flirt for a few moments, before walking off camera to the back of the room. The camera fades to black as we head to commercial break.

(9:33-9:40) [singles Match] Lance Storm vs. The Artist w/ Paisley: The announcers would be joined by the lovely Paisley, as The Artist made his entrance. Lance Storm would come out next, and force everyone to listen to the Canadian National Anthem, which didn’t set well with the crowd. Once the anthem was over, the match was officially underway. A decent match, with The Artist trying to gain the advantage by cheating his way to victory. Paisley would comment a little about Storm’s strange resemblance to a power ranger. A top rope ddt would be countered by Storm. The Artist would get nailed with a superkick, followed by the Canadian Maple Leaf (rolling single leg crab)! Unable to reach the ropes, The Artist is forced to tap out, giving Storm the win via submission. Paisley would help The Artist out of the ring after the match.

54%, 47%, 74% **½

Backstage, the Misfits In Action are standing at attention. Pamela Paulshock walks up, and interviews Corporal Cajun and General Rection, who’ll both be competing in the number one contender’s tag-team match against The Perfect Event coming up next. General Rection tells his troops to stand at ease, as the interview begins.

Pamela Paulshock: “General Rection, in just a few moments you’ll take on The Perfect Event in a number one contender’s tag-team match, with the winners facing Kronic for the WCW Tag-Team titles this Wednesday night on Thunder, how do you feel?”

General Rection: “The Misfits In Action are more then ready to go out there and win that number one contender’s match, and we’ll go onto capture the tag-team titles this Wednesday night!”

Out of nowhere, Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak attack the Misfits In Action from behind with their lex-flexors! Palumbo and Stasiak continue their assault, and then corner a helpless Major Gunns. They taunt her, as security forces them off camera. It looks like The Perfect Event might have the upper hand going into match tonight!

(9:42-9:49) Footage from Bash At The Beach: Kronic wins the Tag-Team title belts after hitting the high time on The Perfect Event.

[#1 Contender’s Tag-Team Match] Misfits In Action w/ Major Gunns vs. The Perfect Event: The Filthy Animals accompanied by Tygress join the announcer’s for commentary for the next match. This match starts out more like a brawl from the opening bell. A lot of double teaming done by Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak. They work over Corporal Cajun for several minutes, before the hot tag is finally made to General Rection. The crowd go crazy as Rection cleans house. Rection goes for the No Laughing Matter when he’s pushed to the outside by Palumbo! As the match continues, Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire appear. A huge brawl irrupts at the ringside area between Jindrak & O’Haire and The Filthy Animals! Stasiak uses one of the lex-flexors on Cajun behind the ref’s back. Rection tries to make the save, but takes a jungle kick from Palumbo! Out from the back comes Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke of Kronic as they lay out both Palumbo and Stasiak with the High Time! The match is tossed out, and ends in disqualification due to outside interference. The crowd cheer for Kronic as they celebrate with their tag-team titles in the ring.

58%, 57%, 73% **½

Goldberg is seen backstage in the locker room preparing for the number one contender’s main event.

In the parking lot, a hearse is shown pulling up and out climbs Vampiro. He’s covered in dirt, and has little to no face paint on. The back of the hearse is opened, and a coffin, that is also covered in dirt is dragged out and into the building.

(9:52-9:56) Footage from Bash At The Beach: Clips from Vampiro winning his graveyard match against The Demon.

Vampiro’s music hits, as the lights in the arena are turned off, and smoke begins to bellow into the ring. The crowd boo as a coffin is wheeled out, and down to the ringside area by people wearing nothing but black cloaks. As the smoke continues to billow up the entrance way, Vampiro emerges from the back. Vampiro consciously enters the ring, and pulls out a mic from his back pocket. The crowd begin to quiet down, as Vampiro begins to speak.

Vampiro: “At Bash At The Beach, I defeated The KISS Demon in a grueling graveyard bout. It was truly a test of strength, but just as I did with Sting last month, I overcame, and came out victorious!”

Vampiro slowly rolls under the ropes, and out of the ring. He makes his way next to the coffin brought to ringside. The coffin now sits up at a slant, facing the ring.

Vampiro: “Dale Toleborg was given the chance to join the darkness’s legions, but refused, and for that now suffers the ultimate in pain, for all eternity!”

Vampiro opens the coffin to reveal The Demon inside! The Demon lays, with his arms crossed, and eyes closed. He also is covered in filth, just as Vampiro.

Vampiro: “From now on, The Demon will serve under only one man, the savior and almighty messiah, me!”

The Demon’s eyes open wide, and he slowly creeps his way out of the open coffin. Vampiro watches on with a big grin on his face. The Demon climbs into the ring, and kneels down to the feet of Vampiro.

Vampiro: “It is now time to prove your true loyalty to the darkness. It’s time for the sacrifice!”

A tied up Asya is dragged out by two cloaked figures from the back. She is brought into the ring, where is untied, and set loose. Vampiro watches on as Aysa tries to console her boyfriend, Dale Toleborg. He becomes frustrated, as The Demon doesn’t move, but continues to stay knelt on the mat.

Vampiro: “Now, finish it!”

The Demon rises to his feet, and grabs Vampiro by the neck! The crowd cheer, as Vampiro tries to break free. It would appear that Vampiro doesn’t fully have control, that is until The Demon breaks free, and leeches onto Asya’s neck instead! Vampiro smiles as The Demon proceeds to choke the life out of his former girlfriend. All the lights in the arena are turned off, as the sounds of crows are heard throughout the arena! A massive pop from the crowd, as they anticipate the return of their hero Sting. The lights in the arena return, but there is no Sting, and there is also no Asya. Both The Demon & Vampiro are shocked. Vampiro becomes spooked, and quickly exit’s the ring, and hightails it to the back.

(9:58-10:06) The announcers recap the events that have gone down tonight, and also remind the fans that next week Nitro will be preempted to Tuesday night, instead of Monday. They then get set for the main event of the evening.

Footage from Nitro: Two weeks ago, Jeff Jarrett defeated Goldberg, Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner in a four way match.

[#1 Contender’s Fatal Four Way Match] Goldberg vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner w/ Midajah: This match is for a shot at the World title at New Blood Rising. Jeff Jarrett is out first. He’s got his guitar in hand and enters the ring. Scott Steiner is out next, as he gets booed by the crowd. A massive pop from the crowd as Kevin Nash makes his way out. It’s then time for Goldberg’s signature entrance. Goldberg makes the walk to a pretty big pop from the crowd. A “Goldberg, Goldberg” chant starts, as he enters the ring with the three other competitors. The Cat is the special guest official for the match, as he calls for the bell. All four men stare one another down, before the lock up between Nash and Steiner. Both Goldberg and Jarrett are instructed to stand on the ring apron, until tagged in. The match continues as Nash and Steiner continue to exchange blows. Steiner connects with a low blow on Nash, and quickly tags out to Jarrett. Jarrett continues to go to work on Nash. A couple pin fall attempts are made. Goldberg is able to clean house, but gets sent to the outside by Nash. These two battle at ringside, while Jarrett hits Steiner with a superplex from the top rope! Jarrett gets to his feet first, and goes for the Stroke, but Steiner blocks, and reverses it into a t-bone. Nash is tagged, and catches Jarrett with a big boot, he then signals for the finish. Goldberg comes in and clips Nash’s leg. He sets up for the spear, but Nash moves, and Goldberg is sent into The Cat! Goldberg walks right into a poor attempt at the Jacknife Powerbomb! Steiner jumps Nash from behind, and gives him a belly-to-belly. Jarrett grabs a chair, and uses it on Steiner! Goldberg gets to his feet, and sidekicks Jarrett. Nash slowly gets to his feet, and gets taken out by the spear, followed by the Jackhammer! Steiner gives Goldberg an sto, and locks on the Steiner Recliner! Jarrett grabs his guitar, and smashes it over Steiner’s head! He picks up Goldberg, and gives him the Stroke! The Cat slowly counts the one, two, three. Jarrett wins, and will go onto face Booker T at New Blood Rising! After the match, Booker walks out from the back, and stares down Jarrett in the ring. Jarrett taunts Booker, yelling at him that the belt will soon be his as Nitro fades to black…

72%, 88%, 68%, **¾

Overall Rating: 55%

“Nitro” scored a 5.46 rating!

Attendance was 6009 people.

$240360 was made from ticket sales.

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan


Same as he said, looks really good as WCW 2000 was my favourit time and now that the new blood angle is behind you in this diary, I am excited to see what you will do next

keep up the good work man :thumbsup:

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Diary looking good. I was a huge WCW fan and you seem to be doing it justice. Also, major mark out for giving my ole backyard, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA *cheap pop* :thumbsup: a WCW Nitro in your diary.

You da man, keep it up. I shall be reading :D

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user posted image


user posted image

World Championship Wrestling Sued!

- In the past 48 hours, World Championship Wrestling has been locked in a huge legal battle with Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea and his lawyers in an attempt to retaliate with a lawsuit against the company, after they broke the original contract signed by Bollea that would state one hundred percent creative control over the Hogan character. This lawsuit was filed early Monday morning by Bollea’s lawyers, which forced WCW into a corner, as they were unable to bring up any mention of what transpired this past Sunday at Bash At The Beach. It’s uncertain just how long this lawsuit will last, and what Bollea plans to gain from this action, but it appears that it could very well cost WCW a few financial problems, which at this point they can’t afford to have. As of this coming weekend, Time Warner has requested that Vince Russo take a leave of absence from WCW. This could be a way for WCW to dodge any more legal actions. It’s unsure when Russo will return, but it does in fact put WCW in a bind creatively as the only head writer left is Ed Ferrara. We’ll keep you updated as more news breaks on this story.

user posted image

Scott Hall Gone, Not Entirely

- It has been leaked out this week that the storyline revolving around Scott Hall’s contract being terminated by World Championship Wrestling is untrue. A source close to the situation has given out information that indicates that Hall is indeed still employed by the company. It appears however that he will be sent to rehab for his continues abusive alcohol problem. The rumors that Hall had been sent to the hospital due to an over excessive alcohol consumption, turned out to be true. Hall was released 24 hours later. However he wasn’t released by WCW, due to his good friendship with Kevin Nash, who has plenty of pull within the offices. Nash would be able to talk WCW into sending Hall into rehab for his well-being. Hall will sit out the remainder of his contract, and it is yet to be seen if he will return.

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I haven't posted here since the week they launched the new EWB, but I just really want to compliment you on your great WCW show. This is one of the better diaries I have read and I will continue to read as you continue to write. This is a great diary and I really hope you continue it.

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user posted image

This past Monday night on Nitro, live from the Jacksonville, Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida. The number contender for the WCW World title would be decided in a four corners match between Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner. A match that would be made by commissioner The Cat, the winner of the match would face the champion on Sunday, August 13th, at New Blood Rising, live on pay-per-view! Due to the use of his guitar, “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett used on “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, he would go onto pin Goldberg to become the challenger for Booker T’s championship. This Wednesday night on Thunder, Booker and Jarrett will meet face-to-face in the ring, when they fight in tag-team action.

Billy Kidman might have lost the chance to capture the WCW Cruiserweight title this past Monday night when he took on Lieutenant Loco of the Misfits In Action, but on Thunder he has made a special challenge to one Lance Storm, who has been on a role sense joining the ranks of World Championship Wrestling. On Nitro, Storm was able to successfully defeat The Artist in singles action. These two will collide in what will surely be a stellar contest, and one you won’t want to miss.

The WCW Tag-Team titles will be on the line in a three way dance as a result of this past Monday night’s disqualification during the number one contender’s tag-team bout between Corporal Cajun & General Rection of the Misfits In Action and Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak of The Perfect Event. It was during the match that Palumbo & Stasiak would use their lex-flexors as weapons on the M.I.A., as a result, this brought out Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke of Kronic the tag-team champions themselves. They would make the save by giving both men the high time! This Wednesday night, there must be a winner.

And finally, in mixed tag-team action, at the request of The Cat, due to the actions seen during their match on Nitro. Crowbar & Daffney will team together to take on the team of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson!

Match Listings

Tank Abbott vs. The Great Muta

Jindrak & O’Haire vs. The Filthy Animals

Crowbar vs. Shane Douglas

Kronic © vs. Misfits In Action vs. The Perfect Event - WCW Tag-Team Titles Match

Billy Kidman vs. Lance Storm

? ? ? ? & Booker T vs. ? ? ? ? & Jeff Jarrett

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Looking good so far.

Kidman/Storm should be a good match with some history behind it, as Storm originally teamed with Kidman upon his arrival into WCW before turning on him.

Personally, I'd get the belts off of Kronic as soon as possible. The Perfect Event would be a good team to hold the belts, for awhile at least.

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user posted image

(9:00-9:12) Thunder montage plays and then the pyro hits in the O’Connell Center in Gainesville, Florida. The crowd is red hot tonight. Scott Hudson and Tony Schiavone are alone this week, as they talk about Mike Tenay being viciously attacked earlier today during an interview segment conducted with “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. They move on as they talk about what went down this Monday on Nitro. It’ll be “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett going one-on-one against Booker T for the world title at New Blood Rising! It’s announced that Jarrett has chosen Rick Steiner as his tag-team partner for tonight’s main event match. We go outside of the building to the parking to see some unknown person get attacked with the kanyon-cutter by Positively Kanyon!

[Eight Man Tag-Team Match] Tank Abbott & Three Count vs. The Great Muta & The Jung Dragons: A decent but short tag-team match. The crowd got into the fast cruiserweight action between Three Count and The Jung Dragons. Tank Abbott would clean house of the dragons, which left only The Great Muta. Everyone would hit their signature spots during the match. The action would spill out to ringside, with everyone hitting a high spot. In the ring, Muta would catch Abbott with the green mist. Yang comes in, and gets hit with a big superkick from Shane Helms! Evan Karagias who is the legal man, hooks the leg for the one, two, three. Three Count pull one over the dragons, as they hightail to the back with Abbott. The dragons help Muta to his feet, as both teams stare one another down.

60%, 39%, 82% **¾

Backstage, we see Vampiro in a dark room with candles a flame all around. The Demon is seen standing back in the corner, as Vampiro cuts his promo.

Vampiro: “Sting, you may think these games your playing are getting to my head.”

He holds up a Sting mask in one hand, and a lighter in the other. As he continues to talk, he begins to light the mask on fire.

Vampiro: “I set you a blaze, and down to the depths of hell, yet your soul still torments me.”

Once the mask is completely golfed in flames, he drops it to the ground, and all while it continues to burn, you can see a flicker of light on his face.

Vampiro: “If you think your return scares me, your wrong. If you thought that drenching you in gasoline, and setting you on fire was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

Stevie Ray is seen walking into commissioner The Cat’s office backstage. The Cat is on the phone with someone, and asks them to hold on for a second as he tends to Stevie.

The Cat: “Stevie, what can I do for you?”

Steive Ray: “You saw what Kanyon did to me on Monday.”

The Cat: “Yes, I did.”

Stevie Ray: “Well, I want his ass tonight, in the ring!”

The Cat: “I know how you must feel, so that’s why I’ll give you your match.”

Stevie Ray: “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Stevie walks out of the room with a big smile on his face. The Cat continues to talk to the person on the phone.

(9:15-9:23) [singles Match] Shane Eden vs. The Demon w/ Vampiro: The Demon is brought down to the ring in a coffin by Vampiro. The hometown hero Shane Eden in the ring seems to get worried as Demon makes his entrance. Vampiro watches from ringside, as Demon quickly jumps Eden, beating him down in the corner. The ref quickly calls for the bell, but not moments later is the match over. Demon hit’s the love gun for the finish! Vampiro tells Demon to finish the job. Demon waits as Eden gets to his feet, before he releases a huge fire ball! The crowd is shocked, as EMTs come running out from the back to check on his condition. Demon and Vampiro watch intently, as the Eden lays helpless, screaming in agony in the ring. The lights suddenly go out in the building, as the turner-tron begins to go fuzzy, and smoke bellows into the ring. Vampiro begins to get worried, as the mind games continue. The light come back on as Demon and Vampiro cautiously make their way backstage.


Juventud Guerrera, Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Tygress are standing by with Mean Gene Okerlund as they prepare for their upcoming tag-team match against Jindrak & O’Haire. Konnan puts a gold chain around Okerlund’s neck, Rey Jr. gives him a skull cap, and finally Juvi slips on some hip cool shades.

Konnan: “Now you represent.”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Thanks homie…”

The Filthy Animals laugh, as Okerlund tries his hardest to be cool.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Down to the business at hand. On Nitro, you guys where attacked by Jindrak & O’Haire during the number one contender’s tag-team match.”

Konnan: “That’s right, and that’s why tonight the Filthy Animals are gonna break it down for those two newbies.”

Rey Mysterio Jr.: “Jindrak & O’Haire are gonna get what’s comin’ tonight, west coast style.”

The Filthy Animals tell Okerlund to keep it real. They walk off camera with Okerlund still trying to be as cool as he can, as we head to commercial break.

(9:26-9:34) Footage from Nitro: Jindrak & O’Haire attack The Filthy Animals as they do commentary!!!

[Tag-Team Match] Jindrak & O’Haire vs. The Filthy Animals w/ Konnan & Tygress: Konnan and Tygress join the announcer’s for commentary before the match begins. In a surprisingly good tag-team match both teams face off. Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr. hit all their signature spots. The fans cheer for their favorite, The Filthy Animals. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire would turn the tide in their favor as they double team their two smaller opponents. They use their size to gain the advantage. Rey Jr. is laid out by Jindrak, as O’Haire heads to the top. O’Haire hit’s the seanton bomb for the finish! Jindrak & O’Haire continue to beat Juvi and Rey Jr. up, when in comes Konnan for the save. Konnan nails both men with a double rolling lariat! A massive pop from the crowd as Konnan helps Juvi and Rey Jr. to their feet.

71%, 56%, 87% ***¼

Mean Gene Okerlund stands by with Lance Storm, as later tonight he’ll take on Billy Kidman in singles action.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Lance Storm, you’ve certainly been on a role as of late here in WCW. I just want to ask, what’s in the future?”

Lance Storm: “As the saying goes, it’s time to shut up and wrestle. I’m here to prove to all of these American’s that it’s not all about the sports entertainment!”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Many people are looking at the match against your former tag partner, Billy Kidman, as your shot at getting picked to be apart of the eight man title tournament next Monday.”

Lance Storm: “Kidman and I both have history together, but all that ends tonight, because once I beat him tonight, I’m going onto win that tournament next week on Nitro, and bring gold back to Canada!”

Earlier Today: Miss Hancock walks into the locker room where David Flair is sitting on a bench. There is a far away look in Flair’s eyes, again he looks like he hasn’t slept in days.

Miss Hancock: “David, I’ve got a surprise for you…”

David Flair: “What?”

Miss Hancock: “I got you booked in a match tonight!”

David Flair: “You did!”

Flair gets a big smile on his face, and becomes excited at the opportunity to turn his luck around.

Miss Hancock: “Yea, and it’s again Big Vito for the hardcore title!”

Flair’s excitement quickly turns to fear.

Miss Hancock: “Aren’t you exited?”

Flair takes a seat back down on the bench, with a blank look on his face.

(9:37-9:50) Backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund is about to interview Big Vito when he’s attacked from behind by David Flair! This continues, as these two men battle down to the ring for our next match.

[WCW Hardcore Title Match] Big Vito © vs. David Flair: Decent hardcore match between both men. Miss Hancock would come down to ringside and cheer for David Flair as he continued his assault on Big Vito. Flair uses a trash can to repeatedly beat down Vito. The match turns in favor of Vito, as Flair is sent flying through a table in the corner of the ring. Vito pulls a kindo stick out and busts Flair open! He raps the kindo stick around the neck of Flair and delivers a russian legsweep. Hancock climbs up on the ring apron to distract Vito, but gets a nice big italian kiss for her efforts. Flair stumbles to his feet, and Vito gives him a big jumping piledriver onto a trash can! Vito gets the pin, and successfully retains his belt.

57%, 52%, 63% **

The Cat is interrupted by Jeff Jarrett as he comes busting into the commissioner’s office wailing his guitar around. Jarrett begins to threaten The Cat.

Jeff Jarrett: “How could you book me in a tag match against Booker T tonight?”

The Cat: “The match was made by special request.”

Jeff Jarrett: “You know I’m the number one contender, why would you jeopardize our title match at New Blood Rising?”

The Cat: “The match was made by special request by Booker himself, and if you don’t find yourself a partner, your going to find yourself in a handicap match!”

Jeff Jarrett: “You better believe I won’t be held accountable for my actions against Booker tonight!”

Jarrett storms back out of the office, as The Cat shakes his head.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell arrives to the building with his mother Judy Bagwell. They run into MI Smooth, and Buff introduces him to his mother.

(9:52-10:04) Jeff Jarrett is shown making his way down the hallway, when he walks into Mean Gene Okerlund. Okerlund stops Jarrett for a quick interview.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Jeff, Jeff, can I get a moment of your time?”

Jarrett stops, takes off his glasses, and throws his guitar over his shoulder.

Jeff Jarrett: “What is it slappy?”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Have you had a chance to find a partner for your tag-team match against Booker tonight?”

Jeff Jarrett: “Why should I tell you who my partner is?”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Because the fans would like to know…”

Jeff Jarrett: “The only thing the fans should care about, is what I have planned for Booker tonight!”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “And what’s that?”

Jeff Jarrett: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Jarrett pushes Okerlund out of the way, and goes storming off camera. Meanwhile, your regular average joe is seen getting coffee down the hall, when out of nowhere comes Positively Kanyon to give him the kanyon cutter! Kanyon jumps up to his feet, and yells “BANG”, before running away. The man is left motionless on the ground.

Footage from Nitro: Stevie Ray takes a kanyon-cutter from Positively Kanyon!!!

[singles Match] Positively Kanyon vs. Stevie Ray: Pretty short. The fans don’t get that into this match, with a lot of miss match between the two. Stevie Ray blows several spots, which hurt the match in the end. Positively Kanyon would get beaten down for several minutes, until out from the back came Jeff Jarrett. Kanyon would go for the kanyon-cutter, but get pushed off into the ref. The crowd would boo as Jarrett comes up behind Stevie, giving him a guitar shot! A massive pop from the crowd as Booker T comes running out to make the save. The two go running backstage. Kanyon nails the kanyon-cutter on a groggy Stevie, and picks up the win! He rolls out of the ring, as he just picked up the cheap victory the patron saint.

60%, 65%, 49% *¾

(10:07-10:19) Footage from Nitro: The Perfect Event use the lex-flexors on the Misfits In Action!!!

[WCW Tag-Team Titles Three Way Match] Kronic © vs. Misfits In Action w/ Major Gunns vs. The Perfect Event: Good tag match. Corporal Cajun and General Rection of the Misfits In Action would gain the advantage early on. Bryan Clarke would connect with the meltdown on Shawn Stasiak! Kronic would continue to dominate. Rection would go up top and hit the no laughing matter! It wouldn’t be enough for the win however. Chuck Palumbo would use a lex-flexor on Cajun. A big boot by Brian Adams would send Palumbo to ringside. Rection gets tossed to the outside. Stasiak stumbles into a high time by Adams and Clarke for the three count! After the match, out comes Jindrak & O’Haire, followed by The Filthy Animals. A huge brawl irrupts between the entire tag-team division!

67%, 63%, 72% **½

Booker T walks up to Mean Gene Okerlund backstage. He takes the belt off from around his waist, and tosses it over his shoulder, as he prepares for the interview.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Booker T, tonight you step foot into the ring with the chosen one, in tag-team action, this’ll be your first encounter sense Bash At The Beach this past Sunday, how do you feel?”

Booker T: “Like I said on Nitro, I’m going to go out there and bring some credibility back to this world title belt that I hold, and if I have to go out there every night and defend it, I’ll do just that.”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Earlier tonight Jarrett sent a message to you by giving a guitar shot to your brother, has that effected you mentally?”

Booker T: “If Jarrett thinks he’s going to get into my head, he’s dead wrong!”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Have you chosen a partner for your tag match later tonight?”

Booker T: “As a matter of fact, I have.”

Mike Awesome walks up next to Booker, the two shake hands, before they head off camera.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Well, it looks like it’ll be Booker T and Mike Awesome going up against Jeff Jarrett and a partner of his choosing later tonight.”

(10:22-10:27) The video shot from earlier today finally airs, as the audience is warned of the violent footage they are about to witness by the announcers. Mike Tenay sat down with “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner at a local hotel room just down the road from the O’Connell Center. Steiner would be accompanied by his lovely valet and number one freak Midajah.

Mike Tenay: “Let me start off by getting your feelings on Booker T being world champion.”

Scott Steiner: “There is only one thing I’ve got to say about that, I should be champion $%@ damnit, not that $%#@&#!”

Mike Tenay: “Ok, moving on. What is your reaction to The Cat’s decision to strip you of the WCW U.S. title?”

Scott Steiner: “That no good son of b*tch should have his neck broken! His decision to strip me of the belt was a big mistake, and it’s an even bigger mistake to think you can control the genetic freak!”

Mike Tenay: “You did in fact get the chance to become number one contender this Monday on Nitro, but…”

Steiner gets up off his chair, and starts freaking out. Midajah holds onto Steiner’s arm, but gets tossed aside. Steiner gets up into Tenay’s face.

Scott Steiner: “If it wasn’t for that asshole Jeff Jarrett and his guitar, I’d be on my way to becoming the next champion! Now I’ve got a message for Booker, Jarrett, The Cat, and anyone else. I do what I want, when I want, I’m the big bad booty daddy, this Monday I’m getting my shot one way or another!”

Steiner grabs Tenay by the throat, and proceeds to choke the life out of him! The camera man tries to get involved, but ends up getting tossed across the room. Tenay is chocked to an inch of his life before Steiner finally releases him, and leaves. Midajah tries to check on Tenay, but gets dragged out of the room by Steiner.

Backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund is joined by “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson as they prepare for their upcoming mixed tag match, coming up in just a few moments.

Mean Gene Okerlund: “Franchise, this past Monday you heard the remarks made by Billy Kidman in regards to Torrie’s managerial services, your comment?”

Shane Douglas: “Kidman is just scared, as he realizes that Torrie has found a real man’s man in the Franchise.”

Torrie Wilson: “Billy just didn’t make the cut!”

Mean Gene Okerlund: “You’ve got an upcoming mixed tag-team match against Crowbar and Daffney, are you prepared?”

Shane Douglas: “Your damn right the Franchise is prepared, I beat Crowbar on Nitro, and now I’m going to beat both Crowbar and his little slut of a girlfriend, and Torrie won’t even have to worry about stepping foot in the ring!”

The two kiss in front of the camera. Douglas and Torrie have big smiles on their faces as they walk off camera. Okerlund mentions that the match is next, as we head into commercial.

(10:30-10:39) Reply is shown of what Jeff Jarrett did to Stevie Ray. Crowbar and Daffney are shown walking down the hallway, heading to the ring for their match.

[Mixed Tag-Team Match] Crowbar & Daffney vs. Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson: The match was just short of a dud. Crowbar and Shane Douglas would tie up for the first few minutes, doing most of the wrestling. Torrie Wilson would get tagged in, and go toe-to-toe with Daffney. Both women tried to showcase a few wrestling maneuvers, but ended up blowing half of them. Torrie would make a poor attempt an the franchiser. In the end, Torrie would distract the ref long enough for Douglas to lay Crowbar out with a chain, then give Daffney a vicious Pittsburgh Plunge! Douglas and Torrie would celebrate post-match, while EMTs would be called out to stretch Daffney out of the building.

49%, 50%, 47% *½

The Cat is on the phone in his office when once again, the flute music begins to play. Out of nowhere jumps Jamie-san, Kaz Hayashi, and Yang of The Jung Dragons. The Cat is able to fend off his attackers with ease. The dragons get tossed all over the office. This playful band continues for a few moments as we head into commercial break.

(10:42-10:50) [singles Match] Billy Kidman vs. Lance Storm: Great match. Lance Storm starts off with having everyone rise for the Canadian National Anthem. Billy Kidman mocks Storm as the anthem plays. Storm doesn’t take this lightly. The match starts off with some fast technical action. Kidman would show off his technical skills during the match. Storm nails a nice looking superkick, but only gets a two. Kidman retaliates with the kid krusher, then goes up top for the shooting star press. He misses, and doesn’t land softly. These two continue to battle it out for several more minutes. A big “USA, USA” chant starts as soon as Storm gains an upper hand. Storm catches Kidman off guard with a slingshot missile dropkick, and follows up the Canadian Maple Leaf submission! Kidman tries, but can’t reach the ropes in time, before he’s forced to tap out. Storm celebrates, as Tony Schiavine mentions both men have more then earned their spot in the title tournament.

71%, 58%, 85% ***¼

Backstage, in the parking lot of the building, EMT’s check on the condition of Judy Bagwell. Someone has laid her out. Buff Bagwell comes running up to check on his mother, and begins to freak out. He wants to know who could have done this!

Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner are seen heading to the ring for the main event coming up next.

(10:53-11:06) Footage from Nitro: Jeff Jarrett wins the four corners match, becomes number one contender!!!

[Tag-Team Match] Booker T & Mike Awesome vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rick Steiner: Decent tag-team match. Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner appear and the two make their entrances. Booker T and Mike Awesome come out next to a massive pop from the crowd. This match got underway with Awesome and Steiner exchanging blows. Booker and Jarrett would both get tagged in, and go toe-to-toe, but would never lay a hand on one another. Steiner would attack Booker from behind. There would be a lot of double team action on behalf of Jarrett and Steiner. Awesome lays out both men, and heads up top for the awesome splash on Jarrett, but he moves at the last second. The two men brawl at ringside, while Steiner attempts a death valley driver on Booker. Booker slips up behind Steiner, kicks him in the gut, and drops him with the axe kick! He signals for the spin-a-roony, and the crowd goes crazy. Jarrett comes from behind with his guitar, but Booker catches the blunt of the weapon with his leg, as he goes for the harlem sidekick. The ref doesn’t this, as Booker is taken down. Jarrett locks on the figure four leglock on Booker! Awesome heads to the top rope, and hits Jarrett with the awesome splash while he still holds on the submission! Steiner catches Awesome with a lariat, and the two are sent flying over the top rope. The ref is once again distracted. SCOTT STEINER comes out from the back, and nails Booker with the steel pipe! Jarrett and Steiner stare one another down, before Steiner exit’s the ring, and Jarrett goes for the pin. The ref counts the one, two, three! Awesome chases Jarrett out of the ring, and checks on Booker. Jarrett celebrates over his cheap victory on Booker as Thunder fades to an end.

80%, 83%, 76% ***

Overall Rating: 68%

“Thunder” scored a 4.40 rating!

Attendance was 6014 people.

$240560 was made from ticket sales.

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