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National Wrestling Alliance: Detroit Michigan

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NWA: Detroit Michigan

In 2001, "Cowboy" Bill Watts opened up a promotion in Detroit, Michigan after Jim Crockett Promotions out of the Mid-Atlantic region closed down, and Watts was no longer part of a booking team. With the National Wrestling Alliance's approval, Watts opened up the NWA: Detroit, Michigan branch. And at about the same time NWA:DM opened, so did Strong Style of the NWA.

The two promotions, based in the Great Lakes region, competed with their similar styles. The NWA: Strong Style promotion was based on the stiff wrestling of the Japanese promotions while NWA: Detroit Michigan was based on the stiff ass-kicking style Michigan fans were used to thanks to their legendary hero, Edward "The Sheik" Farhat.

Of course invading the Sheik's territory didn't come at a price. Watts had to work out a deal with the late Farhat in which Farhat would help with the NWA: DM promotion as well as get a cut from the profits. But it was well worth it for Watts as he gained instant credibility for his promotion.

A Year by Year History for the NWA: Detroit Michigan Promotion


The Promotion opened and was quickly accepted by the NWA banner. The NWA Michigan Heavyweight title was created and a tournament was held at the first NWA: Detroit Michigan Event. Featuring stars such as Sabu, Rob Van Dam, The Sheik, Erik Watts, Rhyno and Scott Steiner. But none of the seven mentioned won it, but the man who boosted NWA: Detroit Michigan up the NWA ladder, Kurt Angle. The 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist has been being recruited by the National Wrestling Alliance, and refused to sign with any of them.

The tournament, held at Genesis I in April of 2001, saw why Bill Watts was restricted in Jim Crockett Promotions, as he was pushed into the main event against Kurt Angle, nearly reinjuring Kurt Angle's neck on a badly done piledriver.

This incited a real-life hatred relationship between Erik Watts and Kurt Angle. Angle used his Veto power whenever Bill Watts tried to put Watts and Angle in main event matches. And in September, Angle finally lost the Michigan Heavyweight Title to Detroit native Rob Van Dam at the controversially named, Ground Zero. Rob Van Dam, being the fan favorite he was, held the title till the end of 2001 while Kurt Angle, the promotion's top heel, went to NWA: Texas until 2004.


The year started off with January's Battle for Detroit, which saw the first annual Detroit Battle Royal, which also decided the NWA Detroit City Champion. Featuring tons of people from around the NWA promotions, including NWA: Canadian Stampede's Adam "Edge" Copeland, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels from NWA: Strong Style, NWA: East Coast's Sean Waltman and various others. But was anyone who knew the backstage politics in Detroit surprised when Erik Watts came out on top? Being forced down the fans' throats, he was getting more hated by the day. Maybe even taking Angle's spot as most hated heel in the Detroit area. Erik Watts held the title for most of the year until losing at Ground Zero [september] to the Man-Beast, Rhyno.

2002 turned out to be the year of Rob Van Dam, taking on all comers including NWA: Hardcore City's Sandman at Genesis II [April], Ken Shamrock at Ground Zero [september], John Bradshaw of Texas at November's Deception.


Rob Van Dam’s 16 month reign as Michigan Heavyweight Champion ended at January’s Brawl for Detroit when he fought Erik Watts for the title. But the surprising part is: Erik Watts wasn’t originally supposed to go over. But what Scott Keith would call as the Detroit Rock City Screwjob, Van Dam was dropped on his head on the concrete, after Watts “mis-hit” a back body drop over the top rope. The second neck injury Watts caused, the National Wrestling Alliance immediately looked into Bill Watts’ booking and Erik Watts. With Rob Van Dam shelffed for the rest of 2003 and into 2004. With the top face out, and Erik Watts getting the nickname “The Career Killa” no one wanted to face Watts in a match. Watts made the Heavyweight title a joke by defeating people like Steve Lombardi and Barry Horowitz. The only two men who would face Watts were NWA: Texas’ Kurt Angle, who couldn’t leave the Texas Promotion due to a contract agreement, and Sabu. But the National Wrestling Alliance refused to sanction the match due to the neck injuries Watts has been giving and because of what Benoit did to Sabu at a Canadian Stampede event a few years ago.

Then Angle did the unthinkable. He quit Dusty Rhodes’ Texas Promotion and challenged Erik Watts to a shoot fight. And the Career Killa brought his stiff style, and for the first time in his career, Angle was being cheered. Angle and Watts fought for nearly 43 minutes in an unsanctioned NWA: Michigan Heavyweight Shootfight Title match, and Angle finally won after locking on an Ankle Lock. Nearly snapping the ankle of Watts while locking it in, Angle became a two time Michigan Heavyweight Champion, at Hell on Earth. [June, Hell, Michigan] Angle held onto the title till Deception [November] when he lost it to Sabu. Sabu then held on it to it till well into 2004.

Meanwhile the Detroit City Championship was traded back and forth between Rhyno, One Man Gang, Ahmed Johnson and Buff Bagwell, with Bagwell coming out on top at Chaotic Christmas.


A fued of respect and pride happened in 2004, when at March’s No Remorse, Rob Van Dam returned to take on his tag partner, Sabu for the Michigan Heavyweight Championship. The match was put on, nearly over a year after their mentor’s death: Edward “The Sheik” Farhat. The Detroit crowd loved every moment of this match, even referee Bill Alfonso’s annoying whistling as he guest refereed the match and ended with the first title change of 2004, with Rob Van Dam capturing his second Michigan Heavyweight Championship.

This celebration was short lived though as Rob Van Dam was immediately challenged by another Michigan Native, Rhyno. The same man who defeated Erik Watts, Rhyno defeated Rob Van Dam with ease at May’s End of Days. It looked as if no one could defeat Rhyno until one man stepped up to the challenge, Kurt Angle.

But Kurt Angle wouldn’t get the chance until late 2004 because the early part of 2004 saw Kurt Angle fued with his own brother, Eric Angle. Which saw the two men fued from Battle for Detroit [January], when Eric made a surprise debut, eliminating Kurt from the Battle for Detroit battle royal, till September’s Ground Zero in a battle of the Angles, which saw Kurt come out on top. Then at November’s Deception, Kurt became a three time Michigan Heavyweight Champion defeating Rhyno, and still holds the championship.

But what is a complete year without the mention of Erik Watts? Despite getting embarrassed by Kurt Angle in 2003, Watts’ father still held power in his own promotion despite the offers coming from the NWA to let the board take the promotion. But Bill Watts, despite the NWA’s refusal to recognize Erik Watts and any championship he held under the NWA Banner, gave the Detroit City championship to Erik Watts in a controversial matter when Watts defeated Shane Helms of NWA: Athletic Arts, who defeated Bagwell. Despite the agreements by the two promotions in which Helms would go over, the Watts family screwed Athletic Arts when Watts shooted the fight, and won within two minutes at Chaotic Christmas in December. Then the NWA v. Watts war began. Bill Watts was no longer recognized as the Head Booker of the NWA: Detroit Michigan promotion and the NWA put in a puppet regime. But the NWA didn’t realize that the puppet regime were loyal to Bill Watts…

The NWA: Michigan Heavyweight Championship

user posted image

Current Holder: Kurt Angle

Top Contenders

1.) Sabu

2.) Rob Van Dam

3.) Rhyno

4.) Scott Steiner

5.) Eric Angle

The Detroit City Championship

user posted image

Current Holder: Erik Watts

Top Contenders

1.) Tank Abbott

2.) Mark Henry

3.) Nathan Jones

4.) CW Anderson

5.) Monty Brown

The Roster

Abyss – Face

Ahmed Johnson – Face

Bill Alfonso – Face Manager of Rob Van Dam and Sabu

CW Anderson – Heel Bodyguard of Eric Watts

Eric Angle – Heel

Erik Watts – Heel

Jazz – Heel

Kevin Northcutt – Heel

Kurt Angle – Face

Mark Henry – Face

Monty Brown – Face

Nathan Jones – Heel

One Man Gang – Heel

Rhyno – Heel

Rick Steiner – Heel

Road Warrior Animal – Face

Rob Van Dam – Face

Rodney Mack – Heel

“H2O” Ron Waterman – Heel

Sabu – Face

Scott Steiner – Heel

Tank Abbott - Tweener

Tag Teams

KroniK [brian Adams and Bryan Clarke] – Heel

The Harris Brothers [Ron and Don Harris] – Tweener

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Guest concretedog

The Brawl for Detroit

Preview from NWADetroitMichigan.com

The fourth annual Brawl for Detroit is on it's way folks and we here at NWADetroitMichigan.com can guarantee that we will have the biggest stars from around the NWA here!

The 20 Man Battle for Detroit Rumble will feature the following members from the following promotions:

NWA: Detroit Michigan


Ahmed Johnson

Buff Bagwell

CW Anderson

Eric Angle

Kevin Northcutt

Mark Henry

Monty Brown

Nathan Jones

One Man Gang


Rick Steiner

Road Warrior Animal

Rob Van Dam

Rodney Mack

Ron Waterman

Tank Abbott

NWA: Canadian Stampede

TJ Wilson

NWA: East Coast

Chuck Palumbo

NWA: Hardcore City

Rob Van Dam


NWA: Hawaii


Plus, a special interpromotional match up for the Michigan Heavyweight Championship in which we will see NWA: Strong Style's Dan "The Beast" Severn take on the Champion, Kurt Angle!

In an international battle, the Japanese's Ultimo Dragon will take on the Detroit City Champion, Erik Watts!

And to open the whole show up? Special tag team action as KroniK takes on The Harris Brothers!

All this, and much, much more at the Battle for Detroit, live from Detroit, Michigan!

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Guest concretedog

Saw something similar to this in another NWA diary, liked it and am going to use it. Credit to whoever did it.

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NWA: Detroit Michigan News


1/1/05 - Tank Abbott has left the NWA: Detroit Michigan promotion to work for Dusty Rhodes in Texas.

1/1/05 - Rhyno has also left the promotion to work for rivals Strong Style in Ohio.

1/2/05 - Roadkill and Danny Doring of Hardcore City have agreed to work at the Brawl for Detroit to replace Rhyno and Tank Abbott in the Battle Royal as well as the special tag team match, making it a three way as Doring and Roadkill take on KroniK and the Harris Brothers.

1/3/05 - NWA President Ernie Todd has given a press conference about the ownerless NWA: Detroit Michigan. Todd said the NWA would put funds into the Detroit Michigan area until someone financially took over.

1/3/05 - Khosrow Daivari is said to have signed on with the Detroit Michigan, exclusively. The youngster is one of the most promising stars in the NWA, but seems to stick out in the Michigan region which is consisted of hard hitters and big men. The closest members of the NWA: DM, in terms of size are referee Bill Alfonso and Jazz.

1/4/05 - Sad news has fallen upon the Detroit Michigan promotion on this day. Fan favorite Rob Van Dam has been said to have taken the way of Rhyno, and has an exclusive contract with the NWA: East Coast promotion. Rob Van Dam will be missed, and taken his place in the battle royal is newly signed Khosrow Daivari.

1/7/05 - The NWA Board of Directors has assigned a Director of Authority for the NWA: Detroit Michigan promotion. The man is none other Theodore Long, former referee in the East Coast and Texas Promotions, and was at one point commissioner of the Los Angeles promotion.

1/13/05 - NWA: Detroit Michigan Director of Authority, Theodore Long, has announced that this year's Battle for Detroit Rumble Winner will be given the number one contendership for the NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship, the winner receiving the shot at Frostbite in February.

1/15/05 - The final card as well as the Battle for Detroit posters have been released to the media. Both are available on this website.

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Battle for Detroit

Live from Detroit, Michigan. January 16, 2005.

The Main Event

The Twenty Man "Battle for Detroit" Rumble - Winner Recieves Number One Contendership for the NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship.



Ahmed Johnson

Buff Bagwell

CW Anderson

Eric Angle

Kevin Northcutt

Mark Henry

Monty Brown

Nathan Jones

One Man Gang

Rick Steiner

Road Warrior Animal

Khosrow Daivari

Rodney Mack

Ron Waterman

Danny Doring


TJ Wilson

Chuck Palumbo


The NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle © vs. "The Beast" Dan Severn

Detroit City Championship Match

Erik Watts © vs. Ultimo Dragon

Special Tag Team Match

KroniK [brian Adams and Bryan Clarke] vs. The Harris Brothers [Don and Ron Harris] vs. Danny Doring and Roadkill

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Guest Florida Cub

Not like it's any of my business (believe me, it isn't), but I think it'd be a good idea to ask whoever had that banner in their thread if you could use it, rather than just taking it without their permission (maybe you didn't do that, I'm just offering friendly advice in case you did).

On a different note, this diary looks to be more promising than your last endeavor. You're working with wrestlers you know; wrestlers you're more familiar with and an era of wrestling you've been around to experience. That's a vast improvement from what you tried to do previously in that retro WWF diary. Write of what you know; I'm glad to see you doing that here. I'll be reading.

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This diary looks very promising, I like what you're doing with it so far, once the shows get going I'll be able to most more feedback that worth reading, but good luck with this.

on a side not the banners were incuded with the scenario, so if you posted that online yourself and not running off of someone else's storage space there's nothing wrong with using the banner. again good luck

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Not like it's any of my business (believe me, it isn't), but I think it'd be a good idea to ask whoever had that banner in their thread if you could use it, rather than just taking it without their permission (maybe you didn't do that, I'm just offering friendly advice in case you did).

On a different note, this diary looks to be more promising than your last endeavor. You're working with wrestlers you know; wrestlers you're more familiar with and an era of wrestling you've been around to experience. That's a vast improvement from what you tried to do previously in that retro WWF diary. Write of what you know; I'm glad to see you doing that here. I'll be reading.

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Guest concretedog

The Main NWA: Detroit Michigan graphics came from the scenario. :thumbsup:

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Battle for Detroit

Live from Detroit, Michigan. January 16, 2005.

Report by Ron Allen written exclusively for GrappleFanatics.net

The show opens up with announcers, Jeremy Borash and Larry Rivera, in the ring, running down the card. The fact that Borash and Rivera take seats at an announcer's table suggests that the show will be most likely released on DVD/VHS.

Danny Doring and Roadkill v. The Harris Brothers [Don and Ron Harris] v. KroniK [brian Adams and Bryan Clark]

The show begins with some tag action, and the bringing in of Doring and Roadkill seems to prove the rumours going around the internet. A Tag Division seems to be building up for the near future. Fun little fact: All three teams have held the NWA World Tag Team Titles in their career, with Doring and Roadkill losing them in November to Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

So the match started off with all three teams brawling, and it seemed junior referee Andy Coyne couldn't keep control over the three teams. Doring and Roadkill, of the NWA: Hardcore City promotion, finally went to their corner, leaving the Harris Brothers and KroniK to brawl. Finally referee Coyne settled things down when he forced Bryan Clark and Don Harris to their corners. Ron Harris and Brian Adams brawled for a bit, until Adams and Clark trapped the Ron Harris in their corner, and made the quick tags to wear him down.

After a few minutes of the quick tags, Ron Harris finally hit a huge clothesline on Bryan Clark, and got the hot tag to Don Harris. Don Harris came in hot, knocking out both members of KroniK, but Ron thought he could take out Doring and Roadkill, and this proved to be Harris' mistake when he got hit with the Full Nelson Bomb by Brian Adams, followed by a pin leaving KroniK and Doring and Roadkill.

Roadkill started out against Clark, and seeing as he and Doring weren't involved in the match, it proved for once that Roadkill was smart by saving his energy while the other teams fought. Roadkill eventually played the face-in-peril, but got the hot tag to Doring who took out both members of KroniK and hit the Mamma Jamma Legdrop on Brian Adams for the win.

Winners: Doring and Roadkill

Rating: *1/4

As the four men headed to the back, out came the NWA Michigan Heavyweight champion, Kurt Angle to the biggest pop of the night. Angle got in the ring and it was obvious Angle wasn't dressed to wrestle, wearing a suit, but he did have his championship and Gold medals. Angle called for a microphone and received one.

Kurt Angle Detroit, Michigan! It is I, your three-time NWA Michigan Heavyweight Champion, a former Olympic Gold Medalist, a four-time NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion, a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion! And who do I get booked against? Dan freakin' Severn! The So-Called Beast, yet how many championships has this man held? Did Severn ever capture a World title? How about an... Olympic Gold Medal? No! The only thing Severn did was lose to Ken Shamrock in some bush league owned by Al Snow. Some accomplishments that is.

A mixed crowd reaction towards Angle, as he continues.

Angle Dan Severn claims to be a top-tier technical wrestler. He claims that tonight, he will make me lose this Heavyweight Championship. He claims that tonight, he will finish the job Erik Watts did in 2001. He says he's going to end my career, and become the new Michigan Heavyweight Champion. And when I heard this, I couldn't help but laugh. Severn couldn't beat Erik Watts, and nearly everyone can beat him. And tonight Severn, as long as I am still breathing, as long as my heart is still pumping, You Will Tap.

The crowd cheers when they hear Angle's catchphrase, as his music starts up again. Angle holds up the Michigan Heavyweight Championship as he heads to the back.

When Angle finally arrived in the back, "Walk" by Pantera hit over the P.A. system and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Out from the back though, came the Detroit City Champion, Erik Watts. The cheers turned into loud boos as Watts came out pointing to himself, mimicking Rob Van Dam. Watts even had on Van Dam's signature "Whole Fuckin Show" T-Shirt, and it looked like his spandex. Watts climbed into the ring, climbed on the turnbuckles and said "Er-Ik Watts" while pointing. Watts jumps off the turnbuckle and grabs the microphone Angle left.

Erik Watts Ladies and Gentlemen, the Whole Fuckin' Show, Mister Sunday Night, The Michigan Machine, the youngest NWA Michigan Heavyweight Champion in the history of the NWA, Erik Watts!

The crowd instantly boos Watts as he continues.

Watts What? What's wrong? Hate the truth? Does the crowd hate to know the truth of their hero turning their back? That's right, you fat Detroit slobs, Rob Van Dam sold out! He packed his bags and went to Texas. He went to Texas because of me! Not you fat idiots, working on your cars. Rob Van Dam went to Texas with that fat slob Dusty Rhodes. But that's okay, because now you people can see who Rob stole everything off of. Who he stole all of his moves, because tonight you get to see Erik Watts beat down Japs and defend your Detroit City Championship! Now bring out my opponent.

Watts throws the microphone out of the ring as Ultimo Dragon comes out. The crowd gives him a few cheers as the former NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion makes his way out.

Detroit City Championship Match

Ultimo Dragon vs. Erik Watts ©

It was pretty obvious to Michigan fans that Erik Watts was going to win. Being a foot taller, and outweighing Ultimo by 100 pounds, the odds were against Ultimo. And this was sadly, a squash match. Watts kept taunting the crowd and Ultimo, as Watts tossed around Ultimo a few times before finishing him off with the Watts Piledriver [Cradle Piledriver].

Rating DUD

Erik Watts continues to taunt the fans as he heads to the back. Ultimo really sells the Watts Piledriver, as medics come out. As medics bring Ultimo to the back, a middle eastern type of music hits over the P.A. system as out from the back comes a man not known to many people, who don't follow NWA: Los Angeles or Hawaii. Those who do follow the mentioned promotions do know this is none other then Khosrow Daivari. Daivari happens to wearing a suit with the traditional Arabic head dress, which gets some heat. Daivari gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

Daivari Hello American Citizens. My name is Khosrow Daivari. The NWA Board of Directors have sent me out here to Detroit to basically get battered and beaten. In Hawaii and Los Angeles, I was causing trouble. I was protesting the American government and you American people for the treatment of Arabs and Muslims here in America. You see, a long time ago when I was a teenager I was brought here to America by my parents. I knew English because they started teaching it in Syria, and I had to translate everything for my parents. And people mocked me! People like you [Daivari points to the crowd] mocked me! Why did you mock me? Because I spoke different from you people. I spoke a foreign language. Foreign to you people, because you didn't know how to speak it! You didn't learn like my parents learned to speak your language. Like I did, in Syria! And starting tonight, the NWA will feel the force of Khosrow Daivari.

Daivari does the Arabic Cut-Throat sign, made famous by the Sheik as he leaves the ring. As he gets to the back, Dan Severn comes out to no music, as if to single the first part of the main event.

NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle © vs. Dan Severn

The first part of the main event wasn't exactly Angle's best match, but it definately wasn't his worse. Severn, despite being 52, still had it in him though to trade blows with Angle. The match started out as a slugfest, which is Detroit Michigan's style. The two men really traded blows, back and forth.

As the match went on, the match really broke down into the technical fest it was supposed to be. As each man grappled and counter-grappled, it showed why Angle is who he is. Again though, it was a slow paced match. It seemed the NWA wanted to make sure Angle didn't mess up his neck, as not too many highspots were involved.

The End of the match came at around 16:32, when Severn foolishly turned his back on Angle to taunt the crowd but Angle snuck up behind and hit the dreaded Olympic Slam, and then Angle locked in his Ankle Lock and Severn, despite fighting it, tapped out. Angle let go of the Ankle and celebrated the win. But instead of heading to the back, Angle helped up Severn and the two shook hands. Severn then headed to the back while Angle went to the announce table, to join in on the announcing I believe.

Rating ***

The 20 Man Battle for Detroit Battle Royal

Participants: Abyss, Ahmed Johnson, Buff Bagwell, CW Anderson, Eric Angle, Kevin Northcutt, Mark Henry, Monty Brown, Nathan Jones, One Man Gang, Rick Steiner, Road Warrior Animal, Khosrow Daivari, Rodney Mack, Ron Waterman, Danny Doring, Roadkill, TJ Wilson, Chuck Palumbo, Ekmo

All twenty men came out, and almost immediately a pier six brawl happened. And almost immediately, an elimination happened when the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry, tossed Canadian Stampede's TJ Wilson over the top rope. [Elimination 1] And the next two eliminations came when the tag team of Doring and Roadkill was clotheslined over the top rope by Chuck Palumbo, simutaneously. [Eliminations 2 and 3] Newcomer Khosrow Daivari tried to brawl with Monty Brown, but got tossed over for his trouble. [Elimination 4]

The match finally seperated with 16 men left. I believe Mark Henry was the biggest man in the ring, and Rodney Mack seemed to know this as he charged at Henry, only to get back body dropped over the top rope. [Elimination 5] Henry now had two eliminations, along with Chuck Palumbo and Monty Brown had one. Again, various people ganged up on Henry, including Eric Angle and Chuck Palumbo.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring Kevin Northcutt and Abyss were trading blows. But it seemed whatever Northcutt threw, Abyss took and gave it right back. Northcutt attempted a running clothesline, but Abyss ducked it and Northcutt ran right over the top rope. [Elimination 6] Meanwhile, an old favorite of the Detroit scene, One Man Gang, was trying to take on the Enforcer, CW Anderson, but the younger Anderson proved to be too much for OMG, has Anderson hit a huge spinebuster, and proceeded to toss One Man Gang over the top. [Elimination 7]

Former tag rivals, Road Warrior Animal and Rick Steiner, were seen taking each other on. The Dog Face Gremlin had a little friend called the brass knux, which he used to stun Animal followed by a quick toss over the top rope. [Elimination 8]

Eric Angle tried to repeat his sucess at last year's Battle for Detroit, in which he won as he tried to eliminate Mark Henry with Chuck Palumbo, but Henry picked up both men with massive chokeslams, and chokeslammed both men out of the ring. [Eliminations 9 & 10]

Ron Waterman turned his attention to Abyss, and began brawling with him. The two men were extremely close to the ropes, but Abyss would not budge. Instead, the monster attempted to toss Waterman over the top, but couldn't. As Waterman held on, and Abyss reached over to grab him, Rick Steiner came up from behind and eliminated Abyss and Waterman! [Eliminations 11 & 12]

The Man from Down Under, Nathan Jones, and Ekmo the Islander, seemed to have been brawling the whole match, when finally Jones hit a huge clothesline, to eliminate Ekmo. Ahmed Johnson tried to sneak up on Jones, but Jones also eliminated him with an amazing suplex. Jones celebrated his victory, but it was short lived as Ahmed argued with Jones. This distracted Jones enough for Buff Bagwell to sneak up and eliminated Jones, to boos from the crowd. Buff Bagwell did that stupid dance he did, but Nathan Jones didn't go away easily as he climbed right back in and grabbed Bagwell and tossed him over the top, as the crowd went insane cheering for the Australian. [Eliminations 13, 14, 15 & 16]

There were now four men left: Mark Henry, CW Anderson, Monty Brown and Rick Steiner. Henry and Anderson were brawling with each other when the New England Patriots Linebacker, Monty Brown, attacked both of them. Anderson was tossed over the top, and Henry followed suit to the surprise of the crowd. Brown let out a scream as he looked at Rick Steiner.

Monty Brown ran at Rick Steiner, and did his flying tackle. Rick Steiner got up, only to get hit again. Monty Brown was ready to hit it again when the lights in the arena went out. On the Jumbo-Tron, a man's face was shown. The man spoke.

Man You're past, present and future is in my hands Monty...

The Jumbo-Tron faded out and the lights went back on to show Monty at the ropes looking extremely confused. A mistake to turn his back on Rick Steiner, when Steiner delivered a huge lariat to Brown's head. Brown went over the top rope, as the bell rang. Rick Steiner is the number one contender...

The crowd booed insanely as Rick Steiner held his arms up. Kurt Angle got up from the Announcer's table and the two men stared each other down as the show ended.

Rating 1/4*

Final Eliminations Order:

Elimination # - Wrestler - Eliminated By

1.) TJ Wilson - Mark Henry

2.) Danny Doring - Chuck Palumbo

3.) Roadkill - Chuck Palumbo

4.) Khosrow Daivari - Monty Brown

5.) Rodney Mack - Mark Henry

6.) Kevin Northcutt - Abyss

7.) One Man Gang - CW Anderson

8.) Road Warrior Animal - Rick Steiner

9.) Eric Angle - Mark Henry

10.) Chuck Palumbo - Mark Henry

11.) Ron Waterman - Rick Steiner

12.) Abyss - Rick Steiner

13.) Ekmo - Nathan Jones

14.) Ahmed Johnson - Nathan Jones

15.) Nathan Jones - Buff Bagwell

16.) Buff Bagwell - Nathan Jones

17.) Mark Henry - Monty Brown

18.) CW Anderson - Monty Brown

19.) Monty Brown - Rick Steiner

Final Verdict

All in all: It was an okay show. If you're a Michigan fan, it's worth checking out, and if you want to see a great Angle interview as well as Daivari's interview, it's worth. But the Battle Royal and the Erik Watts match really kills it, as well as the first half of the Tag Match. No Sabu is disappointing though. Overall: I'd give it a 6.8/10. Recommended for the Interviews and Angle's match, although as said it isn't too spectacular.

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Guest concretedog

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan Headlines:

Battle for Detroit News and Notes, Injuries, Retirement?

The fallout from NWA: Detroit Michigan's Battle for Detroit is here on GrappleFanatics.net. We have the answers that everyone was asking from our inside sources at the NWA.

As everyone saw, Sabu was not at the event. The reason is that Sabu has retired due to injuries. Yes I am talking about the maniac who went through flaming tables in Hardcore City, and the same guy who dove off the the Scaffolding during his Scaffold match with Shane Douglas in 2002 at Genesis 2 in Lansing. Sabu is retiring due to neck injuries, which were reaggrivated at September's Ground Zero.

In other news: Scott Steiner was backstage at the Battle for Detroit event. But he did not compete, as he was finishing up his contract obligations with Detroit, before he headed to Texas. Plans were for a Scott Steiner/Kurt Angle fued, which would start after Steiner won the Battle for Detroit, but it seems they've given Rick Steiner the reigns instead.

Injuries galore at last night's Battle for Detroit. Among the injury list was Eric Angle, who broke his nose, Ultimo Dragon with a seperated vertebre in his back and Danny Doring, who landed on his leg wrong. Doctors checked Angle and Doring out, and both are cleared to wrestle at next month's Frostbite, but Dragon won't be able to step in any ring at least for a year.

Also backstage at the event was Mark Magnus, Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes. All three members are looked to form a stable together it seems. Magnus may be repackaged as a Cuban, as he does have the look. The reaction backstage of Khosrow Daivari was classic. The throat cut came off as heelish as possible. It seems Daivari may be working with Sabu backstage to learn a similar style. Finally: Chuck Palumbo was said to have pleased officials for the NWA: Detroit, Michigan promotion. It seems he will be working with DM and East Coast, on a double duty.

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Guest concretedog

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan News


1/16/05 - As everyone knows, Battle for Detroit was a success. We here at NWADetroitMichigan.com would like to thank the 716 fans that came to the event, as well as congratulate Rick Steiner for winning the Battle for Detroit and number one contendership.

1/17/05 - That's right folks, it's official: Chuck Palumbo has signed with Detroit Michigan. After reviewing his performance he was signed to a permanent contract.

1/20/05 - The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry was sidelines with Ankle Injury. He seemed to have slipped on ice in Detroit.

1/23/05 - The Havana Pitbulls and Mike Magnus were signed today to the Detroit Michigan promotion. The Pitbulls are to add on to the Tag Team division, while it is uncertain what Magnus will be doing.

1/25/05 - Frank Reed has taken over financial duties for NWA: Detroit Michigan. As a result, the NWA is pulling it's finances out of D.M. NWA President Ernie Todd is said to be happy with the transition.

1/28/05 - The official Frostbite poster has been released at stores, and snapshot of it can be found here! It seems that Rick Steiner and Kurt Angle may be headlining the event, but it's just rumors. Rick Steiner does not have to take his title shot at this point in time.

2/1/05 - Surprising news: a new promotion has opened up in memory of Jim Cornette's old Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the Smokey Mountain Wrestling: Rebirth has opened.

2/1/05 - Birthdays of January: Jazz, Animal and C.W. Anderson. Happy birthday everyone!

2/7/05 - Remember that Smokey Mountain Wrestling: Rebirth promotion? Well none other then Jacques Rougeau Jr. took over it.

2/14/05 - Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Today the NWA: Detroit Michigan held a press conference over the Frostbite event. And much to everyone's surprise, Rick Steiner said he would not be fighting Kurt at Frostbite. NWA: DM owner, Frank Reed questioned why, and Rick Steiner said how Kurt hasn't proved he's a fighting champion, and Rick wanted to give him a challenge. Rick proposed that Kurt Angle fight Mike Awesome, better known as the former Hardcore City Champion and the current NWA United States Champion. Angle accepted if Rick Steiner fought an opponent of Angle's choice: Perry Saturn. Frank Reed accepted both men's challenges as Rick Steiner looked furious at the words Perry Saturn mentioned.

2/15/05 - Buff Bagwell has been released by NWA: Detroit Michigan after checking into rehab for Cocaine use.

2/22/05 - Road Warrior Animal has left the NWA: Detroit Michigan promotion, and has signed with NWA: Strong Style in Ohio.

2/26/05 - Bryan Clarke reportedly snapped his ankle earlier today while working out. He will be sidelines until April.

2/26/05 - The official card for NWA: Detroit Michigan's Frostbite is now on the website and can be viewed. Come to Kalamazoo, Michigan tomorrow for the fourth annual Frostbite!

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Frostbite

Live from Kalamazoo, Michigan. February 27, 2005.

user posted image

The Main Event

NWA Detroit Michigan Standard Rules Match

Kurt Angle vs. Mike "Gladiator" Awesome

The match, suggested by Rick Steiner, could be Angle's toughest competition. The most agile, big man, in wrestling today, Awesome has beaten the best and is the NWA United States Champion. Angle though is a former NWA World Champion and an Gold Medalist.

user posted image

NWA No Rules Match

Rick Steiner vs. Perry Saturn

The first part of the main event, Rick Steiner is going to be taking on arch-nemesis Perry Saturn. Saturn and Steiner have pure hatred like no other, and NWA President Ernie Todd has made this a No Rules match, which means anything can and will happen.

user posted image

Detroit City Championship Match

Erik Watts © vs. Monty Brown

Theodore Long thought that Monty Brown deserved a Detroit City title shot, especially since he almost won the Battle for Detroit Battle Royal. But will the mystery man appear again? And if he does, will he reveal himself? The edge has to go to Watts.

user posted image

Tag Team Match

Doring and Roadkill vs. The Havana Pitbulls [Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes]

The former NWA Tag Champs look to introduce the Havana Pitbulls to the NWA in this opening match.

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Guest concretedog

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Frostbite

Live from Kalamazoo, Michigan. February 27, 2005.

Report by Ron Allen written exclusively for GrappleFanatics.net

Danny Doring and Roadkill vs The Havana Pitbulls [Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero]

Once again the opening match was a tag team, this time with two talented tag teams, unlike last month which only had one. This basically confirms that tag team titles will be allowed to the Detroit Michigan promotion. As long as Erik Watts doesn't somehow win them, they'll be NWA Sanctioned.

Doring and Romero started the match with various technical holds. Very fine showcase going on here as Doring and Romero traded moves, until Romero hit a brutal German Suplex, which was surprising from the smaller Romero. Once the German was hit, Doring played a Face-In-Peril. Romero and Reyes looked very sharp here, and Reyes seemed to know the brawling style of Detroit Michigan but it was obvious that the Havana Pitbulls were a technical based team.

At 11:25, it seemed Reyes had Doring in position to finish him off with a huge Brainbuster, when Roadkill suddenly screamed out "CHICKENS!" Reyes knees buckled and Doring fell on top of him, but couldn't stay on top for a two. Both men were down, and referee Yashushi Kanda began a ten count, and at six Roadkill and Romero were tagged in. Roadkill took out Romero with a clothesline, and tossed Reyes over the top rope. Romero and Roadkill began brawling, but Roadkill had the experience advantage and recieved the upper hand. After hitting a DDT, Roadkill was ready to hit the Amish Splash when a man jumped the railing and got into the ring. Before anyone could react, the man hit a Modified STO as referee Kanda called for the bell on account of DQ. Reyes got into the ring and hit Doring with a forearm before he could get into the ring. The crowd booed the three men as they held their arms up. The three men headed to the back as the Jumbo-Tron lit up.

Rating ***

The Jumbo-Tron lit up and on it was Theodore Long, in his office. A few members of the crowd cheered as Long sat at his desk doing paperwork. Suddenly a door flew open and in stepped Khosrow Daivari, to a few boos. Long looked up from his paperwork and Khosrow stepped right up to the desk.

Daivari You! It was you who didn't put me in a match tonight, because I am from Syria! It was your ide-

Long Whoa. Let me holla at ya, playa. First, you come barging in my office without knockin', and now you claim that I didn't book ya because I'm not down with ya culture?

Daivari Yes. And as a fellow minority I am shocked at yo-

Long Well ya wrong, playa! I actually do have a match for ya. You, my fast-speaking Syrian friend will be taking on the man who's a thug and he knows how to holla, my man: Ahmed Johnson.

The crowd gives a mild cheer as Daivari looks furious.

Daivari What?! You tell me this now, when everyone knew of their ma-

Long I'm not finished, my camel riding homie. Whoever loses the match will be fired from the NWA. And the match is...

Long looks at his watch.

Long In exactly one minute. Holla, Holla, Holla!

Daivari looks furious as he looks at Long. Long points to his watch and Daivari leaves the office. Long smiles as the JumboTron fades out. Ahmed Johnson is already in the ring as the Middle Eastern style of music plays and out from the back comes Khosrow Daivari, still wearing his suit. He takes off his sports coat and tie as he makes his way down to the ring.

Loser Leaves Town Match

Ahmed Johnson vs Khosrow Daivari

It seemed, for some people, this was nothing but a bathroom break. Last month was the first time Ahmed Johnson was in a match since early 2004/late 2003 and Daivari isn't Detroit Michigan style. The styles clash between the two men, was also painfully obvious.- Maybe Daivari will lose and head back to Hawaii or L.A. where he fits in more. Quick squash here though, where Johnson decimated Daivari until Daivari hit a low blow and cradled Ahmed up, for the cheap count. Daivari ran out of the ring awfully fast as Johnson stood there. Johnson kicked the ropes and headed backstage to cheers from the crowd.

Rating 1/2*

Detroit City Championship Match

Erik Watts © vs Monty Brown

The match started off with Brown chasing Watts in, out and around the ring. It seemed Watts didn't want to wrestle Brown and played the Cowardly Heel. I don't even think this match officially started. Watts tried to escape through the crowd, and Brown followed him as the fight turned into a good ol' fashion Pier Six Brawl.

The two were now brawling inside of a concession stand. A worker tried to serve a hotdog, but Brown grabbed it and shoved it inside of the Champion's mouth. After the crazy used of ketchup and mustard in the mouth and eyes of Watts, Brown brought him towards the ring again. Finally the match officially started.

This was looking to be a short official match, as Monty Brown had set up Watts for his signature Flying Shoulder Tackles, and hit one, when the lights went out again. Instead of the Jumbo-Tron lighting up though, "Feuer Frei" by Rammstein hits over the P.A. system. Some pyro explodes as the lights come back on. Monty Brown looks at the entrance ramp, but no one is there. Brown turns around, as the fans boo, and meets a steel chair from none other then Brian Lawler! Brown goes down like a sack of potatoes, and then Lawler goes over to Watts and hits him with the chair. Referee Andre Giannico calls for the bell, and a double disqualification. Lawler hits Brown a few more times, and calls for a microphone.

Rating *1/4 for a Good Brawl.

Brian Lawler recieves a microphone and looks at the crowd. The crowd continues booing Lawler as starts to talk.

Brian Lawler MONTY! Last month, last month at Battle for Detroit, you recieved a message and the message was simple. You're past.. you're present and your future are in his hands. And it all started tonight. He didn't want you to become Detroit City Champion... But he did want you to chase Erik Watts. Whether you know it or not Monty, you're fate is in his hands and if you think anything you can do will change it, think again...

Brian Lawler smiles at the fallen Brown, and then looks at Watts. Lawler leaves the ring and looks at timekeeper Wesley Jenkings. Lawler tells Jenkings to give him the belt, but Jenkings refuses. This causes Lawler to pretend to throw a punch, at which Jenkings falls out of his seat. Lawler grabs the Detroit City Championship.

NWA No Rules Match

Rick Steiner vs Perry Saturn

After a brief intermission, the show returned as Rick Steiner came out. As soon as Steiner hit the ring, Perry Saturn came out to cheers. He had with him a shopping cart full of weapons. He wheeled the cart down, and Steiner met him with punches. Saturn showed us where his roots were, and immediately crushed a cookie sheet over Steiner's head. Steiner responded to the sheet, with a No Parking sign and this quickly turned into a mixture of an NWA: Texas Hardcore Title Match, which are usually jokes, and a NWA: LA match.

It's not long until the shopping cart is emptied out, and Saturn is out on his feet. It was painfully obvious Steiner and Saturn were stiffing the hell out of each other. The match wasn't long though, as the end came when Steiner grabbed a 2X4 from the shopping cart and crushed it over Saturn's head. The 2X4 snapped in half and Saturn began bleeding. Rick picked up Saturn and then executed his Doggy Style [belly to Back] Suplex through the shopping cart. Steiner picked up the win, and proceeded to head into the ring as medics checked on Saturn.

Rating 3/4*

Rick Steiner Listen up! As all of you know, I just CRUSHED the opponent Angle assigned to me. And next, Kurt Angle will be crushed by Mike Awesome! And now I am requesting that Teddy Long get his ass out here so I can tell him when and where I will be fighting that crippled bastard.

Boos are heard all over the arena at Steiner's comment on Angle.

"Holla! Holla!"

Ja Rule's "Holla Holla", NWA Remix, begins to play as Theodore Long struts down the ramp. He gets into the ring and recieves a microphone. A few fans cheer for Long, as he speaks.

Theodore Long Hold on playa, let me holla at ya. You come out here, on MY show, and demand ME to come out to the ring... Hmm. Rick, there's something wrong with that picture.

Steiner Listen up Teddy, there will be something wrong with your back if you don't shut up and let me talk.

Long Threatening a member of the NWA with authority Rick? I think I may have to report you to the NWA. Now get on with ya announcement.

Steiner Long and Angle and you fat slobs in Flint, next month is the first ever Friday in Flint. And next month, you will see Rick Steiner become the NWA Michigan Heavyweight champion!

The crowd boos at Steiner's announcement, as Long looks at the crowd.

Long Well that's all fine playa. In fact, I think that's a great idea. Now I won't report you to the NWA suits.

Steiner smiles as Long continues.

Long Instead, I'll reward the fans. Next month, Friday in Flint, it will be Rick Steiner and Kurt Angle, in the first ever ladder match held here in NWA Detroit Michigan!

The crowd cheers louder as Steiner looks at Long. He says "You can't do this!"

Long And Rick, as you're brother used to say: Holla if ya Hear Me!

Long laughs as "Holla Holla" by Ja Rule begins to play once again. He leaves the ring, leaving one pissed off Rick Steiner. The Jumbo-Tron lit up as staff cleaned up the ringside area.

Two men are shown standing inside of a dark room. The only light comes from a candle. The chanting of monks are heard. The two men are also part of the chanting it seems. It's extremely hard to make out what they are saying, until the chanting starts. One of the men on the left looks into the camera.

Man on the Left Genesis I... The beginning of time.

Suddenly a shot of Kurt Angle being piledrived by Erik Watts which fades into Angle hitting his Olympic Slam. The words: Genesis appear on the screen. The scene returns to the room.

Man on the Right Genesis II... The birth of new stars.

A shot of Rob Van Dam hitting his Five Star Frogsplash on The Sandman. The words: Genesis II appear on the screen. The scene returns to the room.

Man on the Left Genesis III... The Alpha of a Reign.

Erik Watts holding the NWA Michigan Heavyweight title, while standing over Barry Horowitz is shown. The words: Genesis III appear on the screen. The scene returns to the room.

Man on the Right Genesis IV... The descent into heaven...

Road Warrior Animal is shown crying as he holds the NWA Tag Titles for the last time, alone after defeating the former champions: The Dudley Boyz. After the match, Animal gives both titles back to the Dudleyz, and all three men embrace in a hug. The words: Genesis IV appear on the screen. The scene returns to the room.

Man on the Left Genesis V.

Man on the RightStraight out of the second city of Jerusalem...

Man on the Left The two Saints will come to the NWA.

Both Men And our first target of filth is Detroit, Michigan.

The chanting begins again as the scene fades out.

Kurt Angle vs. Mike "Gladiator" Awesome

NWA: Hardcore City fans, guess what? "Awesome Bomb" by Harry Slash & The Slashtones was used for the NWA United States Champion's entrance music! Kurt Angle came out to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Red, White and Blue" which got a cheap pop. Much better then last month's match, this really showed Awesome's finest unlike his more recent matches, since becoming champion. [including his match against Chris Benoit. I hated that god-awful match.]

Angle and Awesome brawled alot to start out the match, which is perfectly fine in my book because that's what Awesome does best, and that's what Angle has become an expert at since joining the Detroit Michigan promotion. Not to plug up the match, but check out the original Genesis [available on DVD at NWADetroitMichigan.com] and buy one of the more recent shows in Detroit to notice how vastly Mister Angle has improved. Back to the match, Angle finally brought Awesome down to the mat, but it seemed like Angle was playing the heel here. Awesome who wrestled for the Sheik during the late days of NWA: Motor City is hugely popular, plus the stiff, brawling style of Awesome fits right in with the NWA: DM crowd and what they want. Of course, Angle turned the crowd back to his favor after displaying what the fans wanted with brutal shots to the face, busting Awesome's face up, and maybe even busting Awesome's nose. Awesome ignored the pain, and tossed Angle off of him.

Eventually, senior referee Andre Giannico soon lost control of the match as it spilled outside. Awesome really showed his Hardcore City experience here, using everything as a weapon from the ring post, to the announcer's table. Angle did show that he could mix it up though as countered a mean chair shot by Awesome with an Olympic Slam into the turnbuckle post. This slowed the match down a bit, as two men laid outside. Giannico has seemed to quit counting the twenty count by now as he tells both men to get in the ring. Angle is the first to get up and he picks up Awesome, and hits the Olympic Slam into the turnbuckle post, again. You could hear Jeremy Borash screaming throughout the arena: For the love of humanity Kurt, stop hitting Awesome against the pole! Pick the man up and pin him!" Angle smiles at the crowd, potraying his cockyness he showed early in his career. Angle entered into the ring and left again, to break the non-existant count. Angle then picked up Awesome and rolled him into the ring. Angle then went to pin Awesome. And despite the two Angle Slams, Awesome still kicked out. Angle slammed the mat, angrily, as he got up. Angle told Giannico that he was a slow counter, and to go back to kindergarten. Angle took off his straps, and jumped up and down, screaming for Awesome to get up. Awesome slowly got up, and Angle attempted another Olympic Slam, but Awesome slipped behind Angle. Angle turned around to recieve what looked like a Red Mist into Angle's face and Angle screamed and started to writhe in pain. The crowd once again got 100 percent behind Angle as Awesome spit the mist into the air, followed by sticking out his tongue. Awesome then looked out of the ring at the Announcer's table. Awesome picked up Angle and gave him a huge forearm to his spine. With Angle out of wind, Awesome brought him closer toe the ropes and the announcer's table, and lifted him up in an Awesome Bomb position. Again, Jeremy Borash can be heard screaming "NO! The man's Spine is Weak! Not an Awesome Bomb!" As if Awesome heard Borash, and he probably did seeing as everyone else in the arena did, Awesome hit the Awesome Bomb, over the top rope and through the table. The crowd went absolutely ballistic with boos, cheers and "Holy Shit" chants. Senior referee Giannico called for the bell, disqualifying Awesome.

Awesome proceeded to lariat the shit out of Giannico, and looked down on him. Awesome once again spit red mist into the air, as the show ended.

Rating ***1/4

Final Verdict

Another Detroit Michigan show with some high and some low points. Khosrow Daivari's segment with Long, the Tag Match and the Main Event are all things to watch for on this show, when it comes out for DVD. Lawler is semi-entertaining, but nothing to thrilling. The brawls between Watts/Brown and Steiner/Saturn aren't anything thrilling, and the Long/Steiner segment is meh. Same rating as last time, 6.8/10 and get it if you're a DM fan or an Angle fan, or just want to watch something good.

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Guest concretedog

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan Headlines:

Frostbite News and Notes

Mike Awesome and Kurt Angle's match definately lived up to it's hype. The Red Mist, which according to myth burns the opponent, and was actually surprising that Awesome used it on Angle. The bump at the end of the match has said to have given Kurt a few back spasms, but nothing major according to our sources.

Perry Saturn has released on his website [PerrySaturn.com] that he enjoyed working with the NWA: Detroit Michigan staff, but Rick Steiner was a complete ***hole, and until he's gone from Detroit, Saturn may never return to the territory.

The mysterious video played between the main events was both a hype video for the tag team, and a hype video for Genesis V. Detroit Michigan were thinking of putting Genesis V on Pay Per View, but at this point the costs look to be too much for the promotion.

The mysterious man who is stalking Monty Brown isn't Brian Christopher like our sources on the forum said, and as we saw last night. Rumour has it Kevin "Se7en" Fertig, Charles Wright and Brian Lee are all being rumoured to play the role as the stalker. We here at GrappleFanatics do not support the actions of the NWA and the Papa Shango gimmick.

In contract rumours: Mike Awesome has supposedly signed an extension, similar to Chuck Palumbo's deal last month. But it's unconfirmed so far. Check the NWA: DM newsline for final details.

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Guest concretedog

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NWA: Detroit Michigan News


2/27/05 - NWADetroitMichigan.com has exclusive footage of Kurt Angle being carried off after last night's event, here! The 865 people in attendence were nearly shocked at what happened to Angle after the stunning Awesome Bomb through the table. Also, the fan that jumped the barricade during the opening tag team match has told police and NWA officials his name is Jose Castro and he is here to extract vengeance upon the American people.

2/27/05 - "Due to the intensity of Mike Awesome, NWA: Detroit Michigan has signed the U.S. Champion to work more dates for the promotion." -From NWA: Detroit Michigan owner Frank Reed.

3/1/05 - Birthdays of February: Danny Doring, Bill Alfonso and Khosrow Daivari. Happy birthday everyone!

3/2/05 - The ever expanding NWA: Detroit Michigan Tag Team Division grows again as the hot, young, team of the Backseat Boyz [Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid] sign up. The Backseat Boyz are probably best known for their NWA Californian Tag Team Title run.

3/6/05 - NWA: DM and Reggie Parks would like to announce their partnership in the making of the NWA Michigan Tag Team titles. The plan is to have a tag title "league" or tournament to decide the first champions.

3/8/05 - The official Friday in Flint poster has been released at stores, and snapshot of it can be found here!

3/13/05 - Abyss has left the promotion to work with Los Angeles.

3/22/05 - Sad news. Referee Bill Alfonso has checked into rehab. Due to the NWA Policy, Alfonso has been released from all NWA duties as of today.

3/25/05 - The Tag Team Series. It has been confirmed this is how a Tag Team champion will be decided. There will be six teams [Doring and Roadkill, The Backseat Boyz, Havana Pitbulls, KroniK, The Harris Brothers and a mystery team] that will each fight one match with each team. For every win, the team will recieve a point. For every lost, the team will lose a point. For every draw, no point difference will happen. The first two matches of the league will happen at Friday at Flint, The Backseat Boyz will take on KroniK and in a rematch from Frostbite, the Havana Pitbulls will take on Doring and Roadkill.

3/26/05 - The official card for NWA: Detroit Michigan's Friday in Flint is now on the website and can be viewed. Come to Kalamazoo, Michigan tomorrow for the fourth annual Frostbite!

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Frostbite

Live from Flint, Michigan. March 27, 2005.

The Main Event

NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

Kurt Angle © vs. Rick Steiner

A match two months in the making, and a match that will make history in the Detroit Michigan Promotion! The first ever Ladder Match for the NWA Michigan Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, will defend his championship against Rick Steiner who has played mindgames with him in recent months.

NWA Detroit City Championship Match

Monty Brown vs. Brian Lawler vs. Erik Watts

After last month's Detroit City Championship match, NWA President Ernie Todd has stepped in and stripped Erik Watts of the Detroit City Championship, and has brought the NWA Banner over it once again. Todd also booked this three way. With Lawler and Brown having trouble, there's no telling what will happen.

The Tag Team Series

The Havana Pitbulls w/Jose Castro vs. Doring and Roadkill

The rematch from Frostbite, plus it counts for points.

The Tag Team Series

The Backseat Boyz [Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid] vs. KroniK

Another tag team series match-up, the debuting Backseat Boyz take on KroniK.

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THis looks solid, and I like the simple but interesting writting style. Diavari interests me, as does the Pitbulls/Castro stable. Also, anyone who puts Rick Steiner in a main event has to be pretty gutsy, so kudos.

Lawler for champ :shifty:

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Guest concretedog

Dark Match Results:

Jack Evans d. TJ Wilson

Daniel Puder d. Kevin Northcutt

The Human Tornado, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry d. Jafar and The Harris Brothers

Nathan Jones d. Chuck Palumbo

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan's Friday in Flint

Live from Flint, Michigan. March 27, 2005.

Report by Ron Allen written exclusively for GrappleFanatics.net

The show opens up with Khosrow Daivari's music playing. The crowd immediately booed as the man enters the ring. Daivari grabs a microphone from Jeremy Borash before he can introduce Daivari and looks around at the crowd, awfully pissed.

Khosrow Daivari Americans! You boo me because of what? Because of my heritage?

The crowd boos even louder as Daivari continues.

Daivari You boo me, because unlike most of you people, I'm bilingual! I'm the perfect human specimen, one of Allah's people, and you people can't handle that! You can't handle the suce-

Suddenly "Phantom of the Opera" by Iron Maiden begins to play and the crowd cheers, thanking someone for interupting. Out from the back comes Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid, both with Michigan State basketball jerseys on, which also gets a cheap pop. Both men have mics and look in the ring.

Johnny Kashmere What's up Detroit, Michigan?!

More cheap pop action.

Kashmere I'm Johnny "I Can't Afford a Sweater Made of " Kashmere and this here's my partner, Trent "I Wana Drop Some that Drug Called" Acid. Together we are known as the Backseat "Better then those Backstreet" Boyz. And we're sorry to interupt Kinetic or Kangeroo or whatever your name is, but we need to get on with our match with KroniK, not to be confused with Chronic which is some banging shit.

Trent Acid Whoa... You're name is Kangeroo? What's your last name dude?

Daivari is standing there looking angry, and as he speaks, Acid speaks again.

Acid Waait. Don't tell me. It begins with a D... So it's gotta be DUUUUUDE!

Kashmere laughs.

Kashmere Hell no! That's fucking awesome Mister Duuuuude!

Daivari begins to speak again, and once again Acid interupts himself.

Acid So do you hit it up Mister Duuuuude?

For the first time, the two men are quiet and Daivari speaks.

Daivari You two American fools, do you not realize how little sense you make? Kangeroo Dude? My name is not that. My name is Khosrow Daivari, and you two dare to interupt my interview to mock me?

Acid Khosrow Daivari, eh?

Daivari Indeed.

Acid strokes his beard and looks at Kashmere.

Kashmere Sounds sexy.

Acid No... Secksay...

Kashmere Yeah. It does sound Secksay.

Acid Are you Secksay Khosrow?

Daivari What the hell does this have to do with anything you two fools?

Acid Nothing. Now listen, we have to fight KroniK.

Daivari That's too bad, isn't it?

Kashmere Why?

Daivari Well you see... Bryan Clark is injured, so instead of fighting them two you'll be fighting myself and Brian Adams!

As if on cue, the Backseat Boyz turn around and get hit with a huge double clothesline from Brian Adams as the referee calls for the bell.

The Backseat Boyz vs. Khosrow Daivari and Brian Adams

The match of the night took place in this Tag Team Match series. Before the show began, Theodore Long came out and explained what the Tag Series was all about. Here's a simple explanation: Each team would fight five other teams, once. Every time they win they'll recieve a point, a lost is a loss of one point and finally a draw is a zero points. The top two teams will fight for the Tag Team Titles after the series is over, at Genesis.

The match started out with Adams using the Backseat Boyz as bump machines, tossing them all over the ring while Daivari stayed on the apron taunting the crowd in Arabic. No matter what the Boyz could do, the Big Hawaiian would not go down. Adams continued to wear down both members of the Backseat Boyz, until finally with Johnny Kashmere down and injured, Daivari asked for the tag.

Immediately, the match lit up on fire and sped right up. From the slow dominating brawling of Brian Adams to the high flying styles of both the Backseat Boyz and Daivari. After getting tossed around for the better part of the match, The Backseat Boyz finally get an advantage and begin to seperate Daivari from his corner. Daivari played the Heel-In-Peril, and his team could never rebound as the Backseat Boyz hit a brutal T Gimmick [Double Crucifix Powerbomb] to get the win.

Rating ***

The Jumbo-Tron lit up to distract us from the workers leaving the ring. On it was Jeremy Borash with Kurt Angle. Angle is standign

Jeremy Borash Kurt Angle, later on tonight you defend your title in the first ever NWA: Detroit Michigan ladder match against none other than the Michigan Native, Rick Steiner. How do you feel?

Kurt Angle JB... What kind of question is that? [in a high pitched voice] How do you feel? [Kurt's Normal Voice] Well think about this JB; the thousands of fans out in the arena, screaming your name. Bo-rash. Bo-rash. Bo-rash. You just hit your finishing move on your opponent. Your opponent is out, and you're still standing. You set up that ladder and start to climb. One ring at a time because you're a little weak from the match, but you make it to the top. Bo-rash. Bo-rash. Bo-rash... You reach up, and you grab the NWA Michigan Heavyweight champion. You unhook it and the bell rings. Your announced as the winner and you just sit there on top of the ladder, looking around at your fans.

Jeremy Borash is looking up, smiling. It's almost like Borash is in another World.

Angle Now stop imaging that because it'll never happen to you, kid. You're an announcer. But tonight, you will see me do exactly that. And I will feel exactly how you felt for them two seconds of happiness in your life. And Rick, it may not count but I Will Make You Tap.

Kurt smiles, and heads out of the interview section as the Jumbo-Tron fades out.

The Havana Pitbulls w/Jose Castro vs. Doring and Roadkill

The Havana Pitbulls came out first with the man who interfered last month, introduced as Jose Castro [Mark Magnus] to quite a few boos because of the Cuban flag. Following the Pitbulls, Philly's Doring and Roadkill out to a minor pop. It seems Jose Castro joined the announcing team.

So the match began very similar to last month's match, where it began with technical moves being traded. The Pitbulls forced Danny Doring, who started the match, to play face-in-peril, cutting off his partner. Castro could be heard laughing throughout the arena.

Roadkill eventually got the tag after the much double teaming from the Pitbulls. Roadkill destroys the two Pitbulls, which makes Castro leave the announcing position. He gets into the ring and tries to attack Roadkill, but gets clotheslined out of the ring for his trouble. The crowd rallies behind Roadkill as he pounds on Rocky Romero. Eventually Ricky Reyes gets tagged in and the advantage goes back to the Pitbulls.

Fast foward to the end, where Danny Doring is on the top rope with Ricky Reyes laid out. Outside of the ring, Romero and Roadkill are brawling. The referee is distracted the brawling outside as Castro jumps onto the ring apron. Doring doesn't see Castro, as he runs toward the turnbuckle. Before Doring can jump off the turnbuckle, Castro knocks Doring off the turnbuckle and he falls to the outside landing on the concrete. The crowd boos as the referee turns around. Castro jumps off the apron and points to the fallen Doring. Much to the crowd's disappointment, referee Andy Coyne counts a twenty count and calls for the bell.

Rating **1/4

Medics rush out to the back to check on Doring. Meanwhile, all three Cubans are attacking Roadkill. Finally, after bloodying up Roadkill, the three men stand in the ring. After a quick celebration, the Pitbulls head to the back followed by Doring and Roadkill. The Jumbo-Tron lights up once again, and a flame burns on it. Screaming can be heard in the background as two men step in front of the flames, the same two who appeared last month. The man on the left begins to speak.

Man on the Left Sin fills the air,

Man on the Right Everywhere we go,

Man on the Left We taste the filth,

Man on the Right Of this little Hell Hole.

Man on the Left Detroit, Lansing and Flint,

Man on the Right The men lust, the women seduct.

Man on the Left Gambling is all over the place.

Man on the Right But soon,

Man on the Left A new beginning.

Both Men Genesis Five, the suffering begins for Detroit.

The flame goes out, as the Jumbo-Tron fades out. A mixed reaction from the crowd after the promo.

NWA Detroit City Championship

Monty Brown vs. Brian Lawler vs. Erik Watts

Monty Brown came out first to what was up to that point, the pop of the night. Brian Lawler was the next one out, and as soon as he got in the ring, Monty Brown nearly destroyed him. Not waiting for Erik Watts was Brown's first mistake, as Watts came running down to the ring and blindsided the big man. With both heels double teaming Brown. Of course, this alliance didn't last long as Watts turned on Lawler and it was a free for all from there.

Watts destroyed both men, seeing as he was the biggest one in there. He quickly took care of Lawler with a powerbomb, followed by tossing him over the top rope. Then the two big man brawled. Any fears Watts had last week were gone now as he went toe to toe with Brown. The two were doing what they basically did last month, when the lights went out. "Feuer Frei" by Rammstein hits over the P.A. systemm as the crowd boos. The lights come back on with Brown and Watts still brawling. The referee is laid out though and Brian Lawler is standing in the ring, with a taller man [Kevin "Seven" Fertig of Motor City Wrestling] next to him. Without warning both men attack. The taller man does most of the work clotheslining Watts over the top. He then sets up Brown for a Cruicifix Powerbomb, as Lawler gets on the top rope. As Brown hits the ground from the powerbomb, Lawler comes off the top rope and hits a leg drop off the top rope. Fertig wakes up the referee as Lawler pins Brown. A 3 count, and the bell rings rewarding the match to Lawler.

Lawler gets off of Brown, and he and Fertig both spit simutaneously on Brown. The crowd boos as Lawler holds up the NWA Detroit City Championship with Fertig holding his arm up. The two head backstage, and Brown soon recovers and heads back also. Watts must've snuck back already.

Rating *3/4

The Main Event

NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

Kurt Angle © vs. Rick Steiner w/Mike Awesome

After a brief intermission with ladders being set up and the Michigan Heavyweight title being hung, the show gets under way once again. First out was the Dog Face Gremlin, Rick Steiner who was followed by the United States champion, Mike Awesome to boos. Both men avoided the ladders like the black plague though. Then, "Red, White and Blue" by Lynyrd Skynyrd hit over the P.A. system and the crowd went absolutely nuts as the Michigan Heavyweight champion came out. He did quite the opposite of Steiner and Awesome, and went under every ladder he could find. Before getting in the ring, he took of his olympic medals and put them on one of the ring posts. Angle gets in the ring, as Awesome leaves the ring. The match begins with some technical trading, but that soon fades away as the match turns into a fist fight.

Weapons immediately come into play, as both heels try to take out Kurt with various weapon shots, but Kurt seems to avoid everything and get the upper hand on both men. Eventually, the match returns to the mat as Angle and Rick trade amature moves. This gives Steiner an advantage as Awesome immediately interferes again and attacks Angle.

The two heels now stomp on Angle and Angle looks beaten. Awesome gets out of the ring and grabs the U.S. title as Rick Steiner begins to climb the ladder. At about the third rung, Angle is back up and climbs the other side. Steiner sees him and the two men brawl for a bit. Awesome is yelling "Toss him off!" Steiner tries to hit a big punch, which surprisingly Angle ducks under it. Steiner nearly loses his balance, but Angle grabs him in a fireman's carry lock and jumps off the top of the ladder hitting a modified Olympic Slam!

The crowd is now going crazy. A small "Holy Shit" chant begins as both men try to get up. Awesome is screaming "GET UP!" Angle is the first one up, and he rips the straps off his shoulders and lets out a "Woo!" Steiner gets up, and Angle grabs Steiner and hits another Olympic Slam! Angle then looks up at the Michigan Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd is going nuts now. Angle has climbed to the first rung. What's Mike Awesome doing with that chair, and why is it set up like someone's going to sit on it in the ring? Angle is on rung two. Awesome is shaking Steiner, but Steiner doesn't get up. Angle has two rungs left, as he climbs rung three. Awesome then lets out a yell, and grabs Angle in a Powerbomb position. You could hear JB screaming NO! NO! as Awesome lifted up Angle and threw him off of the ladder and into the chair. The chair bends in half as the crowd boos. Angle is in pain, writhing on the mat as his neck connected with the chair.

Mike Awesome lifts up Steiner, who is now wide awake. With help from Awesome, Steiner climbs the ladder. The crowd is going apeshit as Steiner is near the top. Awesome has his U.S. title in the air, as Steiner lifts his arms up. He unhooks the Michigan Heavyweight Title as the bell rings!

Rating ** [Awesome]

The crowd is going crazy with boos as Rick Steiner sits on top of the ladder. Mike Awesome stands above the fallen Angle, who is now coughing up blood. Awesome holds up his arms and lets out a yell. Steiner bellows out a laugh and holds up his championship belt before climbing down the ladder, and he and Awesome head backstage. EMTs come down to the ring once again, and with a stretcher, bring the injured Kurt Angle to the back as the show ends.

Final Verdict

The Angle injury looked pretty serious as I payed close attention to Kurt Angle and I didn't see him pop a capsule all show. Now the blood could be fake, but it looked real from this reporter's perspective. If it is real, this sucks for NWA: Detroit Michigan, and the NWA as a whole. Angle is the top face, and other then Sabu who's retired, no one is quite over like he is in Detroit. But the match was quite good, for a ladder match featuring Rick Steiner. The triple threat match wasn't exactly too thrilling and I hope Kevin Fertig isn't the stalker... The tag matches prove that the NWA: Michigan Tag Division will be a highlight in Tag Team work. The Backseat Boyz, KroniK, Roadkill and Doring, The Havana Pitbulls and many of the rumoured tag teams said to come to NWA: Detroit Michigan are going to shine brightly here. But as usual, there were things that brought this show down and it was a basic NWA: Detroit Michigan show. 6.8/10

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Guest concretedog

user posted image

NWA: Detroit Michigan Headlines:

Friday in Flint News and Notes

Wow... We here at GrappleFanatics.net can only say three words about last night's event... What the f*ck? Rick Steiner is now the holder the NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship, which is a surprise in itself, but the fact he beat Kurt Angle to do it gave the staff here at Grapple Fanatics three heart attacks per person, and that's just an average number. Some insiders in the NWA say it isn't a surprise as Angle's neck problems are a huge concern. The bump taken by Angle last night is supposed to injure Angle on screen as he takes a while away from in-ring action. More on that below.

As you saw, Khosrow Daivari and Brian Adams teamed up. It was booked like this because Clark had not yet been cleared to wrestle. Overall, it looked to have been a good tag team match despite that as Adams made the Backseat Boyz bump and then we saw some great highflying action.

More info on Jose Castro

Castro, better known as Mark Magnus, was training in the Motor City Gym and is one of the first results of Ronnie Garvin since the Camp reopenened after the death of Edward Farhat. Magnus has wrestled in front of Detroit under the Motor City Wrestling develoment promotion between 2003-2005 and is said to be one of the finer prospects, along with Quebec's Sexxxy Eddy.

Motor City Wrestling

The buy out of Motor City Wrestling by NWA: Detroit has caused quite a stir in the NWA. MCW is a stronghold for both North American female wrestlers as well as Great Lakes and Quebec wrestlers. The potential down there is said to be endless and might be a great buy by the NWA: Detroit promotion, ranking up there with their Kurt Angle signing in 2001. Wesley Jenkings, the head booker of MCW, is said to be happy with the batch of workers he's been given to work with.

The Rumour Mill

NWA: Texas Invasion

Mike Rotundo as well as Barry and Kendall Windham are said to have been sent up to Detroit for work. The three are said to be working as a face stable, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Genesis Debut

Exactly who the two figures in the recent Genesis vingettes are, we here at Grapple Fanatics do not know. As soon as we get any information though, you will see it here first.

Kurt Angle Injury

The Kurt Angle injury that was caused at last night's was said to be a mixture of a work and a real injury. As is common news, Angle's neck injury in 1996 and reinjury in 2001 has caused Angle to slow things down. it is said a neck fusion surgery is in the works for Kurt which will put Kurt on the sidelines for nearly, if not, a whole year. This is similar to the Steve Austin neck fusion surgery back in 1999, which also saw great things for Texas as a new face was needed and it came in the form of John Bradshaw. Maybe a new top face will emerge in Detroit to help the promotion in the same way Bradshaw did? Only time will tell...

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Tough break with Angle, but putting your top title on Rick Steiner takes balls. Same with Lawler really.

Also glad to see you using the scenario, and not "cheating" to keep guys like RVD or stop Sabu from leaving.

Diavari is definitly a highlite for me, and the Backseat boys had a pretty nice segment themselves. Nice to see a strong undercard. Not sure what you will do without a top face, but it will be all the more interesting to see where you go.

Good work.

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Guest concretedog

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NWA: Detroit Michigan News


3/28/05 - Wow. The backlash of NWA: Detroit Michigan's Friday in Flint are still being felt here at NWADetroitMichigan.com, a day after the event! We cannot believe what happened, two new champions and the beginning of the Tag Series, with updated rankings later today. We here at NWADetroitMichigan.com are furious at the result of last night's Ladder Match. Mike Awesome had no right being out at ringside at all and his blatant interference caused Angle his life, and in the words of Jeremy Borash, "nearly his God Damn life!"

3/28/05 - NWA: Detroit Michigan Tag Team Series Ranking Updates

The Backseat Boyz - 1 [1-0]

The Havana Pitbulls - 1 [1-0]

Mystery Team - 0 [0-0]

The Harris Brothers - 0 [0-0]

KroniK - -1 [0-0]

Doring and Roadkill - -1 [0-0]

4/1/05 - Birthdays of March: The New Michigan Heavyweight Champion, Rick Steiner, Bryan Clark, Jose Castro. Happy birthday everyone!

4/1/05 - More news as small time promoters in Louisiana have opened up Ultimate Combat Ring which is supposed to focus more on the pure aspect of the sport.

4/2/05 - One Man Gang, Road Warrior Animal and Jazz were all released.

4/3/05 - The New Look, The Final Week of NWADetroitMichigan.com! In a surprising move, the Michigan part of the promotion name has been cut. NWADetroitMichigan.com will be moving to NWADetroit.com.

4/3/05 - TV Deal Finalized! This Wednesday, the sixth, the first ever NWA Detroit: Full Throttle will air on America One television. A logo for the event can be found here!

4/5/05 - Kurt Angle Update: Kurt will be getting neck surgery and will be out for one year. We here at NWADetroit<s>Michigan</s> are sadden by the loss for the next year that we will see, but we suppose it's for the best of Kurt and the promotion in the long run.

4/6/05 - The official card for the first ever NWA Detroit: Full Throttle is now on the website and can be viewed. All of the Full Throttles will be filmed in Detroit so come on down every Wednesday to catch all the NWA Detroit action!

user posted image

NWA Detroit: Full Throttle

The new Michigan Heavyweight Champion, Rick Steiner will be in the building as he and Mike Awesome talk about Rick's win over Kurt Angle!

Two Tag Team Series Matches!

The first Tag Team Series match will see the debut of the mystery team as they take on The Harris Brothers!

And in the other match, Doring and Roadkill look to get a win as they take on KroniK!

And in an international showcase, Sexxxy Eddy of Quebec, will take on Khosrow Daivari of Syria!

Plus: Monty Brown, Brian Lawler, Erik Watts on the rebound of their match last night! The Havana Pitbulls, Kevin Fertig, The Backseat Boyz, Ron Waterman and many more, so join Larry Rivera and Jeremy Borash at 8 EST, 5 PST for all the action of NWA Detroit!

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Guest concretedog

This is the format for the TV Shows. Shorter results.

user posted image

NWA Detroit: Full Throttle

Live from Detroit, Michigan. April 6, 2005

Report by Ron Allen written exclusively for GrappleFanatics.net

Before the show begins, an image of Pope John Paul II flashes across the screen with the words "Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005" on the screen. Classy for the recently passed away pope, who died four days ago. On with the show.

"Tattoo" by Hands Like Feet played in the background to some NWA: Detroit footage, The Shiek's last professional match against Sabu at Genesis I, Erik Watts vs. Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam. This older footage was shown in a musty black and white. A shot of Kurt Angle holding the Michigan Heavyweight Title is shown as the Full Throttle logo appears on the screen. Newer footage is shown, including Monty Brown giving Erik Watts a flying clothesline, Khosrow Daivari's camel clutch and Rick Steiner sitting on top of the ladder, all shown in colour. The Full Throttle comes on the screen once again as Jeremy Borash and Larry Rivera's voices are heard over the Detroit, Michigan crowd.

Jeremy Borash Hello ladies and gentlemen to the first ever NWA Detroit: Full Throttle!

Larry Rivera That's right JB, and it's here on America One Television!

JB And folks, we're coming off one hell of a Friday in Flint, in which we will have clips of later on tonight! But our first match of the evening: Khosrow Daivari takes on Quebec's Sexxxy Eddy in an international showdown!

Sexxxy Eddy is already in the ring, no music or entrance. Daivari's music begins to play and parts of the crowd boo Daivari. Before Daivari gets in the ring, he grabs a microphone from ringside and looks into the ring.

Daivari Cut my music! What is this? This is the best Canada has to offer? Some idiot named "Sexxxy Eddy"? Well I guess there is one benefit from this match, Sexxxy Eddy is bilingual like myself. Isn't that right Eddy?

Eddy somehow now has a microphone and talks into it.

Eddy That's ri-

Before Eddy can finish his sentence, Daivari attacks.

International Showcase

Sexxxy Eddy vs Khosrow Daivari

Squash match here. Daivari basically beat down Eddy as the cowardly heel, and finished him off at 3 minutes with the Camel Clutch.

Rating *1/4

The Tag Team Series

The Briscoe Brothers vs The Harris Brothers

Quick commercial break, and JB welcomes us back in action. The announcers wondered if the Briscoe Brothers were the two men who keep saying they're going to debut at Genesis. Either way, they're the big mystery opponents who have been hyped for the past two months. Not exactly a big impact, them two Briscoes. Anyways: This was a pretty good match, never thought I'd see a Harris Brothers match tie for match of the night, but it happened here. Anyways, the semi-squash ends when The Harris Brothers hit the H-Bomb on Jay Briscoe for the win.

Rating **3/4

As soon as the match ends, the screen goes black. Chains can be heard scraping the ground, as well as moaning. The two men's voices can be heard.

Man 1 God's Angels are watching over NWA Detroit and they see the filth.

Man 2 The lust, the sin, the gambling, the drinking. It's all here in the NWA.

Man 1 Indeed my brother.

Man 2 And these sinful announcers question if those Briscoe Brothers are us.

Man 1 They are not holy, are they?

Man 2 No. They're sinners like the rest of them.

Man 1 Interesting.

Man 2 Punishment will be given in eighteen days.

Man 1 Indeed. Genesis Five is around the corner.

Man 2 And forgiveness won't be given.

The audio fades out and it cuts to a commercial break.

Tag Series

Kronik vs Doring and Roadkill

Another tag match, sort of like a rematch from Brawl for Detroit. The four wrestlers must be getting used to each other also, as this was their best encounter I've ever seen, tying with the other tag match as match of the night. JB and Rivera went over what exactly the tag series was during this match... instead of doing it during the first one. Good move boys. Anyways, the match ends when Doring hits his Mamma Jamma Legdrop on Clarke, after Adams accidently clotheslined him.

Rating **3/4

Another commercial break, and we come back not to wrestling, but Mike Awesome and Rick Steiner standing in the ring with their respective titles. Both men have huge smiles on their faces.

Rick Steiner Surprise, Surprise Detroit! Look at who's standing. Look at who has the championship right now! It sure as hell isn't your precious Kurt Angle!

The crowd boos at Steiner's remark. Steiner smiles smugly as he continues.

Steiner Hell, Kurt didn't even make me tap! Remember when he didn't make me tap Mike?

Mike Awesome nods.

Steiner And if I remember correctly, Kurt guaranteed I would tap, am I right Mike?

Once again, Awesome nods.

Steiner I'm pretty sure we have footage of that too.

Steiner points to the Jumbo-Tron, and it lights up.

Footage from Friday in Flint

Angle Now stop imaging that because it'll never happen to you, kid. You're an announcer. But tonight, you will see me do exactly that. And I will feel exactly how you felt for them two seconds of happiness in your life. And Rick, it may not count but I Will Make You Tap.

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Guest concretedog

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NWA: Detroit Michigan Headlines:

Full Throttle News and Notes

Hmm.. Not exactly the most stellar of debut shows, but it wasn't too bad either. Check out our review for more details.

The Tag Team Series

It really does seem like an idea that can work. So far, each team has fought one match and if played right, the rest could be done before Genesis!

The Briscoes

According to our sources, The Briscoes were a last minute choice as up until the day of the show, no one knew exactly who was going to be the mystery team.

Eric Angle?!

So shoving him down our throats as a heel wasn't enough NWA: Detroit officials? You HAD to turn him face as the saver of Kurt's pride? Maybe Mike Awesome will injure him too at Genesis 5? One can only dream...

International Showcase

This is going to be weekly matches with Daivari wrestling wrestlers from around the World it seems. What it will lead up to, we only can hope something good.

The Havana Pitbulls

Jose Castro/Mike Magnus has seem to step into the managerial role of the Pitbulls. Our sources say it's because Magnus injured himself at a local gym, but that's just a source. Whatever it may be, it fits Magnus as the speaker for the Pitbulls.

Ron Waterman/Monty Brown

This was a quick filler match to lead up to the attack. Which is okay because no one wanted to hear Brown on the microphone.

Kurt Angle Update

Kurt will be going into surgery after Genesis 5, as he may make a special appearance at the event, although it's unconfirmed.

Ratings for Full Throttle

A .46 Television Rating and about 185 people were at the show last night.

Next Week's Confirmed Card for Full Throttle

user posted image

NWA Detroit: Full Throttle

Live from Detroit, Michigan. April 13, 2005

Main Event

Rick Steiner defends his NWA Michigan Heavyweight Championship against Nathan Jones

Brian Lawler, Kevin Fertig and Erik Watts team up to take on Monty Brown, Mark Henry and TJ Wilson!

Tag Team Series Matches - Round Two

The Havana Pitbulls vs. The Harris Brothers

The Briscoe Brothers vs. KroniK

Doring and Roadkill vs. The Backseat Boyz

International Showcase

Sam Greco of Australia vs. Khosrow Daivari of Syria.

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