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Midwest PRO Wrestling

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Early Years

In 1967, Bill Geoff was a top prospect in high school wrestling, but his junior year he suffered a career ending back injury when he was involved in a car crash. During his rehabilitation Bill attended a professional wrestling show in Chicago, Illinois and was immediately pulled into the sport.

Fast forward 30 years, at the age of 47 Bill was a top event promoter in Urbana, Illinois and helped the city bring in bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Hootie and The Blowfish, Hanson, and countless other acts that were hot. For as much great things going on during this time Bill's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. For all Bill worked for her couldn't imagine that the one thing besides wrestling that he absolutely loved was slowly, but surely,being taken away from him. Bill and his wife took the last year(s) trying to make a plan for what would happen after her death and his wife told him to do the one thing he wanted to do since he was that 22 year old young man. Bill knew what she was talking about but at the time it was the last thing on earth he could ever do, as he was spending all of his money trying to keep his wife alive (hoping for some sort of cure to swoop in and save her). But 18 months later Bill was at his wife’s funeral...alone. After everyone else had gone Bill was sitting with his hands buried in head, trying to think what he could possibly do now. After months of slowly getting himself back together Bill continued his promoting.

In mid-2004 Bill finally sat down one sunny day and decided he was going to take a risk, for his now 7 years deceased wife. Bill was going to open up his own wrestling promotion and no matter what the outcome at least he could test himself as a true promoter/businessman, and at least he could say he chased a dream.

November 29th, 2004

Bill had talked to Jean Partice, a buddy of his who did sports commentary for the local paper, News Gazette, and soon had a partner to help finance this venture in professional wrestling. Both agreed that the place to start was in the Champaign-Urbana area, as they had lived their for quite a while and hadn't seen any promotions ever come through except for the occasional WWE show. Jean also broke the news that he had come across a warehouse off of Main Street and how the owner was selling the place for just under $50,000. Jean told Bill that he talked the owner down to paying $500 dollars a month with the option of buying the place after 1 year of payments for $47,000. Bill agreed so the two had nailed down a venue.

Now, with a venue and financial backing from Jean all that were needed were workers and one referee. While attending a show in Chicago, Bill stumbled across 3 young workers looking for a place to hone their skills. Coincidentally, two of them were from Champaign and one was from the small town of Fisher. The three talked to Bill and after a months time of negotiations of pay the three were added to the roster. Billy knew they weren't going to be really good workers but they all had a passion for the business and were good enough to atleast give some decent matches while costing very little. During this time Jean also got the company small sponsorships with The Observer, Hardees, IGN.com, and EGM. This would mean banners would be around the warehouse but that was the least of anyones worries.

Midwest PRO Wrestling Born

Bill threw around countless names for the promotion and finally selected Midwest PRO Wrestling, as he saw it as straight to the point. Jean convinced Bill to allow him to be the announcer (to save the company money for now as the first few months would be testing). Bill needed some more guys and after scouting out the Chicago/Indiana talent he found some.

Current Roster

*AM Vishion {F}

Ashley Howard {F}

Bailey Mannix {H}

Brad Bradley {F}

Brandon Thomaselli {F}

Chandler McClure {H}

Danny Daniels {T}

Danny Scott {H}

DARKNESS Egotistico {H}

*Davey Andrews {F}

Delirious {F}

Eric Priest {H}

Halo {F}

Jim Fannin {H}

Jimmy Jacobs {H}

Josh Abercrombie {F}

Josh Daniels {F}

Justin Kage {F}

Kevin Krueger {H}

Matt Sydal {F}

Randy Ortiz {F}

Ryan Boz {H}

Salvatore Thomaselli {H}

Sean Nelson {F}

Vito Thomaselli {H}

Zero {F}

* denotes injured

Pure Lions Club

(The three young workers Bill hired while in Chicago)

Ashley Howard (6'1 227lbs) - Ashley was the only African American amateur wrestler in the family which has turned him into a decent technical wrestler. Ashley was once given top honors in his areas wrestling meeting. Ashley is an intelligent fighter that is looking for the fight to prove his ability in the ring.

Randy Ortiz (5'11 221) - Ortiz is of English and Mexican decent and was once in MMA but after a 3-8 record quit and turned his attention to wrestling. Ortiz is a brawler who occasionally throws in dangerous submissions but his right hand is the most dangerous part about him. Ortiz also has a natural charisma to him which makes up for his lack of speed and technical ability. Ortiz carries a chubby athletic body that helps him take beatings.

Sean Nelson (5'8 173): Nelson is the youngest of the group at 18 and hails from Fisher, IL. He was a runner in high school which has given him speed and a lean frame. Nelson has been training with Howard to step up into a better all around junior heavyweight.

Tag Teams

Daniels and Halo

J.F. & Associates

PRO Lions

Team IWA

The BJ Express

The Iron Saints

Void Effect

XXX-Plicit Content


*Jean Partice (Announcer)

*Joe Buckle (Producer)

*Mike Mongoose (Referee)

*Rich Bass (Referee)


- No assaulting the MPW staff

- Submission holds CANNOT cause direct 3-counts. If a worker is using a figure four, triangle choke, etc... neither can be considered pinned. Once a hold is broke and a pin fall ensues then the ref can administer a 3 count.

- Time Limits:

Opening Match/Lower Card: 15 minutes

Midcard: 25 minutes

Main Event: 45 minutes

Title Matches: 60 minutes

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Midwest Revival Show

May 20 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

Main Event

Delirious vs. Danny Daniels

Former Tag Partners Collide

Ryan Boz vs. Brad Bradley

Brandon Thomaselli vs. Egotistico Fantastico

PRO Lions vs. The Iron Saints

Bailey Mannix vs. Matt Sydal

Randy Ortiz vs. Danny Scott

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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I don't really like talking about a diary this early but it looks good so far. The backstory was fairly generic but well written. The roster looks good and so does the card for the first show.

How can anybody not like a diary with all of the Thomaselli's in it.

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[Results]MPW "Midwest Revival Show", 5/20/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

10 Fans

1. Danny Scott d. Randy Ortiz (6:51) with a roll-up

2. The Iron Saints d. PRO Lions (11:30) when Vito used a superkick on Nelson

3. Ryan Boz d. Brad Bradley (9:47) with a buffalo sleeper

4. Matt Sydal d. Bailey Mannix (15:01) with a twisting senton

5. Brandon Thomaselli d. Egotistico Fantastico (7:12) with a tornado DDT

6. Danny Daniels d. Delirious (26:48) with a cradle piledriver


- The first match in MPW history saw Randy Ortiz, one of the members of the Pure Lions Club, take on Danny Scott, one half of the funky tag team XXX-Plicit Content. Ortiz started the match off with a fury of open handed slaps that sent Scott bailing to the outside. Ortiz wasn't about to have a stalemate so he also exited the ring and the two fought around the floor for a little under a minute. Scott was able to get the upperhand by throwing Ortiz into the ring post and worked on his arm the rest of the match. Ortiz got his closest pinfall after catching Scott with a STO but took too long to cover. Ortiz then went for a lariat but Scott was able to duck and rolled Ortiz up for the win. The match was basic for the sake of Ortiz's inexperience in the ring but it was decent enough for what it was.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: F+

- Ryan Boz came out to the ring as the 10 fans in attendence sat around not knowing what to do. Boz grabbed the mic and did a run down of tag matches he and Bradley were in. Boz then stated "Bradley didn't make the team...Boz did. If it wasn't for me we both would still be holding out jobs as chefs at McDonald's. As far as I care he owes me more than he'll ever admit and when I win tonight I'm going to come back home with two paychecks, because a dead man doesn't need money." The fans laughed as Boz mimmicked them. After a minute of going back and forth Boz finally walked to the back while the 10 fans did a wave.

- PRO Lions vs. The Iron Saints was up next. Vito and Sal got the fans rowdy as Sean Nelson and Ashley Howard stood in the ring stratagizing. The match started with Vito and Sean which consisted of Vito blocking all of Sean's 'rana attempts and hitting a sitdown piledriver for an early two count. Vito then worked on Sean's back which would be the target for the rest of the match. Sean was able to duck a clothesline and tagged in Howard, who drove Vito to the mat with a pumphandle slam and followed it up with a standing splash for a two count. Vito eventually broke away from Howard and tagged Sal in, who ran at Howard but was murdered with a lariat for a two count. Sal rolled out of the ring as Vito got off the apron to talk to his brother. Unbeknownst to them, Howard lifted Nelson ontop of his shoulders and launched him over the top rope right onto both Vito and Sal. Howard put all three men back in the ring and covered Sal for a two count, and then tagged Sean in. Sean went to pick up Sal but was caught with a brainbuster which allowed Sal to tag in Vito. Vito quickly hit a mule kick and followed it up with a superkick, as Sal knocked Howard off the apron, to get The Iron Saints the win.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: C

- Bradley and Boz were once former tag partners now turned enemies. As soon as MPW announced their main roster both men asked for a match to settle differences so both could move on in the fed and put behind anything in the past, but that wasn't to happen tonight. Boz attacked Bradley in the aisle with a chair before the match even began and as soon as both men got into the ring Boz had already been able to get a two count. Boz kept Bradley down for the first few minutes with stomps to the head and various submissions holds to affect Bradley's head/neck. Bradley finally 'hulked up' and hit a back bodydrop followed with mountain punches. Bradley then went up the turnbuckle but met a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Boz regained control of the match and continued working on Bradley's neck with some cravate's and even a buffalo sleeper. Bradley was able to escape the hold and came back with a short arm lariat but Boz caught Bradley, hit a backbody drop, and locked in another buffalo sleeper. After trying to fight out of the hold Bradley finally tapped, much to the dismay of the fans. Boz exited the ring and grabbed a chair to finish the job but 'Pure Lions Club' came out and held him back to allow Bradley to get out of the ring and to the back.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: F

- Matt Sydal is known as one of the top prospects currently working the Mid-West region while Mannix tags with Danny Scott as XXX-Plicit Content. The match started off with Mannix throwing Sydal over the top rope, only for Sydal's leg to get caught in the ropes. Mannix helped Sydal get out of the ropes but hit an armdrag and worked on Sydal's ankle until Sydal was able to get a ropebreak. Mannix dragged Sydal back to the middle of the ring but before he could lock in an ankle lock Sydal used a small cradle for a near fall. Mannix grew irritated and went to the top rope for a moonsault but missed and was met with a dropkick right to the chin for another near fall. Sydal followed up with a crazy elbow for one count and Mannix kipped back up and got a enziguri on Sydal for a near fall. Sydal tried standing up but the kick seemed to have had an effect on Sydal's equalibrium as he fell back down which Mannix took the opportunity to hit a moonsault but Sydal kicked out at 2.99999! Mannix then hit a snap suplex and after some insults by the fans exited the ring to confront them. As soon as he got back in the ring Sydal used a hurricanrana for two, then hit a series of arm drags and went for his Springboard 450 but Mannix moved and Sydal met the mat hard. Mannix, knowing that Sydal must be hurting in his ribs/chest, used a camel clutch and when Sydal wouldn't give up used a combo of knees to the ribs for another near fall. Mannix was growing more aggravated by the minute and went for a powerbomb which Sydal countered with a hurricanrana and quickly ran up the turnbuckle to hit a sloppy twisting senton, but Mannix kicked out and Sydal went back to the apron and called for his springboard 450 splash, Mannix however got up but Sydal instead used another hurricanrana and again followed it up with a twisting senton, this time securing the 3 count.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: C-

- Randy Ortiz came out and congratulated Sydal while Mannix walked to the back in disappointment. Sydal mentioned how well Ortiz did in his first match and how he (Sydal) was impressed. Ortiz thanked Sydal and sat on the middle rope for Sydal to exit the ring, but Ortiz himself didn't leave. Ortiz grabbed the house mic and said although he couldn't beat Scott today, he felt that he showed he deserves to be in the MPW locker room. Ryan Boz came out from the back and went to shake Ortiz's hand but pulled back at the last second and called Ortiz a disgrace to all MMA fighters. Brad Bradley finally came out and took to Ortiz's side and claimed Boz had no respect for anyone and that he'd pay to see Boz fight Ortiz in a MMA Rules match because he knows Boz couldn't last. Ortiz and Bradley left together as Boz stood around with a grin on his face.

- After the Ortiz-Bradley-Boz situation was settled, Brandon Thomaselli vs. Egotistico Fantastico took place. The match started with a strength test, which Brandon used to execute a northern lights suplex for a one count. Egotistico hit some punches to Brandon's gut and threw him out of the ring, following it up with a plancha that saw him go over the guardrail and land in one of the fans lap. Egotistico then flirted with the fan while Brandon slowly got up and Egotistico hit a tornado DDT, standing on the guardrail, sending Brandon headfirst into the lightly padded ground. Egotistico eventually got Brandon back in the ring for a 2 count. Egotistico then went for a suplex but Brandon blocked and gave Egotistico a brainbuster for his troubles. Brandon picked Egotistico up but was irish whiped into the corners, which caused Egotistico to go for a double knee but missed and was hit with a tornado DDT by Brandon. Brandon quickly went for the pin and got the unsuspected 3 count.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: D

- The match the 10 fans really wanted to see ended up proving Delirious and Daniels are overlooked and both men know how to wrestle intelligently. Delirious started the match spouting out "Super Gravy Corn" which got a roar of laughter. Daniels seemed to be unimpressed by Delirious and quickly attacked him with fists to the back followed by a shoulder breaker. Delirious fought back and sent Daniels to the outside and went for a suicide dive but Daniels was able to move out of the way so Delirious went straight onto the ground and screamed in agony. Daniels took the opportunity and hit a powerbomb on the outside to further weaken Delirious. After both got back in the ring Daniels unleashed back to back backbreakers followed by a boston crab, which Delirious used an incredible amount of will power to finally get to the ropes to break the hold. Daniels went for a pin but Delirious kicked out at 2, which surprised all the fans as Daniels had delivered quite the punishment to Delirious. Daniels tried to hit a powerbomb but Delirious fought out of it and did a backslide for a two count. Delirious then ran into a sequence of upping Daniels with blocks and counters until Daniels had no other choice but to go to the outside and re-strategize. Delirious grabbed at his back, showing he still was hurting. Daniels finally got back in the ring and threw forearms followed by a cravate leading into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Delirious finally threw all he had at Daniels and hit a stiff ass leg lariat for a near fall of his own. The fans all started cheering him on but it was soon ended when Delirious attempted a hurricanrana but was caught in a cradle piledriver that finally put him down for three.

Overall: F Crowd: F Match: B+

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I thought I read somewhere that XXX-Plicit content were going solo now? But either way I did like them as a team so keeping them together is a good move and strengthens the tag division. What stats update are you using if Boz vs Bradley gets a low rating!!! Anyways the layout is good. This is the only way I can read results written up like this in the review kind of format. However try and distinguish a little more between length of the match and length of the writeup (Just a pet hate). You appear to be pushing the PLC, currently i'm unsure (As the results you do can hardly give me a desription of them, what's their strengths/weaknesses are etc). You need to make the fans/readers care about them (I would have probably given them a fairly high profile victory before getting the 'push' you're giving them now, even though they lost their two matches). However in some ways it's good pushing them as they can be the "MPW guys". Lots of your roster have made their name elsewhere and these three done right could become the main selling point of the promotion. But you need to make me, the rest of the readers and the 'crowd' care about them. That's one downfall about these kinds of results, it's hard to get into the characters. But still, i'll keep my eye on this (Just because I love the Midwest indy scene). It's solid, nothing spectacular but keep plugging away and i'll keep reading.

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

June 2005

- Ryan Boz has accepted a challenge from Brad Bradley and Randy Ortiz for a tag team match at next months show 'Walking The Edge'. Boz has said that his tag team partner is considered one of the top independent heavyweight wrestlers in the US and a man that will rip apart Ortiz so Boz won't have to do so. Boz did say that if Ortiz can survive the match only then will he get an eventual shot at fighting Boz in a MMA Rules match.

- Matt Sydal and Danny Daniels have both requested a match but it seems as if MPW Owner Bill Geoff is with-holding such a match. Daniels and Sydal are both 1-0 and had two of the top matches at last months debut show 'Midwest Revival Show'.

- MPW is currently scouting around for tag teams (If anyone knows of any decent Illinois/Indiana teams PM me and I will consider using them).

- NoDQ.com recently conducted an interview with Bill Geoff. When asked about the horrible attendance of the first show Bill stated " Our goal is to eventually draw big crowds, but right now I know the fans in Champaign-Urbana are very skeptical of a promotion coming in town as they haven't had any wrestling consecutively that I know of. We're relying on fans that attend the show to spread the word so that we can grow every month and be able to put on the best shows we can afford." After that, Geoff was about what he wanted out of the ring product with was " We're not looking for the absolute best workers around. All I want are guys that can have a match, improve themselves, and have a heart for the business and want to succeed. The talent will improve over time and as long as we can have one really good match a show I don't see why people won't show up."

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Walking The Edge

June 14 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

Main Event

Grudge Match

Ryan Boz/X vs. Brad Bradley/Randy Ortiz

Danny Daniels vs. Brandon Thomaselli

Matt Sydal vs. Egotistico Fantastico

Salvatore Thomaselli vs. Delirious

Bailey Mannix vs. Sean Nelson

Danny Scott vs. Ashley Howard

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

(YI, I will start getting into the characters more and I intend to do the results differently sometime in the near future as this style does make it harder to write shows as the whole match time idea screws up my layout of how much I talk about some matches and just seems to be a pet peeve to some of the idea of match length when the details are shorter/longer compared to others that should be shorter/longer. And since you know the Midwest scene, I'd really appreciate some input on tag teams to bring in, via PM please. BTW, I'm using RXEWR34.)

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The first show seemed okay although nothing too amazing. Still it's a solid start and I'm looking forward to future shows.

I'd put the actual scores for the match ratings instead of the letters. As a small fed you are almost guaranteed to get small ratings and a bunch of D's and F's looks bad.

I agree with YI in the fact that longer matches need to be longer than the short matches. I think the promos would be better if they were written out word for word to help you get across character.

As for tag teams to bring in you could try the Wild Cards of Eddie Kingston and Black Jack Marciano.

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  • 2 weeks later...

[Results] MPW "Walking The Edge", 6/14/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

14 Fans

1. Danny Scott d. Ashley Howard (9:14) with a lariat

2. Danny Daniels d. Brandon Thomaselli (13:07) with a cradle piledriver

3. Sean Nelson d. Bailey Mannix (6:41) with a crucifix bomb

4. Matt Sydal d. Egotistico Fantastico (14:23) with a springboard 450 splash

5. Delirious d. Salvatore Thomaselli (10:11) with a moonsault

6. Tag Team Grudge Match: Ryan Boz/GIGANTO d. Brad Bradley/Randy Ortiz (11:57) when GIGANTO used a powerbomb on Bradley


- Danny Scott took it to Ashley Howard in the opening match. Howard still showed signs of being green by taking odd bumps and by not being fluid in simple spots. However, the match picked up when Howard was able to hit a single leg takedown and began going for various submission holds aimed at Scott's arm. Howard then made the rookie mistake of bringing Scott back up to a vertical stance and soon was hit with elbows to the head followed by back to back to back lariats, but was somehow able to kick out and Howard would follow it up with a short but tremendous comeback after a huge german suplex for a near fall. Howard then hit Scott with a lariat and the two traded lariats, but Scott ended up proving he was the better striker and knocked Howard down for three.

Overall: F (35) Crowd: F (11) Match: D- (60)

- Salvatore and Vito Thomaselli came out to the ring and Salvatore grabbed the house mic. Last month I showed MPWs own boys why The Iron Saints are considered the best in the midwest, and tonight I have to face Delirious. A boy that is nothing short of a joke that no one ever has or will take serious. You know, I could be doing better things on a Tuesday night than having to face a guy that skills are nothing compared to me or my other brother. Some fan yelled out "What about Brandon?" which infuriated both Vito and Salvatore. Fuck Brandon! He has all the talent in the world but when he told us he wanted to do things on his own he broke the blood oath and now not only has he lost back up but he's also gained enemies. Don't worry though, Brandon will get what is coming to him in time, but tonight is neither the time or place to discuss matters like that .

- Danny Daniels was able to keep his undefeated record in MPW with a win over the young and talented Brandon Thomaselli. Daniels started the match off with a front sleeper and from there worked on Brandon's neck while Brandon tried to counter holds and get quick covers. At about the 7 minute mark Brandon hit a big springboard tackle and was able to work on the midsection of Daniels. Brandon eventually went up the turnbuckle but Daniels was able to get up and threw him down to the floor. With this, Daniels began ramming Brandon into the ring post, apron, and had a fan hold up a chair sideways and russian legsweeped Brandon into it. Danny was able to get Brandon back into the ring and went for the pin to get a two count. Daniels was able keep control of the match and locked in a camel clutch but Brandon was able to get his feet on the ropes and then got a quick roll-up for a near fall. Daniels was infuriated and began stomping on Brandon's head until Brandon no longer moved which Daniels then picked him up and hit a cradle piledriver for the win.

Overall: F (49) Crowd: F (24) Match: C (75)

- Sean Nelson would get a total upset in his first singles match against Bailey Mannix. Mannix had a tough time in the beginning as Nelson used his size to quickly escape from his grasp. Nelson got a nearfall with a cross body but Mannix was able to grab ahold of Nelson of throw him back down to stomp on Nelson's back and followed it up with a stalling german suplex for a nearfall. Mannix then went for a death valley driver but Nelson was able to quickly hit a crucifix bomb for a shocking victory. Mannix slowly got up and went to shake Nelson's hand but quickly nailed a straight punch to the throat. Ashley Howard ended up making the save while Mannix walked up the ramp, meeting Danny Scott halfway. Howard helped Nelson up as XXX-Plicit Content high fived and walked behind the black curtains.

Overall: F (37) Crowd: F (11) Match: D (63)

- Egotistico Fantastico yet again fell short in a solid match against Matt Sydal. The two started off with trying to best each other with hurricanrana's and plancha's but Sydal was able to outsmart Egotistico after he seemed to be going for an armdrag but instead hit a enziguri to Egotistico's unprotected head. Egotistico fought back and took control of the match when Sydal was thrown over the ropes and was hit with a hurricanrana from the turnbuckle. This however seemed to irritate Egotisticos head from the enziguri and both spent 10-13 seconds to get up and slowly get into the ring and was followed by both men throwing punches while on their knees. Sydal got a burst of energy and jumped up with a dropkick right to Egotistico's chin which got another 2 count. Sydal eventually fell to a lowblow and Egotistico was able to get some heat by using cheap tactics for pin attempts but of course never succedded. Egotistico then hit an ugly (not sloppy) northern lights bomb and tried to follow it up with his Ego Sault but Sydal moved and quickly took advantage over the opportunity with a springboard 450 to Egotistico's back for the three count.

Overall: F (51) Crowd: F (22) Match: B- (80)

- Ryan Boz walked out from the crowd with some huge man wearing a black leather mask and jean shorts. Both climbed into the ring as Boz took the mic. What you're looking at here is my tag team partner for tonight. A man that has most certainly wrestled in Illinois and all over the States. A guy that is as hardcore as can come and the man who will help me keep my spot as the top heavyweight wrestler in Illinois. This is GIGANTO! Laughter erupted from the crowd which pissed off Boz and 'GIGANTO'. Shut the fuck up you inbreed bastards. Half of you wouldn't know how to say your names if asked right now. Like I was saying, tonight you all will see the new era in professional wrestling when Bradley and that hot Mexican prospect are done in.

- 'Lizard Face' Delirious fought Salvatore Thomaselli in one of the best matches yet in MPW. The match started off with Salvatore distracting the ref and letting his brother Vito come in for some cheap shots but order was restored which Salvatore was still able to control the pace of the match. Salvatore went for a side headlock but Delirious pushed him off into the ropes and hit a reverse hurricanrana for a one count. Salvatore then went outside a grabbed a chair and while the ref tried to grab the chair Vito again got into the ring and hit a crossbody from behind that sent Delirious to the mat. Suddenly, a guy from the crowd wearing jeans and a black t-shirt jumped over the barrier and attacked Vito and ended up fighting him to the back. Salvatore was shocked and looked lost while Delirious slowly came. Salvatore ran towards Delirious and was hit with a devastating lariat. Delirious quickly went ot the top rope and followed it up with a moonsault, hooked both legs, and got the sudden and unexpected three count.

Overall: F(55) Crowd: F (26) Match: B (85)

- The main event saw Ryan Boz and his new ally GIGANTO take on Boz's former partner Brad Bradley and the young but talented Randy Ortiz. Ortiz and GIGANTO started the match off and GIGANTO used his bigger frame to overpower Ortiz and hit some big forearms to the face which Ortiz answered with a some Mongol Chops that didn't phase GIGANTO. Ortiz quickly tagged in Bradley who then fought a war with GIGANTO. The two threw forearms at each other until both fell down. GIGANTO was able to tag in Boz before Bradley could get near Ortiz and began unloading on him. Boz threw a knee that caught Bradley and seemingly busted him open, much to the delight of Boz and GIGANTO. Bradley however fought back and hit a nice powerslam for a two count. Bradley went to irish whip Boz into his corner but it was reversed and Bradley was sent into the opponents corner where Boz tagged in GIGANTO who hit more forearms and followed it up with some bootscrapes. Ortiz tried to come in for a save but Boz tackled him to the outside of the ring and GIGANTO picked up the equally sized Bradley and hit a powerbomb for the victory.

Overall: F (43) Crowd: F (22) Match: D (64)

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

July 2005

- In August MPW will be hosting 'Champions Night Out'. The event will see 8 men battle it out over one night to determine the first ever MPW champion. So far Matt Sydal, Danny Scott, and Danny Daniels have been added, as all are undefeated. Billy Mannix and Vito Thomaselli can solidify their spots if they win or give it their all. 'Champions Night Out' will also see the first ever 4-way elimination match.

- MPW would like to send the best of wishes to Brandon Thomaselli, who recently has gone to an alcohol abuse treatment center. MPW are rooting for Brandon and maintain an open door for him whenever he feels ready to return to the ring.

- The man who helped Delirious last month at 'Walking The Edge' has been identified as independent wrestler Justin Kage. Salvatore has requested a match against Kage and the request has been granted for 'Honor Thy Allies'.

- Brad Bradley will face GIGANTO in what should be a heavyweight classic. Both men have it out to end the others career and both are certainly looking to get into the title tournament in August. Randy Ortiz and Ryan Boz will also square off. Boz recently refused to make the match a MMA Rules stipulation but said if Ortiz can beat him that by the end of the year a MMA Rules match will take place between the two.

- Void Effect will be debuting at 'Honor Thy Allies'. The team is one to watch for over the coming months as both AM Vishion and Zero have potential to be tremendous lightweight workers. MPW is still looking for more tag teams to help put on more tag matches in the coming months.

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Honor Thy Allies

July 26 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

Delirious vs. Egotistico Fantastico

Danny Daniels vs. Bailey Mannix

GIGANTO vs. Brad Bradley

Randy Ortiz vs. Ryan Boz

Justin Kage vs. Salvatore Thomaselli

Vito Thomaselli vs. Matt Sydal

PRO Lions vs. Void Effect

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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[Results] MPW "Honor Thy Allies", 7/26/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

19 Fans

1. Ryan Boz d. Randy Ortiz (7:33) with a STF

2. Void Effect d. PRO Lions (8:41) when Zero used a moonsault on Nelson

3. Vito Thomaselli d. Matt Sydal (27:17) with The Sicilian Driver

4. Danny Daniels d. Bailey Mannix (5:04) with a superplex

5. Justin Kage d. Salvatore Thomaselli (9:31) via DQ

6. Delirious d. Egotistico Fantastico (11:00) with a crossface hold

7. GIGANTO d. Brad Bradley (16:59) with a death valley driver


- The feud between Boz and Ortiz started up the night. Boz tried to end the match early but Ortiz was able to counter all of Boz's submission attempts and landed a Japanese style enziguri that nearly decapitated Boz. Ortiz didn't stay on Boz's neck for the match so Boz was able to get back into the match and began using his experience to his advantage and caught an Ortiz kick and locked in a half crab. Ortiz was able to get the rope break but Boz was able to pull him away from the ropes and quickly locked in a STF which made Ortiz submit. After the match Boz grabbed a chair and attack Ortiz's knee while the ref quickly fled the scene. It took the PRO Lions and Brad Bradley in order for Boz to exit the ring and go through the crowd to persumably the back.

Overall: F (39) Crowd: F (15) Match: D (64)

- PRO Lions took on the new (as in never before having wrestled in MPW) team of AM Vishion and Zero known as Void Effect. Ashley Howard started the match off against AM Vishion and again proved that he is the top prospect out of the Pure Lions Club. Howard was able to keep Vishion down for a majority of the time the two spent in the ring and Howard even showed his cocky side after he hit a german suplex and let go of the bridge to stop the refs counting. Howard tagged in Sean Nelson to 'finish the job' but AM Vishion was able to hit a surprise head scissors takedown that allowed him to tag in Zero. Zero quickly hit a knee drop to Nelson's neck and kept him on the ground in order to lessen the chances of Howard getting back into the match and causing Void Effect to lose the match. After a failed comeback attempt by Nelson, Zero was able to hit an armdrag and followed it up by a decent moonsault for the pinfall. Howard helped Nelson up and started verbally assaulting him which ended up causing a limping Ortiz to come out and cool down the two.

Overall: F (38) Crowd: F (13) Match: D (64)

- Vito Thomaselli was able to break Matt Sydal's undefeated record in a match fans considered MPWs match of the year (so far at least). Vito immediately went on the offensive as soon as the bell rang but Sydal was able to hit a defensive dropkick that knocked Vito down and allowed him to get the first pin attempt of the match. Vito rolled out of the ring where he was consulted by his brother Salvatore at ringside. While the two were chatting Sydal jumped onto the turnbuckle and jumped off with a corkscrew moonsault to knock the two down. Sydal would put Vito back in the ring but Salvatore would attack him from behind while the ref checked on Vito, and before the ref was able to catch anything Salvatore smartly put Sydal back in the ring. Vito went for a pinfall but only was able to get a two count but kept his composure and locked in a cross armbreaker on Sydal but was too close to the ropes which allowed Sydal to get his foot on the bottom rope for a rope break. Sydal was able to catch Vito in a swift small package for a nearfall and then hit a series of dropkicks frollowed by a brainbuster. Sydal then got on the apron and signaled for his 450 splash, which caused the crowd to rise to their feet in unison. Sydal was able to hit a beautiful Springboard 450 and as the ref started the count the crowd yelled it out but Vito was able to kick out right before 3!!! The crowd was stunned and even more, Sydal had no idea what to do as he had just used a move that pinned every single person he has used it against up until this point. Sydal then went up the turnbuckle for a twisting senton but Vito was able to move and the two seemed to be exhausted so much so that neither moved until the ref started the 10 count and was already up to 6. Sydal slowly got up and was at his feet while Vito struggled to even get to his knees. Sydal was nearing Vito when all of the sudden Vito kipped up and hit a huge superkick that sent Sydal into the ropes and caused him to fall forward right into Vito. Vito then hooked Sydal up for the Sicilian Driver and hit the move for the 3 count. The crowd jumped to their feet and yelled out 'Match of the Year' while both Sydal and Thomaselli were sprawled on the mat. Salvatore eventually got into the ring and helped his brother back up and the crowd cheered on both men. Sydal went to shake Vito's hand but The Iron Saints both fell backwards through the ropes and exited the ring.

Overall: F (57) Crowd: F (27) Match: B+ (88)

- Danny Daniels yet again proved why he is considered the top guy in MPW, by defeating Bailey Mannix in just over 5 minutes! Daniels started the match off with a neck breaking clothesline followed by a long headlock. Mannix eventually broke from a headlock and fought Daniels into the corner. Mannix then climbed onto the turnbuckle and seemed to be going for a tornado DDT or something but Daniels hit some kidney shots and quickly followed through with a superplex, which seemed to be almost brainbuster like as Mannix head seemed to take the blunt of the damage. Daniels went for the cover and picked up his 3rd W.

Overall: F (54) Crowd: F (27) Match: B (82)

- Justin Kage finally made his in ring debut against one of the most hated men Salvatore Thomaselli. The match started with both men rushing towards each other and exchanging punches until both fell out of the ring and brawled around ringside. Kage threw Salvatore into the crowd and followed it up with a leap frog/clothesline over the guardrail. The fans really got into the match when both men started tossing each other into chairs and slowly both got back in the ring. Salvatore seemed to have gotten the worst of the brawl and after a dropkick to the chest by Kage, it seemed the match was about to end cleanly. Kage made his way up the turnbuckle but was suddenly stopped by Vito Thomaselli, who dragged him down and after exchanging punches hit a superkick. The ref called for the bell as Salvatore came down on Kage with a swanton bomb. After a few stomps The Iron Saints were finally chased out by Matt Sydal, who helped Kage up and walked him to the back.

Overall: F (43) Crowd: F (21) Match: D (65)

- Egotistico Fantastico faced Delirious in what would be a solid japanese junior style match, but Fantastico again couldn't find a path to get him his first win. Delirious kept up his antics all night and seemed to rub Fantastico so much to the point to where the ref had to administer a countout because Fantastico started walking to the back, but Delirious wouldn't allow the match to end in a low fashion like that and went outside the ring only to have to chase Fantastico around the ring. Both got back in the ring and Fantastico went for a german suplex attempt but quickly fell to his knees and grabbed his back, Delirious went outside and grabbed a cup from a fan and held it against Fantastico's back to help ease the pain. Fantastico seemed appreciative until he poked Delirious in the eye and went for a small package for a two count. Delirious had enough and hit a massive leg lariat followed by a head scissors takedown into a crossface hold. Egotistico was able to flip over and grab the ropes, but Delirious rolled backwards and locked in the crossface hold again and pulled back. After trying to escape from the hold Fantastico ended up tapping out.

Overall: F (52) Crowd: F (22) Match: B (83)

- Salvatore Thomaselli: I know I've lost all potential to be added to the MPW Title Tournament, but that won't stop me from being at Champions Night Out. Right here, I'm telling MPW management that if I don't get added to the 4-way elimination that not only will I walk out but so will Vito Thomaselli, the man who is destined to become the first ever MPW champion. Now, I know management will add bullshit opponents to the match because they want to make sure the Thomaselli's won't take over MPW, but I promise that if that does happen MPW will be held accountable by The Iron Saints own personal attorney who will take every stinking penny from MPW until The Iron Saints are treated fairly. And I still would like to say good luck to Brandon '2 beers and I'm drunk' Thomaselli. The Iron Saints haven't felt so good as they are right now after the pollution has been away from us for the past month. We're still thinking about you pal.

Salvatore grabbed a bottle of beer and began drinking while the camera was still rolling.

- GIGANTO and Brad Bradley again had one hell of a brawl that set the Geoff-Partice Warehouse on fire. The match started with both men coming out of their corners with forearms until GIGANTO was able to get the upperhand and bodyslam Bradley and followed up with mountain punches. Bradley fought back and eventually took GIGANTO down with a sidewalk slam followed by mountain punches of his own. GIGANTO and Bradley then rolled out of the ring and began grabbing chairs and hitting each other and the ref made the call to continue the match and let both guys settle their beef in a match. Bradley took a wicked chair shot and GIGANTO followed up with a powerbomb on an unfolded chair that was suspended by two chairs. GIGANTO then cleared off the time keepers table and prepared to put Bradley through it, only to be clobbered with a chairshot by Bradley. Both men took awhile to get up and once GIGANTO got up he folded the table and put it in the ring and again started beating the shit out of Bradley. By this point, Bradley was busted open and could barely stand, let alone through any decent shots at GIGANTO. The fight finally was brought back into the ring and GIGANTO set Bradley on top of the table. The big man came off the top rope with a flying elbow that completely broke the table and smartly went for the pinfall. BUT BRADLEY KICKED OUT! The fans were in shock but soon knew it was all over when GIGANTO lifted Bradley up and hit a death valley driver for the 3 count. After the match, Boz came out and announced that Bradley had lost his shot next month at the MPW Title Tournament. Randy Ortiz came out of nowhere and tackled Boz to the ground and began throwing punches until GIGANTO got a hold of him and threw him out of the ring.

Overall: F (48) Crowd: F (24) Match: C (72)

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

August 2005

*** MPW is proud to announce the 8 contestants battling it out for the chance to become the first MPW Champion:

Brad Bradley

Even though Bradley hasn't won a match in MPW, the booking committee felt that a man who has put so much in every match cannot be denied a chance to finally pick up a win and potentially represent MPW.

Danny Daniels

Danny Daniels has not only remained undefeated, but he has also picked up some huge wins against Delirious and Brandon Thomselli. Many expect him to walk out with the title but as the old saying goes 'expect the unexpected'.

Danny Scott

One of the surprise breakout stars in MPW, Danny Scott has already proven himself to be a good tag team worker and an even better singles worker. But, does Scott have what it takes to become the best singles star in MPW? Only time will tell!


A star of the Midwest and one of the top performers in MPW. Delirious walks into the tournament with a 2-1 record, and his only loss being to Danny Daniels in one hell of a match. The biggest drawback to Delirious is that he seems to distract himself on occasions and this could easily cost him a shot at the title.


Ryan Boz's right hand man and still a mystery wrestler, GIGANTO has shown his true power and could take the belt home for Boz easily. GIGANTO will be one of the biggest tests for guys in the tournament and anyone who can put the big man down might be the one to take the title home.

Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal is another big Midwest name. With a 2-1 record the kid has put on some quality matches and is in the same league as Danny Daniels and Delirious. Can one of the smallest guys in the tournament have a big enough heart and the passion to take the belt home?

Ryan Boz

Boz has so far been Mr. Unstoppable. Not only has he plowed through Randy Ortiz but he quickly defeated Brad Bradley at MPW's first show 'Midwest Revival Show'. Boz is another favorite to take the title home. And with a undefeated record of 3-0 it's hard to dispute how great of an athlete he really is.

Vito Thomaselli

The true wild card of the tournament. Vito ended Matt Sydals undefeated record last month at 'Honor Thy Allies'. Vito however has some enemies in Justin Kage and Matt Sydal. Will Vito be able to bring The Iron Saints a title?

- Bill Geoff has received letters from J.F. & Associates stating that if Salvatore Thomaselli is not added to the Four Corner Elimination match at Champions Night Out that there will indeed be legal action taken against MPW. This has not only caused MPW to put Salvatore in the match but many of the staff have been angered by the steps taking by Vito and Salvatore and have furthermore threatened action against both if MPW do not stand up against the duo.

- MPW is proud to announce Josh Daniels, former Zero-One and ROH star, will debut at Champions Night Out in the Four Corner Elimination match. Daniels is considered to be one of the most overlooked wrestlers in the United States and MPW is flattered to have such a fine worker in a company that pushes the wrestling first.

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Champions Night Out

August 16 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

[MPW Title Tournament - Round 1]

Brad Bradley vs. Danny Scott

Delirious vs. Vito Thomaselli

Matt Sydal vs. GIGANTO

Ryan Boz vs. Danny Daniels

[Four Corner Elimination]

Josh Daniels vs. Salvatore Thomaselli vs. Bailey Mannix vs. Ashley Howard

Plus: MPW Title Semi-final and Final matches!

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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[Results] MPW "Champions Night Out", 8/16/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

31 Fans

1. First Round: Brad Bradley d. Danny Scott (9:13) with a lariat

2. First Round: Vito Thomaselli d. Delirious (14:21) via a small package

3. First Round: GIGANTO d. Matt Sydal (4:05) with a chokeslam

4. First Round: Danny Daniels d. Ryan Boz (13:49) with a moonsault press

5. Semi-final: Vito Thomaselli d. Brad Bradley (7:42) via pinfall

6. Semi-final: Danny Daniels d. GIGANTO (5:17) with a moonsault press

7. Four Corner Elimination: Josh Daniels d. Bailey Mannix/Salvatore Thomaselli/Ashley Howard. Howard used a german suplex on Mannix (4:59). Daniels used a crossarmbreaker on Thomaselli (10:23). Daniels used a Swandive Headbutt on Howard (15:14).

8. Final - MPW Title Match: Vito Thomaselli d. Danny Daniels (19:54) with a superkick to become the 1st champion.


- Brad Bradley was able to pick up his first win in MPW when he was able to pin Danny Scott, one of the most underrated Midwest wrestlers around today. Scott controlled the pace of the match early on and used his momentum going into the match to gain an early advantage when he dropped out of a powerbomb attempt and rolled Bradley up for a near fall. Bradley seemed to have been shaken up by how close he was to losing the match and Scott used the opportunity to get a few more near falls. Bradley soon caught onto Scott's strategy and caught an arm and applied an armbar. Scott was able to break out of the hold and went for another roll up but Bradley jumped up and hit a legdrop right onto Scott. Bradley then hit a lariat out of nowhere which lead to the pinfall to snap the losing streak.

Overall: F (44) Crowd: F (20) Match: D+ (69)

- In a definite **** star classic, Vito Thomaselli was able to keep his momentum of being one of the top guys in MPW after a hard fought battle with Delirious. Both men came into the match wanting to prove themselves as being flagbearers of MPW and even more both wanted to be a step closer to being the first ever MPW champion. Vito started the match with a cheap roll-up for a near pinfall but Delirious was able to get out the last moment, thus saving himself for a quick defeat. Delirious eventually took total control of the match and kept Vito in check with forearms and armdrags until he was caught by a wicked leg lariat right to the old noggin. Vito then worked on Delirious' head and after a superkick went for the pinfall but only was able to get a two count! Delirious fought back and got a near fall of his own after ducking a Vito clothesline and executing a rollup for a 2 count. Salvatore Thomaselli ran into the ring and distracted the ref while Delirious hit the Shadows Over Hell on Vito and covered him, but the ref couldn't administer the 3-count as he had his hands full with Salvatore. Eventually, Sal jumped off the apron and the ref saw the pin attempt but it only turned out to be a 2 count. Delirious hit another Shadows Over Hell and went for the pinfall again but somehow Vito was able to quickly rollup Delirious and got the unexpected 3 count!

Overall: D- (60) Crowd: F (29) Match: A (91)

- GIGANTO demolished Matt Sydal in what was a prime example of a 'squash' match. Sydal started off using his speed to his advantage but after a poorly planned hurricanrana attempt he was hit with a massive powerbomb and after some brutal punches to the face was put down quickly with a chokeslam from the masked giant.

Overall: F (52) Crowd: F (34) Match: C (71)

- Ryan Boz suffered his first defeat in MPW against Danny Daniels. The two started off with a strength test in which Boz won after stomping Daniels foot and hitting a neckbreaker for a one count. Boz then started attacking Daniels neck until Daniels was able to catch him with a flying forearm. Daniels took control of the match and softened up Boz's head with elbows and forearms which Boz was still able to take it all and keep on fighting Daniels. Boz eventually was able to land a cheap punch to the throat and threw Daniels to the outside, which allowed both men to catch their breath. After sitting in the corner for a few seconds Boz got up, brought Daniels back into the ring, and went for the cover but was only able to get a 2-count. Daniels had a tough time catching his breath which allowed Boz to continue to soften up the neck and get more nearfalls until Daniels was able to hit a flashy spinebuster. Both men then fought on their knees which Daniels was able to knock Boz down again after a dropkick right to the back of the head and Daniels took the opportunity to get up the turnbuckle and hit a moonsault press (nearly crushing Boz's head in the process) for the three count to advance against GIGANTO.

Overall: F (49) Crowd: F (30) Match: D+ (69)

- Brad Bradley's enthusiasm for the night ended on a sour note when he lost to Vito Thomaselli in one of the cheapest ways yet to have been seen in MPW. Bradley controlled most of the match by using his size and strength advantage over Vito, with one particular spot being Bradley catching Vito attempting a crossbody and hitting a brutal powerslam for a nearfall. Bradley hit Vito with a brainbuster and went for the cover but Sal Thomaselli jumped on the apron, entered the ring which resulted in Bradley fighting Sal away but before Sal was tossed out of the ring he successfully tossed a steel chain to Vito who wrapped it around his right fist and eventually threw a punch that knocked Bradley down. Vito went for the pin and got the incredibly cheap (but yet so old school heel) victory.

Overall: F (50) Crowd: F (33) Match: D (68)

- GIGANTO and Daniels had one of the strangest matches in the history of wrestling as both threw very soft punches for most of the match and traded incredibly weak holds. The MPW fans seemed to believe this was a total comedy match as the pacing was in such a way it was funny for all the wrong reasons. GIGANTO went for a chokeslam but his arm conviently gave out and Daniels was able to quickly end the match with a moonsault press on the standing GIGANTO. Afterwards, Ryan Boz came out and verbally assaulted GIGANTO while Daniels celebrated. Boz told GIGANTO to attack Daniels but the big man just left the ring and walked to the back as Boz confronted Daniels but the two eventually seperated.

Overall: F (56) Crowd: F (37) Match: C (75)

- The first ever Four Corner Elimination match saw the debut of Josh Daniels and the growth of Ashley Howard as a professional wrestler. The match started with Daniels fighting Thomaselli on the outside while Howard kept his feud going with Mannix by fighting in the ring. Howard quickly bent Mannix over and hit a fury of forearms to the back and followed it up with a belly to belly suplex for a 2-count. Mannix got up and after being subjected to a little more punishment to the back was whipped around was hit with a german suplex for the quick elimination (Bailey Mannix eliminated by Ashley Howard). Meanwhile, Daniels and Thomaselli had been fighting outside the ring and Daniels was chopping Thomaselli up like it was nobodys business. Daniels brought Thomaselli back into the ring and Howard quickly went on the offense and tried a german suplex but was rolled up for a very close count. Daniels ended up grabbing Thomaselli and hitting a deep armdrag followed by a cross armbreaker, which after a few seconds of being locked in caused Thomaselli to tap (Salvatore Thomaselli eliminated by Josh Daniels). This left the international superstar Josh Daniels against MPWs young ace Ashley Howard. Both men showed respect and shook each others hands and immediately went to the mat exchanging holds. Daniels got the best of Howard and nearly got a submission with a cross armbreaker but Howard was able to get to the ropes and broke the hold. Daniels then handspringed out of an armdrag and hit an unexpected dragon suplex for a 2 count! Daniels finally put Howard away with a Swandive Headbutt to recieve a win his MPW debut match (Ashley Howard eliminated by Josh Daniels). After the match both men hugged and showed mutual respect.

Overall: F (44) Crowd: F (19) Match: D+ (69)

- The finals for the MPW title finally would happen and the crowd was the best it has been yet. Danny Daniels and Vito Thomaselli put on the 2nd best match of the night with a throwback to the Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat days. Daniels played the crowd favorite while Vito was still recieving heat from his cheap tactics earlier in the night. Both men started off trying to best each other with waistlocks which Daniels won after sweeping Vito's legs from under him and followed to up with an idian deathlock. The two fought back to their feet and went to the outside where Vito used his speed to catch Daniels with a hurricanrana right over the guardrail into some sitting fans. Daniels was able to regain his composure and after fighting back and forth threw Vito back into the ring and hit a springboard legdrop for a 2 count. This lead to a demise of Vito's offense and a short boost of Daniels hitting moves and being able to counter Vito's so called defense until Salvatore Thomaselli showed up and started helping his brother out. Salvatore gave his brother the steel chain from earlier and distracted the ref while Vito went to town on Daniels and repeatedly hit him in the head, steel chain wrapped around his fist, until Daniels was busted wide open and was wearing the crimson mask like it was Halloween. Vito went for a small package but Daniels was able to kick out at two and after some more punches he again was able to keep from being kept down for the three. Vito was shocked and called his brother into the ring but to no one's shock Matt Sydal came out and chased Salvatore to the back while Daniels was able to unexpectedly roll Vito up for a two count. Daniels then went for a cradle piledriver but Vito was able to block the attempt but Daniels used an irish whip and went for a backdrop but Vito was able to slide between his legs and when Daniels turned around Vito hit a superkick and quickly covered the fallen Daniels. Vito went for the pinfall but Daniels kicked out! The fans erupted as suddenly Salvatore came back out and got in the ring. While the ref was trying to get Salvatore out Vito ducked a clothesline and started choking Daniels with the chain until Daniels could barely stand and then hit another superkick went for the pinfall which after Salvatore wisely exited the ring led to the dreaded (for MPW fans) 3 count.

Overall: D (65) Crowd: F (41) Match: B+ (89)

Bill Geoff and Jean Partice entered the ring and presented Vito with a trophy and eventually the MPW title. Salvatore gave the microphone to Vito and the crowd immediately showed their immense hatred for the now MPW champion.

Vito: Tonight, I proved to the world that I am one of the most overlooked and underappreciated wrestlers in the American independents today. Not only did I defeat one undefeated guy a month before this tournament tonight, but I went through one of the best junior heavyweight workers Delirious, one of the toughest guys MPW had to offer in Brad Bradley, and the last remaining undefeated guy...Danny Daniels. And I did it all by my own bare hands! No cheap tactics and definitely no politics. I came out here to do what I've trained for my entire life and I never once depended on anyone to do the job for me.

The crowd started a bullshit chant and much to their delight out walked the still crimson masked Danny Daniels. Daniels got into the ring and yanked the microphone right out of Vito's hand which Salvatore bumped chests with Daniels and the two had a short stare down.

Danny: So you won all of your matches tonight cleanly and without help? That's the biggest load of shit I've ever heard from out of anyones mouth, and believe me I've been around some of the biggest bullshitters around this business. For you to not only insult the fans but Delirious, Bradley, and me shows a hell of a lot about your dignity and love for this business. You took the cheapest way to victory and if I wasn't so busted and exhausted I'd challenge you to a rematch right her, right now, and prove you that you couldn't beat me in a fair one on one matchup. And as for you Salvatore, you've got your day coming because I'm going to do everything in my power to get a match with you so that I can break the fucking twig holding up Vito's title reign. You two better be ready for what you have coming to because now not only are you the champion, but tonight you drew the lines and now bitch you have to face everyone you've fucked over tonight and in the past.

With that, Danny dropped the mic and started to exit the ring but The Iron Saints attacked him from behind. This led to Matt Sydal and a street clothed Justin Kage coming in for the save to end the show.

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

September 2005

- Champions Night Out saw Vito Thomaselli crowned as the first MPW champion. Vito however didn't exactly win the title in the most respectful way which has caused even more resentment from the MPW locker room and now even some of the management have spoken out against how The Iron Saints acted during the show. The feeling now is that the Saints are one step away from pushing some people too far which has put a lot of pressure on Bill Geoff lately.

- The Iron Saints have sent word that the lead attorney for J.F. & Associates will be at Respect The Saints and that he will have some words to say to a few MPW wrestlers. Who is this lead attorney and what in the world does he have to say to these MPW wrestlers?

- Danny Daniels was furious because of what went down last month and has been filing petitions left and right to get a rematch against Vito. While the MPW booking committee realizes how talented Daniels is the verdict seems to be that he needs to prove himself just like everyone else before he can get a shot at the title. The committee decided that Danny Daniels shall face Josh Daniels in a PURE Match with the winner climbing up the challenger pole for the MPW title.

- Speaking of people furious at what Vito Thomaselli has done. Brad Bradley has asked for some in-ring time at Respect The Saints in order to unleash some of his recent frustrations.

- The PURE match is a concept that puts two wrestlers in a ring for a classic example of a wrestling match. No illegal holds, no foreign objects, and no interference all apply to determine the winner and overall better wrestler. The stakes are so high that anyone caught cheating (or interfering on behalf of someone) will be immediately fined, fired, and banned from MPW events altogether.

- PRO Lions and XXX-Plicit Content will finally collide in which should be an intense tag match. Both teams hold singles wins over each other and recently Ashley Howard pinned Bailey Mannix, thus causing more dissention in the dual of Mannix and Danny Scott. Will PRO Lions be able to get their first win after what seems to be the impending break up of XXX-Plicit Content or will Scott and Mannix be able to work together and pick up the win?

- Egotistico Fantastico has told MPW management that if he loses against Zero he will leave MPW for good, never to return. As most know, Egotistico has been winless and recently has been avoiding everyone backstage. MPW's own Jean Partice tried to conduct an interview but was physically threatened by Egotistico and had to be escorted out of the interview room by MPW security.

- MPW will debuting a few wrestlers in the coming months in an attempt to add some new faces to the promotion. One of the wrestlers is still a rookie who many have been watching to break out sometimes soon, while another is a fairly unknown guy who MPW officials saw recently and just "had" to bring in.

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Respect The Saints

September 20 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

PURE Match

Danny Daniels vs. Josh Daniels

PRO Lions vs. XXX-Plicit Content

GIGANTO vs. Randy Ortiz

Egotistico Fantastico vs. Zero

Salvatore Thomaselli vs. AM Vishion

PLUS: Matt Sydal, Justin Kage, Brad Bradley, and MORE!!!

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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[MPW] "Respect The Saints", 9/20/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

27 Fans

- The night started off with Salvatore Thomaselli giving a beating to up and comer AM Vishion. Salvatore immediately used his frustration from last months show on Vishion and opened the match off with some brutal chops and a sickening dropkick that looked to literally knock teeth out of Vishion's head. Vishion however of course would fight back and after a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle it seemed as if everything was going his way until Salvatore hit a death drop and followed it up with a beautiful swanton bomb for the easy win.

Overall: F (46) Crowd: F (26) Match: D (66)

- PRO Lions continually have shown improvement in the ring and their match against XXX-Plicit Content went well and beyond what was expected. The match started with Nelson facing the equally speedy Mannix in a showdown that saw countless aerial reversals and a stream of hurricanranas. Mannix tagged out to Scott who absolutely started to demolish Nelson until Howard was able to break the assault and dragged Nelson to the P-Lion corner and tagged himself in. Howard and Scott traded blows and Nelson was able to pull out a german suplex for a 2 count and followed it up with an armbar but was to close to the ropes. Mannix and Nelson eventually were tagged back in and Nelson was able to use his small stature to escape Mannix's grasp and hit a dropkick right to the back of the head and followed it up for a two count. Mannix seemed to be feeling the dropkick as Nelson was able to stay ontop of him for the match and kept getting two counts and a few very close 3 counts. Mannix was able to break out of his slump and tagged out to Scott who again was met with a fresh Howard. The two started where they left off and began chopping each other and going for their respective finishers. Howard hit a release german... but Scott was able to land on his feet and as soon as Howard turned around was met with a kick to the gut followed by the Delicious Driver for the quick and somewhat out of the blues 3 count.

Overall: F (46) Crowd: F (20) Match: C (73)

- Damageplan's "Blunt Force Trauma" ripped through the MPW speakers as Brad Bradley made his was to the ring. Bradley wasn't in his traditional black and blue singlet, but he instead had on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. The fans sat silently as Bradley grabbed the microphone from Jean Partice.

Bradley: Last month at Champions Night Out you all saw an abomination of a title tournament and from the feedback ninety-nine percent of MPW fans went back home pissed of and I can say for myself and most of the guys in the back the feelings were mutual. Vito, you walked into the tournament with a huge CLEAN win over one of the top 3 workes in MPW. You absolutely have the talent but the way you so called "won" the title proved that it may all be fluke. But I'm only a small portion of the guys you fucked over. Delirious gave you a run for your money and if wasn't for Salvatore it's entirely possible he would've bumped you out in the first round, and then you decided to come into our match with a backup plan because you knew deep down it would take alot to keep me down and your little rollups would flop. So you decided to bring in a chain and after you realized you'd have to spend some time on me you just ended up using the chain to knock me out and won like that. Well... I can't demand a title shot right now but I'm asking you to prove everyone in the back wrong and accept a challenge in the coming months with the title on the line... no bullshit interference, no cheap tactics, just you and I in this ring alone so we can solve a grudge and figure out who the best fighter is.

With that Bradley dropped the mic and exited the ring. Leading to the next match.

- While Randy Ortiz came into the match as an underdog he ended up proving that he has the potential to be a top brawler by staying toe to toe with GIGANTO for nearly 10 minutes! Ortiz nearly knocked GIGANTO out at about the 5 minute mark with a high kick but the big man was able to stay up and blocked more kicks and hit a huge legsweep to start his own barrage of knees to the face. Ortiz wouldn't stay down though and jumped up and hooked a triangle choke but GIGANTO was able to lift him up and hit a powerbomb and followed it up with another powerbomb for the win.

Overall: F (41) Crowd: F (23) Match: D- (60)

- The first ever PURE match ended up not being able to serve its purpose as both men fought each other to a time limit draw. Josh used his hard hitting to gain an advantage at the start of the match as he took it to Danny with hard knife edge chops followed by 3 consecutive kicks to Danny's right thigh which caused Danny to fall to the canvas and get caught in a single leg crab. Danny was able to reverse the hold and applied a boston crab of his own which got a pop from the fans. The two eventually went back to a vertical stance and traded headlocks and hammerlocks until Danny hit a huge back elbow that sent both men to the outside. Danny took lead of the match afterwards and after scratching Josh's back hit a powerbomb on the concrete floor. Danny put Josh back in the ring and was able to get a 2-count out of the ordeal. Danny then went for his cradle piledriver but Josh blocked it and hit a back bodydrop. Both men again were down and as the ref neared closer to a 10-count both men crawled to each other and eventually got on their knees and began throwing some very weak punches. Josh then leaped up out of nowhere, connected with a dropkick to the face, hit a dragon suplex, and went for the pin but somehow Danny was able to kick out at the last second. Josh then went for another dragon suplex but Danny was able to lock his feet on the bottom ropes thus keeping Josh from being able to hit the move. The ref broke the hold and Josh was hit with an unexpected enziguri followed by a cradle piledriver. Before Danny could go for the pinfall the bell rang and the ref declared the match a time limit draw.

Overall: F (52) Crowd: F (31) Match: C (74)

- The so far fun night quickly went downhill for the fans when Salvatore Thomaselli walked to the ring, grabbed the house mic, and stood on the apron looking towards the entrance.

Salvatore: Ladies and gentlemen. Last month Vito Thomaselli was crowned the first ever MPW champion and in the midst of it all, controversy has spread like what Bill Geoffs wifes legs did on the corner of Green and Fifth. We, The Iron Saints, promised that we would finally reveal the bossman behind J.F. & Associates but before that comes about. I'd like to first off like to announce next month I will be involved in the second Four Corner Elimination and unlike last time I will win on behalf of the Saints. And second, but not least, J.F. & Associates recently received a letter on regards to a supposed return of a Brandon Thomaselli. Well, I can say on behalf of the Thomaselli's that Brandon is no longer affiliated with MPW due to a recent compromise with MPW management. So all the little smarks running amuck can go back to their keyboards because it ain't going to happen.

Salvatore then realizes he still has to announce who this J.F. & Associate boss is. Salvatore clears his throats and some of the fans seem to be irritated but still in-tune with whats going on.

Salvatore: I'd like introduce to you. The owner, CEO, and all around brains behind the engine you've all been conditioned to know as J.F. & Associates. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you....JIM FANNIN!!!

Some of the fans recognized the name and immediately started to boo while the ones who didn't just sat silent. Fannin walked from the back wearing a black suite with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. Fannin walked to the ring with a briefcase and two younger men carried a stair and propped it up against the apron. Fannin got in the ring and the two men seemed to guard the step. Fannin and Sal hugged in the ring and then Sal handed the mic over to Fannin.

Jim Fannin: Four months ago I called it quite in IWA-MS. No longer did I have any intentions of managing and instead I was going to take it easy...that's until I got a proposal that anyone with a common knowledge in business would take in a heartbeat. That being that if I come in to help Vito and Sal take off in MPW and become the superstars they are destined to be then I surely would have my name at the top of independent wrestling lists as one of the greatest managers of all time. And you know what the best thing is? I don't have to prove anything right now because one of my clients is already the MPW champion and the other is destined to become 1/2 of the tag team champions, whenever Bill and Jean stop blowing each other and get the tournament together.

Anyways, I know people are expecting The Iron Saints and Jim Fannin to be a force to be reckoned with, but ladies and gents this is only the beginning of the army of J.F. & Associates. Vito, Sal, and I are only three men and being on a roster of 20+ only means we need to add a few more numbers, and over time that'll happen and the foundations of this company will shake each and every month until you don't come see Midwest PRO Wrestling, but instead Jim Fannin Presents PRO Wrestling. Fuck it, I'm tired of promoting myself. Vito... get out here and show these people what a true champion looks like.

With that Vito Thomaselli walks from the back, "5 Minutes Alone" by Pantera blaring from the background causing massive drowning of the the crowds reaction. Vito is only about halfway to the ring when his music stops and out from the back emerge Justin Kage and Matt Sydal. The crowd immediately shows which side they favor and Salvatore exits the ring and stands by his brothers side. Meanwhile, Jim Fannin fusses around in the ring and eventually puts the microphone up to his greasy lips.

Fannin: What in the fuck do you two think you're doing right now? Do you think you guys have the right to come into this ring and crash what is supposed to be the most glorified moment in this shitty companies history? What are you two looking for? Are you looking for a fight tonight because if you are J.F. never backs down. You two (Jim points at the two 'guards'). Show these two to the door before somebody gets hurt.

With that the two guys rush Kage and Sydal who pull chairs out of the crowd and completely slobberknock the two men with the chairs. Vito and Sal get into the ring to protect Fannin who after seeing what Kage and Sydal have done seems to have wetted himself.

Fannin: Alright...alright. You both want Sal and Vito? YOU'VE GOT IT. You both have no idea who you've gotten on the wrong side with but tonight I'll make sure both of you find out...one way or another.

Kage and Sydal seemed to be happy with the outcome as they walked to the back with smiles. Fannin and The Iron Saints waited for about a minute before they headed to the back, and on the way Sal and Vito visibly spat on the guards and threw a few kicks to the ribs to show their disappointment.

- Zero, the "strongest" member of Void Effect, was able to beat the current reigning and undisputed champion of enhancement talent...Egotistico Fantastico. Egotistico looked in top form as at the start he was able to counter everything Zero was attempting. As the match progressed it consisted of Zero grounding Egotistico but not for long as Egotistico used his speed and aerial ability to escape possible big moves while still being able to hit an occasional move that would catch Zero off-guard. Zero was hit with a 'Code Red' but Egotistico sort of let his ego get the best of him and didn't capitalize. Zero eventually figured Egotisticos niche and after catching a hurricanrana attempt was able to put Egotistico away with an Absolute Zero.

Overall: F (48) Crowd: F (18) Match: C (78)

- The surprise match of the night ended up seeing a surprise ending that is sure to shape up to a future MOTYC. Justin Kage again turned into being the savior for Matt Sydal when the duo nearly got caught into the typical Iron Saints cheating ways. The match started with Kage and Sal going at it, with Kage seeming to use his frustrations for the last time the two fought off which resulted in Kage getting a win in a weak fashion. As soon as Sal was able to get a break he tagged in Vito and this led to an assasination of Kage, who was saved in the nick of time by a Sydal head scissors takedown. Kage tagged in Matt who rushed Vito and tackeled him to the mat and began throwing closed fists until the ref physically pulled him off and warned him against the punches. This allowed Jim Fannin to get his upperbody in the ring and drag Vito to the Iron Saints corner and Sal tagged in. Sal quickly found out that he couldn't stand toe to toe with Matt after a vicious leg lariat and tagged back out. Vito and Sydal kept exchanging blows but it quickly turned ugly when Vito pulled out the chain from last month and hit Sydal hard enough to cut him hardway. Sydal however seemed to get a burst of energy and hit Vito with a series of leg lariats until Fannin got up on the ring apron and got Sydal's attention, which allowed Vito to sneek from behind and roll Sydal up for a 2-count. Vito called Sal into the ring and the two started a beating on Sydal but Kage was able to put an end to it with a crossbody on both from the top turnbuckle and Kage smartly grabbed Sal and rolled him out of the ring. Vito went to attack Kage from behind but Matt Sydal was able to get up and hit a tornado DDT followed by a brainbuster for a two count. Vito was able to get advantage again and after opening up Sydal a little more went for a superkick but Sydal was able to catch his leg, whipped him around, and hit a reverse hurricanrana (meanwhile Kage hit a running senton off the apron onto Fannin and Sal) which resulted in a 3-count. Kage and Sydal celebrated but the celebration was ended quickly when Fannin and The Iron Saints attacked Kage and Sydal. Brad Bradley ran down and chased the trio off and then helped both Sydal and Kage to end the show.

Overall: F (58) Crowd: F (34) Match: B (82)

[Quick Results]

1. Salvatore Thomaselli d. AM Vishion (7:32) with a swanton bomb

2. XXX-Plicit Content d. PRO Lions (14:56) when Scott used the Delicious Driver on Howard

3. GIGANTO d. Randy Ortiz (9:17) with a powerbomb

4. PURE Match: Josh Daniels vs. Danny Daniels (25:00) went to a draw when the time limit expired

5. Zero d. Egotistico Fantastico (10:27) with the Absolute Zero

6. Matt Sydal/Justin Kage d. The Iron Saints (18:25) when Sydal used a reverse hurricanrana on Vito

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

October 2005

- MPW will be crowning tag team champions starting in December and ending in January. The tournament will be an 8-team elimination with every match being 2v2. Expect to hear of the teams in the coming weeks leading up to the show!

- The MPW Title scene has grown so strong that the championship booking committee had to drop the 4/5 rule in order to set up a championship match. After much deliberation Josh Daniels was picked as the forerunner and thus he will be the first challenger to the title.

Top 5 MPW Title Contenders

1) Matt Sydal

2) Danny Daniels


4) Ryan Boz

5) Justin Kage

- The MPW event schedule from now until the beginning of next year:

November: Testing The Midwest

December: Reviving The Team In Tag Team

January: Champions Of The Tag

- After Bradleys promo on J.F. & Associates, Fannin forced MPW management into putting Bradley in a handicap match against his former tag partner Ryan Boz and the masked beast GIGANTO. How was MPW management forced into making such a one sided match? Fannin threatened to take The Iron Saints out of MPW and said that meant the MPW Title too. Bradley however was optimistic in the match saying that he is more determined then ever to get a big win and prove himself to the world that he isn't the Marty Jannetty of Boz and Bradley.

- The Forner Corner Elimination has tons of history and could blow up into a huge brawl. As many know Kage and Sydal haven't been on the good side of The Iron Saints since Walking The Edge. Danny Daniels also fell victim to the Saints cheating ways during the MPW Title tournament and has been asking MPW management for a match with either Vito or Salvatore.

- A special tag match has been signed which pits Delirious and Davey Andrews vs. MPW's own PRO Lions. Davey Andrews is a student of CM Punk and many have considered him to be THE prospect out of ROHs training school. PRO Lions have a chance at proving themselves but Andrews does have the help of Delirious, one of the most underrated wrestlers currently working the independents.

- Kevin Krueger, Lacey, and Halo will make their MPW debuts at First Line Of Defenses. All three have the spotlight shined right on them but who will be able to step it up to their A game and get a spot on the roster?

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

First Line Of Defenses

October 11 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

MPW Title Match

Vito Thomaselli © vs. Josh Daniels

Four Corner Elimination

Salvatore Thomaselli vs. Justin Kage vs. Danny Daniels vs. Matt Sydal

Handicap Match

Ryan Boz/GIGANTO vs. Brad Bradley

Kevin Krueger vs. Halo (w/ Lacey)

Davey Andrews/Delirious vs. PRO Lions

PLUS: Jim Fannin & Associates and MORE!!!

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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  • 3 weeks later...

[MPW] "First Line Of Defenses", 10/11/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

29 Fans

- Before the first contestants even came out Jean Partice emerged from the back and announced that the opening match would have a special 30 minute time limit. The fans cheered with approval when Matt Sydal came out to signify that the opening match would be the huge Four Corner Elimination. After Justin Kage, Salvatore Thomaselli, and Danny Daniels got into the ring the bell rang and the battle began. Thomaselli and Sydal traded blows while Daniels was able to get an early advantage on Kage with some vicious chops. Daniels and Thomaselli traded opponents which lead to a tremendous comeback by Kage who knocked Thomaselli down with a forearm and then took the opportunity to hit a sloppy plancha sending Daniels and Sydal into the guardrail, which left Thomaselli in the ring who leaped over the top rope, landed on the apron, and hit a beautiful asai moonsault on his three opponents. Thomaselli brought Kage back into the ring but was only able to get a two count. Meanwhile, Sydal was able to get the upperhand on Daniels and after tossing him back into the ring was attacked by Salvatore from behind. Daniels wobbled over to Kage and the two traded punches until Kage ducked a wild right hand and hit a backdrop. Then to the crowd's amazement Kage used a la majistral, and got the three count! Many of the fans cheered until Salvatore came back into the ring to ruin the moment. Sal and Kage fought back and forth until Sal used a low blow to put Kage down and followed up with a middle turnbuckle legdrop for a two count. All this time, Sydal was able to recuperate and when he got back into the ring surprised Sal with a deathdrop for a near cover. Sydal then called for a corkscrew moonsault but Sal ran up the turnbuckle and hit a release german that sent Sydal face first into the canvas. Sal helped Sydal up to his feet but quickly put him down with a superkick and after the cover got the pin to add to an even more shocking moment for the night. The crowd immediately got behind Kage as Salvatore Thomaselli is one of the most hated men around MPW at the current time. Salvatore had the advantage for the final minutes but after the typical Thomaselli cockiness showed up Kage was able to take Sal down with a legsweep and began working the neck. Thomaselli got to a vertical stance but Kage dug his elbow deep into Sal's back and followed it up with a sitdown powerbomb for a 2-count. Sal tried to get one last bit of offense but Kage was able to defend and put Sal down with his The Disturbance for a 3-count. Kage celebrated to the back while Salvatore slowly got out of the ring and made his way to the back, to where he surely would get an ear-full from Fanin.

Overall: F (52) Crowd: F (34) Match: C- (71)

- Delirious seemed to bring out some piz-zaz from Davey Andrews as the two worked collectively in a mediocre match against PRO Lions. Andrews and Howard started the match countering holds but the slightly more experienced Andrews used some tricks and caught Howard in an Anaconda Vice (perhaps taught to him by his trainer CM Punk?) but the hold was broken by Nelson. Nelson was eventually tagged in but was quickly demolished by a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Andrews went for the cover but Howard broke the count. This lead to Andrews beating on Howard, tagging in Delirious, and then hoisting Howard on his shoulders. Delirious jumped to the top turnbuckle and used Howard's back as a launch pad to hit a Shadows Over Hell onto the barely standing Nelson. This lead to a quick victory and perhaps one of the most astonishing tag moves to be around in ages.

Overall: F (40) Crowd: F- (19) Match: D- (61)

- The time came for the two big MPW debutees to meet up in the ring for a chance to be added to the MPW roster. Halo came out the incredibly cute Lacey while Kevin Krueger came out wearing a black t-shirt that read "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I stole your girl". The crowd heckled Krueger which seemed to entertain both Lacey and Halo. The match started with an elbow and collar tie up which Krueger easily won and began throwing kicks to Halo's face causing him to bleed a little from the bottom lip. Lacey cheered on Halo who eventually did the underdog comeback followed with a modified sunset flip (a spot one fan in the crowd seemed happy to see as he stood up and screamed his lungs out) for a two count. Things seemed to be going for Halo until Lacey jumped up on the apron "to warn" Halo of Krueger but instead seemed to allow Krueger to hit a blindsided step kick for a very near fall. Krueger then did a little jive, lifted Halo up, and hit a Cross Legged Brainbuster for the three count. Lacey jumped into the ring and checked on Halo until Krueger grabbed her by the hair, tilted her head back, and planted a kiss right on her neck. Lacey immediately stood up and put her arms around Krueger and after a short making out session left the ring with him. Halo, who was just coming to after getting dropped on his head pushed the ref away.

Overall: F (52) Crowd: F (30) Match: C (74)

Lacey and Kreuger were about halfway to the entrance when out came Jim Fannin, followed by the two still unknown security guards, who was carrying a black briefcase. With a microphone in his right hand Fannin put his hand out to stop Kreuger and Lacey dead in their tracks.

Fannin: You looked really good out here Kreuger. You know, you're just the type of guy I've been looking for the past few days and seeing as you're new here and with a gorgeous valet I think the time is right to talk about a deal. You see, soon MPW will be holding a tag team title tournament and since Vito has the MPW championship we, and I mean Jim Fannin & Associates, need someone to team with Salvatore to bring all the titles home. Now, right here in this briefcase I have two contracts, one for you and one for Lacey, that I'm willing to give the both of you. The only condition is that you sell your mind, body, and spirit to my cause and neither of you get in the way of The Plans. How does that sound to you?

Lacey was acceptant of the contract while Krueger seemed to be wary of what he was getting involved in. But after a little bit of pressure from Lacey Krueger shook Fannin's hand and the three walked to the back, followed by the body guards.

- Even after the surprising Four Corner Elimination MPW fans were thrown into a bigger loop when it came time for the Handicap Match. Ryan Boz and GIGANTO started the match taking turns at cornering Bradley. Bradley then unexpectedly hit a lariat sending GIGANTO to the outside and brawling around the ring with Boz, which ended with Bradley throwing Boz through the ropes to the outside making him knock GIGANTO down. The two argued outside which let Bradley have time to decide on a strategy. GIGANTO and Boz re-entered the ring and again got the advantage over Boz but suddenly GIGANTO stopped and exited the ring, heading to the back. This stunned Boz, while also seeming to help fuel his fire within, and he again kept the brutal attack on Bradley. Boz then went for a Fire Thunder Driver but Bradley countered the move into a body drop and quickly capitalized on it with mountain punches. Boz was able to get out of the mount and surprised Bradley with a quickly executed single leg crab, but Bradley was close to the ropes which kept the move from being clamped on long at all. Boz worked on Bradley's leg for a little longer until Bradley was able to connect with a thrust kick that seemed to hurt Boz. Boz went for dragon screw leg whip but Bradley was able to use the strength of his leg to pull Boz in and lock his hands together over Boz's abdomen to keep him from getting an offensive move. Bradley then lifted Boz up for a powerbomb which Boz was able to drop behind Bradley's back and get a rollup for a nearfall. The two then started a lariat contest which in the end Bradley was able to come back with a ferocious lariat that sent Boz done for the count.

Overall: F (47) Crowd: F (29) Match: D (66)

As a few of the fans showed their appreciation towards the big man accomplishing a spectacular Bradley grabbed a mic and waited for the applauses to subside, and finally the warehouse came to a mere collection of whispers.

Bradley: (breathing hard) Tonight... I've regained some of the respect that I lost at the birth of MPW. Tonight, not only did I beat one of the best heavyweight around today but I also beat the odds everyone thought I would fall to. I'd like to think in the past few months I've proven myself to have a fighting spirit and I'd further more like to believe that if it wasn't for Vito's cheap wins I might be standing infront right here with a belt secured around my shoulder and proclaiming myself the MPW champion. But alas, I'm not...yet. Tonight I officially announce my petition to the title booking committee to give me a title shot next month. I'd like to believe everyone would like to see Vito lose that title to someone who has the decency to have clean matches and not try to up his worth by getting the fans to despise him. Vito, I know in the back you probably are just blowing me off because you beat me at Champions Night Out, but with every waking moment from here until I get you in the ring I'll be in your way until you can't avoid me, until you get so fed up that you finally give me the title shot I'm deserving. And when that days comes your reign will end and I'll make sure to run your good for nothing ass out of this company for good.

The fans cheered on Bradley as he did a two post pose and walked to the back.

- The main event finally came up and only added more negative feelings for J.F. & Associates and The Iron Saints. Josh Daniels started the match with aggressive and a sure hunger to bring the title back to MPW to get some credibility. Daniels would focus on hitting Vito with chops while working in some moves that would affect the upper back/neck. Vito on the otherhand seemed to be taking the match half heartedly and after occasionally escaping a Daniels hold would do hang gestures over to J.F. as if the match was a piece of cake. This infuriated Daniels who unleashed hellacious chops which Vito seemed to barely be able to take and then followed it up with a powerbomb backbreaker which got him a 2 count. Vito then scurried out of the ring where he was attended to by J.F. while the two bodyguards kept an eye on Daniels. Vito got back into the ring just in time to avoid a countout but didn't seem to be doing any better as Daniels hit a belly to belly suplex and followed it up with an armbar. Vito was able to break the hold via a ropebreak and suddenly came back with a snappish head scissors takedown followed by a double stomp to the abs. Daniels though wouldn't stay down for long and continued hitting a variation of suplexs followed by chops, and then when he figured he had the match won Daniels went for a Dragon Suplex but Fannin jumped on the apron while Salvatore ran into the ring and hit a low blow. This then set up for Daniels to lean outside the ring where Fannin threw a white powder at his face, which Daniels reacted by screaming in pain and falling right into a rollup by Vito for the three count. Vito then grabbed a steel chain from Fannin, wrapped it around his fist, and... BRANDON THOMASELLI jumped over the guardrail and slid into the ring. Brandon and Vito traded blows. Vito eventually just exited the ring with Fannin and Salvatore following to the back. Brandon helped Daniels up while the MPW fans cheered.

Overall: F (53) Crowd: F (31) Match: C (76)

***Home Release Exclusive***

The camera's go to the J.F. & Associates locker room where Lacey, Kevin Krueger, Vito Thomaselli, Salvatore Thomaselli, and Jim Fannin are all around a bench. Salvatore is in the corner looking through his bag and tosses some cylinder container to Lacey who then rubs some sort of an ointment on Vito's red chest, meanwhile Krueger is standing next to Fannin talking on a cell phone.

Fannin: ...No, you listen here. Brad Bradley doesn't deserve to be in the ring with Vito at all. Winning two matches in the past 5 months accounts to zero credibility to challenge for any title. Do you know how hard my client has worked to make this belt something about just any ordinary title and to just put him in a match with a guy as wreckless as Bradley is just begging to kill any credibility this company has running in it?...Oh, I'll tell you what. If you don't convince the other members of the board to turn down Bradley's petition review then I personally will take all of my men and walk from this company, and that includes the belt that J.F. & ASSOCIATES BUILT.

Fannin quickly hangs up the phone and the four others look up at him.

Fannin: I cannot believe this. Vito, I don't care what they try to do but you aren't getting into a ring with Bradley anytime soon. You already saw what he did to his own former tag partner and to think what he might be wanting to do to you only makes me sick to my stomach. If we have to defend the title next month fine by me but they'll give us guys we want.

Salvatore: But what about the Iron Saints? What about the tag title tournament?

Fannin: Did I just hear you say The Iron Saints? Listen here Sal, I know you and Vito were formerly, and I use that word strongly, The Iron Saints but as of 9/20/2005 you declared yourselves members of Jim Fannin & Associates. And until either you're able to pick up a win or dethrone me you'll continue being just another lackey. Oh, and before I forget to officially announce... this is your new tag team partner... "The Alpha Stud" Kevin Krueger and both of your valet Lacey. Hmmm...now what about a tag team name?

Krueger: Two Totally Studs!!!

Fannin: Shut the fuck up Krueger. Next time I want a retarded tag team name I'll go to the Special Olympics, pose as an interviewer, and get some suggestions. Anyways, I think J.F & Associates sounds great to me. What about everyone else?

The whole group just looked around not wanting to speak and at that moment the cameras started to fade to black.

[Quick Results]

1. Four Corner Elimination: Justin Kage d. Danny Daniels/Matt Sydal/Salvatore Thomaselli. Kage used a la majistral on Daniels (13:45). Thomaselli used a superkick on Sydal (18:12). Kage used The Disturbance on Thomaselli (23:29).

2. Davey Andrews/Delirious d. PRO Lions (7:34) with a modified Shadows Over Hell on Nelson.

3. Kevin Krueger d. Halo (w/ Lacey) (10:48) with a cross legged brainbuster.

4. Handicap Match: Brad Bradley d. GIGANTO/Ryan Boz (13:51) with a lariat on Boz.

5. MPW Title: Vito Thomaselli d. Josh Daniels (15:07) with a rollup (1st defense).

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PRO Wrestling Strongest Digest

November 2005

- Matt Sydal will have November and possibly December off to rest an injured bicep, and his friend Justin Kage was already booked for another promotion so he too will be missing from the show. This does however allow new talent to break through which is always a good thing! This is also a reason for the #1 Contendership Match which will determine the challenger for the MPW Title at either Reviving The Team In Tag Team (December) or Champions Of The Tag (January). Whatever the outcome the match might possibly steal the show.

Top 5 MPW Title Contenders

1) Justin Kage

2) Josh Daniels

3) Brad Bradley

4) Matt Sydal

5) Danny Daniels

- After months of trying to get in contact officials finally reached Egotistico Fantastico, who had been secretely wrestling in Tijuana, Mexico working in some lucha libre promotions to hone his skills. Egotistico said he will be back to MPW in the near future and will shock everyone with a new lock and some new moves.

- So far MPW have 4 teams already signed for the MPW Tag Title Tournament starting December and ending in January. Brandon Thomaselli will debut his current tag team The BJ Express with Josh Abercrombie and MPW officials are glad to see such an already high caliber talent already appearing for a chance to bring back tag team wrestling.

MPW Tag Title Tournament Roster

XXX-Plicit Content

PRO Lions

J.F. & Associates

The BJ Express





- MPW officials have been in negotiations with 4 other teams and deals are nearly set for the other 3 but they will not be made official until atleast Testing The Midwest if not then a few weeks after. There has been a deal for IWA-MS to bring in a tag team to add some true outsiders. A team hasn't been set but expect an announcement in the very near future.

- Josh Daniels was so irrate over the finish of his MPW Title match that he asked for a match against Salvatore Thomaselli. His wish has been granted and Daniels has vowed to take Salvatore out for the tag team tournament to get some retribution. Daniels has also enlisted the help of Halo to make sure J.F. & Associates don't pull a numbers card and Halo has agreed to second Daniels and keep Fannin and Co. in check.

- Speaking of J.F. & Associates, MPW officials have announce a MPW Title match will take place but will not say who the challenger is, except that he is a former WWE superstar and a guy who should be able to beat Vito. J.F. & Associates however doubt the credibility as such claims and say they still will defend the title to "play the mind games of the MPW bookers who can't stand not being able to throw anyone that can dethrone Vito".

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Testing The Midwest

November 22 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

MPW Title

Vito Thomaselli © vs. X

#1 Contendership Match

Danny Daniels vs. Brad Bradley

Grudge Match

Josh Daniels vs. Salvatore Thomaselli

Davey Andrews vs. Ashley Howard

XXX-Plicit Content vs. Void Effect

Josh Abercrombie vs. Kevin Krueger

PLUS: GIGANTO, Jim Fannin, Halo, Brandon Thomaselli, and MORE!!!

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

Edited by Mr. X
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Breaking News

By Bill Geoff (posted 11-1-05)

MPW is sad to announce that GIGANTO has been pulled from his MPW bookings because of some rift with Harley Race's promotion WLW. MPW has appreciated GIGANTO's work from day one and he will always be welcomed back to the promotion. This has caused a bit of a shit for Testing The Midwest as changes had to accommodate GIGANTO's depature.

Another news bit is the just leaked news that last night ROH standout Davey Andrews suffered a back injury during the last IWA-MS show, as the great promotion recently shut down due to money issues. MPW officials have decided to still have a team representing IWA-MS in the tag title tournament as a way to say thank you to a promotion that helped the Midwest scene revival. MPW will also be looking to bring in some of the IWA-MS workers as they all have something to add to MPW.

MPW wishes Davey Andrews a speedy recovery.

A previously unannounced tag team has also been pulled out of action for the December and January shows, which has caused me to go ahead with a 7 team tournament. And at Testing The Midwest XXX-Plicit Content will take on Void Effect with the winning team getting a bye to the Semi-finals while the losing team will be thrown back into the First Round to face one of the other 5 teams.

I hate hyping MPW events but I cannot stress enough that Testing The Midwest is a must see show which will certainly surpass anything we have put out to this date. I cannot wait for the show to begin and hopefully neither can you, the MPW junkies!

- Yours Sincerely,

Bill Geoff

Midwest PRO Wrestling Presents...

Testing The Midwest

November 22 @ Geoff-Partice Warehouse

MPW Title

Vito Thomaselli © vs. X

#1 Contendership Match

Danny Daniels vs. Brad Bradley

Grudge Match

Josh Daniels vs. Salvatore Thomaselli

Winner Gets Bye

XXX-Plicit Content vs. Void Effect

Josh Abercrombie vs. Kevin Krueger

PLUS:  Jim Fannin, Halo, Brandon Thomaselli, and MORE!!!

*Card subject to change

Tickets $10 at the door

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[MPW] "Testing The Midwest", 11/22/05

Geoff-Partice Warehouse

46 Fans

As the fans were getting seated Randy Ortiz emerged from the back and grabbed the house mic from Partice. Some of the crowd clapped while the rest "sat on their hands".

Ortiz: For two months in a row now, I come into this Warehouse as a mere backup guy incase someone is either injured or doesn't make it to the show. I'm sick of being tired of waiting around for my chance to get into the ring and continue to prove why I deserve to be on the MPW roster. What upsets me even more is two of the guys I got brought in with have been featured much more than I and one of them can't even wrestle to save his life, he depends on the other to get the job done. Tonight, the era of Ortiz begins. And when it's all said and done everyone in the back will recognize the future of MPW rests in my hands.

Ortiz drops the mic but before he can leave out walks Chandler McClure. Chandler gets into the ring and bumps chests with Ortiz, causing the ref to signal for the bell.

1) Chandler McClure d. Randy Ortiz (6:47) with a crab hold

- Very basic back and forth match. McClure started the match with a dropkick to Ortiz's right knee and immediately began working the leg. Ortiz was able to hit a backhand and followed it up with a sloppy step-over enziguri for a nearfall, but McClure was able to recuperate and after a irish whip Ortiz was tripped and caught right into a crab hold.

Overall: F (35) Crowd: F- (17) Match: F (53)

After the ring cleared out came Josh Abercrombie and Brandon Thomaselli to Soilwork "One With The Flies". Josh got into the ring while Brandon high fived a few of the MPW fans who were sporting some "Kill J.F. & Associates" shirts. Brandon grabbed the mic from Partice and got into the ring where Abercrombie was sitting on the top of one of the turnbuckles.

Brandon: Last month I made my ever so glorious return to MPW and proved why people consider me the untapped Thomaselli. Not only did I show Vito a thing or two about what it means for ghosts of the past to get revenge but I mad a key ally in Danny Daniels. Tonight, I don't have a match but Josh Abercrombie does. This man and I have traveled the Midwest together busting our asses in tag team matches to prove that we have what it takes to be tag team champions, and next month we get one step closer to proving that for sure. Now... I know many people see J.F. & Associates are also in the tournament which means there might be a huge grudge match going on in a tournament that should only be about showing who the best tag team is currently around in MPW. I can promise every single fan out there that I or Josh will not do anything that would be unfitting of tag team champions and that means if we do have to face Salvatore and Kevin, then we will do so in an acceptable bout with the MPW Tag Team Titles being either in the winners hands or atleast a shot at the titles. Now...

Just then out walked Fannin, Salvatore, and Kevin Krueger. Krueger was already in his attire while Fannin and Salvatore were sporting business suites. Krueger jumped on the apron and got into Abercrombies face, which Brandon responded by exiting the ring as MPW referee Mike Mongoose signaled for the bell.

2) Kevin Krueger d. Josh Abercrombie (9:28) with a Lady Thriller

- Abercrombie and Krueger put on a less than stellar match which saw Abercrombie use his speed to get the best of Krueger for the opening of the match. Krueger was able to catch up with Abercrombie and got a near tapout around the 4 minute mark but failed because Abercrombie was too close to the ropes. Abercrombie made a short comeback after hitting a dropkick followed by a hurricanrana, but Krueger was able to kickout. Krueger then got the upperhand after catching Abercrombie's crossbody attempt and hitting a gut buster. Krueger did a few clubbing forearms to Abercrombies neck, then yelled out "LADY THRILLER" and hit the cross legged brainbuster he beat Halo with last month to get the decisive count.

Overall: F (43) Crowd: F- (24) Match: D (63)

Abercrombie and Brandon walked to the back while J.F. & Associates celebrated in the ring. Instruction "Breakdown" then played as Josh Daniels made his way down to the ring. Salvatore quickly took off his suite and revealed his attire was underneath and this immediately led to their grudge match.

3) Grude Match: Josh Daniels d. Salvatore Thomaselli (7:18) via DQ

- Josh Daniels continued his use of hardchops as within the first minute of the match Salvatore developed a red chest. Daniels quickly went for a dragon suplex but Thomaselli was able to drop down for a rollup to get a two count. Daniels continued to beat on Salvatore to get it across to J.F. & Associates that he wasn't going to take any of their crap, but in the end a chairshot from Kevin Krueger took Daniels out but the ref caught it and disqualified Thomaselli. This lead to Halo making the save and he said Halo and Daniels were going to get the MPW Tag Titles next month as both were teaming up.

Overall: F (55) Crowd: F (35) Match: C (75)

4) Winner Gets Bye: Void Effect d. XXX-Plicit Content (13:53) when AM Vishion used the Double Vishions on Bailey Mannix

- Bailey Mannix and Danny Scott continued to have problems going into the match which would decide a team that had a huge advantage coming into the tag title tournament. Bailey Mannix and Zero started the match up with a test of strength which Mannix easily won and thrusted his knees into Zero's abs, who was in a bridge. Zero was able to get out with a monkey flip and the both exchanged japanese armdrags until Mannix tagged out to Scott. Scott beat on Zero for minutes until Zero was able to counter an attempted powerbomb and dove right into a tag with AM Vishion. Vishion got the upperhand against Scott who tagged out to Mannix. Mannix was taken down quickly with a double enziguiri followed by a double dropkick to the head but Void Effect only got a 2-count as Scott made the save. Zero tackeled Scott to the outside while Vishion was able to smoothly put Mannix down and out with his Double Vishions finisher.

Overall: F (49) Crowd: F (28) Match: C (70)

5) #1 Contendership: Danny Daniels d. Brad Bradley (10:21) with a moonsault press

- Danny Daniels continued to prove that he is one of the top singles competitor on the independent scene today. Brad Bradley use his size early on and cornered Daniels which allowed Bradley to use his heavy hands for some nasty chops and after a weak elbow from Daniels used a sideslam for a two count. Bradley saw the beginning of his downfall after he missed a legdrop from the middle turnbuckle which Daniels took advantage of and twisted the right knee of Bradley. Bradley however was able to use his other leg to kick Daniels away which caused Daniels to change his plan of attack as he went to the air and used the already worked on leg to his advantage. Bradley thought he had Daniels plan scouted but Daniels hit a dropkick to Bradley's leg then hurried up the turnbuckle and hit an impressive moonsault press on the barely standing Bradley for the 3-count.

Overall: F (54) Crowd: F (40) Match: D+ (69)

Pantera "5 Minutes Alone" played as MPW champion Vito Thomaselli walked to the ring to a chorus of boos. As soon as he got into the ring... JBLs music started. The crowd quickly turned to even louder boos until....JB-LERIOUS!!! As soon as the curtain flew open out popped Delirious, wearing a cowboy hat, chaps, cowboy boots, and capped the look off with a cigar barely in his mouth. Vito was stunned as the man of unknown tongue ran around the ring giving all the fans high fives before finally sliding into the ring. MPW official Rich Bass took the MPW title from Vito and held it in the air and just when he had put the title and was walking back to the ring...












"You've got the touch, you've got the power!!"

MPW fans immediately jumped from there seats as former IWA Mid South Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Jimmy Jacobs threw back the curtain to a monstroius pop. Jacobs, wearing his purple furry boots and black trunks, avoided crowd interaction and immediately got into the ring and was handed a mic.

Jacobs: MPW officials promised you, the fans, a former WWE superstar and by god here I am! After months of you fans posting on the message board saying that I'm the missing piece to MPW, finally management realized who the real draw is....Jimmy Jacobs. Now, for those of you wondering how I am a former WWE superstar, I'm the jobber, the unknown guy who beat Eddie Guerrero on Smackdown! earlier this year. Yes, it was me!

The crowd began the Huss chants as Vito grabbed the mic from Jimmy.

Vito: Jimmy, stop the bullshit. You beat Eddie by disqualification. It's not like you pinned the guy or anything. And for you to come into my promotion and claim you're "the real draw". I think a little reality check is in store.

And with that Vito hit a surprise forearm as Rich Bass called for the bell.

6) MPW Title: Vito Thomaselli © d. Delirious/Jimmy Jacobs (24:37) with rollup on Delirious

- While Vito was beating the holy hell out of Jacobs, Delirious exited the ring and ran around talking his gibberish to the delight of the crowd thus distracting Vito and allowing Jacobs to get a roll up for a two count. Delirious got back into the ring and hit a double forearm knocking down both of his opponents then followed it up with a superfly splash for a two count. This led to Vito being tossed out of the ring and Jacobs/Delirious countering each other until Vito got back into the ring and rocked Jacobs with a superkick and wrestled Delirious. Delirious was able to get the upperhand after a forearm to the face and seemed to be on the track to winning the match until Jacobs got back into the ring, hitting a Berzerker Boot to Delirious from behind while Vito was down, after Delirious hitting a stiff dropkick to the head. The fans booed as Jacobs went for the pin but Delirious was able to kick out at 2! This lead to Jacobs trying everything he could to beat Delirious but failing at every chance, thus allowing Vito to get back up and surprise Jacobs with an inverted swinging neckbreaker to get a two count. After a showcase of reversals and submission holds involving all three men, Jacobs went for the Contra Code but Delirious was able to block the move and sent Jacobs crotch into the top rope and moreso causing Jacobs to fall out ringside. Vito quickly used the opportunity and hit a splash from behind on Delirious and with a grab of the tights yanked back and went right into a rollup for the 3 count.

Overall: F+ (59) Crowd: F (41) Match: C (77)

After Vito's celebration and departure Delirious slowly got back up and backed into Jacobs. Jacobs reached for a handshake but when Delirious went to accept Jacobs quickly pulled off a Contra Code. The fans immediately started a "Fuck you Huss" chant as Jacobs walked to the back, leaving Delirious sprawled out on the canvas.

Edited by Mr. X
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