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  1. My mouse pad is the main point of conflict. Half of the time that I am trying to left click it decides I am right clicking, and vice versa. It's one of those solid pieces with no visible separation of sides.
  2. Quom convinced me to buy Stardew Valley. Enjoying it so far, even though playing it on a laptop might not have been the best decision.
  3. The battle controls of FFXV didn't work well for me. Like, the mapping of hitting seemed like it would've felt more natural being the opposite button of what it actually was. Maybe I'm just weird with controls.
  4. Just bought one $99 season ticket for Illinois football.
  5. I'm eager to sit back and watch what Lovie may bring to Illinois football. If within the first couple of years he can get us in the top 4-5 of the conference, it would already be an improvement from the last few seasons. Being a yearly contender for the conference title would also be a huge deal because our football team has been pretty shit for nearly all of my life.
  6. And now the rumour mill says that Lovie Smith will be the new Illinois HC.
  7. So practices are just around the corner. News today that Illinois has fired Bill Cubit, the first big move of new AD Josh Whitman.
  8. Yakupov to Chicago for Teravainen and Shaw. Stanley Cup Playoffs cancelled.
  9. Bought Far Cry Primal and have only played about 30 minutes. Enjoying it and will probably spend most of this weekend on it.
  10. For those who own the Wii U Pro remote, is it worth the price?
  11. Have fun with that joke. It is going to end soon!
  12. Pat Bowlen is the majority owner of the Broncos who stepped down due to Alzheimers.
  13. And about another hour for the trophy because guys really like to talk about nothing.
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