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UT 2004 question.


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I want to buy it but I noticed there are two versions available. a six CD version and a DVD version.

Six CD version costs £10, DVD version costs £18.



Is there any difference between the two? Obviously DVD is more convenient but is there any difference beyond that? It just seems like the DVD is £8 (roughly $14) more for no reason.

Please help. :blush:

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In america it's referred to as the 'editors edition' not the DVD version. But there is a difference. The one that costs more has more content on it, and mods on it directly from the editors, and the most popular mods available. It's basicly to where your multi-player experience (Let's face it UT 2004 is best known for that) is the most friendly/convenient. If you have the money to spare, go ahead and get it, if not then just buy the cheaper one as I'm sure you could find better mods. Either way, I paid more for the edittors edition. I love that game, but i had to uninstall it due to so many Naruto EPs being downloaded.... plus I played Final Fantasy XI, and that costs alot of memory with the CoP expansion.

Anyways, hoped that helped. :thumbsup:

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