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The Wrath of Tommy Cornell

Guest Rygar Frost

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Guest Rygar Frost

What happened?

Everything was going so well. I was happy. But, then again, happiness can never last. Those damn Eisens. They stole the damn company out from under my feet. I mean, who else would have. It’s theirs now. But how?

It came out of nowhere. I remember the headlines. “Corruption in the ranks of TCW!” Mafia links, secret payments. None of that shit happened. At least not to my knowledge. And now I’m nowhere. No company, just the money I’ve saved over the years, given its still a pretty penny’s worth. But no company. Bought out by the Eisens.

All the evidence pointed to me, but I didn’t do it. Who the hell knows who did. Someone fucking set me up, and I’m gonna find out who. They let go the whole company. Everyone. I mean, I know some will find jobs. Who knows, maybe the Eisens will have a change of heart for some people. They’ll probably hire Sam and who knows else. But Rip won’t go. And I wont either. Since the breakup of the company we’ve become better friends. Best friends some might say. He hates the Eisens just as much as I do. And we’re gonna ruin them together.

Even though no one respects me anymore and I can’t start a new promotion for 10 years, I’m not just gonna sit here and take this shit like its nothing. If I cant start a company to ruin the Eisens then I can at least join a company that will. The question is: “What company can?”

A/N: Here’s what happens now. I’ve decided that every once in the while in the diary, I will give a poll to the readers. They will be able to vote on what should happen next. Usually I’ll give two or three choices to pick from but for this first question you can choose your own answer. If you cant figure out what the question is yet, I’ll give you a hint. Read the last sentence of the actual dynasty entry again. Still can’t figure it out. Then too bad. I’m also going to be posting this over at GDS forums so whichever choice gets the most votes all together will be what I pick. The deadlines for votes is gonna be either is approx. 24 hours or whenever I feel that there is a clear winner, whichever comes first.

A/N#2: I have done the following to a copy of the data( I ain’t gonna ruin the original data) in order to accomidate my backstory:

Deleted TCW

Added a best friend relationship between Cornell and Chord

Added a hatred relationship between Cornell and all of the Eisens

Added a hatred relationship between Chord and all of the Eisens

Brought Cornell’s respect down to 10 and his sprit down to 50 (he’s inspired to bring down the Eisens and clear his name)

That’s all for now. Be back within 24 hours. Feedback on the backstory would be appreciated greatly.

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Guest Rygar Frost

It’s been a rough morning. I’ve been trying to think about where I should be headed and I just can’t figure it out for certain. I mean, it’s a big decision. I have to be confident that whoever I go with will have the capability of rising up and overtaking the SWF. Not only that but I gotta clear my name. I can’t live the rest of my life being looked down upon for something I didn’t fucking do. But of course, I will be. Unless I find out the truth.

I walked in to my agent’s office to go over some of the choices with him.

Roger(my agent): Hey there, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal.

Me: Cut the suck-up shit. I came here to have a conversation not to have my ass kissed.

Roger: OK. Straight down to business then. I’m guessing you came here to talk about what promotion to choose.

Me: You’d be guessing correctly.

Roger: Well, the obvious choice would be BHOTWG. I mean, it’s the only other global promotion and-

Me: No.

Roger: What?

Me: I said no.

Roger: But-

Me: No one there has the desire to become the best over here in the states. The couldn’t give a rat’s ass how big SWF is as long as they’re winning in Japan.

Roger: So, something like DAVE. Everyone knows Nemesis’ hatred for SWF.

Me: Yea. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know if they have the capability of overthrowing the SWF.

Roger: Um, How bout CGC with the DeColts or NOTBPW with the Stones.

Me: But could they get big over here.

Roger: Look, what do you want me to say? Make your own promotion.

Me: You know I can’t do that.

Roger: Find a loophole.

Me: What?

Roger: Look, I got a friend who’s a lawyer. You want me to give you his number.

Me: Sure, I might as well check it out. Better than all my other options right now.

He gave me a number on a scrap piece of paper. I thanked him and I left. I immediately took out my cell phone and called him.

Secretary: Hello, Mr. Robinson’s office, may I help you?

Me: May I speak to Mr. Robinson please?

Secretary: May I ask who’s calling.

Me: Tommy Cornell.

There was a long pause. I couldn’t tell if she’d hung up or not.

Me: Hello?

Secretary: I’m getting punked right.

Me: No. You’re not.

Secretary: oh my god. Oh My God! I used to watch TCW all the time. You were fantastic.

Me: Thank you.

Secretary: It’s a shame what happened. I mean with all of the mafia ties and secret payoff and-

Me: Could I PLEASE talk to Mr. Robinson.

Secretary: Um, sure. Just hold on one moment.

They have to bring it up. Every time. I get it everywhere I go. “You were so great.” “ It sucks that you cheated to stay on top.” It’s a must. I gotta hear it wherever I go. I gotta find a way to spread the truth.

Mr. Robinson: Hey, Tommy. May I call you that.

Me: Sure. Look, William-

Mr. Robinson: You can call me Bill.

Me: OK, Bill. Do you think you can find a way that I can start a promotion without breaking the contract I signed with the Eisens.

Bill: Sure. I mean, I can’t make any promises.

Me: Whatever. I just wanna try.

Bill: Sure. Come over when you get a chance. I’ll make room.

Me: I might just take you up on that. See you soon.

I hung up the phone. What if I could start a new promotion? What if I could start anew and rise up and overtake those damn Eisens? But maybe I’m just hoping too much. Maybe I should just join an existing promotion and not even go to the meeting. Fuck. I just wish I knew what to do.


Time to help Tommy Cornell

What should he do?

A.) Go meet with Bill and find a loophole in the contract (I guarantee there is one)


C.) Join DAVE


E.) Join CGC

When I have enough votes, I’ll continue. If I don’t get enough by tomorrow when I get home from school then I’ll choose which ever one I like best.

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Guest Rygar Frost

I decided that I was gonna post the convo w/ Bill so you guys know what I’m planning if A is chosen.


I walked into Bill’s office with an open mind. I mean, I doubted anything could come out of it but who knows. There’s always a chance.

Bill: Hey there, Have a seat.

I did as he said and made myself comfortable.

Me: So, did you find anything.

Bill: Well, kind of.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Bill: Look, you cant own a company or be the booker for a company, right.

Me: Yea, I know.

Bill: well, I know how the wrestling world works. There are sponsors and people with power backstage and all that kind of stuff.

Me: So….

Bill: So, what if you were to fund a company.

Me: Fund a company?

Bill: You find an owner and a booker that you trust and you give them money to set up the company. It gives you a bit of backstage power and will let you stay with a company that you own a piece of.

Me: But who would I hire as owner or booker.

Bill: Don’t ask me. That’s your problem.

Me: Well, thanks for the help.

Bill: No problem

Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe that ain’t such a bad idea. But it could still fail miserably. I still gotta think about it.


So that’s what would happen basically, as it’s the only way I can use Tommy as a wrestler. Id basically have a big promotion with no roster and build from there. So, could be interesting. But, it’s still up to the readers to decide what happens.

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Guest Canada's Blue Meanie

I choose C, :).

Good Diary. It's very intersting and I hope you can make Tommy Cornell great in what ever promotion he goes to.

Keep up the g'work.

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Guest Rygar Frost

I had finally decided. After thinking about it for a while I realized that I didn’t know who to start a promotion with. I needed somewhere that was already stable. And the only place that was actively against the Eisens and already stable is DAVE. I called Roger up right then and there and set up a meeting. I walked in feeling very confident.

Phil: Hey there Tommy. Sit.

Me: Sure

I did so.

Phil: Now, I think you would make a great addition to the roster.

Me: Thanks. So, how long do you want. A year, two years, what?

Phil: Listen, before I get your hopes up, we’ve decided not to sign you to a written contract.


Phil: Listen, with everything that’s going on, we felt that it would be easier if we eased you back onto the big stage.

Me: So, what does that mean?

Phil: We have no idea how the crowd is gonna react to you.

Me: Meaning?

Phil: Meaning that if they don’t respond well to you then we don’t want to be liable for paying you to stay off screen.

Me: What the hell!? I thought-

Phil: You thought wrong! Now, I am offering you a very nice deal here ok? $1,600 an appearance as a main eventer. Take it or leave it.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was supposed to help take the lead of the company. I was supposed to lead these guys to the top and be behind them 100%.

Phil: Look, in a year we’ll reassess the situation, ok?

I didn’t say anything about it for a few minutes.

Me: Fine. Where do I sign?

I signed on the dotted line and left. Where was I now? I got a good offer but that’s not what I even usually get. And they have the ability to fire me if things go wrong. Maybe there’s good news ahead. Maybe…....My phone started ringing and I answered it.

Me: Hello?

???: Hey dude, it’s me.

Me: Rip? What’s happening?

Rip: I have a proposition for you.

Me: Shoot.

Rip: Strong’s starting a company.

Me: Are you serious.

Rip: Yep. And he’s calling it Last Resort Pro Wrestling.

Me: Hmmmmmm. Interesting title.

Rip: That’s not all. He hired me as Head Booker.

Me: That’s great.

Rip: He also gave me another job.

Me: Really? What’s that?

Rip: To hire you.

Me: Me? After all that happened towards the end of TCW

Rip: Hes gotten past that. He’s pretty sure that you didn’t do everything the media said you did and he REALLY wants you to join.

Me: I can’t.

Rip: And why the hell not.

Me: I just signed up with DAVE and I wanna see how it works.

Rip: So they already nabbed you with a written contract.

Me: No.

Rip: Then why cant you?

Me: Because I don’t wanna be in a written contract while in a verbal contract with DAVE.

Rip: Fine.

Me: Thanks for understand-

Rip: We’ll offer you $42,000 an appearance.

I was speechless. $42,000 an appearance?! That would pay the bills. Could I really reject this offer?

Me: Ummmmm, who else is on the roster?

Rip: No one yet. That’s my next job.

Me: Well, when you have enough people on your roster for your first show, then I’ll be there.

Rip: Thanks, dude. This means a lot to me.

Me: Wait, before you go. I wanna ask you something.

Rip: Sure.

Me: What’s Sam’s plan.

Rip: It’s pretty simple. To become the best.

Me: Then count me in.

Rip: I’ll be seeing you.

Me: Bye, dude.

I hung up the phone feeling satisfied. This could be the opportunity I needed. A debuting global corporation with Sam and Rip. That might just be able to beat the Eisens. This just might work.

Next up: Tommy’s first match since TCW

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Guest Rygar Frost

June, Week 1, Monday

I talked to Jon, my trainer for the first time in a little while. We worked out for a while and then we did a match. As usual he was impressed but he did tell me something I wasn’t expecting. He said that I “didn’t have an easily accessible finishing move” Well, that could be fixed. I had been working on perfecting a new move I decided to call the “Bear Trap.” Basically it’s a crossface where instead of just pulling back on the face with my hands, I dig my nails into the opponents forehead. We’ll see how it works when I introduce it in the ring tomorrow.

June, Week 1, Tuesday

Tonight’s my first night on TV since TCW closed. I walked into the arena and fould out I would have an Interview followed by a tag match where I’d be teaming with Pablo Rodriguez. I went backstage and saw Shawn Gonzalez, one of my opponents in the tag match backstage. I went over and talked to him briefly. He seems like an ok guy. After finishing my conversation I walked out ready to warm up the crowd before the match officially got underway

A/N- For interviews, I’m gonna usually ignore the whole battle thing unless they win or unless I feel like having someone come out in the middle of it. This is just for future reference.

I walked out to a chorus of boos. Even though it was a smaller crowd then I usually worked for, I still could tell that they hated he. I got into the center of the ring before I said anything.

Me: Shut up!

The crowd died down.

Me: Haven’t changed at all, have you. Still judging before you see a damn thing. You know that inside you love me. You know you love hating me. And I want you to know that I didn’t come to DAVE for you people. No, no, no, no, no. I came here for me. To prove a point. To show the true me. The me who isn’t afraid of anything. The me who could do whatever the hell I want. The me who’s gonna rule this company with an iron fist. And I’m gonna start tonight, with that piece of crap Caulfield .

The crowd cheered at his name.

Me: Oh, shut up. He might be your beloved champion but he isn’t worth shit in my eyes. In fact, he seems to me like he’s just a waste of perfectly good sperm. Wanna prove me wrong? Then prove it tonight! That is, if you can.

I walked off to the boos of the crowd that I loved so much. I got backstage and got ready for my match, which was up next.

Tommy Cornell and Pablo Rodriguez vs. Shaun Gonzalez and Chris Caulfield

Shaun and I started out first. It was pretty even for the first few minutes. Id get a few moves in then he would. After he fell on top of me after a Shooter Takedown, he tagged out to Chris. He took the upper hand right off the bat and hit me with a flurry of punches before knocking me down. He kept beating on me for a while until I fought back and hit a Hammerlock followed by a Rear Amateur Takedown and tagged out to Pablo. I stopped paying attention for a few minutes as I caught my breath. I was brought back into the action when I heard the crack of a chair as Pablo DDT’d Chris onto a chair. He rolled him back in and went for a Seated Back Dropkick but Chris avoided it and tagged out. Pablo avoided a Dropkick and tagged me in. It stayed balanced again until I hit a Face-First Suplex followed by some Rear Crossface Blows. I tried to pick him up but he fought back and tagged out again. After a while Pablo got bored I guess and hit a stiff Tornado DDT and got the win after 20 minutes and I was livid.

I went up to Pablo after the match and started screaming at him.

Me: Do you not understand how important that match was to me. That was my RETURN match. And because you decided to end it early, it was horrible.

Pablo: Look, sorry man. I shouldn’t have done what I did. OK?

Me: Fine. Sorry for overreacting. Just don’t do it again.

Pablo: Scout’s honor.

Well a horrible match to start out with. But at least the day wasn’t a complete failure. People liked the interview it seems. And even though I wanted to pin Caulfied, there will always be another fight.

I went home to sleep after that. I thought it be a simple week. LRPW didn’t have enough people to start a show yet. Little did I know I would be receiving a “visitor” midway through the week who would stir up some excitement.

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Guest Rygar Frost

The phone rang at 2:30 am on Thursday. I wasn’t expecting it. I mean, I don’t get many calls anymore, especially at 2:30 in the morning. I answered woozily.

Me: Hello?

???: Don’t hang up the phone.

Me: Who is this?

???: Listen to what I have to say. Get out of the business.

Me: What?

???: Quit the business if you want to live.

Me: That’s it. I’m calling the cops.

???: Don’t call the cops. It’ll just tip ‘em off faster.

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

???: You ever think that your company collapsing wasn’t so that some one else would get but so that you would fail?

I didn’t talk for a few seconds. I couldn’t. The frame up was to ruin me?

Me: But, who would do that? And how would you know-

There was a click at the other end of the machine. I guess he thought he said to much. I wonder who he was?


Should Tommy:

A.) *69 his ass

B.) Ignore it as a threat

C.) Quit the business(this is not a real choice)

You pick. I write. Votes gotta be in by about 16 hours from this post.

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Guest Rygar Frost

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It really makes me want to do more. After ommorow, updates for the next few days are gonna come as I can do. The game is at my dads and hes going on a mini-vacation. If i cant continue the game, I'll just do storyline updates sparcely for the rest of the ti,e/

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Guest Rygar Frost

I immediately *69 him to see where he was calling from. I didn’t need to call back. I knew the number. But I dialed to make sure. At 2:30 in the morning, I knew there would be no answer, especially on a Thursday night. But I still got the answering machine. The message I used to know so well.

Message: Hi, you have reached the offices of the SWF. If you need to leave a message, leave your name and number and we’ll try to get back to you.

I hung up. I didn’t need anything else.

What the hell did this mean? And who from the SWF would want to warn me. Especially after all they think I’ve done over there. Unless. What if someone knows the truth? About what happened? About who set me up?

For the rest of the week I sat at home ant thought about it non-stop. How could someone know? Were they told? Were they the ones to set me up? Or is someone just trying to scare me? It was on my mind all the way up until Tuesday.

I found out that I would be in the main event facing Henry Lee. But first I had an interview. I sat in a corner and thought about what I was gonna say. I mean, this is the main event. I have to hype it accordingly. Then the time came and I walked out to another chorus of boos. Oh, how I love them. You see, when I get booed, it means that I’m doing my job. I walked into the center of the ring and started to speak.

Me: Tonight, everyone here is gonna get a little present. You see, I’m in the main event. And I going to be beating……I mean, facing Henry Lee. But you see, he’s only the beginning. He’s a stepping stone on my path to making DAVE history By winning the DAVE Unified Title. Because after I prove myself tonight, I’m going to get Phil to let me face Chris Caulfield and take his title from his cold hands after I beat the everloving shit out of hi-

All of the sudden, Chris Caulfield’s music came on and he walked out.

Chris: You think you can just come out here and bad mouth me? Say how bad of a champion I am? You see, that’s not the way things are done around here. We fight to prove our worth. We don’t just hide behind words.

Me: Well, at least I can back up my words, unlike your sorry ass.

Chris: You think you so high and mighty just because your Tommy Cornell. Well, I’m sorry to be the first to inform you, Tommy, but you’re a hasbeen. Nothing else.

Me: We’ll see who’s the hasbeen when I kick your ass.

Chris: I’d like to see you try.

Me: Believe me, I would to.

I stood in the ring and got in a fighting pose and Caulfield started running up the ramp but before we could start fighting, Phil Vibert came out.

Phil: Woah there. I can’t have chaos on my show. You both have scheduled matches for tonight and I don’t wanna see a shitty match just because you two decided to waste your energy. You want to fight. Fine. But it’ll be under my rules. I decide when and where. So get your asses backstage and wait until it’s your match.

I quickly slid out of the ropes and started walking backstage, all the while hurling insults at Chris.

After I got backstage I relaxed for a while. I guess I should talk to creative tomorrow about starting a feud officially with Chris. I sat there and watched a few of the other matches until it was my time to shine.

Tommy Cornell vs Henry Lee

The match was pretty good overall. I’d rate it about a B-. Could be betty but its exceptable. I basically wanted to use it as a way to introduce the new Bear Trap finisher. The match started off basically enough. Lee and I were basically exchanging pretty basic moves. We started doing harder and harder moves until he went to pick me up for a Samoan Drop but I grabbed his arm, threw him down, and locked in the Bear Trap. I dug in so hard that I caused blood. After a few seconds, he couldn’t endure the pain and tapped out at 22:00.

I pulled him aside when he got backstage and apologized for causing the blood but he seemed happy for it. He said that he thought it increased the quality of the match. After we finished talking, I grabbed my stuff and went back to my place to get a good night’s rest.

The next morning, I called Roger and set up a meeting with Phil and Chris.

Phil: Look, I think all of us know that this meeting is basically a technicality. After what happened yesterday we have to deliver or else the fans will revolt.

Chris: Yea, dude. This is what the people want. Hell, it’s what I want. It’s been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to face you.

Me: Well, look, you’re a talented wrestler and I can tell you right now that if we take this feud the right way, it could be one of the best that DAVE has ever seen.

Chris: Well, then, let’s make it that.

Phil: Then it’s settled. You guys are gonna feud.

I left the office feeling really satisfied. In all the excitement I had completely forgotten about the phone call. Well, I should focus on the present now. I’ll worry about that stuff later. Right now I gotta focus on becoming a mainstay in DAVE. That’s the only way I’m gonna be able to take it to the height its gonna need to be at to even try to take on the Eisens.

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Guest Rygar Frost

Nothing much happened within the next week. LRPW still had absolutely no roster so the show was cancelled again. I watched some old TCW tapes. Nothing more than my regular schedule.

When I got to the arena I found out I’d be doing an interview followed by my first singles match with Chris Caulfield. I got ready for my interview and, when the time came, I walked out to even more boos then last time. That’s always a good thing.

Me: You know, there comes a time when you want something so bad that you don’t even have words to describe it. That’s why I’m calling out Chris Caulfield right now.

Chris walked out to the delight of the crowd. He started to walk down the ramp.

Me: No, Chris. Stay right there. I just wanna picture this moment. Smile for the cameras. Cause it’ll be the last time you do that with that title. ‘Cause you see, not only is our match tonight going to be for that title right there, but its going to be a very special kind of match. A kind when two men will step in this ring and fight until something happens. One of ‘em goes though a table.

Chris: You want a tables match? Fine. You got one. In fact its my pleasure to grant you one. Cause, believe me, itll be my pleasure when I drive you through one of those tables so hard that you ain’t gonna get back up.

Before I could say anything else, Chris ran down the ramp and the bell rung.

DAVE Unified Title

Tables Match

Tommy Cornell vs. Chris Caulfield

This was a squash match for the first ten minutes but turned out to be a pretty damn good match. At first, I had complete control. I threw him to the outside after a while and that’s when he started to make a comeback He was doing some pretty good damage for a while but then I reversed a Drop Toe Hold attempt into a Bear Trap. He started to tap but it’s a table match so it doesn’t do a dam thing. After about a minute of that I let go. After a while I drag him back in but he nails a DDT out of absolutely nowhere and makes me bleed. He beats on me for a while until I gain control with another Bear Trap. I throw him out of the ring and try a Nuclear Warhead Plancha but he avoids it and starts beating me again until I reverse a Implant DDT attempt for a THIRD Bear Trap, during which I dig my fingers into his forehead hard enough to make him bleed. I then go back in the ring and nail the Nuclear Warhead Plancha. I then wait for him to stand and nail the Rough Ride. I throw him back into the ring and we reversed each others moves for a while and then he got dizzy from the blood loss and I put him on a table, climbed to the top of the turnbuckles and delivered a Senton Bomb through the table at 41:00.

After the ref picked me up and handed me the title I smiled through the blood. I had just put on a damn good match and I had won the title. I was on my way to taking this company by storm.

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Guest Rygar Frost

Tuesday, Week 4, June

The LRPW show got cancelled again. If they don’t try and grab some talent soon, there’ll be no talent to grab. But at least they got one new member of the roster. Julian Watson. He’s been doing a lot of work over in Japan. We’ll see what happens when he gets over here.

Anyway, Tuesday has come around again and time for another appearance on Danger Zone TV. I walked in and found out that I didn’t have a match. That was definitely a surprise. I mean, I’m the new champion. Well, they probably want me to rest up. I mean this weekend is the big double header. I’m probably gonna have to defend the title twice. Not that there’s a problem with that. Well, there’s no reason to stay here. I walked out of the arena and went to the gym and worked out for a while. When I was done I packed up and went home.

Sunday, Week 4, June

LRPW made some more signings. They signed a referee by the name of Clarence Garcia and an OK wrestler named Henry Bennett. They really aren’t impressing me with the people they’re hiring. Well, we shall see what comes of it.

Well, today’s the first day of the Extreme Double Header and I’m in the main event with Henry Lee again but first I got an interview. I walked out to more boos than usual. This makes me utterly happy. The boos feed my passion. I got into the ring.

Me: I’m not bothered by your boos. You see, I’m the champ now. I’ve earned this title. And as much as you may hate it, your gonna have to live with it. Now, supposedly Chris Caulfield wants another shot to win the title back. Well, let me tell you something Chris. It Ain’t Gonna Happen! No matter how much you bitch about it to the world, it ain’t gonna help. I won fair and square. I choose my matches now and theres not a damn thing you can do about it.

All of the sudden, Phil Vibert comes out from backstage.

Phil: I’m sorry to tell you this Tommy, but you’re wrong.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Phil: You see, Chris asked a while ago that if he were to lose the title, that he could have a rematch whenever and wherever, and I granted it.

Me: What!? Why the hell did you do that?

Phil: What position are you in to question my authority?

Me: I’m the goddamm United title holder.

Phil: And I can strip that from you faster than Michael Jackson can strip little boys.

The audience laughed.

Me: Fine. So I guess I face him tonight.

Phil: No. You face him when he decides to face you.

Me: And when’s that gonna be?

Phil: Hell, if I know? But you have more important matters at hand. Like your TABLE match with Henry Lee

The audience cheered at the idea of another table match.

Phil: Oh, and it starts right about…….now!

DAVE Unified Title

Table Match

Tommy Cornell vs. Henry Lee

This was a pretty even bout for most of it. It fell to the outside fairly fast where things got pretty rough. Lee had a few minutes where he was in complete control before I reversed a Ring Apron Ram into the dreaded Bear Trap. I went back into the ring and nailed the Nuclear Warhead Plancha. I then waited for him to stand to hit the Rough Ride but he avoided it. He rolled me back into the ring and went for a Chop Block but I dodged it and locked in the Guilt Trip. We battled it out for a while longer. I go for a DDT through the table but all of the sudden Caulfield comes out and hits me with a chair. Then Lee hits a DDT and wins the damn title at 24:00. I looked up and saw Chris smiling as the ref tried to help me up. That’s the last thing I remember before I passed out from the loss of blood.

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Guest Rygar Frost

Monday, Week 1, July

I woke up in a hospital bed. I felt my head and felt the bandage. The guy did a pretty good job with the stitches. I was told I’d be let of the card for Monday and, if I was up for it, I’d be back for Tuesday. As much as I think that I could go on tonight, it’s better safe than sorry. I mean, if I go tonight and get reinjured then I’m screwed for a while. Yea, definitely better to keep it safe. The nurse came in with a bouquet of flowers around midday. I didn’t quite understand it. Who would leave me flowers?

Me: Do you know who sent these?

Nurse: No idea, sir. They left it at the front desk with this.

The nurse gave me a video tape and a card. The card read “What did I tell you? Watch the tape.”

This can’t be an attempt to get me out of the business! It’s just a minor scratch. From falling through a table. That split clean in half…………Was there something on that table?

I slipped in the tape to the VCR I had set up. A man with a gray hooded sweatshirt came on screen. I couldn’t make out his face.

???: If you’re gonna stay in the business, you gotta learn to watch out. I still recommend you quit, but if you wont do that you cant fall for these tricks. There were blades in that table. You were set to break it. Don’t you understand? You are extremely lucky that you still have a goddamn face, understand me? Now, here’s what I recommend you do if you wanna get out of this situation alive. Quit DAVE. ASAP. There are people there who want you to fail, to die if needed. You may ask why but this go way beyond DAVE. You were not supposed to come back from the fall of TCW. But you did. Now, what I recommend you do is take a month or two off, help LRPW build its roster around people you KNOW you can trust. Screen them, do whatever, I don’t care. Make sure they won’t stab you in the back at the first chance they get. Then what you do is you take that promotion and do what you want with it. I will tell you one thing. I guarantee you that not all of the Eisens had a part in this. I can’t vouch for them all but I know that if one of them did this, it was behind everyone’s back. I have to get going. I’ll stay in contact. Watch out.

Then there was static. What the hell was that all about? How does he know the Eisens all didn’t have to do with this? But he does have a point. There had to be something wrong with that table for me to have multiple cuts. And he seems sincere. But what if he’s not? What if I quit DAVE and I’m ruined? Then again, if he is right if I stay in DAVE, I could be dead soon……..


What should Tommy do?

A.) Quit DAVE and take a few months off and build up the roster of LRPW.

B.) Stay in DAVE and risk it.

Deadline for votes is in aprox. 15 hours. I might extend it. I’m not sure yet.

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Guest Rygar Frost

Let me say that if I were to do A, I would basically edit around the database to make a federation of my liking. I'm not saying there wouldn't be any danger there but, who knows. There are two reasons I'm doing this

A.) To keep the diary interactive

B.) Cause LRPW is picking crappy wrestlers without me.

I just dont want people thinking I'll be doing absolutly nothing for a month.

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