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Guest The Blueprint

Saturday 30th April 2005 Welcome To The Underground

Welcome To The Underground

“Ladeez and Gentlemen!” Tim Westwood, I suppose was the obvious choice for announcer, love him or hate him his CV matched up. “Playa’s and Pimps!” and with Lil John sat to his right, The Underground had their voice. “This…. is The Underground!” snarled Westwood.

And what a site it is. Dreary? Yes… Run-down? Perhaps… Real? Damn straight! No arena, no dressing rooms, no pathetic firework displays, no ‘big screen’ and at a rough estimate, a couple of hundred on-lookers at most.

A tatty, yet fully functional ring stood in the center of the scene, the mat, an uninspiring sea of grey with periodic bloodstains, drenched with countless ounces of sweat and the occasional downpour of tears. Bargain basement stuff, but that’s the point. It’s real, no showbiz, no TV cameras and not a fake suplex in sight.

Tucked away out of the view of the masses was Max, or Neptune to his nearest and dearest. He’d spend two hours drumming out the music to accompany the fighter on his way down to the ring. Diagonally opposite him was the money desk, run by Lead Legs, or Tony to the less familiar. Tony acquired his nickname on account of his pace off the mark and so is entrusted with people’s money; he’s too damn slow to make off with it.

The crowd formed a circle around the ring, broken only buy a small parting at the top to allow the competitors through, no gates held them back, they knew the way it worked, you don’t touch the fighters.

I fear though, that I’m exaggerating the lacklustre environment, ok it wasn’t all that bad. We are dealing with recording artists here, some of the biggest in the world, indeed the biggest in our world, the Underground world. Round the way the parking lot is jammed with millions of dollars worth of automobile delights. Guarded only by Viper and his psycho dog Teeth. No need to explain Viper’s choice of car, or the origins of Teeth’s nickname.

The scene is set, ok… on with the show.

The Fight Is On

Hector slammed the match list against the board and stabbed through it with a small tack to hold it in place. Eyes were immediately drawn to the bottom, the final match, the one everyone comes to see, comes to stake their hard earned cash on. It’s a big one. 50 Cent is the biggest name around at the moment, undefeated in his last eleven fights, round about the time he took The Underground Crown off of Eminem. Since then challenges have come and gone, Ice Cube came close, but close is never going to get the job done. On this night though, the Champion of the past four months was in tag-team action, partnering Ludacris to take up the challenge of Eminem and Ice Cube.

We’re two weeks away from Better Dayz, no not a Pay-Per-View, same dreary surroundings, only every four weeks, the stakes get raised. Titles are decided, dollars are won and lost in the blink of an eye and ego’s, fragile ego’s, get punctured. The main attraction of the night will be 50 Cent defending his Underground Championship against Eminem, the eagerly anticipated rematch from the previous fall. As 50 Cent said himself, the first was for fun, the second is personal.

The rivalry between Eminem’s band, D12 and 50 Cent’s G Unit was growing out of control, this match was to settle it. Last week Eminem announced “Last time I wanted to win, this time, I need to win.” Pride talks…

The winner, yes there will be a winner, there’s always a winner, will face the victor in a fight to decide the Number One Contender for The Underground Championship. Ludacris and Ice Cube will do battle for the right to choose a date for the title fight, common sense suggest at the next end of the month showdown.

J-Kwon Vs. Fabolous

The first match of the night, as so often is the case, was a Lightweight match, no not in the alcoholic sense, J-Kwon and Fabolous I’m sure could drink many a grown man under the table. No, in the Weight sense. High flying, fast paced fights normally ensue, no reason to believe this one to be any different, you don’t arrive late to these sorts of nights, no one was going to miss any of the action. Neptune was on form again, J-Kwon bounced out to his popular tune ‘Tipsy’, the DJ doesn’t miss a trick, muting the song to allow the crowd to beam back ‘errrbody in the club getting tipsy!”. Fabolous is less well received around these parts, his entrance anthem of ‘Throw Back’ doesn’t quite inspire.

The fight? Well I’ll tell you what you need to know; J-Kwon is the better athlete, the faster athlete and ultimately the winning athlete. Fabolous gave him a good battle, his signature move ‘Street Dreams’ usually followed up with ‘More Street Dreams’ involves clambering up the turnbuckle, taking flight and then pummelling the prone fighter with an elbow to the face, then doing it again. How often does he land the first and then miss with the second? Fighters aren’t stupid; Fabolous has always had the same problem. Have you ever tried jumping across a ring onto someone? It’s takes a lot out of you, especially after a tough fight. So the opponent takes the first elbow, like a man of course, the impact is never enough to knock them out, then they roll out of the way for the second assault, now Fabolous is in trouble. One Hood Hop later and the fight is done.

Easy money for the gamblers, Lead Legs is already down, he needs a shock or two tonight. Problem for him is though that numbers was never his strong point, so having even odds for both competitors is simple, setting individual odds is not an option and so, he often loses out. Still, the $10 entrance fee usually sees him straight.

Between each fight Neptune treats us to a three-minute blast of a popular tune, this time Mase gets his time in the sun with ‘My Harlem Lullaby’. On with the action.

G Unit Vs. The Regulators

Next on the agenda is a tag-team match, The Regulators; aka Nate Dogg and Warren G are keen to impress Dr Dre. Why? Because Dre runs this show, quite literally, the honour was handed down to him and eventually he’ll do likewise, until then he makes the fights. Jigga and Kells, better known as R Kelly and Jay Z are the dominant double act in The Underground, champions now for going on seven months, during that reign they have seen of everyone who dared challenge their supremacy, those who are in the know believe there are only two men that can beat R Kelly and Jay Z and those are R Kelly and Jay Z. The friendship has at times been strained.

Tonight Nate Dogg and Warren G face the G Unit pair of Young Buck and Lloyd Banks, the confident, cocksure pair have soaked up the air of invincibility radiating off of 50 Cent, or at least the belief of invincibility. A title fight could be up for grabs you never know what Dre is thinking, all you can do is keep on winning. As is the norm, Nate Dogg and Warren G marched down to the ring to the tune of ‘Regulators’. What a song, what a pair. However their musical talents have thus far surpassed their fighting spirit, they are the great under-achievers, joined more often than not by the infamous Snoop Dogg, the other third of the group 213. Snoop being the ‘1’. The G Unit pair ambled menacingly down to the ring to the drones of their tune ’Stunt 101’. The odds are more even this time.

The match was a physical battle; all four men are battle hardened, never shying away from conflict. Experience usually proves decisive at time like these, and Nate Dogg and Warren G have the upper hand in that department. Warren G nailed Lloyd Banks with some of ‘Warren’s Wealth’. The G Unit pair came to fight though, Young Buck came to fight. ‘Buckin The Trend’ is a fierce and terrifying 10 second ride for the opposition, as Warren G found out to his cost, but as the song goes ‘Nobody Does It Better’ Young Buck turned straight into the classic ‘G-Funk’ move, scoop, tilt, slam! Game over for G Unit, a three count later and The Regulators left victorious. Nate Dogg stood victorious, his partner still shaking off the cobwebs. Snoop was happy, Snoop’s always happy.

After Lead-Legs and Neptune had completed their duties, it was on with the next fight. Time for the Ladies to take center stage. The night’s title match saw champion Kia defending her Underground Ladeez Championship against Nina Sky. Kia is popular in these parts, her entrance theme ‘My Neck, My Back’, no not the edit version, is always hotly anticipated.

The Cross Of Honour

Now this is The Underground, this isn’t boxing and this isn’t wrestling, Champions don’t wear Belts, they were respect. The latter being far more valuable in our world. Champions are identified by what they were around their neck, the Cross Of Honour is a poignant representation of success, you have to earn success and you have to earn respect, nothing in this world is free.

Kia Vs. Nina Sky

There are better champions than Kia, Champions who know the meaning of respect and who know the meaning of the Cross. For Kia being a Champion is not an honour, merely a claim to fame, free publicity, there is a certain nonchalance about this young lady, popular though she is, Kia doesn’t wear the Cross with pride and it notices.

Having said that, she is a tough cookie in the ring. Nina Sky was fed to the Wolves and one wolf in particular, was hungry. Kia dominates match after match to the point of frustration for the paying crowd. In that respect Kia is remarkably similar to a certain Michael Schumacher, the crowd are waiting for the banana skin, Kia isn’t the longest running champion, but she is certainly the most dominant.

A burst of energy was killed off in familiar style, ‘My Neck’ is painful ‘My Back’ is excruciating. A Neckbreaker followed by a Backbreaker, only emphasised beyond the standard. One-two-three. Nine successful defences, who’s next?

Money in the bank for the gamblers, anyone stupid enough to bet against Kia has only themselves to blame. Neptune treated the crowd to ‘Lean Back’ performed Lil’ John and friends.


The penultimate match of the night was to pit Englishman Lemar against Kevin Lyttle. The match taking on greater importance owing to the impending Three Way Fight, the first of it’s kind, at Better Dayz, when Usher defends his State Championship.

A word about the Championships then. The Ladeez, Lightweight and tag-team titles explain themselves. The Underground Champion is just that, the Champion of The Underground, the man everyone looks up to, the top of the pyramid. Representation is a major factor in the Championships. The Ladeez Champion represents the female Underground population, she’s their face, their voice, their figure. The Underground Champion represents The Underground to the outside world, The Underground stretches the length and breadth of America and beyond, so you better be up to it. The State Champion represents his roots. Some say being the State Champion is the highest honour going, though they are in the minority. You win the State title and you win the respect of your ‘hood’. You represent your past and all those in it. You represent the state you were born in, the state you grew-up in and the state you will always call home. Usher takes pride in representing Georgia. He takes pride in wearing the Cross Of Honour.

There is however, growing concern that the State title will be taken out of America for the first time. Should Lemar triumph, London will be the represented state. London, England.

Lemar Vs. Kevin Lyttle

Lemar bounded down to the ring to the tune of If There’s Any Justice’, not the type of song to endear him to the crowd. Kevin Lyttle raised the spirits with his one-time popular and instantly recognizable hit ‘Turn Me On’.

This fight was booked to provide the crowd a taster of what was to come at Better Dayz, not to whet the appetite you understand, no this clash is about money, a betting preview if you like. Remember money talks and it makes no bones about doing so either. A crushing defeat for either man would make them an outside bet in the Three-Way. A crushing win and Usher may have something to worry about. For the crowd it’s a chance to study the form, for the fighters it’s a chance to send a message.

Two very different fighting styles were on display here. Lemar doesn’t mess around when he’s in the ring, focused determination sums him up to a tee. Kevin Lyttle on the other hand will jump around, make some noise and generally do whatever necessary to throw his opponent off his game. When the chips are down though clowns get nowhere. Popular though he is Kevin Lyttle is never going to break records, it’s difficult to respect him as a genuine competitor when he spends more time showboating than fighting. Lemar finished him off in style. His signature move the ‘50/50’ is one of the most spectacular in The Underground. It involves flipping his opponent one way, then the other, then planting them straight down on their heads. Though it can be countered, when he lands it, I’ve never seen anyone survive the impact. Message sent.

Lemar’s form looks good, only a fool would stake on Kevin Lyttle but Usher remains the man to beat.

Ludacris & 50 Cent Vs. Ice Cube & Eminem

And so to the final match; 50 Cent teaming for the first time with Ludacris to take on Eminem and Ice Cube. 50 and Luda have never really seen eye-to-eye and so their partnership is a begrudging, yet potentially frightening one. Once again this match was a prelude to Better Dayz and perhaps the biggest match in The Underground since Eminem defeated Xsibit to become the first ever Underground Champion. For the past four months 50 Cent and Eminem have been on a collision course, they meet in two weeks.

This match is the first time the pair have been in the same ring since 50 Cent became Champion. The atmosphere was tense, nervous even.

The four competitors came out one by one. Ludacris made his entry first, his ‘Act A Fool’ song makes for a raucous entrance. 5O Cent followed him out to the tune of ‘PIMP’. A song that embodies everything about the Champ; Confidence, Style and attitude that sticks two fingers up to anyone who cares to doubt him. He knows he’s the best, whether you agree or not is your problem. Ice Cube got the crowd going with his timeless classic ‘You Can Do It’. Whether it’s a timely reminder of his abilities to himself is another matter, you can do it Cube, you can do it.

Eminem is back in the big time. The real Slim Shady has finally stood up and is on his way down to the ring backed by ‘Lose Yourself’. Focused. Ready.

The crowd settled themselves, the fighters prepared themselves and the tension grew. Neptune signalled the start, a single beat of his rusty bell. If you’ve ever been to a football (or soccer to some) match you’ll know the sudden burst of energy, the sudden uproar from the watching crowd when the referee signals the start of the match. It’s a ritual mirrored in The Underground, the noise is emphatic.

There comes a moment in every fight when the action peaks and reaches fever pitch, normally towards the end when victory is near. In this fight though it’s the flash of anger in Eminem’s face when 50 Cent steps into the ring. Four months of pent-up frustration is about to be released. The Champion, never one to be intimidated, paces forward. A quiet hush descends on the crowd, hundreds of collective breaths are held. The pair square up, lock eyes and focus. Then the explosion.

Ludacris knocks Eminem from behind. 50 Cent retreats and Ludacris opens up on Eminem, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Eminem struggled back, the fighting spirit has taken him a long way, in and out of the ring. Ice Cube played a big part in the fight, but this way Eminem’s night.

50 Cent never laid a finger on Eminem in the whole fight and visa-versa, it was a chilling performance from a determined Champion. Eminem landed the killer blow on Ludacris with his infamous ‘Lose It’. 50 Cent got the message. By the time the three count was over the Champion had backed halfway-up the ramp. The pair locked eyes once again. Eminem was coming for the Championship, his championship. But there in the eyes of the challenger lay a deep rooted hatred, four-months of anguish caused by one man. 50 Cent.

This time it’s personal.

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Guest The Blueprint

The Underground Saturday 7th May


Ready for your weekly dose of life in the Underground? Tim Westwood and Lil' John present another week of hard-hitting, action-packed fighting from The Underground.

The waiting is almost over. Over the past four months 50 Cent and Eminem have been on a collison course, their paths will finally cross at Better Dayz, but can they get through this week first? Both fighters are expected to be around in a potentially explosive situation.

With only a week to go, people are starting to notice that there's only two fights booked for Better Dayz. Dre is expected to put that right sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

Jay Z, R Kelly, DMX and Dizee Rascal will all be in action as fighters jostle for position with Better Dayz just around the corner.

Don't miss it!

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Always wanted to see this diary done and here it is. The description put into this is brilliant and really gives the reader an insight into the history of the Underground, how the finishers are done, their popularity and obviously the match. Good job.

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Guest The Blueprint

Cheers guys. Your reward? Another night from The Underground!

Saturday 7th May 2005 A Week To Go

Welcome To The Underground

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick….

“The feud between 50 Cent and Eminem is a ticking timebomb, ready to explode at a moments notice. The blast was averted last week. Will the two collide tonight?” Tim Westwood growls. “It’s only a matter of time Tim, it’s only a matter of time” Lil John replied in his grimy tone. “The Underground is heaving again. This time next week Better Dayz will be upon us and with it comes the most eagerly anticipated fight in Underground history.”

Hector pins the match list onto the board, it makes interesting reading. Two matches stand out. R Kelly and Jay Z team with Lemar to take on The Regulators and Usher in the first ever six-man tag team match. The other sees DMX take on Xsibit in a potentially destructive main event. No 50 Cent, no Eminem though.

Dre’s Underground

So where are they? Well 50 Cent will be here, he’s the Champion, it’s his duty, his honour and you can bet Eminem won’t be far away from him. One man who is around though is Dr Dre, the first surprise of the night came when he graced the crowd with his presence before the fights had kicked off.

“Lets make this quick” barked Dre. “Better Dayz is only a week away and so far, we’ve got all of two fights booked, now you all know that aint right. But don’t worry coz the D-R-E is here to help….”

“Firstly Jay Z and R Kelly will be defending their tag titles whether they like it or not! They’re opponents? Well they’re facing them tonight, work it out...”

“Second…. Chingy will defend the Lightweight title. His opponent will be the winner in a fight I’ve booked for tonight. Work it out…”

“Thirdly… Kia will defend the Ladeez Championship and her opponent will be the winner of another match I’ve booked tonight and once again, work it out…”

“Finally… A message to G Unit and to D12. Big fight next week right? High stakes right? Blood, sweat and tears. A lot o’ money, a lot o’ pride, high stakes indeed. So just a…..just a warning to you, should any member of G Unit or D12 feel the need to get involved in the match or grace the crowd with their presence, you will be removed and your man will lose the match and any respect he had for you. And I do mean that” Wait for it…

“You don’t mess around…in Dre’s Underground!”

I’ll never tire of that line, never!

Dre bounds back up the ramp, backed by ‘Forgot About Dre’.

“Time to fix up my friends, The Rascal is coming!”.

Dizee Rascal Vs. J-Kwon

Dizee Rascal, it would appear, has the chance to add further English interest in Better Dayz, though standing between him and a title match with Chingy, is the hood-hopper, the impressive J-Kwon, who this time last week, was knocking seven bells out of Fabolous.

The Rascal bounded down towards the ring backed by his upbeat tune ‘Stand Up Tall’. J-Kwon followed him out to ‘Tipsy’. The tunes had the desired effect, the crowd was buzzing, heightened by the anticipation of Better Dayz, this is The Underground, alive and kicking.

There’s a relaxed atmosphere to these Lightweight matches, a mutual respect between fighters, so much so that they are considered entertainers, not just fighters. After all, there’s a show to put on as well as a match to win.

And so what of the match? J-Kwon went into the fight with the momentum, after a strong showing last week, confidence was high, and it showed early on as Dizee Rascal struggled to keep with the pace of the fight. The Rascal battled on, the English spirit is admired in these parts, Lemar has bundles of it, The Rascal has his fair share too. J-Kwon had the match in the palm of his hand when he planted the ‘Tipsy’ to kill off Rascal’s recovery. But immaturity leads to defeat in this line of work, JK has a lot to learn, rule number one, when a man’s beat, you finish the fight, you do not climb the turnbuckle, attempt to land a ‘Hood Hop’, miss by a country mile then walk straight into the ‘Fix Up’ and lose the match, a title shot and a whole stack of money for those naïve enough to back you. Go to your room son, no supper for you tonight.

A great start to the night for Lead Legs, what is the saying about fools and their money? Still, Neptune lifted the mood with ‘Honey’, a tune guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of many a man, courtesy of Jay Z and R Kelly.

Beyonce Vs. Jamelia

After last week’s savage display by Kia, you wouldn’t expect there to be too many ladies interested in opposing her dominance, luckily though this is The Underground and when power is on the line, a challenger is never far away. ‘Crazy In Love’ was blurted out over the speakers as Beyonce strutted her way down to the ring, dazzling the male audience as she went by. Jamelia trailed her out, I don’t know exactly what she is seeing in ‘a boy’s eyes’ but one look into her opponents eyes tells her she’s in for a tough battle. Any last bets?

Here we have the perfect opportunity for Kia to scout her future opponent, and where is she? Well Chingy just departed after watching Rascal win, maybe he saw her on his way back to the locker room, or maybe she’s just not interested, no respect Kia, no respect.

She actually missed a close fight. How much attention the predominantly male audience were paying towards the actual fight as opposed to the two ladies in the ring remains questionable, but look hard and they’d see that these two females came for a match and that’s exactly what they got.

The action ebbed and flowed as neither could gain a big enough advantage to finish off the bout, Jamelia landed the first major blow with the ‘Dirty Dirty’, Beyonce fought back though and landed the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ to put out Jamelia’s growing fire. How romantic, she may need her boyfriend in the song, but she’s doing ok without him tonight. The impetus snowballed as Beyonce took control. One more ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ later and the fight is over, Beyonce Vs. Kia at Better Dayz, someone better tell the Champ.

Money in the bank (via the pocket of Lead Legs) for the punters. Neptune spun out ‘Real P.I.M.P’ by Nate Dogg as the crowd laid their winnings on the line for he next fight.

X Marks The Spot

Before though, a word or two on tonight’s main event. The Battle Of The ‘X’ as it is being widely dubbed. DMX battles Xsibit in a culmination of two months worth of ill-feeling between the pair. Flanked by partner Jadakiss, DMX has built up a war of words, tearing into Xsibit, branding him ‘a fake’, clearly Xsibit took none to kindly to this and insisted that the attack was unprovoked and that DMX was using him as a ladder to get to the top. Stating that ‘There’s only room for one X in The Underground and I aint going no where!’. Things get out of control very easy in these parts, say something out of place and you can guarantee they’ll be someone to knock your jaw out of place!

On with the action, and a first in The Underground. Six men, two teams, one ring. Six ego’s, more than enough for trouble, this one’s gonna be volatile.

The Regulators & Usher Vs. Jigga & Kells & Lemar

The Champions were out first, swaggering to the ring to the tune of ‘Streets’, Jay Z and R Kelly seemed at ease in each others company, something which is not always the case. They were joined by Londoner Lemar, who’s performance in beating Kevin Lyttle last week earned him the place in this match and makes him a strong contender for the three-way tussle next week.

The third piece of next week’s puzzle is of course, Georgia’s finest, the reigning Underground State Champion, Usher. Accompanied to the ring by the tune ‘Caught Up’ he remains as popular as ever and will use that support to his advantage in the three-way. Regulators! Nate Dogg and Warren G marched their way out, a spring in their step following Dre’s earlier announcement. It’s time to focus, time to prepare, and as Lemar might say, it’s Time To Grow. The pair have grossly underachieved in the past, they can ill afford to waste another chance. As the music faded out, the crowd settled, Jay Z and Lemar stepped out of the ring, on the opposite side Nate Dogg and Usher exited. R Kelly and Warren G got the show on the road.

Jay Z and R Kelly were performing harmoniously in the ring, every now and again relations are strained, Jay Z may take too much of the credit, R Kelly may say something out of line, but when they’re on their game, they’re damn near unbeatable. The same could be said for 50 Cent and Kia, which by the process of elimination leaves Chingy and Usher as the most vulnerable champions and with two men to deal with, the State Champion may have a hard time in seven days.

The match was going to form, the tag champions dominated the early exchanges, isolating first Warren G and then Usher. Lemar stepped into the ring for the first time and immediately went for Usher, he after all, has very little interest in the squabble between the two tag teams, that’s their business, Usher is his.

The absence of Kevin Lyttle from this match is significant and the effect will only be known come Better Dayz. Is he being pushed out? Is he taking a psychological knock? What is it doing to his confidence? Or is he happy to allow the pressure to rise between Lemar and Usher? The answer will follow next week.

The Regulators stepped up their game when Nate Dogg finally got in the ring and the fight soon broke into two, with Lemar and Usher tussling outside, the fight frequently breaking out into the crowd. Whilst on the inside Nate Dogg and Warren G were going to town on Jigga and Kells. How does the referee control this? He doesn’t, that’s how.

When Usher performs his ‘Confessions’, it’s painful enough for his opponent, but take away the relative comfort of the mat and replace it with a concrete floor and it’s a slightly different story, a story full of pages covered in blood, in this case, Lemar’s blood. Last week Lemar sent a message by beating Kevin Lyttle, this week Usher sends a message by spilling blood. Champs will be Champs.

Usher would be better off helping his partners in the ring than continuing to goad the near unconscious Lemar, things had taken a turn for the worst for The Regulators. The ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ makes a considerable ‘thud’, one which finally grabbed Usher’s attention, the State Champ dived back in the ring to save the match, but two vs. one is not good odds, as Jay Z proved when he killed the fight back with his ‘Blueprint’ move. Up, Down, Face Full Of Mat and you’ve just been knocked out my friend.

Some say arrogance is a virtue, others are annoyed by it, whatever your perspective R Kelly and Jay Z have it in abundance, preferring to drag the bloodied Lemar back into the ring and atop Usher to take the three count. They’ve made themselves clear, who needs a three count? Bad news for The Regulators, Jay Z and R Kelly are on the same page.

The Mind Games

Not a bad result for Lead Legs, many were brave enough to back against the Tag Champs, perhaps banking on another of the infamous miss-communications between the pair. Whilst the Bookie counted his money Neptune spun out another tune, this time Eminem’s hit ‘Toy Soldiers’. Only, there was a problem…

With less than half the song elapsed, the sound went dead. Lead Legs stopped counting his money, the crowd stopped rapping along, Neptune….had disappeared…Confusion is not a state which The Underground is used to, Lead Legs left his post…..Lead Legs never leaves his post. What the hell is going on?

The music started again, only this time it wasn’t Eminem playing, it was….you guessed it, 50 Cent…

P.I.M.P was rattled out over the speakers, the bemused crowd turned to see Young Buck and Lloyd Banks taking their turns as DJ, Neptune struggled to his feet, back off mate, this isn’t your league. 50 Cent strutted towards the ring, though instead of climbing in, he joined the crowd!?! Why would 50 Cent want a front row seat for a match between two men he has no dealings with? Lloyd Banks grabbed Neptune and threw him back to his post. Lead Legs returned to counting his money as the G Unit pair joined their master in the crowd.

The mind games had begun, 50 Cent interrupting an Eminem song will not go down well with his challenger.

With normal order resumed and G Unit sitting ominously close to the ring, the show went on. The feud between Xsibit and DMX is intense, but compared to the deep rooted hatred between Eminem and 50 Cent, it pales in comparison, Fifty has the ability to overshadow any occasion just by being there, he’s the top dog alright.

DMX Vs. Xsibit

The familiar Bark followed by ‘X Gon’ Give It Ta Ya’ signalled the arrival of the less-than-popular DMX, accompanied by fellow Ruff Ryder Jadakiss. Xsibit followed them out to the sound of ‘Judgement Day’. It may well be…

There was a definite undercurrent in this match, both men perhaps, could do without the presence of a certain fighter or three at ringside, there was a tense atmosphere, needlessly so.

DMX opened up on the attack. The ultra-aggressive DMX can make for a fierce competitor when he’s focused, though others are technically more gifted, there are few who can match the raw passion that he puts in, DMX fights like he always seems to look, pissed off. Xsibit hung on, knowing sooner or later an opening would present itself. There’s a reason that DMX isn’t a champion, he’s simply not good enough right now. And in the blink of an eye, there it was, a quick-fire ‘LAX’ subdued his fiery opponent. Xsibit was back in it.

It is often said in The Underground that the true colours of a fighter are shown when they’re backed into a corner, do they fly or die? Sink or swim? More importantly how do they fly? How do they die? Do they fight their way out? Go down without a fight? Or Cheat their way out? With Xsibit on the offensive, DMX chose the later, driving a knee into his opponents unmentionables to buy himself some breathing space. But when Xsibit knocked him over the ropes and onto the floor outside the ring, problems started.

DMX is widely known for his infamous short temper, something which has held him back as most matches ended in a fit of frustration. To take out your frustration on your opponent is fine, start on your friends and you’re digging a whole, start on G Unit and you’ve just jumped in and buried yourself, but that’s exactly what DMX did.

After falling hard on the concrete floor DMX was quite visibly in pain and as any self-repecting friend would do, Jadakiss helped him up. But this is the ultra-agrressive, short-tempered, hot-head DMX and he doesn’t take too kindly to assistance, shoving his partner down. After circling round the ring and climbing back in, he found himself, most unfortunetly, with his back to Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and a certain 50 Cent. Rather you than me. But DMX has never been one to respect reputations and is easily provoked. One taunt from Young Buck and he’s drawn in. A slanging match ensues, cut short when Xsibit ploughs into the back of DMX. The rest is a formality. If only he could get his game together mentally, DMX might be a threat to Usher and even 50 Cent, right now, the only man he’s a threat to is himself. Xsibit planted him with the ‘Weapon Of Mass Destruction’ and the fight was over. It would perhaps be more accurate to say DMX lost the match rather than Xsibit won it.

Thanks guys, you can go now. Fifty sent the heavies out, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck cleared the ring of The Ruff Ryders and Xsibit, it’s G Unit time….

The Best There Is

‘Here I am. Here I am Eminem’

50 Cent takes great pleasure in being Underground Champion. It suits his arrogance, his confidence, his self-belief, it’s the ultimate package. The Cross Of Honour looks good on the Champ, he embodies everything that it should be.

‘I aint playing gangsta, we got all night’

Lloyd Banks and Young Buck may not be the greatest pairing going, they were well beaten last week. But that’s not important, they know their place, they know…

‘What you waitin for? I’m right here, come get some’

…they know who the Big Dog is, they’re the foot soldiers, 50 Cent is the general. Everyone needs someone to watch their back, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg and Memphis Bleek have been doing it for years, maybe that’s why you can count their collective victories on one hand.

‘Come get me Eminem, I know you got the balls, you wouldn’t be fighting me if you didn’t’

So what’s 50 Cent doing here? It’s called taunting. He did it when he interrupted ‘Toy Soldiers’ and he’s still looking for a reaction, any reaction. Just to throw Eminem off his game, maybe to beat him up a little, correction, maybe so Lloyd Banks and Young Buck can beat him up a little. Simply, they’re looking for a weakness.

‘I’m not goin nowhere punk, I’m not movin’

There’s a good reason why 50 Cent is the Champion. He’s not just the best fighter, he intimidates like no other, he gets inside your head like no other, when you fight Fifty, half the fight takes place outside the ring. He’s been doing it ever since he dislodged the title from Eminem’s grip. Right now, he’s the best there is.

The Best There Is? Are You Sure?


A hooded figure slides into the ring slides into the ring and wastes no time in slamming a baseball bat into the ribs of Young Buck.


Down goes Lloyd Banks…


Down goes 50 Cent…

He pulls the hood down and (act shocked), it’s Eminem! He bends down and lifts the Cross up off of Fifty’s chest and smiles…

50 Cent’s the best right? Well, everyone has an off day…

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Guest Rich F

Whilst I know almost nothing about rap (too old and too metal), I am enjoying this diary. The writing style gives a lot of flavour to the setting, and just enough information to follow a match. I like the storytelling - both in the feuds and the matches, and as the characters are further developed - these things take time, I am hoping to spend more time in the Underground.

Thank you


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Guest The Blueprint

user posted image

Better Dayz Saturday 14th May 2005


Four months ago 50 Cent defeated Eminem to become only the second Underground Champion. In the intervining months challengers have fallen away one by one. Now Eminem wants his title back.

In one of the most anticipated fights of the year the two top dogs in The Underground will go to battle in a winner takes all showdown. 50 Cents' attempt to gain a psychological advantage last Saturday spectularly backfired, when armed with a baseball bat, Eminem laid out the three members of G Unit in front of a shocked auidence. It was a professional rivalry that escelated into a bitter hatred and this Saturday, the hounds of hell, are unleashed. Bring a sofa to hide behind, it won't be pretty.

Elsewhere on the match list, Ludacris battles Ice Cube to determine who has the right to fight the Underground Champion and the Tag Team titles are up for grabs, but can R Kelly and Jay Z stay focused? Can they stay on the same page? The Regulators are waiting to pounce.

Usher defends his State Championship in the first three-way Underground fight. The pressure has been turned up over the past two weeks, after Lemar defeated Kevin Lyttle two weeks back, Usher made sure he left his mark, right across Lemar's face, the blood is barely dry, it's gonna be explosive.

And finally Chingy and Kia defend their respective titles after Dizee Rascal and Beyonce won the right to fight last week.

You would quite literally, be a Grade A fool to miss it.

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Guest The Blueprint

Sorry about the delay, the show is taking longer than anticipated. But it'll be worth while, I promise you that.

In the mean time, anyone got any comments/predictions about Better Dayz?


Anyone got anything to say? Any problems to share? Stories to tell? Jokes to crack?

I'll soon return with the best ever Underground end of month you'll ever read.

Sooner rather than later.

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Guest Canada's Blue Meanie

Jadakiss Vs. 50 Cent

Do it! Do it!

50 Cent Vs. Eminem

Ludacris Vs. Ice Cube

R Kelly and Jay Z Vs. The Regulators

I'm not predicting the Usher match!

Chingy and Kia Vs. Dizee Rascal and Beyonce

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Guest The Blueprint

Better Dayz

Saturday 14th May 2005 Four Months In The Making

BAM! BAM! BAM! The fireworks light up the ramp as the camera pans around the sold out arena. The commentators welcome the hundreds of countries forking out their hard earned on a three hour extravaganza of fake suplexes, amateur acting and pathetic ‘promos’ in front of thousands of gullible fools who still believe wrestling is real. As is Santa and the Easter Bunny...The suited and booted with the shiny head welcomes out the first ‘competitors’ as rock music dishes out a thousand and one headaches. It’s all very slick, very loud and very fake. The glorified gymnasts are jeered and cheered to the ring before hopping in and preparing to spend the next twenty odd minutes ‘grappling’ another man wearing only swimming trunks and knee high boots. Sports entertainment? This is neither sporting or entertaining. WWE? What a Waste of Energy.


Welcome To The Underground

So, here we are. Same shit, different week. Only this time, the shits a little smellier if you catch my drift. $100 stakes escalate into four figure punts and beyond, Lead Legs is either stinking rich or without a pot to relieve himself in. Still, the fate of the bookie is the last thing on most minds today. There’s titles to be decided, scores to settle and points to prove.

Early Birds

A good hour has passed since the floor started filing up. Since then the crowd has been slowly seeping in, usually making their way straight to Lead Legs whilst Neptune slips through the gears, keeping the early birds entertained with the latest and greatest Underground hits. It’s 9:38PM, twenty minutes or so to go, the fighters are all busy readying themselves out back, counting down every second until their fight. Hector strolls in, paper in hand. After meeting and greeting the regulars, he paces towards the match board.

As it’s a special occasion, I’ll spell it out for you…

Dizee Rascal Challenges Chingy For The Lightweight Title

Beyonce Challenges Kia For The Ladeez Title

Kevin Lyttle And Lemar Challenge Usher For The State Championship

The Regulators Challenge Jay Z and R Kelly For The Tag Team Title

Ludacris Fights Ice Cube For 'The Right To Fight' For The Underground Title

Eminem Challenges 50 Cent For The Underground Title

Not bad huh? No space fillers and no token matches, every match has a meaning and every match has a prize, none bigger, of course, than the last of the evening ‘The Big One’, ‘The Rematch’, ‘The Money Spinner’.

The Underground is heaving tonight. Lead Legs reports a $6,000 stake on the main event, courtesy of Rupert O’Harren, one of our more frequent visitors and certainly a man with pockets reminiscent of a bottomless pit. Rupert rarely misfires on a stake that large, so I’ll spare you the details. Good luck covering that one, Tony.


First on the menu tonight, as is so often the case, is the Lightweight Title match, between current Champion, Chingy and Britain’s Dizee Rascal. The form on both looks good, one defeat in five matches is a more than respectable record for the challenger, but after making it five straight successful defences this time four weeks ago, Chingy is still the man to beat. So, a little history lesson before we begin. Notebooks at the ready.

The first man to win the Lightweight Title was Pharrel Williams. Aided by an alliance to Jay Z and in turn, R Kelly, Memphis Bleek, Kanye West and Twista, amongst others, Williams was all set to dominate, after all, Rollin’ with the R.O.C was great, whilst it lasted, but as the song so clearly states, ‘you gotta play your part when your Rollin’ with the R.O.C’. Williams didn’t want to play ball. He was the respectable kid, hanging out with ‘the crowd’, but when the pressure was turned up, his balls began to shrink, The R.O.C moved him out, and helped Chingy take his beloved title.

As it turned out, Chingy probably didn’t need the help. After claiming The Cross Of Honour, he soon set about fending off the challengers. After dispatching Williams for a second time and sending him into hibernation, he then brushed off the challenge of Fabolous on two occasions and finally shook off J’Kwon. Now, for the first time, he faces Dizee Rascal.

Fight Time

10:00 PM, Hector waves in the last few latecomers before firmly slamming the door shut, anyone foolish enough to arrive late will have the pleasure of convincing Viper, and more worryingly, his dog Teeth, that they should be let in.

For those inside, the action was about to start. Hector scurried around, checking everything was on schedule. Chingy and Dizee Rascal were ready, Neptune was ready, referee Curtis Diallara was ready, Lead Legs gave the thumbs up and the crowd recognised the moment and hushed to a near silence.

Several loud bangs at the door couldn’t deter Hector from welcoming the masses. Tim Westwood and Lil’ John took their places, Neptune selected his music, Lead Legs closed his book and then…The Underground exploded into life!

Chingy Vs. Dizee Rascal For The Lightweight Championship

The challenger was out first. The livewire that is Dizee Rascal bounced down to the ring to the manic sound of Stand Up Tall as Hector screeched out his introduction. He slid his way through the ropes and darted across the ring before leaping onto the bottom rope and absorbing the energy radiating off the crowd, he stepped down, turned and waited….for this man.

Chingy rolled out and sprung down to the ring. Primed, ready to fight, ready to win. No need for Chingy to jump around, he was focused and on his game. One clang of the rusty bell and the fight was on.

The Champion opened up on the offensive, firing a barrage of blows to the cranium of the challenger. Left, right, left, right, uppercut, jab, hook. Dizee Rascal took the punishment and revved up, fighting his way back into contention. No one goes down without a fight on nights like this, if they did, they needn’t bother showing up again.

Dizee Rascal was building momentum, Lead Leg’s eyes were beginning to light up and the crowd were sensing an upset. Everyone loves a title change, after all, variety is the so called ‘spice of life’, trouble is, with America being America, the thought of an Englishman sailing into the sunset bearing the Cross Of Honour, was not one to warm most hearts, least of all the man who began the night with it dangling from his neck.

With his opponent on the ropes and victory on the horizon, Dizee Rascal would be foolish to take his foot off the gas, slip back into second gear, let his guard down and give Chingy a route back into the fight. He would be foolish to allow the Champion an opening to take the win and take home his Championship, then take a warm bath to sooth his joints, crawl into bed and grin with pride at another successful defence. Fortunately for the challenger, he didn’t. On the contrary, The Rascal stepped up his attack, pulling out new weapons from his back pocket and firing them at the deteriorating champ, backing off only to reload.

It was a case of the hunter becoming hunted, only last week I hinted at Chingy’s’ vulnerability, for when you’ve got nothing, no one’s gonna try and rob you of it, but as soon as you come into wealth, everyone comes crawling out of the shadows, baying for your blood. Dizee Rascal was the vampire, and he was damn thirsty.

With one hand on the title and the other pummelling the semi-conscious Chingy, Dizee Rascal was brimming with confidence, a Champion in the making. A British Champion in the making. There was a collective strain across the face of the onlookers. First rule of betting, you don’t bet against your own. Takers on the Challenger were few and far between. What’s worse? Losing your money or your man losing the fight? Either way, it doesn’t add up to a good start to the night. Unless of course, Chingy was to mount a comeback, but was he capable of doing so? Every now and again a Champion has to overcome adversary, to prove he’s the best. This was Chingy’s moment. Remember what I said about fighters being backed into a corner? Do they Fly? Or do they Die? Decision time Chingy.

Fly son, fly like an eagle, Chingy bit back. Not literally of course. You don’t bite, spit, scratch or pull hair, you’d soon become the laughing stock. That’s playground shit, this is the real deal. Operating within the rules, Chingy found a way back into the match, not that the Rascal let up, but Champions are Champions for a reason, you beat the best to become the best. Chingy was, is the best Lightweight Fighter and was about ready to show why.

The crowd were engrossed, cheering every punch, grimacing everytime Dizee Rascal snuck some offensive in, they sensed victory. Chingy did too, ‘One Call Away’ was an ultra-popular hit for the hip-hop star, you get the feeling the Champ may well be ‘One Hit Away’ from victory. With Dizee beginning to fade, Chingy upped the ante, a shattering right hook from the Champion rocked the Rascal, a rib-splitting ‘Powerballin’, quite literally, took his breath away.

Lead Leg’s had that sinking feeling, get your wallet out son, this one’s gonna cost you.

Do you really need to know the rest? He took the scenic route, but Chingy walked back to the locker room sporting his beloved Cross Of Honour. Dizee Rascal slumped back, sporting bruised ribs and the weight of disappointment across his aching shoulders.

Punters 1 Lead Legs 0

The Underground bustled with activity as winnings are collected, drinks are guzzled and moves are busted as Neptune spins out ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ by Snoop Dogg.

Fifty Time

The music faded out, and was replaced by P.I.M.P, the crowd turned in unison towards the entrance, sure enough the Champ appeared. Flanked as ever by G Unit heavies Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. No one dared point out to Fifty, that his presence wasn’t required until the other end of the evening.

The crowd rushed back, eager to see what the Champion had to offer, eager for an insight into his mindset, eager to see whether he’s worth backing. 50 Cent stepped through the ropes, followed by his backup. He marched across the ring and waited to be offered a microphone.

‘So Emi..m’


Fifty launched the microphone back outside the ring and demanded a new one. To The Champion, this was disrespect, he’s the best there is, he doesn’t deserve a broken microphone. A new one was soon conjured up and normal service could resume.

‘You don’t know who you’re f***ing with do you Eminem?’

Please Fifty, mind your language, there are ladies present.

‘You disrespect me like that, you try and smash up my ribs and think you can just get away with it? This is big boy shit man, you just stepped into a new league, I hope you’re ready for me Eminem’

‘See last week, you were prepping to fight The Champion, The Best, The P.I.M.P. Now you’re still fighting The Champion, The Best, The P.I.M.P, but now I’m pissed off! Now I’m angry! Now I’m dangerous!’

‘Tonight I might not have my boys watchin my back, but hey, my back don’t need covering no more, not after last week, not now Eminem, not now. You changed that, YOU! You screwed up big time, I’m ready to fight, I’m ready to win’

‘This is my time to shine Eminem, I ‘aint letting no punk take this life away from me. Ever since I took your title, my life just gets better and better. 50 got the girls, 50 got the wheels, 50 got the money. You got beat, you lost your title, you lost your respect, you lost your identity, you’re no one now, just another face, just another face in the crowd.’

‘And when you lose tonight, I wanna finish you Eminem, I wanna take your career, I wanna take your dignity from you, I wanna take everything you got. Why? Because I can. I can do what the hell I wanna do, coz I’m the best, I’m the man around here. So you want my title? Well I want your career. You win, you get your career back, you lose, your career is dead and buried. Game over Eminem, GAME Over’

Strong stuff from the Champ, good to see he’s in his usual self-appreciating mood. Cocky, confident and single-minded, 50 Cent knows no other way. But what a challenge to lay down to the challenger. Lets not confuse things here. This isn’t Fifty trying to add spice to the match, he doesn’t want Dre to force Eminem to quit, he doesn’t even want Eminem to hit the road. This is psychological warfare, interrupting his opponents preparation is no big deal, you’re born ready to fight, you come ready to fight. No, this is about putting a voice in the back of Eminem’s mind. If I lose, then what? Am I finished? Can there be a rematch for the rematch? Something for you to mull over Eminem.

More on that one later, now though, it’s time for the ladies to take centre stage. Another title needs to be decided and in my honest view, this title needs a new owner.

Underground Title Rescue Home seeks new owner for Ladeez Championship cross of honour. One careless female owner. Please help to give the Cross the home it deserves, with your help today, we can give The Underground a better tomorrow. Call or visit The Underground for more details.

Kia Vs. Beyonce For The Ladeez Championship

My Neck, My Back rung out across the speakers as Kia surfaced from the back, clutching the cross of honour in her left hand. Put your tongues back in your mouth lads, she doesn’t need more encouragement. It’s not personal, I’m not usually one to judge, come as you are please. But I have to take exception to the blatant disrespect towards her Cross. These Crosses mean something, in fact, they mean a lot. It’s the reason everyone sends their bodies to hell and back every seven days. They want the success and the respect that comes bundled with it. Don’t get me wrong, Kia deserves her title. She beats everyone in her path with relative ease, she is the dominant force alright, but she never quite grasped the concept of The Cross Of Honour. Shame.

Quite how much Kia knows about her opponent is questionable, after all, she clearly had better things to do than watch her in action last week. What are Beyonce’s strengths? What are her weaknesses? I know the answer to both, I have to watch her, but then again, I’m not fighting her. That would be wrong, and I’d probably lose, so I’ll stay out of it. So good luck Kia, that Beyonce can be quite a handful at times. Jay Z will testify to that I’m sure!

Neptune faded out ‘Crazy In Love’ as the Crowd returned to ringside. Ding’ Ding’. And they’re off!

Kia jumped the first hurdle well, ducking a hook from left field and landing a sort of half slap, half punch to the jaw of the Challenger. And another, and another. The best of both worlds, the solid impact of a punch and the lasting sting of a slap, genius really. Only a girl could pull that one off, I mean, I can’t see 50 Cent perfecting the technique.

And so it continued, Kia began to dominate the fight, brushing off the occasional burst of energy from Beyonce. We’ve been here before, Kia likes to control matches and she ultimately likes to win matches. Kia usually gets what she wants. Things were going for the Champion. Beyonce looked tired, her offence was rapidly decreasing, every attempted comeback took more out of her. This was not a good showing at all.

The crowd soon began to lose interest, instead opting to discuss the merits of each fighter in the next match, weighing up the odds, picking their man. Lemar was rocked by the bullish Usher last week. Will the Englishman have revenge on his mind? What about Kevin Lyttle? How did he take the defeat to Lemar two weeks back? Personally my money, if I was allowed a bet, would be on…

Oh yeah, the match, um nothing to report, I wish Kia would hurry up and finish her to end the agony and confirm the inevitable.

Anyway, as I was saying. Yes, if I was allowed a bet then the form has to be with the Champion, Usher. Four successful title defences, one coming against Eminem, though that was a bit of a non-event, a 50 Cent engineered match to take the heat away from himself. Usher remains the man to beat.

Hold on, whats this? Beyonce’s actually managed to beat Kia down! Is the Champion starting to rock, are the cracks starting to appear, is the invincibility bubble bursting? Probably not, but we can hope. If Beyonce could just build up some momentum, if she could just find that one move to break Kia’s spirit, if she could just gain control of the match, who knows, maybe she could….’BONNIE AND CLYDE’, ‘BONNIE AND CLYDE’. Kia’s down! Wow what a turn around, just two minutes ago I was ready to chuck in the towel on Beyonce, now she might just win.

The Challenger struggled to her feet. She stumbled over to the prone Champ. Kia’s not moving! SHE’S BEATEN! SURELY! Finally we’re gonna get a worthy…

‘MY GOODIES, MY GOODIES’ No Neptune, this is no time to be playing music by Ciara.

Ciara? Ciara? CIARA!

What the hell? Who dug that one out? Ciara in the Underground! But...but….Beyonce was gonna win! More to the point, Kia was gonna lose!

The music died away, Beyonce staggered around, she’s got her opponent laying on the floor, just asking to be beaten, a Cross Of Honour screaming out her name and what does she do? She freezes. Sorry Beyonce, you’re not what were looking for. Not Championship material.

A groggy Kia clambered to her feet. After getting her bearings she wasted no time in hooking up the statue that passed for her challenger with the ‘My Neck, My Back’. Good night Beyonce, sleep well.

Thanks for nothing.

Well that become unexpectedly interesting. Not quite sure about the connection though, why the hell did Neptune dish out a song, however good, by a female who’s never felt the need to brighten up The Underground with her presence. Maybe it was pre-arranged by Kia, The Underground’s resident DJ has been known to commit worse offences, or…maybe it wasn’t. Ciara in The Underground? Now there’s a thought.

Three's A Crowd

Two down, four to go. Next on the menu is a first in The Underground. Three men, one ring, one title, one winner and two losers. Kevin Lyttle, Lemar and the current State Champion Usher had the honour of entering the record books: First Men To Compete In A Three Way Singles Match. But who would claim the honour of the first win?

Fourteen days ago, Lemar defeated Kevin Lyttle in a preview for tonight’s match, so does common sense rule out Kevin Lyttle? We haven’t seen or heard from him since the defeat, it’s impossible to judge what’s going on his mind right now. Lemar, I’m sure, will still be smarting from the bruising he took off of Usher last week. The cut above his left eye will be visible tonight, quite what impact that made on the Londoner remains to be seen. Usher remains the man to beat.

Usher Vs. Lemar Vs. Kevin Lyttle For The State Championship

Lemar was out first. During this fight it’s important to remember exactly what the State Championship means. It’s about representation, the chance to represent your roots, your hometown, your people. Usher currently represents Georgia with brimming pride, but consider for one moment the possibility of Lemar actually winning this match and in-turn, taking the State Championship. Who gets represented? That’s right, London. American’s are fiercely patriotic and in The Underground, you’re nothing without an identity.

Kevin Lyttle followed him out, ‘Turn Me On’ blazed out over the speakers, but there was something out of place here. This wasn’t the Kevin Lyttle we knew, there was no dancing, no exhibition, no fooling around. Just focused determination splattered across his face. Has he finally got his act together? Is this the dawn of a new Kevin Lyttle? A new Champion? Keep in mind that Lyttle is fighting for his hometown of Kingstown. Yes the one in the Island of St. Vincent.

Last, but by no means least, was Usher. His Cross Of Honour hung proud, Usher lives for nights like these, he’s all about the big time, it’s a great trait to have, the ability to rise to the occasion, Usher has it in bundles.

Entrances over. Let’s get it on!

The trio circled the ring, waiting for someone to make the first move. Does Usher attack Lemar and risk getting taken from behind (not literally!) by Kevin Lyttle? Lemar feigns an attack on Usher, Kevin Lyttle’s reflexes take over and he lunges towards the Englishman, but Lemar saw it on his radar and ducked. Usher took a step back and encouraged the other two to fight. Wrong move Champ.

The challengers launched themselves towards The Champion, beating him down into the corner Usher backed himself into. Lemar pushed Kevin Lyttle away and continued stomping down on Usher. Lyttle took exception and shoved Lemar away from Usher, clearly no strategy involved here, it’s a straight out fight. Lemar ducked and dived out of the firing line, but Usher was back on his feet, after spinning Lyttle around, he opened up on the offensive. Lemar backed off.

The crowd were clearly weighted towards the defending Champion, his popularity stemming not just from his American roots, but also from his energy, his style and his ability to give as good as he gets. Feeding off of the support, Usher stepped up his game and began to dominate the fight. It had become apparent that Lemar was playing the waiting game, not becoming involved too quickly. Kevin Lyttle was simply getting pummelled. Round one was certainly Usher’s. As was two, three, four and five. Lemar finally showed his hand, squaring up to Usher in a heated moment, the two unleashed a barrage of blows, it never rains, but pours and there was a storm brewing.

In its current state, the match was back to a one-on-one battle, as most had predicted would be the case. Lemar, in the English corner, was showing no ill-effects of last weeks bloodying. Usher, in the American corner was slowly being drained of his confidence as his strongest challenger gained a foothold in the match. It was a dead-heat, the win was there for the taking. Time to prove your title credentials.

The crowd were into it now, a partisan atmosphere it may have been, but Lemar was not to be intimidated. The Englishman has an array of spectacular attacks he likes to use on his unsuspecting opponent. The ‘Soul Stopper’ usually comes out of nowhere as he ducks a punch, puts his head under, in this case, Usher’s other arm, then tilts them up in the air and drops them backwards onto their head. Ouch, rather you than me Champ. Seeing stars yet? There’s on breathing down on you, ready to take your title. Just like that a match can be over. A title won or lost. Ego’s inflated or burst.

But then lets not forget that there are three pieces to this jigsaw. Kevin Lyttle saved Usher’s title, for the time being at least, when he hooked Lemar off of the prone Champ. If you’re not gonna win Lyttle, you may as well Lemar take the title! Lemar scored with a bruising right hook to the left eye of Kevin Lyttle, the Islander rocked back and bounced off the ropes, not to de deterred he come again and took yet more punishment, all the while giving Usher the time to blow away the cobwebs.

The Champion ran full steam at Lyttle, but he ducked and Lemar was laid out with an awesome forearm smash right across the chops of the Londoner. Lyttle spun Usher around and aimed a right hook, but The State Champ saw it coming and hit him with his ‘Caught Up’ to all but extinguish Kevin Lyttle’s fire once and for all.

Lemar struggled up, Usher was ready for him. The fight exploded into life and soon spilled out of the ring. As Lemar discovered last week, The Underground isn’t big on protective mats or safety measures, there’s plenty of concrete and steel to play with. The challenger is behind enemy lines. In the ring he was safely on board the ship, the crew may not have been too friendly, but he was still standing. Now he’s fallen over the edge and into the sea. Now he’s swimming with the sharks. Hundreds of money-driven punters, all backing Usher to escape with his Cross, all waiting to see the Englishman crash and burn. Dangerous territory. But then something beautiful happened for Lemar. A magical, unexpected moment. Usher made a mistake, he took his eye of the road and slid into a ditch. In real terms, he took his eye of off the fighter and slid into one of the steel beams which, conveniently, keeps the roof over our heads and at a comfortable distance away from us.

Then, came the insult, the salt in the wounds, the spit in the face. Lemar felt his cut, re-opened by a handful of punishing right hooks by both Usher and Lyttle. He saw the blood on his hand, then smeared it in the face of the Champion. There’s nothing quite like the sight of your own blood to drive you on. Lemar just made things a little more personal. He pushed Neptune aside and relieved him off his chair, then slammed it onto the lifeless carcass of the Champion. Usher look finished.

Why isn’t the referee stopping this fight you may ask? Well a fight is just that, a fight. It’s not about rules and regulations, it’s about one man winning and one, or two in this case, losing. It’s about money being lost and won, you can’t stop fights, you just can’t. Lemar headed back to the ring, sensing victory. All he had to do was beat Kevin Lyttle, he done that two weeks back, surely he can do it again right? Well, I dunno, but lets find out.

Lemar and Lyttle battled away, looking for the opening. Lemar began to take control, blood still streaming down his face, he was bruised and battered, but still in a better shape than Lyttle. It was Lemar’s Time To Grow. This was his moment, his match, his Championship and his honour. He beat down Kevin Lyttle then waited. Looking for the chance to kill him off, blink and you may well miss it.

There it was, staring him in the face. Lemar laid out Kevin Lyttle with a scorching combo of right and left jabs, iced with a spectacular Roundhouse Kick to the head. Where did Lemar learn moves like that? This was it, ‘50/50’ time. He spun Lyttle to the left, then to the right before planting him on his head. Sweet dreams Kev. Uncork the bubbly Lond…

And just like that, it was over.

Lemar fell to the ground like a sack of bricks. Usher stood over him, the Cross Of Honour slowly fell out of his hand. The Champion dropped to his knees and fell across the lifeless body of Lemar. The returning hero, Usher always rises to the occasion. He was bruised, battered and bloodied. His sides were aching, his forehead was drenched in sweat and his clothes were ripped. But on that night, he stood a hero, the first man to come out of a three-way match victorious. He had survived the war.

The Underground crowd went a little crazy at that moment I can tell you. Your horse is last with one furlong left, you turn around in disgust, ready to back another, but you hear a commotion and you turn around. Your horse is sprinting through the field! Fourth, third, second…first! Across the line and your evens shot is safely home. Usher was safely home.

Usher chants filled the air as he stumbled towards his changing room, barely able to lift a smile. He had gone to hell and back several times over, but right now, Usher was in heaven. These are his nights, this is his title.

Lead Legs was not having a good night. Three matches, three successful defences. He needed a shock, step forwards Nate Dogg and Warren G, aka, The Regulators.

To Be Continued....


The show was so long I decided to post it in two digestible chunks. Second half will be along shortly

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Guest The Blueprint

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Better Dayz Part II

Jigga & Kells Vs. The Regulators For The Tag Team Championships

Damn I love this song. REGULATORS! Mount Up! Warren G and Nate Dogg swaggered down to the ring, with Snoop Dogg pimped to the max behind them. The three musketeers have nothing on this trio!

Though these three certainly know how it’s done as well, Jay Z and R Kelly pranced out, backed by Memphis Bleek, on hand to keep an eye on Snoop no doubt.

Last week Jay Z and R Kelly were working together in perfect harmony, this week, they seem content with each other. No squabbles tonight boys, this is the big one. When the pair are on form, they’re unbeatable, well, they’re unbeaten. Call it creative differences or call it petty bickering, things aren’t always rosy in the Best Of Both Worlds garden. Every now and again a flower gets trampled on, plants get up-rooted or the grass isn’t cut evenly. Today though, the sun is shining, the lawn is trim, the flowers are blossoming and the party is in full swing. If it stays that way, this could be some fight.

As is customary, R Kelly kicked things off, Warren G stepped back to allow Nate Dogg to begin the brawl inside the ring. A lot of grabbing, twisting, pulling, pushing and grasping went on before the match finally opened up. It was a cup final atmosphere, neither team wanting to make a mistake, using the opening period to feel out the opposition, look for weaknesses whilst hiding yours. Too much is at stake not to do it right.

Jay Z and Warren G had a go. The Jigga Man, being the most experienced and perhaps respected individual inside the ring at least, wasted no time in building up some offensive for his team and the champs began to govern the match, choosing when to tag, when to attack, when to take a breather. They dictated the flow and cut off Warren G from his partner. The match was going to plan, so far, so very good for the Champs.

The rest of the Tag Division simply must do better, it’s there job to catch up with Jigga & Kells. The Regulators, are pretty much the best of the rest. In the recent weeks, they’ve beaten G Unit pair Lloyd Banks and Young Buck as well as a creditable victory over The Ruff Ryders, DMX and Jadakiss. They slowly clawed their way back into the match, when Warren G summoned up the power to land a powerful Uppercut square onto the chin of R Kelly. Finally, Nate Dogg was in. But he come face to face with Jay Z and was soon backed into a corner again.

There were signs though, every now and again, of discomfort between the Champions. Jay Z wouldn’t tag in R Kelly, R Kelly would try one move to much and lost control, Memphis Bleek would became frustrated and walk off. These things happen, more often than not, they are usually overcome, but they really could do without the distraction.

The Regulators are very much in this match. A knee into the mid-drift of Jay Z by Nate Dogg followed up by his ‘Dogg Pound’ move soon showed as much. R Kelly sprung into the ring, Nate Dogg soon knocked him back out again. Kelly was fuming, you could all but see the steam escaping his ears, you could sense his blood boiling, he wanted in, one problem though. Oh no.

Jay Z hit back with a succession of right jabs followed by his ‘Hard Knock Life’ move. Nate Dogg was down, Jay Z was groggy. He stumbled towards his partner, but soon regained his senses. R Kelly screamed for a tag, Jay Z ignored him. Kelly swung out a hand, Jay Z avoided it. The argument started.

Then, something hilarious happened, well at least Warren G though it was. Sensing an opportunity for his team, he shoved Jay Z into his furious partner, in turn knocking R Kelly onto the concrete below. The G-Child, as Nate dubs him, laughed away, Jay Z turned straight into a ‘G Funk’. Scoop, Tilt, Slam. Kelly turned back up the ramp. The match was falling apart for the Champs. Is this the end? The end of Jigga & Kells?

Not quite, fortunately R Kelly had a change of heart and rushed back to the ring to save his title. Game on again. But tensions were high and when Snoop began to goad Jay Z into distraction, the end was nigh. With his back to the fight, Jigga made a point of telling Snoop where to go. R Kelly made a point of getting Jay Z’s mind back on the fight, but it wasn’t on the fight at all, his mind was lost for that split second, he turned round and swung a right hook, landing square on the nose of his partner. Of course this wasn’t intentional, well the punch was, but the expression on his face showed he knew not that it was his partner behind him and not Nate Dogg or Warren G. Kelly had had enough, he was out. You’re watching the sad demise of The Underground Tag Team Champions.

With R Kelly pacing back towards the changing room, Jay Z was in trouble. But a good champion surrounds himself with loyal friends. And in the ROC, Jay Z has just that. Memphis Bleek was about to ‘play his part’, as Warren G bounced of the ropes, preparing to hit Jigga with the ‘G Child’, Bleek seized the moment and clambered on the side of the ring and wrapped his arm around Warren G’s neck. Remember ref, no stopping the fight. Jay Z planted Nate Dogg with a heroic ‘Blueprint’ as Snoop dashed round and pulled Bleek off. But it was too late, Warren G stumbled into a ‘Blueprint’ and the fight was over. Somehow, someway, Jay Z escaped with his title, but what of R Kelly? What of Jigga & Kells.

Talk about the Great Escape. But what another disappointment for The Regulators. How far can this partnership go without tasting any success, the future of both teams now seems undecided. The Tag Team Titles may well be there for the taking. Are you listening Kanye and Twista? Your friend is having technical difficulties right now. You may wish to relieve him of the strain, convince him that singles action is the way to go. You could dominate, just like Jigga & Kells.

The Big One (Two)

Now, time to focus on the biggest prize of them all. Two monumental matches designed to decide the destiny of The Underground Championship over the coming months. First up Ice Cube and Ludacris battle it out for what is known around here as ‘The Right To Fight’. It gives the winner the opportunity to call out the current Champion for a title fight at any point in the next four weeks. It could be next week, the week after or, as in most cases, at the next end of the month show. That’s where the exposure is, that’s where the money is, that’s where the success is. And that’s where we are now.

Ice Cube Vs. Ludacris For The Right To Fight For The Underground Championship

Ice Cube got The Underground in a dancing mood with his immensely popular hit ‘You Can Do It’, but Luda quickly killed the mood with his testosterone filled ‘Act A Fool’, this is no time to be acting a fool though, a shot at the best of the best is on the line here. Ice Cube Vs. 50 Cent? 50 Cent Vs. Ludacris? Ludacris Vs. Eminem? Eminem Vs. Ice Cube?

One of them will happen.

Last minute bets were staked, the music was faded and the crowd settled back to their viewing posts. Ludacris and Ice Cube took one last deep breath each, then paced forward and so it begun….

Ludacris was bristling with confidence as he took the fight to Ice Cube. This is his first real shot at the big time, one which he wasn’t going to pass over without force. For Ice Cube it was perhaps one last hurrah, a final stab at glory, he has been here before, three title fights, three defeats, his chances were beginning to run out.

Ice Cube fought his way back, he’s a tough cookie to crack, always giving good value for money. Tonight looks set to be no exception, he doesn’t always win, but he’ll always give his best and then some.

Ludacris is not too dissimilar to DMX in his fighting style. Full of aggression, full of enthusiasm, but technically he’s not quite there yet. He always fights with character and distinct confidence, his presence never goes un-noticed in a brawl, he’s certainly one of the more entertaining fighters. And this was to prove to be an entertaining match-up, full of aggression, full of heart but not without the odd mistake.

Ice Cube was looking good, he beat down the offence of Ludacris before stepping up his own attack, Ice Cube isn’t a man that relies too heavily on his own personal ‘moves’. He’s much more adept at brawling the other man into the ground. Sporting one of the most punishing right hooks in The Underground, you need to be on your guard when fighting ‘Cube’, you need to try and out think him rather than out punch him. Not an opponent suited to Ludacris then…

But Ludacris wasn’t to be deterred, he took the punishment with the minimum of fuss, before picking his moment and roaring his way back into contention. The crowd were loving every second of this one, back and forth the fight would go, neither man able to sustain any real pressure over the other.

The crowd weren’t entirely sure who to support in this one. The money was with Luda, he’s better conditioned and had the better form, but the sentimental support was with Ice Cube, one of the most popular figures in The Underground. Again, it’s Money Vs. Sentiment.

Ludacris began to wear down his opponent, stinging Ice Cube with combination after combination. Jab, jab, jab, hook. Right, left, right, right, left. Ice’s star was fading. The crowd hushed to a respectful silence as they watched the demise of a legend. Ludacris lined up Ice Cube, the crowd knew what was coming, Act A….FOOL! Ludacris knew the fight had run it’s course, he had won his shot at the title. But as Luda turned to soak up the adulation of the crowd, he noticed something strange.

No one was smiling, no one was cheering, no one cared about Ludacris, this is Ice Cube’s moment. Luda hit him with another ‘Act A Fool’. The crowd grimaced and collectively shook their heads. Another ‘Act A Fool’. Boo’s started ringing out. Another ‘Act A Fool’, followed by more boo’s. Ludacris had had enough, he pinned his opponent and skulked off to the locker rooms, he had gone way too far.

No one collected their winnings just yet, Neptune held back on the music, he cut off Act A Fool as soon as Ludacris had completed his departure. This was Ice Cube’s moment. He struggled to his feet, rejecting Hector’s offer of assistance, the crowd cheered, Cube knew that he was beating, this was no time for celebration. He acknowledged the crowd and trudged away to the sound of ‘You Can Do It’. It’s not often that a fighter gets this must respect, especially in defeat.

Four Months In The Making

And so we come to the last fight of the evening. 50 Cent defending his Underground Championship against the man he took it from four months ago, Eminem. Not a bad one to end on then! In the past weeks the pressure on this fight has escalated, to the point were losing is no longer a possibility that either fighter dare contemplate. Victory for Eminem would mean the end of four months of frustration, he could finally put it to bed and move forward. He wants his title back. A successful defence for 50 Cent would confirm his status as the best fighter in The Underground, he would finally shake off Eminem, ready for the next man brave enough to try to strip him of his title.

For the fighters it was about pride, respect and honour. For the punters, it’s about money. For me, it’s about the fight, the two best fighters The Underground has ever seen, the only men ever to hold the title, going at each other, holding nothing back. It’s win or bust.

50 Cent Vs. Eminem For The Underground Championship!

Eminem was out first, he made no eye contact, he wasn’t blinking, he showed no emotion, he was in a deep, impenetrable, focus. Nothing was going to deter him, nothing was going to effect him. He came to fight and he came to win. He had the crowd with him, 50 Cent is far to arrogant for his own good, they were waiting for the fall, they were waiting for his demise.

P.I.M.P rung out around The Underground. 50 Cent looked his usual confident, cocksure self. To this day Eminem remains the only man to pin the Champion, beat him once, 50 Cent’s the fool. Try and beat him twice, you’re the fool. Two weeks back he managed to avoid being dragged into a fight with the challenger. He wanted the same from last week, but Eminem and a Baseball Bat had other ideas, and as 50 Cent declared earlier, that angered him. That motivated him.

It’s worth bearing in mind Fifty’s suggestion to Eminem earlier as well. Win, he takes the title, lose 50 takes his career. Whether those words made their way into Eminem’s head remains to be seen, but there’s no harm in trying. The mind games were over though. Now it’s a straight fight. No G Unit, no D12, no distractions. 50 Cent Vs. Eminem, may the better man win.

Lead Legs rushed through the last bets, Neptune faded out the music, the crowd settled in and the referee called for the bell. Good luck 50 Cent, good luck Eminem. Nervous? Feel those butterflies in your stomach? This is no time to freeze, this is about as big as it gets. Now fight!

Eminem dashed forward, 50 Cent bulked, a right hook slammed against the head of the Champion. Eminem was up for this alright, another hook found it’s mark, another, another. 50 covered his head and retreated, clearly caught out by his opponents early assault. The Champion shook away the cobwebs and shrugged his shoulders forward, twisting his neck from left to right. Eminem jumped up and down impatiently, this time Fifty knew what to expect, so he the challenger held back, inviting 50 Cent to show him the colour of his money. 50 didn’t take the bate, he was the champion, he was doing this fight on his terms, it was Eminem that had to force the issue.

Eminem moved to the centre of the ring, 50 Cent did likewise. The pair jockeyed for a moment, picking the moment to pounce, 50 found his mark, burying his fist into the side of Eminem. In it’s current state, this was little more than a boxing match. 50 Cent backed his opponent into the corner, firing off a succession of blows, some to the head, some to the body. Eminem escaped the corner and backed away, this time though, 50 followed him and kept up the offensive.

There’s no place to run in The Underground, you don’t leave the ring without being forced out, you want a breather, you earn one. Eminem though, was having trouble doing so. In a straight boxing match, you would back 50 Cent everytime, Eminem’s strength lies in his ring-craft, his ability to out manoeuvre his opponent. Something which he had to do sooner rather than later if he wanted to stay in this one. He needed the bell, he needed to suck in some wind, he needed his corner-man, but this isn’t boxing. This is The Underground and this is the main event.

50 Cent had clearly written his own script, overpowering any offence offered by the challenger, it was all going to plan, who needs G Unit? This was becoming a reality check for Eminem. The memories of four months back will soon start to rush back. He knows what it feels like to be beaten down by 50, he knows the pain of failure. How does he get back into the fight? What weakness can he expose in the Champion? How’s he going to build some momentum? It would be a lot easier for Eminem to think of some answers if wasn’t be pummelled by the hands of the Champion.

And there it was, a moment of pure anger, pure frustration, Eminem buried a shoulder into the mid-drift of 50 Cent and drove him across the ring and into the ropes. He caught Fifty off guard, the element of surprise had rescued the challenger, now he had to start building. He ducked a left hook and drove his left fist into the jaw of the Champ, then followed it up with a right hook into the side of his stomach. Was this a brief surge of energy? Or was the Real Slim Shady about to stand up?

50 Cent shoved Eminem away and swung for his head, but it was ducked and 50 received a right hook to his chin, which snapped his head back. Eminem found the same spot again as the Champion left his head exposed. A fierce uppercut caught 50 in the eye, the Champion was rocking. Fifty was bent in half as Eminem buried his knee into his stomach, he sprung up-right again when his face was introduced to the challengers other knee.

Eminem is full of heart, no matter what state he is in, he can never be written off, no fight is beyond Eminem until it’s over. Only twice as he been beaten, once by 50 Cent in a tag team match. The other by 50 Cent in an Underground Title match. Three times would be once to many.

Neither man dominated the opening exchanges, which just goes to prove how evenly-matched they are. It’s one each in singles fights; the one’s that matter and this one may be the decider. Eminem may count Dre as one of his closest friends, but the Underground governor has to do right by all competitors, so there is a queue to face 50 Cent, lose this one and Eminem will join the back of it.

The Champion began to find his rhythm, reeling off some explosive punches, mixed up by the odd elbow, knee and foot attacks. Every now and again Eminem would interrupt his flow, but it takes something special to beat a Champion, right now Eminem was having a hard time finding it. Being the first ever Underground Champion is a special, unique, honour, but it also means that Eminem has never defeated a Champion, he’s never beaten the best and it remains to be seen whether he has the capacity to do so.

That wasn’t going to stop him from putting up a good fight though, after stooping to avoid a swing from 50, Eminem darted forward and sent the Champion sprawling to the outside. The crowd roared with delight as Eminem took a moment to compose himself before sliding out of the ring to continue the fight.

‘We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches, On The Hills And In The Fields’ said an inspiring Mr Churchill. Eminem had battled 50 Cent on the canvas, on the ramp and in the crowd. This wasn’t quite World War II, but in Underground terms, this was a war alright. A hero was waiting to be crowned.

‘We gotta fight to the bloody end’. Blood dripped from the nose of 50 Cent as he stumbled away from his stalker.

‘We gotta hold up our chins’. This fight was far from over, 50 battled back, ramming his challenger into Lead Leg’s betting table.

‘We gotta show some courage’. Eminem dragged himself back to his feet and stabbed his foot into the mid-drift of the Champion.

The fight meandered back to the ring. 50 Cent wiped away the blood, Eminem felt his eye, which had swollen up under the extreme pressure of 50’s punching. Both men wanted the win so bad, they had come this far, there was no turning back.

Twenty nine minutes ago the nerves were jangling, doubts may have been cast, minds were being focused. Now there were bloody noses, saw ribs, aching muscles and tired joints. Eminem was about to seize the moment…

He startled 50 Cent with a spectacular Dropkick to the chest. 50 bounced back off the ropes, Eminem clambered up off the ground and waved the Champion towards him. The crowd anticipated something special. They got it alright. Eminem clasped 50 Cent by the throat and threw him full speed into his outstretched arm. Fifty fell to the floor. A sea of blood and sweat. Eminem took a look around him, breathed in the moment. Then scooped up his opponent. There was a pause, before it happened.

To the untrained eye the only thing that followed was Eminem taking a step closer to the title. But those in attendance four months ago knew the significance. Eminem hadn’t attempted his ‘Encore’ move since he tried laying it on 50 Cent four months ago. On that night he screwed up, he crashed and burned and it was the beginning of the end of his title reign. Tonight was different. Tonight he hit it perfect. 50 Cent was out for the count. What a way to win the title back.

Eminem knew 50 was finished. He knew he had exorcised the demons that followed him since he lost his Cross Of Honour. 50 Cent was right, he had lost identity, but tonight he wanted it back. Better safe than sorry, Eminem picked up 50 Cent to finish the job, he hooked him up for the ‘Just Lose It’. The crowd were jubilant, Eminem was close to touching heaven again. And then…Payback time. The heart of a warrior. The mind of a Champion. Warriors don’t always win, Champions usually do.

Eminem felt the full force of a Baseball Bat driven into his stomach. The Game dropped the bat and fled the ring. 50 Cent got to his feet, P….I……you do the rest.

The referee was powerless, you don’t stop fights.

50 Cent was under threat like never before, with his usual back-up taken away, he needed a Plan B, he needed an escape route. Hate It Or Love It, Fifty Cent was Champion for a reason.

Welcome to The Underground…

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Guest Rich F

Damn! That was a hell of a show, and I tip my hat to you. I think the most impressive thing about the Underground is that you manage to convey the legitimate fight feel. This is the feel that ECW had, and so many ECW diaries don't have. You hit all the staples of a good pro wrestling federation, yet manage to disguise them all, bringing back the kay fab so that the heel turns and cheap shots mean something. Thank you for making me a mark again :)

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That was amazing. I don't normally read full matches on diaries but this one is an exception because every word keeps me gripped. Interesting how you are seemingly going for a future heel vs. heel match between Ludacris and Fifty. Loved the way you used the Churchill speech making it relevant to what was happening. Keep up the good work .

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Guest The Blueprint

The Underground Saturday 21st May 2005


So Fifity went and done it again. He's still the Champ, he's still on top and he's still as cocky as ever. Taking advantage of a loophole in Dre's law outlawing anyone from D12 or G Unit to the ring, 50 is set to introduce The Game as the newest member of his clan tonight. He's not G Unit...yet.

It's decision time tonight. Defeats have left uncertain futures for The Regulators, Ice Cube and Eminem. Even in victory, Jay Z and R Kelly face a rocky road ahead, what lies ahead for the Tag Team Champions?

Kia is still the Ladeez Champion, she may have had a lucky break against beyonce, but the thoughts of Ciara barging her way into The Underground is an unsettling one.

This week is going to be a new dawn for The Underground, futures are to be decided in what may prove to be a Landmark night.

You really do not want to miss this one.

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*applauds* I really like this idea, especially since I like gangsta rap (not hip hop--bleh)...and the shows are great as well! Good job!

Hire Triple 6 Mafia, Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, and Project Pat (THE TRUTH)

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Guest The Blueprint

Cheers guys, a new month means new fighters. One or two of which will be announced at the next show.

Watch this space....

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