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Post Wrestlemania 21 WWE

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Guest livengood

This is my first attempt at a diary, therefor it won't contain color or special fonts just yet. I want to get it started out and improve as time goes on.


In April of 2005 following WM21 and the Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy incident, WWE officials felt it was time to go down a new road. Vince McMahon and the WWE Board of Directors felt it was time to suspended the creative writing staff and introduce one person who they felt could do a better job on a large scale. So, the WWE hired on Travis Livengood a relative unknown individual who submitted storyline requests on a weekly basis which caught WWE's eye. Although they ignored his storylines they felt he had a gift for creative writing.

Now signed to a fresh WWE contract, Travis hopes to introduce a fresh and wide aray of talent to the WWE roster and expand on the newer talent. The old talent are quite good where they are in his opinion, and now we shall see where Travis hopes to take the WWE and its superstars.

In May of 2005, not long after Travis' signature was dry on his contract, TNA announced their plans to go global. This now made Travis' job harder as he now had to compete with TNA Wrestling which had superior talent but a horrible booking system. And now, let's see just how WWE can cope with the recent disaster they put themselves in and let's also see if they can pull themselves out of their slump and engage TNA in a war for dominance of the wrestling industry.

Roster: No need to post this. It's the current WWE roster in real life.


World Heavyweight Champion:

Batista - Defeated Triple H to capture the title at WM21.

WWE Champion:

John Cena - Defeated JBL at WM21 to capture the title.

World Tag Team Champions:

William Regal and Tajiri - Haven't been used much on RAW lately but this shall change.

WWE Tag Team Champions:

MNM (Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro) - Defeated Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio during their Smackdown debut.

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin - Defeated Chris Jericho at Taboo Tuesday to acquire the title.

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan - Defeated John Cena the Smackdown before WM21 to capture the title.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Paul London - Defeated Chavo Guerrero to acquire the title.

WWE Women's Championship:

Trish Stratus

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Guest livengood



After a lengthy career with World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE is sad to announce we have released Sean Morley, formerly known as Val Venis.

We wish him luck with his future endeavors.


This week on RAW we are expected to hear from the new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. What will Triple H have to say about his defeat?

Also, the following matches are confirmed for RAW:

Shelton Benjamin vs Daivari w/ Muhammed Hassan in a non-title contest

William Regal and Tajiri vs La Resistance for the World Tag Team Championship.

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho in a Submission Match, the winner advancing to face Triple H for the number one contendors spot for the World Heavyweight Championship.

What will happen this week on RAW? What type of backlash can we expect from WM21? Tune in to RAW this week to find out!

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Guest livengood


JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW! I'm Jim Ross alongside my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler and what a fantastic show we have for you tonight, right King?

King: That's right JR. Tonight we bring you a fabulous RAW live from Madison Square Garden where we will hear from the new World's Heavyweight Champion and the former World Champion Triple H.

JR: We also have some good matches lined up for tonights show, and it's about time to start our first match.

Rhyno vs Simon Dean

The match starts off with a lockup before Rhyno sends Dean into the ropes and hits him with a standing sholder block. Rhyno lifts up Simon Dean and delivers a body slam to the Matt before launching himself into the ropes and hitting an elbow to the torso of Simon Dean. Rhyno goes for the elbow a second time but Dean rolls out of the way and locks on a STF on Rhyno. The hold is held for a long period of time before Rhyno makes it to the ropes. Dean charges at Rhyno but is met with a kick to the stomach and is sent into the ropes. He comes back and is hit with a nasty spinebuster. Rhyno goes to the corner where he lies in wait, as Simon gets up. Rhyno goes for the gore....but he hits the ring post! Simon Dean rolls up Rhyno with his feet on the ropes. 1...2....3!!.

Winner: Simon Dean by Cheating


Backstage Segment: William Regal and Tajiri discussing their match.

Regal: Master Tajiri, today we have an important match against La Resistance. We both know very well they are gunning for our titles, and tonight we will retain our titles.

Tajiri: (Speaks some japenese gobble de gook and nods excitedly)

Regal: Ummm right. Let's go Tajiri, we have got a match to win.


----commercial break----

World Tag Team Titles Match: La Resistance vs William Regal and Tajiri

A good long match with back and fourth action between Tajiri and Grenier during the last part of the match. Tajiri and Grenier lock up and Tajiri sends him into the ropes before hitting a rolling kick. Tajiri picks him up but suddenly from behind a masked man hits Tajiri in the back with a kendo stick knocking him down. The referee calls for the bell as the masked man, and La Resistance continue to pound on Tajiri. When they are finished, La Resistance look for the man who is walking away from the ring.

Winners: William Regal and Tajiri by DQ through outside interference


JR: Who was that guy who attacked Tajiri and Regal? God what an awful display.

King: What are you talking about JR? This guy is awesome. He made an impact tonight. But my only question is, who is he?

It's Time to play the Game!! Muahaha!

Triple H's music plays and he comes to the ring with Ric Flair angry about his defeat at Wrestle Mania 21 to Batista. He enters the ring and grabs the microphone without any sort of acknowledgement of the crowd.

Triple H: At Wrestle Mania, Dave Batista got lucky. He got lucky because he was able to defeat me! Defeating me is no easy task, and Dave, you better relish this moment because it will never happen again. Dave your win last night was nothing, it was a joke. It only happened because I had a weakness. This weakness is also a flaw within my inner circle Dave. And I will tell you this weakness because right now, I'm going to remove that weakness.

Suddenly Triple turns and kicks Flair in the stomach and delivers a Pedigree with impact onto the ring canvas and picked the microphone back up.

Triple H: You see Dave, Ric wasn't in my corner, he's getting too old to keep up with me. He's a parasite like you and Randy have become. Evolution has become a virus and I must eradicate that virus starting tonight. So tonight, if Ric Flair has the guts, It will be me, versus Ric Flair.

Triple H dropped the microphone and left Ric Flair down in the ring as he headed towards the back, his entrance music blaring.


Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho in a Submission Match. The winner advances next week to face Triple H for the Number 1 Contenders Spot.

The match was fast and pay-per-view quality. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are both down and sweaty after taking fierce punishment back and fourth through this match. The referee is at the 8 count and both wrestlers are now back to their feet. Suddenly Jericho slams down Benoit and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Benoit manages to roll out of the move. Jericho charges straight into a Crippler Crossface. Jericho grabs the ropes but Benoit pulls him back and relocks the crossface. Jericho tries hard not to tap, but eventually he's forced to do so. Chris Benoit wins.

Winner by Submission and the Number 2 Contender: Chris Benoit

Backstage Interview: Batista (ooc: no colors are used in interview segments)

The Coach:

Batista we just heard from the greatest athlete in the WORLD, Triple H. He clearly sent a message to you tonight when he pedigreed Ric Flair in the ring, showing he is as ruthless as they come. What are your thoughts Champ?


Well Coach, you little worm of a man, Triple H is the cerebal assassin. That's his game. He tries to play with your mind, and tonight he turned against his only ally in an attempt to play with me. You see Coach, It backfired. Triple H not only failed to get inside my mind, but he also---

Suddenly Triple H rushes Batista from behind and delivers massive amount of punches. He gets up and stomps upon Batista and when he's finished with the beating he yells.


Triple H hits one more kick to Batista's ribs before walking away.

Shelton Benjamin vs Daivari w/ Hassan in a non-title contest

Shelton is down and Daivari goes for the Magic Carpet Ride...he misses. Benjamin gets up and goes for a T-Bone but Hassan has slid into the ring. He runs to Shelton. Shelton nails Hassan with a super kick. Shelton grabs Daivari and finally nails his T-Bone Suplex. He goes for the cover...1...2....3!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

---commerical break----

Triple H vs Ric Flair

The match was pretty dull with many submission manuvers, with Ric intending to get revenge on his former friend. As Triple H gets Ric into his main event sleeper, Batista's music hits the arena, and the World Champion sprints to the ring. Triple H and Batista exchange punches as the referee calls for the bell. Ric Flair runs behind Triple H as he goes for the pedigree on Batista, and clips his knee. Triple H goes down. Batista lifts up Triple H and hits the Batista Buster. He raises Batista up once more planting his head in between his legs. He raises him up...and...BAM! Batista Bomb! Batista has taken down the game with authority!

JR: King did you see that?! Triple H has just been destroyed with a vicious Batista bomb!!

King: No!!! This can't be happening J.R.

End of Show.

(Feedback and notes are appreciate. Please be constructive and clean)

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Nice diary for your first try. My only problem is with the Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit submission match. Booking these two in a submission match is awesome, but for a match of that cailber you should at least have one of the competitors interviewed before the match, especially with the winner fighting HHH next week for a title shot. Also, it may be a good idea to put the match ratings and such after the match. Other that that, good job. Edited by million$$man
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Guest simon522109

Good effort for your first diary attempt. RAW was a good , solid show, I ike that you split HHH & Flair up ( I mean a 16 time world champion, as a sidekick wtf?). I don't like that you release Val Venis, but hey it's your diary. Another thing what puzzled me was why was Shelton Benjamin facing Diavrai (a manager) and not his client Muhammed Hassan, which would have made more sense , unless your building up a Hassan/Benjamin feud. Overall a pretty solid start. :D

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Guest livengood

Smackdown Preview:

Last Sunday was the dawn of a new era as John Cena was crowned the new WWE Champion after he defeated JBL for the title. Tonight we'll hear from John Cena, but JBL will not be here tonight as he's resting from the F-U he received shortly before he was pinned. The Cabinet however will be here, and they will be in action.

Confirmed Matches for Smackdown:

Paul London and Shannon Moore vs Akio and Billy Kidman


Orlando Jordan vs Rene Dupree vs Mark Jindrak vs Danny Basham in a Fatal Four Way for the United States Championship. Will Danny and Orlando go their seperate ways and battle for the title or will they maintain Cabinet Unity and preserve Jordan's title reign? Find out on Smackdown.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs WWE Tag Team Champions M.N.M.

Find out what will happen with these matches and more this week on Smackdown!

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Guest livengood

WWE Smackdown

Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole alongside my partner Tazz and what a show we bring to you tonight, isn't that right Tazz?

Tazz: Your damn skippy Cole because tonight in the main event we're going to see Kurt Angle take on John Cena in a non-title contest.

Cole: That's right Tazz and also later tonight, La Familia's own Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio will challenge the new WWE Tag Team Champions MNM for the gold.

Backstage with Theodore Long

TL: Welcome to WWE Smackdown playa's! Tonight we have a wonderful show in store for you because...

(Suddenly JBL Rushes into Teddy Long's office)

JBL: Teddy what the hell is going on here? I should be in the main event, I'm an impact player. I was the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last decade and I deserve my rematch damn it. I am a Wrestling....GOD.

TL: Now hold on just a minute playa. You can't just come in here demanding matches. I am the General Manager and I make the calls.

JBL: I want to be in the main event Teddy! Make it happen!

TL: My name is Theodore, not Teddy and if you want to be in the main event so badly, well you got it. Because tonight, it will be JBL vs Kurt Angle for the number one contenders match for the WWE Championship.

Tazz: What about Cena Cole?

TL: And as for John Cena, I've come up with something else to keep him busy. Because tonight it will be John Cena, Booker T and Big Show vs Doug Basham, Luther Regins and the newest member to Smackdown, AJ STYLES!!! Now you betta believe that dawg. Holla...Holla Holla!


Ringside with the announcers

Cole: Wow can you believe that? TNA's own AJ Styles has signed with WWE and he debuts tonight in a six man tag match.

Tazz: That is amazing Cole. I never saw this coming at all. John Cena, Booker T, and Big Show versus Doug Basham, Luther Reigns and AJ Styles. What a match tonight Cole.

Paul London and Shannon Moore vs Billy Kidman and Akio

Fast paced match as Paul London and Kidman square off in the ring. Towards the end of the match Paul London was setting Akio up for the 450 Splash when Chavo interfered while the referee was tending to Kidman and nailed London with his own Cruiserweight Title! Akio makes the tag as Kidman nails the Shooting Star Press on London and picks up the three count.

Winners: Billy Kidman and Akio due to interference from Chavo Guerrero.


Backstage Segment withJohn Cena, Big Show, and Booker T

Backstage in the babyface locker room, the camera shows Cena, Big Show and Booker T discussing plans for their match later tonight.


---Commercial Break---

La Familia (Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio) vs MNM for the World Tag Team Championship

All through the match Eddie has taken punishment and interference from Melina. At the end of the match, Eddie crawled over for a tag to Rey Mysterio, but Mysterio jumps off the apron! MNM set Eddie up....and they nail the Double Impailer! 1...2...3. MNM retain the tag team gold. WOAH! Rey just dropped the dime onto Eddie Guerrero.

Cole: What the hell is Rey thinking?

Tazz: Rey's thinking he's done with Eddie's un-reliability and temper tantrums, Cole.

Winners: MNM due to Rey Mysterio's heel turn.


Backstage Segment: JBL gives a pep talk to Doug Basham and Luther Reigns before their match...and that match is next

---Commercial Break---

6 Man Tag Team Match: John Cena, Big Show, and Booker T vs Doug Basham, Luther Reigns, and AJ Styles.

The match was fast paced, particularly between AJ Styles and John Cena. Their styles seem to blend together well. At the end, Danny Basham and Orlando try to interfere but Danny accidently hits Styles and Orlando allowing Cena to deliver the FU to Doug Basham and pick up the win!

Winners: John Cena, Big Show, and Booker T by botched interference from the Cabinet.


Fatal Four Way Elimination: Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak vs Danny Basham vs Rene Dupree for the WWE United States Championship

During the opening part of the match, Orlando got a roll up on Danny eliminating a furious Danny Basham. Rene Dupree was then eliminated by Mark Jindrak and it came down to Orlando and Jindrak. During the match Danny slid back into the ring and nailed Orlando Jordan with the Brain Damage and slides out of the ring, allowing Mark Jindrak to pin Jordan and pick up the win.

Winner: Mark Jindrak by interference from the eliminated Danny Basham.

Interview with JBL

JM: JBL tonight you have a match with Kurt Angle to determine the number one contendership for the WWE Championship at Backlash. Your thoughts?

JBL: You want my thoughts Josh? I think your worthless trash now shut up. As for Kurt Angle, tonight I will defeat him to become the Number One Contender and move on to defeat John Cena for MY title at Backlash. You want to know why Josh? Because I'm a wrestling Go---

Angle: Oh shut up Bradshaw. Week after week, we have to hear about you being a wrestling god. But Bradshaw, your not. What you are is an ex football player has been who got lucky in the stock market. That's it. Your nothing Bradshaw, and I'll prove it tonight, when I make you TAP!!!

Angle left JBL with a very pissed off look on his face.

---Commercial Break---

JBL vs Kurt Angle for the #1 Contenders Spot

During the match, Cabinet Members Doug Basham and Orlando Jordan tried to interfere on behalf of JBL. Danny Basham was no where to be found. Danny finally ran down and attacked Orlando while he and his brother had a stare down. This distracted JBL and allowed Kurt to get him in the ankle lock, but JBL reversed it allowing Doug to hit Kurt in the head with the old title belt. JBL picked him up, nailed the Clothesline From Hell and picked up the three count to become the number one contender.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield.

---End of Show---

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Guest livengood



World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc has released Mark Henry, and Nunzio from their contracts. We wish them well with their future endeavors.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc are pleased to announce AJ Styles has signed a written contract with our company and will be moved off of the open contract list effective immediatly.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc are pleased to announce we have signed BJ Whitmer, and the Briscoe Boys (Mark and Jay Briscoe) to developmental deals and we wish them well down in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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Guest livengood

WWE RAW: Preview

Last week on RAW we saw Triple H turn against Ric Flair in an apparent stand up against his former Evolution team mates claiming they were "viruses" and he would eliminate the threat. Triple H defeated Ric Flair by DQ last week in his crusade. What will The Game have in store this week?

We also have several confirmed matches for this week on RAW.

Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari vs Shelton Benjamin for the I.C. title

Tajiri vs ???

Ric Flair vs Randy Orton

Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme in a "Loser is Fired from WWE" match

What other excitement will we bring to the table? Find out Monday Night on RAW live on USA.

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Guest livengood


The Coach: Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday Night RAW! I am The Coach and next to me is Jerry Lawler and tonight we bring you an exciting fun filled evening here on RAW.

King: What the hell are you doing here?

Coach: Well King, JR has a match tonight with the mystery man who attacked Tajiri and Regal last week on RAW.

King: Oh so I get to hear your oh so great commentary instead?

Coach: That's right King, you have the privilege of listening to the Coach.

King: Somebody shoot me.

Tajiri vs Eddie Colon

Eddie Colon was signed to a one night only deal to showcase his skills here on RAW. The match was suprisingly fast paced, with both competitors firing fiercly at one another. Obviously Eddie wants to make a good impression. At the end of the match, Tajiri hits his tarantula move on Colon followed by the Buzzsaw Kick, and picked up the win.

Winner: Tajiri


Backstage with Eric Bischoff and JR

Eric: I know your not looking forward to this match JR, but I simply need you tonight. Do you understand?

JR: You are one slimy individual Bischoff.

Eric: Watch it JR, I am your boss. You won't dare forget that. You are a contracted RAW employee and you will be working tonight, just not at the announce position. Now get ready to earn your keep.

---Commercial Break as Eric watches JR leave smiling---

Robert Conway vs William Regal

A nice match with Rob and Regal going back and fourth. Their styles were a bit conflicting but all in all a good match with a good crowd reaction for Regal. After the referee took a bump, Sylvan nailed Regal with the french flag and La Resistance hit him with their devestating finisher. The referee came around and counted the pinfall.

Winner: Robert Conway by interference from Sylvan Grenier.


Interview with Triple H

Triple H: Batista, Ric listen up. You better be glad that I am not there tonight. Bischoff gave me the night off to protect his main event, but don't take this time to relax. Take this time to think about what I am going to do to you. Think about not knowing when or if I come out of the shadows to deliver the Pedigree. Watch your back because the Game has been reset.

---Commercial Break---

Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson (sub from Smackdown for Christy Hemme who pulled a no show)

A very dull match which saw Torrie being pretty much squashed. A chick kick obliterated Torrie and trish picked up the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus


Backstage Segment

Shelton Benjamin is shown walking backstage heading out to his match when the masked individual runs up from behind and hits Shelton on the back of the leg with a steel chair, sending Shelton to the floor screaming in pain. The masked man continued to beat on the leg a few more times before running off as road angents run to deal with Shelton.

Masked man gains 2 points of overness.


---Commercial Break---

JR vs Masked Man

Due to JR's lack of wrestling skills, this was obviously a gimmick match designed to promote the masked man. During the bout, the masked man lifted up Jim Ross, hit the ropes and nailed him with the....POUNCE!!!! The masked man removed his mask and showed himself to be Monty Brown before getting the pin. Afterwards he continued the beating until Tajiri, Regal and Shelton made the save sending Brown running.

Winner: Monty Brown


Bischoff Backstage

Eric on Cell: Hahaha! Did you watch that Teddy? Your not the only one who can steal talent away from TNA. Monty Brown just destroyed Jim Ross....oh shut up. At least Brown didn't lose like Styles did on Thursday....oh my mistake Doug Basham got pinned but that doesnt matter. Anyway, good luck with the number 2 show Teddy.

He hangs up laughing.

---Commercial Break---

Ric Flair w/ Batista vs Randy Orton

It was a long but good match seeing interference from both competitor's managers, however at the end, Triple H appeared and Pedigreed Ric Flair forcing a DQ. Batista ran in to attack Batista but received a Pedigree as well. Randy laughed at Flair and Batista until Triple H pedigreed Orton. Triple H raised his arms in the air as all former Evolution members lied motionless in the ring.

--End of Show--

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Guest livengood

WWE News

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc has released Christy Hemme for no-showing RAW last night. We wish Christy well in her future endeavors.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc would like to welcome Ric Flair to our Road Agent team. Ric wrestled his final match last night against Randy Orton and was said to be excited about the transition into a road agent position.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc would like to welcome Monty Brown to our RAW roster. He will prove to be a valuable addition as the newest WWE superstar.

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Guest livengood

WWE Smackdown! Preview

Last week we saw a little dissention in the ranks as Danny Basham and Orlando Jordan had a blow out. What will JBL do about this situation? Find out Thursday Night on Smackdown.

Also, we saw a very dispicable display as Rey Mysterio turned on his partner and friend Eddie Guerrero during their rematch against MNM for the tag team gold. Why did Rey turn on Eddie? Was it because of the problems they've been having? Find out this Thursday on Smackdown.

Confirmed Matches:

MNM's Johnny Nitro vs Hardcore Holly

Danny Basham vs Luther Reigns

JBL vs John Cena in a non-title contest

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Guest livengood

WWE Smackdown!

After the Smackdown Pyro hits and the announcers give a rundown of tonights show, its time for the first match of the night.

Johnny Nitro vs Hardcore Holly

This was a match of conflicting styles as Hardcore and Nitro traded the dominance of the match back and fourth. Hardcore set Nitro up for the Alabama Slam until Mercury hit the ring and delivered a low blow to Hardcore. The ref rang the bell as MNM nailed Holly with the Snapshot DDT.

Winner: Hardcore Holly by DQ through interference from Mercury.


Backstage Interview with JBL, Orlando Jordan, and Doug Basham

JM: JBL last week we saw Danny Basham attack Orlando Jordan during your number one contenders match. What are your thoughts about this?

JBL: Danny Basham is no longer a member of my Cabinet. What Danny Basham did was he thought of himself. He did not think of the common benifet of the Cabinet. All Danny Basham is, is a worthless spineless human being and we have decided to deassociate ourselves with Danny Basham. Now, tonight, I have a match with John Cena in a non title match, which I don't understand. However, tonight Josh, Cena will get a taste of Backlash as I will defeat John Cena tonight, like I'll defeat Cena at Backlash.


Luther Reigns vs Danny Basham

Luther Reigns dominated Danny Basham at the opening of the match, until Danny gained an upper hand. Danny hit the brain damage on Reigns and pinned him for the three count. Orlando Jordan and Doug Basham then hit the ring and proceeded to assault Danny until Rob Van Dam made his WWE return and saved Danny from the three-on-one beat down.

Winner: Danny Basham


Theodore Long and Big Showp

Show: Teddy I want a title shot. You know I deserve a title shot, but that slimy JBL gets one instead.

Long: Big Show, I know that playa. JBL is un-deserving of the title shot in my books, but he won the number one contenders match, can you feel me dawg? I must be fair and let him challenge. But Big Show, your absolutely right playa, you do deserve a title shot. So next week, it will be Big Show and a partner of your choice versus M.N.M for the tag team gold. Now belee dat.

Show nods his head with a smile and walks from the office as Long breaths a sigh of relief.

Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero in a non-title bout

This was an excellent match with both competitors putting in their all. Paul signaled for the 450 splash until Rey Mysterio hit the ring and pushed him off the ring post. The ref signaled for the bell, calling for a disqualification as Rey and Chavo beat down on Paul London. Rey picks up a microphone.

Rey: Paul, did you see what I did to Eddie last week? Well next week here on Smackdown, you have the same thing coming. I came from Theodore Long's office and I get a shot to face you for the title. Your nothing Paul and next week when I take your title, I'll prove it once an---


Eddie sprints to the ring and as Rey quickly leaves, Chavo attacks Eddie and they brawl for a bit, until Eddie cracks Chavo with a vicious chair shot, puts him on the chair and nails a vicious Frog Splash as Rey looks on.

Winner: Paul London by DQ


You know it's a MacMilitant

Theodore comes out onto the ramp and announces at Backlash it will be Danny Basham vs Orlando Jordan. He also announced at Backlash, Eddie Guerrero will face Rey Mysterio and if Rey wins his title match next week, it will be for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but if he does not, it will be a Hell in a Cell contest. Now belee dat playa. HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!

---Final Commercial Break---

JBL vs John Cena in a non-title contest

There was multiple interferences from the Cabinet, Danny Basham, and Kurt Angle during this match, and Theodore Long came out to ban everyone from ringside. When the match continued, Cena bumped the Ref and was hit with a clothesline from hell. Since the Ref was down he couldnt count the three. Cena and the ref recoved, Cena delivered and FU and picked up the win.

Winner: John Cena


--End of Show--

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Guest livengood

WWE RAW: Previews and News

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc and RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff are proud to announce to the opening of the RAW Power Plant, a developmental territory specifically designed for the RAW brand and it's future superstars. In a petition by Eric Bischoff, the first three new talents assigned to this territory are BJ Whitmer, Mark Briscoe, and Jay Briscoe.

Last week on RAW we saw the debut of former TNA sensation Monty Brown as he completely destroyed, RAW's announcer Good Ol' J.R. What will be in store for Monty Brown this week?

Also confirmed for this week:

William Regal and Tajiri vs La Resistance for the World Tag Team titles

Hassan and Daivari will be this week's Guests on the Highlight Reel

Christian has challenged Edge for  a one-on-one match for his Money in the Bank contract at a house show last week. Will Edge accept his proposal?

Chris Jericho will go one on one with Triple H

What lies ahead for these wonderful RAW superstars in their individual quests for gold? Find out this Monday Night only on USA.

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Guest livengood


After the entrance music and pyro's goes off, we are directed to the announcers position.

The Coach: Good evening everybody and welcome to Monday Night RAW. As always I am the Coach alongside my not-so-talented counterpart, Jerry "The King" Lawler. And we have a good show lined up for you tonight.

The King: You again? Oh god, please kill me. Kill me now.

The Coach: Oh King you flatter me. You know your happy to see the Coach while J.R. rests off his injuries.

The King: You need to see a therapist if you think I'm happy

Highlight Reel

Break the walls down!!!!! Chris Jericho comes to the ring, as the Highlight Reel starts off this evening's RAW. Chris enters the ring with a grin on his face.

Jericho: How is my Jerichoholics doing tonight? (crowd cheers) Ahhh yes. Welcome to the HIGHLIGHT REEEEEL. I am your host Y2J, Chris Jericho. Before we get to our guests tonight I just want to get something off my chest....ALLLLLAAYYYYYYEEEYAHHHHH

Hassan and Daivari interrupt Jericho as he speaks and they walk to the ring, getting more boo's then Edge receives in North Carolina...if thats possible.

After they enter the ring, Jericho begins to yell.

Jericho: What do you think your doing jerkies? Im the host. I'm supposed to introduce you! You don't just come out here until the King of the World invites you! So what the hell are you doing?

Hassan: Hold the phone Jericho. I'm sick of hearing your mouth week after week, listening to the garbage you like to spew from your maggot filled racist Canadian mouth. Daivari and I are here to shut you up.

Jericho: Oh are you now Arab boy? (Jericho looks at Daivari) And what about you Pinoccio? (Daivari and Hassan throw a fit, as Daivari lightly touches his nose)

Hassan: Jericho just shu---

Jericho: SHUT YOUR MOUTH JERKIE!!! If you want to do something about my bantering, then do it. NOW!

Hassan charges at Jericho and is met with a clothesline. Jericho drop kicks Daivari out of the ring as he pummels Hassan with vicious right and left hands. Jericho throws him into the ropes but Daivari trips Hassan and drags him from the ring, walking up the ramp as Y2J's music blares over the loudspeakers leaving a furious Chris Jericho heated in the ring.


Backstage interview with Christian

Christian: Gimme that! (he snatches the mic from Todd Grisham) Last week Edge, I challenged you to a match for your money in the bank contract. All my peeps want to see me as Champion, not you! Everyone knows out of E&C, you are the weaker brother! (Mixed crowd reaction) So, Edge, if you have the balls, then accept my challenge because wether you like it or not, that contract is mine. And Edge, if you accept, I will defeat you because that's how I ROLL!


---Commercial Break---

La Resistance vs William Regal and Tajiri for the World Tag Team Championships

A nice back and fourth match as it appeared that William Regal and Tajiri would retain their titles. However suddenly Viscera appeared and flattened Tajiri and Regal as the Ref was distracted. Viscera left the ring un-noticed, yeah right, and La Resistance hit Tajiri with their finishing manuver.

Winners: La Resistance by interference from Viscera.


Backstage with Triple H and Eric Bischoff

HHH: Bischoff, how dare you book me against Jericho! I keep getting the run around about my title. I want a World Heavyweight title match tonight Bischoff. You better make it happen.

Bischoff: You can't order me around Triple H. You see I'm the G.M. here and I've been playing by your rules for too long. Now I'm in charge, and to prove it, tonight in your match, you will be putting your number one contenders spot on the line.


Bischoff: Shut up now! If you want any chance at all of facing Batista, you will shut up and leave or ill replace you right now.

Triple H huffs and puffs before leaving.


Backstage with La Resistance and Viscera

Robert Conway: Thanks big man for helping us out there.

Viscera: Where's my money?

Sylvan Grenier: What money?

Viscera: Conway promised me $2,000 if I helped you guys wit---

Suddenly Conway hit Viscera in the back of the head with the title and La Resistance beat down on Viscera and ran off before the commercial break.


---Commercial Break---

Monty Brown vs Shelton Benjamin

This was a non-title contest as Shelton laid into Monty right away, with a vicious attitude towards his now un-masked attacker from last week. Shelton nailed him with the T-Bone but he KICKS OUT! After an "accidental" ref bump, Monty nails Shelton with a low blow followed by the POUNNNCE! The ref came around, counted the three, and Monty Brown defeats Shelton Benjamin.

Winner: Monty Brown by Cheating


A video is shown giving the run-down of the matches scheduled for Backlash

Triple H vs Chris Jericho for the Number one contenders spot.

A very long match with high paced action from both sides. Batista is shown watching the match from the back, as Triple H sets up Jericho for the Pedigree but Jericho reverses and the Ref goes down. The fighting continues until Hassan hits the ring and nails Jericho with the Modified STO and leaves. Triple H hits the Pedigree and the referee counts the three!

Winner and STILL Number one contender: Triple H

Backstage Interruption

Edge is shown attacking Christian viciously with his brief case, as Tomko is laid out a few feet away. Edge lifts up Christian, backs up and hits a vicious spear into the crates.

EDGE: You want my contract?! You want it?! You can't have it! It's mine! And you will never have it you son of a bitch!

Edge stomps Christian a few more times before walking off with his briefcase.

---End of Show---

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