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The Next "Dirty Harry" Star


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Ahhh the Warner Bros. Lot in Burbank. Behind those huge concrete walls of an indeterminate beige/pink/yellow hybrid colour lies a lot like no other, and one which 'BastardofCarolina' was visiting when he came upon this juicy rumour:

"Warner are remaking Dirty Harry. I know because I auditioned for a feature there last week and another prospect (someone you might know in fact) told me about it - information from his agent that just came down that day.

Clint Eastwood passed on doing a new Dirty Harry flick a few months back apparently, which they'd been fleshing out ideas for for several months prior. He's beyond that now obviously. So yeah, it's being remade. The idea is start from scratch and put Callahan back into his swinging 30's or something.

And you know who they want? (whether this means he'll get it or not I dunno) The Rock. Apparently Dwayne's a big fan of Eastwood's early stuff and knows about it. So the ball's in his court it seems. Ben Bratt is another. Regardless, guess he'll still have 1 bullet left in the chamber...

Source: darkhorizons.com

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The... Rock... The Rock... how the hell is he going to go from a bald black dude to a dirty unkempt white man? ARE THEY FUCKING LIVING UNDER A BOULDER?

Don't even get me started on Ben Bratt.

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