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PS2 Memory Cards

The Chief

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hi, does anyone know of a way to completley format ps2 memory cards? i was transfering shit with my usb pen drive and something went wrong. anyway i have like 6mb of corrupted saves which are clogging up my MC and the normal "Delete" function wont do it

any other way i can clean it up?

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I'm guessing he was running out of room and was moving some off his memory card but didn't want to lose the saves so he saved them to the USB Pen. In that transfer something wrong happened and they got corrupted.

Just my guess.

Anyways, With a bit of my research it seems like the only way is to buy something, Some people are also saying certain games have the option too.

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damn. its more corrupted than the white house. i was running out of space with all the PES replays i had, so i was transfering them all onto pen drive with "Max Drive" software.

when i try and delete them it just says delete failed

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