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Road to Sunday Cancelled


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July 20, 2005 - After hearing some interesting rumblings regarding the status of Sony San Diego's upcoming story-based football title Road to Sunday, we gave the people in charge a call to find out if rumors regarding the possibility of it not being released were true. As it turned out, they were.

"Road to Sunday just didn't measure up to our first party standards in terms of quality," said the Sony rep we spoke with. "Of course, It has no impact on any of our other products, so fans can still expect to see MLB, NHL, NBA, and everything else our studio is working to appear on schedule."

For the unfamiliar, the now-cancelled Road to Sunday was a gridiron title that centered on traditional football mechanics in addition to one-on-one combat and gambling mini-games. A narrative with voice acting and heavy plot elements was also planned. To view our previous preview coverage and media, just follow this link."

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I was interested in the concept, but 989 developing, I knew it would be horrendous. I'm glad it'll never see the light of day and hopefully a different developer will take on the task.

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