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World Championship Wrestling 1999


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World Championship Wrestling in 1999 featured the finger-poke of doom match – where Nash got pinned by Hogan who merely poked him. Little did they know that it was also a finger-poke of doom to the company itself. After three years of main events that ended in screwjobs, this was one of the top five reasons why WCW went down under. Yes, the match that occurred that fateful night on January 4th can be compared to David Arquette’s title reign.

Although, what many people failed to realise in WCW was that 1999 was they ear to change it all. The final year of the millennium, it was surely time to begin preparation for the next generation of superstars. Sure, wrestlers that were true drawing power like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair were great. But – to put it plainly – it’s clear Hogan’s immortality is just an expression of being hard to beat rather than aging. They needed to put over the workhorses that, as far as some were concerned, should have been the top for a year or two before 1999 like Chris Benoit, Raven, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero.

Unfortunately – spots had to be held. People had their urgencies to stay at the top for just a while longer. This was evident with who held the title that year. Guys like: Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage. The youngest champion that year was Bret Hart – that’s how bad the situation was.

By the time the new blood came, the great wrestlers like Saturn and Malenko had left. What was left were wrestlers people liked, but were never going to put asses in seats like Vampiro, The Wall and Kidman. The uprising of new stars was still tinted too – for example Hogan would lose to Kidman due to overbooked interference (very un-Sting vs. Flair like). When a wrestler that people truly liked won the championship: Booker T – Nitro ratings were in the 2.5 region.

So… This is what my diary is about. It is a nice sunny day on the 1st of January 1999, Kevin Nash is the champion, Goldberg vs. Nash is the main event for the next Nitro and the nWo has not unified.

By the end of this year, the main event picture will look so much different to what it does in these opening weeks.

Nitro on Monday – enjoy!

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

WooT Christhehorneybrick is back, taken a break? well yuo always makes a diary seem interesting from the first post, I wanted to follow you're last and I will follow this one.

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Yeah, what happened in my last diary was a combination of examinations and how I realised that the Fusient diary is too popular to make my own original creation. This should be good though...

I'm not going to be going in real time, so expect a Nitro this afternoon hopefully.

EDIT BY CHRIS: Because I am one not to cover my mistakes - it will be in real time for the simple reason that not only do I realise that writing shows is longer than what I thought, but real time is cool anyway. (Y)

By the way, here is a calendar leading up to WCW/nWo Souled Out 1999:

4th January 1999 - WCW Monday Nitro

7th January 1999 - WCW Thunder

9th January 1999 - WCW Saturday Night

11th January 1999 - WCW Monday Nitro

14th January 1999 - WCW Thunder

16th January 1999 - WCW Saturday Night

17th January 1999 - Souled Out

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Last time on WCW Nitro:

• Eddie Guerrero pinned Billy Kidman in a tag match also involved Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr.

• Scott Steiner made Konnan submit to win the Television title.

• Ric Flair made Eric Bischoff submit to become the president of World Championship Wrestling for 90 days.

user posted image

user posted image

WCW Monday Nitro

Monday 4th January 1999

LIVE! From Atlanta, Georgia

The fireworks go up in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta as almost 40000 fans cheer and scream to signify the beginning of the first WCW Nitro of 1999.

Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first edition of WCW Nitro of this year – nineteen and ninety-nine. Tonight is the biggest Nitro in the history of this programme as tonight: Bill Goldberg gets his rematch against Kevin Nash in the main event. Also, the rumours are true and Hulk Hogan is back. He is taking a break from his presidential campaign in order to address the fans.

Heenan: This show is going to be off the chart. Goldberg, Nash, the main event. This could be bigger than Goldberg vs. Hogan from last summer.

Schiavone: Not only that but the Cruiserweight title is on the line. And speaking of which, let’s go to the ring for that – right now!

user posted image

Match #1

Billy Kidman © vs Rey Misterio Jr.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey and Kidman grapple to start. After some tussling, Rey gets the headlock. Kidman struggles before pushing him off. Mysterio bounces to the ropes, rebounds back, ducks under Kidman, comes off the other ropes and jumps at Kidman with a spinning hurricarana. Kidman lands onto his back, holding onto it as he gets up. Another grapple. This time Kidman kicks Rey in the stomach and whips him to the corner. Billy runs straight after him but gets booted in the face. Mysterio climbs to the top turnbuckle. He flies up and goes for another hurricarana, but Billy gets him into a powerbomb position. BAM, right into a pinning predicament: ONE!!! TWO!!! Kickout. Kidman picks up Mysterio and goes for a vertical suplex that is dangerously near the end of the ring. Mysterio is able to undo the move and kicks Kidman in the stomach. Kidman stumbles to the outside of the ring. Holding onto his back some more, Billy doesn’t see Rey running right at him. Mysterio goes for the suicide dive but NO! Mysterio does his trademark U-turn and ends up back in the ring. Kidman climbs back onto the apron. Rey runs to him but gets guillotined on the ropes. Mysterio falls backwards as Kidman climbs to the top rope. The crowd wait in anticipation as Billy flies for a shooting star press. Kidman hits excellent execution… On the canvas. The crowd then cheer as Rey climbs to the apron and waits for Kidman to do so. After a few moments, Kidman stumbles up. That’s when Rey springboards and does his flying ‘rana right into a pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio Jr (Match Rating: *1/2)

The referee gives the Cruiserweight championship to Rey. Rey gets down on his knees and looks at the belt happily – not believing he’s won it. Suddenly, Eddie Guerrero comes from behind and ambushes Rey. The referee, in all of his wisdom, calls for the bell to ring as if it will make Eddie stop attacking.

Schiavone: What the hell? Eddie Guerrero from behind, acting like a coward.

Heenan: Come on Eddie! Lawn dart him!

Eddie stomps down on Mysterio some more before his music plays. The crowd boo heavily as Guerrero poses.

user posted image

“Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix begins to play. The crowd go nuts as Hogan walks out onto the stage – with a microphone in his hands.

Schiavone: Holy crap! Hollywood Hogan is here!!!!! Back from campaigning to be the President!

Hogan waits for the heavily mixed reaction before talking.

Hogan: Atlanta, Georgia, the real New World Order’s campaign for Hollywood Hogan to be president has brought me to here tonight. You see, who better to get votes for then the wrestling fans, brother. And I have campaign promises which are sure to make even the dumbest wrestling fan vote for me. You see, brother, you should vote for me and I will rightfully get Eric Bischoff back as the president of World Championship Wrestling, brother. Ric Flair is nothing but a man living in the past – who loves to rant about “greats” like that spoon Roddy Piper and others.

Hogan: Also, you should vote for me brother and I will make that illegitimate nWo, the Wolfpac illegal. Kevin Nash thinks he is high and mighty with that World Heavyweight championship. Well that’s only because I am retired from wrestling, brother. I am gone, the top dog is gone. Nash’s biggest competition is out of the game and he has to settle for easy competition like Goldberg. And then Nash needs help from traitors like Scott Hall anyway. Nash should just go retire and spend the rest of his times in a retirement home in Florida going fishing, brother.

Hogan: Finally – you should vote for me because the New World Order is just… Too… Swwwwweeeetttt.

His music begins playing again as Hogan leaves the Nitro set to the backstage area.

Heenan: That was a surprise! What a nice surprise!

Schiavone: What was he trying to establish there? Votes or cheapshots at Kevin Nash? Ugh… We’ll be right back, folks.

user posted image

Gene Okerlund is stood in the ring as we come back from commercials. He has a microphone in his hands.

Okerlund: Ladies and gentleman – coming out to the ring at this time: the WCW president… “THE NATURE BOY” RIC FLAIR!

The crowd go ecstatic as Ric Flair walks out, sporting his trademark robe despite being clearly in his street clothes. As “Theme From 2001” plays, Flair twirls around on the stage with fireworks going off. He then walks to the ring. He enters and poses before dancing around a bit.

Okerlund: Ric Flair, you have called for this time – you have a few announcements. What are they?

Flair: MMMEEEAAANNNN GGGGEEEENNNEEEE!!! WOOOOO!!! We’re here in Atlanta, home of World Championship Wrestling, where the greats of WCW have risen. We’re talking about your Luger’s, your Steiner’s, your Ric Flair’s, your Sting’s – everybody that ain’t WWF rejects like Hogan, and I think we should make tonight extra special. Tonight’s special by how I have gave Goldberg his title shot tonight, here in Atlanta, where he first won it in this arena to the same 40000 people five months ago! WOOOOO!!!

Flair: And to make things even better – there must be a winner tonight. There is going to be no New World Order run-ins that cause disqualifications, no count-outs, it must end in the ring and if TNT doesn’t keep us on the air until there is a winner then I’m going to personally put a figure four leglock on Ted Turner himself! WOOOOO!!!

Flair: Also tonight – I have vacated the Tag Team titles. Those belts are historical, and I’m not going to let Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos break thirty day rules just because they’re clearly a badly hashed tag team. So – tonight two matches will happen. The winners of those two go to Souled Out to face each other for the gold. There will be a team from WCW, the Horsemen, nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac. WCW will be represented by Raven and Kanyon, they will face Wolfpac’s Disco and Konnan. Then Team Horsemen – “The Crippler” Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko against Horace and Brian Adams.

Flair: And let me just tell you this. I am a president that keeps his promises. For the next ninety days, I will show you why Bischoff was a crooked man, corrupted by power. WOOOOO!!!

His music plays again as we cut straight to a commercial.

user posted image

Match #2

Raven and Kanyon vs Disco Inferno and Konnan

WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament; Raven’s Rules

Kanyon and Konnan begin. They exchange punches on each other before Kanyon knees Konnan in the stomach. He punches him several more times, which sends the Mexican back to the corner. Kanyon does a few back chops, which gets a few “WOOOO” noises from the crowd. Konnan suddenly turns the table and does back chops too. He then knees Kanyon in the stomach before stepping up to the turnbuckle. He signals for it and then punches Kanyon: “1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!” Kanyon falls to the ground as Konnan makes the tag. Disco gingerly steps over to Kanyon and kicks him in the back a few times. He then picks him up and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound though, Kanyon levels him with a clothesline. Kanyon picks up Raven and makes the tag. Kanyon puts Disco in an abdominal stretch, leaving it open for Raven to kick Disco in the gut. Raven then rakes Disco in the eyes. Disco stumbles back. He comes back forward only to get an inverted atomic drop. He locks Disco into a headlock and squeezes. He yells at Kanyon to get something. Kanyon goes underneath the ring and brings out a chair. He slides it in to Raven. Raven mule kicks Disco before going to set up the chair. He plants it. He then whips Disco to the ropes and does his trademark drop toe hold onto the chair. He goes for the pin: ONE! TWO! THR- NO! Kickout. Konnan begins to slap the turnbuckle to get the crowd to cheer for them as Raven locks in a sleeperhold. After struggling for a moment, Disco elbows Raven in the gut several times before doing a desperation Chartbuster jawbreaker. Disco and Raven slowly make it to their respective sides. Raven makes the tag… Followed by Disco. Kanyon and Konnan are back in, Konnan punches Kanyon, goes down to the ground. This happens again twice more. Raven comes from behind and does a low blow on Konnan. Konnan goes to the ground. Disco is back up. He gets the chair from the centre of the ring, folds it up and swings it at Kanyon. Kanyon goes down to the floor. While this is happening, Raven picks up Konnan. Disco swings at Raven, but hits Konnan instead accidentally!!!!! Raven then kicks Disco in the gut, causing him to drop the chair and does an Evenflow DDT right onto the chair. He goes for the pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! Raven and Kanyon go onto Souled Out!

Winners: Raven and Kanyon (Rating: **1/4)

user posted image

Match #3

Lex Luger vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho and Luger tie up to begin with. Weak kick from Luger breaks the tie-up followed by a weak looking headbutt. Jericho stumbles back into the corner. Lex Luger strikes Jericho in the face a couple of times. After this, Lex poses at the fans as Jericho falls down. Chris slowly stands up. Lex runs at him, landing a couple of clotheslines. The third time though: Chris ducks and counters with his very own clothesline. Lex is back up, but he is immediately dropkicked to the ground. Luger stands back up quickly and goes to grapple Jericho. Chris quickly dropkicks him right in the knee though. Lex goes down, holding onto his knee. Chris stamps on him several times before picking him up. Chris does a spinning arm drag. Then he pins: ONE!!! TWO!!! Kickout. with a counter clothesline. Then, the cocky Canadian stands up and does Lex’s trademark psyche out right at him. The crowd go mental about this. Luger finds motivation to immediately stand up. Out of nowhere comes a right hand. As Jericho stumbles back, Luger does his own psyche out, for which the crowd go nuts for. He punches Jericho several times until he is at the turnbuckle. Then – he hooks his head and does a slightly sloppy bulldog into a pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! TH- kickout. Both Jericho and Luger are up at the same time. Jericho gets a punch blocked before he is whipped to the ropes. Luger executes a beautiful discus punch on the way back. Right into another pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! Lex slowly picks up Jericho and they lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Luger twists around to execute a hammerlock. Jericho though low blows Luger, Luger falling straight to the ground. During a quip by Schiavone about how a low blow is a WWE writer’s way out of a clean victory, Jericho goes to lock in the lion tamer. Chris struggles though and Luger is able to push the Lionheart away. Lex stands up and ducks as Jericho comes at him with a clothesline. Luger grabs Jericho and locks him into the Torture Rack! The crowd go nuts as Jericho tries to avoid submitting, but eventually does. Lex Luger wins by submission!

Winner: Lex Luger (Match Rating: 1/4*)

As the Wolfpac music plays – Luger celebrates. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Jericho ambushes Luger from behind. Getting tons of boos, Jericho stamps on Luger several times before running away.

Heenan: Whoa! Jericho is pissed off about losing there!

Schiavone: And then he runs away like the coward he is – oh lord. We’ll back right back, folks.

user posted image

Schiavone: We now take you backstage where Mean Gene is with the World champion, Kevin Nash.

The scene cuts to backstage where, like Tony said, Gene is with Nash in the interview area.

Okerlund: Ladies and gentleman, tonight features possibly the biggest main event in the history of professional wrestling and I am here with one of the wrestlers involved: “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. How do you feel leading up to tonight’s main event? Do you think you can defeat him?

Nash: Mean Gene, I am scared. I know Bill Goldberg is going to defeat me because he is clearly the better wrestler.

Okerlund: What?

Nash: Ha, I bet no one has ever said that in an interview before. You know, Mean Gene, I am confident about tonight’s match. People are saying that I can’t do things without help from others – like when I had a bucket load of interference. Well, you know what, since Disco and Konnan just made an ass of themselves and Luger has wrestled – I have gave them the rest of the night off. Tonight, it is me without the Wolfpac, let’s see how well I do.

Okerlund: And how do you respond to Hollywood Hogan’s comments he made about you earlier?

Nash: Quite simply – Hogan, I am the top dog in this business now, so go away and do your little President thing. And if that doesn’t work for you, I’m sure you can star in another pathetic kids film.

Nash walks away.

Okerlund: And there you have it – Kevin Nash, the champion, is ready for tonight. Back to you Tony.

Cut back to the arena where the Nitro girls are dancing.

Schiavone: Thank you Gene, and as the Nitro girls dance – we must remind you of other matches tonight. We’ve got Hall vs. Psichosis, the Horseman against nWo Hollywood to decide who goes for the Tag titles at Souled Out and then – of course, the main event.

user posted image

Match #4

Psichosis vs Scott Hall

The match begins with Hall ambushing Psichosis. Psichosis is pummelled in the back several times. The referee pushes Scott back from him. Psichosis, slightly angered, runs at him. Hall goes to grapple, but Psichosis slides underneath him. Psichosis stands up and dropkicks Hall in the back of the head. Hall stumbles to his knees on the floor. Psichosis runs up to Hall, springboards off his back and onto the turnbuckle. He then does a flip as Hall stands up for a moonsault press…… But Hall checks him. He adjusts Psichosis so he’s carrying him sideways on and does a fallaway slam. Scott Hall then stands up and signifies for his finisher. He picks up Psichosis, places him in a powerbomb position and does the Outsider’s Edge. He pins: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! Easy win for Scott.

Winner:Scott Hall (Match Rating: **)

Scott celebrates mockingly in the ring. That is, suddenly, until Goldberg slides into the ring and spears Scott Hall straight to Hell! Goldberg leaps up and poses, the crowd cheering – gearing up for tonight’s huge main event.

Heenan: DA MAN!

Schiavone: Goldberg gets revenge on Hall for Starrcade!!! Will Goldberg get back his title in the main event? Stay tuned to find out!

user posted image

Match #5

Wrath vs. Barbarian

Wrath and The Barbarian walk into the middle of the ring and trash talk each other. Then Wrath punches Barbarian, to no effect. Barbarian punches back, no effect. Wrath kicks Barbarian in the stomach and while his opponent holds onto his stomach, Wrath clubs him in the back of the head. Barbarian gets levelled with kicks to the back whilst on the ground by Wrath. Wrath then picks him up, puts him in a front facelock and executes a vertical suplex. Barbarian gets straight back up though and gets an inverted atomic drop done on him. Wrath whips himself to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Barbarian is hit, but he only staggers. Wrath rebounds himself again, this time though – Barbarian hits him with a clothesline. Wrath staggers back to the ropes. The Barbarian runs at him and clotheslines Wrath to the outside. Barbarian rolls out of the ring and whips Wrath into the steel steps. He then rolls Wrath back in for the cover: ONE!!! TWO!!! Kickout by Wrath. At this point, the crowd are chanting “BORING! BORING!” Barbarian picks up Wrath and whips him to the ropes. Wrath comes back and does an exploder lariat. Wrath gets up and signals for his finisher – to which the crowd cheer. Wrath gets Barbarian into a pump-handle slam position and lifts him up for the Meltdown! Wrath pins: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!

Winner: Wrath (Match Rating: -*)

Schiavone: What a match! Wrath, right there, is the future of World Championship Wrestling. Why don’t you take us through a replay, Brain?

Clips of the match begin to be shown in correspondence to what Brain is saying.

Heenan: Outside of the ring, Barbarian whips Wrath into the steel steps. I thought at this point, he had him. However, Wrath came exploding back with a lariat followed by the deadliest move in professional wrestling: the Meltdown! And then the pin: ONE! TWO! THREE! And Wrath is your winner!

Schiavone: Thank you Brain. Up next, we’ll see who faces Raven and Kanyon for the vacant Tag titles at Souled Out when Horsemen face nWo Hollywood.

user posted image

Match #6

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Brian Adams and Horace

WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament

Schiavone: Welcome back to WCW Nitro – you have tuned in right at the beginning of this important tag team match.

As we come back from a commercial, Adams is being whipped to the ropes. He runs into a high dropkick from Chris Benoit, the impact of which echoes in the arena. Benoit scoops up Adams and slams him to the ground. He then picks up Adams again and does a back chop “WOOOOO!” Adams stumbles back into his own corner. Brian Adams tags in Horace. Horace and Benoit lock-up. Horace, the stronger man pushes Benoit back. Benoit gets right up. They grapple again, Benoit switches to the back of Horace. However, he gets elbowed right in the head. Benoit goes back hurting, right into a fist by Adams. The crowd boo as the referee talks to Adams. Horace picks up Benoit and knees him in the gut. Immediately though, Benoit comes back with a back chop, and then another. He whips Horace to the Horseman corner. Malenko is tagged in. Benoit holds Horace back as Malenko kicks Horace in the stomach. Malenko whips Horace to the ropes and does a back body drop when he comes back. Then Malenko picks up Horace again. However, he is suckered into a sleeper hold. Benoit taps on the turnbuckle to get the crowd behind Malenko. Malenko elbows his way out and both he and Horace run to the ropes. Both hit each other with a clothesline and both go to the floor in a train wreck. Referee counts: “1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6!” Horace and Malenko stagger to their corners. Both Adams and Benoit get in through the tags. Benoit goes behind Adams and does his trademark three German suplexes. Then he kicks Horace in the gut and rolls him out of the ring. Benoit sniggers for the diving headbutt. He goes to the top rope and executes it with such aggressive elegance. Then, he picks up Adams. Adams, in a daze, swings and misses Benoit. This gives Chris time to lock in the crippler crossface! The crowd go nuts as Adams submits!!!

Winners: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (Match Rating: **1/2)

user posted image

Schiavone: Alright folks, we’re going backstage where there’s apparently a development going on and-

Bill Goldberg is on the floor backstage being attended to by paramedics. He is moving, but evidently can’t stand up. There is blood coming out of his forehead and Goldberg looks like he doesn’t know where he is. The whole scene in itself is chaotic.

Schiavone: OH MY GOD! Goldberg’s been laid out backstage and… He’s next! The main event is next!

Suddenly, Hollywood Hogan comes in and pushes some paramedics on the way. Hogan goes to Goldberg.

Hogan: This is terrible, brother, terrible. It is clear that Kevin Nash and that spoon Scott Hall did this to you! He’s afraid of losing a match, dude. I’ll show him, brother, I’m coming out of retirement for one last match – just for you.

The crowd cheer as Hogan gets up. Up next: Kevin Nash against Hollywood Hogan for the title.

user posted image

Match #7 – MAIN EVENT

Kevin Nash © vs. Hollywood Hogan

WCW Heavyweight Championship

Hollywood Hogan comes out to the ring accompanied by Scott Steiner. Feeling surrounded, Nash points to the back. Out comes Scott Hall with a Wolfpack shirt on! The crowd go nuts, clear evidence of an Outsiders reunion. Hall comes to ringside and cheers on Nash. Nash and Hogan walk to the centre of the ring. They begin to trash talk, which is ended by Nash pushing Hogan back into the corner. Hogan steps out. He fakes a punch before poking Nash. Nash falls heavily to the floor. Hollywood Hogan goes for the pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW WCW Heavyweight Champion: Hollywood Hogan (Match Rating: DUD)

The crowd boo enormously as Nash immediately steps back up and hugs Hogan as Hollywood is given the World title. Hall has a can of spraypaint in his pocket as he and Steiner step up as well to celebrate. Scott sprays “nWo” on the belt as the unification of the New World Order has took place. Suddenly – the crowd cheer immensely as Goldberg runs down to the ring. He slides in and spears Steiner, Hall and Nash all at the same time!!!!! As the three roll out of the ring, Goldberg points at Hogan.

Goldberg: You son-of-a-bitch!

Before Goldberg can try anything, Hogan is pulled out of the ring by Nash. The crowd cheer for Goldberg to compensate for the sham of a main event as WCW Monday Nitro goes off the air.

user posted image

WCW Monday Nitro Ratings – 4th January 1999

Rey Mysterio Jr defeats Billy Kidman

Overall Rating: 63

Crowd Reaction: 52

Match Quality: 74

Hollywood Hogan’s Presidential Speech

Overall Rating: 93

Ric Flair Announces Some Things

Overall Rating: 92

Raven and Kanyon defeats Disco Inferno and Konnan

Overall Rating: 74

Crowd Reaction: 71

Match Quality: 77

Lex Luger defeats Chris Jericho

Overall Rating: 67

Crowd Reaction: 73

Match Quality: 54

Kevin Nash Rips Into Goldberg

Overall Rating: 81

Scott Hall defeats Psychosis

Overall Rating: 71

Crowd Reaction: 67

Match Quality: 76

Wrath vs. Barbarian

Overall Rating: 38

Crowd Reaction: 32

Match Quality: 44

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defeat Brian Adams and Horace

Overall Rating: 71

Crowd Reaction: 59

Match Quality: 83

Goldberg Unconscious?

Overall Rating: 83

Hollywood Hogan defeats Kevin Nash

Overall Rating: 77

Crowd Reaction: 86

Match Quality: 0*

Overall Rating: 69%

TV Rating: 4.61

*Please note, the actual match quality was 57, just that there were no fingerpoke of doom options for the match in question.

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Replying as I'm reading, I liked the backstory. Hopefully you'll come up with some good things for WCW in '99.

- I liked Rey getting the title, Though I was hoping you'd keep it on Kidman for a little while longer. I also liked Eddie attacking Rey, But it doesn't make too much sense since both were in the LWO at the time. (even though Rey didn't want to be in it)

- Decent little Hogan interview, I hope to God he doesn't get involved in the main event though.

- Flair's announcement for the main event has got me interested. If it is one on one between Nash/Goldberg, I'm hoping Nash wins it. Glad to see you addressing the tag title situation. My pick? Benoit/Malenko. Though, Raven/Kanyon would also be a great team to hold the gold.

- I saw the Raven/Kanyon win coming. Atleast you're keeping Disco as the Wolfpac outcast :lol:

- A Luger versus Jericho feud might be good. It'd be a good way to put Jericho over. Maybe you can have Jericho mock Luger's "narcissist" gimmick or something?

- Good Nash interview, I don't know if you're going to be playing up Nash's comments about Disco and Konnan.

- Hall wins in a squash, Nothing much to say, Except I hope you do push Hall :D And damn that Goldberg :angry:

- Wrath versus Barbarian is something WCW would put on Nitro, No matter how crappy. Good with that. I also liked Heenan commenting during the replays just like Heenan always did. (Y)

- Benoit and Malenko versus Raven and Kanyon is gonna be a freaking awesome match at Souled Out.

- Damn, I was really wanting to see what you'd do with Goldberg/Nash, But looks like we're gonna see Hogan get the belt again.

- I hated the main event, By your backstory, It would seem like you were trying to avoid WCW's mistakes. The nWo reunion was so horrid at the time and it made Nash look like a complete joke too. I'm hoping with this reunion, You'll keep the nWo around for a couple months and then have WCW put a proper ending to it.

Pretty good show overall, I liked most of it except the main event since I thought you'd be doing things differently than WCW. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with a reunited nWo.

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I'm seriously digging this. Very well written out, nice rounded format, realistic and your knowledge for this promotion in this time period shines through. Only thing I would say is that matches are too long for me but oh well, I guess that they're too long for some.

Good job and I look forward to reading further.

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Thanks for the feedback Michael and Baby Hewey. Although I'll limit my responses to just before new shows go up from now on, I just wanted to explain my fingerpoke of doom decision as it does look like from the backstory that I wasn't going to do that.

What I wanted to do originally was just have the Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash match happen. However, thoughts came to me and I remembered that back when the fingerpoke match happened (I was 11 or 12 back then) - I thought it was a work of genius. I thought that the swerve would equal big things. As it turned out, nWo just died one day in spring after that.

So I decided to do the fingerpoke of doom match and the nWo reunion as a challenge to myself - what would I do next? How can I make this swerve happen in a way where the end result equals the next generation of champions is made.

Stay tuned to find out, heh.

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Welcome to this WCW-Fans.com update as we lead straight into this week's Thunder - which is live tomorrow from Richmond, VA. Here are some interesting tidbits...

Fingerpoke Of Doom

The big story is the fingerpoke of doom match that happened on Monday night which equalled Kevin Nash losing his belt to Hollywood Hogan voluntarily. Many critics are disputing how if Nash wanted the New World Order to reform - there could have been many, many ways other than that to do so. The move has been deemed controversial for the simple reason that Kevin Nash, the booker has no idea to explain why Kevin Nash, the wrestler, did what he did.

Souled Out

With only three shows on primetime television left until WCW Souled Out, expect World Championship Wrestling to announce almost all of it's card tomorrow night. With only Raven/Kanyon vs. Benoit/Malenko for the Tag titles confirmed - it will be interesting how the card is going to be shaped up. Also, WCW-Fans.com has heard rumours that Hollywood Hogan will be unavailable that weekend to defend his championship. More as we have it.

A New WCW?

WCW has been criticised for having the same look for four years now - the same WCW logo, same Nitro set and same presentation. It is almost certain that a new stage and logo will be debuted sometime before the beginning of summer.

Thunder Preview

Here is the preview to Thunder:

An alliance has been repaired, a sham of a match caused a championship change and the whole of professional wrestling is pissed. The main men who are pissed off are Goldberg, the one who was suckered on Monday and Flair, the one in charge of the company. Will the two take action this week? If so - what will they do?

Also, Ric Flair has set out a challenge for Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko and Kanyon/Raven - find a team to challenge and face them on Thunder. The reason for this is in order to spark friendly competition, but the nature of the teams will make this anything but friendly.

Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eddie Guerrero and Lex Luger are also expected to be on Thunder. So tune into Thunder, this Thursday on TBS.

On another, out of diary note, I am looking for somebody to do a promotional poster for Souled Out for me, I will greatly appreciate it. If you're interested, please respond here or PM me for more details. (Y)

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(Please note: I’m going to try a new match style for writing matches – reporting on the gist of things in minimal words as possible. Then for pay per views I shall write matches in very long form. Also… It’s Thursday here, so I am in real time still. :P)

user posted image

user posted image

WCW Thursday Thunder

Thursday 7th January 1999

LIVE! From Richmond, VA

The scene opens straight up in the room of the New World Order – or some of it anyway. Sat there in their seats lounging about are Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and the World Heavyweight Champion: Hollywood Hogan, the four who were in with the hoax on Nitro. They are in the middle of some mindless banter.

Hall: Hey Hogan, you should get an nWo belt made. Make Billionaire Ted pay for it.

Nash: Speaking of the nWo, we’ve got guys from Wolfpac and Hollywood who didn’t know ANYTHING about this plan. I guess we better go deal with that.

Hogan: Nash… Relax, brother. I’ve got an official court order that states no New World Order negotiations will not happen until Nitro. And if any of them discus us – we will beat them until they’re black and bruised all over. I’m not letting a big thing like the brand new nWo being sorted out on a show like Thunder.

Suddenly, there is a slam. The door opens and a big row occurs as Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit hold back a rabid “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Flair: Let go of me damnit! I want a piece of them! Pissing on a prestigious belt like that for a bit of fun, I’ll have my own run by destroying them. Get off, Arn.

Nash: Well, well, if it isn’t the president himself.

Flair: Shut up! I hate your guts! If it ain’t bad enough Hogan won like that, it’s how you agreed to it! I want a piece of you!

Nash: Oh really? Welllllllll… No. My contract states I must be given a generous amount of notice before wrestling a match. Two hours ain’t good enough, buddy. That’s why Bischoff’s a better president than you; he’s considerate to my wants!

Flair: Fine! I’ll see your ass at Souled Out, pal!

The struggling continues as Flair is hauled out by the rest of the Horsemen.

user posted image

The fireworks begin to explode as the crowd cheer for the near-first year anniversary edition of WCW Thunder. While this is happening, the commentators talk:

Tenay: This is Thursday night and this is Thursday Thunder – live from Richmond. I am here alongside Larry Zbysko. He have just heard an explosive announcement – Ric Flair will face Kevin Nash at Souled Out, Flair looking for revenge as Nash actually agreed to take the fall in the sham title match on Nitro.

Zbysko: I am shocked by Nash’s decision. There Nash was, in a great stable in the Wolfpac, with his first ever Heavyweight championship. What does he do? Takes the fall in order to reunite a nWo where most of the members didn’t know about what was happening? Something doesn’t seem right.

Tenay: Tonight, we have a HUGE main event. Ric Flair wants a warm up for Souled Out. Who better than Nash’s best friend, Scott Hall? That is our featured bout.

Zbysko: It’s a pretty hefty warm-up if you ask me. It’s like a fat guy’s warm up being a five mile sprint… You can’t count out Scott Hall. He’s arguably the best wrestler around who hasn’t held the big belt yet.

Tenay: Also tonight – the tag team scene hots up as both Malenko/Benoit and Raven/Kanyon, who face off at Souled Out for the vacant gold will have warm-up matches. Flair’s told both teams to pick their opponents; it’ll be interesting to see who.

Zbysko: There’s a warm-up theme tonight. I bet Eric Bischoff’s warming-up his manager at McDonald’s coffee up right about now!

Tenay: We now take you backstage where Mean Gene is with Eddie Guerrero.

user posted image

As promised, Mean Gene is backstage with Eddie Guerrero.

Okerlund: I am here backstage with Eddie Guerrero. Ric Flair has named this man as the new number one contender for the Cruiserweight championship because of how this war with himself and Mysterio took a new twist on Monday with Mysterio becoming the champion. They will face off at Souled Out. How do you feel about the opportunity, Eddie?

Guerrero: You know Gene, Rey Mysterio has always been disrespecting of his heritage. He is a part of the LWO, Latino World Order, when he doesn’t want to be. He wants to cost me my match against Billy Kidman at Starrcade. Well, you know what esse, he wants to play with me – I will play with him. The game? Latino superiority. Who is the better Mexician wrestler? Is it me, Eddie Guerrero, former United States champion and saviour of the luchadors. Or is it Rey Mysterio, some five foot midget who is thrown about like a lawn dart?

Guerrero: At Souled Out, I am taking your title. And don’t worry Rey, I am not just talk either. Right after this commercial break is a LWO eight man tag team match. A match so important, I even let my nephew into it. Watch as Eddie Guerrero classes himself above the rest by getting the winning pinfall, thus signifying his future win to become the Cruiserweight champ. Stay tuned.

Guerrero leaves the interview area while Okerlund stands there looking on.

user posted image

Match #1

Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Jr, El Dandy & Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera, Psichosis, Blitzkreig & Lizmark Jr

The heel team (Guerrero’s) use sneaky techniques at the beginning to keep the opponent’s legal man at their corner, like all four stamping on Blitzkreig while the referee is distracted. It soon breaks down to a spotfest with various hurricaranas being used. After that, every man minus Silver King who is the man on the floor at the first place tries to outdo everybody with their own suicide dive – except Eddie Guerrero who leans back against the turnbuckle. The ending comes back in the ring when Chavo does a tornado DDT on Lizmark Jr. Chavo pins, but Eddie kicks his own partner off Lizmark and pins him himself!!!

Winners: Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Jr, El Dandy and Silver King (Match Rating: **1/4)

Afterwards, Eddie gets his hand raised – as if he just won the match all by himself. He points at the camera.

Guerrero: Rey, Rey, I’m coming for your belt!

user posted image

Back from commercial break, Bret Hart (with his shiny United States Championship) is grabbing some coffee. His body is looking better than what it did at the end of last year – now only sporting a knee brace. Suddenly, Ric Flair walks up behind him.

Flair: Ahhh… “The Hitman” Bret Hart.

Hart: “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. What do you want?

Flair: I was just thinking about stuff. Do you know what pay per view is in ten days time?

Hart: Is this a setup question – or are you so old that you can’t remember? It’s Souled Out, okay?

Flair: That’s right! Souled Out, ninety-nine! Do you remember your competition at last year’s event, Bret?

Hart: Me. I beat your old ass in the middle of the ring by submission. Maybe you are losing your memory, going around hyping people up about things you lost.

Flair: It was a good loss. We took each other to the limit. Now, if you want to badmouth my memory, then tonight will prove I’m still ‘with it’. You see, tonight there will be a “Furious Flashback” match. Two people will go at it, one on one and the winner faces you for your title at Souled Out. And those two people are ones who still want revenge from you from last summer – Booker T and Lex Luger! Wooooooo!!!

Hart: WHAT??? I haven’t been cleared to wrestle! I won’t be cleared in ten days time.

Flair: That’s where you’re wrong! You got medically cleared last week – I just got confirmation from your doctor, pal. WOOOOOO!!!

Ric Flair walks away from Bret Hart strutting. Hart, meanwhile, looks extremely pissed off.

user posted image

Tenay: Welcome back. Don’t forget that our main event tonight is the president Ric Flair against Scott Hall – a so called warm-up match for Kevin Nash ten days before Souled Out.

Zybsko: Also, Luger against Booker T for the number one contendership of Bret Hart’s US title. I think Hart having to defend his title is not fair – but then again he was the ref when I beat Bischoff at Starrcade ’97.

Tenay: Coming up next, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are in action and apparently, they’ve picked to face the Armstrong Brothers. Also according to my sources - Raven and Kanyon have chosen to face none other then the former Tag champions: the strange pairing of Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos later on.

Zybsko: Speaking of tag team action – let’s go to the ring.

Match #2

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Brad Armstrong & Steve Armstrong

Chris Benoit started the match with some chain wrestling with Steve Armstrong, the latter wrestling though struggled to keep up. After several exchanges of submission holds, punches and kicks – Brad is tagged in. Brad tries to take control, getting in a few body slams. But he is forced to make the quick tag when he nearly falls for the Crippler Crossface. Benoit tagged Malenko in. A series of quick standard wrestling moves equalled a double clothesline. The crowd get into it as a hot tag to Benoit is made. He does German suplexes on both Armstrongs before doing a flying headbutt on Steve. Benoit tags in Malenko just as Raven and Kanyon come running down the aisle. Dean does his Texas clothesline for the submission victory while Benoit punches both Raven and Kanyon off the apron when they climb onto it. The match was relatively short – about five minutes long.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (Match Rating: *3/4)

Immediately, Chris Benoit goes for a microphone.

Benoit: Raven, Kanyon, you think you can try to cause members of the Four Horsemen to lose? I think not because we’re simply better than you. Here’s a challenge for you. David Penzer, announce the winners again, saying how long the match was at the same time…

Penzer: Here are your winners in four minutes and thirty-three seconds – CHRIS BENOIT AND DEAN MALENKO!!!

Benoit: Raven… Kanyon… Try to beat that time!

The Four Horsemen music then plays as Raven and Kanyon have looks of arrogance in their faces. We go straight to a commercial.

user posted image

Match #3

Lex Luger vs. Booker T

United States Championship #1 Contendership Match

Lex Luger was clearly the crowd favourite as he did moves like atomic drops, body slams and clotheslines early on. Booker T was able to retaliate with a desperation Harlem sidekick. Booker then went on the attack with back chops followed by amazing variations of moves. Booker though looked to finish the job about four minutes in – but failed as he missed his missile dropkick. Luger threatened to execute a loaded forearm. He was a bit off target though – Booker ducked and the referee got wiped out. Luger put Booker into the torture rack. Suddenly though, Chris Jericho came through the crowd, grabbed David Penzer’s chair and levelled Luger with it in his back. Jericho then left. Booker slowly got up. Luger tried to get up but Booker did his axe kick. The referee came to and Booker pinned Lex for the win.

Winner: Booker T (Match Rating: ¼*)

Tenay: Chris Jericho just screwed Lex Luger! He lost on Nitro fair and square – what the hell is up with him?

Zybsko: Who knows? But it ain’t tragic. Booker’s deserved a shot at Bret ever since he injured him at Bash at the Beach anyway.

Tenay: That’s right. It will be Booker T vs. Bret Hart at Souled Out 1999 for the United States championship.

user posted image

Match #4

Raven & Kanyon vs. Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos

Raven’s Rules

The match started with Kanyon and Rick Steiner in the ring. However, when Steiner dominates Kanyon for well over a minute – Raven gets pissed off due to Benoit’s challenge. He goes to the outside and brings in a chair. Immediately, he slams the chair over Steiner’s head. Steiner stumbles back from the shot and tags in Kaos. Kanyon tags in Raven. Raven knees Kenny in the gut before doing an armbreaker right onto the chair. Kaos screams out in pain severely. Raven quickly picks up Kaos and does an Evenflow DDT onto the chair. He pins him and gets the win for the team.

Winners: Raven & Kanyon (Match Rating: ¾*)

Penzer: Here are your winners in two minutes, fifteen seconds: RAVEN AND KANYON!!!

The crowd boo immensely.

Tenay: That sucks! Benoit and Malenko didn’t have Raven’s rules to help them! Damnit! OH WAIT A MINUTE!

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko run into the ring. They begin to brawl with Raven and Kanyon, quickly exchanging punches. Raven kicks back Malenko, picks up the chair and hits Dean with it. He then hits Benoit with it. Raven’s music begins to play as both Raven and Kanyon pose over the unconscious bodies of their opponents at Souled Out.

user posted image

“N…. W…. O”

The famous music of the New World Order plays. The crowd boos immensely as only Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash step out. They pose and ramble random things to the camera about why they are great. Nash and Hogan climb into the ring and Nash immediately grabs a microphone.

Nash: Richmond, VA, WOLFPAC IN THE--- Oh wait, HOLLYWOOD IN THE HOUSE!!!

The crowd boos him.

Nash: Before I hand it over to the man of the hour, the man who barely beat me with his fantastic technical wrestling on Monday night, the World champion, I just like to address “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Ric Flair has challenged me to a match at Souled Out, and I accept I suppose, because he is angry I basically gave my championship to Hulk Hogan. But what Flair fails to realise – that belt was my property. I own a car, I own a holiday home, I’m sure I wouldn’t be challenged to matches on pay per view if I gave those away. Maybe Flair hates my charitable nature, who knows?

Nash: So I bet you’re all wondering why I did it. Why did I piss away my first WCW World Championship? It’s because I don’t want it. It’s because… Bah! Who am I kidding? I made a stupid mistake. [Turns to Hogan] Hollywood, I want a rematch – RIGHT NOW!!!

The crowd go ballistic.

Tenay: YEAH!!!

Hogan and Nash pair off, staring each other eye to eye. Suddenly, Hogan pokes Nash and Big Kev falls to the ground. Hogan pins Nash and makes his own count: ONE! TWO! THREE! This is clearly not a proper match though. The crowd now are really pissed off.

Nash:Your winner and still World Champion – the man with the largest arms and deadliest index finger: HOLLYWOOD HOGAN!

More booing. Nash passes his microphone over to Hogan.

Hogan: And that is why I am the World Champion, brother. I am the immortal and nobody in the back can defeat m---

Suddenly, Goldberg’s music begins to play!!! Richmond’s arena explodes with delight. The fireworks go off as Goldberg steps out into the arena. In the ring, Hogan and Nash look a bit jumpy, unknown at how to handle the situation.

Zybsko: It’s Goldberg! Go kick their ass!

Tenay: The man of little words!

Goldberg steps into the ring. Without warning, he spears BOTH MEN!!! The sound of cheering is deafening as Bill stands up and does his trademark poses. Hogan and Nash recollect outside the ring as Goldberg picks up the microphone.

Goldberg: Hogan… You want to hit me with a pipe? You want to take my place in a match while I’m dazed and cause a huge hoax? At Souled Out – your ass is next!


user posted image

Match #5 – MAIN EVENT

Ric Flair vs. Scott Hall

Michael Buffer announced the two participants in for this big main event. The match begins with some mat wrestling. Hall ends it though by mocking patting Flair’s head a few times. Flair comes fighting back though, changing his move style quickly from hammerlocks to low blows and eye rakes. He gets Hall into the corner and does a few back chops followed by a hiptoss. He climbs to the top rope but “amazingly”, Hall gets up and foils Flair’s move by hurling Ric off. Ric gets off, feels woozy and falls straight back down to the ground. Hall whips Flair to the ropes and Flair flips over to the apron. Hall then clotheslines Ric off the apron onto the ground. The fight begins on the ground as Hall whips Flair into the steel steps. He then rolls him back in for a failed pinfall attempt. He picks him up and is about to go for the Outsider’s Edge when Flair pushes him to the ground and does the figure four leglock. Unfortunately, Kevin Nash comes in and breaks the hold – calling for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Ric Flair (Match Rating: **)

The crowd boo as Nash picks up Flair and does the jackknife powerbomb. Thunder then ends as Hall and Nash celebrate in the middle of the ring.

user posted image

WCW Thursday Thunder Ratings – 7th January 1999

Ric Flair Challenge

Overall Rating: 86%

Eddie Guerrero – Cruiserweight Contender

Overall Rating: 93%

Team Eddie Guerrero defeats Team Juventud Guerrera

Overall Rating: 64

Crowd Reaction: 46

Match Quality: 82

Furious Flashback

Overall Rating: 89

Benoit and Malenko defeat The Armstrong Brothers

Overall Rating: 63

Crowd Reaction: 48

Match Quality: 78

Booker T defeats Lex Luger

Overall Rating: 62

Crowd Reaction: 66

Match Quality: 53

Raven and Kanyon defeat Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos

Overall Rating: 61

Crowd Reaction: 58

Match Quality: 65

Your Ass At Souled Out

Overall Rating: 78

Ric Flair defeats Scott Hall

Overall Rating: 81

Crowd Reaction: 86

Match Quality: 70

Overall Rating: 74

TV Rating: 3.71

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Nice show man, Souled Out is looking awesome with Flair/Nash, Booker/Hart, Tag title match, Rey/Eddie. And the World title match, Despite it not being a quality match with Hogan and Goldberg, It's very realistic. I'm hoping you give Scott Hall something big for the PPV as well. I see Luger not joining the new nWo since he's going to be feuding with a heel Jericho. Also, I don't think Chavo was ever in the LWO or a heel at this time in '99.

I also like the new way you're writing the matches since I personally never read a long match all the way through.

BTW, Malenko's finisher was the Texas Cloverleaf not the Texas Clothesline (Y)

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Nice show man, Souled Out is looking awesome with Flair/Nash, Booker/Hart, Tag title match, Rey/Eddie. And the World title match, Despite it not being a quality match with Hogan and Goldberg, It's very realistic. I'm hoping you give Scott Hall something big for the PPV as well. I see Luger not joining the new nWo since he's going to be feuding with a heel Jericho. Also, I don't think Chavo was ever in the LWO or a heel at this time in '99.

Hogan/Goldberg is a realistic beginning and a match I believe could have saved WCW if Hogan wasn't too lazy to wrestle at Souled Out 1999. Although Goldberg vs. Scott Hall was a big match at Souled Out, nothing beats a World Title match... Unless David Arquette is reigning and defending champ. (Y)

I also know Chavo Guerrero wasn't in the LWO - that's why Eddie says: "A match so important, I let my nephew in it!" Originally, Chavo was just filler, but after a few discoveries I made, you'll be seeing him a lot in the near future.

I also like the new way you're writing the matches since I personally never read a long match all the way through.

Because I know people don't expect Book This! WZForums.com standards, I just thought I'd cut it down. Although there are lots of styles and different moves and strategy, but writing matches can turn a bit samey.

BTW, Malenko's finisher was the Texas Cloverleaf not the Texas Clothesline (Y)


Edited by ChrisTheHornyBrick
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You know what? Sod real time... Here's the next results:

user posted image

WCW Saturday Night

Saturday 9th January 1999

Taped From Atlanta, Georgia

Here are the results from TBS’ WCW Saturday Night…

Juventud Guerrera defeated Billy Kidman (Match Rating: *1/2)

A mistake by Billy Kidman meant he slipped while trying a face-crusher. This resulted in being down for just enough time for a 450 splash to be done. The former Cruiserweight champion looked really pissed off after the match.

Charlie Haas defeated Lodi (Match Rating: ½*)

Impressive debut for the recently released OVW star. He won with his Haas of Pain submission hold.

Meng defeated Van Hammer (Match Rating: DUD)

Meng beat the big man with the Tougan Death Grip submission hold. After the match, Meng wouldn’t let go – that is until he applied the move on referee Nick Patrick.

El Dandy defeated Scotty Riggs (Match Rating: ½*)

It was a back and forth match that ended with a tiger suplex followed by a chicken wing for the submission victory.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Horace Hogan (Match Rating: *)

Bigelow destroyed Horace with a splash in the corner followed by the diving headbutt. It’s five losses out of five for ex-Flock members tonight.

Scott Norton defeated Mike Enos (Match Rating: *1/4)

In the best match of the night, Scott Norton had to resort to using brass knuckles while the referee was down to defeat plucky Mike Enos.

Konnan Promo

Konnan decides not to concentrate on his opponent later on: Lenny Lane. Instead, he talks about how Disco Inferno should learn how to not screw up and screw them out of their shot at the Tag Team titles. He mentions how this Monday on Nitro, Konnan and Disco Inferno will face off against Hugh Morrus and Jerry Flynn and if Disco messes up again – there will be trouble.

Konnan defeated Lenny Lane (Match Rating: ¾*)

Konnan murders Lenny in less than three minutes, ending with the 187 and then Tequila Sunrise. Lenny taps out and Konnan is the winner.

Juventud Guerrera defeats Billy Kidman

Overall Rating: 63

Crowd Reaction: 52

Match Quality: 74

Charlie Haas defeats Lodi

Overall Rating: 51

Crowd Reaction: 34

Match Quality: 68

Meng defeats Van Hammer

Overall Rating: 48

Crowd Reaction: 45

Match Quality: 52

El Dandy defeats Scotty Riggs

Overall Rating: 50

Crowd Reaction: 36

Match Quality: 65

Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Horace Hogan

Overall Rating: 53

Crowd Reaction: 35

Match Quality: 72

Scott Norton defeats Mike Enos

Overall Rating: 51

Crowd Reaction: 23

Match Quality: 79

Konnan Promo

Overall Rating: 82

Konnan defeats Lenny Lane

Overall Rating: 61

Crowd Reaction: 59

Match Quality: 63

Overall Rating: 56%

TV Rating: 2.1

Edited by ChrisTheHornyBrick
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Decent SN, Lets hope Kidman gets back to his winning ways soon. But losing to the Juice isn't anything to worry about. I'm wondering what you'll be doing with Bigelow. At the time he was feuding with Goldberg as well, I don't know if the two fought at a PPV though. I do remember Bigelow was one of the guys who ran in during the Starrcade main event. It would be kinda funny to see the nWo choose Disco over Konnan too. Since I don't think the fans would buy Konnan as a heel in '99.

Keep up the good work, Looking forward to reading more (Y)

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There is an address by moi at the bottom of this show...

user posted image

user posted image

WCW Monday Nitro

Monday 11th January 1999

LIVE! From Knoxville, Tennessee


user posted image

Match #1

Disco Inferno & Konnan vs. Hugh Morrus & Jerry Flynn

Despite recent problems between the team, Disco and Konnan work quite well as a unit – quickly tagging in and out to wear down Hugh Morrus. However, when Hugh gets the tag on Flynn, things change. Firstly, Disco gets levelled with various kicks and chops. Konnan is tagged in and the same thing happens. Konnan is only able to equalise with a low blow. Disco is tagged in and gets in a Chartbuster, but only for a two count. Eventually the action breaks down in a tornado tag style. The ending comes when Disco is accidentally hit in the face by an aimless Konnan punch. This sets Hugh Morrus up for the No Laughing Matter and the upset win.

Winners: Hugh Morrus & Jerry Flynn (Match Rating: *1/2)

After the match, Disco Inferno and Konnan begin to argue. Suddenly, Disco punches Konnan and an all out brawl begins. The referees break it up as soon as Konnan begins to dominate Inferno.

user posted image

We cut backstage to Rey Mysterio. He talks about the threat of Eddie Guerrero, who he is facing at Souled Out. Mysterio claims that Guerrero’s win on Thunder was very impressive – but Rey will best it tonight when he faces Eddie’s nephew Chavo.

user posted image

In the ring – a strange type of music plays. The lighting is dark except for a few spotlights. After panning around the crowd, the camera points to the ring. In there, Chris Jericho is stood there looking narcissistic. He goes over to a mirror and poses at it – it suddenly breaks though (getting laughs from the crowd).

Jericho gets on the microphone and claims how Lex Luger is a has-been that is a was-not anyway. He runs down the list of Luger’s small achievements – breaking kayfabe like mentioning Luger body slamming a six-hundred pound tub of lard known as Yokozuna. Then he proceeds to go on about the Allied Powers. Jericho then goes: “And with that, here’s my opponent…” Out comes the British Bulldog.

user posted image

Match #2

Chris Jericho vs British Bulldog

British Bulldog starts the match by brawling with the Lionheart. It soon gets into some decent technical mat wrestling though, a chain of small moves ends with Jericho going for the Liontamer, to no avail. The British Bulldog is able to take control, doing various moves like body slams. He then does for his finishing powerslam. However, Jericho slips out of it and replies with an enzurgi. Pinning attempt sees a two count. More mat wrestling before the action goes to the outside. Bulldog is whipped into the steel steps before being rolled back in. Chris tries the Lionsault on the inside but misses. Bulldog then picks him up, Jericho almost unconscious. Jericho was playing possum though – doing a horrendous low blow. Chris then does the Lionsault, hitting it this time for the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho (Match Rating: ***3/4)

After the match, Chris begins to beat down on Bulldog. However, Lex Luger comes in, kicks Jericho in the stomach followed by doing the Torture Rack. Luger lets go as soon as it’s clear Jericho is submitting. The Wolfpac music then plays as Luger poses to the excited crowd.

Schiavone: What is interesting is how Luger’s still got the Wolfpac music. Later on, the New World Order decides who’s in the faction and who’s out? Who will be where? Stay tuned to find out.

user posted image

Match #3

Rey Misterio Jr vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Non-Title Match

Rey and Chavo tied up to begin with. After a few neat flips and small submission moves, Chavo goes for the pin for a two count following a rollup. The match is more technical than a stereotypical Mexican match – opting more for more headlocks and other simple yet effective manoeuvres. However, things go to the outside as Chavo does a fantastic suicide dive onto Mysterio. When back in the ring, Chavo goes for his Tornado DDT finisher. However, Rey reverses it into a snake-eyes. Mysterio goes to the apron while Chavo stumbles back. Mysterio is about to leap when……… Eddie Guerrero comes from out of nowhere and strikes Rey with a chair. The bell is called for, Rey winning by DQ.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. (Match Rating: ***3/4)

user posted image

The Four Horseman come out dressed as the nWo, clearly parodying the infamous Arn Anderson retirement segment that Nash fronted back in 1997, only doing a vice versa this time. Ric Flair comes out dressed as Kevin Nash and refers to himself as “Big Phony”. Benoit tries his hardest to parody Scott Steiner (to the extent where he wears a foam muscle suit). Malenko stumbles around the ring as if he’s Scott Hall. And finally, Arn Anderson does some pretty neat Hollywood Hogan impressions. And where’s the New World Order to break up the shenanigans? Nowhere, just like the Four Horsemen were when the segment in 1997 happened.

user posted image

Match #4

The Giant vs. Perry Saturn

The Giant dominates earlier on, use his height and weight to his advantage. After brutal slaps to the chest, Saturn gets angered. He immediately goes for Giant’s knees, kicking and chop-blocking them. Saturn then proceeds to work on the back area. Due to Giant being so big, Saturn is unable to use his arsenal of suplexes – using several variants of the DDT instead. At the end, Saturn goes for the Death Valley Driver. He is unable to find the strength though and The Giant is easily able to wrap his hand around Saturn’s throat. Chokeslam, and a pinfall victory.

Winner: The Giant (Match Rating: *)

user posted image

Mean Gene brings out Booker T, who begins to talk about his opportunity at Bret Hart at Souled Out. He talks about how Hart can be the greatest wrestler ever, but he’s too far up his own ass. This brings out Hart. Hart does his usual “best there was” speech, but ends up blindsiding Booker with the belt before leaving. Booker T is unconscious on the mat.

user posted image

Match #5

Chris Benoit vs. Raven

Raven’s Rules

The match began even before Chris Benoit could finish his entrance as Raven attacked him on the runway. Things got messy immediately as they ran each other to the guardrail. They eventually made it to ringside where Benoit was whipped to the steel turnbuckle post. Raven grabs a chair and misses a swing, hitting the turnbuckle post instead. Raven brings the chair and Benoit to the ring. Within the ring. Benoit starts executing more technical stuff, going for a Crippler Crossface early on. When that failed, he got in several German Suplexes. Benoit went to the top rope. While doing so, Raven grabbed the chair and put it underneath his own body. When Benoit flew off, Raven moved and Chris did a headbutt right onto the chair. Raven did his trademark drop toe-hold onto the chair. He then went to work on Benoit’s head and neck area including knee shots. The ending came when Benoit, out of desperation, reversed a headlock into the crossface. Kanyon came running down, but was intercepted by Malenko. Raven had no choice but to tap.

Winner: Chris Benoit (Match Rating: **3/4)

user posted image

Hogan, Nash, Hall and Steiner come out and enter the ring. Then the rest of the nWo come out to (Hollywood and Wolfpac interestingly taking different sides). Nash claims that the New World Order isn’t an organisation anymore, it is a lifestyle and in order to be in it, you have to be elite. With that, Hogan officially fires all members of Hollywood except for Bischoff when he comes back. This pisses off The Giant who enters the ring. Just as he wraps his hands around Hall’s throat – Hogan says that was the reaction he wanted so he’s in.

Then Nash turns to the Wolfpac. Disco, Konnan and Lex enter the ring. Nash tells Disco and Konnan that he doesn’t want any bullshit within the faction. Therefore, he wants Disco and Konnan to fight at Souled Out. The winner is in, the winner is out. He offers Luger a spot. Luger thinks about it, but he turns it down saying that Wolfpac hindered his career. Nash: “Oh really?” Suddenly Lex is beaten down (even by Disco and Konnan) as we quickly cut to a commercial.

user posted image

Match #6 – MAIN EVENT

Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair and Goldberg

Hogan and Flair begin. They have a technical affair usin basic moves. Flair gets the early advantage until Hogan does an eye poke followed by a couple of eye rakes. He tags in Nash, trapping Flair in the corner. Nash then takes advantage of his Souled Out opponent, doing things like choking him with his big boot. He follows it up with a few slams, ending the sequence with a sidewalk slam. He gets the two count. Ric is able to get in an attack against Nash with a sneaky low blow. He climbs the top rope and gets thrown off it, as usual. He then stands up, takes a few steps forward and flops back down to the ground. At this point, the crowd are chanting “GOLDBERG!” as the man himself waits impatiently at his corner. Nash and Hogan continue the assault. That is until Flair gets some energy and back chops Hogan several times. He then wobbles over to his corner and tags in Goldberg. The crowd explode as Goldberg begins to take out Hogan and Nash with several strikes. Flair stands up and assaults Nash while legal man Hogan is speared by Goldberg. Goldberg though is so powerful, Hogan flies back and hits Charles Robinson too. Goldberg signals for the jackhammer, but Nash runs over and they both tumble out of the ring. Flair goes over to Hogan and locks in the figure four leglock! Hogan screams out in pain and TAPS! Suddenly Bret Hart runs down to the ring with Sting’s bat that he stole at Halloween Havoc and smashes it on Flair’s head!!!!! Hart then walks out cockily with his US belt, looking proud with himself. Hogan pins. Robinson conveniently comes to and pins: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!

Winners: Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash (Match Rating: ¾*)

Schiavone: Damnit! The New World Order win!

Heenan: They’ve done it again! Hart, who has always had an affiliation has come out and hit Flair with Sting’s baseball bat. I don’t know about you, but I bet it has something to do with Hart’s comments on Flair earlier tonight!

Schiavone: Well… As Hogan poses in the ring with his belt, I guess we’re signing off for another edition of WCW Ni--- OH MY GOD!!!

The “oh my god” comes at the sight of Goldberg, who spears Kevin Nash on the steel ramp. Goldberg then stands up and points at Hogan.

Goldberg: YOU’RE NEXT!!!

user posted image

Overall Rating: 72% [up by 3%]

TV Rating: 4.65 [up by 0.04]

STATS: Overall – Crowd Reaction – Match Quality

Match #1: 63 – 54 – 73

Mysterio Interview: 80

Jericho Promo: 83

Match #2: 84 – 77 – 91

Match #3: 75 – 60 – 90

nWo Parody: 88

Match #4: 71 – 75 – 64

Booker/Hart: 83

Match #5: 79 – 80 – 79

Who’s In nWo: 81

Match #6: 71 – 77 – 58

That address I promised...

Okay guys. At the moment I don't know what to do. Soon I am probably going to buy TEW and I doubt I will continue with this scenario. I don't know what I will do from there.

BUT I will start a brand new scenario when that time comes. So, we're going to go with a Taboo Tuesday style vote here. Basically, I want to do a WCW fed. But which time period should I go for?


EDIT: Nevermind. Sorry.

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Pretty good show, I liked Jericho challenging Bulldog, Even though in real life, Bulldog was out with a injury. I also liked you mentioning Hart using Sting's bat. Sucks that you won't be continuing this. As I was just getting into it, And was looking forward to reading Souled Out. I wish you could continue it on TEW, But if not, Then do WCW '95.

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Okay... I know this is a major U-turn in such a quick amount of time but I think I am going to be continuing with this diary for a while now. I am teetering towards buying TEW, but I want to wait for TEW 2005. Then I want to wait for WCW scenarios to turn up in TEW 2005. So, this is what I'm going to do...

* I'm going to delete previous references to the end.

* I am going to sort out this federation. Although I may get overruled, I want to start off a new thread featuring this. Only this time I am going to keep a more consistent style of writing. I am going to rewrite all of the shows to fit this format. I have gotten inspiration from alldawson's format for his fed, so i may modify that to suit me.

* And I will continue as I have some absolute genius ideas I want to use. So I'll probably restart this in a few days as I really do want to take inspiration from, actually, Baby Hewey who's had a fed running a whole year. I want to do that.

* Okay then. Stay tuned and don't forget, Trix are apparently for kids.

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