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Apparently not everybody is in tuned with Dip Set's movement. An anonymous rap crew calling themselves "Dick-Set" recently released a song mocking the Harlem collective. Over a sped up soul sample Juelz Santana would die to rhyme on, the rappers borrow everything from the Dip Set rappers' choppy flows to Santana's "Hey!" adlibs. The crew also pokes fun at the Dips' penchant for rhyming with the same word, "And it's dead handsome/ Cause I'm dead handsome/ All the ladies be like, 'Damn, yo, he's so handsome.'" He later boasts "You motherfuckas think you know about Dan.../None of you motherfuckers know about Dan/ Cause I'm that motherfucka/ You not that motherfucka/ I'm in the streets killing all ya'll motherfuckers.

:lol: Has anyone heard anything by these guys? I'm about to search LimeWire for some tracks.

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