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Sid Meier's Pirates!

Timmoru Suzuki

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I played the multiplayer 'Vs. Mode' demo of this a few months ago, and oit was really fun playing with a friend (you can play the CPU, but I never did).

I just picked the game up today, and this rules. Single player mode seems really complex now, but that's just depth. Basically, you start off as a young pirate, with a basic allegiance to either the English, Dutch, Spanish or French. You can climb the ranks of these navy's, join another, or just be an 'evil' pirate that attacks everyone and everywhere. Basically, its an open ended pirate RPG. You can take missions of navy's, fight and capture any ship you want, attack land settlements, danc with governer's daughters, have swordfights, the works.

It's really fun. I've played about a month in game time, with a basic allegiance to the English navy. Just captured a Spanish ship, and I dont really know what to do next.......

So, does anyone else have this/Thoughts etc. Come on, everyone likes pirates! I think.......

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Guest Bluesman

I'm hoping to get it for my b-day. It sounds very similiar to Pirates Gold, which is one of my favorite video games ever. It can be both repetitive and open-ended, decided what you can think of to do and what you decide to do. For example, in Pirates Gold I'd always attack the Spanish ports and attempt to claim them for another country. Then I decided to play as the Spanish and attempt to claim every port.

The one downside is that it really sounds just like an updated Pirates Gold. The downside being that with the increase in system power, I was really hoping for a massive jump in what you could do. For example, the entire world is playable, a large amount of tradeable goods, etc. Almost like a merger of Pirates Gold and Uncharted Waters.

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