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Peter Straub

MalaCloudy Black

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Anyone else read his stuff? I read a few of his collabs with King and picked up one of his novels, Mystery, and I liked it.

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Guest bruins72

I read The Talisman when it first came out (I think I got the paperback when it came out) and then I decided to check out some of his solo work. I read both Koko and Throat. I highly recommend them. Great books and they tie together. If you're interested in them, read Koko and then move on to Throat.

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Well I have read The Talisman(with Stephen King), Black House: The Talisman 2(with Stephen King), Koko, Throat and one other that slips my mind. I highly recommend all these books. Strub is an excellent writer who leaves you wanting more.

If you enjoy The Talisman and Black House be happy to know they are making it a trilogy so there will be one more book based mostly in The Territories I believe I read.

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