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No wonder why people laugh at music educators...

This does however inspire me to hold a video game night when I get to direct a choir :shifty:

EDIT: The MK piece was just too hilarious!

I've come to the conclusion that music people are lost hopes. I already know they're crazy, but god, this just proves it.

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The actions are kind of necessary for the not-entirely-geeky so that they can catch on. Actually it took me a while to work out what the actions were after I recognised the Tetris music. "What the fuck are they...oh god, they're being the pieces!"

Still, I love it.

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I loved the entire MK part, I liked the music of the Mario part but hated the actions, and I forget what game that was with the sword. I recognized the music, but couldn't remember the game.

And I don't remember Tetris ever having music.

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Guest Zeokage

Loved the whole thing...

*Watches for the 20th time to confirm the order*

  1. Mario Bros. 1 (End of level)

  2. Mario Bros. 1 (Normal Music)

  3. Dr. Mario

  4. Mario Bros. 3 (Battle Mode - I think)

  5. Mario Bros. (Invincibility)

  6. Tetris (Music A)

  7. Mortal Kombat

  8. Mario Bros. 1 (Underground Levels)

  9. Legend of Zelda

  10. Mario Bros. 1 (Game Over)

EDIT: Made an error with the Tetris music as I thought. Edited by Zeokage
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Judging by the second post I was hoping for the video with the Japanese people using a nintendo ds to play Melissa, the first FMA theme song. That video was awesome, this is just... Stupid. Funny, yet really really stupid.

Edited by bryan
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