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Diamond Wrestling Alliance

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Diamond Wrestling Alliance

Owner: Diamond Dallas Page

Commissioner: Paul Heyman



AJ Styles


BG James

Big Show

Billy Gunn

Bobby Roode

Bubba Ray Dudley

Chris Benoit

Chris Harris


Christopher Daniels

D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero


Eric Young

Grand Master Sexay

Hollywood Nova

James Storm

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Jarrett

Jim Cornette

Joey Mercury

John Cena

Johnny Nitro

Johnny Swinger

Jushin Liger

Juventud Guerrera



Kurt Angle

Matt Hardy


Petey Williams

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio

Rob Van Dam

Ron Killings

Scott D'Amore

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Shark Boy

Shelton Benjamin

Simon Diamond

Sonjay Dutt


Stevie Richards

Super Crazy

The Amazing Red

The Blue Meanie

The Hurricane

Ultimo Dragon

Yoshihiro Tajiri

Zach Gowen)

Tag Teams:

America's Most Wanted (James Storm/Chris Harris)

MNM (Johnny Nitro/Joey Mercury)

Show-Train Chronicles (Big Show/A-Train)

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

Team Canada (Eric Young/Bobby Roode)

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley/D-Von Dudley)

The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy)

The Suicide Blondes (Shannon Moore/Spanky)

Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay/Scotty 2 Hotty)


3 Live Kru (BG James/Konnan/Ron Killings)

Blue World Order (Hollywood Nova/Stevie Richards/The Blue Meanie)

High Velocity (Juventud Guerrera/Super Crazy/The Amazing Red)

Kyo Dai (Jushin Liger/Ultimo Dragon/Yoshihiro Tajiri)

MNM (Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro/Melina)

Team Canada (Bobby Roode/Eric Young/Petey Williams/Scott D'Amore)

The Unholy Alliance (Edge/Jeff Jarrett/Jim Cornette/Johnny Swinger/Simon Diamond)

Titles/Title History:

DWA World Heavyweight Championship

Current Holder: Jeff Jarrett (def. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, Triple Threat Match, 25/12/2005)

DWA Universal Championship

Current Holder: AJ Styles (def. Rob Van Dam, Singles Match, 25/12/2005)

DWA Prime Time Championship

Current Holder: Rey Mysterio (def. Christian, Singles Match, 25/12/2005)

DWA Light Heavyweight Championship

Current Holder: Jeff Hardy (def. Petey Williams, Singles Match, 25/12/2005)

DWA Tag Team Championship

Current Holders: The Show-Train Chronicles (def. America's Most Wanted, Tag Team Match, 25/12/2005)

Squared Circle Wrestling - the superstars of tomorrow, today!

AJ Steele

Aaron Riley

Acero Dorado

Adam Booker

Adam Pearce

Adam Windsor

Alex Shane

Alex Shelley

Alicia Webb


Austin Lee

Bart Blaxson



BJ Whitmer

Brian Black

Brian Jewel

Buck Quartermain

Bulldog Blanski


Buzz Stryker


Chad Collyer

Chance Beckett

Chi Chi Cruz


Chi-Nen Hokkai

Chris Charger

Chris Stylez

Chris The Bambikiller

CM Punk

Colt Cabana

Dave Powers

Dean Powers

Dennis Allen

Derrick King

Dragon Kid

Eiji Mitsuoka

Elijah Burke

Elvis Gonzalez

Evan Karagias

Excess 69

Fantasma Jr.

Father Ozzy

Five Star Flash


Franky The Mobster

Fred La Merveille

Generalin Intikami

Glen Osbourne

Glen Ruth

Greg Pawluk

Gringo Loco

Hell Storm


J.R. Ryder


James Mitchell

Jamie Koeppe

Jason Sugarman

Joel Gertner

Joel Maximo

John Walters

Jonny C

Jonny Fairplay

Jose Maximo

Josh Prohibition

Justice Pain

Karsten Kretschmer

Katsuyori Shibata

Kevin Martel

Kevin Steen


Matt Classic

Matt Martini

Matt Rude

Matthew Cross

Nigel McGuinness

Nightmare Manson

Nobuyuki Kurashima

Orange Crush

Patrick Bentley

Paul Diamond


Rick Blade

Roderick Strong


Seth Knight


Sexxxy Eddy

Shane Madison

Simon Sanders

Slyk Wagner Brown

Super Dragon

Tarzan Goto

Toguro Habukage

Tony Jones



<span style='font-family:arial'>Following the incident in which Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari were banned from ever appearing on SmackDown! again due to WWE's terrorism angle, the higher powers in controlling what goes out to the viewing public took a far greater interest in professional wrestling. WWE, thinking something like this would happen after their Arab-American characters were forcefully removed from TV, were on their best behaviour: Kerwin White became Chavo Guerrero again, the Mexicools became regular cruiserweights, Eugene was taken off of TV, and the promos of characters such as JBL, Rob Van Dam, and Paul Heyman were toned down. The RAW Diva Search was prematurely ended, Christy Hemme put much more clothes on in her reduced amount of appearances, and the sight Edge and Lita chewing each other's faces was never seen again. Many of the more intelligent wrestling fans hailed this as the best thing that had happened to WWE in years, and as viewers tuned back into WWE in droves, many independent promotions, suffering from smaller crowds and ratings, were forced to shut up shop. Soon, the only promotions in the world were tiny backyard feds which were unaffected by the enquiry and the WWE's increased ratings, plus ROH, TNA, FWA, and WWE.

But we should have known it was too good to last - Vince McMahon and company were planning a big angle, under the delusion that the audience craved more of their angle-driven product, in order to 'stick it to the man,' as it were. And on the special live edition of SmackDown! after SummerSlam 2005, it was all set: A much-anticipated first face-to-face meeting between Brock Lesnar and Batista was moved to the midcard, and fans tuning in to see that in the Main Event slot were disappointed - WWE had done it again. JBL was in the ring, ranting about how everybody had held him down and now the media were trying to hold WWE down. Paul Heyman then entered the fray and said that while he hated Layfield, he agreed and cut an ultra-explicit promo on the powers that be, who had limited WWE's use of hardcore, T & A, and controversial angles. The SmackDown! ended with Muhammad Hassan making a return against the orders of UPN, and he, JBL, and Heyman gave a message to the powers that be: FUCK YOU!

WWE had finally gone too far. After being lucky on so many occasions, a document written by the Parent's Television Council and the Association of Entertainment Standards was handed to the United Nations. Of course, the UN had bigger fish to fry, and after barely reading the document, decided to pacify the two companies and ordered for professional wrestling to be taken off the air. This lead to the death of such promotions as TNA, ROH, and the FWA - their occasional house shows were nowhere near enough to keep them in business, and the websites of the three companies soon announced their closure. By the end of August, WWE found themselves literally the only official wrestling promotion in the world - but they too were on their deathbed. Just like their owner.

Vince McMahon had suffered from a heart attack at the end of August, under immense pressure to keep WWE afloat without their worldwide television vehicle. He was in critical condition, and his family sensed that it couldn't be long before the man who had pioneered the wrestling revolution's time was up. And on September 11, 2005, WWE.com announced that it "was devastated to announce the death of Vincent Kennedy McMahon at 06:39am." Shane, Stephanie and Linda McMahon weren't sure what to do next - they announced there would be no events in the foreseeable future on September 14, and by September 21, WWE.com had announced, "With immediate effect, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and WWE.com will be closing. We thank fans of our unique product for all of their support over the last 22 years." And in the space of a month, wrestling fans had nothing left. Professional wrestling ceased to exist.

The companies that had tried to tone down WWE's product had no idea they would have this effect: even in the event of Vince McMahon's death, they rejoiced, for professional wrestling was gone. Spike TV, UPN, USA Network and others were airing repeats of old shows in the place of their wrestling, and they watched ratings for those timeslots plummet. Wrestling fans were still in shock about what had happened, but a few pulled themselves together and a petition began, to be handed to the United Nations, to force them to allow professional wrestling back on the airwaves. The petition began with no-name wrestling fans, but as word of the petition was passed around, celebrity wrestling fans and wrestling personalities requested they were allowed to sign it. And the petition that had started with the names Joe Perry, Mike Watson, Matt Landsman ended with Adam Sandler, Jim Ross, Dwayne Johnson. With millions and millions of signatures in between. The petition was handed to the UN, who had far more important things to deal with and who, on December 1, 2005 lazily issued a retraction to their declaration that wrestling would be taken off of the air.

And so, wrestling would return. Three big wrestling personalities, with backing from rich friends and major companies, began big-budget promotions: Diamond Dallas Page opened the Diamond Wrestling Alliance, Jim Ross opened Legends of Wrestling, and Mick Foley started up the HardKore Wrestling Federation. Many smaller companies in Canada, the USA, and Mexico opened, television deals were signed and professional wrestling would return to the airwaves on Christmas Day, as the Diamond Wrestling Alliance offered us a $20 Pay-Per-View called Genocide. Professional wrestling was back - some reopened wrestling websites and forums proclaimed this was the best thing that had ever happened to wrestling, others claimed the new world of wrestling would fall flat on its face. Time would tell, as DWA Genocide kicked off at 7pm on Christmas Day - with an unknown roster of superstars, what would go down at the Pay-Per-View, and would it be a success?</span>

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Not a bad backstory, but I can't see them closing the WWE even with the death of Vince McMahon. It comes to thinking whether or not Vince would want it closed and I think they'd keep it open in his memory.

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His backstory, let him go with it.

I think the backstory was very imaginative. From the new three owners, it seems like the old big three has kinda been recreated, with DDP being WCW, JR being WWE and Foley being ECW/

Can't wait to see what happens, and who will make up your rosta. This could be something special.

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DWA Genocide

Sunday 25 December 2005


Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz

A massive pyro exploded in the arena and 17, 549 hungry wrestling fans exploded for the long-awaited return of their sport with the Diamond Wrestling Alliance's inaugaral event, Genocide! DWA had promised to deliver the best of the best on its roster and fans were wondering who they would see, and the deafening noise continued as Joey Styles and Tazz welcomed the world to the DWA...

Styles: What a crowd! Ladies and gentlemen, professional wrestling is back with a vengeance and we here at the Diamond Wrestling Alliance welcome you to our first ever show, this is Genocide! My name's Joey Styles, and here is a man who needs no introduction...

Tazz: Damn right Joey, Tazz is here with the DWA and we can guarantee one hell of a show for you tonight, this is one Christmas present yo' ain't never gonna forget!

Styles: The best of the best from around the world are here tonight and under contract to the DWA...who am I talking about? You'll just have to wait and see!

Tazz: Oh no...I damn sure hope you don't mean this guy!

Paul Heyman's old WWE music played in the arena and indeed, the former ECW owner and WWE SmackDown! General Manager made his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans. Heyman had a clipboard under his arm and he got through the blue ropes and took a microphone from ring announcer Tony Chimel. Heyman's music faded and he began to speak. The fans were almost silent as Heyman prepared to talk.

Heyman: What, aren't you gonna say it? C'mon, you ignorant pieces of crap, say something, do something! I just want you to know that even though wrestling's been gone for a while, Paul Heyman hasn't changed one bit. I'm still the Paul Heyman that gave you ECW, I'm still the same Paul Heyman that guided WWE's SmackDown! brand through the greatest time in its history, and I'm the same Paul Heyman that you people booed, night after night! So let's hear it!

The fans began to boo Paul Heyman and Heyman laughed.

Heyman: Right, so we've already established that you people are the kind of fans that I can manipulate and get to do whatever I want. Well that's great, because just like I turned the ECW fans into rabid, bloodthirsty dogs, I'm gonna turn you people into the kind of people that appreciate a real wrestling federation. And that's why Diamond Dallas Page and his board of directors hired me, under an iron-clad contract, to be the commissioner of the Diamond Wrestling Alliance - so I'm gonna kick this promotion off right. It's been said that the DWA has the best roster of international stars in this world; that's true. But just who is on this roster? You people will have to stay sat down on your fat asses and be patient in order to find out. But what I will reveal to you is what I, Paul Heyman, have made as the Main Event: tonight, for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship, you undeserving idiots will be treated to a classic that will blow your tiny, tiny minds: Olympic Gold Medallist, and four-time WWE Champion Kurt Angle will go one-on-one with the Rabid Wolverine, former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit!

Tazz: Whoa! Awesome!

Styles: Paul Heyman did something right for once! Angle versus Benoit, tonight! But wait...what's this?

"My World" began to play in the arena and the fans began to boo a familiar face...the last NWA Champion himself, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett had a very smug grin on his face as he made his way to the ring, clad in a grey t-shirt and blue jeans, and with a microphone in hand. Jarrett got into the ring as his music faded, amidst a "Jarrett Sucks" chant, and began to speak.

Jarrett: Mr. Heyman, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I gotta say, I respect everything you've done, you've already done a better job in the DWA that anybody did in TNA, but I've gotta say, what the hell is up with your Main Event? Wow, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, chapter 38, nobody cares! Lemme tell you, when professional wrestling died, TNA had a rocket on its back and was heading straight to the top with me as World Champion. I was spearheading a revolution! But due to circumstances out of my control, the revolution was never completed. Now as the last-ever NWA Champion, and the only person in this company to have held a recognised World Title when professional wrestling was illegalized, I believe I have a divine right to be the first ever DWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Tazz: As much as I hate to admit it, Styles, the man has a point.

Heyman: Mr. Jarrett, what exactly do you want from me?

Jarrett: I want you to scratch the Olympic Zero versus Toothless Aggression and do the right thing - award me the DWA World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans booed heavily at the thought of Jeff Jarrett as the first-ever DWA Champion. In an attempt to stop a riot, Paul Heyman attempted to appease Jarrett.

Heyman: Mr. Jarrett...Jeff...As much as I love the thought of Jeff Jarrett being awarded the World's Title, I can't just give the most prestigious title in wrestling away, we've gotta have a match...

Jeff Jarrett looked angry, and Heyman backed off across the ring.

Heyman: So...here's what we're gonna do...triple threat, elimination rules...Kurt Angle versus Chris Benoit...versus Jeff Jarrett!

The fans booed heavily, and Jeff Jarrett, while not getting what he wanted, looked satisfied.

Jarrett: Alright...Benoit, Angle...be warned, the Chosen One is coming to get you!

"My World" played again in the arena, and Jeff Jarrett left the ring, followed a few seconds later by Commissioner Heyman. We then focused on the ringside announce table, where Joey Styles and Tazz were debating.

Styles: What an egomaniac! He's denied us a certain classic, just because he thinks he's got some divine right to be champion!

Tazz: What, you don't think it'll be a classic with Jeff Jarrett involved?

Styles: Jarrett's a great athlete, but he doesn't exactly care about classic matches...he cares more about winning, by any means necessary...

Heyman and Jarrett were now out of sight and some lucha-style music played and the most of the fans cheered at the familiar sight of Super Crazy, Juventud Guerrera, and the Amazing Red, who were introduced as High Velocity. They were all wearing similar red tights, all personalized with their own markings, and they got into the ring and posed for the crowd. After their music died down, Tajiri's WWE theme played and Tajiri made his way out, wearing his usual wrestling attire. Tajiri got to the bottom of the ramp and his music continued playing as the Ultimo Dragon came out, followed by none other than Jushin "Thunder" Liger! The fans cheered as three Japanese legends walked the remainder of the ramp together, introduced as Kyo Dai, and got into the ring for what was sure to be incredible six-man tag team action.

High Velocity vs Kyo Dai

Six of the world's very best cruiserweights went at it in this match, delivering hot action reminiscent of both TNA's X-Division and Japanese wrestling. The fans seemed behind Jushin Liger, Tajiri and the Ultimo Dragon's team of Kyo Dai, particularly pleased to see Liger wrestling in a major North American promotion. The match ended in Liger's favour when the Amazing Red made the mistake of going to the top rope in an attempt to hit the Infrared to put Liger away quickly after a clothesline, but Liger leapt right up to the top rope and took Red down with great force. Liger then picked Red up and nailed him with a Brainbuster to pick up the victory.

Winners - Kyo Dai (10:44)

Kyo Dai's music played and Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon got back into the ring and celebrated with Jushin Liger. High Velocity helped the Amazing Red up and Red went to shake Jushin Liger's hand. Liger accepted the handshake, but then kneed the Amazing Red right in the 'nads! Tajiri sprayed Juventud Guerrera with green mist, and Ultimo Dragon caught Super Crazy off guard with a kick, before hitting the Asai DDT. The fans, who had been behind Kyo Dai for the whole match, booed as Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon and Jushin "Thunder" Liger left.

Video replays of that event were shown, and Joey Styles and Tazz were shocked at the team of Kyo Dai's unsporting actions after winning the match. They bickered over what Kyo Dai's motives were, but were cut off when Tony Chimel announced that the following contest was for the DWA Tag Team Championship! The theme music of America's Most Wanted hit in the arena and Chris Harris and James Storm made their way to the ring to a loud ovation from the crowd as the last-ever NWA Tag Team Champions in an attempt to regain tag team gold. Harris and Storm were in the ring when the deep voice of the Big Show shouted "WEEEELLLL..." across the arena and smoke flew up from the stage and the Big Show and the A-Train made their way out to the ring. The ovation for Show and Train, who were introduced as the "Show-Train Chronicles" was less enthusiastic than for AMW, who they faced off with in the ring, completely dwarfing. The two teams got into their respective corners and talked tactics as the bell rang to start this match.

DWA Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted vs the Show-Train Chronicles

To any fans who didn't know of them before, America's Most Wanted certainly proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in this bout, giving the monstrous, 800-pound plus team of the Big Show and the A-Train more than a run for their money. However, size took precedence over speed in this match, and after a scare when AMW got a nearfall after hitting the Death Sentence on the A-Train, the Big Show came back in and took out Storm and Harris with a Double Chokeslam, before legal man A-Train nailed the Derailer on legal man James Storm for the three-count.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions - the Show-Train Chronicles (8:59)

A-Train's music played and the Show-Train Chronicles were announced as the new Tag Team Champions. The two monsters celebrated with their belts, and then as America's Most Wanted pulled themselves up, Big Show and A-Train both had sick smiles on their faces and were poised and ready to attack them, but they were attacked from behind by another famous tag team...the Dudley Boyz beat on the Show-Train Chronicles with steel chairs, before they double-teamed the Big Show, knocking him out of the ring. Bubba Ray Dudley screamed at his brother D-Von to get the tables, and D-Von did so, propping up a table in the ring. The Dudley Boyz stalked the A-Train and nailed him with a 3D through the table. "Get the Tables" by Saliva played, but not for long as America's Most Wanted got up and stared down with the Dudley Boyz. The fans were cheering at the first ever in-ring meeting between two of the world's biggest tag teams, and they locked eyes on each other before we went to Joey Styles and Tazz.

Styles: Well the Big Show and the A-Train have been crowned the first-ever DWA Tag Team Champions, but I'd say that's a pretty clear message from the Dudley Boyz!

Tazz: No doubt - Bubba and D-Von have held WWE, WCW, and ECW Tag Team gold, and I know that the DWA Tag Team Championship will be top of their wishlist.

Styles: But what about America's Most Wanted? That was a strong showing against two seemingly indestructible opponents, they will want their rematch...

Tazz: And the other teams in the DWA are gonna want some of the Show-Train Chronicles, I'm sure of that!

Styles: The tag team division in the DWA is certainly gonna be one to watch!

The ring had cleared and ring announcer Tony Chimel was in the ring, reading off of a piece of paper...

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please respect the national anthem...and wrestling superstars...of Canada!

The Canadian national anthem played and the crowd did everything but respect it, as Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore made their way out to the ring wearing their trademark Team Canada jackets, as D'Amore waved the Canadian flag. Other Team Canada members were nowhere in sight and whether they were under DWA contract was unknown, but Scott D'Amore certainly wasn't going to be giving away any secrets as he took the microphone.

D'Amore: That was just the kind of reaction I have come to expect from American fans, and I can't wait until the DWA travels to Canada - a country where sophisticated men like me and fantastic athletes like Petey Williams are appreciated and treated with the kind of respect we deserve. And tonight, we will give the Diamond Wrestling Alliance some Canadian flavour when Petey Williams walks out of this building the first-ever DWA Light Heavyweight Champion. Now, I don't know who the challenger is, hell, nobody in this damn promotion has told anybody anything tonight, but whoever it is needs to get out here, so we can take our title and get the hell out of this stinkin' country!

Jeff Hardy's music played through the speakers and the fans went crazy as Hardy made his way to the ring, pumped about his shot at the title. The lights were dimmed as Hardy came out and his luminous bodypaint glowed as he posed on the ramp, before running to the ring. Petey Williams stomped away on Jeff Hardy as the bell rang to kick off this match.

DWA Light Heavyweight Championship

Petey Williams vs Jeff Hardy

With Scott D'Amore at ringside shouting advice, Petey Williams dominated this bout lifted straight out of TNA's X Division. The thousands in attendance were behind Jeff Hardy and they chanted his name as D'Amore and Williams laughed, clearly enjoying the domination over the fan favourite Hardy. Joey Styles talked about the effectiveness of the Canadian Destroyer and how nobody has ever kicked out of it, and this match ended in an attempt to nail it as Hardy had built some momentum and went for a Flying Cross-Body attempt which Williams ducked. Hardy bounced off of the top rope and Williams kicked him in the gut and put him between his legs...Williams leapt over Hardy but Hardy refused to let him complete the move as he showed his strength, lifting the Team Canada member back into his original position, before tripping him by the legs and hitting him with the legs into the groin! Jeff Hardy climbed to the top rope...and Williams got up, attempting to Superplex Jeff Hardy, but he was pushed away and in a flash, Jeff Hardy leapt off of the top rope with a Swanton Bomb to put Williams away!

Winner and NEW Light Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Hardy (9:56)

Hardy's music played in the arena and the fans cheered as he was awarded the new DWA Light Heavyweight Championship belt. Hardy raised it high in the air in celebration, but he was attacked from behind by Bobby Roode and Eric Young, other members of Team Canada! Roode and Young beat away on Hardy and Petey Williams got up and began to join in the assault, as Scott D'Amore shouted instructions to them. As Roode and Young held Hardy back, Petey Williams took a steel chair and lifted it above his head...the fans cheered as Matt Hardy ran to the ring to make the save! Matt Hardy grabbed the chair from above Petey Williams' head and swung it wildly around the ring, but nobody got any of it as Team Canada left the ring. Roode, Young, Williams and D'Amore backed up the ramp as Matt and Jeff Hardy watched them leave, and when they did, the Hardys turned to each other. The fans cheered and after staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity, the two men embraced and Matt Hardy raised the hand of the new Light Heavyweight Champion and the fans cheered at the reunion of The Hardy Boyz!

Backstage, Todd Grisham was with Kurt Angle. Angle got a mixed reaction when his face appeared onscreen.

Todd: Kurt Angle - tonight you have a chance to go down in the record books once again when you have a shot at becoming the first-ever DWA World Heavyweight Champion. How do you feel about being bestowed with such an honour?

Angle: Bestowed with an honour? You think Paul Heyman and the DWA have bestowed an honour upon me? I've bestowed an honour on the DWA by just coming to work here! Y'know, I've accomplished everything that anybody can possibly do in this business - I could retire right now if I wanted to. But I chose to come and wrestle in the DWA. And why? Because professional wrestling died once. Without an Olympic Gold Medallist wrestling in the number one company in the world, it would die again. And with me as the DWA World Heavyweight Champion, I will take professional wrestling to new heights. I am fighting for the future of this business. I don't expect these people to appreciate this. I don't expect, no, I don't even want them to cheer for me. I know people in high places in this company, I can do better than these idiots. But what I do expect is that tonight, when I wrestle Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett, there will be two men tapping out!

Angle grinned and walked off, after some strong words.

We returned to the arena where Christian's music played and the self-proclaimed "Captain Charisma" made his way to the ring for one-on-one action in a match to determine the DWA Prime Time Champion. Christian was wearing his gold hooded jacket and gold wrestling tights, and he got into the ring and took a microphone as his music faded. Christian made an attempt to speak, but was immediately cut off by "619," the theme of Rey Mysterio! The fans cheered for Mysterio but as Christian stared at the ramp, he never appeared; Mysterio instead made his way through the crowd and got onto the ring apron, before leaping off with a Springboard Dropkick into the back of Christian as the bell rang to start the matchup!

DWA Prime Time Championship

Christian vs Rey Mysterio

The human highlight reel known as Rey Mysterio and the man who labels himself "Captain Charisma" went at it in this fast and furious matchup. Mysterio quickly cemented himself as the fan favourite, leaving the fans to chant "Christian sucks" at the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. This got on Christian's nerves and after putting Mysterio away with an Unprettier which probably would have gotten the three-count, Christian shouted at the crowd that he didn't suck and was better than all of them. The crowd persisted in chanting and it ended up in Christian leaving the ring and shouting at the crowd. Rey Mysterio was now up and he leapt over the top rope, downing Christian on the outside of the ring. The fans cheered and Mysterio got back into the ring, waiting for Christian to be counted out, but Christian got back into the ring. Christian lunged at Mysterio, who ducked the shot and tripped Christian into the middle rope...Mysterio came off of the ropes and hit Christian with the 619, and Christian bounced across the ring and was in perfect position for a Springboard Leg Drop, which Mysterio nailed to perfection to get the three count! (Q89, C85, O87)

Winner and NEW Prime Time Champion - Rey Mysterio (13:45)

"619" played in the arena and Rey Mysterio was awarded the Prime Time title belt. The masked man was ecstatic, as were the crowd, and they cheered Mysterio as he lifted the belt above his head and left to a big reaction.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam was clad in his wrestling gear and was on his way to the ring for a match - and upon seeing RVD, the fans cheered wildly. However, this was all to change...Todd Grisham approached RVD.

Grisham: Rob Van Dam...welcome to the DWA, are you heading to the ring for a match?

RVD: Dude, I'm heading to the ring for a victory and the DWA Universal Championship belt. I don't know who I'm facing, but no sweat...I'm Rob Van Dam. I'm the "Whole Dam Show." And tonight-

RVD was cut off when a blue-and-black mask blocked the camera's view of Van Dam...it was Shark Boy!

Sharky: Tonight, Shark Boy is in the house, baby!

RVD pulled Shark Boy out of the camera's view and berated him.

RVD: You little freak, what the f*ck are you doing?

Sharky: Hey, "dude," I'm just gettin' my face on TV.

Rob Van Dam tried to shrug it off and smile, but was clearly at boiling point.

RVD: What? In my interview time? C'mere...

Van Dam grabbed Shark Boy and threw him into a wall, before tipping a table over onto him. Rob Van Dam blew hair out of his face as he returned to Todd Grisham and spoke.

RVD: Whoever's wrestling me out there...that's what you get when you f*ck with the Whole Dam Show!

Rob Van Dam left for the ring, leaving the fans shocked at the assault on the man from 20, 000 leagues under the sea, Shark Boy.


Rob Van Dam's music played and almost immediately after assaulting Shark Boy, Rob Van Dam made his way out onto the ramp and the fans booed RVD as he walked to the ring. Van Dam was introduced by Tony Chimel and he did the triple thumbs as his name was said, before posing in the ring. RVD's music faded, and there was silence. The fans cheered awaiting the other mystery competitor for the Universal Championship, and sure enough, AJ Styles' music played in the arena and the fans cheered as the phenomenal AJ Styles made his way to the ring. Styles and Van Dam did not take their eyes off each other in preparation for their first competitive meeting. Styles then got into the ring and chanted "AJ" as the bell rang to kick off this huge match!

DWA Universal Championship

AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam

This was an incredible, fast-paced bout, in which both men proved their desire to get off to a good start in the Diamond Wrestling Alliance with a Universal title win. Both men showcased the moves that brought them to the dance. The crowd were hot for AJ Styles and booed Rob Van Dam, who was being very arrogant, posing whenever he knocked AJ Styles down. The bout ended in spectacular fashion when Van Dam kicked Styles in the head and again posed for the crowd, who booed him. Van Dam picked up a prone Styles and placed him onto the top rope turnbuckle. A "Van Dam Sucks" chant began and RVD climbed to the second rope, and then went for a Hurracanrana off of the top rope...but Styles grabbed RVD's legs, and set him up for a huge move. The fans went crazy, knowing what was coming and Rob Van Dam was shouting, and struggling to counter the move...Styles leapt off of the top rope with a Styles Clash! He rolled Van Dam around and the referee counted one, two, three.

Winner and NEW Universal Champion - AJ Styles (14:22)

AJ Styles' music played and the fans cheered as he was awarded the Universal title belt. Rob Van Dam got up and Styles offered the "Whole Dam Show" a handshake, but Van Dam spat at Styles and walked off, as the fans booed him. AJ Styles shrugged it off and posed with his belt, as we went backstage.

Todd Grisham was now with the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

Grisham: Chris Benoit. We've heard from Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle, but what are your thoughts on being in the Main Event for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship tonight?

Benoit: It means a hell of a lot, Todd, because for twenty years, I have shed blood, sweat and tears for this business. Nearly two years ago, I won the World Heavyweight Championship in Madison Square Garden. And ever since that moment, I have hungered for more of that amazing feeling. Jeff Jarrett thinks he has some divine right to be champion, and Kurt Angle is "saving the business?" All those two idiots are doing tonight is feeling my pain!

"Orale, Mr. Benoit!"

The fans cheered as "Latino Heat," Eddie Guerrero strutted over to Chris Benoit.

Eddie: Good luck in the Main Event tonight, holmes.

Benoit: Thanks, Eddie. Who are you fighting?

Eddie: Essa, I don't know - but I like it! And I like bein' in the DWA! And I gotta go, man!

Eddie had an enormous grin on his face as he strutted off, and the fans cheered for Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit!

Tony Chimel was in the ring with a microphone...

Chimel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

The fans cheered at the prospect of seeing four new DWA superstars, and then went crazy for this man...


"I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal" played in the arena and the fans cheered as "Latino Heat," Eddie Guerrero drove to the ring for a huge tag team match. Eddie leapt out of the convertible lowrider and high-fived fans in the crowd, before jumping into the ring. Eddie's music faded and the fans wondered who was next..."Basic Thuganomics" hit in the arena and the fans went crazy for John Cena, who came out like it was the night after wrestling had died, still wearing the old Cena basketball jersey and the 3/4 length shorts, with a steel chain around his neck. Cena mingled with the crowd as he walked to the ring and he got into the ring and talked to his tag team partner, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie and Cena awaited their partners, and seconds later, Randy Orton's music played, and the Legend Killer himself came out, posing on the ramp. A new extended pyro went off for Orton and the man who has defeated all the legends in the business stood at the bottom of the ramp - but who was Orton's partner? Nobody, not even Orton, knew. A massive explosion went off on the ramp, and "Slow Chemical" played, as Kane walked to the ring. The fire continued to burn as the arena was dowsed in red light for the "Big Red Machine," and Randy Orton looked ecstatic about having Kane as his partner, while the team of Guerrero and Cena looked less than pleased. Kane walked straight past Orton and got into the ring to start this match.

Kane & Randy Orton vs John Cena & Eddie Guerrero

Four of the world's biggest stars locked horns in this match, and it was brutal. Guerrero and Cena attempted to isolate Orton in an attempt to minimize any contact with Kane, who stood on the apron like a man posessed. The fans seemed behind the team of Eddie Guerrero and John Cena and "Orton sucks" chants could be heard as Cena and Guerrero worked on him. That isn't to say Orton was dominated, as he gave the two men working on him a lot of trouble, but could never get to his corner. All four men showcased the talent that drove them to the top of the WWE mountain and which they hoped would do the same in the DWA. The tag match ended when Orton was being double-teamed by John Cena and Eddie Guerrero with a double suplex, and the referee was trying to get Eddie out of the ring. He was at an angle where he could not see when Orton nailed Cena with a low blow, and did his cocky pose with a grin on his face and made the tag to Kane before his knees buckled. Randy Orton walked away from the ring and up the ramp as the referee finally managed to get Eddie Guerrero out of the ring, and Kane and John Cena stood away from each other as the crowd cheered. Cena rushed at Kane, and surprised the "Big Red Machine," knocking him into a corner and laying into him, but Kane burst out of the corner and knocked Cena over. Eddie Guerrero came in but Kane launched Eddie over the top, but John Cena picked up Kane for the FU...Cena nailed the move, but Kane held on to John Cena's throat, and got straight up, before nailing Cena with a thunderous Chokeslam! The referee counted as Kane made the pin...one, two, three.

Winners - Randy Orton & Kane (16:04)

"Slow Chemical" played and we went to a shot of Randy Orton, who was now at the top of the ramp and was laughing at John Cena, who was not getting up from the brutal Chokeslam. Eddie Guerrero was receiving medical attention as he hit the ring barricade as he was launched out. Kane stood over the body of John Cena and raised his arms, before throwing them down as his pyro exploded. Joey Styles and Tazz talked about how much of a sick monster Kane was as we went to footage of earlier in the evening.

We were shown Paul Heyman's promo from earlier in the evening where he made Kurt Angle versus Chris Benoit for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship before being interrupted by Jeff Jarrett, who demanded the new gold before settling for inclusion in the Main Event. Then, Angle, Benoit, and Jarrett were shown walking through the halls of the arena towards the ring, all psyched for the Main Event!

"Medal" played in the arena and the fans booed as Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. Angle was wearing a black singlet with the stars and stripes cut into it (the attire he was wearing at WrestleMania X8) and he stood in the middle and raised his arms to set off a big pyro, before walking to the ring. Angle's music faded and "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace hit, and the fans cheered as Chris Benoit made his no-nonsense way to the ring, wearing his old tiger-striped "crippler" tights. The commentators put over Benoit as the sentimental favourite in this match and the crowd reaction to Benoit would certainly support that; when Benoit's music faded, the fans chanted his name in the seconds before "My World" played and the fans booed as Jeff Jarrett walked to the ring. Jarrett was wearing his TNA wrestling attire and the last-ever NWA World Champion seemed less eager than Angle or Benoit to get into the ring and fight for the gold. Eventually, Jarrett got into the ring and there was a three-way staredown before the bell rang to start the match.

DWA World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett was indeed a lot less eager to fight for the gold - as Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit wrestled in the kind of way that had made every single one of their matches Hall of Fame-worthy, Jarrett stood by and watched, waiting for one to get a pinfall on another in this elimination affair. The fans didn't take too kindly to this and began to chant "Jarrett sucks" at the top of their voices, much to the "Chosen One's" chagrin. Jarrett did get offense in, double-teaming Benoit with Angle, but he was too soon again stood out, watching and hoping Benoit and Angle would wear each other out enough for one to eliminate the other, leaving Jarrett an easy task with a worn-down Benoit or Angle. The long-awaited elimination came when Jarrett and Angle double-teamed Chris Benoit with an Irish Whip into the exposed turnbuckle. Benoit ducked the following splash attempt by Jeff Jarrett, causing Jarrett to hit his head on the steel, and as Kurt Angle rushed at him, Benoit found his way around the back of Angle to hit a German Suplex. Three more Germans followed, before Angle staggered up and Benoit took him straight down into the Crippler Crossface! The fans cheered and Angle was refusing to tap, and aftera few seconds he reversed the move, but Benoit turned it into a rollup and got a quick three count on Kurt Angle! The crowd were ecstatic that Benoit had remained in the match and Benoit got up to charge down Jeff Jarrett, but Angle took Benoit down at the knees. Angle hit Benoit with the Angle Slam and then grabbed a steel chair from the outside of the ring and smacked it over Benoit's ankle three times, before slapping on the Ankle Lock. Referee Earl Hebner didn't know what to do, as Kurt Angle was no longer in the match and thus could not be disqualified for the savage beatdown, and road agents and more referees rushed to the ring to stop Angle. The fans booed the Olympic Gold Medallist as he was dragged away from the ring - and the boos increased when they realised Jeff Jarrett was still in the ring to pick up the pieces. Jarrett wore a smug grin as he walked over to Benoit and turned him over, before covering...one...two...thre-no! Benoit somehow got a shoulder up, and Jeff Jarrett threw a temper tantrum in the ring! Meanwhile, Benoit pulled himself up, but immediately fell back down when he found he could put no weight on his ankle. Jarrett pulled himself together and waited Chris Benoit to try and get up again. Benoit was positioned near the turnbuckle and as Benoit went to pull himself up, Jarrett ran into Benoit, going for a knee to the face, but Chris Benoit moved again, causing Jarrett to smack his knee into the middle turnbuckle, before Benoit took Jarrett down with a School Boy, only for Jarrett to kick out at two. Jeff Jarrett got up and tried to kick Benoit in the gut, but Benoit grabbed Jeff Jarrett's foot and put him in the Ankle Lock! Kurt Angle was now at the top of the ramp with the road agents and referees and he was furious that Benoit dared to use the move that had so nearly put him away on Jeff Jarrett. In the ring, Jarrett was fighting the Ankle Lock and he grabbed the bottom rope, forcing Benoit to break the hold. Jarrett got up and kicked Benoit in the ankle, and Benoit dropped to the mat, clutching his ankle in pain. Jeff Jarrett then went to do something not in his usual repertoire of moves...he climbed to the top rope, sized up Chris Benoit, and went for Benoit's patented flying headbutt, but Benoit was up and caught Jeff Jarrett, and after stumbling back into the referee, slammed him onto the mat. Earl Hebner was down on the mat and Benoit went for the Crippler Crossface, and locked it in as the fans went crazy. Jarrett tapped, but there was no referee to see it. The crowd booed as Benoit went over to check up on the referee, not noticing Jeff Jarrett was up on his knees behind Benoit...low blow! Earl Hebner came to just as Jeff Jarrett nailed Chris Benoit with a Stroke and covered, getting a slow three count to become the first-ever DWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Jarrett (28:09)

"My World" played and the heat in the arena was absolutely deafening as Jeff Jarrett was awarded the gold, and he fell to his knees and clutched the belt to his chest. Kurt Angle grinned wickedly at the top of the ramp, and a sweaty, exhausted Chris Benoit just lay on the mat staring at the ceiling, unable to believe he had lost another chance at World Title glory. As DWA's first-ever Pay-Per-View went off the air, Joey Styles was screaming about the injustice of the situation and told us to tune into Showtime tomorrow night on Fox to see all the fallout from Genocide.

Quick Match Results:

Kyo Dai def. High Velocity

Tag Titles: Show-Train Chronicles def. America's Most Wanted to win the titles

Lightweight Title: Jeff Hardy def. Petey Williams to win the title

Prime Time Title: Rey Mysterio def. Christian to win the title

Universal Title: AJ Styles def. Rob Van Dam to win the title

Randy Orton & Kane def. Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

World Title: Jeff Jarrett def. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle to win the title

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awesome show man. I like what I've read so far, you've got some creative ideas (show-train is a good combination). I wasn't digging all the title matches, the matches were good, but perhaps a tourney or a four way or something for one or two of the belts would have been good. But either way, you've got a reader man. Inventive backstory mixed with great wrestlers = good.

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It all began last night at Genocide, and now after that epic event, the Diamond Wrestling Alliance has proven itself to be the number one promotion in the world. 17, 549 witnessed the DWA's inaugaral event and saw some of the world's greatest lock up in the ring. All titles were decided, and the Big Show, A-Train, Jeff Hardy, Christian, Rey Mysterio, and Jeff Jarrett find themselves in the historic position of being the first ever holders of DWA's championships.

Jeff Jarrett was added to a DWA World Heavyweight Championship match by Commissioner Paul Heyman, forcing his way into a bout originally intended to be wrestled by Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle and making it a Triple Threat by claiming his divine right to be the World's Champion. It paid off, as Jarrett took advantage of Chris Benoit's distraction to take the gold. Showtime will see the first night of Jarrett's reign, and he surely will not want to pass up such a strong bragging opportunity. What will go down?

Some of the events at last night's Genocide Pay-Per-View have led to matches for Showtime. Rob Van Dam attacked Shark Boy before he lost to AJ Styles, and as a result, the "Whole Dam Show" will take on Sharky. Also, after saving Jeff Hardy from a Team Canada assault, Matt Hardy will have an opportunity to gain retribution for his brother as he takes on Bobby Roode.

All this and more on the first-ever DWA Showtime, only on USA Network - you'd be a fool to miss it!

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DWA Showtime

Monday 26 December 2005

LIVE on Fox

Commentators: Joey Styles and Tazz

Footage of the DWA's first ever PPV was shown, as all of DWA's titles were decided and many superstars debuted. The video ended with footage of Jeff Jarrett's shock World Title win as he defeated both Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in a triple-threat elimination match to become the first ever DWA World Heavyweight Champion. Then we opened up in a packed arena where the fans were going crazy for the DWA's first ever television show, Showtime on Fox! As "Come On" by Waterproof Blonde plated, the fans were shown waving their signs about, and then we went to Joey Styles and Tazz.

Styles: Welcome to the first ever edition of Showtime! The DWA's home is right here on Fox, and Tazz, we sure have got some awesome action tonight!

Tazz: Damn skippy, we got more debuts, plus an enormous match, comin' off a tag team war last night, Eddie Guerrero versus Randy Orton!

Styles: That's a huge match right there, and we've also got our biggest superstars in the house - Chris Benoit, John Cena, Kane, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle - they're all in the house!

Paul Heyman's music played in the arena and the fans booed as the commissioner of the DWA walked down to the ring, wearing his usual ensemble of a baseball cap and a suit. Heyman also had a clipboard under his arm and he began to read it as he took a microphone and his music faded. Heyman looked up, and spoke, as the fans chanted "you suck" at him.

Heyman: My first order of business tonight is January's Pay-Per-View event. What will it be? Well, as you all know, I'm a man of innovation, a man of the new age. However...my boss is a man of tradition. The boss thinks we should carry on the tradition of our forefathers. I argued against this, telling Diamond Dallas Page that giving the fans what they want now will only make them take what they get for granted later - but...the boss' decision is final. And so, on January 22, the DWA will host the Royal Rumble - with the winner of the Royal Rumble match getting a DWA World Heavyweight Championship shot at WrestleMania 22!

The fans went absolutely crazy at the announcement of the return of two of the greatest traditions in wrestling history - and Paul Heyman didn't look happy.

Heyman: Shut up, I'm not finished! Onto the second order of business - last night, a truly great man finally got what he deserved for all his years of hard work in this business. In the months before the wrestling holocaust, this man was revolutionising our sport. Now, he can do so on the grandest stage of them all. Ladies and gentlemen, get off your asses and bow down to your DWA World Heavyweight Champion - JEFF JARRETT!

"My World" played in the arena and the fans booed like crazy as the first-ever DWA World Heavyweight Champion strutted to the ring, with the World Title belt over his shoulder. Jeff Jarrett looked more smug than ever before and was posing for the crowd, who booed incessantly and even threw things at the champion. Jarrett, who was clad in a black shirt and black jeans, got into the ring and shook Paul Heyman's hand, before posing on the turnbuckles with his belt. Jeff Jarrett then took a microphone.

Jarrett: Well well well...who woulda thought, huh? I bet anyone who said six months ago that Jeff Jarrett would be the World Heavyweight Champion in the biggest company in the world would have been laughed at. Well who's laughin' now? I, Jeff Jarrett, the Chosen One, am the DWA World Heavyweight Champion, and you'd better get used to this. You'd better learn to appreciate this. Because I'm gonna hold onto this title for a long, long time. Longer than Hulk Hogan, longer than Kevin Nash, longer than John Layfield...shut up! This title says that I am the greatest wrestler in the world today...and nobody is going to stop that!

"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace hit in the arena and the fans cheered as Chris Benoit walked out onto the stage! "The Crippler" had a microphone and he spoke to the World's Champion.

Benoit: The greatest wrestler in the world today, huh? Well, that's funny, because I didn't see you doing much "wrestling" when you were watching me and Kurt Angle beat the crap out of each other so you could pick up the pieces! Last night I proved I was the greatest wrestler in the world today when two men needed to cheat to beat me to the World Title-

Jarrett: Shut up! This right here on my shoulder is a symbol of the greatest wrestler in the world today - and whose name is on it? Mine! Jeff Jarrett! Not Chris Benoit, not Kurt Angle, but Jeff Jarrett! And that makes me the greatest wrestler in the world today, bar none!

Benoit: Okay...so why don't you prove me wrong?

Jarrett: Alright. Camera, zoom in on my belt. Look, DWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett. Happy?

Benoit: No, in the ring. You and me, one on one, right now, DWA World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans cheered and Benoit was smiling and he walked to the ring. Jeff Jarrett didn't look happy. Jarrett began to shout at Paul Heyman and Heyman shouted at Benoit.

Heyman: You stop right there, mister! If you lay a hand on me or my World Champion, I will not hesitate to have you thrown in jail!

But Benoit climbed the steel steps and stared at Jeff Jarrett in the ring...but Benoit was jumped from behind by Kurt Angle. Angle knocked Benoit into the turnbuckle then he threw him into the ring. Jeff Jarrett wanted to get a shot in on Benoit but Angle stopped him. Kurt Angle grinned wickedly at Jeff Jarrett and motioned that he wanted the belt around his waist, before Angle resumed his stamping away at Chris Benoit. Jeff Jarrett then went to hit Kurt Angle with his belt, but Angle ducked and Jarrett hit Paul Heyman! Kurt Angle grabbed Jeff Jarrett's leg and slapped on the Ankle Lock! With no commissioner to control the mayhem, it was chaos in the ring as Benoit took down Kurt Angle, and the three men in the ring fought until...


YO...IT'S ME...IT'S ME...IT'S D-D-P."

Diamond Dallas Page's music hit in the arena and the owner of the DWA made his way out to a huge ovation! Angle, Benoit, and Jarrett all stopped fighting as the legendary DDP walked to the ring, clad in a white shirt and jeans. Page got into the ring and took a microphone from Paul Heyman, who was sat in the corner, and had given up on attempting to restore order - but DDP's mere presence ensured that Angle, Lesnar and Jarrett ceased their fighting. Diamond Dallas Page took a microphone and spoke, as the fans chanted "DDP."

DDP: Now guys, guys. I know that this World Title I created is pure awesomeness, but this is not the way to go about taking it off the champion. Now, Kurt, I know you have a legitimate claim to the title, but going out and attacking a guy with a better claim is not going to work. Now, we all saw Genocide last night, and we all know Jeff Jarrett cheated, and Chris Benoit should be the World Champion. But we also know that Jeff Jarrett failed to beat Kurt Angle last night, and consequentially has never done so. So, on January 22, at the DWA Royal Rumble, I will host the rematch - for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship, Jeff Jarrett versus Chris Benoit versus Kurt Angle!

The fans cheered, and Benoit and Angle looked happy, but Jeff Jarrett did not. DDP continued to speak, and what he said made Jarrett even angrier.

DDP: But who will be the champion come the Royal Rumble? Because tonight, we're gonna have Jeff Jarrett's first ever title defense, against the "Rabid Wolverine," Chris Benoit - and you, Kurt Angle, will not be able to interfere as you are banned from ringside!

Styles: Oh my, Jarrett and Benoit, tonight - and Kurt Angle's banned from ringside!

Tazz: Jeff Jarrett knows how much Kurt Angle hates Chris Benoit, he would have loved to have Angle interfere on his behalf!

The fans were cheering, and Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit all left, leaving an irate Paul Heyman in the ring with Diamond Dallas Page.

Heyman: What the hell are you doing? You employed me as the DWA commissioner to make the matches, and you're undermining my authority! Wha-

DDP nailed the DWA commish with the Diamond Cutter, and the fans went absolutely crazy as Page did the self high-five and left as his music played. (O85)

Commercial Break


"Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet hit in the arena and the Hardy Boyz made their way to the ring to cheers, as Matt prepared for singles action with Bobby Roode of Team Canada. The Hardyz were wearing new attire and high-fived fans on their way to the ring, before rolling in and posing in the corners. The Canadian national anthem then played and all four members of Team Canada came out, with Scott D'Amore waving the Canadian flag. Eric Young, Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams were all wearing shiny red jackets with the maple leaf on the back and red bottoms, while Bobby Roode was wearing his wrestling attire, and Roode got into the ring as Team Canada stood opposite the Light Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, before the bell rang.

Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy

Both of these high-flying lightweights showcased their talents as they went at it in this battle between not just Matt and Roode, but between the Hardyz and Team Canada. Indeed, both ringside parties attempted to make an impact on the match, distracting the referee and getting in a cheap shot on their enemy. Before we knew it, the match finished in this fashion as Scott D'Amore had the referee distracted and Petey Williams and Eric Young nailed a sneaky double-team on Matt Hardy. Unfortunately for Team Canada, Jeff Hardy also took advantage of the distraction as he nailed Bobby Roode with a Low Blow and a swift Swanton Bomb behind the backs of Williams and Young. Both men were down as the referee turned around and removed the distraction, and at the seven count Matt Hardy was stirring, much unlike his opponent - Hardy saw this and covered for a big victory.

Winner - Matt Hardy (6:07)

"Live for the Moment" played and Jeff Hardy got into the ring and celebrated with his brother Matt, but the celebration was short lived as Petey Williams and Eric Young got into the ring and beat on an exhausted Matt Hardy, and his brother Jeff. The unprecedented assault continued under instructions from Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode soon joined in the assault, which ended as Roode and Young nailed Matt Hardy with a Spike Piledriver and Petey Williams nailed the DWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy, with the absolutely devastating Canadian Destroyer. The fans booed Team Canada as they stood over the fallen bodies of the Hardy Boyz, arms raised. (O62)

Backstage, DWA's backstage reporter Todd Grisham was chasing after a suit-clad man, who was strutting off in the direction of the ring. Grisham caught up with the man, who turned to reveal himself as none other than James E. Cornette!

Grisham: Jim Cornette - what are you doing here tonight at Showtime?

Cornette: Kid, who do you think you are, questioning the greatest manager of all time? You'll find out when me and my boys make an impact, tonight!

Cornette walked off in the same direction as before, leaving us pondering what Jim Cornette was doing in the DWA...

Seconds later, the self-proclaimed greatest manager of all time's evil music played for Jim Cornette, who walked to the ring, looking great in his crisp suit. The commentators pondered whether it was a million-dollar suit and Joey Styles didn't seem confident in that idea, but nevertheless, a smug Corny got into the ring and took a microphone.

Cornette: Now, a lot of you may be wondering what I'm doing here on Showtime. Well, as little as you idiots deserve to see me, I'm here for one reason - to carry on my legacy in the only appropriate way...and that is coaching and training the future of this business. And right now, I would like to introduce two of the hottest superstars in the wrestling world. They've been talking tactics with me for months...they're back together, and with Jim Cornette behind them, there will be no stopping them...ladies and gentlemen, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger!

More music played again and indeed, Diamond and Swinger made their way to the ring to a less-than-positive reaction from the crowd. When they got into the ring, they shook hands with the legendary Cornette, who dropped to the outside of the ring. Moments later, "Bangin' It" played and there was a very positive reaction for the debuting team of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay, Too Cool! Scotty and Sexay danced their way to the ring and when they got into the ring, came to a standoff with the reunited team of Diamond and Swinger. Simon Diamond and Scotty 2 Hotty retreated to the corners and Johnny Swinger locked up with Grand Master Sexay to start this match.

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs Too Cool

The former NWA Tag Team Champions certainly didn't let down Jim Cornette as he cheered them on from ringside, they got a lot of offense in on the experienced team of Too Cool. However, Too Cool were on the offense as well with their unorthodox, yet strangely funky, methods of downing their opponents. However, Scotty and Sexay were unprepared for Jim Cornette, and with the legendary manager shouting tactics from ringside, Diamond and Swinger eventually pulled off the win when they isolated Scotty 2 Hotty and used the Problem Solver to put him away.

Winners - Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger (9:22)

The music of Diamond and Swinger played and Jim Cornette waved his tennis racket in the air in joy as Swinger broke the cover on Scotty 2 Hotty. He got into the ring and celebrated with the two men much bigger than himself, as the fans booed.

Tazz: Wow - Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, lookin' good with Jim Cornette at their side!

Styles: A strong performance by both teams but Diamond and Swinger have come out on top here on the inaugaral Showtime.

Tazz: Man - DWA tag team division, watch out for Diamond and Swinger!

Commercial Break

Backstage, America's Most Wanted were with Todd Grisham.

Todd: Guys, you were unsuccessful in winning the DWA Tag Team Championship last night at Genocide...what is the plan for your DWA future?

Harris: Todd, what the hell kind of question is that? Throughout our careers, we haven't messed about with anyone, we've gone straight for the Tag Team Titles.

Storm: And we don't care how big the Tag Team Champions are, they will be shot down by America's Most Wanted, and when that day comes, AMW will be...

"DWA Tag Team Champions!"

Bubba Ray Dudley had shouted these words across the corridor and he made his way over to AMW along with his brother D-Von.

Bubba: I don't think so. You see, we're former WWE, WCW, and ECW tag team champions. We're the most decorated tag team in history, what have you done? Won some third-rate title in some indy down in Nashville?

D-Von: It's gonna be us, not you, who're gonna take the titles from the Show-Train Chronicles.

Harris: Is that right? Well, I got an idea...why don't we fight for it?

Bubba: What? You seriously think you two are in our league? No way...D-Von, let's go.

The Dudleyz walked off to a mixed reaction after showing no respect to America's Most Wanted.

Shark Boy's music hit in the arena and the crowd cheered for the man from 20, 000 leagues under the sea, who came out wearing his usual blue sharky gear and got into the ring. Shark Boy's music then faded as "One of a Kind" played and the fans booed the self-proclaimed "Whole Dam Show," Rob Van Dam. RVD strutted to the ring and got major heat as he bowed at the bottom of the ramp, before getting into the ring and going right into the face of Shark Boy, doing the triple thumbs. Sharky did not take too kindly to this and he stomped on RVD's foot and went straight on the attack as the bell rang to start this match.

Shark Boy vs Rob Van Dam

Shark Boy held the advantage of a matter of seconds as the man who lost in his efforts for the Universal Championship at Genocide killed the attack of Shark Boy stone dead. Rob Van Dam immobilised the plucky young Sharky with his wide array of kicks and flips, and it was elementary that the match would end in RVD's favour sooner rather than later. It did, as Rob Van Dam picked up a clean win after tripping Shark Boy and nailing a Split-Legged Moonsault. (Q91, C60, O75)

Winner - Rob Van Dam (3:12)

"One of a Kind" played and RVD had his hand raised in victory, but he scared the referee off and continued to attack Shark Boy. The assault on Shark Boy continued and the fans booed, but the boos became cheers when the phenomenal AJ Styles made the save! Styles flew into the ring and lunged at RVD with his Universal Title belt in hand, but Van Dam left the ring, grinning at AJ Styles, and the fans booed as RVD motioned that he wanted the gold around his waist.

Backstage, the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton was with Todd Grisham.

Todd: Randy Orton, you face Eddie Guerrero momentarily - but what were you thinking when you abandoned your partner Kane last night?

Orton: Whoa - Kane's a monster, he didn't need me out there. And while I am a superior athlete to Kane, I'm not seven feet tall, and I'm not three hundred pounds - and that was what John Cena and Eddie Guerrero fell to last night. A seven-foot monster.

John Cena came up behind Randy Orton, but Orton continued, unaware of Cena's presence.

Orton: I'm the "Legend Killer." I only deal with legends. And Eddie Guerrero isn't a legend. And John Cena? He's even further down the spectrum. I came through the WWE's training ranks with Cena, and let me tell you, John Cena is not, and will never be, a legend.

Cena: Really?

The fans cheered as Orton turned and jumped, knocking Todd Grisham over.

Cena: Oh man...that sucks...I always wanted to be a legend. But I guess, if Randy Orton says so, you ain't nothin'. Lemme ask you sumthin', Randy, are you a legend?

Orton: I'm a Legend Killer. When I've beaten every single one of those balding, broken-down has-beens, I will be the legend to end all legends. And you, John Cena, will not be able to "see me."

Randy Orton left for the ring, leaving John Cena, grinning. (O91)

Orton's theme then played in the arena and the fans booed as he made his way to the ring beneath a waterfall of flame. The cocky "Legend Killer" was touched on the arm by one fan and looked at the fan like he was a piece of crap, before rubbing his arm clean ala John Cena. Orton laughed at this mannerism before getting into the ring, as his music faded. "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal" then played and Eddie Guerrero drove to the ring in a very nice little red lowrider. Eddie drove to the bottom of the ramp before leaping out of the vehicle and interacting with the fans at ringside, before getting into the ring and standing off with Randy Orton. After a minute's standoff, they locked up as the bell rang to start the match.

Eddie Guerrero vs Randy Orton

In a very entertaining matchup, Guerrero and Orton went at it tooth and nail in order to improve their fresh DWA win/loss record. John Cena made his way to the ring midway through the match, and Eddie nearly stole the victory as Orton was distracted by Cena's presence at ringside. Randy Orton controlled the tempo for most of this match, and after Cena joined the announce team, his cockiness increased, even as far as posing in Cena's direction every time he took Eddie Guerrero down. The match ended in insane fashion as Eddie reversed an RKO attempt on the outside of the ring and threw Orton into John Cena. Cena fell over and got pissed off at Eddie Guerrero but then looked down and said "you can't see me" to Randy Orton. Orton proceeded to spit in the face of Cena and John Cena and Randy Orton almost began fighting on the outside of the ring, causing the referee to stop counting Orton out and try and break the two men apart. Eddie Guerrero stood and watched, but Guerrero was jumped from behind by Kane. Kane threw Eddie around the ring and the referee turned around and as soon as he tried to break Eddie and Kane up, John Cena began laying into Randy Orton, and the referee was forced to throw this one out!

Winner - No Contest (10:44)

It was chaotic as Kane threw Eddie Guerrero around like a ragdoll, laying him out with a Chokeslam after the assault, which had been for no apparent reason. Eddie seemed like he was out and John Cena threw Randy Orton into the ring and stomped away on Orton, but the massive silhouette of Kane put Cena in shadow. Cena looked up at Kane, who just grinned evilly, and the two men stared down for a while, before out of nowhere, Randy Orton leapt up and nailed John Cena with an RKO! Randy Orton stood over the fallen body of John Cena before looking up at Kane. Orton grinned and left the ring, leaving John Cena to the monstrous Kane, who lifted Cena up and destroyed him with a Tombstone! Kane lifted his arms before throwing them down for his explosive pyro. Randy Orton was shown illuminated by red light, grinning as he stared at the prone body of John Cena.

Commercial Break

"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace hit in the arena and Chris Benoit walked out to a massive ovation for his shot at Jeff Jarrett and the DWA World Heavyweight Championship! Joey Styles and Tazz were pumped about this massive Main Event and they talked about how there is nobody hungrier for championship gold than Chris Benoit. But there could be a contender in the DWA World Heavyweight Champion..."My World" hit in the arena and the "Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett walked out with the belt around his waist for his first ever title defense, looking less than happy and less than confident about facing Benoit. As Joey Styles reminded us that the third challenger for the World Title at the Royal Rumble, Kurt Angle, is barred from ringside, Jarrett got into the ring, and immediately, Benoit went nose-to-nose with the World Heavyweight Champion. The two then backed into their corners as the bell rang to start this match.

DWA World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett©

The fan support for Chris Benoit was incredible and as a result, Benoit seemed to dominate this match, pulling off all of his offense flawlessly and nearly becoming the new World Champion on several occasions. However, the cunning Jarrett outsmarted the "Rabid Wolverine" and always maneuvered himself near the ropes to get a rope break, or to roll to the outside to stop Benoit's momentum. However, Benoit fought on undeterred, and the match wound down and it looked like all of Benoit's hard work had paid off when, after kicking Jarrett in the gut to stop a steel chair assault (the referee had been knocked down) he managed to lock in the Crippler Crossface...and Jarrett tapped! But alas, there was no referee in the ring, and no decision was made. Benoit got up and went over to the ref in the corner, attempting to revive him...but a cloaked figure stood in the corner, squatting, and urging Benoit to turn around. Benoit did...Spear from none other than Edge! Edge rolled out of the ring, and Chris Benoit was out of it. Jeff Jarrett rolled over to Benoit and the crowd booed as a groggy referee counted to three!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Jarrett (19:54)

"My World" played and Edge got into the ring and gave the belt to an exhausted Jeff Jarrett. The two embraced and Edge raised the champion's arm, but Benoit jumped Edge from behind! Benoit kicked Edge out of the ring, before ducking a belt shot from Jarrett and locking him into the Crippler Crossface! Jarrett began tapping again but was out of the Crossface quickly as Benoit was jumped by Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Jim Cornette! Diamond and Swinger double-teamed Chris Benoit and threw him into the turnbuckles, before the Jim Cornette nailed Benoit with a racket shot to the head! Chris Benoit fell to the floor and Diamond and Swinger picked him up and held him while Jeff Jarrett punched him in the gut. Diamond and Swinger then held Chris Benoit for a Spear by Edge, and then a Stroke by Jarrett. The beaten, battered and bloody body of Chris Benoit lay on the mat, and Jeff Jarrett took a microphone.

Jarrett: I told you! I told you nobody was going to take this belt from me! Because I've got insurance. I've assembled the greatest alliance of wrestlers this industry has ever seen to take over this stinkin' baby company. We are the future of this industry. We are...the Unholy Alliance!

"My World" played and the fans booed the five men who assembled the Unholy Alliance, who stood together, arms raised, as Showtime went off the air!

Quick Match Results:

Matt Hardy def. Bobby Roode

MNM def. Too Cool

Rob Van Dam def. Shark Boy

Eddie Guerrero vs Randy Orton - No Contest

World Title: Jeff Jarrett def. Chris Benoit to retain

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On Monday's Showtime, Chris Benoit had the opportunity to win the DWA World Heavyweight Championship many believe he should have won at Genocide when DWA owner Diamond Dallas Page appeared and after booking Benoit versus Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett for the Royal Rumble, put him into a match with Jeff Jarrett. Things were looking good for Benoit in the match, but the "Rabid Wolverine's" dream was shattered as Edge made his first DWA appearance, attacking Benoit. Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and Jim Cornette followed suit, and Jeff Jarrett announced the formation of a new faction: The Unholy Alliance. DWA.com can confirm that the five men who make up the Unholy Alliance will be in attendance at Bad Influence TV - and they have promised that they will make an impact straight away. What could this mean?

Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles haven't been getting along famously lately, stemming from Genocide, when Styles defeated RVD to become the first-ever DWA Universal Champion. "The Phenomenal One" then stopped RVD from attacking Shark Boy on Showtime, and as a result, Styles and Shark Boy will team up on the inaugaral Bad Influence TV to take on RVD and a mystery partner - and the "Whole Dam Show" has promised somebody who knows AJ Styles very well. Who could it be? Tune into BITV to find out!

There will be some excellent action for wrestling purists available as Bad Influence TV will feature Rey Mysterio defending the Prime Time Championship against Tajiri of Kyo Dai, and the Amazing Red facing off with Team Canada's Petey Williams. Plus, there will be more debutants as Too Cool take on a mystery tag team, and Kurt Angle will be in action for the first time on DWA television against a DWA debutant. Who could these mystery opponents be? There's only one way to find out - see the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, the Unholy Alliance, and so many more and tune into DWA Bad Influence TV, this Saturday night on USA Network!

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Guest substyle

fantastic, absolutely fantastic. you my friend are very very talented. to think that i picked this for my first post is amazing, i never would've though that my first post with be complimenting a diary, but this diary is just too good to pass up on posting about. I love the backstory, and each of your shows were great, i love the storyline right now with Jarret, Benoit and Angle as those three are some of my favorite wrestlers of all time, i just wanted to say that you're doing a great job and i want to thank you for providing me with some "good"Wrestling entertainment, not like the garbage they are showing on tv.

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Guest Reaperstang

I really dislike Show & Train Chronicles. Just 2 big men slapped together. That and RVD spitting on AJ just rubbed me the wrong way. I like this diary but those things bugged me.

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DWA Bad Influence TV

Saturday 31 December 2005

LIVE on USA Network

Commentators: Mike Tenay and "Showstealer" Alex Shane

Footage of the heinous actions of Jeff Jarrett's Unholy Alliance on Showtime was shown, as they beat down and bloodied Chris Benoit, costing him his DWA World Heavyweight Championship match. Then, the opening video for the first ever Bad Influence TV was shown, before we entered a packed arena, where fans were going crazy and fireworks went off as "Superstar" by Saliva played. The camera panned across the wild crowd before focusing on the BITV set, where the screen was in the uneven shape of a bloodstain, just as the minitron beneath it was.

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, this is DWA Bad Influence TV! I'm the Professor, Mike Tenay and sat right next to me on color commentary is the revolutionist of British professional wrestling, Mr. Alex Shane!

Shane: Alex Shane has come to DWA to steal the show, and don't forget it! Tonight we've got some huge matches - the Prime Time Title is on the line...

Tenay: Kurt Angle is in action...

Shane: AJ Styles and Shark Boy team up to take on Rob Van Dam and somebody else - but who is RVD's partner? He says it's somebody the Universal Champion knows very well!

Tenay: And Petey Williams will take on the Amazing Red in a match that would have been right at home in TNA's X-Division!

Shane: But first...tag team action!


"Bangin' It" played in the arena and the fans cheered for Too Cool as they danced down to the ring in their very fancy outfits. Unsuccessful on Showtime against Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, Too Cool would have another opportunity to make an impact on BITV, but who were their opponents? The sound of waves was heard over the speakers and some slow, relaxed music played as the duo of Shannon Moore and Spanky made their way out. Moore seemed to have grown out of being a Legion of Doom wannabe in WWE and his hair was long again, and he and Spanky were wearing matching bermuda shorts and sunglasses. Moore and Spanky were introduced as being from the Orange County and were named the "Suicide Blondes." Too Cool didn't know what to make of the Suicide Blondes as they got into the ring and stared down with Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay as the bell rang to start this match.

Too Cool vs The Suicide Blondes

Spanky and Scotty 2 Hotty left the ring for Shannon Moore and Grand Master Sexay to lock up, but out of nowhere "My World" began to play over the speakers and a video featuring Jim Cornette, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, Edge and Jeff Jarrett played on the bloodstain-like screen. All four competitors turned to look at the ramp, but this was an unwise move as Edge, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger came in through the crowd...Grand Master Sexay was still on his corner near the announce table and he went to hit Johnny Swinger, but Swinger turned and nailed Sexay with what looked like a brass knuckle! Sexay hit the arena floor and Scotty 2 Hotty and Shannon Moore turned, only for one to be Speared by Edge and the other to be Clotheslined to the floor. "My World" was still playing as Spanky was also dispatched, tossed out of the ring by Edge as the bell rang to end this match before it even got started.

Winners - No Contest (0:11)

"My World" continued to play and the boos were amplified tenfold as Jeff Jarrett walked down to the ring wearing a red and black Unholy Alliance t-shirt, the DWA World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder, and a very smug grin. Jim Cornette followed Jarrett with an identical grin and waving his tennis racket around like a madman, he ran past Jarrett and into the ring. He leant over the top rope and spat on the prone body of Grand Master Sexay as he pulled himself to his feet, and while this was happening, Jeff Jarrett walked up the ring steps and into the ring. He received a microphone and shouted over the fans' booing.

Jarrett: THAT is just what the Unholy Alliance can do! If you didn't see us beat Chris Benoit up so badly that he was too scared to show up tonight, then let that be an example, and remember it when you even think of opposing us! TNA was my world, and now I'm shaping the DWA into my world too. And with the greatest assembly of wrestlers this industry has ever seen...

Jarrett turned and looked at his troops, who nodded and grinned at the World's Champion. Jarrett began to walk up and down the line.

Jarrett: With the greatest assembly of wrestlers this industry has ever seen at my side...there is no stopping us. Look. We've got the greatest manager in wrestling history, Jim Cornette...

Cornette raised his tennis racket high in the air and got boos from the crowd.

Jarrett: The future Tag Team Champions, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger...

Diamond and Swinger bowed to Jeff Jarrett and got booed as well.

Jarrett: A future World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge...

Edge grinned and was booed as he climbed the middle rope and shouted at the crowd.

Jarrett: And then you've got me. The greatest wrestler this industry has ever seen. The man who, at the Royal Rumble, will defeat Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, and who at WrestleMania XXII will defeat whoever has the nerve to win the Royal Rumble match. The man who, with these men at his side, will never be taken off of his throne. The Chosen One, the DWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett. And the greatest group in professional wrestling history, the Unholy Alliance!

All of the members of the Unholy Alliance raised their arms in the air and turned to tell the fans to shut up. But the boos of the crowd suddenly turned to cheers, not for the Unholy Alliance, but for the music of 3 Live Kru!

Shane: Well, what the bloody hell is this?

Tenay: It's three men who'd also like to claim the title of the greatest group in wrestling...there they are! BG James, Konnan, Ron "the Truth" Killings, the 3 Live Kru!

The Kru had made their way out onto the ramp and the fans cheered as the members of the Unholy Alliance stared at them, shocked and angered. 3 Live Kru were wearing identical black outfits and Konnan's face was hidden by a scarf, cap and sunglasses. BG James had a microphone and he spoke.

James: Ladies and gentlemen, the real greatest assembly of wrestlers in the wooooorrrrlllld...the Kru! And the biggest pieces of crap and frauds in the wooooorrrrllld...the Unholy Alliance!

Killings: Can I get a Amen?

The crowd chanted "Amen!" at Ron "the Truth" Killings and Jeff Jarrett looked inscenced.

Jarrett: Whoa! You three punks got hired to my DWA? You three? I thought this was supposed to be the greatest roster the world has ever seen! I mean, John Cena is bad enough, but you three? God!

Edge stood next to Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett gave him the microphone.

Edge: Look at you three - you can't seriously think you're better than us? You're wearing freaking matching black jumpsuits! You can't even rap!

Cornette: What have you three done in your careers? Nothing to match up to us. We could beat you with our eyes shut. Hell, even I could!

The 3 Live Kru laughed at this outrageous statement by Jim Cornette and took the microphone.

James: Well, that's great, Corny...why don't you give it a shot?

Edge: Yeah, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Beat the crap out of a manager - you're nothing but cowards! But I'll tell you what - we can see who's the better team. I can just see it...3 Live Kru, F-List rappers, against the Unholy Alliance...

Killings: You're on, punk!

Tenay: Whoa! What a match!

Shane: I want to know what the hell 3 Live Kru are thinking? The Unholy Alliance will destroy them!

Tenay: I think the Unholy Alliance need to get their facts right - Ron Killings is a former two-time NWA Champion and BG James is a multi-time Tag Team Champion in WWE and TNA - but who is the better team?

Shane: We'll see, later on tonight.

3 Live Kru stared down the Unholy Alliance from the ramp as we went to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Some slow, oriental music played and the fans booed as the team of Ultimo Dragon, Jushin "Thunder" Liger and Tajiri made their way out to the ring as Tajiri had a shot at Rey Mysterio's DWA Prime Time Championship. Liger was still the centrepiece of the group and drew the most attention as Ultimo and Tajiri wore no mask, but it was Tajiri who stepped into the ring. Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon stood at ringside as "619" played and the DWA Prime Time Champion jumped out from underneath the stage and into the arena. The fans cheered wildly for Rey Mysterio as he high-fived fans and waved his belt in the air, before getting into the ring and straight away, throwing his belt to the floor and locking up with the "Japanese Buzzsaw" to start this match.

DWA Prime Time Championship

Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio©

These two were always going to have a fast-paced, exciting match reminiscent of their battles in WWE in late 2003, and with something as important as the Prime Time Championship at stake, these two gave it their all. Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon did give Tajiri a helping hand on occasion, tripping up Rey once or twice, but Rey got payback midway into the match when he tossed Tajiri out of the ring and executed a suicide dive onto all three members of Kyo Dai. Tajiri could have become Prime Time Champion on several occasions, getting several nearfalls and near misses with his Buzzsaw Kick and illegal Tarantula hold, but ultimately it was Rey Mysterio who walked out with the victory after he ducked the spray of Tajiri's green mist, and nailed a 619/Springboard Leg Drop combo to retain his title.

Winner and still Prime Time Champion - Rey Mysterio (9:53)

"619" played in the arena and Rey Mysterio was given his Prime Time Title belt. He thanked the timekeeper and turned to see himself cornered by Kyo Dai. Mysterio backed himself up into the corner as Jushin Liger shouted something at him in Japanese and Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon grinned and nodded. Liger could have been about to strike, but Kyo Dai were distracted when Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and The Amazing Red jumped them from behind! The two factions fought in the ring to a deadlock and they came to a standoff. The fans were silent, but went crazy as Rey Mysterio nailed a Springboard Dropkick on Jushin Liger from behind! The fans cheered as Kyo Dai retreated from a 4 on 3 assault, and High Velocity and Rey Mysterio stood tall!

As the scene faded, the screen began to flicker. It would have appeared to have been switched off, but it was not black, it was blue...a voice spoke.

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not adjust your TV."

Pictures of former World Champions through the ages were shown, from Bob Backlund to the Iron Shiek to Hulk Hogan...

"Throughout the ages there have been many greats."

Randy Savage to Ric Flair to Yokozuna...

"But they were usually all like, really overrated."

The picture came to Sting and cut out. Pictures of the likes of Bastion Booger, the Gobbledy Gooker, and Doink the Clown were shown.

"What about the guys who worked night after night, only to never even get a chance at the World Title?"

The Ding Dongs, El Gigante, Cheatum the one-eyed midget...

"We're here to fight for their honor."

Pictures of the bWo's assault on John Bradshaw Layfield's limo in WWE and the Blue Meanie defeating JBL were shown...

"And at the Royal Rumble...

We're taking over!"


JANUARY 22, 2006


We returned to the arena and the fans cheered for the upcoming return of the bWo!

Backstage, "the Phenomenal One" and DWA Universal Champion AJ Styles was with Todd Grisham.

Todd: AJ Styles, you team with Shark Boy momentarily against Rob Van Dam and a mystery partner. Van Dam has promised somebody who you know very well - who do you think this could be?

Styles: I don't know, Todd, it could be anyone. But there's no sweat, because Rob Van Dam may be the "Whole Dam Show," but I'm the "Phenomenal One." And I'm the DWA Universal Champion. And RVD's jealous of that, RVD wants my title. And I love it. Because every time Van Dam gets me in the ring, I'm gonna embarrass him. And whoever his partner is, I don't care who it is, I'm gonna embarrass them too. C'mon, Sharky.

AJ Styles walked off with his Universal Title over his shoulder and Shark Boy followed close behind.

Commercial Break

AJ Styles' music hit in the arena and the DWA Universal Champion walked out onto the ramp. He had the belt around his waist and lifted his hood to look out to the crowd. AJ then began to walk to the ring and he was followed by Shark Boy, who looked pumped to be teaming with the "Phenomenal One." Styles and Shark Boy walked to the ring and posed for the crowd, before Styles' theme faded into "One of a Kind," and the fans began to boo as Rob Van Dam walked out onto the ramp. RVD had a microphone in hand and a smug grin on his face as his music faded.

RVD: AJ...you think you're going to embarrass me, week in, week out? Oh no. Y'see, I just came from Paul Heyman's office, and he has booked a match for the Royal Rumble. You'll be defending that Universal Championship against me, and I'm going to cancel out your fluke victory at Genocide and take that title! And now onto my partner for tonight. He's a man who knows a lot about both embarrassing you and taking titles from you, AJ. He's a man you know very, very well. Ladies - well, whatever you things like to call yourself - and gentlemen, stand up, and put your hands together for the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!

The arena went dark and a spotlight appeared on the stage. Then, "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence played in the arena and Christopher Daniels made his way out in his black robe and red scarf to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He joined Rob Van Dam at the bottom of the ramp and removed his clothing, folding it and laying it on the ring steps, before he got into the ring with Rob Van Dam and stared down the team of Styles and Shark Boy. Ding ding!

Shark Boy & AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels & Rob Van Dam

AJ Styles claimed he would embarrass Rob Van Dam every time they faced off, but he had hardly any opportunity to do this as RVD did everything he could to avoid getting into the ring with the Universal Champion. Christopher Daniels looked impressive on his DWA debut and many TNA fans in the crowd cheered for his exchanges with AJ Styles. Shark Boy was dominated when he got into the match, getting in only very little offense on RVD and Daniels. RVD and Daniels worked well as a team, isolating Shark Boy and making quick tags between double team maneuvers. Eventually, Sharky managed to nail Christopher Daniels with an enziguri and leapt over to tag in AJ Styles. Styles jumped over the top rope and took down Christopher Daniels with two clotheslines, before running over to Rob Van Dam, who jumped down from the apron at the speed of light. AJ Styles talked trash to Rob Van Dam, but then Christopher Daniels nailed Styles with a Splash in the corner. Daniels put AJ Styles in a leglock and talked trash to Shark Boy as he watched on from the corner. Sharky took exception to this and got into the ring, and the referee turned to get Shark Boy out of the ring. The referee and Shark Boy were arguing and Rob Van Dam took advantage of this, handing Christopher Daniels a brass knuckle...and AJ Styles was nailed with it as he pulled himself up. The fans booed and Shark Boy and the referee were oblivous to what had happened and the ref turned, as Christopher Daniels made the cocky tag to Rob Van Dam, who nailed the Universal Champion with a Five Star Frog Splash for the three count.

Winners - Christopher Daniels & Rob Van Dam (10:07)

"One of a Kind" played in the arena and Rob Van Dam got up as the crowd booed. He looked down at the prone AJ Styles, laughing. The crowd booed as RVD called Christopher Daniels back into the ring, and the two men began stomping away at the Universal Champion. Shark Boy came into the ring to make the save, but Christopher Daniels was still wearing the brass knuckles and he laid out Shark Boy with a smack to the face. Daniels threw Shark Boy to the outside of the ring as Rob Van Dam went to the outside and got a steel chair. The fans booed as RVD had an evil grin on his face, and he got back into the ring as Christopher Daniels held the Universal Champion...Daniels released Styles as Rob Van Dam nailed the "Phenomenal One" with the Van Daminator! AJ Styles was out cold on the floor and the crowd booed as Christopher Daniels and Rob Van Dam stood over the prone body of the DWA Universal Champion, and the man Van Dam will face at the Royal Rumble.

Some music began to play and images of the man best known as Billy Gunn were shown, hitting moves like the Fame Asser and One and Only on such opponents as Ron Killings, Konnan, Kevin Nash, Jamie Noble, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were shown. Then we saw images of the man backstage, flashing poses, before finally being treated to views of Billy Gunn becoming King of the Ring, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, etc...then words appeared on the screen.


JANUARY 22, 2006


Then we returned to the arena, where the fans were about to see something big...


The beginning of the Big Show's theme turned into A-Train's and steam rose up from the stage as the DWA Tag Team Champions made their first appearance since Genocide. The Show-Train Chronicles were both wearing smart suits built for large men and they both had their belts over their shoulders. They were roundly booed as Tony Chimel announced them, and then they got into the ring. Soon after their music faded away, the Big Show got on the mic.

Show: Y'know, we were watching Showtime this past Monday, and we saw something that really made us laugh. First off, America's Most Wanted think that they're gonna 'shoot us down?' And then we see the Dudleys - a team that passed their sell-by-date years ago - saying that they're gonna take our titles? It's hilarious just how stupid some people are.

The Big Show had been working up to a laughing fit and he slapped the top turnbuckle in hysterics. A-Train found the fact that the Dudley Boyz and America's Most Wanted were after their titles funny as well, but not to quite the extent of Show, who was now guffawing uncontrollably. Train took the mic from Show and wiped his eye, before speaking.

A-Train: I know WWE's tag team division sucked, but since when were teams so delusional? Dudleys, AMW, I'm gonna let you in on something that you obviously can't see. We're the biggest tag team that has ever existed. Ever. There's just no getting around that. We're unbeatable. And even though-



The fans cheered as Diamond Dallas Page's music played in the arena and the DWA's owner came out, as the Show-Train Chronicles looked shocked in the ring as DDP joined them. Diamond Dallas Page did the self high five in the ring and then he snatched A-Train's microphone. A-Train and Big Show looked incensed as DDP spoke.

DDP: Oh...my...god. Did I seriously just hear you two apes talk about how you're unbeatable? No, not in my DWA, nobody's unbeatable and anything can happen...and that's why, at the Royal Rumble, you two will defend your DWA Tag Team Championships!

The fans cheered and Diamond Dallas Page smiled. The Big Show laughed and got given a microphone by Tony Chimel.

Show: Don't you listen, Page? I said we could beat anyone, anytime.

DDP: Right, right, and maybe you think that, and maybe you can, but because you're just so confident, I think I'll level the playing field a bit. So, on Showtime, we will see a match for the right to face you two at the Royal Rumble - and the winners will get to pick a stipulation for the Tag Team Title match!

The Big Show looked slightly miffed at this and the A-Train took the mic.

A-Train: And who's fighting on Showtime?

DDP: It's gonna be America's Most Wanted...versus the Dudley Boyz!

Shane: Wow.

Tenay: That's huge - what a match!

The fans were cheering at the prospect of seeing two of the world's most popular teams going head-to-head on Showtime, and DDP smiled.

DDP: Surely, you like a challenge? And seeing as you're so unbeatable, that's not a bad thing...that's a good thing!

DDP's music played and he left for the back, leaving the DWA Tag Team Champions miffed!

The scene switched to Kurt Angle walking through the backstage area, looking pumped.

Tenay: Kurt Angle in action, next!

Commercial Break

"Medal" played in the arena and the fans booed as Kurt Angle walked out. Angle was wearing black and blue attire and had his gold medals around his neck. Angle set off his pyro then walked to the ring as the fans chanted "You Suck" at the 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist. Angle got into the ring and awaited his mystery opponent...and the whole arena turned green...


"Eye of the Hurricane" played in the arena and the fans cheered as The Hurricane made his way to the ring. The Hurricane was wearing his attire from early 2003 (keeping his shirt on) and after posing for a bit, he ran to the ring and leapt on Kurt Angle to start this match.

Kurt Angle vs The Hurricane

The Hurricane gained an advantage from the get-go as he caught Angle off guard when he jumped on him and began laying into him. Kurt Angle attempted to roll to the outside and regroup, but The Hurricane nailed a plancha onto Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle got to his knees but was nailed with a Shining Wizard, and a "Hurricane" chant began in the crowd as The Hurricane rolled back into the ring, trying to get a countout victory, but at the count of seven, Kurt pulled himself up. Angle went to get back into the ring and The Hurricane attempted a baseball slide, but Kurt grabbed the legs, and pulled The Hurricane to the outside, before aggressively throwing the superhero into the turnbuckle. From here, Kurt Angle wouldn't let The Hurricane get any offense as he was all over the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Angle drew the punishment out and eventually finished it after four minutes with the Ankle Lock, forcing The Hurricane to tap.

Winner - Kurt Angle (5:02)

"Medal" played in the arena and Angle broke the Ankle Lock and kicked The Hurricane out of the ring. Angle's music faded quickly as he demanded a microphone.

Angle: Hey! Remember me? I'm Kurt Angle! Everybody's been so caught up in this Unholy Alliance business and how they put Chris Benoit out of action and how Jarrett's gonna beat the crap out of Benoit at the Royal Rumble - well last time I checked, there were three men in that match at the Royal Rumble! But y'know, I kinda like being forgotten about in the runup to the match that I'm gonna make a classic. Because it gives me an excuse to make an impact. And later tonight, the Unholy Alliance taking on 3 Live Kru - who wins? You people don't decide. The referee doesn't decide. The competitors don't decide. Kurt Angle decides. I'm the biggest thing in this company and I'll be damned if I'm gonna be left behind while Jeff Jarrett runs off with the World Heavyweight Championship!

Angle dropped the mic and left to his music after a rather confusing interview.

"Ain't no stoppin' me, no!"

Shelton Benjamin's theme song played for a video featuring Benjamin himself nailing suplexes and splashes on a number of superstars, and wearing the prestigious WWE Intercontinental Championship around his waist. The video ended with the words:


JANUARY 22, 2006


We returned to the arena and the fans cheered for the upcoming return to action of Shelton Benjamin!

Tenay: That's right, Shelton Benjamin is in the DWA and he joins the bWo and Billy Gunn as the fifth competitor in the Royal Rumble match!

The music of High Velocity hit in the arena and Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and the Amazing Red came out, with Juvi and Super Crazy wearing promotional t-shirts and Red in his wrestling gear for what was sure to be an exciting one-on-one contest with Petey Williams of Team Canada. The Amazing Red walked to the ring with High Velocity as the fans cheered but the three men were jumped from behind by Jushin Liger, Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon! High Velocity and Kyo Dai brawled and eventually they went backstage. Everybody was confused, and the music of Team Canada played in the arena as Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore made their way to the ring with smug grins on their faces. The Canadians were booed as they made it to the ring and Scott D'Amore got on the microphone.

D'Amore: Well I guess that with Petey's opponent kinda distracted, that makes a victory for Team Canada!

Silence. The crowd began to boo Scott D'Amore. D'Amore looked angry, and he turned to look at Tony Chimel.

D'Amore: I said...a victory for Team Canada! A victory for Petey Williams!

Chimel looked confused as to why D'Amore was looking at him so angrily. Scott D'Amore got out of the ring and got into Tony Chimel's face.

D'Amore: Try to keep up with me. The Amazing Red never made it to the ring for this match. Petey Williams did. You get me?

Tony Chimel still looked confused, but finally got it when Scott D'Amore went nose-to-nose with the ring announcer.

Chimel: Here is your winner...Petey Williams!

Petey Williams vs The Amazing Red

Winner - Petey Williams (0:00)

The crowd booed, and some music began to play - but it wasn't Team Canada's theme, it was "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet, it was the Hardys! Matt and Jeff walked out onto the ramp, clapping. Matt Hardy had a microphone with him, and spoke.

Matt: Whoa. Petey, incredible victory. I'm so happy for you that you won. Awesome match, man.

D'Amore: What the hell do you two lil' punks want?

Jeff: What do we want? It's not what we want, D'Amore, it's what you want.

Matt: Me and Jeff have been studying tapes of how you four beat the crap out of us on Showtime, and we have come to the conclusion that you're pissed off that you simply can't win in DWA. But now that's all changed with a real convincing victory there for Petey Williams. Again, well fought, man.

Petey Williams looked extremely pissed off and he shouted at the Hardy Boyz.

Matt: But this losing streak of yours is bound to continue, and we've just been to see Commissioner Heyman about a match against Team Canada, and we found that Paul Heyman sympathizes with your losing streak, and he doesn't want it to continue. So we all came to a conclusion, where everybody gets what they want.

Jeff: We get to kick all of your asses in one neat little match...

Matt: And you three have an unfair advantage, so you have an even bigger...

Matt Hardy had been holding his hands very close together, and he moved them about half a centimetre further away from each other.

Matt: An even bigger chance of winning.

D'Amore: Get it over with - what are you trying to say?

Matt: Picture this, you'll like it.

Jeff: Royal Rumble...

Matt: 2 on 3 Handicap Match...

Jeff: The Hardy Boyz...

Matt: versus Team Canada!

Williams, Roode, Young and D'Amore all looked happy about this match. D'Amore laughed, and spoke to the Hardys.

D'Amore: You two are too cocky for your own good. At the Royal Rumble, you're going down!

Backstage, Randy Orton was sat on a nice leather couch, looking into the camera.

Orton: Some people are just so stupid. And no, for once, I'm not talking about you people. No, there's someone even more moronic than the DWA fans. That man is John Cena.

Footage began to roll of Cena making his way to the ring midway through the Guerrero/Orton match on Showtime and taking a seat the announce table.

Orton: John Cena seems to think he's a lot bigger and better than he really is. John Cena thinks he actually has the presence to intimidate me, Randy Orton? No.

John Cena made the "you can't see me" hand gesture to Randy Orton and Orton spat in his face.

Orton: And then, he shows himself to be a coward. He takes advantage of my distraction and attacks me from behind.

Kane and Eddie Guerrero are fighting in the ring. Orton looks up at it, and Cena pulls Orton around and nails him with a right hand.

Orton: But nobody attacks Randy Orton from behind and gets away with it. Oh, no.

John Cena is having a staredown with Kane, and Orton leaps out of nowhere and RKOs Cena. Kane then nails a Tombstone on the "Doctor of Thuganomics."

Orton: John Cena is stupid enough to try and confront this twisted freak Kane? I took advantage of that, and got my revenge. Now, Eddie Guerrero is too hurt to show up tonight. John Cena is too hurt to show up tonight. Kane has been suspended for the unprovoked assaults on Guerrero and Cena. Randy Orton, as usual is the last man standing. And Cena, you want to keep messing with me? I will always, always be the last man standing.

Commercial Break

We returned to Bad Influence TV and it was Main Event time - 3 Live Kru's theme hit and BG James, Ron "The Truth" Killings, and Konnan made their way to the ring for six-man tag team action against the Unholy Alliance's Edge, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger. The Kru danced their way to the ring and awaited the Unholy Alliance, and sure enough, "My World" played and DWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and James E. Cornette came out to a round of boos. The Unholy Alliance got to the ring and Jarrett and Cornette went over to the announce table as Edge, Diamond and Swinger got into the ring. Konnan, Ron Killings, Edge and Simon Diamond all left to stand on the apron as BG James and Johnny Swinger locked up to start this match.

3 Live Kru vs The Unholy Alliance

The fans were firmly behind the 3 Live Kru in this match and as a result, Konnan, Killings and James really took it to Jeff Jarrett's men in this BITV Main Event. Jim Cornette shouted instructions at Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and Edge and so this match was fairly even for the time it lasted. Kurt Angle made his way to ringside to boos and joined Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay and Alex Shane at the announce table for a bit of friendly banter, as Angle and Jarrett argued about Jarrett's upcoming title defense at the Royal Rumble. The action continued in the ring, with Diamond and Swinger getting a nearfall on Konnan after hitting the Problem Solver, only for it to be broken up by BG James. And so the back-and-forth action continued, with the bout finally ending after the referee was accidentally Speared by Edge after Ron Killings moved out of the way of the finisher. Killings went for his Lie Detector, but Edge reversed it and nailed a DDT, but Edge also fell down out of exhaustion. Both men were going for their corners, but Edge held Ron Killings back from his, and the referee was stirring...Killings struggled against Edge, who was suddenly kicked in the face by Kurt Angle! Edge went down, and then Angle was poised...Angle Slam to Ron Killings! Kurt Angle left the ring and BG James and Konnan chased the Olympic Gold Medallist, as Edge recovered first and got a cover on Killings for the three count!

Winners - The Unholy Alliance (10:20)

"My World" played and Jeff Jarrett was confused, but pleased and he and Jim Cornette got into the ring and the Unholy Alliance celebrated, but "My World" faded as Kurt Angle came through the crowd back to ring, seemingly having lost the members of 3 Live Kru. The Unholy Alliance looked like they were on attack mode, but Jeff Jarrett told them not to as Kurt Angle got into the ring. Jarrett moved forward and the two men stared down, and Kurt Angle grinned and motioned that he wanted the title around his waist as Bad Influence TV left the airwaves.

Quick Match Results:

Too Cool vs the Suicide Blondes - No Contest

Prime Time Title: Rey Mysterio def. Tajiri to retain

Rob Van Dam & Christopher Daniels def. AJ Styles & Shark Boy

Kurt Angle def. The Hurricane

Petey Williams def. The Amazing Red

The Unholy Alliance def. 3 Live Kru

This diary may be taking a short hiatus, as I'm getting a new computer. I'll keep you posted.

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When Showtime rolls around, there will be just under three weeks to go until the DWA's second Pay-Per-View presentation: the Royal Rumble on January 22. Carrying on the tradition from the old WWE, the Royal Rumble match will top the bill and the winner of that match will get a shot at the DWA World Heavyweight Championship when the DWA presents WrestleMania 22. On Bad Influence TV, the first five names were added into the Royal Rumble match, and the Blue World Order (Hollywood Nova, Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie), "Outlaw" Billy Gunn and Shelton Benjamin will make their DWA debuts on January 22. More DWA superstars will surely want to throw their name in the hat - with twenty-five spots left, competition will be fierce.

Bad Influence TV was Main Evented by a big six-man tag featuring 3 Live Kru and Edge, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger of the Unholy Alliance, and in a thrilling match, Jeff Jarrett's men won, thanks to some timely outside interference from none other than Kurt Angle. For now, it would appear that the "Olympic Hero" is not a member of the Unholy Alliance, as he signalled his intention to take Jarrett's belt come the Triple Threat at the Royal Rumble. So why did Angle help the Unholy Alliance? Angle will have an opportunity to answer all questions as he must be at Showtime to take on a revenge-seeking Ron Killings. Can Angle handle "the Truth?" Tune into Showtime to find out!

Tensions in the continued search for the DWA Tag Team Championship are rising, and viewers of Showtime will be treated to a dream match as the Dudley Boyz take on America's Most Wanted for the opportunity to take on the Show-Train Chronicles at the Royal Rumble - with a stipulation of their choice. Chances like this to dethrone the monstrous Tag Team Champions will be scarce - and so the Dudleys and AMW will be giving it their all to gain a title shot.

Also on Showtime, an eight-man tag will see High Velocity team with Prime Time Champion Rey Mysterio against the mysterious Japanese squadron Kyo Dai, and a mystery partner. Who could it be? Yet another debutant? Or perhaps somebody we already know? It certainly won't be Jeff Hardy or Spanky, as they will be going at it with the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship on the line, nor will it be Kane, who Randy Orton revealed has been indefinitely suspended for his unprovoked attacks on Eddie Guerrero and John Cena. Unlike the less lucky Guerrero, John Cena has recovered from his injuries - and will be at Showtime! Will Cena want revenge on the man who has twice left him as prey for the "Big Red Machine," Randy Orton? For the answer to this, and all other questions left by a thrilling Bad Influence TV, tune into DWA Showtime, this Monday on Bad Influence TV!

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DWA Showtime

Monday 2 January 2006

LIVE on USA Network

Commentators: Tazz & Joey Styles

The road to the Royal Rumble was continuing as Showtime began in front of a packed arena with a huge pyro. The camera panned around the arena with crazy fans holding up their signs to the tune of "Come On" by Waterproof Blonde, before we went to Joey Styles and Tazz.

Styles: Welcome to DWA Showtime, live on USA Network, and what an incredible show we've got for you tonight!

Tazz: Damn skippy Joey, the road to the Royal Rumble is continuin' and I love it!

Styles: Tonight, the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Jeff Hardy defends against Spanky, and also the Show-Train Chronicles' opponents for the Royal Rumble will be named! But will it be the Dudley Boyz or America's Most Wanted? And what stipulation will they name?

Tazz: Oh man, but right now we got a huge eight man tag!

Styles: And who is Kyo Dai's partner?

After a quick recap of the events on Bad Influence TV where Kyo Dai and High Velocity attacked each other, we returned to the arena where "619" hit and the fans cheered for the DWA Prime Time Champion, Rey Mysterio! Mysterio high-fived fans on his way to the ring and then held his title belt high on the turnbuckles, before his music faded into that of High Velocity, as Mysterio's partners for this match made their way out. Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and the Amazing Red walked to the ring and talked tactics with Mysterio in there, as their music faded into the slow, scary music of Kyo Dai. Notably, the three men were introduced as Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Liger and Yoshihiro Tajiri, as it seems Tajiri has changed his wrestling name. Kyo Dai got to the bottom of the ramp and Jushin Liger got on the microphone. He spoke in incomprehendable Japanese, but it seemed the one word he was building up to was the name of Kyo Dai's tag team partner - Abyss, whose music played and who came out to a mixed reception from those who recognised one of the major players of the old TNA. His look hadn't changed at all, he still wore the torn blue shirt and dark mask, covering his features. Abyss walked down the ramp and joined Kyo Dai, who got into the ring ahead of the monster and brawled with High Velocity and the Prime Time Champion, Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio & High Velocity vs Abyss & Kyo Dai

The monstrous Abyss towered over the cruiserweights in this match up and destroyed everybody in sight on the occasions he was tagged into this match. Joey Styles and Tazz seemed awed by the power of the monster, as he did such things as lift both Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy into Pumphandle Slams at the same time. The action between the cruiserweights was fast and furious, as High Velocity and Kyo Dai attempted to resolve their issues, throwing themselves at each other. But no members of High Velocity or Kyo Dai were involved in the final decision - the end came when Rey Mysterio and Abyss were legal men in the ring, and Mysterio managed to maneuver Abyss onto the middle rope, and went for the 619, but Abyss moved out of the way. Mysterio landed on his feet and ran at Abyss, who countered into a devastating Black Hole Slam for the academic three count!

Winners - Kyo Dai & Abyss (7:41)

Abyss' music played in the arena and the monster celebrated, and Kyo Dai got into the ring as well. The Amazing Red pulled Mysterio out of there as Jushin Liger raised an arm in victory and surveyed High Velocity as they walked up the ramp.

The scene changed - we were now in the parking lot, where a limo was pulling into the arena. The camera closed in on the number plate - it said "AMW 1" on it. The limo seemed to have pulled up in the arena and it looked like either James Storm or Chris Harris was trying to open the door - but it was stuck. Then, the limo turned and drove right out of the arena! We heard banging on the windows and Chris Harris shouted "you damn Dudleys!" as the limo left the arena as quickly as it had came. Then, three people entered the scene - it was Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and Melina, MNM!

Nitro: Yeah, those damn Dudleys...

Melina: Okay boys, job done, now let's go and win our title shot!

Mercury: God bless Paul Heyman...

MNM walked towards the ring to a less-than-positive reception, with the fans working out what Paul Heyman had told MNM they had to do to replace America's Most Wanted in the upcoming number one contenders match.

Styles: What? Damn those cheating scumbags MNM!

Commercial Break

MNM's music hit in the arena, the red carpet was rolled out and the paparazzi began to snap away as Mercury, Nitro and Melina made their way to the ring as the new opponents for the Dudley Boyz. Joey Styles was angry at the way MNM had cheated their way into this match while Tazz was full of praise for the former WWE Tag Team Champions and their master plan. Mercury and Nitro got into the ring before Melina did her famous entrance, and MNM awaited their opponents...the firework screamed through the arena onto the ramp and the crowd roared with appreciation for D-Von and Bubba Ray, the Dudley Boyz! Joey Styles put the Dudleys over like nothing else as they walked to the ring, completely focused on winning the Tag Team Title shot at the Royal Rumble. The Dudleyz got into the ring and went nose-to-nose with Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, who backed right off. The Dudleys smiled at how intimidated MNM were and Bubba Ray got onto the other side of the ropes, as did Joey Mercury, leaving D-Von Dudley and Johnny Nitro to start this match.

DWA Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders

The Dudley Boyz vs MNM

If the Dudleys thought MNM were intimidated by them, it must have been the cause of them letting their guard down and in turn allowing MNM to gain the upper hand in the early stages of this match. Mercury and Nitro knew they couldn't let the former WWE, WCW and ECW Tag Team Champions get into their stride and so Johnny Nitro immobilized D-Von with a Sleeper Hold straight away. When D-Von got out of it and made the tag to Bubba Ray, he was quickly grounded by Nitro, and he and Mercury made quick tags, keeping Bubba Ray Dudley in their corner. Eventually, Bubba managed to get himself out of this predicament and banged the heads of Mercury and Nitro together, before tagging in D-Von. D-Von then took it to Joey Mercury, still groggy from butting heads with his partner, and whipped him across the ring, before motioning Bubba Ray back in...3D! D-Von Dudley covered Mercury, one, two, three, and the Dudleys are going to the Royal Rumble!

Winners - The Dudley Boyz (6:33)

"Drop The Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 played in the arena and Tony Chimel announced the Dudleys as winners and number one contenders. But seconds later, the Dudley Boyz' music faded into the Show-Train Chronicles' theme and the Big Show and the A-Train came out to confront the men they would face at the Royal Rumble. They got into the ring, and as Mercury, Nitro and Melina left, the Dudley Boyz and the Show-Train Chronicles stood face-to-face.

Show: Congratulations, you did what everybody knew you'd do, you destroyed some kiddy tag team. Now do what everybody knows you're going to do - make the official announcement that at the Royal Rumble, we're gonna fight in a trashy, disgusting, ECW Rules, garbage match. Do it!

The fans booed the Big Show, who looked around, grinning, but turned right back when Bubba Ray Dudley snatched the microphone off of him.

Bubba: You know, we thought you'd assume that was the stipulation for our match. Because we know you two can pin anyone you want, make anyone you want submit...so in our match, there's gonna be no pinfalls and no submissions. Can you guess it yet?

A-Train: Oh yeah, we should've known. We're fighting the Dudley Boyz, the team that fans only cheer for when they bring out a table. Well, at the Royal Rumble, you can bring all the tables you want, because you two are going through them.

D-Von: A Tables match? You're halfway there. But before we tell you how we'll beat you at the Royal Rumble, let me ask you: did you ever think you'd feel the heat of battle in this match?

Bubba: Everybody's saying that the Show-Train Chronicles have been on fire since they won the Tag Team Titles...well let me tell you, you'll be on fire when you lose them, as well.

The Big Show and the A-Train looked at each other apprehensively. The more intelligent fans in the crowd cheered, sensing what the stipulation was.

D-Von: At the Royal Rumble, the Dudley Boyz become DWA Tag Team Champions, and it's gonna be in a Flaming Tables match!

Tazz: Oh my god!

Styles: Flaming Tables for the Tag Team Championship, at the Royal Rumble!

Big Show and A-Train weren't wearing the same confident looks they came out with, for they had been given to the Dudley Boyz as the two tag teams stared each other down!

Backstage, the "Whole Dam Show" Rob Van Dam and the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels were with Todd Grisham.

Todd: This-

Daniels: Shut up. Idiots like you are the reason professional wrestling ceased to exist all those months ago. You think you matter, in the grand scheme of things? Some stupid interviewer? No. You think your presence makes any difference to anything, Todd Grisham? No. You see, interviewers and announcers, idiots like yourself fail to look into the bigger picture. You cannot see beyond what is around you. Well, the Fallen Angel can look at the bigger picture and see that he matters. Unlike you, Todd Grisham, my abilities are good enough to change this industry forever. And I promise you, I will. Tonight, Christopher Daniels issues an open challenge to anybody who thinks that they matter more than the Fallen Angel in the grand scheme of things. And I can promise whoever answers my challenge that they will see the light. They will see reality. And reality hurts, it really does...

Christopher Daniels grinned and walked off, leaving Rob Van Dam alone with Todd Grisham.

RVD: What the hell are you lookin' so confused for? Everything he says makes sense, whether you like it or not. The bigger picture for Christopher Daniels is taking over this company. Well, the bigger picture for Rob Van Dam is becoming...universal. AJ Styles, I know you can hear me, and your time is running out. Who was embarrassed on Saturday night when I pinned you, one, two, three, AJ? You were. You've failed already in your mission to embarrass me - I've embarrassed you by beating you in a tag match, and the next step is to beat you on January 22 at the Royal Rumble and becoming DWA Universal Champion.

RVD walked off, slapping Todd Grisham on the forehead as he went.

A graphic appeared on the screen, with moving figures of Kurt Angle and Ron "The Truth" Killings, who had BG James and Konnan behind him.

Styles: This is gonna be good...Kurt Angle and Ron Killings, when we come back!

Commercial Break

3 Live Kru's music hit in the arena and BG James, Konnan and Ron Killings danced their way out to ringside for Killings' one-on-one contest with Kurt Angle. Joey Styles explained that Ron Killings had issued the challenge after Bad Influence TV when Angle had cost 3 Live Kru their match against the Unholy Alliance. Tazz announced that the 3 Live Kru would be a part of the Royal Rumble match and a graphic for the 30-man epic came up, with James, Konnan and Killings added to the Blue World Order, Billy Gunn and Shelton Benamin as was announced on Bad Influence TV. We returned to the arena, and Killings got into the ring and awaited his opponent, and "Medal" then hit in the arena and Kurt Angle was booed as he walked out. The fans chanted "you suck" along to Angle's theme music and Angle, who had of course gotten used to that by now, ignored it and got into the ring. He got into the ring with a sick grin on his face and stared Ron Killings down. Killings showed no intimidation as he shoved Kurt Angle, who shoved him back. Ron Killings then laid into the "Olympic Hero" with a right hand to start this match.

Ron Killings vs Kurt Angle

A thrilling match this was, with the aerial expertise of "the Truth" being matched by the technical wizardy of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist. These two went at it for sixteen minutes without any real advantage gained - Killings, knowing this was a huge opportunity to get into the World Title scene should he knock off one of the challengers at the Royal Rumble. The crowd were firmly behind Ron Killings, and he played to them on the many occasions he had Kurt Angle on the mat. But he did it one too many times, as Kurt Angle had been playing possum and at the speed of light, he grabbed the ankle of "the Truth" and caused the former NWA Champion immense pain with the Ankle Lock. Killings' sixteen minutes were up as Angle locked in a grapevine and he had no choice but to tap out.

Winner - Kurt Angle (16:23)

Angle looked relived to have finally put away Ron Killings and he looked happy as the bell went, but his own music didn't follow. "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace played and the fans cheered for Chris Benoit! Benoit made his way out to the ring, still showing the effects of the beatdown at the hands of the Unholy Alliance one week previously. Benoit was wearing a new promotional t-shirt and his wrestling tights and he raised his arms on the turnbuckles, before going face-to-face with Kurt Angle. Angle had a microphone in hand and he was about to speak, but in front of him on the tron appeared Jeff Jarrett in his locker room, with the members of the Unholy Alliance behind him! Jarrett was drinking champagne out of the bottle and had his trusty guitar on his lap.

Jarrett: Now before you two do whatever you want to do, Kurt, I just wanna thank you for helping us out on Bad Influence TV. Judgin' by the history between you two, it won't be the first victory you help me to. Remember Genocide? You two beat the living hell out of each other and I picked up the pieces...and I became DWA World Heavyweight Champion. Not you, Angle, not you, Benoit, but me. Jeff Jarrett. The master puppeteer...so you two go ahead and fight. And please, somebody, get injured. Because what you two don't seem to realize is that I'm not like all the other World Champions you've beaten. I'm not going to try and hide it, I'm not going to try and make myself look good...if I have to cheat to beat either of you, if I have to break one of your necks, if I have to end a career...I won't think twice. So think about that. And at the Royal Rumble, keep thinking...I could use the distraction.

Jarrett left the screen and Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit turned away from it and looked at each other. After hearing what Jeff Jarrett had said, they had a lot to think about, and Kurt Angle left the ring to boos, as Chris Benoit just stared at one of his fellow challengers at the Royal Rumble.

Commercial Break

The Suicide Blondes' music hit in the arena and Spanky and Shannon Moore made their way out to smattered boos, wearing unbuttoned floral t-shirts and bermuda shorts. Spanky looked psyched for his shot at the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship, and he ran to the ring with Shannon Moore close behind. Then, the Hardy Boyz' theme, "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet played and the fans got to their feet and cheered for Matt and Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy wore the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship around his waist and the Hardys walked to the ring, as the Suicide Blondes looked on. Jeff Hardy got into the ring for his match with Spanky, and Matt stood on the outside, opposite former MFer Shannon Moore. The bell then rang to start this match.

DWA Light Heavyweight Championship

Spanky vs Jeff Hardy©

A high-flying contest this was, as Spanky looked to delete from the fans' memory his and Shannon Moore's beating at the hands of the Unholy Alliance two days earlier. The man from the Orange County gained an early advantage as Shannon Moore, ironically a childhood friend of Matt and Jeff Hardy, cheered on his tag team partner. Spanky never promised he would play fair and Shannon Moore distracted the referee a couple of times while Spanky cheated. But through all of this, the Light Heavyweight Champion prevailed, and as Matt Hardy took down Shannon Moore to stop him distracting the referee, Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate to retain the title.

Winner and still Light Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Hardy (7:30)

"Live For The Moment" played, but faded as Spanky attacked Jeff from behind. Shannon Moore and Matt were still rolling around on the outside, fighting. Spanky nailed Jeff with the Sliced Bread #2, before leaping onto Matt Hardy over the top rope. Spanky did a surfer pose and he and Shannon Moore left, happy, as the Hardy Boyz recovered, indignated. We then cut to backstage, where Scott D'Amore was watching a monitor with Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Petey Williams. Team Canada looked extremely happy to have seen the Hardy Boyz get beaten down.

Backstage, we saw the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels with all of his entrance gear on, preparing for his open challenge.

Styles: The "Fallen Angel's" in action, next!

Commercial Break

The arena went dark, and a spotlight appeared on the stage, before "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence played and Christopher Daniels walked out, the spotlight following him to the ring. The crowd booed Christopher Daniels as he made his way to the ring, and he scaled the steel steps and in the ring, removed his hood and smiled. The lights returned as Daniels stripped down to his gear. "Bring Me To Life" faded, and after a few moments of silence, "My Time is Now" hit in the arena and the fans went absolutely crazy for John Cena! Making his first appearance in a week after being beaten down by Kane, Cena looked all business as he raised his arms in his signature pose at the top of the ramp. Cena had a microphone in hand and he talked as he walked down to the ring.

Cena: Two nights ago, I was sittin' at home watchin' Bad Influence TV, and I saw Randy Orton sittin' down, runnin' his mouth on John Cena. Well Orton, John Cena's back - you wanna talk trash now? And then I saw DWA.com, it says, "Randy Orton has announced his entry into the Royal Rumble." Well guess what, Randy? Now you don't have to attack me from behind no more - we can go face-to-face, one-on-one, 'cause John Cena's in the Royal Rumble too! An'-

Daniels: Wow! John Cena, talking incomprehensible crap - nobody cares! John Cena, a man who got Tombstoned and RKO'ed two nights in a row wants to get squashed by 29 other men, including me - big deal! The reason you're out here right now is 'cause you want to get beaten down by the "Fallen Angel," so let's get this over with!

Cena grinned at Christopher Daniels. He raised the microphone to his mouth, looking like he was going to speak again, but then he threw it down and rushed to the ring. Daniels stomped away on Cena when Cena got into the ring as the bell rang to start the match.

John Cena vs Christopher Daniels

The first-ever meeting between these two big stars did not disappoint as the crowd cheered John Cena and booed Christopher Daniels whenever each man got the advantage. Christopher Daniels spent the time he had the advantage working on the arms and shoulders to minimize the possibility of Cena's FU and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena was all over Daniels when he gained an advantage, using his traditional striking offense. Daniels' tactic of hurting the shoulders of Cena seemed to work, for when John Cena did manage to get Daniels onto his shoulders towards the end of the match, he dropped the former X-Division Champion to the floor, clutching his right shoulder. This allowed Christopher Daniels to gain an advantage and after hitting several punches to the head, Daniels went for the Angel's Wings, but Cena flipped Daniels over his head, with Daniels catching the referee with a foot. The referee was knocked down and Christopher Daniels rolled to the outside. Daniels was still recuperating and the fans cheered as Cena leant over the top rope and waved his hand over his face, saying "you can't see me!" But the cheers turned to boos as Cena turned around, right into an RKO from Randy Orton! Randy Orton stomped away on Cena and then bent over the former WWE Champion and spat in his face, before leaving the ring and leaning on the ring barricade, watching happily as Christopher Daniels rolled a groggy referee into the ring, and stood poised and ready, waiting for Cena to get up...Last Rites! Daniels covered and the referee counted...one, two, three!

Winner - Christopher Daniels (13:14)

"Bring Me To Life" played and Daniels was announced as the winner by Tony Chimel. Randy Orton got back into the ring and began stomping away on John Cena and Christopher Daniels joined in. The two men picked John Cena up and Daniels hit the Angel's Wings on Cena, but all of a sudden Eddie Guerrero rushed to the ring! The commentators were shocked as Eddie was not medically cleared to be at Showtime, but Eddie looked in good form as he knocked Daniels and Orton to the mat once...twice...three times. Eddie pounded his chest and shouted something in Hispanic at the cheering crowds, and he helped John Cena up...but both men were nailed by Kane! Now Joey Styles, Tazz, and the crowd were even more shocked.

Styles: He's supposed to be suspended, damnit!

Tazz: What the hell is Kane doin' here? My god - Chokeslam!

Kane had indeed lain John Cena out with a Chokeslam. He turned to Christopher Daniels and Randy Orton, who raised their arms and backed up slowly as Kane stared into their eyes. Daniels and Orton slowly and carefully left the ring before leaving through the crowd to boos, which got louder as Kane picked up Eddie Guerrero on his shoulders...A man walked out onto the stage with a microphone, screaming "No!" at Kane - DWA Commissioner Paul Heyman.

Heyman: No! No, no, no! Kane, stop! You're supposed to be suspended, you could be fired! What the hell are you doing?

The crowd were booing still and Kane smiled at Paul Heyman and looked set to Tombstone Eddie Guerrero yet again...but Diamond Dallas Page walked out onto the stage, the crowd cheered, and Kane looked incensed at the entrance of DDP and threw Eddie Guerrero to the mat.

DDP: Kane...why are you doing this? What's the matter with you? Y'know what, I've had it with these unprovoked attacks, and you breaking suspension...I think we need to discuss your future in my company.

Kane stared at Diamond Dallas Page with hatred in his eyes, but with a sick grin on his face, and he tilted his head.

DDP: Bad Influence TV, you will show up, you will explain your intentions, and your reasons for these unprovoked attacks, and Kane, we will then make a decision about whether to fire you or not. And Kane...if you don't show up for Bad Influence TV, you're out of here. Do you understand me?

Kane's sick grin widened, and he nodded at Diamond Dallas Page. What the "Big Red Machine" didn't realise was that Eddie Guerrero was up and poised behind him...Guerrero nailed Kane with some shots to the back. Kane shook them off and walked right up to Eddie, who nailed Kane with a Low Blow. Eddie then bounced off of the ropes with a Hurracanrana, before climbing to the top rope...and missing a Frog Splash! Eddie clutched his stomach as he had hit the mat hard, and Kane, who had gotten up just in time, stalked Eddie Guerrero...Chokeslam! Eddie was down, and Kane looked right at Diamond Dallas Page and Paul Heyman as he raised his arms, and threw them down to set off his pyro as Showtime went off the air!

Quick Match Results:

Kyo Dai & Abyss def. High Velocity & Rey Mysterio

Tag Titles #1 Contenders: The Dudley Boyz def. MNM

Kurt Angle def. Ron Killings

Lightweight Title: Jeff Hardy def. Spanky to retain

Christopher Daniels def. John Cena

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Kane finally went too far on Showtime. After weeks of unprovoked attacks on the likes of Eddie Guerrero and John Cena, Kane was issued with an indefinite suspension, but broke it when he attacked Cena and Guerrero while they confronted Christopher Daniels and Randy Orton. Commissioner Heyman tried to reason with the monster to no avail, and it took Diamond Dallas Page coming out to stop Kane from possibly ending some careers. DDP told Kane that he would have to give his reasons for these unprovoked attacks and his justification for breaking suspension, and then he would decide Kane's future. Could the "Big Red Machine" be fired, live on Bad Influence TV?

The road to the Royal Rumble continues and on Showtime, it was revealed that the members of the 3 Live Kru, plus Randy Orton, John Cena, and Christopher Daniels will be a part of the 30-man extravanganza, all gunning for that Main Event title shot at WrestleMania XXII, and DWA.com can exclusively reveal that none other than Christian has handed in his entry, and "Captain Charisma" promised in an interview with DWA.com that after losing to Rey Mysterio at Genocide, he's more focused than ever. Bad Influence TV could see more entries - but from who?

The massive DWA World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble between Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett will continue to heat up on Showtime, as Angle, Benoit, Jarrett, and Jarrett's Unholy Alliance will all be in attendance - with the DWA World Heavyweight Champion issuing an open challenge he calls "Daring Debuts" - offering a new DWA superstar a chance at Jarrett's prestigious DWA World Heavyweight Championship. Who will it be? And will either of Jarrett's, or indeed his challenger's, should he be defeated, opponents want to make an impact and humiliate the World's Champion?

In other action, America's Most Wanted still believe the Dudley Boyz paid off their driver to drive right out of the arena on Showtime, when in fact it was MNM. As a result, the former NWA Tag Team Champions have issued a challenge to the Dudleys, and as a result, Chris Harris will take on Bubba Ray Dudley on Bad Influence TV, while Rob Van Dam faces debutant Sonjay Dutt, the Hardy Boyz look for revenge against the Suicide Blondes, and also Eddie Guerrero, Christopher Daniels, Randy Orton, John Cena, Rey Mysterio and more will be in attendance, and the only way to see them is to tune into DWA Bad Influence TV, this Saturday night on USA Network!

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DWA Bad Influence TV

Saturday 7 January 2006

LIVE on USA Network

Commentators: Mike Tenay and Alex Shane

After a recap of the shocking events on Showtime where Kane returned, in spite of being indefinitely suspended and destroyed both Eddie Guerrero and John Cena, before being told by Diamond Dallas Page his future would be decided tonight on Bad Influence TV, we were shown footage of Kane arriving at the arena via police escort. Kane was handcuffed in the back of a van and he was pulled out by the police officers. Kane was wearing a suit but seemed more comfortable in the handcuffs than in the smart outfit - he was breathing heavily as he was marched into the arena. Then, the Bad Influence TV opening video played before we opened up in a sold-out arena, with the fans going crazy for the pyro and anticipation of what was to come.

Tenay: Welcome to DWA Bad Influence TV, and what a show we have lined up for you tonight! Mike Tenay and Alex Shane here at ringside, and tonight, Kane's DWA future is decided!

Shane: Kane finally took it too far on Showtime, and tonight, he will face the consequences of his actions.

Tenay: And also, Jeff Jarrett will give a DWA superstar their debut in a match for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship in a challenge Jarrett is calling "Daring Debuts!"

Shane: Jeff Jarrett's arrogant, Jeff Jarrett's cocky, and Jeff Jarrett's the DWA World Heavyweight Champion. Who will be daring enough to face Double J? We'll find out!

Tenay: Sonjay Dutt in the ring making his debut also, against the "Whole Dam Show!"

Indeed, former TNA X-Division star Sonjay Dutt was in the ring. Dutt's wacky music was fading and he was introduced to the crowd as he raised his arms. "One of a Kind" then played in the arena and the fans booed as the man who challenges AJ Styles for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble came out with a big grin on his face. Van Dam was wearing a black and gold singlet and he climbed the steel ring steps and got into the ring, doing the triple thumbs along to his name. RVD began warming up, stretching and doing pressups to get into the mind of Sonjay Dutt. RVD's music faded and the bell rang to kick off this big match.

Rob Van Dam vs Sonjay Dutt

Sonjay Dutt must have been pleased about getting his DWA debut against a star the calibre of Rob Van Dam, but he can't have been pleased about the outcome of this match. Dutt got hardly any offense in as Van Dam took the former TNA superstar to school, and RVD finished it quickly with a Five Star Frog Splash inside four minutes.

Winner - Rob Van Dam (3:41)

"One of a Kind" played in the arena and Van Dam, whose cocky smile had never left his face during the match, broke the rough cover on Sonjay Dutt and celebrated as Tony Chimel announced him the winner. Suddenly, "I Am" hit and the fans cheered as the DWA Universal Champion, AJ Styles walked to the ring, as Rob Van Dam looked unusually happy to see him. AJ got on the mic and spoke after his music faded.

Styles: Oh, very impressive. You beat a guy who weighs about a hundred pounds less than you in about two minutes more than I could do it. I'm real impressed, Rob.

RVD's smile faded a little after this dig, but he hitched it right back up. He walked to the side of the ring and got a microphone from the timekeeper.

RVD: What are you doin' out here, AJ? Surely you don't wanna get your ass beaten again?

Styles: Rob, the only way you can beat me up is two-on-one, and I don't see Chris Daniels out here, and I sure as hell don't think Sonjay Dutt's gonna try anything.

RVD: So come on, why are you out here? Did you just wanna get a good look at the next Universal Champion?

Styles: Naw, but it looks like I found a pretty good comedian...no, RVD, the reason I came out here is very simple. A week ago, you and Chris Daniels beat the crap out of me. You put your hands on me, and you put your hands on my title. And what I wanted to do coming out here is give you another chance to touch my title.

And without warning, AJ Styles clocked Rob Van Dam with the Universal Title belt! The fans cheered for AJ.

Tenay: Oh my! AJ Styles just nailed RVD with that title belt!

Shane: Call the police - AJ Styles just launched an unprovoked attack on Rob Van Dam!

Styles: Are you embarrassed, Rob?

"I Am" played as AJ Styles threw the microphone down on RVD and left the ring with his title raised high. Rob Van Dam was absolutely furious and he crawled between the bottom and middle ropes and shouted at the Universal Champion, indignated. The fans chanted "AJ, AJ" as AJ Styles backed up the ramp, smiling as we went to commercial.

Commercial Break

"Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day began to play in the arena and the fans booed as California surfer dudes Shannon Moore and Spanky made their way to the ring, wearing bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. As the two men walked to the ring, doing surfer poses, we were shown "During the Break" footage, with Moore and Spanky in Commissioner Heyman's office, asking for a place in the Royal Rumble match. Heyman said the Suicide Blondes hadn't exactly proved themselves worthy over the past few weeks, but the Commish told them that if they could beat the Hardy Boyz in their match, then they could have a spot each in the Rumble match. When we returned from this footage, Moore and Spanky were in the ring, and the music changed into that of the Hardy Boyz, "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet. The Hardys made their way out to a big ovation, looking pumped to be gaining revenge for the Suicide Blondes' assault on them last week. We were then shown footage of that incident, then we returned to the arena, where the bell had gone and Matt Hardy was going at it with Spanky in the corner.

The Hardy Boyz vs The Suicide Blondes

Tensions were running high in this tag match, with the Hardys wanting to gain revenge on the two men who had assaulted them the previous Monday, and Shannon Moore and Spanky needing a place in the Royal Rumble to erase the memory of their unsuccessful start in the Diamond Wrestling Alliance. The Hardy Boyz got some momentum going and the crowd were firmly behind them as Jeff Hardy hit his personalised Leg Drop on Shannon Moore, but the cheers became boos as Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams strutted down the ramp wearing their Team Canada jerseys and Williams waving the Canadian flag. The Hardys stared down D'Amore and Williams as they walked past the side of the ring, raising their hands as if they had no intention of interfering. D'Amore took a seat at the announce table as Petey Williams stood behind him, and talked smack about the Hardys to Mike Tenay and Alex Shane for the rest of the bout. The match ended in controversial fashion when Petey Williams got up on the apron and distracted the referee while Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy were the legal men. Jeff Hardy took exception to this and ran across the ring, knocking Williams off of the apron, before leaping onto the man he defeated to become Light Heavyweight Champion at Genocide. The fans cheered for Jeff Hardy, righting Petey Williams' wrong, but the action in the ring wasn't quite as cheerful...Shannon Moore and Spanky had been double-teaming Matt Hardy while the referee was distracted by the brawl between Petey Williams and Jeff Hardy, and finished him off with an innovative double-team finisher Alex Shane said was called the "Surf's Up" as the referee turned and made the three-count, while Jeff Hardy tried to get back into the ring to no avail thanks to Petey Williams holding his leg, qualifying Shannon Moore and Spanky for the Royal Rumble.

Winners - The Suicide Blondes (13:43)

"Welcome to Paradise" played in the arena and the Suicide Blondes celebrated, before leaving. Jeff Hardy and Petey Williams continued to brawl on the outside of the ring and Matt Hardy, who still hadn't recovered from the Surf's Up, was crawling around the ring, trying to recover when Eric Young and Bobby Roode got into the ring and began stomping away on Matt Hardy. Seeing this, Jeff Hardy pushed Petey Williams away and went to get into the ring to help his brother, but all Jeff got was a hard, loud chairshot to the back from Petey Williams. The fans booed Team Canada loudly as Scott D'Amore tossed Petey Williams a pair of handcuffs and Williams handcuffed Jeff Hardy to the bottom rope, before signalling Roode and Young to toss Matt Hardy outside. Scott D'Amore went right up to Jeff Hardy and talked trash before giving him a hard, open-handed slap to the face. Jeff Hardy was helpless as Matt Hardy was quadruple-teamed by Team Canada, and he could only watch as Bobby Roode and Eric Young Double DDT'd Matt onto a steel chair, which Petey Williams then smacked Matt Hardy over the head with as Roode and Young held him back. A limp Matt Hardy fell to the floor and then Scott D'Amore lay on his front and positioned the steel chair away from Matt Hardy, Petey Williams, Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Williams then put Matt Hardy's head in between so legs...Mike Tenay was shocked, while Alex Shane egged on Petey Williams...Canadian Destroyer onto the chair! Matt Hardy was out cold and Bobby Roode an Eric Young put the boots to him, as Petey Williams got on the mic.

Petey: What d'ya think of that, Jeff?

Jeff: What the hell do you want from me...

Petey: Oh, wow! You saw right through my cunning plan! Well, I'll tell you, Jeff...

Scott D'Amore handed Jeff Hardy's Light Heavyweight Title belt to Petey Williams, who put it over his shoulder.

Petey: This is what I want, Jeff. I want what's rightfully mine...I want what I should have won at Genocide. I want the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship!

Bobby Roode and Eric Young pulled Matt Hardy up, and Petey Williams turned.

Petey: Now as you can see, your brother is bleeding from the head quite badly...how would you like me to open that wound a little further? That is, unless you give me my match...

Petey turned to Jeff Hardy, and put the microphone to his mouth.

Jeff: ...You got it.

Petey: Thanks, Jeff!

Petey Williams ploughed the belt into Jeff Hardy's gut, and the handcuffed Hardy nearly threw up. Petey Williams signalled to the rest of Team Canada and the crowd booed heavily as Team Canada left to their national anthem.

Commercial Break

"Turn The Tables" by Saliva played after a firework screamed through the arena and the Dudley Boyz made their way out to a mixed reaction for Bubba Ray's one-on-one contest with America's Most Wanted's Chris Harris. The Dudleys walked down the ramp looking fully focused, and a graphic appeared for the Flaming Tables Match at the Royal Rumble between the Dudleys and the Show-Train Chronicles. When we returned to the arena, AMW's music was playing and Chris Harris walked out, accompanied by his tag team partner James Storm. Still believing it was the Dudleys who had ruined their chance at the Tag Title shot, AMW looked angry and eager to get revenge on the Duds. Chris Harris got into the ring as James Storm stood on the outside, and the bell rang to start the match.

Chris Harris vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Two halves of the most successful tag teams in recent history locked horns in this one, and it was quite an eventful battle. America's Most Wanted learned the truth about who had paid off their limo driver when MNM strutted out, onto the ramp, looking smug. James Storm had attacked D-Von Dudley when D-Von had said something about the crooked limo driver, but some security held him back and Mike Tenay shouted at Storm that it was in fact MNM who had paid off the driver. James Storm went after MNM when they appeared at the top of the ramp, and the referee stood towards the ramp, shouting at Storm, Nitro and Mercury to break it up. Chris Harris stood alongside the referee, shouting at James Storm, and so neither of them noticed when D-Von got into the ring and stood behind Storm, with Bubba Ray also poised and ready...3D on Chris Harris! D-Von got out of the ring quickly and the referee turned his attentions towards his match again and as Bubba Ray Dudley hooked the leg, he counted one, two, three.

Winner - Bubba Ray Dudley (6:01)

"Turn The Tables" played and Bubba Ray Dudley was announced as the winner, as Chris Harris rolled out of the ring and D-Von entered to celebrate with his half-brother. James Storm was being double-teamed by MNM on the entrance ramp, and after throwing him into the barricade Mercury, Nitro and Melina rushed to the back, but in the ring the Dudleys had been watching it, not noticing who was in the ring behind them...D-Von was flattened by the A-Train as he turned, and Bubba Ray ran at the Big Show upon hearing the impact, but Show stuck an arm out and knocked Bubba down. The Tag Team Champions double-teamed both Dudleys, before Bubba and D-Von were finished off with a Show Stopper and a Train Wreck respectively. The Show-Train Chronicles posed to a less-than-positive reaction, as we went backstage.

In Commissioner Paul Heyman's office, Rey Mysterio and Abyss were staring down, as Heyman tried to get in between them.

Heyman: Alright - you got it! Rey Mysterio, Abyss, Prime Time Title, this Monday on Showtime! Now just get out of my office, I've got work to do!

Abyss grunted and left, and Rey left a few seconds later - but as Rey left the room, an old foe entered...Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio had a brief staredown, not forgetting their issues in WWE not long ago, before going their seperate ways. Eddie went right up to Paul Heyman, chest heaving with emotion.

Eddie: Where...is Kane...

Heyman: I'm sorry Eddie, did you knock?

Eddie looked incensed and he grabbed the Commissioner by the collar.

Eddie: Nobody attacks the raza! Nobody attacs Eddie Guerrero! I never lose, Heyman! Never! Now I want Kane in the ring, tonight!

Heyman: Kane is not here to wrestle tonight - Kane's waiting to see if he's going to get fired! Now let me go or you'll be next!

Slowly, Eddie let Heyman go. The Commissioner straightened up his collar.

Heyman: Now, if you want a match tonight, I can give you one next...and if you never lose, then you'll have no trouble at all against the team of Christopher Daniels and Randy Orton. Now go!

Eddie looked pissed, but he left, leaving Paul Heyman looking smug in his chair.

A spotlight appeared on the stage, the only light in the arena, and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence played and the crowd booed as the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels made his way out to the ring for this Handicap match. Daniels, as always, was robed and he looked very mysterious as the spotlight followed him to the ring. Daniels removed his robe and got into the ring, and then "Nothing You Can Say" played in the arena and the fans booed as the "Legend Killer" himself, Randy Orton walked out. Orton did his signiature pose on top of the ramp and then walked to the ring, looking highly superior to the fans in the arena. Orton climbed to the middle rope and posed again when he got into the ring, before Eddie Guerrero's music hit in the arena and the fans cheered as Guerrero walked out (obviously not having had time to steal a car) for a huge challenge. Eddie looked pissed and he got to the bottom of the ramp. He looked at his feet, but then looked up with a super-smug grin as "My Time Is Now" played in the arena and the fans cheered for John Cena! Cena walked out and fired up the crowd, before joining Guerrero at the bottom of the ramp.

Tenay: Well Alex, it looks like this has become a tag team match!

Shane: This was signed a Handicap match, and John Cena has no right to be out here!

Tenay: Cena and Guerrero versus Daniels and Orton, when we come back!

Commercial Break

Randy Orton & Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

When we returned from the commercial, Christopher Daniels and Eddie Guerrero were fighting in the ring, and Daniels had Guerrero in the corner and hit a Monkey Flip on the former WWE Champion. John Cena was down on the outside of the ring, and we were shown footage of during the break when Christopher Daniels hit John Cena with an unprovoked dropkick, and John Cena had fallen off of the apron and hit the barricade. As a result, when Eddie grabbed Daniels' stomping foot and took the "Fallen Angel" down before leaping over to his corner for the tag, only to find nobody there. Randy Orton laughed at Guerrero's ridiculous-looking leap for the tag and when Christopher Daniels tagged him in, he dragged Eddie over to his corner and stomped away on the chest of "Latino Heat." Orton and Daniels made quick tags, keeping Eddie Guerrero grounded, and when John Cena got back up to the ring apron, he got the crowd fired up and started a chant of "Eddie, Eddie" to fire up Guerrero. Randy Orton was the legal man in the ring and he pointed at John Cena and shouted "this is you" as he locked a rear chinlock on Eddie Guerrero, who struggled to reach the ropes. When Guerrero did so, he turned slowly, before managing a Northern Lights Suplex on Orton, and falling down. The fans cheered for Eddie Guerrero as he crawled towards his partner, but Randy Orton was holding his leg...Eddie Guerrero stuck a heel in the chin of Randy Orton, who looked dazed as he stood upright, before falling back down again, just as Eddie made the tag to Cena. Christopher Daniels came in, but John Cena knocked him down and then he hung over Randy Orton and said "you can't see me!" before receiving a dropkick to the back from Christopher Daniels. Cena was on the middle rope in a 619-type position, and Daniels went to jump on the back of Cena, who moved. Eddie Guerrero pulled Christopher Daniels' legs, taking him to the outside, and John Cena stared down at Randy Orton, before looking up and posing for the crowd, but Orton leapt up, RKO-no! Cena pushed Randy Orton away, and Orton came off of the ropes and John Cena picked him up and nailed him with an FU for the one, two, three!

Winners - Eddie Guerrero & John Cena (6:17)

"My Time Is Now" played and the fans cheered as Cena got the pinfall on Randy Orton and stood up. After a time posing with Eddie Guerrero, Randy Orton pulled himself up, and he stared at John Cena as he leant on the bottom rope. Orton scowled and left, as John Cena stared him down.

After a Royal Rumble advertisement, we saw Jeff Jarrett leading the Unholy Alliance through the backstage area, to the ring.

Tenay: Daring Debuts is coming right up!

"My World" played in the arena and the fans booed as Jeff Jarrett came out with the Unholy Alliance, for a challenge called "Daring Debuts." Jarrett looked smug as ever as he carried the DWA World Heavyweight Championship belt to the ring. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger held the ropes open for Jeff Jarrett, and Edge and Jim Cornette clapped for the World's Champ. "My World" faded and Jeff Jarrett took the microphone.

Jarrett: Thankyou for that incredible ovation!

The fans booed Jarrett even louder, as he smiled.

Jarrett: Now tonight, it's time for Daring Debuts. And before we see just who my challenger is, allow me to thank Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit for not wasting any time on this show so far - but I can only assume it's 'cause you're waiting to screw up my big night. Well, guys, the Unholy Alliance is at ringside, so please, come on down and give it a shot - we'll be waiting. Now, let's see just who my challenger is!

Silence for a moment, then "Out Of My Way" by Seether hit in the arena and Zach Gowen appeared onstage. The cheers got louder in the arena as more fans recognized who Gowen was, and the former WWE, TNA, and IWA:MS star raised one arm at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring. Jeff Jarrett looked confused, but as Zach Gowen got into the ring and his music faded, he, Edge, Diamond, Swinger and Cornette burst out laughing.

Jarrett: Boys...it's Zach Gowen! The kid with one leg thinks he's gonna be the Heavyweight Champion of the World - buddy, you hardly qualify for cruiserweight! Ahaha-

The laughter stopped as Zach Gowen nailed Jeff Jarrett round the head with his prosthetic leg! Jarrett fell to the floor and Gowen hit him three or four times with the prosthetic before throwing it to the timekeeper and hitting a Leg Drop on Jarrett, and punching him in the head. The Unholy Alliance attempted to get into the ring to help Jeff Jarrett, but then the bell rang to start this match and, not wanting to get the Champ disqualified, they retreated to the outside.

DWA World Heavyweight Championship

Zach Gowen vs Jeff Jarrett©

Gowen was still on the offensive and the crowd started a "Gowen" chant as he nailed punch after punch on Jeff Jarrett. Mike Tenay cheered on Gowen, while Alex Shane was incensed that Gowen used his own prosthetic leg to gain an advantage in the matchup. Gowen got up and hit Jarrett with another Leg Drop before getting up and waiting on the World Heavyweight Champion to do the same. Tenay was sceptical about Gowen's tactics and he talked about how he needs to keep Jarrett grounded to keep any small chance in the bout, just as Edge and Jim Cornette took headsets and berated Jeff Jarrett's least favourite announcer, talking about how Gowen has absolutely no chance whatsoever. And indeed, Jarrett gained an advantage as he jumped over an attempted dropkick to the knee and booted Zach Gowen in the face. Jarrett then got ahold of Gowen and tried to Irish Whip him across the ring, but Gowen fell on his face and Jarrett laughed, as the Unholy Alliance members followed suit. Jeff Jarrett then kneed Gowen in the head and picked him up in a Torture Rack. Jarrett applied the pressure to Gowen and he laughed, but his expression soon reflected immense pain as Gowen began to pull the hair of the "Chosen One." The referee told Gowen off and started a five-count, but at three, Jarrett let go of the Torture Rack and Gowen managed to hit the Champ with a Reverse X-Factor! Gowen covered and got a two-count, as Jarrett kicked out with force. The DWA Champion was taking no more chances as he threw Zach Gowen into the corner and chopped away at him. Jarrett then threw Gowen face-first into the mat, and as Gowen got straight up, Jeff Jarrett clotheslined him to the mat. Jeff Jarrett then got ahold of Gowen's leg and turned him over into a Half Boston Crab - Gowen struggled to get to the ropes, but Jeff Jarrett pulled him away and the "One-Legged Wonder" had no choice but to tap out.

Winner and still DWA World Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Jarrett (4:11)

"My World" played and Jeff Jarrett's was announced as the victor by Tony Chimel, but then the retaining Champion began to stomp away on Gowen. He called the other members of the Unholy Alliance into the ring and they all joined in. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger hit the Problem Solver on Zach Gowen and Edge looked like he wanted his way with the Gowen, but the fans cheered as Chris Benoit ran to the ring with a steel chair! The "Rabid Wolverine" could have been a member of the Chair Swinging Freaks as he swung away. Most of the Unholy Alliance got out of the way, but Edge was caught with a hard shot to the head and he was busted open and rolled to the outside. Simon Diamond dragged Edge away and the Unholy Alliance were disgraced as they had been forced to retreat by Chris Benoit! The fans cheered Benoit as he raised the chair high in the air, but he didn't see Kurt Angle come in through the crowd. Angle attacked Benoit and Jarrett told his buddies to stop and watch, and Angle hit a trio of German Suplexes on Benoit and he looked pumped - but suddenly, Jarrett returned to the ring and hit Kurt Angle with the Stroke! Angle fell to the outside of the ring as Jeff Jarrett got on the mic.

Jarrett: You two can try and steal my spotlight all you want, but-

From behind, Chris Benoit took down Jeff Jarrett and put him in the Crippler Crossface! Jarrett screamed in pain and started tapping out. Chris Benoit broke the hold and Unholy Alliance members came to get Jarrett, but Benoit got hold of the steel chair and warned away all Unholy Alliance members, standing tall as we went to a commercial.

Commercial Break



The music of Diamond Dallas Page hit in the arena and the owner of the DWA walked out to a positive ovation from the crowd. The ring now had a red carpet in it and a table in the middle with two microphones on it, and DDP got into the ring and did the self high-five. Diamond Dallas Page then took a seat and put his feet up on the table as his music faded. The crowd were buzzing with anticipation as seconds later, the ramp exploded and "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven played for Kane, who was wearing a suit, and who was handcuffed and led to the ring by armed police officers. Kane got to the bottom of the ramp and he was uncuffed by a police officer, and allowed to get into the ring. The police surrounded the ring as Kane's music faded, and Diamond Dallas Page got up and said something to the man who had taken the handcuffs off of Kane, and he motioned to the rest of the police and they went backstage.

Tenay: It looks like DDP is dismissing the armed police, there for his protection...

Shane: Idiot. Kane could lay hands on DDP at any moment.

The fans began to chant "DDP" and the look on Kane's face grew uglier and uglier as the crowd got louder and louder. Diamond Dallas Page showed no intimidation as Kane stared him down, and he motioned for the "Big Red Machine" to sit. After a few seconds, Kane did so. Diamond Dallas Page followed suit.

DDP: Kane. You're here tonight because you broke an official order for suspension, doing the exact thing you were suspended for - extended, unprovoked assaults on DWA superstars. Now tell us, Kane, what reason could you possibly have to manhandle the men these people pay to see every week?

Kane: You don't know...

DDP: Why, Kane?

Kane: You said it, Page. These people pay to see idiots like Eddie Guerrero and John Cena every week...and it makes me sick. The sound of these fools cheering makes me sick...and certain DWA superstars try to become fools like these. Wrestlers are supposed to be larger than life, abnormal, monsters like me! Not mindless idiots! And you, Diamond Dallas Page, you have committed this very crime. You have become one of these people. No longer do you do, as an owner, what's right for business, you do what these people want you to do! You're their puppet! And as long as this goes on, I am going to punish every single man, woman and child who soaks up the shallow cheers of these people...

DDP: You're insane! You don't go that way about beating people! You make challenges, you work your way through the ranks, you beat people officially, in that ring!

Kane: Oh, don't worry, Diamond Dallas Page, I will. But first, you have to give me what I want.

DDP: And just what exactly do you want?

Kane: I want to throw 29 other DWA superstars around the ring, like I did to Eddie Guerrero and John Cena. I want to be in the Royal Rumble.

DDP: Speaking of the Royal Rumble, ladies and gentlemen, I have hired four mystery superstars to be part of the Royal Rumble match. And I can promise you, you will be shocked, and-


By now, Diamond Dallas Page and Kane were both on their feet and staring a hole through each other. DDP spoke first.

DDP: You're right, Kane. I do care about satisfying these people. But to show you just how objective I am, I'll give you what you want. You're in the Royal Rumble - but that's only if you see out your suspension until then.

Diamond Dallas Page looked up at Kane, who began to laugh. He got on the mic.

Kane: Then I'll see you at the Royal Rumble...

Kane grabbed DDP by the throat and Chokeslammed him through the table in the middle of the ring! The fans booed Kane as he laughed hysterically, standing over the prone body of DDP and the wreckage of the table, raising his arms, and throwing them down to set off a huge pyro. The arena was red illuminated and Kane, who must now be the favourite to win the Royal Rumble, stood there laughing as Bad Influence TV left the airwaves.

Quick Match Results:

Rob Van Dam def. Sonjay Dutt

The Suicide Blondes def. The Hardy Boyz

Bubba Ray Dudley def. Chris Harris

Eddie Guerrero & John Cena def. Christopher Daniels & Randy Orton

World Title: Jeff Jarrett def. Zach Gowen to retain

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The Royal Rumble is getting ever closer, and it's looking awesome. Under the enormous Royal Rumble match are such exciting matches as Kurt Angle versus Chris Benoit versus Jeff Jarrett for the DWA World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Van Dam against AJ Styles for the Universal Championship, Team Canada taking on the Hardy Boyz, and the Dudleys facing the Show-Train Chronicles for the DWA Tag Team Championship in a Flaming Tables Match. And as the road to the Rumble continues, the superstars of the DWA continue to lock horns in thrilling bouts, and this Monday's Showtime will be no exception.

Kane, Shannon Moore, Spanky were entered into the Royal Rumble on Bad Influence TV - as Moore and Spanky defeated the Hardy Boyz to get their place, and Kane was given a spot in return for seeing out his suspension until the Royal Rumble. DWA officials have been biting their nails tensely, anticipating that Kane may show up on Showtime. Should he do so, Kane's spot in the Royal Rumble will be given to someone else and the "Big Red Machine" will be fired on the spot - something he was lucky not to be after he Chokeslammed the owner of the DWA, Diamond Dallas Page, through a table on BITV. DDP was understandably furious - but in an interview with DWA.com, Page directed attention to the four mystery entrants for the Royal Rumble - and said Kane would get his comeuppance on January 22. Speculation grows as to who DDP's mystery men could be - who are they?

The tension is building in the leadup to the DWA World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble between Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett, and on Bad Influence TV, Chris Benoit attacked Jeff Jarrett's Unholy Alliance, knocking out "Mr. Money in the Bank" Edge out with a steel chair. As a result, Edge and Benoit will go head-to-head in Showtime's Main Event - and judging by the stellar bouts they had a few months back in WWE, this is one to look forward to.

Two titles will be on the line on Monday, as the Show-Train Chronicles put their belts on the line against Too Cool, and the monster Abyss gets a Prime Time Title shot against the man he pinned one week ago, Rey Mysterio. Could we be seeing new champions crowned? Speaking of titles, Petey Williams will face Jeff Hardy for the DWA Light Heavyweight Championship on Saturday's Bad Influence TV, and in a warmup match, Williams faces the man he "defeated" a week ago, The Amazing Red.

All of the DWA superstars will be in the house, so tune in to another thrilling edition of DWA Showtime, this Monday night on USA Network!

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You know when something doesn't work, and then when you get it to work, you can't really be bothered with it? That's how I'm feeling right now...after finally getting my diary stuff transferred to the new computer, I can't seem to write the buildup to the Rumble anymore. So, would anybody object if I did quick, WWE.com-style recaps of the shows up until the Rumble, so I can get rolling again?

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