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World Championship Union of Wrestling


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This is my first diary, I've read a few, so I thought I'd give it a go. Everything I write in my backstory never happened in real life.

Hi, my name is Paul Thomason, I will let you in on my career up to date.

It all started in the mid-1980's when I got my first job after leaving university as a writer for a local newspaper.

I was there for around two years before I got a job at a local wrestling company in England, I've always been a wrestling fan and I took the job as a creative writer.

To my shock in 1994 I was offered a new job by a man who goes by the name of Eric Bischoff, he was the presidant of WCW.

My job was the same as the local english fed except I was getting paid a lot more. It was hard to leave my home country, but for the good of my career it was nessessary.

I was on the creative team through the success of WCW, but problems began.

I got absolutly sick of the politics that went on there and the fact that really I went to work with nothing to do, the WCW superstars were calling the shots.

I ended up resigning from my position in the 4th quater of 1999, I was due to go back home until I got the call from Vince McMahon, the owner of WWF, he offered me a position on their creative team. I'd spoke to Paul Wight and Chris Jericho and they told me the difference in atmosphere compared to WCW, so I accepted his offer.

It was going really well, I played a big part in the Mick Foley/Triple H fued which ended in Mick Foley retiring as I wanted to make a mark.

Again problems began again, it was now mid 2001, the invasion storyline was well underway, at this point I had just become a 'yes' man, I was scared of disagreeing with what people backstage said what was going to go down in the ring as at this point the roster and backstage crew had grew with numerous former WCW/ECW workers joining WWF. I had my own suggesions, but I didn't have the guts to tell Mr McMahon 'this storyline sucks'.

After the WWF ended the invasion fued, Mr McMahon knew the fued stank and refused to blame himself, this cost me my job, around 72 hours after Survivor Series 2001.

This time I did go home back to England, but a few months later I got a call from a man named Jerry Jarrett, he told me he was starting a promotion called NWA-TNA and wanted me as head writer, I took the position straight away and packed my bags and headed back to the States.

In November 2004, Mr Jarrett offered me the position of head booker, it was diffinetly a pressurising job, but I knew if I didn't take it I look back and wonder. You only live once!!

I made a good go of it, I got TNA off the weekly PPV's and had a show a week called iMPACT! Then, later on a new show called Breakdown, we ended up taking WWE from the top and they ended up in free fall, they still exist, but are now a smaller fed averaging crowds of over 300.

We domitiated the wrestling scene and no one were in sight challenging us.

Something I never told you, over the years I had been saving my money, I didn't know why until I was working with TNA, I wanted my own wrestling promotion, Jerry Jarrett wouldn't sell, can you blame him? He's shitting money now.

So on Auguest 1st 2006 I gave Mr Jarrett my three months notice and on 1st November I left TNA at the top of the wrestling world, I left with Mr Jarrett's blessing.

My new promotion is called World Championship Union of Wrestling or 'WCU'

To the present day:

The promotion has been running now for over two years and is now the number two promotion in the US, battling hard against TNA, a very close battle.

Wednesday nights are the 'Wednesday Night War's' TNA's iMPACT goes up against WCU's Inpublic show. WCU also has 'No reSiStance' on Tuesdays and 'Innovated' on Friday which is the B card show.

The date is now February 6th 2009, the next show is Innovated, I'll update with my current roster, storylines and a preview for Innovated which will most likely be next week.

Like I said, this is my first go at a diary, so any improvement ideas will be welcomed! :D

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Thanks for the reply, the reason I had TNA take over WWE is because it happened in my game :D

The WCU Roster

Face / Heel / Tweener


Chris Jericho

Erik Watts

Jay Reso (AKA Christian)

Juvi Guerrera

Randy Orton

Rob Van Dam (Injured)


Alter Boy Matthew

Amazing Red

Big J (AKA Jamel)

Billy Kidman

Brock Lesnar

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Crimson (AKA LA Smooth)

Derrick King (Injured)

Jeremy Lopez

Ron Killings

Suave Polshaw

TAKA Michinoku



Billy Dream

Calgary Christmas

Charlie Haas

Chris Sabin

Danny Basham

Elix Skipper

Eric Cobain

Erica Porter

Jason Lee (Injured)

Joel Maximo

Matt Stryker

Mercedez Martinez

Michael Raines

Monty Brown


Russ McCullough

Shannon Moore

Shelton Benjamin



Jonny C.

Sherry Bop


Anthony Bartlett Jr

Carlton Kaz

Jamie Dundee


Alicia (Nobody)

Doyle Canada (Abyss and Russ McCullough)

Eddie Guerrero (Calgary Christmas) (injured)

Jackie (Randy Orton) (AKA Miss Jackie)

Prince LaFlame (Nobody)


Roddy Piper

Established Tag Teams

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Jason Lee and Derrick King (Suicide Blondes)

Abyss and Russ McCullough (The Destruction)


A* Alliance

Randy Orton (Leader)


Russ McCullough

Alter Boy Matthew

Big J

Mercedez Martinez


Doyle Canada

The New Revolution

Anthony Bartlett Jr (Leader)

Elix Skipper

Matt Stryker

Shannon Moore

TAKA Michinoku

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The Authority Figures are Erik Watts, who is the WCU Commisioner and Roddy Piper who is the WCU Director of Authority


WCU World Heavyweight Champion

Chris Jericho

WCU All-American Heavyweight Champion

Suave Polshaw

WCU Canadian Champion

Chris Benoit

WCU World Featherweight Champion

Alter Boy Matthew

WCU Junior Featherweight Champion

Eric Cobain

WCU Womens Champion

Mercedez Martinez

WCU World Tag Team Champions

Crimson and Monty Brown

Next, I will update you with the latest goings on and storylines etc - STAY TUNED

I'll try to get it up tomorrow hopefully

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The reason why Juvi is above Benoit and Lesnar is the card is because I snatched Juvi from TNA and he was their most over superstar, but I don't really use him as a main eventer, I got Lesnar from a falling WWE so his overness isn't enough for a main event spot at the moment, and I used Benoit to try to put Calgary Christmas over, but it didn't work too well.

Anyway, lets get up-to-date with the goings on.

Randy Orton has just finished a fued with Ron Killings, it was a really personal fued. It started when Killings was still a member of the A* Alliance and was Randy's lacky. Ron Killings then won a number 1 contenders match for Chris Jerichos WCU World Heavyweight title, the match took place at Novembers PPV called 'The 2nd Anniversary Show' during the build up to this match, it was obvious that Randy was obviously getting jelous of rons sudden stardom, during the match, Randy came down to the ring, expecting to help Ron win the title, but hit the RKO on Killings, helping Jericho win. On the Tuesday on no reSiStance Randy gave a lame excuse why he did what he did, saying that as he was the leader of the Alliance, him holding the belt would mean they were all champion. It seemed Ron Killings bought the excuse. Later that night, the main event was Randy Orton and Ron Killings vs Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit (Benoit was still face at the time) during the match Killings attacked ORton which allowed Jericho to lock in the Lion tamer (Walls of Jericho) and Randy tapped out. This lead to 2 PPV matches between the 2 two with Randy coming out on top both times thanks to interference from Big J, in the 2nd match at Januarys PPV called 'All Out Assault' Ron Killings got injured. With Killings gone, this gave Randy the oportunity to become number one contender for the WCU World Heavyweight title and did. The contract signing between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho took place on the last show 'Inpublic' with Randy Orton ending up RKO-ing Jericho through the table, they will meet 1 on 1 at the next PPV called 'Firehouse'.

Big J has recently won the right to be number one contender for the WCU All-American Heavyweight title, he will face Suave Polshaw at Firehouse, at the moment only verbal abuse has been seen/heard between them, expect this situation to heat up.

Brock Lesnar debuted in WCU by Roddy Piper just over a month ago, Piper was about to name Brock the number one contender for the Heavyweight title until Erik Watts came out and said he repected Brock, but like everyone else, he had to earn the number one contender spot and explained how current champion got to the top, first off by beating former champion, Eddie Guererro. So Brock said he will challenge a former champion, he challenged the second ever champion, the Commisioner, Erik Watts, if Brock won, he would have a spot in the number one contenders match, the match took place at All Out Assault, with Brock winning with interference from Roddy Piper, so for payback Erik cost Brock his number one contenders match.

The WCU Canadian championship was born after WCU bought out NWA Canadian Invasion and this was their world title, WCU hsa dubbed it their Canadian title. One rule is that it is an exclusive title for Canadians, at the time only Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit were the only Canadians, they met for the vacent title, with Benoit winning. Jericho being World Heavyweight champion has not had time for the small Canadian division, Benoit has had nobody to fight for it. Then Jay Reso came to the promotion and after a few weeks challenged Benoit for the title at All Out Assault, Jay Reso winning by DQ thus Benoit kept the title, they will rematch at Firehouse.

The Featherweight division is a big part of WCU, the World Featherweight title has the 2nd highest image in the promotion after the Heavyweight title. Current champion, Alter Boy Matthew has been champion since July and has done everything to keep it, rather cheating, getting himself DQ'd etc. He met number one contender Juvi Guerrera at All Out Assault, Juvi winning by DQ, Alter Boy kept the gold, they will rematch in a ladder match at Firehouse.

Also in the featherweight division, the New Revolution have been causing problems for Chavo Guerrero, costing him matches, sneek attacks etc, we are still waiting for Chavos responce, surely the New Revolution have touched a nerve, they will all be on Innovated! (the next show up)

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(Remember Innovated! is the B Card Show)

We've already got 2 matches announced as Chris Sabin will go one on one with Michael Raines and Eric Cobain will defend his WcU Junior Featherweight title against Joel Maximo.

We heard from reliable sources that the New Revolution will be in the house and so will Chavo Guerrero, we know that something will go down.

The WCU All-American Heavyweight champion Suave Polshaw will be intervied about the biggest challenge of his career, taking on Big J for the gold at Firehouse

All this and more only on WCU Innovated! The place to see the best featherweight action in the business, only in the EWB Diary Dome!

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WCU Innovated!

Opening credits and pyro, the arena seems sold out and the stage is mostly blue, with hints of black, the titontron is around eight feet above the ramp wayand is a similar size to WWE Raw's, in a similar position, but it is a normal rectangular shape.  The ring is mostly blue, with the mat being the regular colour for most promotions, the ropes are also blue, the ring apron says WcU on two sides and Innovated! on the other two sides.

Announcers: David Prazak and Alicia Webb

Prazak:  Welcome to WCU Innovated, I am your host David Prazak, as usual along side the lovely Alicia Webb

Alicia:  Thank you David, What a night we have tonight!

Prazak:  That's right, Chavo Guerrero and the New Revolution are all here, also the Junior Featherweight title is on the line as Joel Maximo returns to WCU from injury to face Eric Cobain!

With that said, Chris Sabins music hits

Chris Sabin vs Michael Raines

This match is a rematch from last week when Michael Raines needed the ropes to get the three count last week.

The bell rings and Sabin chases after Raines, Michael Raines soon runs from the ring and the crowd boo.  Raines has his back to Sabin as he taunts the crowd and Sabin comes out with a baseball slide, knocking Raines to the floor.  He picks Raines up and throws him back in the ring and Raines get to his feet by the time Sabin has got in the ring.  They exchange blows until Raines ducks one and goes for a drop kick and connects as Sabin turns around to face him, knocking Sabin on his back.  Raines goes for the cover, only getting a one count.  Both men get up, exchanging blows and a few hip tosses between the two.  The match is later slowed down as out of nowhere Sabin hits Raines with a DDT, going for the cover, getting a two.  Raines rolls out of the ring, and Sabin off the rop, runs to the other and jumps over, catching Raines' head with his legs and hits an amazing hurrancarana.  Later in the match, Sabin irishwhips Raines into the ropes, going for a big back body drop, but ducked to early, Raines catched him with a DDT.  Raines signals to the crowd its all over, the crowd boos, he goes to the top rope and hits the Moonsault press, covers Sabin 1...2...3, it's over!  Raines music hits as he demands the ref to raise his hand.  He then leans against the ropes to rest a little, then leaves the ring.

Winner: Michael Raines

Prazak:  A very immpresive win for Michael Raines, that's two in two weeks against Sabin, but at least a fair end.

Alicia:  That's just the tip of the iceberg for the Featherweight action here in WCU

Prazak:  Very true, the best lightweights are right here!  But we've got Jon Ian back stage, he's with Chavo Guerrero!

Ian:  Chavo, for the last couple of weeks, you have been victim to some unprovoked attacks from the New Revolution.

Chavo:  It's obvious they are trying to make a name for themselves, they've not been in WCU that long.  Well they say it's 'nothing personal', well, I'm going to make it personal! (crowd cheers)  Tonight, right here on Innovated! I challenge anyone from the New Revolution to come and face me in the ring, and I will show just how personal I can make it!

With that said, Chavo walks away with Jon Ian having a Wow sort of look on his face

We come back to ringside as the returning Joel Maximo's music hits, quite cheers from the crowd turns to boos as he appears from the back, still holding the ripped up American flag he had before his injury

Prazak:  Well it doesn't look like Maximo has changed much, it still seems he's anti-USA, I can't understand him!

Alicia:  He's so pathetic

The boos suddenly turn to cheers as the Junior Featherweight champion, Eric Cobain's music hits and he tags the crowd and gets a decent reception

WCU Junior Featherewight Title

Eric Cobain© vs Joel Maximo

As usual, Eric Cobain offers a handshake to Maximo, Maximo seems to offer one back, but he pulls Cobain in and clotheslines him, knocking him to the ground and starts stomping away at Cobain, then Maximo goes down on one knee and starts hitting some thunderous blows to the head.  He then gets back on to both feet, posing to a booing crowd.  Maximo doesn't realise Cobain is back on his feet, as Maximo turns around, Cobain hits a spinning heel kick, Cobain for the cover, 1...2...no, Maximo kicks out, rushes to his feet, goes for a clothesline, which Cobain ducks, both run against the opposite ropes, Maximo catches Cobain with a mid-air clothesline.  Maximo quickly goes to the top rope, waits for Cobain to rise and hits a cross-body, Cobain rolls through and counters 1...2...and Maximo kicks out.  Gets up quick and hits a dropkick on Cobain.  Maximo hits a standing senton, stays in position for the cover, 1...2. and again the kick out, this time from Cobain.  Later in the match, Maximo in complete control hits a very good leg drop from the top rope, 1...2..oh that was 2 and nine tenths, Cobain manages to kick out.  Maximo covers again;

Prazak:  He's using his feet for leverage on the second rope!!

Somehow, Cobain kicks out. Maximo seems to have had enough, he leaves the ring, snatches the Junior Featherweight belt from the timekeeper, brings it into the ring and looks ready to use it!  The ref snatches it off him in the nick of time, Maximo shouts at the ref, then turns and another spin kick from Cobain, he goes to the top rope, MOONSAULT..Cover 1...2...3! Cobain wins again!!  He climbs each turnbuckle with his title in hand, getting a good reaction from the crowd

Winner: Eric Cobain

Prazak:  Joel Maximo got exacly what he deserved, he tried to use the belt on Cobain!

Alicia:  Cobain has succesfully defended his title again! No-one gave him any hope of being a decent champion, he turning into one in my opinion

Prazak: As usual, I can't disagree with you!

Alicia:  You don't want to!

Prazak:  I don't want to either! Anyway, back stage Jon Ian is with the New Revolution.

Ian:  Thank David, you requested this time?

The 5 members of the New Revolution stand there, leader Anthony Bartlett Jr at the front with Shannon Moore, Taka Michinoku, Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker

Bartlett:  So, Chavo, your challenging anybody from us for a match tonight, well we execpt your challenge, but you did forget to mention how many of us you wanted to face.  We thought about it, and since Elix and Matt have a number one contenders match this Tuesday for the tag titles, they need a little warm-up match, so tonight, it will be Chavo Guerrero vs Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker in a handicap match!  C'mon guys, lets go.

All members walk off

We stay backstage and we see the WCU World Tag Team Champions, Monty Brown and Crimson, Crimson looks like a cross between the Undertaker and a masked Kane, nobody knows much about him, but since teaming up with the Alpha Male, Monty has been trying his best to get through to him and seems to be making some progress

Monty:  So I've just got off the phone to Erik Watts and he says we've got the night off on Tuesday, so do you wanna turn up and see how our oppontents will be at Firehouse or do you wanna go to a bar?

Crimson shruggs his shoulders

Monty:  How about going to a bar?  We've never had a night out, I wanna see what your like outside of wrestling

Crimson nods his head

Monty: Alright then I'll make some arrangements!!

Monty smiled as he left the room with Crimson just standing there

Alicia:  Looks like a night out for Monty and Crimson, I wish I was going

Prazak: You have work to do Tuesday

Alicia: Ah well!

Jeremy Lopez's music hits at this point

Jeremy Lopez vs Billy Kidman

They both start by eying each other up until Kidman pushes Lopez, Lopez pushes Kidman back which knocks Kidman to the floor, Kidman gets back up and attempts to give Lopez a right hand, Lopez blocks and kicks Kidman in the gut and gives Kidman a DDT, looking for a quick win, gets a two count.  Kidman seems to have shaken the DDT off now and they both exchange right hands with each other, before Kidman gets the upper hand until Lopex then gets the upper hand, goes against the ropes and Kidman gets a knee up and hits Lopez in the gut which knocks Lopez to the floor.  Kidman waits for Lopez to get up and hits a standing drop kick and hits a leg drop, cover 1....2...no, just a two count from the ref.  Later in the match.  Kidman hits a suplex on Lopez, goes to the top rope and looks to hit the shooting start press, here it goes.....oh! Lopez moves out of the way, Lopez waits for Kidman to stand here it comes.......the Rocker Dropper on Kidman, this match is over, 1...2...3.  Jeremy Lopez celebrates as his music plays.

Winner: Jeremy Lopez

Prazak:  A great win for Jeremy Lopez, it puts the former champ up the ladder for the World Feathweight title

Alicia:  A superb win for Jeremy, but it's time for an exclusive interview with the WCU All-American Heavyweight champion, Suave Polshaw

Jon Ian:  Suave, this past week we leaned that at WCU Firehouse on Pay-Per-View, it will be you against Big J for your All-American title.

Suave:  All week I've had people coming upto me, saying this is the biggest match of my career, this man ways in at around the 400lbs mark, well to be honest, maybe they're right, but the way I see it, all he is, is Rany Ortons BITCH!!  (Suave gets a HUGE pop from the crowd)  Randy calls and he comes running, you see Big J's mind will not be on this match at Firehouse, no...no, it will be on Randy Orton's match against Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight title, his mind will be maing sure Randy's coffee isn't too hot, he'll be making sure his head is at the right angle to stick up Randy's ASS! (Another pop from the crowd)  Seriously though, I'm going to have to go into this match with a different strategy, a lot of my moves, as you know Jon, mostly involve picking my opponent off the ground, but that guy maybe a bit too big for me, so I'm going to challenge for this Tuesday on No reSiStance a match against Abyss to really test myself, maybe Abyss doesn't way as much, but I always prepare!

Prazak: Strong words from Suave Polshaw and what a match that would be, Suave Polshaw vs Abyss!! Will it happen this Tuesday?

Chavo Guerrero's music hits

Prazak: Well it's time for the 2-on-1 handicap match, Chavo goes up against Skipper and Stryker of the New Revolution

Chavo Guerrero vs Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker

The match begins with Chavo in the ring as Skipper and Stryker are on the outside, they decide to go around to opposite ends of the ring, Chavo will have to be careful, Stryker attemps to come in the ring but Chavo runs over and stops him, but Skipper runs in with a shot to the back, this gives time for Stryker to get into the ring and the 2-on-1 assault begins.  They double irishwhip Chavo into the turnbuckle and both start with left and right shots, nailing Chavo until he goes down into the position if your about to get a bronco buster, they start stomping Chavo until the referee breaks it up and tells Skipper to get out of the ring, Skipper obeys and stands in position for whenever a tag is nessessary.  Stryker pcks up Chavo and irishwhips him into the opposite turnbuckle and runs up wth a jumping big splash, Chavo seems dazed on his feet, Stryker dropkicks him and Chavo soon falls down.  It seems like Chavo could be in for one hell of a beating.  Stryker sits on Chavo's chest, lifts his head with his left hand and starts giving thunderous right hands to the temple of Chavo.  The ref counts to 4 and Stryker gets off and tags in Skipper.  Skipper goes to the top rop and is successful with an elbow drop, Skipper covers, 1...2...Chavo kicks out!!  Skipper seems a little fustrated and starts stomping Chavo, he doesn't stop until the referee has to phyically break it up.  Chavo still seems dazed and trys to get to his feet.  Suddenly, they start exchanging blows and eventually Chavo gets the upper hand, kick to the mid section DDT!! This gives Chavo some time to catch his breath, both he and Skipper are down.  The ref starts the 10 count...Gets to 6 when Chavo is on his feet and Stryker has been tagged in, right hand by Chavo on Stryker, Skipper comes in, right hand on Skipper, another to Stryker, Skipper comes running over and Chavo counters sending him out of the ring, over the top rope, hits his head on the announce table and goes down, Chavo goes for a clothesline to Stryker, who ducks and hits the ref, Chavo turns aeound, ducks and hits a DDT.  Chavo is signaling the end as TAKA Michinoku comes running down the isle with a steel chair. whacks Chavo over the head, puts Stryker over him, wakes the ref, eventually the ref starts the count, slowly, 1.....................

Prazak: KICK OUT...


Prazak: KICK OUT.....


Prazak: DAMN IT!

Winners: Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker

TAKA comes back into the ring and starts stomping away at Chavo before Stryker and Skipper join in.  TAKA signals to Skipper and Stryker to pick Chavo up, they obey.  They hold an arm each, and another shot with the steel chair.  TAKA lays the chair down on the mat, lifts Chavo up and hits a Michinoku Driver on the steel chair.  The New Revolution's music plays as TAKA, Skipper and Stryker stand in a line holding their arms in the air.

Prazak: Damn them, that was uncalled for, we've ran out of time ladies and gentleman, tune into No ReSiStance this Tuesday on Paramount, Damn them!

As the WCU copyright sign appears and dissapears within 5 seconds, we fade to black.

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We've recieved word that Chris Sabin has be demoted from a midcarder to a lower midcarder, WCU officials say this is a temperary thing and that they have furture plans for Sabin

Innovated! scored a 0.75 rating on the Playboy channel

No reSiStance Preview

After last wednesday on Inpublic, the contract signing took place between Chris Jericho and Randy Orton for a match for the WCU World Heavyweight title at Firehouse, it ended with Jericho being RKO'd through the table, both will be in the house this Tuesday

Doyle Canada, the manager for Abyss has accepted the challenge from Suave Polshaw for a match on no reSiStance, under the condition that the WCU All-American Heavyweight title will be on the line, Suave has accepted to this term.

Brock Lesnar will issue an open challenge to anyone to show Eric Watts a 'preview' at what he is in for at Firehouse.

Also Alter Boy Matthew, Juvi Guerrera, Chris Benoit, Jay Reso and more will be there this Tuesday

All this plus so much more, this Tuesday on No reSiStance....

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A decent start considering it was a B-show like you said.

I prefer created promotions to the WWE stuff so I'll be reading if you keep it going.

Only thing I can't get my head around is Crimson being a cross between Undertaker and a masked Kane, but that's probably due to the alcohol running through my vains as I type this. (Y)

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Only thing I can't get my head around is Crimson being a cross between Undertaker and a masked Kane, but that's probably due to the alcohol running through my vains as I type this. (Y)

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WCU no reSiStance

The opening credits appear, followed by the pyros going off.  The no reSiStance stage is mostly red, the titontron is a sideways long, equalatral triangle pointing left, around 8 feet above the stage.  The ring apron is red, with the WCU logo on two sides and the no reSiStance logo on the other two sides, the ropes are also red.

Announcers: Jon Ian and Alicia Webb

Ian: We are less than three weeks away from Firehouse on Pay-Per-View, hello everyone, I'm Jon Ian, as always along side Alicia Webb.  The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho is expected here later on after being sent through a table via an RKO by Randy Orton, Randy is here tonight, also the WCU All-American title will be on the line as the champ, Suave Polshaw, will go one-on-one with the monster Abyss

Alicia:  Buts thats not the match Abyss is in tonight!

Ian:  That's right! Abyss will be teaming up with Russ McCullough tonight in the 4-team elimination match for the right to face Monty Brown and Crimson at Firehouse for the World Tag Team Titles!

With that said the New Revolutions music hits and out comes Matt Stryker and Elix Skipper as we are ready for the 4-team elimination match

Ian:  The rules for this match, two men in the ring at the same time, they can tag anyone in except the partner of your opponant in the ring.  When a person is pinned or made to submit, counted out or disqualified, then both members of that team are eliminated

Number One Contenders Match For The WCU World Tag Team Titles

Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker vs The Distruction (Abyss and Russ McCullough) w/Doyle Canada vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs Billy Dream and Jeremy Lopez

The match begins with Abyss and Charlie Haas, Abyss gets the upper hand after an exchange of blows, eventually clotheslining Haas, nearly knocking his head off, suddenly Abyss leaves the ring, the rest of the match participants look confused, including McCullough, Abyss grabs a steel chair, brings it back into the ring, McCullough is shouting 'what are you doing?'  Abyss nails Charlie Haas with the chair, the ref calls for the bell, Shelton runs into the ring, he gets nailed.  Abyss leaves the ring, McCullough follows, asking Abyss the questions, Doyle Canada seems to know what was going to happen as he has a smerk on his face.

Ring Announcer: Abyss and Russ McCullough have been eliminated via a disqualification

Quickly Matt Stryker runs into the ring and pins Haas, the ref has to count, as he was the first person in since the elimination, he is the lagal man! 1......2.....3!!  Can you believe it! Another elimination already, after a very hard shot from Abyss, Charlie Haas has been pinned

Ian: I really don't think that Charlie Haas knows where he is!

Alicia: He's been knocked into next week!

Shelton Benjamin, only now coming to, didn't get hit as hard with the chair helps Haas out of the ring

Ring Announcer: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have been eliminated

Ian: We are already down to two teams, we've only been going a few minutes!

We are now left with Matt Stryker/Elix Skipper and Billy Dream/Jeremy Lopez.  Billy Dream and Matt Stryker are now in the ring as this becomes a 2-on-2, they circle the ring, then grapple up, Dream twists the arm of Stryker,  before Stryker rolls out, they then exchange hiptosses and roll up pins, getting the two counts between the two, the crowd applauds as they both get to their feet.  Stryker holds his right arm in the air as he signals to Dream to have another grapple, but Stryker kicks Dream in the midsection and hits a DDT, then poses to the crowd before tagging in Elix Skipper, Skipper starts off by stomping Dream, before picking him up and irshwhips him into the corner and starts with right hands, the referee has to physically break it up, Skipper holds up his arms as if to say OK.  He then smacks Dream with another right arm.  He then climbs to the second rope with Dream still stuck in the corner and hits a hurrancarana.  Skipper quickly goes into the cover, 1....2.... oh, just in time Billy Dream kicks out.  Skipper is on his knees with his hands on his hips.  He then lifts Dream up, Irishwhips him into the rops and hits a perfect dropkick, goes for the cover again, only getting a two.  He picks Dream up, holding him as he tags in Stryker.  Stryker kicks him in the midsection as Skipper still has hold of him.  Stryker then goes to work on Dream, hitting lefts and rights, Dream desperatly needs a tag.  Stryker continues with these shots, backing Dream into the ropes, he then Irishwhips Dream into the other ropes, goes for a kick, Dream avoids, goes into the other ropes and hits a desperate spinning heel kick.  Both men are down, this could be the break Dream makes to get the tag to Lopez.  The ref starts the 10 count, Dream starts to struggle his way to Lopez, Lopez has his arm stretched out, desperate to get in.  Stryker also struggles his way to Skipper.  They both make the tag at the same time, the crowd cheers as Jeremy Lopez gets in!  Right hand to Skipper, Stryker gets up, right hand to Stryker, dropkick to Skipper, dropkick to Stryker, flying clothesline to Skipper, Stryker comes running, Lopez telegraphs it and sends Stryker out of the ring, the crowd is making themselves heard!!  Skipper then hits a forearm to the back of Lopez while his back was turned, Irishwhip countered by Lopez, shot to the midsection on the return, attemped the Rockerdropper, signalling it to the crowd, Stryker then gets up, getting the attention of the ref.  Shannon Moore comes down, getting the attention of Billy Dream! Low Blow by Skipper on Lopez!!  Lopez goes straight to the ground, Skipper covers, Stryker graps the legs of Lopez so he can't kick out, the ref doesn't notice!! 1....2.....3!!

Winners: Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker

Ian:  That is just not right, damn the New Revolution, cheating to win AGAIN!!

Alicia: However you look at it Jon, they are going to face Monty and Crimson at Firehouse

Ian: Yes well, I hope they realise what they've got themselves in for with men like the tag champs

Alicia:  Speaking of them two, they've gone for a night out tonight!!

We cut to a bar, where we see Monty Brown watching the silent TV in the corner.

Monty:  Look at that Crimson, looks like we've got Matt Stryker and Elix Skipper at Firehouse, don't stand a chance do they? Crimson? Crimson?

Monty turns around and sees Crimson centred in a circle full of gorgeous girls dancing, Monty can't make out what Crimson is doing, he walks over and has a look and sees Crimson attempting to Break dance - badly!  Monty just smiles and walks back to his stool.

We cut back to the areana

Alicia:  Looks like Crimson is having a good time!

Ian:  A couple of dance lessons won't go a miss!

Both Jon Ian and Alicia Webb laugh a little

Alter Boy Matthew's music hits and he joins Jon Ian and Alicia Webb on commentary.

Alicia: So, what do we owe this pleasure?

Matthew:  Well being the World Featherweight champion, it's right to scout your oppontant, and that's all I'm here for!

Suddenly TAKA Michinoku's music hits at this point

Matthew: You see, he would be a worthy oppontant for my title, I've been champion for seven months, it's about time I had an opponant like him

TAKA Michinoku vs Juvi Guerrera

Juvi can hardly keep his eyes of Alter Boy Matthew as this match gets underway, he exchanges verbal abuse with Matthew, this allows TAKA to get in a cheap shot from behind and this match is under way, a few right hands from TAKA, then Irishwhips Juvi into the ropes, a flying clothesline from Juvi, who gets straight to his feet and gets a pop from the crowd.

Matthew:  That's Juvi's problem, he likes to pose to these people, maybe it's the only cheap thill they get in their misirable life, but he should concentrate on the match!

Juvi is now in complete control over TAKA, TAKA is back on the mat as Juvi goes to the second rope and hits a legdrop, goes for the cover, only getting a two count.  Juvi, a little fustrated, takes a moment, TAKA rolls out of the ring for a breather, turns out to be a big mistake as Juvi runs onto the top rope, and hits a flying crossbody, knocking TAKA down, Juvi, putting his body on the line gets hurt aswell, the ref starts the count 1....2.....3....4......5, the crowds counts along as both men end up back in the ring, squaring up to each other, exchanging blows, before TAKA hits his knee into the gut of Juvi, then runs onto the ropes and hits a hurrancarana on Juvi, goes for the cover, 1.............2.........KICK OUT!!  TAKA in complete fustration, nearly takes it out on the ref, this gives Juvi some time and again they are equal, exchanging blows, it seems that Juvi has got the upperhand until TAKA ducks under one and kicks Juvi in the back of the head, knocking Juvi down on his front.  TAKA goes to the top rope, attempting a moonsault on his back, flying through the air, he hits it!  Turns Juvi over, 1.......2.........OH MY GOD, HOW DID JUVI KICK OUT!!??!!  TAKA now in complete fustration, the ref gives TAKA one last chance, threatening to disqualifing him!  For almost a full minute TAKA was complaining ,Juvi had now almost fully recovered and goes back to work on an unsuspecting TAKA, now gets in full control of him, powerslam on TAKA, Juvi, singaling the end, goes to the top rope.

Ian: Wheres Alter Boy going?

Alter Boy Matthew leaves the announce table and pushes Juvi off the top rope with TAKA distracting the ref, TAKA uses this time to hit the Michinoku driver, cover 1....2......3! It's over!!

Winner: TAKA Michinoku

Matthew gets in the ring with his World Featherweight title, TAKA holds Juvi up and is ready to nail him with the belt.  The crowd suddenly cheers and Chavo Guerrero runs down to the ring, TAKA and Matthew run for cover sa Chavo slides into the ring, he tends to a recovering Juvi whilst staring a hole in Matthew and TAKA, who both have a smile on their face!

Ian: Damn that Alter Boy Matthew!  Juvi had the match won, thank god Chavo Guerrero came down to help him!

Alicia: Did Juvi have it won though?  TAKA may have moved out of the way!!

Ian: You know he did!

We now see a video, showing previews of Firehouse, mainly focusing on the match between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight title.

Back to ringside, Jay Reso's music hits and he comes down to the ring, getting a huge pop from the crowd

Reso:  Last Wednesday on Inpublic, I was in a match against Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit cost me that match!  You see Chris, I'm not a forgiving person, at All Out Assault, you got yourself intentionally disquailified to keep the Canadian title.  The rematch gets signed and you want to take me out before Firehouse, you know and all the peeps know that you can't beat me Benoit!  I know that you will get yourself disqualified again, so that's why I've took the time to see Erik Watts, and at Firehouse it's going to be Jay Reso vs Chris Benoit for the WCU Canadian title in a NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH

Chris Benoit's music hits, he walks down and into the ring, carring the WCU Canadian title plenty of boos from the crowd, Benoit gets the microphone, seems to be about to say something, drops the microphone and hits Reso over the head with the title belt.

Benoit:  That IS no disqualifications

Benoit's music starts up again and he leaves the ring with Reso out cold, Benoit walks up on the stage, turns around and holds up the WCU Canadian title

Ian:  What a cheap shot, this is all about respect for Benoit, he's not going to get it like that!!

We now seeing the 'don't try this at home' video

We come back to ringside and Brock Lesnars music plays

Ian: Brock Lesnar has challenged anyone in the back to match tonight to show Erik Watts what he is going to do to him at Firehouse

Lesnar:  At Firehouse Erik, me and you are going to do it one more time, but when somebody costs me the chance to be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title, a one-on-one match isn't good enough, I've been thinking about this all week, I'm going to challenge you to a match that I'm not even sure about, I'm challenging you to a JAPANESE DEATH MATCH

Ian: OH MY GOD!! Can we do that here is WCU?

Alicia: I don't know

Ian: That is one the most if not the most brutle match in proffesional wrestling, that was too hardcore for ECW!!

Lesnar:  Now get my oppontant out here

Calgary Christmas comes out of the back and Lesnar just smiles as he walks down the isle

Brock Lesnar vs Calgary Christmas

Christmas runs into the ring and starts with right hands to Lesnar, seems to have the upper hand, but Lesnar pushes him to the ground, Christmas tries again, but again fails, Calgary Christmas, may have just made a big mistake.  Christmas comes off the ropes and Lesnar catches him in an F5 position, and BAM a HUGE F5 by Lesnar, this is over already, 1.....2.........3

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Ian:  It's over already, a quick win for Lesnar, how long was that?  Not even a minute

Brock Lesnar gets a microphone

Lesnar:  Now Erik, I'm going to show you a little taste of what I'm going to do to you at Firehouse!

As Calgary gets to his feet, Lesnar uses the microphone on his head to knock him back down, this has busted Christmas open. He's bleeding from the head.  Lesnar leaves the ring and gets a steel chair, brings it into the ring and smacks Christmas over the head with it, Calgary's head sandwiched between canvass and chair.  Lesnar places the chair on the ground, picks Christmas up and hits another huge F5 on the chair!!


Erik Watts comes runniing down to the ring, Lesnar picks up the chair, swings it towards Watts, Watts ducks and catches Lesnar by the throat, Lesnar drops the chair

Ian: He can't chokeslam Lesnar, Surley

Erik Watts has just hit a chokeslam on Brock Lesnar!!!  Erik picks up the microphone

Watts:  Japanese death match?  You say your not sure about it? I AM!!!

Ian: I think that means Erik Watts has accepted!!!!

Alicia: MY GOD!!

Ian: That is unbelievable, we've got David Prazak backstage now, he's with Suave Polshaw!

Prazak:  Thank you Jon, Suave you are just moments away from defending your All-American title against Abyss.

Suave: Yep, yep I am!..............................

Prazak:  Well....erm...

Suave: Nar im only joking Dave, your alright!  People are wondering why Abyss got himself disqualified in that tag match earlier, well isn't it obvious?  He wanted to keep himself fresh for me, well now that little 'mystery' is out of the way lets get to business.  I wanted this match tonight, and I got it, Abyss is a big nasty scary dude, he is, but tonight I am going to show what I do to big dudes, so Randy's bitch! Watch out cos it will be your turn next!

Ian:  Well, Suave Polshaw vs Abyss for the All-American title is NEXT!!!

We go back to the bar scene with Monty Brown sat at the bar talking to the bartender, Monty gets a tap on his shoulder, he turns around and it's crimson with two gorgeous girls on each arm, one blonde, one brunette (how much would you love to be Crimson right now?)

Monty:  Hey Hey, looks like you got you a couple of honeys!! HAHA, good on yer man! Shame I'm married!! Don't tell my wife I said that hey! Have a good time man, I'll see you at Inpublic tomorrow right?

Crimson nods his head and leaves with girls.

We come back to ringside and Abyss' music hits

WCU All-American Heavyweight Title

Suave Polshaw© vs Abyss

Suave runs straight in with a tackle and takes Abyss straight to the ground and Suave starts with the right hands on the monster, Abyss eventually manages to fight Suave off him, but Suave goes straight back with the right hands.  This time Abyss shoves him off for good this time, Abyss gets back to his feet.  The two now exchange right hands in the centre of the ring before Suave gets the upperhand, he runs off the ropes, oh Abyss is looking for the Black Hole Slam, Suave counters and hits a tornado DDT!! Suave goes for the early cover 1.....2....kick out from Abyss.  Suave picks up Abyss and kicks and punches him until he is backed into a corner turnbuckle.  Suave starts the Ric Flair chops, getting a WHOOOOOOOO from the crowd after everyone, but Abyss seems to be shrugging them off, doing his standard pose after each one, Abyss grabs Suave by the neck and throws him into the coner and hits left and rights on Suave, Irishwhips him into the other corner and a running splash sends Suave down on the mat.  Suave slowely gets to his feet and tastes a powerslam as Abyss looks like getting into control.  He hits Suave with a standing leg drop, only getting a two from the pin.  Suave again slowely gets to his feet and takes a big boot from from Abyss, sending him back down.  Abyss picks suave up and hits a back drop.

Ian: Where's Abyss going?

Abyss is going to the second rope and is succesful with  another legdrop, cover 1........2.......thr NO Suave kicks out and this match continues.  Abyss picks Suave up, but Suave breaks free and starts hitting right hands on Abyss, right hand after right hand, Suave goes against the ropes and OH MY GOD IT'S OVER!! Abyss has just hit a HUGE Black Hole Slam on Suave, cover 1.....2......thr NO NO NO Suave has kicked out AGAIN.

Ian:  I Can't believe it, has anyone ever kicked out of that move before??

A fustrated Abyss picks Suave up and goes for another Black Hole Slam and again Suave counters into another tornado DDT, both men are down, this is Suave's chance as the crowd chants 'Polshaw' he has bought himself some vital time.  After the ref gets to a seven count, both men are back to their feet and exchange blows, Suave gets the upperhand, but Abyss goes for a clothesline to suprise Suave, Suave ducks, goes behind Abyss and hits a back drop!!

Ian: He's lifted Abyss off the ground!!

Suave is now signalling the end of the match, he is signaling the Suave Breaker (It's like an inverted RKO) he's hit it!!! Cover by Suave 1........2.........no ABYSS KICKS OUT!! Suave is signaling another one, waits for Abyss to get to his feet and he hits it again!!!! Surely this time it's over 1.....2......3!!! Suave wins!!!

Winner: Suave Polshaw

Big J comes running down the ring with a steel chair and smacks Suave over the head with it, buting him wide open.  He picks suave up and powerbombs him, in position for Big J to go to the top rope, he goes up and hits the big splash on Suave

Ian: Somebody stop this please!!

Abyss gets to his feet and starts stomping away at Suave, Big J joins in.  Eventually, Big J places the steel chair down, folded out ready to sit on and tells Abyss to Black Hole Slam him on it, Abyss whips Suave into the ropes and BAM! A Black Hole Slam on the Chair, at this point, Big J graps a microphone

Big J:  You call me Randy Orton's bitch?  Well YOUR MY BITCH

Ian:  That is uncalled for, get him out of here

Big J's music hits and he holds his arms out whilst Abyss just stares at Suave

........A video is played hyping Firehouse........

We go backstage to the parking lot where David Prazak is stood with a microphone as a limo pulls in,  Chris Jericho comes out with the title in hand to a huge pop from the crowd.  Wearing an un-buttoned shirt, you can see he has his ribs taped up from last Wednesdays attack by Randy Orton

David:  Chris....Chris, can I have a few words

Jericho:  OK Daivd, just a few  I AM GOING DOWN TO THAT RING

Huge screams from the crowd at this point

Ian: Jericho's on his way out here

Alicia: Time for the champ!!

Chirs Jericho's music plays and out comes the WCU World Heavyweight Champion to the biggest cheer of the night from the crowd, no posing, it's all business for the champ, he walks down to the ring, gets in and grabs a microphone

Jericho:  Last Wednesday on Inpublic, I got sent through a table by Randy Orton, a guy trying to get my attention, well done junior, you got it, now get your ass down to this ring, I'm not going anywhere till you do!

After a couple of minutes Randy Orton's music hits to boos from the crowd, with a microphone in hand, Randy Stays on the stage

Orton:  No Jericho, I wasn't trying to get your attention, you see I can get anyones attention anytime I want, simply because I'm Randy Orton.  The reason I did what I did was to remind you just who in the hell I am!  If you want another reminder Jericho, just say the word!

Jericho: RANDY ORTON.........COME ON DOWN!

Jericho invites Randy into the ring, Randy starts to make his way, taking off his shirt in the process, so does Jericho.  He slides in the ring and we have a brawl on our hands, rights and lefts exchanged, Jericho graps Randy by the throwt, throwing him straight to the ground, but Jericho won't realise the chock hold, Randy ends up fighting him off and blows are exchanged again.  Suddenley a knee to the rips of Jericho by Orton and Orton hits another RKO!! Randy goes outside the ring and grabs a chair, waits for Jericho to get back up and rams the steel chair into the ribs of Jericho, referees and officials come running down to the ring as Jericho is hurt, Randy ends up leaving the ring with a smerk on his face

Ian:  Randy may have got the best of Jericho tonight, but this is far from over, Jericho is badly hurt, ladies and gentleman, we've gotta go, tune into Inpublic tomorrow night!!

The WCU copyright sign appears in the corner as we fade to black

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Thanks for the reply, glad you enjoyed the show, I'll do my best to get rid of the typos (Y)


WCU Officials and owner, Paul Thomason, have told Brock Lesnar and Erik Watts that their proposed match at Firehouse is under consideration due to the amount of violance this match carries, they will make their decision next week.

Rumours are floating around that the weekly flagship television show 'no reSiStance' my temperary go off the air as WCU want a bigger network to carry the show, the highest rating the show has ever drawn on the Paramount network is 3.15, whilst a show on the same level 'Inpublic' gets on average a 7.5 rating on NBC.  This as yet to be confirmed by WCU

no reSiStance drawn a 2.89 rating this week on Paramount

Inpublic Preview

On Inpublic this week, we will see Chavo Guerrero and Juvi Guerrera team up to face the WCU World Featherweight champion Alter Boy Matthew and TAKA Michinoku.

Both Chris Jericho and Suave Polshaw are not scheduled to appear due to injuries sustained at the hands of respective members of the A* Alliance.

Crimson is going to go one-on-one with Elix Skipper.

Erik Watts and Brock Lesnar are going to plead their case for the WCU officials to allow the Japanese death match take place at Firehouse on Pay-Per-View

All this and more this Wednesday on Inpublic..........

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WCU Poll

Should the WCU officials allow a Japanese death match take place between Erik Watts and Brock Lesnar at the WCU Firehouse Pay-Per-View?



Please Answer, also, if you like, give an explination for your answer

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The opening credits start, we cut to the arena as the pyros go off.  The arena looks sold out tonight, the stage is mostly in a red colour, the titontron, about 8 feet above the stage is in a diamond shape.  The ring is mostly red, the apron is red with blue writing saying WCU on two sides and Inpublic on the other two sides, it also has red ropes

Announcers: Jon Ian and Enygma

Ian: Hello everybody and welcome to WCU Inpublic, and what a night we have for you tonight!

Enygma: That's right Jon, Erik Watts and Brock Lesnar will plead their case for a Japanese death match at Firehouse.

Ian:  Also a big featherweight tag team match as Juvi Guerrera teams up with Chavo Guerrero to take on the World Featherweight champ Alter Boy Matthew and TAKA Michinoku!

The Music of the A* Alliance hits and out come Randy Orton, Big J, Abyss, Russ McCollough, Jackie and Doyle Canada

Ian: Here come the A* Alliance, last night on no reSiStance, Randy and Big J injured Chris Jericho and Suave Polshaw, them two are not here tonight with the injuries sustained, but should be back this Tuesday

Orton: Last night on no reSiStance, the A* Alliance shown everyone what happens when somone gets in our way!  We took out Chris Jericho, the so called Heavyweight Champion of the World and the All-American champ, Suave Polshaw.  Well if they can't make it to a show after teeny tiny little injuries, what sort of champions are they?  All I can say is that it's a good job that after Firehouse, Big J will be the All-American champ and I, Randy Orton will be the WCU World Heavyweight Champion!

At this point, Randy poses and the crowd boos

Orton: You can boo all you want, the fact is that what I'm saying is true and the two guys who you cheer for night in night out and nothing but frauds!  And at Firehouse you will witness the first ever three time WCU World Heavyweight Champion, and Jericho, I know your watching at home, so listen and listen closely.......

All of a sudden, Jeremy Lopez' music hits and out he comes along with Billy Dream and they stand on the stage

Lopez: Randy, why don't you for one second just SHUT THE HELL UP!!

Big pop from the crowd, Randy has a confused look on his face wondering why Lopez and Dream are out here

Lopez: Me and William were in the back listening to you go on with yourself, every week you do this, you come out, run your mouth, go back to your luxery dressing room, eat posh food, get in your limo and go home and very rarely have a wrestling match, whilst people like me and William get in that ring everyday and bust our ass, but yet we share a dressing room with ten other guys and get way smaller paychecks, and we're just sick to death of you coming out here rather gloating at putting someone on the shelf or moaning and moaning!

Orton: Listen little man....

Lopez: NO YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR A CHANGE, tonight in this ring, myself and William want a match against you and your BITCH Big J

Big J goes to leave the ring and wants run up to Lopez and Dream, Randy stops him.

Orton: Alright then, tonight it will be the WCU World Heavyweight Champion elect, Randy Orton and the WCU All-American Heavyweight Champion elect, Big J against Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream!  You have yourself a match, and you can bet your ass that you will end up where Jericho and Polshaw are right now, but for much, much longer!

Lopez: Maybe so, we know you can't win a match without cheating, bear that in mind!

With that Lopez' music hits and they have a stare down

Ian: What a main event tonight, Randy Orton and Big J vs Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream

Enygma: Do Lopez and Dream know what the hell they've got themselves into, Big J and Orton are going to treat 'em lke they're Chris Jericho and Suave Polshaw!

.........Don't try this a home video plays..........

Elix Skippers music hits

Ian: Well last night Elix Skipper and Matt Stryker won the 4-team elimination tag match to become number one contenders for the World Tag Team titles, but tonight Elix will go one-on-one with Crimson!

The lights go out into total darkness, suddenly you can hear the sound of thunder and see the special effect lightening, then the gothic music plays and out comes one half of the world tag team champions

Crimson vs Elix Skipper

Crimson is stood in the ring whilst Skipper is walking around the outside, seems afraid to get in.  Skipper tries to get in but Crimson is waiting to pray on Skipper which puts Skipper off trying to get in, eventually Crimson walks to the opposite side of the ring and offers Skipper the chance to get in.  Skipper slowly gets in the ring, not taking his eyes off Crimson.  He then runs up to Crimson attempting a clothesline, which fails, it doesn't budge Crimson, Skipper tries again, and again Crimson doesn't budge, Crimson points Skipper to the ropes, signaling him to try again, this time Crimson takes one step backwards.  Skipper goes to try again, but gets a big boot from Crimson.  Crimson picks Skipper up and looks as now he is in complete control, I don't think Skipper knows where he is!  Crimson Irishwhips Skipper into the turnbuckle and a running splash by Crimson, Skipper falls straight to the mat.  Crimson puts Skipper in place for a powerbomb, lifts him up, Skipper tries to counter with a hurrancarana, but Crimson has too much power and lifts Skipper back up and slams him down for a huge powerbomb.  At this point, Matt Stryker comes running down the ring with a steel chair, gets in and goes to blast Crimson, but Crimson puts a boot up into the chair and it hits Stryker in the head.  Crimson turns around and sees Skipper running towards him, Crimson graps him and puts him in position for the Samoan Driver and he hits it! 1...2....3!! A comfortable win for Crimson, he celebrates with the crowd for a while, but doesn't realise that Skipper and Stryker have got up, with a chair each, Crimson now in the centre of the ring and Skipper and Stryker both on each side with chair in hand.  Sunddenly Monty Brown comes running down, Skipper and Stryker don't notice as they prepere to hit Crimson, Crimson points to Monty, Skipper and Stryker turn around and Monty hits a double clothesline, they both drop the chair and roll out the ring as Crimsons music hits, Monty lifts his arm with one hand and points to him with the other whilst playing to the crowd

Winner: Crimson

Ian: An Impressive display as always from Crimson, Skipper and Stryker better work out their strategy for Firehouse or they're gonna get the living hell beaten out of 'em.

Enygma: That's true, Crimson is different from any WCU superstar and it takes a lot to get the big man down, remember, he's only ever been pinned twice and never submitted in WCU, he been here now 16 months!

Ian: That is very impressive, but now backstage, we've got Erik Watts, pleading his case for a Japanese death match against Brock Lesnar at Firehouse

Watts: Ever since Brock Lesnar came into the WCU six weeks ago, I've had nothing but agro from him for just doing the right thing, he expected to just walk in here and be gifted a shot at the World Heavyweight title, I told him he had to earn it, just like everyone else in this company.  We had a match at All Out Assault which Lesnar won, thanks to the interference from Roddy Piper.  I don't think there is any shame losing to Lesnar, but when Piper comes out to help his boy it really pissed me off, so that's why I cost Lesnar the number one contenders match!  You see this is just business, a match like this, yes we will both get hurt, but it will be a match that will be remembered for a very long time.  It will go down in the same column as when Mick Foley fell from the top of the cell.  From a business point of view, this match will put buyrates through the roof.  I know Paul Thomason will be here next week in person to give the official decision, I'm pleading to let this match happen, it will be historic and it will only ever happen once in WCU, a big memorable moment is possible if you say YES!

Ian: Did he say what I thought he said?  The boss, Paul Thomason will be here in person next week!  He's never appeared on WCU television before!

Enygma:  Now that's historic!

Suddenly Jay Reso's music hits

Ian: Last night, Reso took a shot from the WCU Canadian title to the head last night at the hands of Chris Benoit, that's the reason for the band aid to the head.

Reso gets a huge pop from his peeps

Jay Reso vs Shannon Moore

The New Revolutions music hits, but there is no Shannon Moore, where is he?  Suddenly he appears behind Reso and takes him down with a shot to the head, at this point, the bell sounds and the match is underway, Moore stomps away at Reso before the ref tells him to stop, Moore goes back on to Reso, stomping away, gets to his knees and starts choking Reso.  This time the ref physically takes Moore off and gives him a warning, Reso gets to his feet, Moore starts with the forearms, before Reso blocks one and starts with right hands to Moore, one afer another, then sends Moore into the turnbuckle, he runs upto Moore, but Moore lifts his Legs up and a boot to the face of Reso, Moore gets to the second rope and hits a double axe handle, knocking Reso to the ground, cover only gets a two count.  Moore starts hitting right hands to the head exacly where the band aid is, he pulls the band aid off and carrys on hitting Reso.  The ref gives Moore a final warning, but it looks like Reso is hurt, Reso slowly gets to his feet as Moore kicks to the mid section, sends Reso into the ropes, goes for the big back bodydrop, but Moore ducks to early and Reso catches Moore and hits a DDT.  This gives Reso time to catch his breath, both men are down and the referee starts the ten count, gets to five before both men get to their feet, exchanging right hands before Reso gets the upper hand, goes into the ropes, but Moore catches him with a dropkick, goes for the cover, again only getting a two.  Moore picks up Reso and goes for a suplex, but Reso blocks it, Moore tries again, and yet again it's blocked by Reso, Reso counters and hits one on Moore, goes in for the cover, 1....2....no Moore kicks out!  Reso signals the match is over and sets Moore up for the Unprettier, but Moore manages to push Reso into the ropes and this time hits a big back bodydrop, sending Reso to the ground.  Powerslam by Moore, Moore goes to the top rope and goes for a leg drop, but Reso moves out of the way, Moore screams in pain, Reso sets Moore up for the Unprettier, this time, he hits it, this match is over, a three count from the pin, Reso's music is interupted by Chris Benoit's music and Benoit comes running down the ring with the Canadian title in hand, slides into the ring, goes to hit Reso in the head again!  Reson ducks and clotheslines Benoit into retreat, Reso offering Benoit to come back into the ring, but Benoit is having none of it and backs off, Reso winning this battle!

Winner: Jay Reso

Ian: Reso picks up the win and gets the better of Benoit tonight!

Enygma: Yeah, but I can guarentee that Chris Benoit will get the better of Reso when it comes to it at Firehouse

Ian: Well that's your opinion

Suddenly the arena is filled by the very beggining of the Michael Jackson song 'Can you feel it'

Can you feel it, can you feeeeeeeeel it CAN YOU FEEL IT

On the titontron it says ' 7 Weeks'

Ian: What the hell was that!

Enygma: I have no idea

Ian: Whats going to happen in 7 weeks?

Enygma: I guess we'll find out in 7 weeks

Suddenly Mercedez Martinez' music hits and the Women's Champion heads to the ring

Mercedez:  Im going to make this short and sweet cos it kills me to do this.  The womens division here is WCU is, well, to be honest, is pathetic.  There are only three active female conpetitors on the roster, so with Roddy Pipers blessing, I am going to step down as the WCU Women's Champion, the title will be suspended until the Womens division picks up again, You see I've gone 30 days without defending the title, under WCU rules I should be stripped of the title anyway, but I have been promised that I will be in the match to determine the new WCU Women's Champion once the division is deemed active again, thank you!

Mercedez music hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd

Ian: Wow, that is mighty big of her, but what she said is 100% true, we don't have the best womens division here

Enygma: So no more girl on girl action??

Ian: I guess not for a while!  We now have Brock Lesnar backstage, pleading his case for the Japanese death match at Firehouse against Erik Watts

Lesnar:  The only reason I'm in the WCU is to be the World Heavyweight champion, but I have a thorn in my side called Erik Watts.  So I see it as I would be killing two birds with one stone, you see I can get Erik out of my face and then there would be nothing in my way for me to become the World Heavyweight Champion, also being in a match this sadistic will get me noticed, which I've not been ever since coming here six weeks ago.  So I here Paul Thomason will be on Inpublic next week and get into that ring and give his decision, well if I were him I would say yes, you see Paul, ask Erik Watts what happens to people who don't do what I tell them to do!

Ian: Has Brock Lesnar just threatened the boss?

Enygma:  He's Brock Lesnar, he can do whatever he wants!

With that, TAKA Michinoku's music hits.

Chavo Guerrero and Juvi Guerrera vs Alter Boy Matthew and TAKA Michinoku

All four men are in the ring staring at each other, the referee orders two men to get out and stand on the apron, the match starts with TAKA and Juvi.  Both men grapple up with Juvi getting the upper hand, twisting the arm of TAKA, TAKA manages to rolls through and hip tosses Juvi, both men get to their feet and grapple up again, the same thing happens again, but with TAKA twisting the arm of Juvi, Juvi rolls through and hip tosses TAKA, again both men get to their feet on guard, and the crowd applauds these two featherweights.  Both men circle the ring, TAKA lifts his arm in the air, Juvi goes to grab it as they look to grapple up again, but TAKA kicks Juvi in the mid section, sets Juvi up and hits a suplex, goes for the cover, only getting a two count.  TAKA starts hitting Juvi with right hands, the ref gets to a four count before TAKA releases.  He picks Juvi up and sends him into the turnbuckle where Matthew is.  TAKA taunts Chavo who attemps to get into the ring, the ref comes running over to stop him, at this point Matthew gets into the ring and Matthew and TAKA both stomp away at Juvi, TAKA slaps his hands together to make a 'tag noise' and leaves the ring as it is now Altre Boy Matthew and Juvi.  Matthew carries on stomping away at Juvi, before picking him up and sends him into the ropes, Matthew ducks, Juvi goes into the opposite ropes, low bridge by TAKA sends Juvi out of the ring.  Matthew graps the attention of the ref as TAKA starts stomping away at Juvi, picks him up and smacks his head on the announce table before whipping him into the corner post, picks him up again and smacks his head into the announce table again, TAKA jumps back onto the apron and Matthew flies over the top rope and connects a cross-body on Juvi.  Both men are down, but Juvi is in a worse way.  The ref counts, gets to six before Juvi gets rolled into the ring by Matthew and Matthew follows him him and tags in his partner, TAKA, both men stay in the ring as they hit a double suplex Juvi, TAKA goes for the cover only managing to get a two count.  TAKA tries again, this time using the ropes for leverage, but somehow only a two count again, TAKA is a little fustrated and starts hitting right hands on Juvis skull.  Juvi is down and hurt.  TAKA goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Juvi, again only getting a two count, or more like 2 and nine tenths!  TAKA is getting really fustrated now and tags in the World Featherweight Champion.  Matthew starts stomping away at Juvi, he really needs to find his way to an impatiant Chavo Guerrero, who is desperate to get into the ring.  Matthew picks Juvi up and sends him into the ropes, Matthew goes for the clothesline, Juvi ducked underneath it, Matthew turns around and Juvi hits a perfectly executed dropkick, this is the perfect time for Juvi to get to Chavo and make the tag!  Both men are down, both crawling their way to their respective corners.  The tag is made to Chavo, the crowd cheers, Matthew tags in TAKA.  Chavo with a right hand to TAKA knocking him down, one to Matthew, another one on TAKA, shot to the midsection on Matthew and throws him out of the ring.  It's just Chavo and TAKA now, Chavo has the upperhand, Whips TAKA into the corner, Chavo looking for the flying splash, TAKA moves the ref in front of him and Chavo catches the ref, as Chavo tends to the fallen ref, TAKA is signalling to the ramp and Anthony Bartlett Jr and Shannon Moore come running down to the ring!  Moore has a steel chair and smacks Chavo over the head with it.  TAKA tells Bartlett and Moore to pick Chavo up, and TAKA then grabs Chavo and hits a Michinoku driver, Juvi has just come to and runs into the ring to aid Chavo, but also gets smacked by the steel chair.  Moore gets out of the ring, Bartlett wakes the referee, who starts counting slowly 1...............2..................3!! TAKA has pinned Chavo!  Moore and Bartlett get back into the ring, so does Alter Boy Matthew and it's now a four-on-two assault.  Matthew tells the other men to pick Juvi up, Matthew has the World Featherweight title in his hand and hits Juvi over the head with it, as soon as that happens the New Revolutions theme music hits, all men stand in a line lifting their arms up, celebrating the win

Winners: Alter Boy Matthew and TAKA Michinoku

Ian: That was a cowerdly assault, there was no need for that, and again, the New Revolution and Alter Boy Matthew cheating to win again, damn them

Enygma: Well in my opinion, Juvi should now realise he doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as Alter Boy Matthew, Alter Boy will wipe the floor with him at Firehouse in the ladder match!

Ian: Well you are intitled to your own opinion, but when it's one-on-one I think we may have a different result.

We go backstage to the A* Alliances locker room, all there except Alter Boy Matthew

Orton: People like Lopez and Dream don't deserve to be breathing the same air as me, why the hell did you exept that match big man?

Big J: It was you who exepted it Rand...

Orton: SHUT UP! We go out there, make quick work of it, them two little men want to step into my world?  They have made the biggest mistake of thier lives!!  Tonight big man, we don't just beat them, we beat them to an inch of their lives, remember this, look at them as they are Suave Polshaw and Chris Jericho!  C'mon, lets go, it's main event time, so we're next!

Ian: Randy Orton and Big J against Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream NEXT!!

Randy Orton and Big J vs Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream

Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream attack Randy Orton and Big J from behind as they make there way to the ring!  Beat them untill they roll into the ring, but as they get in Randy and Big J get the upper hand, sending Dream over the top rope it's Lopez and Big J in the ring as Randy stands on the apron, this now seems it is going to be pure assault, have Lopez and Dream made a wise decision challenging these two?  Big J sends Lopez into the corner where Randy is and rips off his shirt and slaps Lopez into the chest as hard as possible, echoing throughout the arena.  After four of these, Big J tags in Randy Orton who starts hitting stiff right hands to Lopez right to the temple, Billy Dream has now recovered and gets onto the apron at his end of the ring.  Randy picks up Lopez and powerslams him, sits on his chest and starts with the right hands to the temple again. This goes on for a while with Randy Orton and Big J constantly tagging in and out, punnishing Jeremy Lopez until, with Randy in the ring, Randy whips Lopez into the ropes, but on the way back, Lopez hits Randy with a spinning wheel kick!!  Both men are down, but Randy gets up first and grabs the leg of Lopez, just about as he is ready to tag Dream in, but Lopez hits Randy with an enziguri, leaps over to tag in Billy Dream, dropkick to Randy, drop kick to Big J, Randy gets back up and hits Dream with a stiff right hand, virtually knocking him unconsious.  We look at the replay and Randy had brass knuckles!!! He puts them back in his trunks!!

Ian: He used brass knucks!!

Enygma: Nar he has one hell of a right hand!

Randy gets Dreams arm, Lopez, still dazed on the turnbuckle, gets his arm grabbed by Orton and he tags in Lopez, throws Dream out of the ring.  Puts Lopez into the turnbuckle and stiff shots to the temple again

Ian: This isn't a wrestling match, it's just an assault!!

The ref now has to physically get involved, Randy accidently elbows the ref in the face kncking him out!!  He doesn't seem to care though and carrys on the assault, Big J gets in the ring and they both carry on.  Suddenly Chris Jericho's music hits!! But nothing, he's not there, the fans were screaming and are now left disappointed!! Suddenly then, out of the crowd!! It's Chris Jericho and Suave Polshaw!! Both with a steel chair in hand, Jericho hits Orton, Suave hits Big J!  Both men wait a while for them to get up and at the same time, Suave hits a Suave Breaker on Big J and Jericho hits Orton with an RKO!!!  Jericho grabs a fallen Lopez and puts over Orton, Suave gets out of the ring, Jericho revives the ref and tells him to count, he does slowly! 1................2.......................3

Ian: Lopez has just pinned Randy Orton, what an upset!!

Enygma: That's not right, they cheated!

Ian: And using the brass knucks wasn't?

Suddenly Abyss and Russ McCollough come running down the ring, slide in and Jericho and Suave grap them and throw them out the opposite side in one move!!  Jericho's music plays as he and Suave Polshaw help up Lopez and Dream and congratulate them, holding up their arms!!

Winners: Jeremy Lopez and Billy Dream

Ian: Now that is revenge, how sweet it can be, I can't believe they're here!!  That's all we've got time for folks! What a night it's been!!

The WCU Copyright logo appears as we fade to black with Jericho and Polshaw playing to the crowd.

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We learned on Inpublic that WCU owner Paul Thomason will make a special appearence this Wednesday on Inpublic to give the decision for the Erik Watts vs Brock Lesnar Japanese death match at Firehouse on Pay-Per-View

The latest chapter on the Wednesday night war shows that Inpublic scored an impressive 7.65 rating on NBC whilst TNA's iMPACT! scored a 5.22 rating on UPN, experts still say this is because NBC is a bigger, more established network.

People have been contacting WCUwrestling.com asking what the 'can you feel it' and ' 7 weeks' meant on the Inpublic broadcast, all we can say is basically, we don't know! We've contacted WCU officials and they have declined to comment on it.

Innovated! Preview

This week on Innovated, WCU Junior Featherweight champion, Eric Cobain will go one-on-one with New Revolution member Shannon Moore.

Jonny C. will go up against Calgary Christmas

Also Billy Kidman will go up against Amazing Red.

All this and more, only on WCU Innovated!

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Paul Thomason goes in front of the media for a WCU press conference, there is a round of applause for the WCU owner as he enters the stage.

Paul: OK, so as you all know, my name is Paul Thomason and I am the owner of WCU, I will take any questions

Reporter: It was said on last nights Inpublic broadcast that you will appear on next weeks Inpublic show, is this true?

Paul: Yes, it is true, and as pointed out on the commentary last night, it will be the first time I have appeared on a WCU show, I've been thinking about this for the last few months, I will appear to give a decision on the possible Erik Watts vs Brock Lesnar Japanese death match at WCU Firehouse on Pay-Per-View.

Reporter: Will this be your only appearance or will you make this a regular thing?

Paul: Who knows?  At the end of the day, it's my company, but I don't see how I would fit in to any storylines at present, maybe I will at some point in the future.  Anything can happen in the world of sports entertainment.

Reporter: On last nights Inpublic show, there was a segment which played the beggining to a certain Michael Jackson song, with a message on the titontron saying ' 7 weeks', can you clear this up for us?

Paul: I'll be honest, I had no idea that this was going to happen, I was going to have words with the technical people who deal with the audio and visual side of WCU, but it has got people talking and I'm sure someone has got something up their sleaves, most likely one of the writers

Reporter: Universal Landmark III is not far away, it is no doubt the biggest event on the WCU calander, and for the first time, WCU will be at Madison Square Garden for this show, people believe that this is a kick in the teeth to the WWE who have had three Wrestlemania shows there, all being big ones, number 1, 10 and 20.

Paul: Let me stop you there, ever since I was with TNA, everyone said that my aim was to bring down WWE, that wasn't my aim, my aim was to take up TNA and now WCU, you see WWE didn't do what they did when they had WCW taking over them, so they fell, the only reason I'm taking Universal Landmark to the Garden is because we've never done a show in New York, the event sold out in less than an hour, around 85% of all ticket sales were at the Garden's box office, so New Yorkers want to see WCU, and that's what I want, the New York crowd are some of the best and really want to be involved, look at early WWE Monday Night Raw and ECW events, you will see what a New York crowd is like, so what better than to take the number one WCU show to New York City?

Reporter: Any updates on injuries to Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero, also where is Ron Killings?

Paul: RVD has knee ligiment problems and will still be away for another 6 months, Eddie is still having shoulder problems, unfortunatly, we can't give a rough time for his return.  Ron Killings hasn't had any time off since joining WCU, he's been with us since day one over two years ago, we both agreed he should take a break and spend time with his family and what not.  Again we don't have plans for a return yet, all three are still recieving full pay, thank you for your time

With that, Paul Thomason gets to his feet and leaves

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I will do my best to get Innovated! up on Thursday - I don't know if anyone really cares but just to let you know :D

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