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(OOC Notes: Greetings all. You may remember me from my last attempt at a PWG Diary about 1 1/2 months ago. Perhaps you are wondering why I abandoned that diary. Well, I'll tell you all anyways. About 5 months in, game time, a new federation named City Limits Wrestling appeared, and proceeded to raid the hell out of me. Stupidly, I had not put Super Dragon himself under written contract, so my in game owner and half my roster left, and I threw in the towel. This time around, I secured a written contract for Super Dragon, and am ready to give this another shot. Timeline wise, this is after the 2nd anniversary show. I hope you all enjoy. Oh, and yes, I will be recycling a few of my ideas from the last diary. Sorry.)

My name is Super Dragon. Along with 5 other wrestlers, I am the owner of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, an independent group running out of Southern California. Lately, we've been on a roll, building up a reputation for fun, exciting shows with great matches. Our DVD's are selling well, we're doing well financially, and we're able to reinvest the money we make to bring in new, top-notch talent.

Out of nowhere, we were presented with an incredible opportunity. One of our biggest fans won a lawsuit against some giant company that made him sick. He had been coming to the shows for a year, poor guy, stuck in a wheelchair. His face lit up when the wrestlers talked to him, posed for pictures, etc... and you could tell the fun he was having at the shows was the most fun he had all month. Sadly, he passed away about a week ago. I, as well as a few of the other wrestlers, went to the funeral out of respect. That is where we found out exactly how much PWG had meant to him: He had actually left Pro Wrestling Guerrilla 2 million dollars. 2 million freaking dollars. In his will, he said the he wanted PWG to use that money to grow into a national company, so that we could make other people happy, like we had made him happy.

Of course, it wasn't long before Excalibur, Disco, Top Gun, and Scott dipped into these new funds to get drunk and hire strippers. Idiots. Naturally, it was up to myself and Joey (who didn't partake, as he doesn't like to drink, and the strippers were too old for his tastes) to make sure things didn't get out of hand, money wise. After they awoke from their drunken slumber, thanks to my extra loud cowbell (That'll teach them to trash my place, those poor, hungover bastards), we had a meeting and I put myself in charge of the money. Not that they could object that much, especially Top Gun, who kept passing out every 5 minutes. I decided it was time to devote myself full time to PWG, so I wrote up a written contract and gave myself a 3-year deal at a reasonable rate. No more east coast shows for me. I found a better venue to have the events at, upgraded our production, and spent a little more on promoting the shows. Things were looking up, but to truly take the next step, we would have to get a TV deal. From this point on, that would be my main goal. For now, it would be business as usual...

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Size: Cult 20%

Money: $3,000,000 (Our budget + the inheritance)


Main Eventers

A.J Styles (Face, 77 Over) - Our current PWG champion. What can I say, he's phenomenal. Great matches and our most over wrestler. Important part of PWG, but is almost surely going to give us up to work full time for TNA.

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (Face, 60 Over) - A technical god. Great psychology and awesome technique. Really lets loose in PWG, showing good personality. Returning from an extended European Tour, the American Dragon is set to shine in PWG.

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (Tweener, 72 Over) - The best at everything. I think he should play more of a straight heel. Of course, there will always be people who will cheer him no matter what, but Daniels is such a good heel. Also the most costly wrestler on the roster, but he is definitely worth it. Also very likely to leave for full time TNA.

Samoa Joe (Heel, 66 Over) - Bruiser who can wrestle and makes his matches look realistic as hell. Great Heavyweight to have on our roster.

Brian "Spanky" Kendrick (Heel, 65 Over) - The Showstoppa is an awesome, charismatic wrestler. He's a heel here because of his arrogance, but still has lots of people cheering him.

Upper Midcard

Super Dragon (Face, 50 Over) - That would be me. I pride myself on my moveset and bad-ass persona. The Psycho Driver is a crowd favorite.

Colt Cabana (Face, 46 Over) - Hilarious hijinx and solid technical wrestling make Colt a must have on our roster. He's what PWG is all about: Entertaining yet solid matches.

Jonny Storm (Heel, 46 Over) - Thought I'd give him a try as a heel. Good high flying, if a bit reckless at times.

Rocky Romero (Face, 47 Over) - One half of the Havana Pitbulls with Ricky Reyes. Leaner than his partner and more technically sound, he could break out on his own and do well.


B-Boy (Heel, 40 Over) - B-Boy is a solid wrestler, but not outstanding. Good all-arounder, though, and good to have around.

Chris Bosh (Heel, 40 Over) - "Photogenic" Chris Bosh is an up-and-comer here in PWG. One half of the tag team champs with Scott Lost, Bosh can talk and has a good variety of moves. I wish he'd tone up a bit, though. Maybe get a tan. Has a small but rabid following, the B.W.O, and can be gold on the mic when he's on.

El Generico (Face, 37 Over) - Generico is a lovable underdog white guy in a lucha mask. People love him. Recently started teaming up with Human Tornado to form 'Two Skinny Black Guys'.

Excalibur (Heel, 36 Over) - Excalibur recently turned heel on former SBS teammate Super Dragon. Upset about not getting the recognition he deserves, he's looking to break out of the pack.

Jack Evans (Face, 44 Over) - Jack is the best high flyer in the indies today. Great at getting a rise out of the fans with insane spots, but sometimes wrestles too lazy. Still, the fans forget all about that when they see him Corkscrew thru the air, so he's a great commodity... and you know this, yo.

Joey Ryan (Heel, 41 Over) - "The Technical Wizard" is coming back from a pretty severe injury, and as a result is trying to shake off some ring rust. Recently rejoined former X-Foundation partner Scott Lost to form PWG's only stable (for now), Arrogance.

"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen (Heel, 42 Over) - One of the guys I see as having the brightest future, Mr. Wrestling was recently revealed as the fake Super Dragon and won the feud against Super Dragon. The Package Piledriver is sick. One of his best assets is that he can talk crap while wrestling, which most of our fans find thoroughly entertaining.

Ricky Reyes (Face, 42 Over) - The other half of the Havana Pitbulls, Ricky is a better brawler than his partner, but not as technically sound. Hard hitting.

Scorpio Sky (Face, 36 Over) - One half of The Aerial Express with Quicksilver, Scorpio is fast, technically solid, and hell bent on improving. In great shape, he can really go. Toured in Japan with Osaka Pro and came back better than ever. Was recently unmasked in an effort to be taken more seriously as a wrestler.

Lower Midcard

Disco Machine (Heel, 30 Over) - Solid worker, even better behind the scenes. Recently turned heel by siding with Excalibur against former partner Super Dragon.

Quicksilver (Face, 31 Over) - The other half of the Aerial Express, Quicksilver is just as quick as his partner, but not as technically sound. Does hilarious pose and sells great.

Scott Lost (Heel, 34 Over) - One half of the tag team champions with Chris Bosh, Scott plays the straight man to Bosh's hijinx. Has a great Superman Spear and has also toured Osaka Pro. His technical abilities are among the best in the company.

The Human Tornado (Face, 30 Over) - This kid just oozes charisma. The P-I-M-P from Niggakeeprunnin, Mississippi, has awesome comedy spots and good speed.

Top Gun Talwar (Heel, 30 Over) - Top Gun is a good comedy spot worker, and is usually in tag matches or six mans. Entertaining. His gimmick is that he is all screwed up due to the effects of numerous performance-enhancing drugs.


Davey Richards (Face, 17 Over) - Davey is an intense Blue-Chipper, very much like Austin Aries. Great kicks and stiff forearms are his forte.

Phoenix Star (Face, 20 Over) - One half of Los Luchas (with Zokre), Phoenix is a talented luchador. Has a nice Pele-style kick.

Zokre (Face, 20 Over) - The other member of Los Luchas, Zokre is almost as talented as Phoenix. Good lucha worker.

Paul Burchall (Heel, 20 Over) - Recently released from OVW, Paul is a near-perfect big man wrestler. Has the size (especially against shorter indy guys) and has a menacing aura around him. Bringing him in slowly as a monster. Signed him to a written deal and gave him a manager to help with his sub-par mic skills.


Alicia Webb (Heel, 45 Over, 90 Charisma) - Alicia is going to be managing Paul Burchall, great on the mic, has a generic Seductress gimmick, but it'll work because we're not overpopulated by generic divas.


SoCal Val (Face, 18 Over, 71 Char) - Val is a 'friendly' girl who plays our People's Boss since Paul T left to surf full time.


Kevin Steen just won a feud against Super Dragon, and is now #1 contender for the PWG Heavyweight Championship held by AJ Styles

The Aerial Xpress (Quicksilver and Scorpio Sky) just won a feud against Arrogance (Scott Lost and Chris Bosh) to finally capture the PWG Tag Team Titles. After that match, however, Bosh and Lost stripped Scorpio of his mask and bloodied him up badly, taking him out of action for a while. AXP had to vacate the Tag Titles per Commissioner SoCalVal's decree.

2 Skinny Black Guys (Human Tornado and El Generico) became # 1 contenders by winning a 4 way tag match. Per SoCalVal, they will face the former champions, Arrogance, at the next show.

Next Show, August 20th, 2005:

Zombies Shouldn't Run!

Scheduled Matches:

Main Event

"The Phenomenal" A.J Styles vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen for the PWG Heavyweight Championship

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Brian "Spanky" Kendrick vs. Super Dragon

2 Skinny Black Guys (Human Tornado and El Generico) vs. Arrogance (Chris Bosh and Scott Lost) for the PWG Tag Team Titles

Also appearing: "The Technical Wizard" Joey Ryan, Excalibur, Disco Machine, Top Gun Talwar, and the PWG debut of Sonny Siaki!

Next: PWG "Zombies Shouldn't Run!" Press Release

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Guest -De\/ilock-

It's funny that last time you used Jimmy Yang and Frankie Kazarian when they were under WWE contract, yet now that both of them are back on the indies they're nowhere to be seen.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed your first attempt at this. I'm sure i'll enjoy this one the same.

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PWG Presents "Zombies Shouldn't Run" On Saturday, August 6!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Hollywood Cementary, CA - Since we here at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) find ourselves in the public eye more often than not, we find it very important not to give our opinion on any causes or issues that may alienate our fans. However, there is one political issue that PWG feels very strongly about, and that is Zombie Awareness, and we can no longer stand by as public perception of zombies is distorted. Recently, filmmakers have found it tougher to draw movie goers into theaters, whether it's due to the decreasing quality of films, or high prices at the ticket window, no one can say for certain. With the resurgence of the zombie movie genre, and increasing pressure on box office performance, filmmakers are now resorting to "gimmicks" to bring in the money. The most popular of these "gimmicks" is the dressing up of zombies, thereby defeating the purpose of the entire genre.

All metaphors aside, zombies, by nature, are frightening because they are slow moving, single minded killing machines. You may be able to outrun them temporarily, but eventually, they'll catch up with you, and you'll be forced to make a stand. You can stab, shoot, maim, or crush them, yet all it takes is one bite from a zombie, and you're one of them. What could be more scary than that? Today's filmmakers have decided that's not scary enough, and have more or less changed the zombies of today's films into the raptors from Jurassic Park. These are not your grandfather's zombies, and frankly, PWG thinks the world is worse because of it. That is why on Saturday, August 20th, 2005 at the newly dubbed “PWG Arena” (also known as the Hollywood Auditorium), PWG is holding our own event to raise Zombie Awareness, "Zombies Shouldn't Run" (it is also rumored there will be a wrestling show.)

After his savage battle with Super Dragon to earn the number one contender spot last month, "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen is poised to take the PWG Championship from around the waist of AJ Styles. However, since Styles defeated Super Dragon to win the PWG Championship in April, he has faced some of the stiffest competition the world of professional wrestling has to offer, and each time he has prevailed. Despite AJ Styles' success, this time will be different, says Kevin Steen. Infused with a new found determination after defeating Super Dragon three times in a row since forming the new SBS, Steen is now ready to take the final step in proving he is better in every way than Dragon. Though it remains to be seen if Steen can even take the title from AJ Styles, let alone hold on to it longer than Dragon did.

Also stemming from events taking place at PWG's 2nd Anniversary, Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) had their 9 month reign as PWG Tag Team Champions ended by the Aerial Xpress (Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky). While they gained a small measure of revenge by brutally attacking and unmasking Scorpio Sky, they were still no longer champions. Though the AXP was scheduled to defend the titles the very next night, Scorpio Sky had virtually disappeared after his team's victory, and to this day has not been able to be contacted by PWG or even his tag partner, Quicksilver. Due to this, PWG Commissioner SoCal Val was forced to strip the AXP of the Tag Team Titles, setting up a match for the titles at "Zombies Shouldn't Run!"

Due to the rematch clause in the contract, Arrogance was automatically granted a shot at the now vacant belts. Later that night, their opponents were determined in a Four Team Elimination Match, where 2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico & Human Tornado) beat out the other competitors for a shot at the titles. While it's arguable which team had the tougher route to this title match, it can't be argued that both teams deserve it, and that the fans are the real winners in this match. Them, and the team that comes away from the match as the winners, oddly enough.

"Zombies Shouldn't Run" will also feature:

After some tough losses to Kevin Steen and the new SBS, Super Dragon is on the warpath, metaphorically speaking. Looking to redeem himself, Super Dragon will be taking on the returning Brian “Spanky” Kendrick. Kendrick, making his return to PWG after a lengthy absence, was offered the match as a way to get back in the good graces of Commissioner SoCal Val. Kendrick believes that Dragon will be easy pickings after being on a 3 match losing streak. Others ‘in the know’ believe that Super Dragon will be taking this opportunity to vent his frustrations out on poor Spanky. Who’s beliefs are correct? We’ll find out at “Zombies Shouldn’t Run”!

And, in a match that has internet fanboys drooling on their keyboards, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels will go one on one with the returning “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. Danielson, returning from a lengthy National Lampoon-esque European Vacation without his trademark lumberjack beard (rumor has it he fell asleep while getting a massage from ‘Heidi’, and woke up sans beard and wallet), is looking forward to getting a chance to step into the ring with The Fallen Angel. Daniels, however, has stated that an American Dragon without his beard is like Samson without his hair, and is confident that defeating Danielson will propel him right back into title contendership against either Styles or Steen. Expect an incredible match at ZSR!

Also in action, Top Gun Talwar, Excalibur, Disco Machine, and the PWG debut of TNA’s Sonny Siaki against “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan! All this and more, at the PWG Arena! Be there, and support our worthy cause. Tickets are only $15, and are available at the door, Saturday, August 20th, with a belltime of 7:00PM. The Hollywood Auditorium is located at 123 Fake St, Hollywood, CA.

(OOC Note: Thanks for the replies, guys, I knew I could count on you. As far as Frankie and Akio, give me time. Also, xdailyplanetx, if you're reading, it's actually kind of cool to have someone dig up a 2 month old diary that was probably on page 12 or something and post on it, thanks for that. "Zombies Shouldn't Run" should be up by Tuesday)

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Guest Rich F

Hmmm - interesting start. I think the inheritence backstory hinders rather than helps (perhaps you have plans to use it down the line), but your roster run down and pre-show info hooked me back in. It will be interesting to see how far you diverge from actual PWG storylines, and how well you pull off the serious - comedy divide. So far so good.

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PWG “Zombies Shouldn’t Run”

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ring announcer Michael Ian welcomes the crowd to the show. He runs down the matches, and hypes the main event between A.J Styles and Kevin Steen for the PWG Championship! On with the show!

SBS II come out first to some good heel heat, and a loud “Disco Sucks!” chant. Los Luchas come out to a decent crowd reaction. Top Gun Talwar and Davey Richards come out to a very good pop, as the crowd enjoys Top Gun’s shenanigans. Top Gun comes out with a white powder all over his face, and Davey just looks intense as Top Gun plays to the crowd by yelling that he can’t control the volume of his voice, and acting like he’s “doing a line” off of the ring ropes. The crowd is eating this up.

SBS II (Disco Machine and Excalibur) vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre) vs. DaveyGun (Top Gun Talwar and Davey Richards)

Top Gun and Disco start things off. Top Gun works the arm and shoulder with a variety of moves, including a pair of shoulder tackles and an Arm Wringer where he places Disco’s hand in between his “massive pecs” and flexes several times, with Disco selling it like death. Top Gun tags out to Davey, who continues to work on the arm, including a hammerlock takedown with a nice bridge. Phoenix Star tags himself in as Davey went for an Irish Whip, and hits a great springboard dropkick for a 2 count. Phoenix hits a few arm drags, but Disco reverses one and hits a quick neckbreaker, tagging Excalibur in.

Excalibur knocks down Phoenix with a pair of clotheslines, and follows it up with a double knee strike in the corner. Vertical Suplex for a 2 count. Phoenix gets punished for a few minutes, but makes a comeback after hitting a Pele kick and tagging out to Zokre! Zokre cleans house, arm dragging everyone and hitting a foot clap on Excalibur’s head. The match breaks down at this point, with everyone hitting their trademark spots. Disco hits a Chokebreaker on Zokre, which gets a rise out of the crowd. Top Gun nails some clotheslines and hits his mighty “Chipotle!” Reverse Tornado DDT, but the pin is broken up by Excalibur, who throws Top Gun out of the ring. Disco and Top Gun fight out on the floor, but are taken out by a beautiful Asai Moonsault by Phoenix Star. In the ring, Davey Richards hits Excalibur with a few stiff kicks and forearms, but ends up taking a big DDT followed by the Tiger Driver ‘98 for the 3 count and victory for the new SBS!

Winners: SBS II (Disco Machine and Excalibur)

O - 49

C - 29

M - 82

After the match, as Top Gun helps Davey to the back, he yells at him that “this is what happens when you refuse to inject stuff into your ass!” He promises to bring him back some of the good stuff on his next ‘hooker nailing’ trip to Tijuana. Funny stuff.

Mr. Wrestling Speaks

“Tear Away” plays as the #1 contender for the PWG Championship, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, makes his way to the ring and takes the mic. Even though he is a heel, the crowd starts up a “Mr. Wrestling!” chant. Steen tries to turn the crowd against him by picking on the crowd. He says that ever since he’s been wrestling, he’s always heard people praising A.J Styles, and he’s sick of it. It’s time that people started buzzing about Steen, and he says that tonight he’s going to “Phenomenally kick A.J’s ass!” as the crowd chants for Styles. Good promo by Steen.

Rating - 67

“Meant to Live” plays as “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan makes his way to the ring. Joey is wearing a Letterman’s jacket, and grabs the mic as the crowd starts a “Joey Sucks!” chant. Joey goes on about how he’s figured out why people boo him. A smart ass in the crowd yells out, “Because you suck!” to some laughs. He tells him that’s not it. No, it’s because people are jealous of him. He points out that he was popular in High School, was captain of the wrestling team, and dated the hot cheerleaders. On commentary, Excalibur points out that Joey still cruises for chicks at the local high schools. Joey continues by saying it’s not his fault that the crowd was too lazy and untalented to do those things, and that they are petty and jealous. Joey’s rant is interrupted by the debuting Sonny Siaki, who comes out to a nice crowd reaction.

Joey Ryan vs. Sonny Siaki

Mostly mat work early on, as Joey is actually shown up by the larger Siaki for a few minutes. Siaki then brings Joey up to a vertical base to hit his base offense. Siaki dominates with some good power moves, including a powerslam and a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Joey comes back after a thumb to the eyes and a chop block to the back of the knee. Now Joey shows some great mat wrestling by working over Siaki’s knee, using a lot of Flair-like spots, including a knee-breaker and several leg locks. Joey starts jawing with some fans, and Siaki fires back with some punches and chops, but is cut off by a leg sweep.

The crowd gets behind Siaki, who finally makes his big comeback and nails Joey with a couple of clotheslines and a big Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Siaki sets up Joey for the Siakalypse, but Joey reverses out of it and rolls up Siaki with his feet on the ropes for the tainted victory! Joey gets out of dodge as the crowd boos him. Good match.

Winner: “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan

O - 63

C - 52

M - 89

After the match, Siaki gets a standing ovation for his efforts as he shakes hands with a few of the fans on his way to the back.

Some funky music plays as Spanky makes his way to the ring, dancing and generally acting like he’s too good to be here. “Findum, Fuckum and Flee” plays as Super Dragon makes his way to the ring to some loud “Super Dragon!” chants.

Super Dragon vs. Brian “Spanky” Kendrick

Super Dragon takes it to Spanky from the bell with some stiff chops and forearms to the face. Dragon back Spanky into a corner and nails the Violence Party, followed by an Irish Whip and a kappo kick for a 2 count. Super Dragon still in control as he nails a stiff clothesline and locks in his STF. Spanky makes it to the ropes, but Dragon holds on and counts along with the ref until the 4 count before releasing. Dragon pulls Spanky back to the middle of the ring and teases a Curb Stomp, but Spanky reverses with a Drop Toe Hold and kicks Dragon in the back of the head as he rolls out of the ring. Super Dragon is on the apron, and goes for a shoulder to the gut, but Spanky moves and kicks him in the head before jumping out of the ring and nailing a Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto the hard floor bellow! The crowd responds with a “Holy Shit!” chant as Spanky rolls in and out of the ring to break up the 20 count.

Some great back an forth action for about 10 minutes as both men shine. Super Dragon regains control and nails a huge Senton for a 2 count. Spanky fights back, but Dragon nails a knee, takes Spanky down, and sets up for a Curb Stomp... and nails it! Dragon plays to the crowd by stepping on the back of Spanky’s neck like he’s putting out a cigarette as the crowd begins another loud “Super Dragon!” chant. Spanky comes back with a Hotshot and signals for the Sliced Bread #2! He goes for it, but somehow Super Dragon reverses it and Spanky ends up on Dragon’s shoulders, right in position for a Psycho Driver! Devastating! Super Dragon covers and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the victory.

Winner: Super Dragon

After the match, Super Dragon leaves to cheers as Spanky comes to in the ring and starts throwing a tantrum, kicking the ropes and generally acting frustrated before making his way to the back as well.

The Commissioner has an Announcement

RatM plays on the speaker system as Commissioner SoCal Val makes her way to the ring to some appreciative hollers. Val gets on the mic and says that she is always on the lookout for new talent, and announces that she has just signed a very talented wrestler, the British Monster, Paul Burchall! Val informs the crowd that Burchall will be debuting at the next show, “Delorians Rule!” on September 17th! On with the show!

Rating - 48

“Disposable Teens” plays as Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring, complete with pinstripe coat and sunglasses, to a great ovation. Next out is American Dragon, looking equally cool in his cloak and with his new Star Wars music playing. A sign in the crowd reads “In Memory of the Beard”. This one should be awesome.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

The crowd chants “Where’s the Beard!?” at Dragon, which brings a smile to his face. Danielson goes for a handshake, but is refused by Daniels. Some incredible technical work in the first 10 minutes, with Daniels stalling a bit, but American Dragon keeping the pressure. Just a masterpiece between these two as they exchange mat holds. Dragon is in control with some European Uppercuts. On commentary, Excalibur calls Danielson a Benedict Arnold, as a supposed “American” Dragon should be using American Uppercuts, not Uppercuts from “Europa”. Dragon goes for a running forearm, but Daniels shows his veteran wile by hitting a defensive STO, and following it up with a Best Moonsault Ever for a 2 count.

Daniels is in control for about 5 minutes, hitting most of his trademark offense. Dragon fights back and is able to hit a high angle German Suplex and hold the bridge for a 2 count out of nowhere. The crowd is appreciative. American Dragon then signals for an Airplane Spin, and hoists Daniels on his shoulder for an impressive 30 Revolution Spin as the crowd counts along. Dragon, still dizzy himself, throws a dropkick that misses Daniels by about 8 feet, much to the delight of the crowd. Both men make it up to their feet. Daniels sets up Dragon for an Angel’s Wings, Dragon reverses into position for a Dragon Suplex. Daniels fights out and hooks in the Last Rites, but American Dragon reverses that and drives Daniels down in the middle of the ring hooking in the Cattle Mutilation! Daniels holds out for almost a minute, but in the end has no choice but to tap out. Amazing match.

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

O - 72

C - 65

M - 97

After the match, American Dragon gets on the mic and tells Daniels that it could have gone either way, and that he really respects him. Dragon goes for a handshake yet again, and Daniels teases shaking his hand, but instead snatches the mic from Dragon and tells him he got lucky and calls the crowd morons. He yells out that he doesn’t need any of them, and walks to the back. Dragon receives a standing ovation as he exits and the announcer indicates it’s Intermission.

SoCal Val poses for pictures and signs autographs at the gimmick table during intermission.

Back from intermission, Arrogance make their way to the ring. They gloat about taking Scorpio Sky’s mask at the last show and vow to regain their titles. “Thriller” blares thru the speaker system as 2 Skinny Black Guys come out to a great pop! Human Tornado is wearing a red leather jacket and doing the moves from the Thriller music video, much to the delight of the crowd. Generico follows suit, moonwalking and high-fiving the fans at ringside. This match is on!

2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico and Human Tornado) vs. Arrogance (Scott Lost and Chris Bosh) for the PWG Tag Team Titles

Lost and Generico start things off. Generico gains control with some quick armdrags and a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Lost tags out quickly and Bosh runs in and gets an armdrag for his troubles. Generico dominates for a few minutes, then whips Bosh into the corner and calling for his Yakuza Kick. Bosh, however, drops to his knee and nails him with a punch to the groin, holding the pose ala Bloodsport! Bosh hits a running clothesline into a backbreaker that gets a rise out of the crowd and a near fall. Tag in to Lost, who hits some nice looking punches and a spin kick. Generico takes a beating, including a reverse fireman’s carry into a backbreaker and a huge elbow drop from the top from Lost. Generico starts fighting back, and throws a kick, but Scott catches his leg, and is promptly nailed by an Enziguri! The crowd is behind Generico as he goes for the tag and gets it!

Human Tornado is cleaning house with leg lariats to both Lost and Bosh, before he dumps Bosh to the outside with a clothesline and nails Lost with a gutbuster. Lost reverses an Irish Whip into the corner and goes for his Superman Spear, but Tornado counters with a perfectly timed Dragon Punch ala Street Fighter II, to a huge pop from the fans! Tornado tags out to Generico and tries to Irish Whip Lost, who reverses, but Tornado hits a full speed dive onto Bosh on the outside! The crowd chants “Holy Shit!” as Generico hits a Half-Nelson Suplex and signals for the Brainbustaaaaaah! He hit it! 1, 2, and Bosh breaks up the 3 count.

Bosh starts wailing on Generico, but Tornado gets him off and whips him into the ropes... Pounce! Tornado hits the Pounce to a great pop, and rubs his forehead on the top rope, parodying Monty Brown. Bosh rolls to the apron, where Lost tags him back in against his will. Generico hiptosses Bosh back into the ring, where he signals for the Brainbustaaaah! once more... and hits it! Tornado restrains Lost as Generico makes the cover. 1, 2, 3! We have new PWG Tag Team Champions!

O - 58

C - 43

M - 87

After the match, Generico and Tornado celebrate their win by doing the choreography to “Thriller” as the crowd claps along...

An Ambush

Out of nowhere, Disco Machine and Excalibur come out and proceed to beat down the new tag champs! The Two Skinny Black Guys have just had a grueling match, and are easy pickings for the fresh SBS! On commentary, Disco and Excalibur cheer themselves on, wondering why those “handsome, completely justified” wrestlers are not more appreciated by the fans. The crowd boos loudly as Disco and Excalibur pose over the fallen tag team champions.

Rating - 55

After the ring is cleared, “Tear Away” once again plays as Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring to about a 50/50 crowd reaction. Steen continues warming up as “I Am” plays and the PWG Champion, A.J Styles makes his way to the ring to cheers. This promises to be a great Championship match.

“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. “The Phenomenal” A.J Styles © for the PWG Heavyweight Championship

Very even match to begin with, with Steen gaining the upper hand thru some underhanded tactics and locking in a headlock. A.J whips Steen off and hits his Perfect Dropkick sequence, causing Steen to roll out of the ring. A.J hits a diving dropkick to the outside, knocking Steen into the third row. A.J, back in the ring, goes for a suicide dive, but Steen manages to catch him and throw him head-first into the steel post! Steen tosses A.J back into the ring and gets a 2 count. Steen starts mocking A.J by waving his hands to his side, asking A.J what the hell that’s supposed to mean. A.J fights back, but Steen quickly rakes the eyes to regain control. Steen dominates for about 5 minutes, hitting a nice suplex, Spinning Backdrop Driver, and a pretty Moonsault for a two count. Steen goes to Irish Whip A.J, but A.J holds on and nails a Pele kick to get the crowd behind him and turn the tide.

Styles starts hitting his offense, including a couple of kicks to the chest, a spin kick to the face, and a springboard flying forearm for a two count. Styles is on the offensive for a few minutes. A.J signals for the Styles Clash, but Steen grabs a rope and refuses to let go, cradling A.J while holding the ropes! 1, 2, but the ref sees the ropes and stops the count! A.J gets up and nails a powerbomb. He signals for the Spiral Tap, and gets to the top rope... but Steen grabs the ref and places him on top of himself! The crowd is chanting for A.J to hit the move anyways, but A.J thinks better of it and gets off, throwing the referee out of the way. Steen takes advantage and nails A.J with a vicious low blow! He’s got him up now for the Package Piledriver, and he drives his head into the mat! That was sick! Cover! 1, 2, 3! We have a new PWG Champion! Kevin Steen has just defeated A.J Styles! What a match!

O - 72

C - 64

M - 96

After the match, Kevin Steen is on his knees clutching his newly won title. He gets up and celebrates as he makes his way towards the back, stopping at the entrance to soak in the moment.

Overall - 63

Attendance - 1,651

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Things had not gone as smoothly as I would have hoped for, for some reason things just didn't click. After the show, I was pissed, and almost everyone avoided me. AJ and Daniels came up to me and started talking about the TNA rumor that starting next month they wouldn't be allowed to take bookings like PWG. I'd figured this out on my own, so I told them I knew and thanked them for what they'd done for the company, making Steen and Bryan on the way out. That put me in an even worse mood. To top things off, Bosh had hurt his shoulder bad during the Tag Title match, and he would be out for 3 months. Great.

The next day I called in Sonjay Dutt and asked him if he wanted to come in. He sounded excited and we agreed to have him debut at the next show. 2 days after that, he calls me back and says that he's very sorry, but he can't do this right now. He admitted he had a cocaine problem and that he would be checking himself in to rehab. Great. I told him to go get well and we'd work something out when he was ready.

I knew it would take a lot to replace AJ and Daniels' spots, but I managed to track down 2 guys who would do:

Low Ki (Heel, 67 over) - Low Ki agreed to take a few matches in between NOAH tours and RoH. He's got a bad-ass persona, great moves, great martial arts. I told him to lose the gangsta pirate look and come down with his 'A' game for some quality matches against top opponents.

Vampiro (Face, 70 over) - Mostly brought in because of name value with our hispanic fans (he's been working lucha for the last few years) and because he can brawl against our big guys like Joe.

I also signed one more person, but I would use him as a surprise at the next show. Meanwhile, on the TV front, I had been unable to convince Comedy Central that we were worth a shot. I guess we didn't have enough comedy or something. I would try FSN next time.

(OOC notes: No guessing on the 'mystery signing', it's too easy. BTW, Rich F, I totally know what you mean about the backstory, I didn't really have one and just wrote whatever down to explain why I started with good money. I did, however, have plans to do the updates (like the one above) as Super Dragon, which I thought would be interesting. Thanks for the feedback.)

Next: Delorians Rule! Preview

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Good show, and I am glad to see AJ/Daniels put over two guys on their way out. The whole card looked solid, except for no Cabana. Still, both titles changed hands and it made for an exciting read.

Keep it up (Y)

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PWG Presents "Delorians Rule!" on Saturday, September 17

by Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Motor City, CA - We here at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com), like most red blooded American males, like cars. Fast cars, shiny cars, cars with women in bikinis draped over the hood like an ornament... oh, yeah. Lately, however, we have noticed an alarming trend: 80% of cars now look alike. What is up with that? Whatever happened to those wacky, far out car designs? In honor of those days of yore, PWG presents "Delorians Rule!" on Saturday, september 17th. Because, let's face it: None of todays cars could ever be mistaken for a time machine...

Last month at PWG's "Zombies Shouldn't Run", a new Heavyweight Champion was crowned as "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen defeated AJ Styles in a fantastic match. Kevin Steen was said to be in high spirits as he felt that he had finally proven to all of the naysayers that he is better than Styles. His spirits, however, took a turn for the worse, when Commissioner SoCal Val informed Steen that he would be defending his PWG Championship against the dreaded Mystery Opponent! For years, mystery opponents have plagued champions with their unpredictability. Can Steen withstand the challenge? Find out at "Delorians Rule!"

Not only that, but PWG has signed 2 hard hitting match ups! Match #1 pits Samoa Joe vs Vampiro! The Vamp has been spending time in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and is now looking to make his triumphant return to the states. Standing in his way, however, is one of the toughest men in the sport today, Samoa Joe. Joe was last seen in PWG at All-Star Weekend: Night 1, where he lost a tough match against the man who would become PWG Champion that same weekend, AJ Styles. Needless to say, Samoa Joe is not a happy man. That should be a great one. Match #2 pits SoCal Favorite Super Dragon against Ricky Reyes. This match could be the sleeper of the night, as Ricky Reyes is an underrated worker, and defeating Super Dragon would be a major victory. Don't miss these 2 exciting match ups!

Also at "Zombies Shouldn't Run", new tag team champions were crowned as 2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico & The Human Tornado) defeated Arrogance. PWG will be presenting 2SBG with their Tag Team Titles at "Delorians Rule!" Be there!

And in an International Dream Match, one of the best high-flyers in North America, Jack Evans, will be taking on one of the best high-flyers in Japan, CIMA! These two will surely put on an aerial display worthy of the Blue Angels! Don't miss it!

Last, but definately not least, PWG welcomes "Classic" Colt Cabana back from his European Tour. Colt will be hosting "Good Times, Great Memories" at D.R, with special guest, Kevin Steen! Good times!

Also in action, the debut of the British Monster, Paul Burchall, "The Technical Wizard" Joey Ryan, Scott Lost, Top Gun Talwar, and the return of Scorpio Sky!

Tickets are only $15, and are available at the door, Saturday, September 17th, with a belltime of 7:00PM. The Hollywood Auditorium is located at 123 Fake St, Hollywood, CA.

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Guest Rich F

I enjoyed 'Zombies' and I'm looking forward to 'Delorians' (and being able to write that sentance is just one of the reasons I like PWG).

The colour commentary comments were well done as they were funny but not over-used, as were the occasional fan comments / signs. The matches were short and sweet, making this an easy read but I think the presentation could do with a little .. something. One idea is italics or colour for interviews, and perhaps bold/colour for entrance music.

Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading.

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PWG "Delorians Rule!"

Ring announcer Jon Ian welcomes everyone to the show and runs down the matches to get the crowd hyped up. He also announces to the crowd that Bosh was injured at the last show and would be out for a couple of months. Crowd boos as they actually like Bosh. On with the show!

"Dangah Zone" plays as Top Gun Talwar makes his way to the ring to a good ovation. He yells in a loud, squeaky voice that he can't control the volume of his voice, and gets into the ring, biting the ropes as he shakes them ala Ultimate Warrior. Next out is Quicksilver, who comes out to a nice reaction, and gets a pop for doing his pose. Finally, Scott Lost comes out to the theme from Smallville, prompting a "Smallville Rules!" chant from the crowd. For some reason or another, Scott has come out with an oriental-style parasol, which he pops open menacingly at a fan who is jawing at him. That was kind of funny. On with the match!

Scott Lost vs. Quicksilver vs. Top Gun Talwar

The action starts off quickly as all three men go for quick rollups for 2 counts. Lost finally slows it down by grabbing a headlock on Quicksilver, but Top Gun grabs both in the mighty BEAR Hug! Quick and Scott are screaming their heads off, selling it like they're in child labor. They finally fight out of it with elbows to the head of Top Gun, following it up with a double clothesline, knocking Top Gun out of the ring. After a few moments, they realize they're still holding hands and quickly let go, acting disgusted. Scott asks Quicksilver what's wrong with him, and Quicksilver points out that he's not the one that came out with a parasol. Ooooooh! It's on! The two exchange punches and chops as the crowd 'whoooos!' appreciatively, before an Irish Whip and a spinning leg lariat by Quicksilver puts Scott down.

The match goes on for a few more minutes with all three men getting in some good offense. At one point, Scott hits a Dropsault on Top Gun, landing on Quicksilver for a two count, before putting both men in a Sharpshooter at the same time! Unreal. They manage to overpower Lost and throw him head-first into the turnbuckle. The first fall comes when Quicksilver hits the step-up kick on Top Gun in the corner, following it up with the Silverado Spinebuster for the 3 count! Top Gun Talwar has been eliminated! He rolls out of the ring and yells "I can't believe it!" all the way to the back. It's down to Lost and Quicksilver. Scott nails a nice Northern Lights for a two count, followed up by an Irish Whip and a Superman Spear to the back! Great pyschology for the rest of the match as Lost keeps working the back and Quick keeps making comebacks. The finish comes when Scott hits a great Superplex, grabs his parasol, walks the top rope and hits a perfect Elbow Drop to the back. Quite a visual, as he threw in a Van Halen mid-air splits. Scott tosses the parasol out, locks in the Sharpshooter, and Quicksilver has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Scott Lost

O - 51

C - 35

M - 79

After the match, Scott makes his way to the back, twirling his parasol. Quicksilver slowly gets up and makes his way to the back. The Clash plays on the speaker system as the debuting Paul Burchall makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Alicia. Unfortunately, Quicksilver is still slowly making his way to the back, and gets in the way. Alicia starts yelling at the poor, disoriented Quicksilver, before ordering Burchall to get rid of him! Burchall kicks Quick in the gut and presses him over his head, teasing throwing him off the small ramp, before Scorpio Sky appears to a great pop to save his tag team partner! Scorpio and Burchall brawl towards the ring as the ref decides to start the match right away!

Scorpio Sky vs. Paul Burchall (w/Alicia Webb)

Great David vs. Goliath-style match, with the newly unmasked Scorpio Sky getting in quite a bit of offense, but Burchall hitting some big-time power moves to ground the smaller Scorpio. Scorpio hit 2 great dropkicks that staggered Burchall, but on the third attempt Burchall caught him in a Fireman’s Carry and nailed a Rolling Samoan Crash for the two count. Burchall followed it up with a Pumphandle Sidewalk Slam and a Standing Shooting Star Press for another two count! The crowd is impressed. Burchall continues beating on Scorpio for about five minutes, before Scorpio Sky starts firing back with a Satellite Headscissors and a leaping Hurracanrana for a two count! Sky hits a snapmare and goes crazy with stiff kicks to the back that have the crowd going nuts, but Burchall shakes them off and tosses Scorpio sky-high with a flapjack maneuver! Scorpio was a legit 12 feet in the air on that one! Alicia yells at Burchall to finish him as he signals for the end, but Scorpio isn’t done yet! He nails a great Enziguri and a Final Cut onto his knee for a two count. Scorpio bounces off the ropes but Burchall hits a snap powerslam and signals for the C4 and hits it for the 1, 2, 3! A valiant effort by Scorpio Sky, but Burchall is successful in his debut.

Winner: Paul Burchall

O - 50

C - 28

M - 84

After the match, Alicia plays to the crowd, trying to get her client a reaction, which she mildly does. It’s going to take a little while for the crowd to warm up to Burchall. Quicksilver makes his way down, avoiding Burchall completely, as he goes to Scorpio and helps him up. The reunited AXP hug in a manly way and pose for the crowd before heading to the back.

Good Times, Great Memories

"Copa Cabana" plays on the speakers as "Classic" Colt Cabana makes his way to the ring to some nice "Welcome Back!" chants. Cabana mentions that it’s good to be back in America, as his European Tour has just completed. He talks about all of the things he did, including being rude to the French, visiting the “Leaning Tower of Pizza”, and “driving on the correct, AMERICAN side of the road” just because he missed America so much. “You’d be surprised how quickly an old lady can move when she wants to! Thank god I didn’t hit the Queen! Hi-O!” Of course, this gets a laugh and a “Colt! Colt!” chant going.

Colt welcomes everyone to the first “Good Times, Great Memories”, PWG Edition! Colt welcomes his guest, "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen! Steen makes his way to the ring to be interviewed by Colt. Colt congratulates Steen on his PWG Title win, mentioning that he will now join all of the famous "Misters" in history, including Mr. Magoo, Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Rogers, and, "last but not least, Mister Mister!" Crowd is eating this up. Steen, however, is not amused. He tells Colt that he should have stayed in Europe and that he doesn’t like him very much to a chorus of boos. Colt acts hurt and goes to wipe his eyes and blow his nose on Steen’s shirt. Eww. Steen yells that that’s gross. Back on topic, he says that it’s very unfair that he has to defend his title against someone he didn’t have time to prepare for. Colt says that he has been given special permission to introduce Steen’s mystery opponent. Without further ado...

“You’re the Best” plays on the speaker system as the crowd pops for the return of the Coolest Person in the World, Frankie “The Future” Kazarian! The crowd is very happy to see him back and sings along with his music as he walks around, high-fiving the ringside fans. Kazarian gets into the ring and poses. Steen tells Cabana that he suddenly remembered this ‘thing’ that he had to do, and quickly exits the ring and walks to the back, clutching his belt and telling Kazarian he’s not going to take his title. A loud “Welcome Back!” chant for Kazarian. Kazarian thanks everyone and cuts a funny promo about how the he feels about the “WWF”. He says he likes the WWF, as they have helped many animals over the years, like Rattlesnakes, Red Roosters, Brahma Bulls, Rhinos, Ravens, etc... but that it just wasn’t for him. A small “F*ck the Writers” chant starts up, as a lot of the crowd are smarks. Kazarian plays with his hair to some laughs. He says he’s glad to be back home and thanks everyone for supporting him. Colt and Kazarian shake hands to end this great segment.

Rating - 62

Next up, Japanese Superstar, CIMA, comes out to a decent reaction. Much of the crowd doesn’t really know him, except for a few of the more rabid tape-collectors. Everyone agrees that CIMA looks cool, though. His opponent, Jack Evans, comes out to a great reaction. Evans gets into the ring and does some cool break-dancing moves to a crowd pop. Referee Rick Knox goes to check Evans, who assumes the position to some laughs. This should be a great one.

CIMA vs. Jack Evans

Evans and CIMA start off with some nice technical wrestling exchanges, flipping out of arm-wringers and trading armdrags. The action goes outside early as CIMA clotheslines Evans out of the ring and quickly hits a Suicide Dive over the top rope to a good pop. They both roll back into the ring and trade dropkicks. Evans nails a flying Spin Kick and quickly goes up to the top rope, nailing a great 450 Splash for a two count! The crowd is into this action. Evans hits a bodyslam and goes to the top rope again, but CIMA pops up and hit his Venus Leaping Palm Strike, crotching Evans. He nails the GoroIconoclasm for a 2 count! The crowd pops for the move, as this move isn’t very common in the states. CIMA continues his beatdown with a Perfect Driver (Cross-Leg Michinoku Driver) for another 2 count. Evans fights back and nails a leg sweep and a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. The finish comes when Evans fights CIMA on the top rope, dropping him before hitting a fantastic 620 Splash for the 1, 2, 3! What a match!

O - 63

C - 48

M - 95

After the match, the crowd gives both men an standing ovation, including a “Please Come Back!” chant for CIMA.

RatM plays as Ricky Reyes makes his way to the ring to some cheers. Reyes looks focused. Next out is Super Dragon, who comes out to a great pop and a “Super Dragon!” chant. This should be a stiff match.

Ricky Reyes vs. Super Dragon

Reyes and Dragon start off by trading kicks to the thighs. Dragon catches Reyes leg and nails a Dragon Screw. Violence Party in the corner, but Reyes reverses it and nails chops and kicks of his own. The two trade stiff moves for about 10 minutes, including an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex into the corner by Reyes that caused Super Dragon to land right on his head. Dragon manages to come back and lock in the Curb Stomp... and nails it! Vicious. Super Dragon then climbs up to the top rope and nails a Flying Stomp to the back of the head for a two count. “Super Dragon!” chant starts up. Reyes fights back and hits a suplex and a STIFF kick to the face that gets an “OOOH!” from the crowd. On commentary, Excalibur points out that he hasn’t seen anything this stiff since the time someone gave Joey Ryan an all-Hillary Duff magazine. Disco tells him that he wouldn’t brag about noticing if he were him. Back to the match, Super Dragon nails a Kappo Kick and signals for the Psycho Driver, and hits it! Cover, 1, 2, 3! Awesome match!

O - 55

C - 37

M - 88

It’s intermission time, and Jack Evans signs autographs at the gimmick table.

“Meant to Live” plays as “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan makes his way to the ring to some boos. Some fans are jawing with him, so Joey holds out his hand and slaps it away. “Copa Cabana” once again plays as Colt Cabana makes his way to the ring to a “Colt!” chant.

"Classic" Colt Cabana vs. Joey Ryan

First 5 minutes or so consist of Colt goofing on Joey, with Joey trying to lock up a knuckle lock, but Colt turns it into a game of patty cake. After a little while, Joey and Colt start doing some great mat wrestling, pretty even, lots of reversals, with Colt frustrating Joey with some nice moves, following them up by playing 'got your nose' and pulling some of Joey's beard stubble. Funny stuff. Joey comes back with some nice armbars, a shoulder breaker, and an Oklahoma Roll for a near fall. Colt reverses an Irish Whip, but Joey ducks under a clothesline attempt and nails a great looking Superkick for a 2 count. Joey grounds Colt once again with a hammerlock. Colt makes it to his feet, only to be grounded by a single arm takedown into a Fujiwara armbar! Colt desperately tries to make it to the ropes, and finally does. Joey waits until the 4 count to let go. Joey backs Colt into the corner and hits some knees, then sets him up for his Duff Drop Neckbreaker, but Colt reverses it into a tornado snap suplex for a 2 count! Colt is on fire, hitting some knee strikes and a Kryptonite Krunch into his knee for a two count! Colt calls for the Colt 45! He lifts him up and nails it! Cover, 1, 2, 3! Great match.

O - 62

C - 49

M - 89

Next up, Samoa Joe comes out to a great reaction, 50/50 cheers and boos. His opponent, Vampiro, comes out to a decent reaction from the marks. A “Joe!” chant starts up.

Samoa Joe vs. Vampiro

This is almost a squash, as Vampiro doesn’t seem to have an answer to Joe’s offense. Vampiro tries to trade strikes with the Samoan, but Joe gets the upper hand with his hand slap/punches combo, nails a flying knee in the corner, and hits a vicious Face Wash to some great crowd cheers. During the match, the crowd basically turns on Vampiro. Vampiro hits an Enziguri and a clothesline, but Joe comes back with a Powerslam, followed by his chop/kick/knee combo for a two count. The finish comes when Samoa Joe hits the Musclebuster, followed by the choke for the tap out victory.

O - 66

C - 69

M - 82

Celebration Interrupted

Commissioner SoCal Val makes her way to the ring, carrying the shiny, new tag team title belts. Val gets on the mic and asks 2 Skinny Black Guys to come to the ring. “Black or White” plays as El Generico and Human Tornado come out, dancing and playing to the crowd. SoCal Val presents the 2 with the tag titles as they hold them up and celebrate. Out of nowhere, SBS II come out and start attacking Tornado and Generico with chairs! The 2 Skinny Black Guys are laid out! On commentary, Disco mentions that he swung the chair so hard that he “left a dent in Tornado’s fro”. Excalibur and Disco grab the belts and pose with them to a chorus of boos. Some of the lower card babyfaces come out and chase the SBS away, and help 2SBG to the back.

Rating - 63

“You’re the Best” plays as Frankie Kazarian makes his way to the ring. “Tear Away” plays as the PWG Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring, holding up his title. The main event is next!

“The Future” Frankie Kazarian vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

This was a great match, as Kazarian kept using his technical skills to frustrate Steen. The first 10 minutes or so were clean mat wrestling, with Kazarian using solid holds, grabbing a headlock, and mentioning how ‘he learned this in the E’ to some laughs. On commentary, Excalibur mentions that he won the pool about how long it would take Kazarian to blow his shot in the WWE. Kazarian hits his Flying Legdrop for a two count, as the crowd starts up a “Too High Risk!” chant. Steen comes back with some chops and a Swinging Backbreaker for a two count. Steen is in control, hitting an Enziguri and a Superkick for another two count.

The match is back and forth for a while, as both men beat each other down. Steen signaled for the Steenalizer, but Kazarian squirms out and nails the Wave of the Future! He covers, 1, 2, but Steen somehow kicks out! Kazarian picks Steen up and sets him on the top turnbuckle, signaling for the Flux Capacitor! He climbs up, but Steen fights him and knocks him down, following it up with a perfect Moonsault! 1, 2, and Kazarian kicks out! Kazarian starts to come back, but Steen hits a mule kick low blow behind the referees back! Steen picks Kazarian up and hits the Package Piledriver! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kevin Steen

O - 68

C - 61

M - 91

Steen steals this one, but he’s not done yet. He grabs his title belt and is waiting for Kazarian to get up, but here comes Colt Cabana! Cabana makes the save, clotheslining Steen out of the ring! Cabana and Steen are yelling at each other, as Steen holds up his title as he makes his way to the back to end the show...

(OOC: Thanks for the feedback, guys. Hope this new format is a little more aesthetically pleasing. As far as having Burchall, I think a lot of people use him because he has great all-around stats and menacing attribute. A talented big man? I'll take him)

Edited by stiffkick80
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- PWG "Delorians Rule!"

- Good opener, and th eparasol stuff was funny. Glad to see Top Gun chewed the ropes. Good stuff. Birchall makes a nice debut, killing poor Quicksilver. Than he kills Scorpio too. Nice debut? Check.

- Good debut, and I see Birchall going on a pretty nice winning streak.

- I reall yenjoyed this segment, and the Cabana jokes were nice. Steen played the "Straight Man" very well to Cabana's goofball. Also good to see Frankie back.

- Jack and CIMA tear it down, and it's nice to see a Japaneese worker for reasons I don't understand. Good to see the "local" guy go over.

- STIFF~! match here. Dragon wins (Duh) and I am hoping he can get into a real feud soon so he can actually lose some matches.

- I bought a Top Gun Tawler shirt from Evans :shifty:

- Good job, and Joey seems to be developing a good heel persona. Also glad to see Colt go over as his push is moving along nicely.

- Not sure about jobbing out Vampiro so early. I mean the fans may shit on him, but he has to have some sort of use right?

- Good little build up, and it's always good to hear what Disco/Excaliber say about themselves when they have matches/run-in.

- Good match, although it was missing ratings. Not sure where they went. Anyways, Steen goes over (Thank god) and we get a nice little staredown to build up a potential Colt Cabana vs. Kevin Steen match. I want to see it!

- Overall it was a solid show, and I am hoping you can get a TV show at some point. It'd be interesting to see how you book with the ability to make more storylines.

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(Another bad show where things didn't click. Damn it. I can't figure it out. After this show I spend more money on production, just in case... the crowd had turned on Vampiro pretty quickly, so I wouldn't be using him again unless I was desperate. Obviously, Vamp was pissed when I told him, but there wasn't much he could do. I started looking towards the October show, "Howling at the Moon". Things would have to turn around if we had any chance of getting TV. FSN turned us down this month. I guess they had a bad taste in their mouths from TNA, and I wasn't about to take as bad a deal as they got. I would try Sunshine Network next month)

(OOC: Oops, I did forget the ratings for the last match, that should be fixed.

Now, a little help if you please. All suggestions will be considered...

1) Name my new secondary title, that will be debuted in a couple of months. Remember, it should have a PWG-ish name.

2) Name the November Event. It doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with Thanksgiving, just a creative name PWG would use.

Thanks for the feedback, Haj. BTW, Top Gun's Shirts aren't out yet. They will be, though. ;) )

Next: "Howling at the Moon" Preview

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