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Ok i can understand that the season finished with nothing resolved, that's fair enough. But i thought they'd at least start the next season a bit earlier than February. That's waaaaaaay too long to wait for something like Lost. i'm afraid i'll lose intrest in it before then...or just buy the first season on DVD and watch it all a few days before it starts up again...

thoughts on the finale? what's gunna happen next season? ect.

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February? That's good. Not in USA until November. And as you said Lost spoilers ahoy, I'm sure I can say this:

From the trailers I've seen there are other survivors, from the tail of the plane, on the other side of the island. Including Ana Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez), who flirted with Jack in Season 1 at the airport and also Rose's husband, Bernard may still be alive. He was in the bathroom, in the tail of the plane, and Rose has always insisted that he's still alive.

Also, according to a new trailer I've watched Lost starts Sept 21st, 2005 in USA.

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