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WWE: Rewriting 2005


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Early January 2005 saw Edge turn his back on Chris Benoit during the main event of the January 3rd edition of Raw. Edge and Chris Benoit teamed up to face Batista and Triple H of Evolution. After the match, Christian appeared in the ring armed with a chair, ready to attack Benoit who earlier in the evening had insulted him. Edge grabbed the chair away from Christian, only to show his true colors and attack Benoit with it. This act saw the reunion of Edge and Christian as a tag team.

Muhammad Hassan quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, defeating Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship, declaring the championship win a mere footstep towards his true destiny of being Heavyweight Champion.

Tajiri and Rhyno won themselves the World Tag Team Championships at New Years Revolution after defeating William Regal/Eugene, Hurricane/Rosey, and Rob Conway/Sylvan Grenier. During the match Eugene was seriously injured after a Buzzsaw Kick/Gore combo from Tajiri and Rhyno.

Also at New Years Revolution, Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho, Batista, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Edge in the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship. The finish saw Benoit once again making Triple H submit to the Crossface. Earlier in the match, Batista was eliminated by Chris Jericho after Triple H was reluctant to help his fellow Evolution member.

On the January 6th edition of Smackdown! Edge and Christian interrupted a WWE Tag Team Championship match between The Basham’s and the FBI. Edge and Christian claimed they were given some sort of immunity and had the right to go anywhere they pleased. Theodore Long was left powerless, as Edge and Christian continued to invade Smackdown without any explanation. On Raw, Bischoff seemed pleased with their actions, not asking any questions and keeping both men under his belt.

On the January 10th episode of Monday Night Raw, Theodore Long confronted Eric Bischoff demanding that Bischoff sign a waiver stating that all Raw talent are to be kept off of any Smackdown programming. Bischoff was hesitant to sign the waiver until the signatures of Edge and Christian were signed before him. Long came to the ring demanding that Edge and Christian come out to sign his papers. What he received instead was a three on one attack by Edge, Christian, and Tyson Tomko. The attack resulted in the tearing up of the papers by Edge, and Theodore Long being seriously injured by a shoulder breaker by Tyson Tomko.

The same night during the main event, which saw Triple H battle Randy Orton to see who would go on to face Chris Benoit at the Royal Rumble, Batista who had not been heard from since New Years Revolution returned and demolished Triple H and Ric Flair. Batista allowed for Randy Orton to get the victory and become number one contender.

January thirteenth’s episode of Smackdown began with Vince McMahon coming down to the ring to announce that Theodore will not be cleared to return to Smackdown for about two months. Because of the lengthy absence, McMahon had no choice but to announce a new Smackdown General Manager.. next week. He also promised to go to Raw and demand an answer from Edge and Christian.

The next week on Raw saw Vince McMahon confront Edge and Christian about what they had down. However, McMahon soon showed that he had swerved us all, and rewarded Edge and Christian with a tag team title shot at the Royal Rumble. Before anything else could continue, Mick Foley’s theme music hit, and the hardcore icon made his return to WWE television. Foley informed Vince that everything set aside, he had a decision to make about who would be taking over as Smackdown GM. Foley informed everyone what Vince already knew, that the Board of Executives had given Vince a list of worthy replacements.

Things heated up as William Regal’s theme music hit. Regal came out with a microphone informing everyone that his name was on the list, and requested that Vince stop with all the hype and announce Regal as the new Smackdown! GM right there.

Shawn Michaels theme hit, as the Heartbreak Kid came strutting out. Michaels sang a similar tune that Foley and Regal sang, calling himself the only one suitable enough to take the reigns of Smackdown.

The glass shattered and Stone Cold Steve Austin made HIS return to WWE television. Austin proceeded to talk about all that he had done as Co-GM of Raw, and CEO of WWE. He demanded that Vince do the right thing for Smackdown, and name Steve Austin as the General Manager.

Things took a turn as Eric Bischoff appeared on the stage, quite angry. Bischoff went on about how this whole thing is wasting valuable time on HIS show. Bischoff demanded that this be settled on Smackdown, and not take place on Raw, giving Smackdown free publicity.

McMahon, although a bit heated to be interrupted yet again by Bischoff, agreed. McMahon invited all of the men to join him in the ring on Thursday, where he would announce the new Smackdown General Manager to the world.

The Royal Rumble card continued to shape up, with the addition of Edge and Christian versus Tajiri and Rhyno. Also on the card was Muhammad Hassan defending the Intercontinental title against Shelton Benjamin, in what was being called “Shelton’s Last Stand”. If Benjamin did not pick up the win, he would be moved to the bottom of the ladder and have to earn back his title contendership. Also, Triple H and Batista continued to butt heads with Ric Flair caught in the center of it all. The two decided that a match at the Royal Rumble was the only way to settle the score. Triple H put his leadership role of Evolution up for grabs. Maven soon aligned himself with Triple H, saying what Batista did was morally wrong, and you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Chris Benoit and Randy Orton also continued their march towards their Royal Rumble encounter. It became a match of respect, which was being billed as a Summerslam rematch.

On Smackdown, as all the candidates stood in the ring, McMahon promised to name the new Smackdown general manager. Everyone stood still as Vince did his past to hold back on the announcement and build for as much drama as possible. In the end, Shane McMahon made his return to WWE television, being announced as a last minute candidate. Michael Cole and Tazz went on about how Vince McMahon used his political stroke to make this happen. However, Shane soon established himself as a face, telling his father that now that the ink was dried, and Shane was secure as General Manager for atleast the next year, that Vince could see himself out of his arena.

Everything soon came to the head at the Royal Rumble…

[b]Royal Rumble 2005 Results

Funaki defeated Spike Dudley and Billy Kidman to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

Edge/Christian defeated Tajiri/Rhyno for the World Tag Team Titles

The Basham’s defeated Nunzio/Johnny Stamboli to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

Muhammad Hassan defeated Shelton Benjamin after Charlie Haas interfered, costing his former partner the Intercontinental Title regain.

Victoria defeated Trish Stratus in a Women’s Championship match

Triple H defeated Batista after interference from Maven and Ric Flair. After the match, all three men continued to beat on Batista until Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley made the save.

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated The Big Show to retain the WWE Championship

Chris Benoit defeated Randy Orton. Afterwards Orton and Benoit shook hands.

Chris Jericho eliminated Rhyno to win the Thirty Man Royal Rumble Match.

Also during the event, Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff met face to face for the first time since Shane being named the new Smackdown! General Manager. Bischoff wished McMahon luck, though in the end Shane assured Bischoff that he was the one that would need it.

The weeks following the Royal Rumble were hectic.

On Raw, Triple H led his new version of Evolution against Batista, Mick Foley, and Shawn Michaels. It wasn’t long before a match for Wrestlemania was signed, putting Batista/Foley/HBK versus Flair/HHH/Maven.

Jericho and Rhyno feuded after Jericho bragged about eliminating the man beast. During a singles match between the two, Edge, Christian, and Tyson Tomko attacked Rhyno and Tajiri with Jericho joining forces with the trio. The next week Chris Benoit attacked Jericho during an edition of the Highlight Reel. A brawl ensued between Edge, Christian, Tomko, Benoit, Jericho, and Rhyno. Rhyno who brought two steel chairs with him, throwing one to Benoit, allowed for the faces to get the upper hand. Rhyno set his sights on Edge and Christian, eventually getting a tag team title shot with Tajiri as his partner for Wrestlemania.

Shelton Benjamin went on a quest demanding that Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff give him the same immunity that Edge and Christian seemingly had, which would allow Benjamin to go to Smackdown and confront Charlie Haas. Bischoff denied Benjamin with opportunity, but told him that he could work for it. For the next few weeks Bischoff challenged Benjamin with unfair match situations. If Benjamin won, Bischoff would do his best to book a match between Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. In the end, Shelton succeeded, and it was announced that at Wrestlemania 21, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas would do battle.

Kurt Angle began his Kurt Angle Invitational challenges on Smackdown following the Royal Rumble. Angle would challenge the “hometown heroes” to a three minute time limit contest. If the men could survive for those three minutes without submitting or being pinned, Angle would award them his Olympic Gold Medals. During an episode of Smackdown, a young competitor by the name of Frank Shamrock was defeated by Kurt Angle in one of these challenges. After the match, Angle continued to attack, injuring the young competitor.

The next week on Smackdown, Kurt called out the hometown hero, and to everyone’s surprise Frank Shamrock limped out. Before Angle could attack Frank, Ken Shamrock ran in from the crowd and attacked Kurt Angle from behind. Ken locked on the Ankle Lock, as Frank Shamrock kept security at bay. Shockingly Angle quickly submitted, screaming in pain. But Ken wouldn’t let up on the submission hold. When he finally broke off the hold, Ken quickly grabbed the Gold Medals from around Angle’s neck and placed them around his own.

No Way Out 2005 Results

Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio defeated Nunzio/Johnny Stamboli, Rene Dupree/Kenzo Suzuki to win the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Spike Dudley defeated Funaki for the Cruiserweight Championship

John Cena defeated Orlando Jordan to retain the United States Title.

Kurt Angle defeated Frank Shamrock after Charlie Haas kept Ken Shamrock from aiding his brother while Angle cheated.

The Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Championship

During the event, an advertisement for April’s Smackdown Pay-Per-View Spring Stampede aired. The commercial featured a farmer walking in a grassy field, and suddenly being chased by a herd, or stampede of various Smackdown superstars.

Also during the event, Shane McMahon informed Charlie Haas that the match for Wrestlemania between he and Shelton Benjamin was on and it would be taking place inside of a steel cage.

Following No Way Out the run towards Wrestlemania 21 really began.

The first major announcement from Eric Bischoff said that The Rock would be the special guest referee for the six man tag team match between Batista, Foley, and Shawn Michaels and Evolution. Evolution wasn’t too pleased about this, but Bischoff assured them that it wasn’t his idea to bring in “some actor” and it was just the executives way of “sparking interest”.

Edge/Christian and Tajiri/Rhyno continued to feud. William Regal backed Rhyno and Tajiri as the counter part to Tyson Tomko. It was soon revealed that the two teams would face each other in a ladder match at Wrestlemania, with the World Tag Team Titles hanging above the ring.

Muhammad Hassan confronted Vince McMahon during an episode of Monday Night Raw, calling it an outrage that he had not been given a Wrestlemania match yet. Vince McMahon rewarded Muhammad with a title defense against Matt Hardy… A-Train… Test… Val Venis… and a mystery person. Daivari was non-too happy about this. Muhammad assured Daivari that this was simply their final test, and after a Wrestlemania victory, their destiny would be within arms reach.

Both Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were given the inter-brand immunity. The build up saw Haas invading Raw and Benjamin invading Smackdown. The two brawled in nearly every arena continuing the build towards Wrestlemania. Miss Jackie got in between the two, not understanding why her husband, Haas would be making all of it so personal. Haas banned Miss Jackie from ringside for their Wrestlemania encounter.

Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle continued to feud. Angle wanted his Gold Medals back, calling Shamrock wearing them a desecration to America. It was soon announced that the two would meet at Wrestlemania in a submission match, with the Gold Medals up for grab. The winner would also walk away as number one contender for the United States Championship.

Speaking of the United States Champion, John Cena was injured at the beginning of month, and instead promised to face whoever was in line for a title shot at Spring Stampede.

Spike Dudley after insulting Shane McMahon, saying his current reign as Smackdown General Manager was the reason his brothers didn’t want to come to work, was rewarded with a 10 Man Battle Royal match at Wrestlemania 21 defending his Cruiserweight Championship.

Victoria began a feud with Jazz. That’s really all that can be said about it. The feud seemed to be thrown together in proper WWE style.

Undertaker who won the WWE Championship on Smackdown was looking to continue his Wrestlemania winning streak. JBL soon won himself the number one contendership, defeating The Big Show, with help from Orlando Jordan and The Basham’s. Eddie Guerrero soon protested, and soon a four way elimination match between The Undertaker, Big Show, JBL, and Eddie Guerrero was set up for Wrestlemania.

Chris Jericho and Benoit fought towards their Wrestlemania 21 match. Jericho called this Wrestlemania match the most important in his career, and called it the last chance he had to remain a star in the WWE. Jericho berated the WWE Executives, saying it was an outrage that he hadn’t been granted a championship title match in so long. Benoit eventually shut Jericho’s mouth, insulting him, proposing that he hadn’t been given a title shot because he didn’t deserve it.

Wrestlemania 21 Results

Edge/Christian defeated Tajiri/Rhyno after Eugene made his return to WWE television. Eugene who had not been seen since the WWE Tag Team title opportunity several months back on Raw, attacked Rhyno and Tajiri who had put him on the shelf. However, Eugene was not the normal Eugene. He seemed much more focused and for lack of a better word, intelligent. After the match Edge and Christian raised the arm of Eugene, as William Regal appeared on the stage looking shocked and distraught. Tomko soon attacked Regal from behind, as Bischoff made his way out smiling and clapping. Bischoff, Tomko, Edge, Christian, and Eugene celebrated in the ring.

Brock Lesnar defeated Muhammad Hassan, Matt Hardy, A-Train, and Test to capture the Intercontinental title. Lesnar returned in pure face mode, saving Matt Hardy from a beat down at the hands of the heels. He was welcomed back with cheers and uproars.

Victoria defeated Jazz

Ultimo Dragon won the 10 Man Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship

Ken Shamrock defeated Kurt Angle in the submission match. After the match Shamrock draped the gold medals over Angle who rolled around the ring grabbing at his ankle.

Charlie Haas defeated Shelton Benjamin in a grudge cage match. Miss Jackie interfered during the contest, showing her true colors by slamming the cage door over the head of Shelton as Benjamin tried to escape.

Batista scored the pinfall for his team over Evolution. The Rock came out as the referee to an electric response. The ending of the match however saw The Rock deliver a Rock Bottom to Maven, followed by HBK, followed by Flair, followed by Triple H, followed by Foley. The Rock and Batista locked eyes, and Rock quickly demanded that Batista cover Triple H for the win. Batista hesitantly dropped to the mat and made the cover. The Rock slowly counted the one two three and raised Batista’s arm in victory.

The Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield, Big Show and Eddie Guerrero to retain the WWE Championship. After the match Booker T ran out with a steel chair and attacked The Undertaker from behind. Booker raised the WWE Championship above his head, before leaving to a chorus of boo’s.

Chris Jericho defeated Chris Benoit in a clean finish. After the match was Jericho celebrated, Benoit slowly extended his hand to Jericho. The two men got a standing ovation for their match, and Jericho got a large pop for shaking Benoit’s hand. Edge, Christian, Tomko soon surrounded the ring, gunning for Benoit. Jericho came to Benoit’s aid as Edge and Christian and Tomko attempted to attack. Benoit once again raised Jericho’s arm as the two men were cheered.

Also during the event Shane McMahon was confronted by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said that just because Shane McMahon came in and bought WCW, that didn't given him the right to use the Spring Stampede as a Pay-Per-View, a show Bischoff helped create and promote. Shane informed Bischoff that if Spring Stampede bothered him, he was in for a real bother. McMahon turned on a near by monitor and at the same time a video began to play hyping the return of Starrcade! We cut back to Bischoff being held back from attacking McMahon, who stood there laughing.

And that’s where we begin…

Current World Wrestling Entertainment Champions - To Be Updated As Championships Change Hands

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Current World Wrestling Entertainment Groups/Factions - To Be Updated As Members Change

The Administration

Eric Bischoff* , Chris Benoit, Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko, Test, A-Train, Nick Dinsmore

The Dudley Boys

Spike Dudley* , Bubba Ray Dudley, D'Von Dudley

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The two things I don't like about your backstory are:

1) The change of champions, Spike, Benoit, Hassan, Tajiri and Rhyno had just won their titles, why did they loose them so quickly.

2) wrestlemania usually ends with a clear winner or looser, it doesn't end with someone attacking the winner. Booker T could have attacked The Undertaker at a title defense on Smackdown! or something.

But other then that, I can't wait for this diary.

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user posted image

April 4th 2005

After defeating Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho aligned with the former champion to take on Bischoff's Administration following the match. This Monday Night Eric Bishoff and his Administration want answers. Who does Jericho stand with?

Eric Bischoff is also expected to open the show with a "State of The Union" address. Bischoff is expected to touch on many subjects including where Jericho's loyalty stands, as well as the introduction of the Smackdown! Pay Per View, Starrcade.

William Regal will step in to the ring to do battle with his former partner Eugene, now known as Nick Dinsmore. Was Dinsmore toying with us this entire time? Is he of perfect mind? Find out this Monday Night!

All this and more on Raw!

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Guest TMacThaShiznit

Nice backstory, I'll admit some things were kinda meh, like at WM21, too many interferences..plus the State of the Union was a bit overused. Nonetheless its a good story, and a whole wCw thing between Bischoff and Shane-O-Mac should be interesting. I'll continue reading, I look forward to some shows and see what you do with it.

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Not bad, I always appreciate it when someone takes the effort to take an older game and wrap a back story around it.. I tried once and fell flat on my face, well done. I really love the turn and dropping of the gimmick from Dinsmore.. he Tomko and Edge and Christian work well as Bischoff's muscle. Also reteaming the Chris's is always a win in my book. I'd like to see more done with Smackdown.. seems Raw has all the talent.. I'd move Orton and maybe Batista (as in real life) to Smackdown to balance things a bit in terms of the main event. The redebut of Lesnar seemed a little off to me as well.. I think having him show up on Raw in an IC title brawl as a face is a little odd considering he left off on Smackdown as a heel. Other than that.. great work, keep it up.

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4/4/05 - RingsideView.com - Reporter: David Levy

-- The WWE has apparently heard the fans loud and clear when it comes to Hulk Hogan. At the Hall of Fame ceremony the fans erupted as Hogan was announced, breaking out in a deafening chant of "One more match!". With Hogan's new reality series taking shape, most people expect atleast one more match to happen.

-- Steve Austin is scheduled to appear on some Smackdown! house shows starting in May. Take that for what's worth.

-- The Undertaker vs. Booker T is also in one form or another also the main event being scheduled.

-- Earlier this evening I received several emails from different people who had been surfing the WWE website. The PPV calendar has been taken offline, with the only remaining information being about Smackdown's Spring Stampede. Everything else is now "TBA - To Be Announced". Also in what is most likely an editors mistake, a Starrcade ad is positioned on the bottom left of the Raw preview page.

-- While looking at future WWE DVD releases, TheHammer sent in this piece...

"Hey Dave, just thought I'd share with you this little interesting news piece. I was recently just browsing BestBuy.com looking at what WWE DVD's would be released soon. It turns out you're able to pre-order Spring Stampede. This is probably just a mistake, but when browsing the "chapter list" Edge/Christian vs. Nunzio/Johnny Stamboli - WWE World Tag Team Title Match" is listed.

-- The Ross Report is expected to return some time in the near future.

-- This week's Byte This! guest is yet to be announced, but I have heard a few ramblings of a Shane McMahon/Eric Bischoff debate.
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The State of The Union

After the Monday Night Raw opening, we cut to the inside of the barely sold out Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls, Texas to find Eric Bischoff’s theme music already playing. No pyro this week folks. The camera focuses on the ring where Eric Bischoff proudly stands behind a Raw podium. Behind him to his left and right stand Tyson Tomko, Edge, and Christian. The trio are mostly talking trash to the crowd, was Bischoff smiles smugly with both hands resting in front of him.

Eric Bischoff: “Hello and welcome to the State of The Union Address!”

The crowd gives a less than appreciative response, booing the General Manager.

Eric Bischoff: “Now I know you people down here in Wichita Falls aren’t exactly the highest SAT scorers, so I’ll try to make this speech as short, and as clear as possible!”

The crowd gets all over Bischoff for that comment. The trio of Administrative members behind him begin to laugh.

Eric Bischoff: “First off let me start off by saying that the scheduled match between Eugene Dinsmore, my nephew, and William Regal will not be taking place tonight. Why? It turns out William Regal had a bit of transportation troubles. So instead, the match will take place next week. Now, moving on. Last night at Wrestlemania something terrible happened. A man turned his back on his family. A man spit in the face of the people who made him what he is. That man is the new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho!”

The crowd cheers. Bischoff snarls.

Eric Bischoff: “That’s right! He’s your new hero, isn’t he? With one action you people fully capable of forgiving every disgruntled, hateful thing he ever spoke. Well, that certainly says a lot! Where was I? Oh yes. Chris Jericho turned his back on The Administration, allying himself with Chris Benoit, a man who since the Royal Rumble had been his nemesis. Well folks, allow me to be the first to say that Jericho’s loyalty to Chris Benoit will not be forgotten here tonight. Allow me to announce to you tonight’s main event! It will be Chris Jericho, teaming up with Chris Benoit to take on Edge, and Christian!”

The crowd cheers.

Eric Bischoff: “And Tyson Tomko!”

The crowd begins to boo.

Eric Bischoff: “And Gene Snitsky!”

The crowd is all over Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: “And to sweeten the deal… The man who pins Chris Jericho will earn themselves a World Heavyweight Title match, next week on Raw!”

Bischoff laughs and leaves the podium briefly to interact with the administration members. He shakes each of their hands, and jokes with them as the crowd boos. Bischoff approaches the podium once again.

Eric Bischoff: “I said things would change, and by God I mean it! No longer will I let any Raw superstar walk around that locker room like he owns the place! Why? Because I own it! I own Raw! It’s MY show! I’m tired of superstars defying authority, and doing what they want! I’m tied of all the interruptions of my telecast! The interruptions which-“

Evolution’s theme music hits. The crowd splits, some cheering, others booing. Bischoff looks towards the entry way, stunned. The Administration back their leader. The spotlights hit the stage, and Triple H followed by Ric Flair and Maven come walking out. All three men are dressed in suits, and looking fly. The group stops on the stage, and Triple H is handed a microphone from Ric Flair.

Triple H: “Eric, I don’t mean to interrupt you but- Wait how ironic is that? Anyway, I’m sure you know damn well why I’m out here. Last night Batista defeated us after The Rock got involved in things. As far as we’re concerned, that loss should be removed from our records! So c’mon Eric… do the right thing. Remove last nights lose, and hell, give us a match with Batista tonight. That’s fine we’re-“

Eric Bischoff: “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The crowd slightly cheers.

Eric Bischoff: “Did you not hear what I was saying? Did you not believe me Triple H?”

Triple H: “Eric I-“

Eric Bischoff: “No! You’re actually a perfect example! An example of what I’m NOT going to stand for anymore! You want the lose removed? Tough! The lose stands… for each of you! You want a match here tonight against Batista?”

The crowd cheers.

Eric Bischoff: “Tough! I make the matches and I call the shots!”

The crowd boos.

Eric Bischoff: “But I’ll tell you what I will do… Maven! How does a title shot right here tonight sound to you?”

Maven is shown on stage blowing right past Triple H, excitedly.

Eric Bischoff: “Well tonight, you’re going one on one with Brock Lesnar!”

The crowd cheers. Maven looks distraught, changing his mind. Shouting that he doesn’t accept.

Eric Bischoff: “Flair!”

Flair cautiously looks up after trying to calm Maven down.

Eric Bischoff: “You’re always telling people just how great you are. Well how about tonight The Nature Boy shows us how great he is, when he steps in to the ring…against Kane!”

The crowd erupts. Flair goes ballistic on stage, pulling on Triple H’s suit jacket and yelling for him to do something.

Triple H: “Woah! Woah! Eric, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Eric Bischoff: “What the hell do I think I’m doing? I’m running MY show! And I’m not through yet! Triple H! You don’t have a match tonight…”

A slight smile of relief appears on the face of The Game. The crowd changes to booing.

Eric Bischoff: “Or next week… Or hell the week after that! Why? Because until further notice, I’m suspending you from the roster!”

The crowd actually gives a strong mixed reaction to this. Triple H looks shocked on stage.

Eric Bischoff: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you! And by the way that suspension is effective… immediately. Security! Remove Triple H from the building!”

Triple H suddenly rips his jacket off and charges the ring. The Administration get ready for the attack, but the yellow shirts at ringside plow in to The Game, holding him back. Soon security guards from backstage appear and aid in hauling off Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: “I’m sick of tired of you walking around here like you call the shots! You don’t call the shots, I do! Now get out of my damn arena!”

As Triple H continues to be dragged off, Maven and Flair try to get the security off him. Maven provides enough of a fight to have two security guards begin to drag him away as well. Flair continues to be ballistic on stage, shouting at both groups of security guards to ease up. Flair begins to follow his two comrades as they are brought backstage.

Eric Bischoff: “Flair! Flair!”

Ric turns abruptly and faces the ring.

Eric Bischoff: “Where the hell do you think you’re going? Your match is next!”

Ric Flair vs. Kane - Singles, 20 Minute Time Limit

Flair was forced to wrestle the match in suit pants and dress shoes. Kane toy'd with the Nature Boy for most of the opening minutes, demonstrating his strength. Soon however Ric Flair began to fight back. The crowd quickly got behind The Nature Boy cheering him on. Following a clothesline to Kane, the hot crowd got to Flair who began to do his strut. It was interrupted by Kane sitting up in his way, and in a comedic spot Flair quickly stomped on the Big Red Machine and continued with the strut. Kane picked up the victory following a chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

Mystery Friend…

We cut backstage where Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid is shown standing in his locker room. He’s not dressed for action, and is talking on his cell phone.

Shawn Michaels: “Well brother if you’re on your way here you know I’ll be waiting!… They wanted you, so now they’re going to get you!… I’ve got to run, I’ll see you soon though.”

Shawn hangs up his cell phone, and while smirking to himself he walks out of the cameras view.

Muhammad Hassan vs. Matt Hardy – Singles Match, 20 Minute Time Limit

In a grudge match from Wrestlemania, Matt Hardy locked it up with Muhammad Hassan. Both men were pretty over in their respective roles of heel and face. The ending of the match saw Muhammad block a Twist of Fate attempt, and manage to nail a spike DDT of his own. Hardy managed to hang on a bit longer, signaling Daivari to jump up on to the apron while simultaneously sending his leather belt towards Muhammad. Hassan choked Matt Hardy as the referee was distracted, and then latched on the Camel Clutch. The already weakened Matt Hardy had no energy to keep his arm from dropping for the third time.

Winner: Muhammad Hassan

Unneeded and Unwanted Assistance

We cut to the back where we find Jonathan Coachman standing backstage with Batista.

Jonathan Coachman: “Batista, last night at Wrestlemania you defeated Evolution following shady officiating by The Rock. So c’mon buddy, tell us, what’s up with that? I mean, did you really have to go behind everyone’s back and get The Rock on your side? Were you really that threatened by Triple H and Evolution? Or was it just your way of getting Triple H-“

Batista suddenly rips the microphone out The Coach’s hand. The crowd cheers at this action. Batista raises the microphone and leans in to Coachman.

Batista: “You listen to me. Everyone listen! I didn’t ask, nor need The Rock’s help! I was just as confused by his assistance as you were. Triple H? Ric Flair? Maven? Last night I proved that in Evolution, it’s always the survival of the fittest. So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to the source, Vince McMahon and demanding a match for next week… I’m demanding that I face Ric Flair and Maven in a handicap match! And after I do, I’ll stand in that ring and wait for The Rock to come down to the ring, and tell me face to face exactly why he did what he did!”

The Coach is shocked at Batista’s announcements. The crowd is a buzz. Batista shoves the microphone back in to the hands of Coach with a loud feedback clash. Batista forcefully pats Coach on the head in a demeaning manner, smirks, and walks off.

Maven vs. Brock Lesnar© – WWE Intercontinental Championship, Singles Match

Before the match Maven was shown backstage arguing with an exhausted Flair how one week it’s Brock Lesnar and now the next it’s going to be Batista. Flair gave Maven a brief pep talk, telling Maven not to back down, and to show Lesnar how big of a man he is. The bell rang and the match began. Maven walked right up to Lesnar and shoved him. He quickly jumped right back in to his face, talking smack. Lesnar looked away awkwardly. Maven suddenly slapped Lesnar, and continued yelling. Maven went for another slap, but Lesnar quickly grabbed Maven’s arm, and pulled it behind him. Lesnar hoisted Maven up, setting him up for the F5. One, two, three.

Winner: Brock Lesnar ©

One More Match!

After the commercial break, the theme music of Shawn Michaels hits. The crowd erupts as The Heartbreak Kid comes dancing out from the back, with a microphone in hand. He pumps the crowd up a bit more before signaling for his theme music to be cut.

Shawn Michaels: “Just so you people don’t think I’m blind or dumb… I saw the camera in my face earlier tonight! I know you folks heard the phone conversation, and I know you all are wondering just who it was that H.B.K. was a talking to….”

Shawn smiles, the fans cheer.

Shawn Michaels: “I’ve always been the type of guys to give the fans what they want. Whether that means jumping off one more ladder, wrestling one more minute, shedding one more tear… And I want you people to know that Shawn Michaels… has heard you loud and clear!”

The crowd cheers again.

Shawn Michaels: “It was at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony that I first heard you. Hell, I think everyone within a seven block radius heard you! You fans chanted three simple words… “One…More…Match!”

The fans erupt. A mixed chant of “Hogan!” and “One more match!” erupt.

Shawn Michaels: “So I’m out here to announce, one… more… match! At Judgment Day, May 29th 2005, it is going to Edge and Christian defending their world tag team titles against The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!”

The crowd cheers.

Shawn Michaels: “And… The Immortal!”

The crowd erupts.

Shawn Michaels: “HULK HOGAN!”

The crowd erupts, and only becomes louder as “Real American” hits, and the lights turn red and yellow. On the stage HBK does his best dance moves to the beat as he steps aside. From the back Hulk Hogan comes strutting out, boas draped over his neck. Hogan eats up the spotlight, pumping the fans up by hitting his signature poses, and calling for them to cheer louder.

After a few minutes, Hogan calls for Shawn to join in on the action, and both begin to hit the Hogan signature pose routine. We fade to commercial with the entire arena going nuts, “Real American” blasting, and Hogan/HBK posing on stage.

Victoria© vs. Molly Holly – WWE Women’s Championship, Singles

The match came about with Victoria issuing an open challenge. Molly Holly was first to arrive on the scene. The two women brawled back and fourth, showing some technical skill, mixed with speed. The ending of the match saw Molly miss with a round house kick after Victoria ducked. Victoria followed through quickly setting Molly up for the Widow’s Peak. One, two, three. As Victoria was declared in the ring and handed her belt, Molly Holly came back, holding her neck while stomping down Victoria. Molly broke down, screaming and yelling that the Women’s Championship was hers. As the two women began to pull at eachothers hair, the officials and referees finally managed to separate the two.

Winner: Victoria©

Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit vs. Edge/Christian/Tyson Tomko/Gene Snitsky – Man Who Pins Jericho Gets World Heavyweight Title Opportunity

Of course, just as Bischoff had hoped, every man gunned for Jericho. And just like you would expect, Jericho and Benoit got beaten down for the greater portion of this match. The heels kept themselves fresh, constantly tagging in and out, however more reluctant when Jericho would be the legal man. The downward spiral of the heel team began when Jericho managed to dodge a Spear attempt from Edge, causing him to take out Gene Snitsky. Tomko came out of no where nailing a big boot on Jericho. Benoit came in for the aid, hitting a germen suplex on Tomko, sending him down to the canvas, and rolling out of the ring. At this point it was now two on two. The two teams continued to brawl until finally Christian managed to knock Jericho over the top rope. On the outside Snitsky and Tomko continued to beat on the World Heavyweight Champion. In the ring, Christian set Benoit up for the Unprettier. However, Benoit began to fight out of it as the crowd rallied behind him. Suddenly Edge appeared, kicking Benoit in the rips, allowing for the sudden strike to lead way to the successful Unprettier. Tomko and Snitsky held on to Jericho’s boot, keeping him from rescuing Benoit. One, two, three. After the match Jericho finally managed to escape the hold of Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko. The World Heavyweight Champion exploded on Edge and Christian with left and rights. Tomko and Snitsky came in, only to find themselves also falling victim to the Champion. Benoit began to gain back energy as well, clotheslining Tomko and Snitsky both over the rope. Jericho called for Benoit on the other side of the ring, and Benoit got in readiness position. Jericho whipped Christian in to the turnbuckle, followed by Edge. Benoit and the crowd cheered as Jericho charged the corner looking to take out both men. Suddenly, a big boot sent Chris Jericho halting to the mat. It was Chris Benoit! The fans quickly begin to boo as a suddenly emotionless Chris Benoit looks down at the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge and Christian leave the corner, and Benoit quickly turns ready for a fight. The Tag team champions prepare for a brawl. Christian takes a step back, motioning to the fallen Champion. Edge drops to the mat, calling something in Benoit’s direction. A slight smile appears on the face of Benoit, as he hoists Jericho up to his feet. Edge charges forward, Spearing Jericho back down. The crowd is all over Benoit as he lifts Jericho back up, and nails a Germen Suplex. Benoit, Edge, and Christian surround Chris Jericho, who lays motionless. Benoit drops and covers Jericho. Edge grabs a hold of the referee and shoves him to the ground. Reluctantly the referee counts. One, two, three.

Winner: Christian/Edge/Tyson Tomko/Gene Snitsky (Chris Benoit?)

Chris Benoit’s theme music suddenly hits, and Eric Bischoff comes walking out from the back. In the ring, Edge and Christian raise Benoit’s arm in victory. Bischoff enters the ring and shakes hands with the Rapid Wolverine. The crowd continues to boo as Benoit continues to stare at the fallen World Heavyweight Champion. Eric Bischoff has a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: “I give to you the winner of this match, and the NEW number one contender… Chris Benoit!”

The crowd boos heavily.

Eric Bischoff: “Jericho! You’ve got one week. One week left of being World Heavyweight Champion. Why? Because when you’ve got all the power in the world backing you, you’re unstoppable! You’re untouchable! You’re… Administrative!”

Bischoff laughs. Edge, Christian, Tomko, Bischoff, Snitsky, and Benoit raises eachothers hands, as Jericho lays at their feet.

The scene fades.

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Guest SquadBoy

I'm really liked that show. It's was really well written with lots of entertainment. One of the reasons I like NWO so much is the abuse of authority they had, which is the main reason I like this diary. Eric is abusing his authority and I love it. The Flair and Kane match gave me a chuckle also. Keep it up.

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I won't lie to you - I liked the first show. However, I am not going to actually get into this diary until I see a few more shows (like everyone else that is reading)

You're a good writer, "lose" should have been "loss" though but that's not a major thing.

First segment was good, Batista segment was also good as you got the Coach character correct.

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4/5/05 - Ringsideview.com - Reporter: Various

I just got back from Raw, and whoa what a show it was!

The State of The Union got a lot of heat for Bischoff and the rest of The Administration. Prior to go live on the air, Bischoff led the group in degrading the fans. We were even treated to an Edge and Christian 5-Second-Pose! Oldschool!

Triple H being suspended surprised me with it's reaction. A lot of people in my section were actually booing Bischoff, and cheering on Evolution.

Kane vs. Ric Flair was good soley due to The Nature Boy's reactions to Kane's strength. It kind of saddened me to see Flair lay down for Kane, as the unexpected thing would've been for him to pick up the win.

We didn't get audio during the first Shawn Michaels segment. Three guys in front of me actually did their best Mystery Science Theater 3000 impression, filling in for what was actually being said.

Muhammad Hassan got the second largest heel reaction of the night. During the commercial break Hassan and Daivari ran down America, targeting Texas specifically for it's use of the Death Sentence, and for being the home of George W. Bush. The heat continued during the break following the match. Hardy got cheered as he left for the back.

Once again, we lost audio for the Batista segment. It came in during the midway point. Batista's challenge to Evolution and The Rock got a strong babyface reaction from as far as i can tell. This guy is definitly future main event material!

Maven vs. Brock Lesnar was exactly what it should've been. If they're pushing Lesnar as the unstoppable beast we all know him as, then well done to the booking team!

The announcement of Hogan/HBK vs. Edge/Christian at Judgment Day was amazing! I've never heard or seen a bigger reaction in my life! The chants and cheers continued well past the commercial break, and in some sections carried over in to the Women's Championship match. A fan in the audience who had come to the show dressed as Hogan continued to do the posing non-stop during the women's bout. That is what most of the camera side fans were cheering for in case you were wondering.

The women's championship match was the piss break prior to the main event for most. I appreciate what the girls who actually wrestle do. I enjoyed it.

The main event was the best match of the night by far. When Chris Benoit turned his back on Jericho, nobody saw it coming. I mean no body. It was actually kind of sad, since there was a little kid next to me who actually was wearing a Benoit shirt. He began to cry when Benoit hit the German suplex on Jericho and held him up to get attacked by Edge. The parent was calming the kid down for the rest of the event. A "Benoit Sucks!" chant broke out as The Administration posed in the crowd.

It should be noted that earlier in the evening William Regal was spotted outside of the arena heading inside. So I don't know what the deal is as far as the Eugene/Regal match being canceled.

All in all, it was a great show!

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IPB Image

Three Title Defenses!

Join the superstars of Smackdown this Thursday night as we come to you live from Reno Nevada!

The Undertaker who walked away from Wrestlemania still champion will go one on one against Booker T. We will get some insight in to the thinking of Booker T? Will we find out why he attacked The Undertaker following his Wrestlemania victory? Time will tell. Undertaker has demanded this match, which GM Shane McMahon rightously granted!

In other championship news, both the Cruiserweight and Tag Team titles will be up for grabs.

Ultimo Dragon will defend his Cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio.

The Basham Brothers, Doug and Danny will face The FBI, Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio with the belts on the line.

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero will lock holds as they go one on one.

We will also receive an update from United States Champion, John Cena.

Join us this Thursday for Smackdown!

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April 7th 2005 - WWE Smackdown

Ultimo Dragon© vs. Rey Mysterio – WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Singles

Smackdown kicked off with awesome Cruiserweight action in what was definitely the match of the night! Both men got decent pops from the fans. The first major spot of the match came when Mysterio had ascended to the top rope, and jumped at Ultimo looking for a drop kick. Dragon quickly turned things around delivering a drop kick of his own to the stomach of Mysterio, stopping him in mid-aid and sending him to the mat. The ending of the match came about after Mysterio had gotten in control. He signaled for the 619, but failed to deliver. As Mysterio came flying around ready to nail Ultimo in the face, Dragon lowered himself, catching Mysterio by the legs, and hoisting him up over one shoulder. Dragon quickly threw Mysterio in to position and managed to nail the Asai DDT for the win. One, two, three! After the match Ultimo helped Mysterio to his feet, and both men shook hands.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon©

GM Competition

We cut to the back where Shane McMahon is shown talking on his cell phone. He’s going on discussing not only Spring Stampede, but also the announcement of Starrcade in December. You hear a brief knock at the door, and the camera pans back to reveal Eric Bischoff standing in Shane McMahon’s office. McMahon smiles and informs the person on the other end that he has visitor.

Shane McMahon: “Eric, what brings you to the Smackdown side of things?”

Eric Bischoff: “You know damn well why I’m here Shane. What you can’t return phone calls? I want you to know that I have my lawyers working around the clock to make sure both Starrcade, and the Spring Stampede don’t happen!”

The crowd continues booing.

Eric Bischoff: “I mean, what give you the right to use the platform of pay-per-views that I, ERIC BISCHOFF created? Nothing! And yeah, don’t get me wrong Shane, you may have bought WCW towards its end, but as far as I’m concerned? Those events belong to me!”

Shane McMahon: “They belong to you?- They belong to you? Here’s a reality check for you Eric… You lost! You had your chance to keep WCW, and what happened? Like everything else that was handed to you, you did nothing with it! I did! It was my name that was on that contract under owner and operator. So as far as the Spring Stampede, Starrcade, and anything else I decide to pull out of the vault goes? I have the right. Smackdown has the right!”

Eric Bischoff: “Please! What exactly do you think you’re going to accomplish? You think for one second anyone is going to buy in to the façade of a McMahon driven Spring Stampede or Starrcade? Don’t count on it! You’re not that good of a businessman!”

Shane McMahon: “Oh and let me guess.. You are?”

Eric Bischoff: “Well I-“

Shane McMahon: “Tell me Eric what have you done with Raw that has been SO innovating.”

Eric Bischoff: “What have I done? New Years Revolution!”

Shane McMahon: “That’s it? The elimination chamber?”

Eric Bischoff: “Taboo Tuesday!”

Shane McMahon: “Paul Heyman called, he wants Cyberslam back!”

That comment strikes a nerve with the Raw General Manager. The crowd cheers on Shane as he continues to belittle Bischoff and Raw.

Eric Bischoff: “Oh yeah? Try this on for size… You watched Raw am I right?”

Shane McMahon: “I flipped by it.”

Eric Bischoff: “So you’re probably aware of just what kind of event Judgment Day is shaping up to be. Already The Immortal Hulk Hogan has been announced as returning to the ring for one more match. Teaming with the Heart Break Kid! The Showstoppa! Shawn Michaels! To take on the greatest tag team alive today… The REAL tag team champions, Edge and Christian! Now you tell me… Do you honestly think Spring Stampede can follow THAT?!”

Shane McMahon: “Hulk Hogan.. That’s big I’ll give you that. I’ll go one further and admit that it’s one hell of a business deal that I wish I didn’t miss out on. But Eric… if it’s returning superstars you want?”

Shane McMahon leans in close to the Raw General Manager.

Shane McMahon: “Tune in April 24th…”

Shane McMahon smiles devilishly, as Bischoff quickly looks away. The Raw GM seems to begin to contemplate exactly what Shane could mean. McMahon leaves the scene, as Eric continues to look confused and worried.

Funaki Loses and Now Must Pay

We cut to a video from “Earlier Today”. It’s of Orlando Jordan and Funaki playing cards somewhere in the back prior to the event. Orlando is shown to have nearly all of the chips on the table, with Funaki barely hanging in there.

Orlando Jordan: “Your call Pho-Nah-Kay!”

Funaki mumbles to himself a bit in Japanese before throwing down a Queen of Hearts.

Funaki: “Go…Fish!”

Orlando sighs to himself. John Bradshaw Layfield comes in to the picture, rubbing his forehead irritated.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “For the last time Funaki.. We…are…playing…poker!…No go fish! NO!…Go!…Fish!!”

Funaki stares at JBL for a moment.

Funaki: “Oh yes, yes. Sorry, sorry!”

Funaki picks the cards he threw down up and quickly looks over his hand again.

Funaki: “I’m all in!”

Funaki slides what remaining chips he has in to the pile. Orlando smiles at JBL who looks back eagerly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “Alright boys let’s see who won!”

Orlando throws down his cards. Three nines.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “THREE OF A KIND!”

Funaki sheepishly lowers his cards, revealing a perfect ten, jack, queen, king, ace, Royal Flush. The cigar which was hanging in JBL’s mouth drops to the floor. Orlando looks stunned.

Funaki: “I win?”

Orlando Jordan: “Yeah, you-“

John Bradshaw Layfield: “No! Now we do the American trade style of poker. Where we um, trade two cards. So-“

Bradshaw is hurrying Jordan along trying to confuse Funaki.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “So there we go trade two cards!”

Orlando rips two of the cards out of Funaki’s hand, and gives him two of his own. Orlando now wins with a full house, three nines, and two jacks.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “You lose Funaki!”

Funaki looks heartbroken.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “Don’t worry buddy. Remember, we’re not playing for money. We’re playing for a match. You lost, so now you get to face me tonight! You get to help me warm up for Spring Stampede!”

Funaki looks distraught.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “You, one on one with me, the greatest WWE Champion there ever was! Jeeze, sounds to me like by losing you actually won! Diggity dog!”

We cut back to the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Funaki – Singles Match

Bradshaw won. Quickly. Following the clothesline from hell. During the short match JBL kept looking to Orlando for advice as if Funaki was the hardest opponent he’s fought to date. After the match, JBL and Orlando celebrated as if JBL had recaptured the WWE Championship. However, Funaki soon found himself on the receiving end of a two on one after he had successfully risen to his feet too soon for JBL’s liking. Funaki got stomped and pummeled by the two men, causing him to get busted open above the eye. JBL and Jordan eventually left as Funaki received medical attention.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Mr. Kennedy? Mr. UPN?

We cut backstage where Shane McMahon is stirring himself a cup of coffee. There’s a cough off screen, which Shane turns and acknowledges. The camera pans back to reveal a man standing in a suit, holding a briefcase.

Suited Man: “Mr. McMahon?”

Shane McMahon: “That would be my father. I’m Shane.”

Suited Man: “Well Shane, my name is Ken Kennedy, I’m a network executive from UPN.”

Shane McMahon: “Well… super! See you around!”

Shane goes to walk off. Kennedy stops him.

Ken Kennedy: “Mr. McMahon, Shane, I’m here due to a complaint that the network received from one, Eric Bischoff. Now I don’t mean to be the barer of bad news, but the acquisitions of Mr. Bischoff have in deed caused a crinkle in UPN’s trust in Smackdown. Therefore, they have assigned me to fully investigate yourself, and Smackdown, and hand in my final report on the whole matter.”

Shane McMahon: “Look Mr. Kennedy, Ken, I don’t know how to explain this. Bischoff is a lying, no good, ass kisser! I guarantee you that nothing he has accused Smackdown of doing is true.”

Ken Kennedy: “Well, just to be professional I must follow through with my report. And…”

Kennedy looks a bit uncomfortable.

Shane McMahon: “What? What is it?”

Ken Kennedy: “Well, just to be blunt… I’M A HUGE FAN!”

The hard ass executive image is gone as Kennedy completely breaks down in to a high pitched bumbling WWE fan.

Ken Kennedy: “I mean I’ve been here for ten minutes and I’ve already seen The Big Show, and Eddie Guerrero, and The Undertaker, and Booker T! And wow, I mean I watch every week but you never truly know just how big The Big Show is until you’re standing right up there next to him looking dead on in to his rip cage! Have you seen that guy? I mean of course you’ve seen that guy!!!!!!! He’s huge! Huge! Huuuuuuuge!!”

Kennedy is talking a mile a minute. Shane is stunned. Kennedy coughs, adjusting his tie.

Ken Kennedy: “So you see, I really must insist that I follow through with my investigation, and fully…investigate…stuff…”

Kurt Angle walks up behind the still stunned Shane McMahon. Before he can say anything, Kennedy is at a lose of words. He blatantly points in the face of Kurt Angle.

Ken Kennedy: “Kurt Angle!”

Shane McMahon jumps, not knowing that Angle was right behind him.

Shane McMahon: “Kurt. I mean! KURT! Hi! How are you? Have you met Ken Kennedy? He’s from UPN! Big fan! Huge! Loves you! Here you two get to know each other!”

Kennedy latches on to Angles hand and immediately starts to shake it wildly, a huge smile across his face. Angle looks afraid and confused.

Kurt Angle: “What? I just- Coffee. Shane? Shane? Shane!”

Kurt rips his hand away from Kennedy. Ken steps forward, awkwardly close to Angle.

Ken Kennedy: “Ken Kennedy, huge fan. Huuuuuuuge! It’s my dream to be a professional wrestler. But I’m stuck with this crumby desk job. You know you wake up one morning and you just never realize what you truly can accomplish-“

Kennedy begins going on a rant again. Angle slowly turns toward the camera, dumbfounded.

The Bashams© vs. The FBI – WWE Tag Team Titles, Tag Match

The Bashams played dirty the entire match. They switched in and out without tagging, and used illegal moves to harm Nunzio and Stamboli. The Bashams managed to use Nunzio’s size to their advantage, using him as virtually a weapon to briefly take out the referee. As the referee dealt with the illegal Nunzio, Doug and Danny worked on Stamboli with Doug nailing Stamboli with a low blow, and allowing Danny to hit The Brain Damage. The referee came back just in time to make the cover. One, two, three. After the match The Bashams high tailed it to the stage, where they celebrated. In the ring the FBI talked trash, inviting them back to have another go.

Winners: The Basham Brothers

What Did He Say?

We cut to the back where a chaotic scene is taking place. Funaki is getting his wound stitched up, and is yelling in Japanese trying to get away from the doctor. Security guards and other officials are holding Funaki down.

Doctor: “Calm down Funaki, calm down! They needs to be done!”

Funaki goes off in a tangent of Japanese. The final stitch is given and the Doctor calls for the men to lighten up. Funaki explodes off of the table, yelling and swinging, shouting in Japanese. Funaki storms out of the room.

Doctor: “What did he say?”

Another medic walks up next to the head medical doctor.

Medic: “I think he said… He needs to make a phone call…”

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero – Singles Match

Second greatest match of the night. During the ring introductions after Angle’s pyro had exploded and he was standing on the rampway, a sly, and anxious Ken Kennedy appeared from the curtain. Angle quickly saw him and began to yell at him. Kennedy yelled back, and Angle just stormed towards the ring, yelling at Kennedy to go backstage. Kennedy remained at ringside. Guerrero and Angle had a technical showcase. After a series of chain wrestling maneuvers both men won over the crowd. However the ending of the match came after Eddie Guerrero had managed to hit the Three Amigos suplex’s on Angle. As Angle lay in the center of the ring, Guerrero climbed to the top rope to the delight of the fans. Suddenly Ken Kennedy jumped up on the apron, clapping, pointing at Angle, and cheering Guerrero on. Guerrero became distracted and kneeled on the top rope, pointing and yelling at Kennedy to get off of the ring apron. Suddenly Angle was back up. Kurt quickly jumped on the distraction, jumping up to the second rope in front of Guerrero, latching on, and nailing the Angle Slam from the top rope. Angle made the cover. One, two, three. Ken Kennedy became emotionless on the apron, looking as if he was about to cry. As the ref went to raise Angle’s arm in victory, Angle ripped it away from the ref, and motioned for Kennedy to join him in the ring. Hesitantly, Kennedy entered, and called for Guerrero, claiming he was sorry for what he had done. Angle said a few words to Kennedy, and before you knew it, it was Kennedy who was raising Angle’s arm in victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Booker man Afraid of No One!

We cut to the back where Josh Matthews is shown standing with Booker T. The fans boo as Booker T appears on the tron.

Josh Matthews: “Booker T, we are just moments away from your title match against The Phenom The Undertaker. But before that match takes place, I would like to ask you the question on everyone mind. Why? Why did you viciously attack The Undertaker following his Wrestlemania victory? Why did you cowardly take out the champion on the grandest-“

Booker T “You didn’t just say that… Tell me you didn’t just say that! The Phenom? Please! Sucka that boy is as much of a Phenom as I am white! I’ll tell you what he is. He’s a grown man who likes to play with magic tricks! You want to know why Booker T did what Booker T done? I did it, because it was time I took the matters into my own hands! I was tired of being overlooked, and tired of being under booked! I’m a five time! Five time! Five time! Five time! Five time, WCW Champion sucka boy! When was the last time you saw Booker T with a Heavyweight strap around his waist? When sucka? It’s been a long time. Not because I can’t get the job done. But because I just haven’t been given the opportunity! So what I do? I made a noise. I made a noise on the grandest stage of them all, in front of millions of fans. I took out the Dead Man! I brought him to his knees! I proved that I am the superior superstar, and just why I should be champion! But enough with the chit chat! I’ve got a championship to win!”

Booker T brushes past Josh, leaving him hanging. The crowd is all over Booker T for his arrogant comments.

The Undertaker© vs. Booker T – WWE Championship, Singles Match

During the Undertakers entrance, Booker T hid on the outside, and attacked The Dead Man as he was entering the ring. For the most part Booker T remained with the advantage. After an axe kick, The Undertaker sat up, turning the tides, and taking Booker T by the throat. Undertaker brought Booker T in to the corner, slapped him around for a bit, before climbing to the top turnbuckle while twisting Booker’s arm. Following the old school routine, Undertaker called for the tombstone. Suddenly JBL was in the ring from the outside attacking The Undertaker from behind. Booker T slowly stood only to get knocked down by Layfield as well. The Undertaker fought back delivering left and rights to JBL eventually sending him over the top towards the ramp. Booker grabbed a hold of Undertaker from behind, pulling him up and over for a bell to back suplex. Undertaker hit the mat, but in a moment sat back up feverishly. Booker quickly exited the ring.

Winner: No Contest Thru Interference

Shane McMahon: “Woah! Woah! Woah!”

Shane McMahon appeared from backstage.

Shane McMahon: “JBL? You want to get involved a WWE Championship match? Fine! At Spring Stampede, it’s going to be JBL vs. Booker T vs. The Undertaker for the WWE Championship… In a CAGE!”

The crowd erupts.

Shane McMahon: “But the Stampede is a long way away, so next week… It’s going to be Booker T and JBL… TEAMING UP! To take on The Undertaker… and a partner… of HIS choosing!”

JBL and Booker T shoot each other looks. In the ring The Undertaker rolls his eyes back in to his head. The crowd is cheering.

The scene fades.


OOC: This is probably a good place to let everyone know. There are a few things taking place right now on WWE programming that I am enjoying, or did enjoy, that I plan to use in my diary. Of course I'll add my own twist to it, such as the UPN Representive being a bumbling addicted fan played by Ken Kennedy. Different things like that. (Y)

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Update On John Cena

WWE United States Champion, John Cena, who has been sidelined with an injury is ready to return to active competition. WWE.com has learned that at Spring Stampede Cena is ready, and willing to defend his United States Championship.

For now the question is, against who?

There's no doubt that every Smackdown! superstar will be looking at getting themselves in on the action. Next week John Cena is expected to issue the open challenge for Spring Stampede and it appears the title shot is officially on a "first come, first serve" stand.

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