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Dodgeball DVD

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So I bought the Dodgeball DVD on Monday and I've watched the films, all the extras and everything so I decide to put the commentary on when I'm falling asleep.

It starts with Vince Vaughn and the director there, but no Ben Stiller because he's turned up late, then they talk about Ben and how he's an ass and everything. Stiller comes in after 20 minutes and he and the director have a big argument so the director walks out. The guys behind the booth try to get things under control but Vince swears at them all the time, he and Stiller talk for a bit then they both leave. So, the guys behind the booth put the "There's Something About Mary" commentary over it for the rest of the film (about 50 minutes)

What the fuck is with that? Is that real or a big act? Does anyone know? (If they have the DVD)

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I've had that DVD for ages but never bothered with it. I can never be arsed with the extras other than the bloopers and even the cut scenes bore me most of the time. Except the ones on Bruce Almighty, which are fucking hilarious.

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