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::Show starts::

::Raven comes down to the ring with a bag, on the mic he talks about how being banned to Sunday Night Heat and says how he will lead TNA in the ratings to beat WWE::

::Rhino comes out and says if it wasnt for WWE none of them would be where they are today::

::The Dudley Boys sneak up behind Raven and grab hold of him::

::Rhino walks down the ring and then Cassidy and Billy Kidman jump the rail and get behind Rhino::

::The Dudleys let go of Raven and start hitting Rhino and Cassidy & Kidman do the same thing. Rhino is laid ot, Raven takes the bag and opens it, he passes around T-Shirts. They are just plain old black T-Shirts with Red letters that say VKM::


Jeff Jarrett is backstage on the phone saying he is in need for some "Royal" back up tonight.


Mike Tenay is in the ring and is thanking everyone who brought TNA to where it is today. He calls Sahadi, Dixie Carter, Jeremy Borash, Bill Banks, and Jerry Jarrett to the ring to shake their hands. Then Samoa Joe (in this fantasy he wins the X-Title at Unbreakable going into this show) hits the ring and starts beatin the s*** out of everyone. Police run to the ring and start clubbing down Samoe Joe and they handcuff him. They drag him out of the building.

: Daniels vs. AJ Styles::

Daniels wins, after the match DOA Larry Zybysco comes to the ring with Samoa Joe's X-title and hands it to Daniels decalring him the champion again since Joe is in Jail and suspended from TNA


Team VKM is shown knocking on Traci's lockeroom door. Soon as she opens it Raven grabs her by the hair and they drag her to the ring and start cursing at her. Then Raven has the mic and says for Gail Kim to get her a$$ out here. Raven DDT's Traci and Gail Kim comes out with Earl Hebner. She pins Traci as Hebner counts. Afterwards Raven gives both Gail and Earl a VKM T-shirt. Then The Dudleys go outside the ring to get a table and they set it up to put Traci through but Alex Shelly comes running down but is outnumbered. They put him through the table and on the mic Raven tells him to get the "F" Out.


Larry is backstage with Jeff Hardy, Syxx Pac, Jerry Lynn, Truth, B.G. James, and Kip James. He tells them that anyone who trys to pull a stunt on TNA and jins VKM will be up for a career suicide in TNA. Larry turns around to leave the room and everyone throws trash at him. e turns around and points at them with his face red hot.

::Lance Hoyt vs. Sonny Siaki::

Siaki wins after Bobby Roode hits Lance with a Hocky Stick. Then Team Canada surrounds Siaki, Apollo comes running out and Siaki kicks him and does the Siakalypse.


Backstage Siaki has a Canadian Shirt on and he begins to lecture Team Canada, Petey stands up saying Scott Da' More left him in charge. Siaki pushes him down in his chair and takes a piece of paper out of his pocket & says Da More has declared him the new leader of Team Canada until he returns. Siaki has Petey go fetch him a glass of ice water


A load of X-Division wrestlsers are shown laid out along the parking lot. Sabin, Sharkboy, Delirious, Sonjay, Red and a few others

::Franchise intervies AMW backstage saying next week on iMPACT! they get their big shot against The Naturals in the Main Event for the tag titles. Sabu then runs in and hits them with a chair. Franchise is asking whats going on and Sabu just points to the sky::

::Main Event Monty Brown vs. Abyss::

Winner is Abyss with the help of Jim Mitchelle, Jim see's Raven heading down the ring and is telling Abyss they need to get out of there. Then from every side of the crowd VKM members jump the rail and surround the ring.

::Jeff Jarretts music plays and he tells Raven that he knew that he was the mastermind behind Black Wendsday and Jarrett was ready with backup. Raven asks Jarrett who has the guts to put up a fight, The Bandaged Rhino walks out. Raven says it will take more then that, since they already bloodied him up earlier that night, then Kevin Nash steps out. A big brawl begins on the Ramp between everyone as the show ends::

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::Show Starts::

Shannon Moore is in the ring wearing a VKM T-shirt. He tells Larry Zybysco to come to the ring. Larry comes out, Shannon starts yelling at Larry asking him if he thinks that airing TNA commercials during WWE programming is funny? Larry laughs, then Alex Shelly and Sabin come to the ring in TNA T-shirts and start beating on Shannon.

Raven on the screen appears telling them they just made a big mistake. Raven has some footage he wants to show Larry. The cameras cut to a forest and it shows AJ Styles tied up on a tree while Team 3D scoop leaves into a pile underneath them. They then light a match and throw it on the leaves and walk away. The camera cuts back to Raven who tells Larry they just lost their only homegrown star.

::Syxx Pac vs. Daniels::

Daneils wins, on the mic he tells Syxx Pac that he might as well give up. The X-Division is past his level now. Sabu comes out and hits Daneils with a chair. Syxx Pac stands up to extend his hand, then Sabu hits him with the chair and points to the sky.


Kevin Nash in the ring asks TNA how it feels to have a star back on their show? Nash tells Raven to go ahead and come out. Nash says Vince has been out for him since day 1. Raven comes out with Gail Kim on his side. He tells Nash that he wont fight him tonight but he knows two guys who will.

Billy and Cassidy come out. Handicap match. Nash wins with two Jack knife powerbombs then Raven comes down and gets the best of Nash and DDT's him.


::Limo pulls up Jeff Jarrett steps out::

Jeff leans his head in and tells somebody else to just wait in the car. Jeff begins walking away and Franchise comes over asking Jeff who is in the limo. Jeff shoves him aside. Nash comes limping up to Jeff and asks Jeff if he is here? Jeff nods. Nash tells Jeff he is going to go hit the shower.

::Cuts to Jerry Lynn and Larry::

He tells Larry that the X-Division needs to be the main part of the show etc.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elix Skipper

Jeff Hardy wins

:: backstage::

David Young begs Raven to let him in VKM he wants a big shot in the buisiness. Raven kicks him and heads to the ring


::Raven is inside the ring::

Raven says how he is showing his loyalty and eventually says that at Bound For Glory will be his last match before he heads North to make the big bucks again.

Dudleys who are standing beside him tell Raven they think he should kick Cassidy out of the group. He has no association with VKM and they dont trust him.

::Cuts backstage where Larry Zybysco has an announcement to make::

Larry says that at BFG a 20 Man over the top will happen for the #1 Contendership. Larry then says Raven is under contract and BFG will not be his last match.

:: commercial ::

Jeff Hardy vs Elix Skipper

Jeff Hardy wins

:: cuts backstage ::

:: Nash steps out of the shower with a towel on and Sabu attacks him. He points to the sky and walks away. Then David Young comes up with a wheel Burrow and Drags Nash's body away ::

:: Backstage in the Canadians locker room ::

Sonny Siaki says how the Canadians are the elite people in the world. He goes on to say that he thinks Petey Williams isnt really a Canadian and they will be investigating him

::Inside the ring::

Truth renames himself Pete James after alot of thinking. He feels that its the best step to take in his career right now, and says when The Outlaw renamed himself Kip James he became a star overnight.

:: cuts backstage to The Franchise ::

Franchise says that Samoa Joe has escaped Jail and has been spoted!

Black and White store camera

Samoa Joe is shown beating up someone over the counter and taking M&M's while still in his wrestling gear. The Police are coming through the front and he jumps through the window to escape!

:: Main Event::

AMW vs. The Naturals

Naturals win after Team 3D toss Chris Harris off the rope before he can do the Death Sentence. Naturals do the Natural Disaster. Earl Hevnber then comes out with a chair and hits Rudy Charles with it. Team 3D take out the Naturals. Jeff Jarretts music plays and he comes running to the ring but gets held down by team 3D as Earl Hebner kicks him. Then out walks Bret Hart! He hits Team 3D right down and then Earl Hebner. The show ends with Bret giving the sharpshooter to Earl Hebner.

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::Show starts out with Sonjay, Red, Delirious, Sharkboy, Mikey Batts, and Jerelle Clark telling Larry they are going to go on strike. They walk out of the door. Then Jerry Lynn walks up to Larry and tells him he has to get his act together. The X-Division is falling apart::

::Cuts to the Main Doors::

Bret Hart walks in and stares down team Canada who are in the hallway and continues to walk

::Jeff Hardy vs. BG James::

Winner: Jeff Hardy. After the Match Monty Brown hits both of them with a pipe.

: Commercial :

: A picture of Samoa Joe is shown on the screen and it says $10,000 Bounty :

:VKM Corporation are shown walking into their room. David Young is laying on the couch smiling and wearing a VKM T-shirt. They grab him and rip off the shirt and throw him out of the room :

: Cuts to Lance Hoyt sipping on a coke, then Monty Brown comes and hits him with a pipe. He leaves then Sabu runs up whacks the already fallen Lance Hoyt with the chair and points to the sky :

::Cuts to the ring::

Raven is in the ring. He says somebody let AJ Styles free. Raven says there is a traitor among the group. Raven then says oh well. He will be bringing a new member to the group. Somebody who is already part of TNA.

:: Nash’s music plays and he comes out ::

Nash says he woke up naked in David Youngs house this morning, and had to find his way out. He made it to TNA and things started to get better. Larry Zbysco says that he will be meeting Raven at Bound for Glory for the title. Raven then tells Nash that it will be his last match in the company before walking out and heading North with the title.

Nash says he will be damned if VKM takes out another company

:: Nash goes to the ring and punches down Ravens back up, then power bombs him ::

:: Commercial ::

Bret Hart is in the ring. He asks who do you think of when you think of VKM Screw overs? Bret goes on talking about how Earl Hebner screwed him over, now at BFG Larry has signed the match. Bret Hart vs. Earl Hebner.

:: Earl comes out ::

Earl tells Bret Hart that it was his own fault. All Bret ever did was b**** and it came back to his face. Earl tells Bret the Canadians don’t even like him anymore.

::Siaki comes out into the ring with Team Canada::

Siaki asks Bret why he hasn’t been representing his country. Siaki calls Bret a sellout Canadian wanna-b. Siaki tells team Canada to beat Bret up. They refuse and walk away. Bret gets into Siaki’s face then Earl sneaks up behind him with a chair and knocks him down.

:: Backstage::

Franchise catches Monty Brown and asks him why he is hitting people with his pipe. Monty says that he is weakening out the competition for the over the top match at BFG, and that he will be the #1 Contender and will win the title, Pooooounce.


Rhino vs. Shannon Moore. Rhino wins. Afterwards Team 3D of VKM come out and put Rhino through a table.

: Footage is shown of Samoa Joe in his wrestling gear kicking over grave stones. Then you see Sonjay Dutt with a net run at him and he tries to capture him but Joe tosses him into a hole made for a casket :

: Commercial :

Jeff Jarrett demands Larry tell him who Raven has on his side. Larry tells Jeff he has no clue

::Nash vs. Bubba::

Winner: Nash. Raven comes out with the title afterwards and tells Nash that at BFG he will…………………………..

:: out of no where ::

Jeff Jarrett nails Raven over the head with the guitar.

::cuts backstage::

Syxx Pac and Daniels are choking each other

: show ends :

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::Show starts::

Larry Zbysko is sitting around a table with Daniels,Lynn,Elix Skipper,Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelly. He tells them that TNA has to cut back on wrestlers after Bound for Glory, so some of them will be losing their spot in the company. Larry tells them that they might even have to drop the X-Division with lack of people. Larry leaves the room

Abyss walks in the room and growls

::Cuts to the ring::

Raven, Cassidy, Billy, Shannon, Dudleys, Gail Kim, & Earl Hebner are in the ring with cowboy hats on. Raven says that TNA is just a low budget southern comapny. Raven says the guys running the company would be happy if everyone here was missing teeth and came from Tennessee. Then Raven takes off the hat and says F*** TNA.

AMW comes out

Chris Harris tells Raven that AMW is sick of the crap. They are going to start helping TNA in this war and have a little match set up for the Main Event. 6 Man Tag Main Event. AMW tells Raven to pick his partners. Raven picks Team 3D. Raven asks AMW who they pick.

David Young steps out with a smile and crosses his arms.

AMW looks at David then shoves him off the ramp. Then Bret Hart steps out with his arms crossed.


Kip James vs. Jerry Lynn

Winner: Jerry Lynn. Afterwards Kip James is leaving and Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin both punch him in the stomach.


Siaki is backstage yelling at Team Canada for not taking out Bret Hart. He tells them they have to start obeying orders. Operation Destroy Bret Hart!


Nash is shown bringing in his luggage, with Jarrett in sunglasses walking beside him.

:: SAMOA JOE SPOTTING :: appears on the screen

We are shown footage of Samoa Joe casting a fishing pole at ducks at the park. You see Amazing Red & Shocker jumped on his back trying to tie him up. Joe throws them into the water and runs off across the street, buys a pack of M & M's from the machine then runs again. Stops, turns around, buys another pack, then runs again!

:: Backstage ::

Team 3D barge into the room where Raven is, and tell him they think it was Cassidy Riley who let AJ Styles off the tree. Raven says he knows who did it and they will be punished in the future. Raven & Team 3D step out of the room then AJ Styles comes out of the closet with a marker, he writes on the mirror. "Thank You Shannon"


Larry Zbysko's office. Larry stands up and keeps repeating into the phone "Where are you" then Larry runs to his car and takes off


:: Apollo vs Bobby Roode ::

Winner : Apollo. After the match Apollo tells Siaki at Bound For Glory they are meeting up. Apollo tells him that they could have been great. Siaki comes out. He tells Apollo he needs to stay out of Siaki's way. He is more worried about Destroying Bret Hart. Apollo says Bret is more Canadian then he will ever be. Siaki & Apollo exchange punches.

:: Backstage ::

Konnan is telling Pete James how stupid he is for changing his name. Then Monty comes in and takes both of them out with his pipe and yells Pooooounce

: Cuts to Syxx-Pac talking with Jeff Jarrett and Nash , you cant hear hat they are saying :


Nash attacks Daniels then powerbombs him onto the floor

Raven, Team 3D vs. AMW, Bret Hart

Ends in DQ after Earl Hebner hits Bret with a bell

: Cuts to Larry in his car, he pulls into a city dump. He gets out of the car and ambulences are all around. Larry goes up to a person on the stretcher and asks if they are ok, they dont reply. Its Rhino! Rhino is taken away on the stretcher :

:: Cuts back to the ring ::

Sabu comes from behind and nails Don West in the head with a chair then points to the sky

:: Show Ends ::

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::Show starts::

Alex Shelly, Hardy, Chris Sabin, Kip James, Pete James, Lance Hoyt, Syxx-Pac, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Bobby Roode, B.G. James, The Naturals and AMW are all in the ring. Larry Zbysko comes out. He tells them he called them out for a reason. He wants to know here and now who is this “new member” Raven keeps talking about who is joining VKM. Larry says he is sick of the chaos going on around here. Ever since VKM things have been all over the place. Larry tells them to fess up.

: A Video package of VKM plays at the end it begins to promote a new person that is joining but doesn’t say who it is :

Larry says he wants an answer. Everyone begins to leave the ring, then Larry tells them to hold on. Last week somebody severely hurt Rhino, and he wants to know who did it.

::David Young comes out::

David Young said it was him.

Larry asks who really did it?


Lance Hoyt vs. Sabu

Winner: Sabu. After the match Don West goes to the ring and gets in Sabu’s face and he starts cursing at him asking what was he thinking last week. Security comes out and separate them.

Larry steps on the ramp and tells Sabu, he forgot, Sabu is being fined for attacking Don West without cause last week. Sabu just stands their and points to the sky.

:: Cuts backstage ::

Nash, Jarrett, and Bret Hart are sitting and talking. Nash tells Jeff not to worry about Rhino, he should be ready by Bound for Glory.

::Larry walks in::

Larry tells Nash he is facing Daniels in the Main Event tonight. Larry asks Nash why he attacked Daniels last week. Nash says he just felt it was the right thing to do.

::Franchise is standing by Jerry Lynn::

Jerry Lynn says he doesn’t know where he or the other X-Division wrestlers will be after Bound for Glory. The X-Division is at and all time low, Joe is an outlaw, God knows what AJ Styles is doing, Daniels is getting his ass kicked by Nash, then you have the other half of the X-Division on strike. Jerry says he is going to do his best to keep it alive.

:: Commercial ::

Monty Brown vs. Konnan

Winner: Monty Brown. After the match Monty keeps attacking Konnan, he takes a chain around his throat and chokes him. Pete James and BG James coming running out and Monty Brown hops the rail. Then Sabu out of the crowd nails Monty with a chair hitting him down. Sabu points to the sky.

:: Larrys office ::

David Young bursts in. He asks Larry where VKM are. Larry says he has no clue. David goes to jump (attacking him) on Larry but Larry moves out of the way and David falls flat on the floor

::Lynn , Sabin, Skipper are shown beating up Hardy , when they see the camera they walk away::


Samoa Joe is at a car lot slashing tires, then Sonjay Dutt, Red, Shocker, Delirious, and Sharkboy all come at him. He fights free and they all end up laying across the hoods of cars

::Cuts back to Larry’s office where you see David Young still laying on the floor::

Bret Hart comes in. He wants to know where VKM are. Larry says they still haven’t arrived. Larry warns Bret Hart that Team Canada is after him. Bret says bring it. When Bret walks out the door Eric Young and Bobby Roode take him down and drag him by an arm each.

::Nash vs. Daniels::

Winner: Nash. Nash won after Syxx-Pac came out and hit Daniels with his own X-Title belt. After the match Kevin Nash gave Daniels another power bomb

::Video promoting VKM plays again.::

Then it cuts outside to a hospital building. It shows VKM walking in. They go to a door and open it where Rhino is laying on his bed. They tip over his bead. They all start kicking him. Raven tells him to get the “F” out. Behind them in the door way you see AJ Styles head pop in.

::Cuts to back to the building::


Sonny Siaki is shown on a couch with his arm around and unconscious Bret Hart. (Siaki is smiling and staring at the camera while Bret Hart has his head plopped down and his eyes are closed)

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I think this diary needs more depth to it. The summaries just aren't doing it for me!

Also, I don't like how TNA has become the "We Have WWE" Federation. Your two main fueds are the VKM versus Kevin Nash (and trust me, Kevin Nash will never play a role as a company spokesman!), and Bret versus EARL HEBNER!? I'm just not buying it...maybe if Bret had a title shot with Earl as referee, it would be more interesting.

Still, keep on plugging!

Edited by Campbell
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Bound for Glory

Pre Show: Kip James vs. Konnan

Winner: Kip James

During the Pre Show Raven comes out and tells the fans farewell and that they should cherish the two titles they have left. Raven tells VKM good luck continuing the mission in TNA. David Young comes out and starts hugging Raven, Raven kicks him between the legs. As Raven leaves, David continues to wave at him.

Show Starts

Billy Kidman and Cassidy Riley vs. Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin

Winner: Billy Kidman and Cassidy

Jeff Jarrett is backstage pacing back and forth. Nash is on the couch. Jeff tells Nash that Rhino called and they wont release him from the hospital. Jeff says he will have to find another partner.

:: to the ring ::

Sonny Siaki comes out with Team Canada. Siaki tells Apollo that if he wins the match he can be a member of Team Canada

Siaki vs. Apollo

Winner: Siaki

After the match Siaki tells Apollo he didn’t win but he is now the newest member of Team Canada. Apollo pulls away not wanting to be a member, but Bobby Roode sprays mace in his face and they throw a Canadian shirt on him and leave.

Shannon Moore comes out to the ring and says during all of his time up North he never met as many wacko’s as he has met already in TNA. AJ Styles is the biggest freak of them all. He says AJ keeps sending happy mother day cards to him. Shannon says now its time to fight.

AJ Styles music plays, he comes out then his pyro goes off, and AJ begins to freak out. He gets on his knees , and covers his head yelling for help.

Shannon runs down, grabs him , takes him to the ring then does his finisher 1.2.3.

Winner: Shannon Moore

Backstage: Jeff Jarrett is holding a sign. It says looking for a partner. David Young comes up asks Jeff if he wants to team. Jeff says no. Then Pete James comes skipping down the hall way. Jeff Jarrett trips him. Then Pete asks if he can be Jeff’s partner. Jeff thinks about it for a second then says yes.

20 MAN OVER THE TOP MATCH (Winner becomes #1 Contender world title)

Starts out with everyone in the ring. Match starts, everyone turns towards Monty Brown and they grab him and carry him above their heads to the other side and toss him out making Monty the first to be eliminated. After this everyone begins to go at it. They go out in this order. Eric Young,Konnan,Lance Hoyt,Elix Skipper,Andy Douglas, Gail Kim, Chase Stevens, James Storm, Kip James, B.G. James, Traci, A1, Chris Harris, Bobby Roode. Then 5 men remain in the ring. They work together to throw Abyss out. Jerry Lynn is out next, then Sabu. Now its down to Pete James and Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy wins.

Backstage Monty is with The Franchise

Monty Brown talks to Franchise about how he was once again screwed out of his title shot. Monty says Jeff Hardy is the enemy of the company, Monty says Jeff is one of “them”. Then Monty Brown goes on telling Sabu he screwed up last week by hitting him with the chair, because Monty was generous enough not to do anything to him the last couple weeks.

:: To the ring ::

Larry is in the ring. He apologizes to the fans. Rhino will not be on the show tonight. Pete James will take Rhino’s place in the match. Larry says he will make up for it though. Next Impact! Will have B.G. James vs. Kip James, then he has a big “surprise” match for the week after that’s Main Eent.

Video Package of Daniels as X-Champ Plays

Daniels vs. Syxx-Pac (X-Title)

Winner: Syxx-Pac


Jeff Jarrett is making sure Pete James is ready

Jeff Jarrett & Pete James vs. Team 3D

Winner: Team 3D

Syxx-Pac and Nash celebrate his X-title win backstage.

Bret Hart vs. Earl Hebner

Eric Young, Bobby Roode, A1 & Siaki all interfere. Bret Hart takes them all out. Then Apollo comes out with his Canadian Hockey Stick and whacks Bret Hart. Earl pins. 1. 2. Bret kicks out. Bret gets the advantage again. Apollo trys to knock out Bret again but Bret ducks and takes him out. He puts the sharpshooter on Earl. Earl taps out. Bret takes off as the Canadians hover over Earl Hebner.

:: Outside the Arena ::

Samoa Joe is shown at Willy Wonka’s Candy factory cutting down tree’s. The former TNA X-Division wrestlers comes at him and Samoa Joe throws them at the tree one by one head first as they run at him

:: Cuts to the ring ::

Raven vs. Nash

Winner: Nash even after holding out interference by Cassidy. After the match Jeff Jarrett, Larry Zbysko, and Syxx Pac come to the ring to celebrate the new champion. Then Syxx-Pac takes out Larry and Nash takes out Jeff Jarrett then the new champ powerbombs Larry Zbysko. Team 3D, Shannon, and Kidman come out they encourage Kevin Nash to powerbomb Raven and he does it.

:: Show ends ::

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Guest SquadBoy

I'll give you a little credit. The angles and such you are using are somewhat entertaining. You got the storyline part down. You should post the ratings that you got, unless your not using EWR. If not this is in the wrong place.

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:: Show Starts ::

A limo pulls up first, Gail Kim steps out, then Syxx Pac with the X-title, then the new world heavyweight champion, Kevin Nash steps out with the World Title on his shoulder.

After they are gone and the limo pulls away Raven comes pushing a cart full of clothes up to the same spot. A couple of TNA wrestlers see Raven and curse at him.

:: in the ring ::

Abyss vs. Shannon More

Winner: Abyss

After the match AJ Styles holds up a baby picture of Shannon Moore on the ramp. Shannon goes running up to catch him.

:: Commercial ::

Nash's music plays, and he comes out with Syxx-Pac and Gail Kim. Takes the mic. Nash asks Raven if he really thought that VKM would want him back? He says "they" wouldnt send someone like him to do a job this big. Nash begins to talk to Jarrett. He tells Jeff he put up with him in the nwo, he put up with him in Kings of Wrestling, but now he wants nothing more to do with him.Nash tells for all of VKM to come out.

Everyone comes out

Nash says its time to remove some dead weight from the group. Nash grabs Cassidy Riley and powerbombs him. Nash says that no friend of Raven is a friend of Kev's.

Cuts backstage, Raven is talking to David Young about forming a new alliance since nobody likes either of them

:: Commercial ::

Raven and David Young are now backstage helping out an injured Cassidy Riley. They tell him that he is part of their new group.

BG James vs. Kip James

Winner: B.G. James

Backstage Lance Hoyt is sipping on some coke. Sabu comes running with a chair, Lance ducks, then Monty comes with a pipe, Lane ducks then runs. Monty and Sabu see each other and battle to the ground rolling on top of each other


Siaki is in the ring. He tells Bret Hart to come out. Siaki has a Canadian flag. Siaki holds up a lighter and begins to burn it. Then Bret Hart comes out. Siaki tells Bret everything is settled. The two top Canadians in the business today are ganna go at it. Bret vs. Siaki. A Canadian Icon vs. a has been.

Bret tells Siaki he will see him at Genesis. Siaki tells Bret before he leaves he has one other stipulation. Earl Hebner of VKM is the special guest referee.

Backstage Pete James demands a world title shot. He tells Larry that ever since becoming Pete James he has onlu lost 2 matches.


Larry in the ring. He says there is no longer an X-Division. The X-Division is a thing of the past. Larry tells the X-Division wrestlers the best of luck, he also tells them they can compete in other divisions or leave.


Chris Sabin flips off the monitor as he watches on

::Larry then goes on to say in tonights main event it will be Jeff Hardy the #1 contender vs. Pete James. If Pete wins he is added into the title match at Genesis.

:: News Flash ::

Samoa Joe is said to be dead after jumping off a cliff running from police dogs. The body was not found but a full pack of M & M's were.


Nash tells the Dudleys they are missing Tag Gold and he wants them to take care of the problem

:: Commercial ::

Jeff Hardy vs. Pete James

Winner: Pete James. Pete James won after Raven ran to the ring and evenflowed Jeff Hardy.

: Backstage :

Team 3D knock on the Naturals door while holding a chair on each side

:Show Ends:

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::Shows Starts::

The #1 contender Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes to the ring. Jeff says that a title win for him is overdue. Now he dosnt have to live in his brothers shadow. Hardy says that at Genesis he will get his chance to put his drug problem behind him and be a champion

Larry comes out and tells Jeff Hardy that this is the surprise he mentioned at BFG. Tonight its Jeff Hardy vs. Kevin Nash in the main event. Jeff dosnt have to wait until Genesis.

Backstage Jerry Lynn finds Daniels and tells him to go into a room with him


Team 3D vs. Eric Young and Bobby Roode

Backstage :

Bret Hart storms into Larry's lockerroom asking him why he made Earl referee. Larry says that he is under stress. The match is made and final. Bret swipes everything off his desk and onto the floor.

:: Cuts to the Candian locker room ::

Sonny Siaki is lecturing team canada. He calls Eric Young & Bobby Roode failures and tells Petey Williams he hasnt done anything good for Team Canada since Siaki took control. Siaki then goes on praising Apollo's work in the group.


Jeff Jarrett arrives in the building. You see Gail Kim and Billy Kidman making out in the background.


Monty Brown is searching backstage for Sabu. He goes into a room and David Young is there. Monty hits David with a pipe.

Jeff Jarrett is in the ring. He says that he is the only one showing any loyalty to the company. Jeff Jarrett says Raven screwed them over. Nash screwed them over. Rhino is to @#%$ to show up, and Bret Hart would rather fight Canadians then help TNA.

Pete James comes out. Pete blames Jeff for making them lose at BFG. Pete goes on to brag how he has a title shot at Genesis but Jeff Jarrett dosnt. Pete reccomends for Jeff to rename himself Jeff James.

From behind Raven attacks Jeff Jarrett , David Young and Cassidy are with him. Raven takes the mic.

Raven says that he was wrong. He was used. VKM didnt care about him. Now Raven says he is going to destroy what he created. Raven hands the mic to David Young.

David Young says that VKM's lost is Ravens gain. Someone finally saw talent in him. He says there group name is "David Young & the Wrestless"

Raven tells David young the name is stupid

Syxx Pac vs. Sabin

Winner: Syxx-Pac. As Sabin leaves Syxx tells him to get back. Sean calls for the TNA/VKM X-division wrestlers to come out. Syxx- Pac has a funeral for the X-TITLE. Rhino comes out and gores Syxx as he is praying.


Monty is still looking for Sabu. He goes outside the building. David Young is there. Monty hits him with a pipe

Cuts to a meadow. Shannon Moore is chasing AJ Styles with a lighter and AJ Screams.


You see a man with a black ski mask tuck the X-title down his pants and walk away.

Jeff Hardy vs. Nash (World Title)

Winner: Jef Hardy after Dudleys interfere on Nash's behalf, Naturals come out and keep them out of the match. Daniels comes to the ring and takes out Kevin Nash. Then Hardy gets the swanton bomb, and wins the world title.

The show ends with Hardy holding the title to his chest as Daniels stares at him from behind now realising what he has done.

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so David Young gets attacked then appears in the ring with Raven :S i've givent his a chance but i dunno it just doesn't feel right, Nash losing the title 2 weeks after winning it is not something TNA would ever do, and Bret can't wrestle in reality so i see him wrestling, just wasting time that could be used for AJ STyles or the X Division and use Bret in some other way.

Also i am not liking what you did killing the X Division, i am hoping you bring it back seeing as without the X Division TNA would not be much of anything, X division made TNA unique, i hope its a angle of some sorts and that the X division isn't actually dead

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The David Young thing was on purpose. I thought it was funny, Monty would appear somewhere then David Young would be where he would go. Then David would be right at the ring, then later that night Monty found him again just looking for Sabu

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:: Show Starts ::

Team Canada is on a ranch. Apollo is holding up the Canadian flag on a pole. They go into a horse stable and take horses, they go riding around a house. Bret Hart comes out with a shotgun and Siaki yells F--- you Bret Hart and they ride off

::Cuts back to the ring::

Nash & Syxx Pac come to the ring. Nash talks about Genesis. He says he will get the title back. He tells Danisl he is a deadman for what he did last week.

Larry comes out

Larry tells Nash he isnt in the title match at Genesis. He is no longer the champion so there is no reason to put him in it

ALL OF A SUDDEN, David Young comes running down to the ring and starts punching Kevin Nash, then Kevin Nash punches him once and he falls down and rolls out of the ring.

Syxx Pac says he should get the title shot against Hardy. He asks Larry where was Hardy at Lockdown? Syxx Pac asks who took his place and stole the show? Syxx-Pac says as much as he hates TNA he deserves to be champ over Hardy and says he WOULD NEVER NO-SHOW TNA.

Larry says he see's the point. Tonight Hardy vs. Syxx Pac will be the Main Event. Then he tells Nash that Daniels will be his opponent for Genesis.

Nash tells Larry that Hardy vs. Pete James wont draw S***. Nash says that Larry dosnt have a head for the business.

David Young stands back up and starts hitting Kevin Nash then Nash hits him down again.

Larry says he knows what he is doing. Larry says he will have a big announcement next week on iMPACT!


Daniels is with The World Champion Hardy. He says the only reason he has the title is curtiosy of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Hardy says he could have won it on his own. Daniels tells Jeff "in time" then leaves.

:: Commercial ::

Lance Hoyt vs. Monty Brown Winner: Lance Hoyt , Monty got distracted by Sabu at the entrance pointing to the sky.

: Backstage :

Shannon Moore is talking with AJ Styles. He lets him know that he is now in charge of AJ Styles. AJ begins to argue, then Shannon lights his lighter, AJ Shuts his mouth and agrees.

: To the Ring :

Team 3D come out to the ring. On the mic they talk about the Naturals.

David Young runs down to the ring and starts attacking Team 3D, then they 3D him.

Team 3D then talks about the Naturals , they say how they will begin their domination on the tag division. Team 3D talk about how VKM wants the tag belts.

: Backstage :

Siaki & Team Canada arrive to the arena on Bret Hart's horses.

Behind team Canada you see Bret Hart running with his shotgun, tired out from running this far Bret Hart falls down passed out on the floor.

:: Commercial ::

Jerry Lynn backstage iwth X-Wrestlers. Tells them to hang strong, their is hope on the horizon.

:: Cuts somewhere else ::

"Young & the Wrestless" attack Kidman and Gail Kim backstage. Raven DDT's kidman into the cement. Cassidy and Raven walk away, then David Young starts kissing the laid out Gail Kim.

:: Cuts to Somewhere else ::

Kip James tells Pete James he likes his last name. Pete James says thanks

:: To the ring ::

Siaki vs. Abyss / winner : Abyss. Siaki yells at Eric Young, Petey Williams, and Bobby Roode saying that htey got in his way during the entire match. He thanks Apollo for staying in the back.

Konnan & B.G. are in the back jealous of Pete Jame's World Title shot. Pete comes in the room and they tell him how happy they are that he gets the shot


Main Event

Hardy vs. Syxx-Pac Winner: Hardy

Rhino interferes with a gore on Syxx-Pac, Hardy swantons for the win. Nash's music plays and starts walking towards the ring, David Young comes from behind hits Nash, Nash knocks David Young down, continues walking towards the ring and the show ends

::End of show::

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