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What if...Dreamer ran ECW?


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Note: This diary is a continuation from a diary started from .400 diary forums. Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Total Extreme Wrestling and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

August 1, 2004

Fed Up.....The Backstory

Its been almost over 5 years since the most innovative, cutting edge wrestling fed at the time, ECW, has closed its doors. In the begining, they had shows in local gyms and in bingo halls..but what made it special is the "Take no prisoners, B*lls to the wall attitude, where it made people either excited..or push thier moral buttons.

After WWF (now WWE) had bought up the rights to ECW, after Paul Heyman had declared bankruptcy, the former stars of ECW has either migrated to the ranks of WWE, TNA, or just have to indy promotions..more just gave up..and retired. Tommy Dreamer, probably known as the heart and soul of ECW, had eventually succomb, and go work for WWE...but not without an ulterior motive.

Dreamer was anything but pleased working for WWE. He held the Hardcore title..and had the "honorable" destinction of being the last Hardcore champion.

But after the Hardcore title was retired..he was immeadetly dropped down into "jobber" and "opener" status..never making it past midcarder status. But the straw that broke the camel back, was when the WWE was doing matches that ECW was famous for..and they passed it off ..as if they came up with it!! Then he started seeing other promotions doing the same thing. Dreamer then started to plan his strategy...so he start saving his money... money and asked for money from everyone that would lend him some money. Then..after a couple of months later... He waited for the perfect opportunity..

He then went to Jim Ross, vice president of Talent Relations and asked for his release. Ross complied. Now Dreamer had close to two million dollars. That was the EASY part! Now here came the hard part. Every ECW alumnist that put that fed on the map was either in another federation, ran thier own promotion, or lost all desire for the sport..and retired! The only person that he could contact and not have any problem signing..was his wife, Beulah McGulllicutty!!!

So the first thing he did was to contact some staff members and also be on the look out for not only some former ECW talent..but some up and comer free agents as well. He understood that he would at the bottom of the totem pole..and he has to be careful..cuz he doesnt have the money like WWE, nor the popularity like TNA..but he was determined to put ECW back on the map!!

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Twisted Fate

August 16,2004

Dreamer had been burning up the phone lines, fax lines, internet... anyone who was interested in the revival of ECW! But there was one person that he wanted to see back in ECW. Paul Heyman. When Heyman recieved the message that Tommy wanted to talk to him, Dreamer recieved a response..that he did not expect...or wanted.

Heyman: "Look Tommy, you and I go way back. For years I wanted to go up against Vince and Eric..but bottom line..it was a pipe dream.. I am satisfied with the role that I have in WWE right now..And I AM NOT GONNA RISK IT FOR YOU OR ECW!!! Face it...ECW IS DEAD!!!"

Dreamer was shocked at Heyman's disloyalty and downright betrayal on the wrestling fed that he created..and put on the map. After feeling that his heart was ripped out..suddenly, Dreamer luck was about to change. He recieved a text message on his cell phone. It was his wife, Beulah..

Message: "Tommy, come back to the office,IMMEADIATELY!!! Good news..reply ASAP!!"

Dreamer arrived in his office..with Beulah having a huge smile on her face!!

Beulah: Tommy, your not gonna believe this. Apperantly, word has gotten around the wrestling world that your re-opening ECW. We have already gotten responses back from people who want to join us!!"

Dreamer: "Can you give me some of the feds that they are part of..or was part of?"

Beulah:" We have some people from all over, but mostly from TNA and some former WWE workers!!"

Dreamer: "Your joking me!!! Please tell me we signed them already!?"

Beulah: "Way ahead of you!! I already signed them..I had to throw in a sign in bonus..but its not to bad..more like about $20,000 nothing serious!"

Dreamer:" So ..give me some names..of who we are getting!?"

Beulah: "We have some guys from the independent circuit..but are tag team champions all thru the south, thier names are Trystan Fury and Toxin, we also got Chris Kanyon, X-Pac, and Rick Santel. Now some well known people? Hold on to your seat.....Sabin, The Amazing Red, Air Paris, and some of your friends/drinking buddies from the old days..."

Dreamer: "Who!?"

Beulah: "Jerry Lynn, Sabu, and The Sandman!!"

After that news, Dreamer's day just gotten alot brighter..he couldnt believe that the buzz in the wrestling world would send shockwaves, and what he really couldnt believe...was all the talent...that he already signed!! He knew that he had a long way to go..but..it was shaping up to a beautiful begining..

Dreamer: "Honey.. lets go home...we are going out tonight...today you have REALLY outdone yourself!!

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"Back again...for the first time"

August 23,2004

The basic interest of ECW has grown very nicely in the past couple of days. Tommy and Beulah have been discussing alot ..over the past couple of days.

Beulah: So Tommy, are you gonna be the GM?

Tommy: Baby..you know that I cant .. I mean as long as I have breath in me..I am gonna still fight and wrestle...that how I am.. Now..did you talk to the cable company?

Beulah: Yeah they are gonna let us do a 2 hour PPV. On Tuesdays.

Tommy: Never in my wildest dreams..did I think that I would be doing this alone..without Paul.

Beulah: He has made his choice, he could have EASILY joined us..if he wished..but he didnt.. you have to deal with that...so moving on I have that PPV card finished up honey!!

Tommy: Good..we are not gonna have the T.V. title on the line..not on Tuesday..but we are gonna have both the world and tag team titles on the line...and it should be a pretty decent card...AT LEAST I HOPE!

Beulah leans over and gives him a kiss.

Buelah: You will do fine honey..I am gonna go ahead and post this card over to our website..and to the cable company...

Tommy: We have a website???

Both Tommy and Buelah laughs...

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user posted image

August 24, 2004

This is the first ECW pay per view in over 5 years...and it promises to be eventful!!!

Spyder Nate Webb vs Vito Thomaselli:

This match basically is show and prove time for the two of these ECW rookies. Will the former hardcore alumnist, Webb take the victory of will the Hardy boy protoge take it ??

Rising Son/Taro vs Dragon Kid/Hi69:

These 4 young rookie superstars are gonna mix it up..with Taro coming back from retirement to tag with his partner Rising Son, will it be to little to late against the students of the Ultimo Dragon and Taka Minchinoku?

"Key to the Future" Match:

Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin:

Both men claim to be "The Future" of professional wrestling..after all both men have the same nickname!! But interim GM Tommy Dreamer says that gonna be settled once and for all in this anything goes match! What happens to the loser? He has to drop his ring name as the Future!!

Tag Team Texas Tornado Match for the Vacant ECW Tag Team Titles:

Low-ki/Elix Skipper vs Erotica (Chris Chetti/Danny Doring) vs Sonjay Dutt/Sabu vs Chaotic Darkness ( Trystan Fury/Toxin) vs Micheal Shane/Julio Denaro...and a Mystery Team!!:

Dreamer made the call to ANY team who wanted to be in a match to crown new tag team champions! And these 12 men answered..in fact..there is one mystery team that we DONT EVEN KNOW!! One thing is for sure...this one will be for the record books!!

And the main event...a Battle Royal to determine the new ECW World Champion!!

Entrant: Chris Kanyon, Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings, The Sandman, Air Paris, Christopher Daniels, Sabu, Jushin Thunder Liger...and there will be 4 more entrant revealed at the show!!

And ..we will reveal..who will be ECW's new General Manager!!

All this and more on Tuesday August 24, at 9pm on PPV live from the original home of Hardcore....PHILEDELPHIA, PENNSYVANIA!!!

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user posted image

August 24, 2004

Kanyon: Welcome to the first ECW PPV, in over 5 years...COLLATERAL DAMAGE!! I am Chris Kanyon and my broadcast partner..is none other ..than the dark one.."Father" James Mitchell!!

Mitchell: Thank you my child. Our "owner" Tommy Dreamer has been shrouding this first show in secrecy..and from my sources..Dreamer and his wife has been "tight lipped" on whose gonna be here tonight..but.. he isnt the only one..with surprises tonight!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Tommy Dreamer comes out..

Dreamer: First off.. I wanna thank everyone who came out here tonight..and who believe that ECW could live once again. Now I have been hearing speculations on everything on what gonna happen tonight..from whose the mystery tag team tonight..to who is the New GM? Well.. one of those questions will be answered right now........

Then some familiar music is played...

Mitchell: No...IT CANT BE!!!

Kanyon: This man has been retired since 95 !! I mean I knew he would come back some day...but TO ECW???

Dreamer: It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you..your new GM.....BRET " The Hitman" Hart!!!

The crowd is absolutely shocked..no one has seen him..since that notorious incident with Shawn Micheals and Vince McMahon in Canada!!

Hitman: I know what all of you are thinking.. Why would you, Bret Hart, the "Excellence of Execution" would come here to ECW? Simple. Dreamer is one of the ones who see what type of snake that Vince McMahon is!! So when he called me up..I absolutely jumped at the chance..so you gonna see why..ECW is gonna be "The best there is, The Best there was, The BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!!!"

Rating: 90.8

Syder Nate Webb vs Vito Thomaselli

This match was pretty good. As both opponents gave it there all, Thomaselli and Webb did each others counters and hit high spots..but before anyone could get the pinfall, the 10 minute time limit expired..which resulted into a draw. But that didnt stop both men from brawling with each other!!

Winner: Draw due to time limit

Match Response: 29.1%

Match Quality: 72.0%

Overall: 57.6%

Dragon Kid and Hi69 vs Taro and Rising Son

This was a classic example of pure unadulterated Lucharesu..but what would you expect when these guys are trained by the best (Not to mention TAKA Minchinoku and the Ultimo Dragon!!) A lot of high spots were put in this match..but the match ended when Taro hit the "Turnbuckle Powerbomb" on Rising Son for the win. After the match, all 4 men shook hands.

Winner: Rising Son and Taro

Match Reaction: 16.9%

Match Quality:83.1%

Overall : 59.3%

Kanyon: So far, the show is shaping up quite nicely!!

Mitchell: Yeah..the way those are looking...those rookies might even SURVIVE ECW!!! Especially Taro..after showing very little ring rust after coming out of retirement.

Then the song "On Fire" by Lloyd Banks starts playing throughout the arena ..and B-Boy comes out to the ring...starts dancing and what not..

B-Boy: "What sup Philly??? Its the Southsyde Playa...your homie...B-BOY!! I am out here..tonight..because I cant believe that ECW is ressurected, and this is the first show..and I aint got no body to fight!!! Now no disrespect to Dreamer...but this is to anyone in the back..that wanna knuckle up...HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!

Then suddenly, The Amazing Red, along with his manager, Beulah comes out!!

Beulah: Well "Boy" if you wanna fight tonight...you got it...and you will see why they call Red..."Amazing"!!

Rating: 53.1%

We see Hart backstage..and we see a man signing a contract.

Hart: I am glad that you have signed with us. Trust me..you wont regret it!!

The camera turns and reveals who signed with ECW.

A.J. Styles: I am pretty sure I wont...and I will hold you to this!!

Rating: 84.7%

B-Boy vs The Amazing Red w/Beulah

This impromtu match was made earlier due to the fact that B-Boy had to "show and prove" since this is the first ECW PPV. B-Boy took control of the match at first due to the of B-Boy's weight advantage. He hit the Cross Special Brainbuster for the 2 count. B-Boy try to finish it off with the Shining Wizard..but Red hits a leg sweep and when B-Boy falls to the ground, Red hits the Red Star Press for a 2 count. He then tries to signal for the "Infared" but B-Boy hit the Low blow and the referee saw it..DQ'ing B-Boy, but he doesnt care! He still beats down on Red..and finishes him off with the Shining Wizard!!

Winner: The Amazing Red by DQ

Match Reaction: 49.7%

Match Quality: 80.8%


We see Hart in the backstage area..and we see Father James Mitchell approach him..

Hart: What is it Mitchell?

Mitchell: Congratulations on your recent position, since you are the General Manager, so I have a favor to ask of you.

Hart: What is it?

Mitchell: I understand that your having a Battle Royal tonight..I was wondering if you could add another entrant...he is a recent aquisition of mine.

Hart: Who is he??

Mitchell: Lets just say..he made an impact on the WWE, and he was a former WWE champion.

Hart: Well if he was a former champion..I guess I got nothing to lose to lose, so I am granting this request.

Hart begins to walk away..and Mitchell talks under his breath.

Mitchell: Trust me, "He" is gonna make an impact here...and change the face of ECW, forever!!

Rating: 79.3%

"The Key to the Future" Ladder Match

Chris Sabin vs Frankie Kazarian

This match was made to determined who is the "true" holder of the moniker "The Future". So the best way for Dreamer to settle this? To have a ladder match..where it has a contract on the top of the ladder. Both men wasted no time when going at it, with a whole lot of highflying moves, this match was topsy turvey. It seemed that Sabin was gonna win when he hit the "Chicken Wing Piledriver" but Kazarian stopped him with a lowblow..knocking Sabin down. Then 7 minutes into the match, Kazarian hit the "Wave of the Future" on Sabin! But Sabin got up and stopped Kazarian. Around 12 minutes into the match, both men are on the ladder fighting it out...when Kazarian counters a attack from Sabin..and he hits the "Flux Capacitor" from the top of the ladder, where Kazarian climbed the ladder and got the contract!

Winner and the holder of "The Future": Frankie Kazarian

Match Reaction: 45.2%

Match Quality: 70.2%

Overall: 70.9%

We see Danny Doring and Chris Chetti (Erotica) backstage.

Chetti: You know its ironic that me, Chris Chetti, the first man to graduate from the House of Hardcore, is back in ECW where I belong!! And you know what the first thing we gonna do when we enter the ring Danny?

Doring: What that Chris?

Chetti: I am gonna beat the snot of 10 other punks..and once again become the ECW Tag Team Champions, but unlike being with that costumed freak Nova, I get to be champs with one of the best in the business...Danny Dorring!!

Doring: That right...by the end of the night ...somebody gonna get "Wham, Bammed, Thank you Ma'am'ed!!!

Rating: 53.3%

Video: "It has been over 5 years. I was one of the ones who bled for this promotion, I was one of the originators of Hardcore. I have had concussions, broken bones, and countless injuries. But I have done more damage than recieved, not physical, but emotional. The pain i bring stays with you. And now...after my solace..is it time for that Dark Bird of pain.....TO COME HOME...

(Then the mans face is revealed with a figure of a bird)


Rating: 70.9%

Kanyon: Are you kidding me? Raven is BACK in ECW???

Mitchell: This is so deliciously perfect!! Tonight is gonna surprise...EVERYONE..ESPECIALLY RAVEN!! Raven..I will have a special message for you tonight!!

Press Confrence: Christopher Daniels


The Tag Team Turmoil Match (Elimination) for the ECW Tag Team Titles:

Erotica (Danny Doring/Chris Chetti) vs Sabu/Sonjay Dutt vs Chaotic Darkness (Toxin/Trystan Fury) vs Low-Ki/Elix Skipper vs Micheal Shane/Julio Denaro vs ????

This match was made to determine who will be crowned the brand new ECW tag team champions!! And the rules of the match are simple. If your partner is eliminated by Pinfall, submission or DQ, that team is gone!! All the people are in the ring..execpt the mystery team...in which we find out that the mystery team was none other than........................................................................................

JUVENTUD GUERERRA and SEAN "XPAC" WALTON!!!!!! Everyone was absolutely shocked!! After the bell rang all 12 men went at it like rampaging beasts. After the referee restored order, the match got underway. The match resulted with this. Low-Ki eliminated Trystan Fury by submission by the Dragon Clutch. Chetti Eliminated Skipper by interference by Chaotic Darkness when they hit the "Darkness Falls" (Elevated DDT), and then Chetti hit the exclimation point by hitting the "Amittiville Horror". Xpac eliminated Doring with the X-Factor. Juvi was eliminated by Sabu when he hit the "Arabian Facebuster"!! Leaving only Shane/Denaro and Sabu/Dutt. Both men were evenly match for bout 4 minutes. With Dutt and Shane in the ring. Dutt tried to hit Shane but missed and hit the ref. Then Denaro took out Sabu with a chair, and Shane used the chair on Dutt, and then hit the "Superkick". Denaro woke up the referee, and Shane got the 1,2,3 for the win!

Winners and new ECW Tag Team Champions: Micheal Shane/Julio Denaro.

Match Quality: 75.9%

Match Reaction: 53.4%

Overall: 69.9%

We see Mitchell backstage

Mitchell: "Raven, you have made a Grave Mistake coming back here.. Nothing is over between us Raven. If you are smart...you will not enter that Battle Royal tonight. If you do....YOU WILL BE SORRY!!"


Battle Royal for the ECW World Title:

The following is to determined who will be the New ECW World Champion!! The entrants are as follows!! Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings, The Sandman, Air Paris, Jushin Thunder Lyger, and Christopher Daniels.. And the mystery contenders are..SABU!!

A.J. STYLES!!!!!!


But before match gets on the way..Mitchell has a little announcement.

Mitchell: Raven..I told you not to enter this..so now you and the others have to suffer!!! I am going to clense the ECW of your presence Raven..and if I have to have the others destroyed to do it ...SO BE IT...so it is my pleasure that I bring to you...the "Painbringer" .................................BROCK LESNAR!!!!!

Kanyon: WHAT THE F*CK!!!! So the Mystery Man is LESNAR??!!! Man I am glad I am not into this!!!!

Everyone inside the ring looks shocked and stunned to see that Lesnar has come out of retirement, to come to ECW!!

The bell rings and everyone attacks each other and its clearly that no one has any alliances. The first elimination is Ron Killings by Lyger! Then Air Paris is eliminated by Jerry Lynn. 3rd elimination is by AJ Styles eliminating The Sandman. Brock Lesnar eliminates Sabu, then he eliminates Lynn!! Dreamer eliminates Daniels....but then he pops back into the ring..and does the Angels wings on Dreamer and then eliminates him...(Appearantly, the ref didnt seen Daniels get eliminated.) Raven and Lesnar are going at it ...so violently to the point...THAT THEY ELIMINATE EACH OTHER!!! Raven and Lesnar are brawling all the way to the back. Leaving only Styles and Daniels left in the Battle Royal. Both men attack each other and hits thier significant moves.. Daniels tries to go for hurracanrana, but Styles counters into the Styles Clash, and hits it. Before Styles can toss Daniels over the top rope...Mitchell comes down to the ring...and shouts some thing at Styles...and from behind Styles comes Lesnar!!! Lesnar kicks Styles in the gut...and hits THE F-5!!!! Lesnar picks up Daniels..and Daniels toss Styles out of the ring.

Winner and New ECW World Champion: "The Fallen Angel" Chris Daniels

Match Quality:83%

Match Reaction: 72.4

Overall: 83.%

Kanyon: I absolutely didnt see that one coming..I guess Daniels and Mitchell are in cahoots with each other..I guess we will find out next week on COLLATERAL DAMAGE...GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!

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The Morning After

25 August,2004

Dreamer is sitting in his office, waiting for the results of the PPV last night.. when his wife/assistant Beulah walks thru the door.

Dreamer: How did we do?

Beulah: Well.. despite our first try out...we did pretty well. We made about 150,000 overall ..and our rating was 70.1!! Now we had a viewing of 0.01 but..I have a funny feeling that we will do better next time!!

Dreamer: That not to bad..I mean..we beat TNA!! They recieved like a 54.0 on thier show. Anyway..I have been thinking..right now I am gonna try out some fueds..Raven vs Lesnar w/Father James Mitchell. What do you think about that one?

Beulah: Well Scott (Raven), is sure to take as much as he can dish out...and bet everyone would love to see this dream match!! Honey..your not gonna try and go back to your old days..and push yourself to the limits are you?

Dreamer: NO. I promised that to you..and I will keep it...by the way..how is Red doing as your client??

Beulah: Doing pretty well.. that heel turn with B-Boy did pretty well.

Dreamer: Next fued. Chaotic Darkness (Fury and Toxin) vs Triple X (Low-Ki vs Elix Skipper) Now I know that no one knows who Trystan Fury and Toxin is..but they put on a good showing last night..and not to mention that they helped eliminated Triple X from the tag team title match...is a fued just waiting to happen!!

Buelah: Are you gonna do a fued between Styles and Daniels?

Dreamer: Well.. I thought about it.. and it might be a short term for the World title. It depends on the crowds reaction. Anyway.. I gotta get ready to go..I gotta meet up with some old friends who might be joining us real soon. Can you post the next PPV card on the net and to the cable company !! And also put those rumors on the ECW website?

Buelah: Sure.

She gives him a kiss...as he walks out the door...

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Alright William Weasel,

Explaination: Keep in mind that is an alternate reality ...so WWE is having a bad time right now..and they are losing money left and right, while TNA is climbing in the ranks. WWE chairman Vince McMahon decided to sell the ECW name and likeness of all the performers (past and present) to Dreamer for a little over a million dollars, under one stipulation..(one not disclosed at this time). I hope that explains it to you


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not a very beliveable back story but what ever. You'll probably get further if you didn't put all of these updates in seperate posts like you keep doing and posting them within minutes of each other. Post them all at once because other wise it can be seen a postwhoring.

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user posted image

Card for 31 August 2004,

Rising Son/Taro vs Dirty Rotten Scoundrels(E.C Negro and K.C. Blade):

After getting a victory from last weeks Pay per view, can Taro and Son get another victory from this newest tag team, the self proclaimed "Desperado's of ECW?"

Phil Johns vs Jason Cross:

This is both mens debut in ECW. One man is from UFC and the other is from NWA Wildside. Be sure to expect both men going all out to recieve thier first victory here in ECW!!

Low Ki vs Trystan Fury:

This match has litterally spilled over from last weeks Pay Per View, where Low-Ki eliminated Fury from the tag team championship match...only for him and his partner, Toxin to get thier revenge and sneak attack him...resulting in Low Ki's and Skipper's elimination from the match!! Now its one on one with these two volitile forces!!

Juventud Guerrera vs Air Paris:

After both men suffered losses in the last PPV, they seek to redeem themselves to be what is probably one of the most dynamic high flying matches ever. Will Juvi make a impact and defeat Paris..or will Juvi be a victim of the Moonsault press?

Main Event: Erotica (Danny Doring and Chris Chetti) vs Tommy Dreamer/Jerry Lynn:

Word around the locker room is that Doring and Chetti are talking trash to the two oldest members of the locker room..and they basically said they are gonna put them to pasture!! Now will the two innovators of ECW make Erotica a victim? Or will they become victims themselves?

All this and other news and surprises on the next COLLATERAL DAMAGE from Memphis, Tennesee, 9 pm on PPV

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user posted image

Reports and Rumors!!!

-Father James Mitchell new stable " The Dark Church" are slowly taking over ECW. With "The Fallen Angel" Chris

Daniels being the world champion, and having Lesnar being Mitchell's enforcer, is there anyone that can stop them?

-Speaking of Lesnar, Raven seems to have a score to settle! After thier brief encounter, at the Battle Royal for the ECW

world Title. The world around back is that Raven is not scared or intimidated at the former WWE champion!

- The appearance of Juvi and Xpac sent shockwaves around the ECW locker room!! Even though they did not win the ECW Tag Team Belts, they did make thier presence felt... they claim that thier appearences is not a coincidence... and that the "final piece of the puzzle" will make his appearance at the next Collateral Damage.

-We are hearing good things from the House of Hardcore!! Students like Chris Hero and Oman Tortuga are doing very well. And with instructors like Bret Hart, Ron Simmons And Don Frye...was there any doubt?

- The tag team division is bout to explode..with such teams as Dirty Rotten Scoundrrels and Triple X, to new teams such as Chaotic Darkness and Hi69/Dragon Kid...the current Champions, Denaro and Shane

is gonna have his hands full holding on to those titles...

-More and more superstars are heeding the call to ECW...including 2 former ECW

World Champions and a international superstar that was once

known as ..."Dangun".

-And world around the lockerroom is that 2 known figures

will be returning !! One has been with ECW since its inception and

the other is one the most contriversial figures in the history

of ECW!!

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31 Aug 2004

Kanyon: Welcome once again to COLLATERAL DAMAGE!! We have an awesome show for you tonight!! And the man to my right is probably the man known for being “Down with the Sickness”, "Sinister Minister" James Mitchell!!

Mitchell: Thanks for the compliment !! Well tonight, its gonna be a grudge match between ½ of two tag teams that has had beef with each other from last week!! From Triple X, Low-Ki vs the man he tapped out, Trystan Fury!!

Kanyon: But Fury and his partner Toxin, got their revenge, by hitting the “Death By Toxicity” on Skipper, with the referee not looking!! So they are gonna get it on tonight!!

Also, we have Juvi vs Air Paris!! Both men lost their matches at last weeks show, so don’t be surprised if both men go all out for a victory tonight!!

Mitchell: And for the main event, we have Erotica vs Lynn and Dreamer tonight! Erotica basically was saying that they were the future of ECW, and that they will be responsible for putting them out “to pasture”. Well our “GM” has something to say right now!!

Hart’s theme music begins to play through out the arena..with a title slumped over his shoulder…walking down to the ring..and shaking hands with the fans. He finally gets to the ring.

Hart: Welcome to ECW, Memphis!!! I know what your thinking…what title is this on my shoulder?? This is the prestigious ECW T.V. title!! I am happy to report that I have re-instated this title, and starting next week…there will be a 8 man tournament to determine who will be the new ECW T.V. Champion!!

Rating: 90.6

Rising Son and Taro vs Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ( E.C. Negro and K.C. Blade)

This was the ECW debut of Blade and Negro. And this match was reasonably short. Not to say that the match wasn’t good . A lot of quick tags between Negro and Blade. And mounting offense from both Blade and Negro. Then around 7 minutes into the match, Taro and Son then come back!! Taro hits the Ultra Driver on Negro, then Son tries to hit the Frog Splash, but he is pushed off the turnbuckle by Blade. And when the referee is distracted..Blade and Negro hit the “Down and Dirty” on Taro..resulting in the pinfall

Winner: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels by pinfall

Match Reation: 24.5%

Match Quality: 75.9%

Overall: 50.3%

We see both Daniels and Styles in Hart’s Office.

Hart: The reason why I called both of you in here..is because I wanted to let u know..that next week. You two are gonna go one on one for the title next week!! I hope yall are rest up..cause yall gonna need it ..for the match I have in store for you!!

Both men leave Hart’s office…mad! Maybe its because of they don’t like the match or they really hate each other?

Rating: 81.3%

Phil Johns vs Jason Cross

This is both mens debut in ECW, with very different styles, Johns with a UFC fighting style back ground and Jason Cross, who is from NWA: Wildside, whose main style is highflying cruiserweight style. Johns took control of most of the match and submissions but it would be Cross who would be victorious with a “Crossfire” Springboard Plancha! After the match, Cross would go to shake Johns, but Johns would refuse it..and walk away..

Winner: Jason Cross

Match Quality: 45.0%

Match Reaction: 78.8

Overall: 66.9%

We see the GM, Bret Hart walking down the hall..when suddenly his is attacked from behind..and he is busted up pretty badly…Who Did it?

Rating: 91.7%

Raven is walking out from his locker room..when all of sudden Lesnar comes out with a lead pipe and attack him from behind!!

Lesnar: The Minister has already warned you Raven…I guess you gotta learn things the hard way, don’t you? This should refresh your memory!!

Lesnar picks up Raven and hits the F-5 right through the table!!! And Lesnar spits on him..and walks away.

Rating: 80.1

Low-Ki vs Trystan Fury:

These two men were definitely have no love lost for each other. Their tag teams (Triple X and Chaotic Darkness) had eliminated each other in the last show for the ECW Tag Team title match. Low-Ki and Fury immeadiately didn’t wasn’t waste any time..going at it..with both men hitting their signature moves and even brawled outside the ring. The match was eventually thrown out due to the fact that their tag team partners, Elix Skipper and Toxin came in and it was TOTAL CHAOS!!!

Result: Double DQ due to partner’s interference

Match Quality: 42.6%

Match Reaction: 80.6%

Overall: 64.0%

Raven starts to come down to the ring as a bloody mess…

Raven: “Mitchell, Lesnar!!! Do you think honestly..that some little weak attack from behind is gonna stop me? My destiny is clear here in ECW…to once again to become ECW World Champion. And Lesnar, you claim to be the “Pain Bringer” of this fed??? I will show you pain. You will regret the day, that you have crossed paths with me…QUOTE THE RAVEN…..NEVERMORE!!!!”

Raven throws down the microphone and walks away…

Rating: 85.5%

Juventud Guerrera vs Air Paris:

This was the ultimate battle of the high flyers. And for every attack one person did, the other had a counter for it! Juvi hit the Juvi Driver, and what seemed to be the end of the match, Paris kicked out at 2. Then the tables were turned when Paris, hit the Tiger Driver on Juvi, but he also kicked out on a two count. Xpac then tried to distract Paris, but he got a superkick for his trouble…but the wildcard of the night, was when the “Missing Piece of the Puzzle” interfered in the match…and it was none other than…..JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!! Credible hit Paris with the Superkick followed by the “That’s Incredible” on Paris..and to add insult to injury, Juvi hit the 450 Splash for the win. At the end of the match, ECW was to learn that a new faction was reformed….THE IMPACT PLAYERS!!! Just as they were posing and attacking Paris, Jushin Lyger ran down to the ring with a chair..and ran the Impact Players out of the ring!

Winner: Juventud Guerrera by pinfall

Match Quality: 61.9%

Match Reaction: 88.6%

Overall: 74.0%

Doring and Chetti are backstage …talking trash and hyping up their match against Dreamer and Lynn.

Doring: I don’t understand you guys…You guys WERE the innovators of ECW. You are past tense! Yall cant hang with the future of ECW!!

Chetti: I mean lets face it…we are younger, faster, and more talented than yall have possible ever been!! So tonight..you and the rest of ECW is gonna see Erotica rise to the occasion, and put you two has been’s out to pasture!!!

Rating: 64.8

Main Event: Erotica (Danny Doring and Chris Chetti) Vs Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn.

Appearantly, Erotica has bitten off a little more than they can chew, because for a couple of old guys, they really took it to Doring and Chetti! But they didn’t take it lying down!! Doring hit the “Bareback” on Lynn for the 2 count with a break up from Dreamer. Lynn made the tag to Dreamer. Chetti hit Dreamer with the Amityville Horror, and tried to finish it off with the Springboard Moonsault, but Lynn pushed Chetti off the apron from behind. The finish was when Doring tried to hit the Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am on Dreamer, but Lynn hit Doring with a Stiff clothesline, and the “Cradle to the Grave” Cradle Piledriver, and Dreamer finished it up with the Dreamer Driver!

Winner: Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer

MR: 63.7

MQ: 68.6

OR: 65.9

Kanyon: Thank you very much for turning in!! Next week, I will no longer be a broadcast member…but we will have a surprise for everyone one next week!! Wanna know what it is? You have to tune in to find out!!

Mitchell: And speaking of surprises…I have a very nice surprise for both Raven and AJ Styles next week!!

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Collateral Damage is making HUGE waves in the wrestling world!! And if you havent seen the show live...YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING!!

-The Dark Church is growing stronger and stronger each and every day!! Rumor has it..that the Sinister Minister James Mitchell has aquired more members of his congregation...and one of them..is A FORMER WWE TALENT!!

-Speaking of Stables, rumor has it, that Raven's Flock will be restored!!

-There is an internal power struggle in ECW between Co-GM's Bret Hart and Cyrus the Virus!!

- Various sources have talked to Tommy Dreamer, and from what we have been told ..that there is a sudden influx of talent coming to ECW. There has even been rumors that there will be a BRAND SPLIT if this continues!!!

Check out ECW's Collateral Damage on 7th of September !!!

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Collateral Damage Card for Sept 7 2004.

Quicksilver vs Spyder Nate Webb

This will be Luchadore extrodinare Quicksilver's debut to ECW!! But will 'Silver's welcome be cut short by the most devious man in ECW, Nate Webb?

Vito Thomaselli vs Hi69

The 2 hottest rookies in ECW!! Both men had thier victories over the last few shows but now..will Hi69 hit the "69 Special"? Or, Will '69 be another victim of the "T-Virus"?

Micheal Shane/Julio Dinaro vs Rising Son/Taro for the ECW Tag Team Championship!

After 2 straight victories, Taro/Son have been granted a title shot at the tag team championship! Will Dinaro/Shane pull off another victory or will Son and Taro make a huge upset!!

Air Paris/ Jushin Lyger vs Juvi/Xpac

After Justin Credible's interference in the last show, we found out that the "Impact Players" was reborn!! But Lyger ran in for the save and now GM Bret Hart has made a tag team match between these two! Will Pac and Juvi make an impact? Or will Lyger and Paris make a stand!!??

Sabu vs Brock Lesnar

After wanting a title shot at the current ECW champion, Chris Daniels, James Mitchell says that Sabu pretty much has to get past his Monster, BROCK LESNAR!!

RavenvsThe Messiah

After Mitchell introduced his newest member of the Dark Church, The Messiah first mission is simple. DESTROY RAVEN in a falls count anywhere match!!

Main Event: A.J. Styles vsChristopher Daniels for the ECW World Title!

Styles went to the ECW commitee and since he was the last one eliminated in the battle royal, they have made him the #1 contender for the World title! Will Styles take it to the Fallen Angel...or will Angel still hold on to the strap!!

All this plus we have a ECW Icon returning to ECW!!

All this on Collateral Damage on 7 Sept on PPV!!

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user posted image

user posted image


7 September 2004

Mitchell: Welcome everyone to Collateral Damage. As you can see my normal broadcast partner, Chris Kanyon, isnt here tonight!! The buzz around back is that Bret Hart has a surprise for everyone in ECW!!

The camera pans down to the ring where Bret Hart is already down in the ring...

Hart: Ever since I assumed responsiblity of being the General Manager of ECW, I realize that something was missing. Beyond the matches and the talent and the titles. So...I went out..and searched and found one of the things that made ECW so great!! So with out further waiting...I bring to you...the "Voice of ECW" JOEY STYLES!!!!!

The crowd goes nuts as they see the familiar glasses wearing color commentator come out!! The crowd begins to chant "Welcome Back"!! Styles begins to take his place in the commentators table along with James Mitchell.

Styles: Thank you everyone, and let me be the first to say..it is an absolute dream to be back in ECW!!


Quicksilver vs Spyder Nate Webb

This was Quicksilver's debut match in ECW. They both start it off with Silver taking control of the match early. But it didnt take him very long to adapt to the rules when Webb brought a chair into the ring and hit him with a chair shot, and spiked Silver with DDT on the chair for a two count. Then Webb tried to finish the match off with a Laddersault, (with a ladder) but Silver got his knees up!! The finish of the match was when Silver hit the 450 Splash on Webb.

Winner: Quicksilverby pinfall

Match Rating: 26.8%

Match Quality: 77.4%


Hi69 vs Vito Thomaselli

Both men didnt waste no time trying to take out the other person. If you wanted to rate the match on points, it would be evident that Hi69 would be the winner of this match..when he hit the "Trance Rave" on Thomaselli for a 2 count! But when '69 tried to hit the "69 Special", it was countered with Thomaselli hitting a Superkick but that got a 2 count as well! Vito then tried to finish the match off with the "T-Virus" Suplex but Hi69 countered with a Russian Leg Sweep. Hi69 signaled for the "69 Special" but missed and hit the referee. Hi69 once again tried to hit the "69 Special" on Thomaselli and finally connected!! But as soon as he thought the he secured the victory, he would get a unexpected surprise from fromer ECW Champion.....MASATO TANAKA!! Unaware that he is in the ring...Tanaka hit Hi69 with the Roaring Elbow!! And finished him off with the Diamond Dust!! Tanaka wakes up both Thomaselli and the ref, and walks away from the ring...Thomaselli, not knowing what happen, then proceeds and hits the "T-Virus" Plex (a Falling Suplex) for the three count!

Winner: Vito Thomaselli by Pinfall

Match Reaction: 31.4%

Match Quality: 85.0%

Overall: 58.2%

Joey Styles is backstage with the current ECW champion, Christopher Daniels.

Styles: Let me go ahead and cut to the chase. Alot of critics are out there are saying that you were extremely lucky to win that title...what is your thoughts about that?

Daniels: First thing I dont understand is.. WHY DO YOU LISTEN TO THOSE IDIOTS? I mean..didnt you see the PPV where I beat 15 other men to be the new world champion?

Styles: Well what I saw was your stable member, "The Pain Bringer" Brock Lesnar, take out Raven, thus eliminating himself and Raven, but then he came back later in the match..and F5'ed AJ Styles after he gave you the Styles Clash!

Daniels: Look, bottom line, I am the man right now, I hold the strap...and tonight..I am gonna prove..that I, the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, is the true and rightful champion of ECW when I face, the man I beat in that battle royal,

AJ STYLES!!! Now if there isnt anything else, THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!!!


Buelah McGullicutty comes out from Bret Harts office, with The Amazing Red, waiting outside...

Buelah: Look Red, I tried to talk to Hart, and he isnt budging as far as you facing Daniels, so for right now...just go ahead and leave tonight..and I will call you when we both will get what we want.

Red starts to leave the arena, angry and frustrated.


Hype up video: The video shown is the fued between Chaotic Darkness and Triple X.

Rating: 45.4%

Rising Son/Taro vs**Micheal Shane/Julio Dinaro** for the ECW Tag Team Championship.

The team of Son/Taro proved to be hungry for the tag team titles, yet thier hunger wasnt enough. Even though both Taro and Rising Son did both thier respective finishers, Taro tried to pin Shane......dispite the fact...THAT HE WASNT THE LEGAL MAN!! Dinaro took advantage of this fact and hit the "No Brainer" on Taro and hit the "Crussian Leg Sweep" on Taro to finish him off for the 3 count.

Result: Winner and still ECW Tag Team Champions: Dinaro and Shane

Match Quality: 84.1%

Match Reaction: 40.0%

Overall: 70.2%

Cyrus the Virus comes out...with a microphone!!

Cyrus: Hello Ladies and Germs!! You didnt think that ECW would be brought back to life and you wouldnt see me would you? Now I have some things to bring out to light! First if you wondering who gave ol' Bret Hart the beat down last week, it was ME!!! I had to make my presence felt...but that isnt the reason why I came down here tonight. The reason is the board of directors wants to save ECW from failure..

Styles: What is Cyrus Talking about?

Cyrus: Now I know that not everyone knows what i am talking bout. But lets face it. Every fed that Bret Hart has been in...has failed miserably!! I mean WWE for example, Vince was smart enough to drop Hart dead on his @$$!! And then he went to WcW, now was it a coincidence that it went belly up shortly after he arrived? And now..he is the co-GM of ECW? I am telling you the same fate will happen...so effective at 12:01 am last night, I am now the NEW CO-GM OF ECW!!! THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!!

Mitchell: That is absolutely great!! A GM that has some common sense!!


Rating: 80.3%

Juventud Gurrera/Xpac vs Air Paris and Jushin Thunder Lyger

This was a tag team match of the night!! This match was made from the last show when it was Juvi Guerrera vs Air Paris. Juvi got the win, with the help of Xpac and the return on Justin Credible, reforming the Impact Players!!! Right when the bell started, Xpac and Juvi wasted no time going after Lyger since they know he has a history of nagging injuries. Majority of the match, consisted quick tags from Xpac and Juvi, making it hard for Lyger to tag his partner, Paris. By the time Lyger did get to his partner, the referee was distracted by Xpac, therefore the ref didnt see it..still making Lyger the legal man! 3 minutes later, Pac and Juvi finished it off with a X factor, and Juvi tried to do a 450 Splash..but Lyger moved at the last minute and finally tagged his partner. Paris started to clean house!! The finish of the match was when Lyger hit the Lyger Bomb, and Paris went up and hit the moonsault press for the win.

Result : Air Paris and Jushin Thunder Lyger

Match Reaction: 67.6%

Match Quality: 77.0%

Overall: 73.3%

Raven vs The Messiah

Hardcore Match

Father Mitchell's newest member of the Dark Church, The Messiah is now Mitchells newest assassin to take out his nemisis, Raven. Basising his skills from the now defunct XPW, and he actually took Raven to his limits! He hit the Fall From Grace on the chair. After posing and what not..he got a chair and tried to finish off Raven with the Godsmack, but miracalously, Raven countered it in Midmove and hit the Evenflow DDT!! Brock Lesnar comes out and attacks Raven!! He not only hits the

F-5 on Raven but he hits him with a brutal chair shot! Messiah jumps in to attack Raven, but AJ Styles comes out with the save, running both Lesnar and Messiah off.

Result: Raven by Pinfall

Match Reaction: 69.9%

Match Quality: 79.4%

Overall: 76.3%

Sabu vs Brock Lesnar

Falls count Anywhere

Lesnar already in the ring, tried to take it Sabu, but he was too quick for Lesnar..taking hi down a couple of times. The match didnt stay in the ring for too long though. As it went all over the building!! The highlight of the match was when Sabu hit the Triple Jump Moonsault...off a hot dog vendor machine!! The finish was when Sabu tried to hit the Arabian Facebuster (AKA Air Sabu) on Lesnar inside the ring...but missed! Lesnar kicked up to his feet...and hit the F-5 and the Brock Lock, causing Sabu to tap out! Raven came into the ring and the two start brawling all the way outside the ring!

Result: Brock Lesnar by Submission

Match Quality: 72.4

Match Reaction: 79.2%

Overall: 74.0%

Main Event:

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels ** vs "Phenomenal" AJ Styles

This main event was a non-title match up. Both men start off the match quickly, not to mention countering the other persons moves. Angel did the "Best Moonsault Ever" on Styles for a two count..but Styles hit Angel with his patented flipping drop kick, also for a two count. Later in the match, Styles hit a Styles Clash on Daniels, but he only got a 2 count. But Daniels countered later on..and hit the "Angels Wings", but that was only for a 2 count as well. Styles then hit his patented reversed DDT, and signaled for the end of the match when he tried to go for the Sprial Tap but Father Mitchell pushed Styles down, yet the Ref didnt see it. Daniels took advantage and wrap up in a Small Package for the win. Styles then went to attack Daniels but he was jumped from behind by Messiah, but Styles superkicked him and started attacking him...then he turned his attention to Mitchell, but ....from behind...he would be attacked by.....MIKEY WHIPWRECK!!! Whipwreck hits the Whippersnapper on Styles, and the rest of the Dark Church starts to laugh and mock Styles.

Result: Christopher Daniels by Pinfall.

Match Reaction: 83.0%

Match Quality : 95.8%

Overall: 88.4%

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user posted image

Collateral Damage results:

What sup guys. Normally I would mention the storyline ...and what not..but I lost the file on my computer..so basically I am gonna post the results for the next few shows...until it come up to the current date in my game..which is 28 Sept. Thanks for understanding.

14 Sept 04

From Georgia

Masato Tanaka vs Hi69

After Tanaka interference last week in 69s match last week, Tanaka won with the Diamond Dust.

Winner: Tanaka

Match Quality: 74.6

Match Reaction: 29.8

Overall: 50.2

B-Boy vs Jason Cross

Winner: B-Boy with the Shining Wizard Inziguri

Match Quality: 82.7

Match Reaction: 48.0

Overall: 69.0

The Amazing Red vs Low Ki

Winner: Red with interference from Chaotic Darkness (Toxin and Fury)

Match Quality: 89.9

Match Reaction: 56.7

Overall: 83.7

Handicap Match:

Raven vs Mikey Whipwreck and The Messiah

Winner: Raven by DQ when Brock Lesnar came in and hit Raven with the F-5 and the Brock Lock.

Match Quality: 81.2

Match Reaction: 68.8

Overall: 77.2

Main Event for the ECW World Title:

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels** vs Air Paris

Winner: Daniels with the Angels Wings

Match Reaction: 72.6

Match Quality: 88.4

Overall: 83.4

21 Sept 04

From Pueto Rico

Aerial eXpress (Quick Silver/Scorpio Sky) vs Jay Lethal and Azreal

Winners: Arial Express wins by pinfall

Match Reaction: 21.8

Match Quality: 80.2

Overall: 49.8

CW Anderson vs Phil Johns

A quick squash match by the nephew of Arn Anderson. Finished the match with a spinebuster. Interference by former ECW World Champion Steve Corino!!

Winner: CW Anderson

Match Reaction: 36.6

Match Quality: 73.1

Overall: 51.4

Elix Skipper vs Toxin

This match was ruled by Bret Hart..that if any of the others tag team partner interfere in this match...the Tag team will be suspended for 6 MONTHS!!! Skipper won the match with the P.O.D. ( Play of the Day). After the match Low-Ki and Trystan Fury start to come out..and it becomes an all out brawl!!

Winner: Elix Skipper

Match Quality: 74.4

Match Reaction: 42.4

Overall: 64.1

Chris Chetti vs Sonjay Dutt

Winner: Chetti wins with the "Amytiville Horror"

Match Reation: 57.8

Match Quality: 77.1

Overall: 69.9%

Main Event:

Air Paris vs The Amazing Red

Winner: The Amazing Red with the "Infared" after the match..they both shook hands.

Match Reaction: 62.8

Match Quality: 88.0

Overall: 78.8

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The First PPV??!?

25 Sept 2004

Its been a couple of weeks ...and the rebirth of ECW is doing pretty well..but one thing that Dreamer was thinking of ...and having trouble pulling off...was...the very first PPV...in over 5 years!!

Dreamer: So far..we have been doing pretty well. But I am thinking of having our first PPV. But questions are popping up left and right...like the first one...WHAT ARE WE GONNA NAME IT?

Buelah: Well it is in October so we need to make it like a Hollween theme?!

Tommy: Well there is no way ..that I am gonna name it Holloween Havok..I mean WcW did that...and I dont want nothing to do with them!! I got it...how bout "Devil's Night?"

Buelah: "That sounds like a good name honey...I knew you watching "The Crow" 72 times would pay off one way or another!

Both of them laugh.

Buelah: Now that we have a name for the PPV. Here is the next question..When should it be held??

Tommy: Well ...I guess it should be in the middle of October, possibly on a Wednesday or something like that..have some competition with some smaller promotions. I mean if we go against someone larger...like WWE or TNA...we would tore down...quickly!!

Buelah with a confused look on her face...

Buelah: But honey...I thought we were doing so good..I mean..we are having show ratings way above 60 percent!!!

Tommy: Yeah..but you gotta understand...we dont have as much money as they do...we gotta pace ourselves!

Buelah: Good Point. So who are we gonna put in the PPV card?

Tommy: Well I will post it on ECW.com. But for right now...I need to go ahead to the House of Hardcore..and train some these rookies some more.

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user posted imageuser posted image


Sept. 28, 2004

With the first ECW Pay per view bout to be in a few days...its no secret that everyone in the lockerroom wants to make ECW and be on the first ECW PPV card in over 5 years, so you better expect that everyone is gonna pull out all the stops to score a Victory!!!

B-Boy vs Super Dragon

After making his shocking turn against The Amazing Red, The "New Age Punisher" has vowed to make a name for himself by taking out anyone who stand in his way for ECW gold. Will former XPW star Super Dragon be among one of these victims that B-Boy is talking about...or will Dragon make B-Boy eat his words!??

TLC Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match!!

Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith/TJ Wilson) vs Hardcore Gangstas (Homicide/Rainman) vs Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (K.C.Blade/E.C. Negro) vs The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson/Steve Corino)

A bombshell is dropped on the tag team division!! Co-GM Bret Hart has made a Fatal 4 way TLC match for the #1 Contender for the ECW Tag Team titles!! Whoever wins will face the current champs Micheal Shane/Julio Dinaro at DEVILS NIGHT!!!

Raven vs ????

Co-GM Cyrus the Virus seems to have it out for ECW icon Raven. Not to mention that he has a strong ties with Father James Mitchell and The Dark Church!! So Cyrus has decided to give Raven a "Mystery Opponent". And if Raven refuses...Cyrus promises him to FIRE him on the spot!!!

Be sure to check out the show..where we come to you from the BIG EASY in Louisiana, at 7pm !!!

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