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I was wondering if anyone watched this show it premiered tonight probably be played a couple more times tonight depending on the time zone.

I really enjoyed it recently I have been feeling like I should have watched X-Files when it was on but was young and the show scared me so I really enjoyed this show. Reminded me of X-Files (what I have seen of it) with a bit of comedy. Plus it has Jensen Ackles who was previously on Smallville (although wasn't fond of him on that show).


I really enjoyed how it started and ended it gave Sam (padalecki) a reason to go with Dean (ackles) and search for their dad. The woman in white thing was interesting and wonder if they are pulling that story and possible others in the future from real unexplained mysteries. I like the way the characters were built in this episode but I guess that after the ending Sam's character is changing a bit to be more like Dean.

Anyways anyone else have any opinions on the pilot.

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I've seen the commercials and I'm dying to see this but Directv are dicks and want offer the WB as a channel. Hopefully once the season is over they'll release a dvd and I'll pick it up then

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The pilot set up what could be an interesting series. The "Woman In White" was a decent glimpse of what Dean and Sammy have in store for them. Hopefully the stories get better from here on out as if that area is improved this could be a really good series. I've been waiting for a decent ghost/urban legend series and this so far seems like it might be able to pull it off. The pilot didn't drop my jaws but it interested me so if the writing and characters get better this could end up being a gem.


I was thinking maybe there is some sort of curse on Sammy because as far as we know it has been 2 important female figures in his life who have died. The ending was needed as it gave more reason for Sammy to hunt and also adds a bit more to hunting for the thing that killed his mom as it was identical to what killed his girlfriend.

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Does anyone watch this? I know it's not a masterpiece but the part of me which is interested in the paranormal can't help but watch this show.

There's something about this show though that I think is lacking, it seems like everything for Sam and Dean is just simple and we haven't seen much of them struggling to defeat anything they've been put up against. Maybe it's to make future encounters terrifying but still, the Wendigo should've been tougher than it was. I'm rooting for this show to get better as people get comfortable with the story and characters so I still say it's something to check out.

Hopefully this'll spark some people to watch and chat as it seems like no one around here (in the US seeing as it won't be airing anywhere else for atleast awhile) has watched the show.

Episode V Preview

[9/27/05 @ 9/8c]

Dead In The Water

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a series of mysterious drownings written off as suicides. They discover the spirit is an angry little boy with the power to travel through water who is taking revenge on certain town inhabitants for a dark secret buried long ago. Dean forms a bond with a young boy who seems to have the power of premonition.

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