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PS2 Woes


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well my PS2 has finally cacked it. it works perfectly but it's not reading the first controller socket for whatever reason. it's gunna cost me 80 bucks AUS to get it fixed and i don't have the money for that at the moment. I can play DVDs with the second controller so i decided to try my games and see which ones i could play with one controller. I've found that of my games, Need For Speed Underground 2 and the EA sports games work with second controller to get into single player.

what i ask for is

1)what's wrong with my PS2 and is it able to be fixed by itself, it feels like the first controller just doesn't click in, it doesn't make the clicking noise that's for sure. and the most important one

2) can you people all test out your games with just controller 2 plugged in and test to see what games work, i'm gunna need to hire out some games to play whilst i rack up the money to get it fixxed.

SO Run Allong, test all your games out NOW!!!

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yeah talk about bad timing...it was the first time i busted it out in a while because i wanted to start San Andreas again over the holidays and i fire it up and it's not working. it's about 3 years old now, so i guess it's pretty good that it's lasted that long without any setbacks besides this one

for the record, the games that work of mine with P2 only are: Need For Speed Underground 2 and NBA Live 2001, other than that i'm screwed :ohwell:

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PS2s have a habit of dying after a few years.

Last year / earlier this year I was having serious troubles, then took it apart myself, cleaned it up, poked around and it's working well again.

I bought mine when it came out for £330 (can't remember if that's '00 or '01)

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Open it all the way up, and have a look at it. You may be lucky and the controller port itself is fine, but the connection between the port and the outer shell is broken (meaning when you go to plug in a controller, the port's going in rather than resisting and making a clean connection).

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