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Okay, a friend of mine who's a bit of a movie buff linked me to this. It's a page on IMDB for a movie set to be released in 2006, written and directed by Sylvester Stallone. The movie is about the life of famed author of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. Now, I know that you shouldn't bash something before you have a reason to, but Jesus Christ. If somebody, ANYBODY, was to do a movie about one of my favorite authors, couldn't it be ANYBODY but SYLVESTER STALLONE? BTW, Robert Downey Jr.'s set to play Poe. It would've been so much more awesome if he were played by Johnny Depp. Just... because.

Ugh. >_<

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Gotta disagree with you. Robert Downey Jr as. Edgar Allan Poe > Johnny Depp as Edgar Allan Poe. But its painfully obvious that if the movie was directed by Tim Burton, it likely would be Depp in the role.

Robert Downey Jr is a damned good actor. He's just more known for his drug problems than his acting, unfortunately.

Interesting casting, though. A drug addict playing an alcoholic.

As long as Stallone doesn't do something stupid, like have the movie be Poe telling his life story in flashback with him play the older Poe, it might be okay.....provided he has a co-writer or script doctor, that is.

(Frankly, I'm surprised Tim Burton hasn't done a Poe movie. After all, one of his first works (film school project, I think) was an animated tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.)

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Hmm, the classic thespian who wrote such classics as Staying Alive, Driven, Cobra, Over the Top, Cliffhanger, and Rocky V is writing a new screenplay...

Actually, to be honest, he has written a few good films (Rocky I-IV), but...ummm...a movie about Poe? How does this make any sense? And more importantly, where's the Variety page that proves this?

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