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Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Extreme Warfare Revenge and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

IPB Image

WWE®'s RAW® Returns to USA Network

NEW YORK, NY, and STAMFORD, Conn., October 2, 2005 It's the beginning of a new era for WWE television as WWE Raw moves to the USA network and Smackdown is now part of a new friday night entertainment experience on UPN that is changing Friday nights.

Beginning the USA network era of WWE will be a special Homecoming show on October 3, 2005 starring all of your favorite WWE superstars including some very special appearances.

Here is the line up:

WWE Championship

John Cena © vs. Eric Bischoff

30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

Loser Leaves RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

SmackDown match on the show

Featuring Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, JBL & Christian

3 on 2 match

Trish & Ashley vs. Victoria, Candace and Torrie

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper will host Mick Foley on Piper's Pit

the return of "The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Triple H

Also appearing: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, Hillbilly Jim, Superstar Billy Graham, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Harley Race, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Chief Jay Strongbow, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Nikolai Volkoff and Koko B. Ware

Don't miss an action packed extravaganza when RAW returns to USA Monday night

Trademarks: The names of all World Wrestling Entertainment televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all World Wrestling Entertainment logos are trademarks which are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

WWE Roster as of October 12, 2005


General Manager: Eric Bischoff

WWE Champion: John Cena

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair

Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

World Tag Team Champions: Cade and Murdoch

Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham, Lillian Garcia & Howard Finkel

Raw Superstars


Ashley Massaro

Candice Michelle


Chris Masters

Danny Basham


Eric Bischoff


Gene Snitsky

Hulk Hogan

John Cena

Johnny Parisi


Kerwin White

Kurt Angle

Lance Cade



Matt Hardy

Mick Foley

Nick Nemeth

Rene Dupree

Ric Flair

Roddy Piper

Rob Conway

Rob Van Dam



Sean O'Haire

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Steve Austin


The Big Show

The Hurricane

Torrie Wilson

Trevor Murdoch

Triple H

Trish Stratus

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis




General Manager: Theodore Long

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

United States Champion: Christian

Cruiserweight Champion: Nunzio

WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM

Announcers: Michael Cole, Tazz, Josh Mathews & Tony Chimel

Smackdown Superstars


Bobby Lashley

Booker T

Chris Benoit


Christy Hemme

Doug Basham

Eddy Guerrero


Hardcore Holly


Jamie Noble


Jillian Hall

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro

Josh Mathews


Ken Kennedy



Orlando Jordan

Palmer Cannon

Paul Birchill

Paul London


Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Road Warrior Animal

Scotty Too Hotty


Simon Dean


Stacy Keibler

Steven Richards

Sylvan Grenier

Super Crazy

The Undertaker


William Regal

Developmental Territory

Owner: Danny Davis

Head Trainer: Al Snow

Trainers: Bill DeMott, Tommy Dreamer, Mikey Monroe, Jack Collins & Danny Davis

Developmental Wrestlers

Aaron Stevens

Alexis Laree

Al Snow

Andy Baker

Angel Williams

Bamm Bamm Pender

Ben Woods

Beth Phoenix

Big Guido

Brent Albright

Boogey Man

Chad Toland

Charles Evans

Chet Jablonski

Chris Cage

Cliff Compton

Clint von Delingen

CM Punk

Da Beast


Damian Adams

Danny Inferno

Dean Jablonski

Dean Visk

Derrick Neikirk

Deuce Shade

Dorian DeVille

Drew Hankinson

Elijah Burke

Elisabeth Rouffaer

Gregg Groothuis

Hardcore Anson

Jason Riggs

James Smith

Jared Steel

Jason Nelly

Jeff Dupree

Jeff G. Bailey

Joey Knight

Johnny Geo Basco

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Riggs

Johnny Spade

Justice Smith

Kara Slice

Ken Doane

Ken Phoenix

Kenny Bolin

Kid Kash


Lash Leroux


Mac Johnson

Mark Henry

Matt Striker

Matt Cappotelli

Melissa Coates

Michael DiBiase

Michelle McCool

Mike Bell

Mike Knox

Mike Mondo

Mike Taylor

Mo Green

Ms. Blue

Nick Mitchell

Nigel McGuinness




Ray Gordy

Ricky Sprague

Robbie Chance

Robbie Dawber

Robby McAllister

Robert Fury

Rod Steele

Rory Fox

Rory McAllister

Russel Simpson

Ryan O'Reilly

Ryan Reeves

Seth Skyfire


Simply Luscious



Steve Lewington

Steve Madison


Tank Toland

Ted DiBiase Jr.

The Miz

The Shane Twins

Todd Sexton

Tony Stradlin

Vik Dalishus

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Guest Hazza_F5

No Mercy Main Event announced in WWE.COM Exclusive

October 1, 2005

Teddy Long: Holla Holla Holla playas as I welcome you to this wwe.com exclusive. Without doubt Smackdown will continue to bring forward the best match ups on to your screens and this main event announcement is no exception. At No Mercy, as a request by Batista himself we will see him defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Eddie Guerrero. Now I know there are many fans that will not be happy with this decision as they may have the opinion that Eddie Guerrero is undeserving of this title shot due to his recent actions in regards to Rey Mysterio. But I have made it my number 1 priority this week to satisfy you fans. So this coming Smackdown Eddie Guerrero will have to go through a tough contest to warrant his shot at the title. The main event of this coming Smackdown will be Eddie Guerrero going one on one with the 5 time WCW champion Booker T. I will see you at Smackdown fans!! Holla Holla Holla!

Also at No Mercy:

Undertaker vs. Bob and Randy Orton

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Christian

Rey Mysterio vs. JBL

L.O.D. & Christy Hemme vs. MNM

Simon Dean vs. Bobby Lashley

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Guest Hazza_F5

James Smith, Teddy Hart, Lash Leroux, Nigel McGuinness, Russel Simpson and Simply Luscious have all been offered developmental deals. We will have more news on this when it becomes avaliable.

- credit Wrestling Observer

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Homecoming

Dallas, TX

October 3, 2005

IPB Image

Opening Pyro

Hosts: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and The Coach

Ross: It is one hot night here in Texas as Raw comes home. Welcome everyone to the WWE Homecoming. We are live and this is Raw. Good Ol' JR as always is joined by Jerry ''the King'' Lawler and The Coach.

Coach: And tonight will be the night John Cena finally loses the WWE Championship when my boss Eric Bischoff goes toe to toe with the leader of the Chain Gang.

King: Also we will see Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle go at it in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match. Plus the returns of Stone Cold, Triple H, Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan!

Ross: But first we begin with one hell of a contest

''You think you know me!''

Ross: This personal real-life hatred will come to a conclusion tonight

Loser Leaves Raw

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Edge vs Matt Hardy

This hard fought battle included many innovative manuevers and alot of bloodshed in the form of a big chair shot by Edge resulting in Matt Hardy's face covered in blood. After a legdrop off of the top of the ladder by Matt Hardy it looked like he would get the briefcase above the ring and the ''Money in the Bank'' contract. But Edge's brother and Smackdown superstar Christian came out and pushed Matt Hardy off the ladder through a table set up outside of the ring. Edge soon after climbed the top of the ladder and pulled down the briefcase sealing the victory. In the stipulations Matt Hardy must now leave Raw to the delight of Edge and Lita.

Winner: Edge

Coach: Christian is here to be part of the Smackdown match.

Ross: For God sakes Christian! You realised what you have just done you son of a bitch?

King: Its brotherly love

Ross: Brotherly love my ass!

Coach: Matt can say bye bye to his livelyhood...again!

King and Coach: ''Na Na nana Na Na Heeeeey Goodbye!''

Ross: Shut up!

Overall Rating 88%

Crowd Reaction 88%

Match Quality 89%


Eric: Vince! I need to talk to you

Vince: Whats up Eric? That was a great match we just witnessed.

Eric: It was but anyway, about tonight.

Vince: What about it?

Eric: This whole Cena thing. I'm not sure about this match. Maybe I got caught up in the emotion last week. Maybe we should give the shot to someone else.

Vince: I can see your point Eric but maybe you can see my point. If you don't go ahead with this match maybe you will be looking for a new job. You get me?

Eric: Loud and clear.

Overall Rating 85%


Ross: This is a WWE Homecoming and WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon thought it would be a great idea to have a Smackdown pressence tonight. So right now I hand it over to the Smackdown guys Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Thankyou JR and we would like to begin by saying we at Smackdown do not condone the actions of Christian earlier on

Tazz: That's right. Not for nothing Cole, Christian interfeared in Raw business and I like to think we at Smackdown are better than that.

Cole: Well lets hope Christian gets his just deserts in this Six-Man Tag Team match

Tazz: JBL accompanied by Jillian Hall and Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan who does have an interest in this match

Cole: That is right as he is one of the competitors in the Fatal 4-Way match at No Mercy which is live on Pay-Per-View this Sunday.

Smackdown Match

Batista, Chris Benoit, and Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Christian

This was a six man war with all superstars having something to prove before this sunday's big No Mercy PPV. All six superstars used their trademark moves but Batista was the deciding factor after giving Captain Charisma a massive Batista Bomb. JBL also utilized his clothesline from hell to Rey Mysterio but the referee saw Batista's pinfall first. The Raw fans saw something they would not normally see on a Raw broadcast and they ate up all of the action.

Winners: Batista, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio

Cole: Christian got what he had coming to him and JBL does not look pleased

Tazz: Impressive display by ''the Animal''

Overall Rating 83%

Crowd Reaction 86%

Match Quality 77%


Lillian: Ladies and Gentleman let us take this time to acknowledge at ringside the WWE Legends. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, Hillbilly Jim, Superstar Billy Graham, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Harley Race, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Chief Jay Strongbow, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Nikolai Volkoff and Koko B. Ware

Ross: It's great to see them all

King: Why do we have to see all these old farts?

Coach: They need to go back where they belong the retirement home

Ross: Have some respect god damn it!

King: Who is this coming out?

Coach: Oh No!

Ross: It's Eugene!

Eugene: Oh my! You are all my favouritest wrestlers ever! Hacksaw! Hooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Duggan: Whats up tough guy!

Eugene: Hillbilly Jim! I think your great and oh oh ''Superfly'' Jimmy Snuka! and oh my god!

Hart: Whats up baby?

Eugene: You Jimmy Hart ''Manager of Champions!''

Ross: Eugene having fun with the Legends

Overall Rating 78%


King: It is the Homecoming of Puppies!

Coach: The same night Moolah and Mae Young are ringside

King: Don't spoil it! There were kids when the dead sea was only sick

3 on 2 Match

Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro vs Women In Pink

Now it was time for some divas action and the chance for trish and Ashley to finally get their hands on all three of the Women in Pink. Victoria and Trish kicked off the action with neither having the advantage because of their history. Each were able to scout each other's moves with great effect until Victoria tagged out in frustration. Then Ashley entered the ring and the Women in Pink soon took control soon after exploiting Ashley's inexperience. Ashley has a lot of heart and perservered the punishment to counter a powerbomb into a face buster. She made the tag to Trish and all hell broke loose with all 5 divas in the ring. Trish was able to connect with the stratusfaction and got the pinfall over a fallen Candace.

Winners: Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

Ross: They are hot and they can fight too. Trish proving why she is Women's Champ

Overall Rating 67%

Crowd Reaction 76%

Match Quality 49%


''When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside!''

Ross: The Immortal Hulk Hogan!

King: These fans love him

The crowd cheers. The Legends ringside give him a standing ovation

Hogan: I love you guys man! Tonight is a huge night for the WWE and I know for certain that Raw is gonna run wild on the USA network.

''Ding Ding Ding Ding!''

Ross: What the hell! Get these guys out of here

John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan come out to the ring

JBL: Why don't you just shut up for one minute. It has not been a good night thus far for JBL but things are slowly looking up. Hulk Hogan you have no business being here. You think you can just swing in here whenever you feel like it and be the man around here. Well I don't think so because I decide who comes and goes around here. I am the the epicentre of this business and I am a wrestling God!

Hogan: All you are brother is a wrestling flop and that guy next to you can hardly last a minute against Chris Benoit.

JBL cheapshots Hogan

Ross: Wait a minute. Stop this right now

King: Hogan is getting his ass handed to him

JBL: All of you common texans can kiss my New York ass!

Coach: Tell 'em JBL

''Glass Shatters!''

Ross: Oh my God

King: Oh no!

Ross: Business has just picked up.

Steve Austin runs out to the ring and cleans house with Hulk Hogan

Coach: This has nothing to do with Austin

Ross: Pistol fire right hands! Stunner! Stunner! Stunner!

King: Oh no Orlando!

Ross: Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

Coach: Get out of there JBL

Hogan gives JBL a big boot and leg drop

Ross: This place has just gone crazy!

''Glass shatters!''

Austin and Hogan share a beer

Ross: Can you believe it!? Hogan and Austin in the same ring. Good God what a moment!

Overall Rating 80%


Coach: This next match up promises to be a classic

30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

FIRST FALL: This match of the year contender had the entire crowd in awe of the efforts of these legendary athletes. Like they had at WrestleMania and Vengeance both traded submission manuevers in the early going and without taking a breather. Kurt was showing his mean streak early after going straight for the ankle of the Heartbreak Kid. Michaels tried to mount a comeback but the cunning Kurt Angle was able to distract the referee long enough to give a low blow to HBK. One Angle Slam later and Kurt had a 1 fall lead.

SECOND FALL: Though Kurt Angle gained the first fall this did not keep the crowd quiet as they cheered on their Texan hero. HBK could hardly stand after the punishment recieved by the Olympic Hero but the courage of HBK was all he needed to suck up the pain and hit Kurt with some sweet chin music and in turn equal the fall Kurt won earlier. With 5 minutes left who was going to get the next fall?

THIRD FALL: Kurt went for the kill after blocking another Sweet Chin Music attempt into the ankle lock. Shawn was in obvious pain as he tried his hardest to break out of the submission. Kurt was keeping to the game plan and would not release the hold. For a moment everyone in the arena thought Shawn was going to make it to the ropes but Kurt pulled Shawn back into the centre of the ring and after hooking the leg there was no place to go for HBK and all he could do was tap! It was all over and Kurt Angle was victorious in this mat classic.

Winner: Kurt Angle (2-1)

Ross: The time is up. Angle wins the match

King: Hooray! Go get 'em Kurt

Coach: What a man Kurt Angle is!

Ross: Shawn gave everything in his being! Everything in his soul but he was defeated by the better man.

King: That better man is Kurt Angle.

Overall Rating 81%

Crowd Reaction 85%

Match Quality 75%


Piper's Pit


Piper: I'm in no mood for games. Bring him out! Bring out the hardcore Legend Mick Foley!

''Car Crash!''

Mick Foley enters the ring with a smile on his face and book in hand.

Ross: Mrs. Foley's baby boy returns at Homecoming

Piper: What are you smiling at Mick? Who are you?

Foley: Roddy it seems you have been on the caffene a little too much. Your eyes are almost dislodged from your sockets. Calm down! It's a historical night.

Piper: Yeah and what are you doing. Using this night as a part of a promotional tour for your new book

Foley: Thanks for the plug Roddy. That's right I have a new book out ''Scooter'' and I think you will all like it so check it out.

Piper: Where are you?

Foley: I am infront of you...right here in Dallas, Texas!

King: The cheap pop!

Ross: (laughs) Oh lordy!

Piper: No I mean you! The man we all used to know. That man who had no compassion. That man who never smiled unless he had his brains beaten out of him with a chair. That man who would of beaten up his best friend Terry Funk to get ahead. Where is he? I know where he is. It just needs beating out of you!

Foley: At ringside right now is the one and only ''Superfly'' Jimmy Snuka. I remember the history between you two. What are you going to do Roddy? Hit me with a coconut? (laughs)

Foley turns to leave

Roddy: (laughs) You know me Mick I always have my ways

Roddy hits Foley around the head with a metal bar

Piper: And I know that the Mick Foley I know would of never turned his back on me. You have just paid the Piper!

Ross: What in the hell was that?

Overall Rating 86%


Coach: The tag team champions aim to take out ''V Squared'' one at a time

King: ''V Squared'' do own a DQ victory over Cade and Murdoch

Ross: You know they are going to want a rematch down the line but tonight we have singles action

Lance Cade vs Val Venis

With V Squared gaining momentum recently in tag team matches on Heat and a DQ victory over the champions last week on Raw, Val Venis returned to singles action against one half of the Tag Team Champions Lance Cade. It was a good battle between veteran and youngster as Lance Cade was mostly outmatched by the ring awareness of the former porn star. But a range of southern-style brawling by Cade helped him hold his own in the ring. After a fisherman suplex Val Venis was set to go to the top to perform his money shot but Cade's tag team partner Trevor Murdoch came out and pushed Val Venis off of the top turnbuckle. This resulted in the cheap victory for Cade. After the match the Tag Team champions continued their assault until Viscera made the save. This issue is far from over.

Winner: Lance Cade

Coach: They prove that they are great tag team champions and they can perform in singles competition too

Ross: He cheated to get the victory. Don't try and cover that up!

King: It will be marked with a ''W'' in the record books JR! Look out!

Ross: The man in pyjamas makes the save

Coach: He really needs to get out of those

King: ...and get some proper gear on too!

Overall Rating 74%

Crowd Reaction 69%

Match Quality 80%



Ross: Here comes the Intercontinental Champion. The Nature Boy

Flair: Masters and Carlito I said I was going to be here! Get out here! Whoooooo!

Coach: He did say he was gonna have Triple H with him

King: Where is he?

Carlito and Masters come through the crowd

Ross: Ric Flair is being double teamed here two on one and Triple H is knowhere in sight.

King: Ric said he would be here

Coach: Where is he then JR?

Ross: I don't know for god sakes!

''Time to play the game!''

King: Here he is!

Ross: The Game is here in Dallas, Texas

Coach: He hasn't come empty handed either

Triple H hits Carlito and Masters with chair shots. They leave up the aisle. Triple H tends to Ric

Ross: The Game has returned to Raw and to help out his best friend. He looks like a man on a mission. My god what a night it has been!

Overall Rating 81%


Ross: It has been made official. Next week on Raw Carlito and Chris Masters will take on Ric Flair and the in-ring return of The Game Triple H but now it's time for the WWE Championship Match.

''I'm back and better than ever!''

Coach: Here we are guys. Eric Bischoff looks ready for this match

Ross: He looks like he needs a change of pants but thas another story for another time. This place to set to bow the roof off in just a little while.

''Your time is up, my time is now!''

King: John Cena better not take Eric Bischoff as an easy opponent

Ross: Eric Bischoff does have a martial arts background

Coach: That will play a big part in this match trust me

WWE Championship Match

John Cena vs Eric Bischoff

Ever since John Cena was drafted to Raw back in June Eric Bischoff has been far from subtle in his dislike for the leader of the Chain Gang. WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon made this match to settle the score and it was a match that left the outcome of this match pretty obvious. Would Eric Bischoff pull off the shock of the year?

The Answer was no but Bischoff began the match in positive fashion connecting with a couple of karate kicks to the midsection of Cena. The fact that the kicks had zero affect on the champion does not matter. Eric used a positive strategy. Better than trying to weasel out of the match like he unsuccessfully tried to do earlier on in the night. Cena took control of the match and after a powerslam he got a 2 count! He then gave the Raw GM a clothesline and he got a 2 count! Bischoff kicked out twice! Either that or Cena was lifting up Eric's shoulders each time. I would go with the latter. Cena seemingly ''frustrated'' that he could not put Bischoff away started hulking up and after a ''You can't see me!'', 5 knuckle shuffle and an F-U finally scored the pinfall victory. John Cena was definately pleased with the result.

Winner: John Cena

Coach: Come on he wasn't even ready. There was one cheapshot after another. This is a travesty

King: Mr. Bischoff can hardly move

Ross: I cannot say I was sad to see Eric Bischoff take a beating!

Cena: Dallas, Texas! Chaingang! Let everybody know! The Champ is here! And will continue to be Raw every Monday night!

Ross: What an unbeleivable night. Goodnight everybody!

Overall Rating 80%

Crowd Reaction 84%

Match Quality 72%


Show Rating 80%

IPB Image

We got a 6.87 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7515 people.

We made $300600 from ticket sales.

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5. No Copy & Paste Diaries/Plagerism

Please, we do not want to read all of the text for the games. And (obviously) don’t steal others’ work and claim it as your own. Though this is something that seems obvious, my work was actually plagerised at another EWR diary board a while back. THIS IS INTOLERABLE, and the staff can ban you right away.

Generosity moves me this morning so I'm giving you a chance to change your ways. Write your own matches from now on.

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Guest Hazza_F5

Smackdown Preview

IPB Image

With No Mercy coming up this Sunday we will pass through Austin, Texas for Friday Night Smackdown on the road to the big Pay-Per-View and a big show comes your way this Friday with two big matches officially announced by General Manager Theodore R. Long.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Special Referee: Batista

Before Eddie Guerrero gets his World Heavyweight Title shot this Sunday he faces tough competition from the former 5-Time WCW Champion Booker T. This match brings further intrigue as Theodore R. Long has assigned World Heavyweight Champion Batista as the special referee. With the newly formed ''friendship'' between champion and challenger will there be any favouritism towards Eddie by ''the Animal''? Tune in to find out!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich © vs. MNM

These two teams will face each other this sunday along with their respective diva tag team partner in a six-person tag team match at No Mercy. But before that MNM have a chance to get back those same Tag Team Titles which they lost back in July at the Great American Bash. The run of the new LOD has been remarkable but will it all come to an end this Friday?

The Peep Show

Christian will host his personal talk show with added interest this week when his guests are two of his upcoming opponents at No Mercy. Orlando Jordan and United States Champion Chris Benoit will be in attendance.

Plus Rey Mysterio, JBL and newcomer Bobby Lashley will be in action!

All of this and more this Friday night on Smackdown.

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Byte This!

October 5, 2005

IPB Image

Host: Todd Grisham

''Hey there fans and welcome to a short edition of Byte This! and to be honest with you I thought I would not be presenting Byte This! tonight after what happened last week. Putting it bluntly I went into ''business for myself'' and got caught up in the moment with Matt Striker and we both turned a little light-hearted sketch into something more. That was not what the WWE.COM management wanted to portray the skit as and I apologised.''

''That was until today when our ''friend'' on the net posted another commentary on his website and if you fans ever have a day when you are really really bored it is worth checking out all the ''cool'' features. Yeah right! After reading this I feel that my actions last week are now justified because this guy is from another planet. What the planet is I do not know but I wish he went back there and stayed. Here are some quotes from this guy in his latest column.''

''I heard from my Warrior Nation that the queer and his butt-licking friend whose name sounds like a failed softcore porn movie star made fun of me and claimed that The Warrior used ''steriods'' to make himself look in the shape that he was and still is today. IT IS THE ULTIMATE POWER IN HIMSELF that makes The Warrior look in that shape! With the DVD and these recent actions I must say that these cheap ass tactics to bury the name of The Ultimate Warrior has only made my Warrior Nation stronger.''

''This Sunday these non-believers of the Ultimate Power have a show in Houston but you wouldn't of known that if I haven't of told you. Well there are loads of tickets on sale and hell they could quite possibly be given away 30 minutes before showtime so make sure all of you Warriors are there because I will be making a trip.''

''Because nothing on the show will be interesting why not you just see the Warrior Nation infront of your very eyes shitting on what you call entertainment Vinnie! Bring the queer, his boyfriend and the cripple to the ring and The Warrior will strike them down with Ultimate Power. Why not let that weasel be in their corner and hell shouldn't weasels be put down once they start stinking of crap because that one has lasted longer than what is meant to be. I will see you Warriors Sunday. We have the Power.''

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Smackdown!

Austin, TX

October 7, 2005

IPB Image

Opening Pyro

Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: No Mercy is just 48-hours away fans as we welcome you to Friday Night Smackdown! where tonight Eddie Guerrero will go one on one with Booker T.

Tazz: And the World Heavyweight Champion Batista will be the special referee. It promises to be off the hook!

Cole: We begin with a huge Championship match!


Cole: The voice of the great Road Warrior Hawk bellows around this packed arena! and LOD are not alone!

Tazz: Christy is with them. What a fine tomato!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New L.O.D. vs. MNM

MNM have wanted to regain the Tag Team Titles ever since they lost them back at The Great American Bash and began the contest in aggressive fashion. Heidenreich was their focus as they used tag team tactics that closely mirrored great tandems like the Rock 'n' Roll Express and The Brainbusters. Johnny Nitro worked on the legs of Heidenreich to keep him on ground level and Joey Mercury hit a Leg drop on the left leg of the fierce Heidenreich. It looked like Heidenreich had no way out of his sticky situation but the power he possesses was to be used to its full potential when he executed a double suplex to MNM. The tag was made to a fresh Animal and it turned to an all out brawl. Two powerslams followed by two dropkicks gave L.O.D. the advantage and it looked like another successful title defence. But Melina and Christy distracted the L.O.D. as a catfight broke out between the two beauties. This enabled a low blow to Animal followed by the Snapshot to end the match and give the victory to the new WWE Tag Team Champions MNM.

Winners: MNM

Cole: They had to use a low blow to win the match. This is a disgrace

Tazz: The referee did not see it so it didn't happen

Cole: Of course it happened! Where did you get that logic from?

Tazz: The rulebook. You read it?

Cole: Let's see that. Hey! this book belongs to Bobby Heenan!

Overall Rating 79%

Crowd Reaction 73%

Match Quality 86%


Backstage is Josh Mathews with the newly crowned champions

Josh: MNM congratulations on your victory! How do you feel?

Nitro: We are the greatest Tag Team Champions Ever!

Melina: We have finally gotten back what was ours in the first place and after this Sunday I get what I want. That bimbo Christy Hemme is going to fall pray to this Diva.

Mercury: We are the champions and after this Sunday we will end the L.O.D's legacy for good

Nitro: Well... of what's left of it anyway! (laughs)

Overall Rating 76%


''Ding Ding Ding Ding!''

JBL: Tonight I have my greatest challenge! This comes two days before my match with Rey Mysterio and I am nervous. You see my lovely advisor Jillian Hall arranged this match for me and she had ''No Mercy'' in choosing my opponent tonight. I want to know who you have chosen Jillian. Is it Benoit? Batista? Undertaker? Hell is it Hulk Hogan? I have not forgotten about you Hulk!

Jillian: You are very close. This guy is a former champion and a great warm-up for this Sunday. Bring him out here!

Cole: Who is it?

Tazz: We're gonna find out in a moment Cole. Be patient!

''Smackdown's NUMBA ONE announcer!''

Cole: Oh come on!

JBL and Jillian are laughing in the ring

Tazz: He is a good ''warm-up''

Cole: JBL is treating this as a joke

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Funaki

JBl took control from the start delivering stiff punches and stomps to Funaki. Throughout the contest JBL was making fun of the Hispanic fans in the crowd and it almost cost him when Funaki managed a small package for a close near fall. JBL then put on his working boots and delivered a huge Clothesline from Hell. That was not all as he then gave Funaki a powerbomb and then got the three count.

Winner: JBL

JBL: Now then. Rey Mysterio that right there is nothing compared to what I have in store for you this Sunday. I will Clothesline you from Houston all the way back to where you belong Mexico!

Cole: That disrespectful bully is in for a surprise this Sunday against Mr. 619! He is taking Mysterio far too lightly!

Tazz: It will be an interesting contest thats for sure!

Overall Rating 73%

Crowd Reaction 70%

Match Quality 76%


The following video message is Sponsored by Simon Dean's patented Simon System

Simon: Let's all face it America. You are all in need of a bit of inspiration in your lives. Working 9 to 5 everyday has taken its toll on your scales as they do not make for good reading. Pur-lease you guys are fat! But you guys can change that with my patented Simon System. The newest product to sweep the nation is my Simon Sugar Capsules! The results are nothing short of unbelievable. My many customers include Mark Maguire and Jose Conseco. But my opponent this Sunday, Bobby Lashley obviously needs it too. Of course he has not used my Simon System but hey it's rare, no it's impossible to look perfect without my supplements. So Lashley I say this, when you lose this Sunday you will have no choice but to turn to my Simon Shakes and endorse my product. What I am saying is that if you lose this Sunday you will have to work for me! YEAH!

Overall Rating 79%


Cole: With all of those amateur accolades, Bobby Lashley looks to make a huge impact on Smackdown!

Tazz: Without a doubt

Cole: He uses you for inspiration Tazz when he openly watches tapes of you and your array of suplexes

Tazz: Not a bad thing! I have lots of knowledge

Cole: You save it all up well

Bobby Lashley vs. Steven Richards

This was a match that veteran Steven Richards had a big task at hand to deal with in the form of former all-American Lashley. Suplex after suplex combined with pure power and strength was too much for Richards to handle and the bout was soon over after a dominator. As the contest ended Simon Dean came out with a ''Lex-flexer'' with intensions to cheap shot Lashley. But this turned into a failed attack when Lashley ducked the swing of Simon Dean and went on to clothesline Simon out of the ring. Lashley was ready for another fight but Simon swiftly left up the aisle way. Simon is in for a reality check this Sunday.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Cole: Where are you going Simon? Get in the ring you think your so tough

Tazz: He needs to go on his scheduled run around the block. He is a disciplined athlete

Cole: He looks far from perfect as his Simon System suggests

Overall Rating 69%

Crowd Reaction 60%

Match Quality 79%


The Peep Show

Christian: Firstly I want to be the first to congratulate my brother Edge for winning the ''Money in the Bank'' ladder match and finally getting rid of that chump-stain Matt Hardy!

Cole: Christian screwed Matt out of the match last Monday night!

Christian: Secondly what a waste of space Austin, TX is. Like my god where are the Peeps? You all look like when you were born the nurse slapped your mother. You all remind me of Mrs. 5-time WCW Champion. Cheap! My guest though is far from cheap. He is a rich and wealthy man. I'll translate for you. He is ''well off'' and his name is Orlando Jordan!

Olando Jordan joins the Peep show

OJ: Christian I gotta say that you are spot on with your observations. Anybody from around here should have to carry around a paper bag with them for the good of tourism and guys it is alright to spray some deodorant on yourselves one in a while. PHEW!!

Christian: Even the homeless in Long Island would not come here

''There's no holding me back!''

Chris Benoit joins the Peep Show with Hardcore Holly

Benoit: I know that I was a scheduled guest for tonight but I'm not in the mood for talk. I want to compete. I've found myself a tag team partner. How about it?

Christian: We are both in our street clothes right now but if you let me and OJ get our gear we can have ourselves a match later on tonight

''Let me Holla at you Playa!''

Long: Chris Benoit that was hell of an idea and we will have a tag team match. But we will be having this match right now!

Cole: When we come back we will have tag team action!

Overall Rating 79%


Cole: We are back here in Austin, TX for Friday Night Smackdown! where we now have a tag team match and we are joined by Ken Kennedy on commentary

Ken: That's Mr. Kennedy to you Cole you piece of sucktitude

Cole: Sorry. We are...


Taz: (laughs)

Cole: You are out here I guess to scout your opponent for this Sunday Hardcore Holly

Ken: Yes and to also give Tazz a break from your monotonous voice

Tazz: I thank you for that Mr. Kennedy

Ken: No problem at all

Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly vs. Christian and Orlando Jordan

This tag team match was all action as Benoit and Holly hit their opponents with stiff knife-edge chops leaving Christian's chest coloured purple. A suicide dive to the outside by Benoit was flawed when Orlando was wise to it and dodged the attack. Benoit hit the concrete floor hard and he looked badly injured clutching his surgically repaired neck. Ever the tactician Christian went for the neck performing a chin lock followed by a sleeper hold. Benoit made his way out of the move and got the tag to Hardcore Holly. The ring was like a car wreck as all four men gave their all to secure the winning pinfall then Booker T's wife Sharmell came out to the ring and got up to the apron to talk smack to Christian. Obviously offended by Christian's earlier comments she was soon told by Benoit to get off the apron. This was all Christian needed to push Benoit into Sharmell resulting in her being knocked down to the floor. Christian hit Benoit with the Unprettier and gained the victory.

Winners: Christian and Orlando Jordan

Tazz: Christian has pinned the United States Champion!

Ken: Your winner of the fall Christian!

Cole: Will this be the outcome come Sunday night?


Overall Rating 82%

Crowd Reaction 78%

Match Quality 86%


The Ortons are backstage. Randy is warming up while Cowboy Bob is watching the footage from last weeks between himself and The Undertaker

Bob: Son this Sunday is a huge night for us. You have the chance to prove you are a ''Legend Killer'' when we will defeat The Undertaker in his speciality match. The Casket match. But tonight you have got Rey Mysterio. You gotta watch this kid Randy he is fast and he is smart. He will be a tough opponent

Randy: Dad it will be taken care of. I'm Randy Orton. It will be fine and after tonight we focus on the Casket match and finally ending the legend of The Undertaker. RKO! Rest In Peace!

Overall Rating 92%


''Booyaka Booyaka 619!''

Cole: Rey Mysterio coming to the ring with his new theme that you can get on WWE.COM and this tune rocks!

Tazz: He has a big match tonight before he meets JBL this Sunday

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Before the match begins JBL walked out to ringside spelling bad news for Mysterio early. He was able to not let JBL's presence get to him as he used his speed and high flying style to thwart Randy's attempts of mounting a advantage. After a drop toe hold Rey Rey saw the opportunity for a little 619 but JBL caught him in mid air and went for a fall away slam outside of the ring until the lights went out and The Undertaker soon appeared cleaning house on the Otons and JBL with both Mysterio and the Phenom standing together in the ring.

Winner: No Contest

Cole: The Ortons are in for a wild ride this Sunday when they must face The Undertaker

Tazz: Rey Mysterio is in for a fight with JBL and there will be No Mercy

Cole: Who is gonna Rest in Peace?

Overall Rating 85%

Crowd Reaction 89%

Match Rating 79%


WWE No Mercy from Houston, TX this Sunday

Handicap Casket Match

The Undertaker vs. Randy and Cowboy Bob Orton

Six Person Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Christy Hemme and The new L.O.D.

Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean

Ken Kennedy vs. Hardcore Holly

Fatal 4-Way United States Championship Match

Chris Benoit © vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista © vs. Eddie Guerrero

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Velocity

Austin, TX

October 8, 2005

IPB Image

Hosts: Josh Mathews and Steve Romero

Video Package

The Undertaker takes on the father and son team of Cowboy Bob Orton and Randy Orton. Tonight you will hear comments from the Ortons regarding the big Casket match at No Mercy.

Overall Rating 87%


London and Spanky vs Regal and Birchall

Burchill gets the victory for his team after making Spanky submit to The Royal Mutilation.

Winners: Regal and Birchill

Overall Rating 81%

Crowd Reaction 65%

Match Quality 97%


Video Package

Rey Mysterio takes on JBL at No Mercy and here we have comments by JBL.

JBL: Rey Mysterio does not stand a chance this Sunday! He will not be able to keep his focus as he will be in the same ring as a real life ''Wrestling God!''

Overall Rating 90%


Doug Basham vs Robbie Dawber

The Bash Man defeats the up and coming Robbie Dawber after a Leg Lariat in a competitive match.

Winner: Doug Basham

Overall Rating 49%

Crowd Reaction 39%

Match Quality 60%


Video Package

After winning the Tag team titles this past Friday night MNM had a celebration party on the town like no other. Ahead of this Sunday's Six-Person Tag Team match at No Mercy we caught up with MNM.

Melina: We struck the first blow when we got the belts back at Smackdown and at No Mercy we will finish the job and I finally get my hands on that nasty little thing Christy.

Nitro: We are the champs again and this time we do not intend on losing them for a very long time.

Mercy: After this Sunday the new LOD will become END

Overall Rating 81%


Simon Dean vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Simon Dean warms up for his big match with Bobby Lashley this Sunday night after defeating Scotty 2 Hotty with The Simonizer

Winner: Simon Dean

Overall Rating 81%

Crowd Reaction 68%

Match Quality 95%


Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton are backstage ready to be questioned by Josh Mathews

Josh: Guys at No Mercy you have to face The Undertaker in a Casket match. You guys have any worries about competing in his match?

Bob: I have never been more proud of my son than right now as he is set to fight against the Phenom in his style of match. I am there every step of the way with him and I will do what all good fathers do and that is be there for Randy.

Randy: This Sunday I will prove what I proved at SummerSlam and what I prove everyday of my life. I am a ''Legend Killer'' and I will once and for all destroy the legend of The Undertaker. I guarantee it!

Overall Rating 77%


Nunzio and Vito vs Psicosis and Super Crazy

After constant interferance by Juventud during the match the referee called for the bell and gave the disqualification victory to Nunzio and Vito. This ended up causing more trouble as all three Mexicools brawled all the way to the back with Nunzio and Vito.

Winners: Nunzio and Vito by DQ

Overall Rating 77%

Crowd Reaction 63%

Match Quality 91%


Show Rating 73%

IPB Image

We got a 1.18 rating for 'Velocity'!

The attendance level was 7528 people.

We made $301120 from ticket sales.

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE No Mercy Preview

IPB Image

This Sunday night we will see a night of shocks, thrills and spills when WWE slams down in Houston, Texas for a night that will see superstars giving ''No Mercy'' to their opponents.

Here is the card:

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Batista © vs. Eddie Guerrero

A Battle of a new found friendship between an Animal and a man who lies, cheats and steals. What will happen at No Mercy when they finally collide?

Handicap Casket Match

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton

With the support of his father can Randy Orton defeat the ''Dead Man'' in one of The Undertaker's speciality matches?

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

Will JBL rediscover his winning ways or will the high flyer from San Diego cause another upset?

Fatal 4-Way United States Championship Match

Chris Benoit © vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan

Four man battle for one prize. Will Benoit retain the belt? Will Booker T claim his third US Title? Will Christian bring gold back to The Peep Show? Will Orlando last in the match longer than 30 seconds?

Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean

Simon Dean promises to win this match and Lashley will have to be his lackey if Simon does win. Will Lashley's impressive start continue?

Hardcore Holly vs. Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy! is a very outspoken individual and Holly intends to shut him up. Will Kennedy come out of this match voice-box intact?

Six Person Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Christy Hemme and The new L.O.D.

The L.O.D. may of lost the titles last week but they go into this bout for retribution. Will Christy and Melina settle their rivalry? Will MNM prove they are the ''Greatest Tag Team Champions Ever!'' and defeat the new L.O.D. again?

Will The Ultimate Warrior show up?

One of the most controversial DVD's in WWE history has began to turn nasty with personal comments from Ultimate Warrior. He claims that he will be in Houston, Texas. What will he have in store?

All this and more this Sunday on Pay-Per-View

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE No Mercy

Houston, TX

October 9, 2005

IPB Image

Opening Pyro

Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Welcome everybody to No Mercy coming from Houston, Texas. Michael Cole here joined by Tazz and tonight is going to be a great night.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole we are in for a hell of a ride partner!

Cole: We are also joined tonight by our Spanish colleagues Hugo and Carlos! Take it away!

Hugo: Damas y Caballeros bienvenido a no Misericordia!

''Can you dig it Sucka!''

Cole: We begin with a huge United States Championship match! Booker T making his way to the ring

Tazz: Joined as always by the lovely Sharmell

Fatal 4-Way WWE United States Championship Match

Chris Benoit vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T

The match kicked off the show in a great way that set the tone for the rest of the evening. The match almost ended as quickly as it started when Orlando Jordan got caught in the Crippler Crossface 10 seconds in by Benoit. Orlando has tapped out to Benoit several times of some very memorable matches against Benoit this summer, all for the wrong reasons though. Instead of tapping out Christian made the save in this one fall contest. As Orlando left the combat to re-think his battle plan the remaining three competitors traded chops and forearms in the centre of the ring. Booker T looked impressive executing a superplex off of the top rope on Christian and delivering a superkick right on the chin of the ''Rabid Wolverine'' to the delight of his wife Sharmell at ringside. Orlando's damaged shoulder from earlier on took further beating after being on the receiving end of multiple German suplexes by Benoit. After both Booker and Orlando collided outside Christian took full advantage reversing a crossface attempt into a rollup using the ropes as illegal leverage to pin the soon to be former US Champion.

Winner: Christian

Tazz: What a day! Celebrate good times come on!

Cole: He cheated to win the match!

Tazz: I'm going to tell him you think he is a cheater and then you will be sorry

Cole: Go ahead and tell him!

Tazz: I've got a job to do here

Overall Rating 82%

Crowd Reaction 83%

Match Quality 83%


Simon: Houston it is time for all of you fat useless pigs to get up off your rears and pick up the phone to order my patented Simon System. After tonight when I defeat Bobby Lashley I promise to give you all a free ''Simon Shake'' because I cannot stand to see all of you ugly people any longer.

Tazz: What a good deal that is Cole!

Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean

Going in to this match many fans felt that Simon Dean did not stand a chance and he would be pummelled. Many of the other superstars though felt that there might be a chance that Simon Dean could get the victory and reclaim the form some people may remember him having back in his earlier parts of his career. It seems that he is more focused on promoting his ''Simon System'' and it has obviously affected his form in the ring. Lashley though is no doubt a top prospect for the WWE and continued to show the potential he oozes everyday he wrestles. The ''amateur background'' that Simon Dean likes to talk about was no threat to the three-time wrestling national champion and a four-time All-American as the power and strength of Lashley was too much for Dean to handle. After Lashley got the victory via a dominator slam he was not done. He went through Simon's training bag to get out a ''Simon Shake'' which he poured all over the face of Simon Dean.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Cole: (laughs) I wonder what Simon thinks of the ''Simon Shake'' there? He does not seem to like it

Tazz: Cole if you just got your ass kicked would you like an energy drink?

Overall Rating 84%

Crowd Reaction 69%

Match Quality 99%


''Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy!''

Ken: Houston this next contest is scheduled for one fall! With no time limit! Are you ready? I said are you ready? Let's get ready to beat ''Spark Plugg's'' ass! I weigh in tonight at a trim 242 pounds. I lost the pound for my Pay-Per-View debut! Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy!

Tazz: I love that bit!

Ken Kennedy vs. Hardcore Holly

The cocky Mr. Kennedy has been getting some very impressive victories so early into his WWE career but he faced a tough challenger on this night with the ''Alabama Slammer'' Hardcore Holly. Known for his intense and hard-hitting style, Holly soon presented Kennedy with chops and kicks to the upper body. The pain clearly on the face of Mr. Kennedy did not deter him and he went on to show how brash he is by slapping the taste right out of the mouth of Hardcore Holly. This was not the wise move to take as it made Holly even more mad than usual. The fight went up to the top rope with Holly having something in mind but we will never know what e had in store as Kennedy managed to get Holly onto his shoulders. This lead to the finish as Holly was never going to kick out after getting floored by Kennedy's finisher known as the Lambeau Leap.

Winner: Ken Kennedy

Cole: What a manoeuvre that is by Mr. Kennedy!

Tazz: He is the real deal Cole

Chimel: Here is your winner...

Ken: Now look Tony. For weeks now I have said that you suck and you seem to not understand what I am saying so I will say it nice and slow. You! Suck! S! U! C! K! Suck! Get it! Good! Now your winner... once again... Mr. Kennedy!...Kennedy!

Overall Rating 76%

Crowd Reaction 71%

Match Quality 81%


Cole: Since Summerslam JBl has been unable to get back to the form that made him WWE Champion for nearly 10 months.

Tazz: He beat Funaki on Smackdown!

Cole: That was a joke and you know it was. He totally bullied his way to victory!

''Booyaka Booyaka 619!''

Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

With Jillian Hall by his side JBL looked to get the one win that could get back on the right track and once again into title contention. Rey Mysterio had all 16238 fans packed inside the arena on his side chanting ''619!'' throughout the contest. JBL followed a sound strategy of using the obvious height and weight advantage he had by rocking Rey with right hands and a big boot to the face left Mysterio seeing stars. JBL then felt his job was done and proceeded to play to the crowd that were not responsive to his jibes at them. Now living in New York City the Texan JBL felt it necessary to mock Rey Mysterio and all lucha-libre performers by putting on a lucadore mask provided by his advisor Jillian Hall. This amount of stalling gave enough time for Rey Rey to mount a comeback. JBL was unable to cope with the speed of Mysterio and after connecting a moonsault Rey almost shocked JBL again but JBL kicked out at 2. After connecting with a 619 Rey was looking to get the ''West Coast Pop!'' on the fallen JBL but Jillian Hall grabbed his leg from outside to give enough time for JBL to give Mysterio a Clothesline from Hell and get the victory. Despite the cheap victory JBL celebrated with Jillian Hall like he had just won the WWE Title once again.

Winner: JBL

Cole: How can anyone be proud of a win like that!

Tazz: I certainly would be proud of that victory. Rey Rey is a good competitor

Cole: JBL needed Jillian Hall to win the match!

Tazz: She is known as the ''Fixer!'' and she has fixed the slump JBL was in.

Overall Rating 84%

Crowd Reaction 88%

Match Quality 77%


Cole: If all of you fans watching around the world could feel this experience inside this arena right now

Tazz: The Phenom of the WWE, The Undertaker!

Handicap Casket Match

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton

The Undertaker is no stranger to the Casket match and was clearly favourite to be the one victorious. The Ortons were soon to take advantage of the extra man by double teaming Undertaker throughout the match. This match brought back the infamous double-wide, double-deep Casket that Undertaker has used before against such legends like the late Yokozuna. He was intent of ending the night with both Ortons inside that Casket. With the only way to win being by placing your opponent inside the Casket the Ortons took their chance to use every dirty trick possible to wear down the Undertaker. With a mixture of foreign objects used by both Ortons things looked good for them until an attempted throw of white powder by Cowboy Bob hit his own son as Undertaker moved out of the way. With Randy blinded Undertaker went into full blown kick-ass mode giving Cowboy Bob a chokeslam and a tombstone for his troubles. As Undertaker looked set to put both Ortons into the Casket the unthinkable happened. Climbing over the guardrail for any fan is the wrong thing to do but to attack oncoming security with a lead pipe is worse. Undertaker looked shocked by this distraction at ringside and was on the receiving end of a pipe to the face by the hooded man as he tried to intervene. Undertaker then walked into a RKO stunning the crowd and resulted in Randy Orton putting Undertaker into the Casket and shutting the lid. The Ortons took no time to celebrate their victory as they left up the aisle as this hooded man entered the ring. With the place looking like a car wreck the world was shocked to see the man reveal himself to be The Ultimate Warrior. He said he would be there but nobody could of believed the impact he would make.

Winners: Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton

Cole: That son of a bitch has no business being here!

Tazz: Get him out the ring!

Cole: We need security out here right now!

Overall Rating 81%

Crowd Reaction 85%

Match Quality 75%


Cole: Ladies and gentleman at this time the show has been held hostage as this guy in the ring right now refuses to leave the ring. Security have been knocked down all over the place by a man carrying a lead pipe. Get this son of a bitch out of here he is holding this place hostage!

''Gimme a fucking mic!''

Warrior: Vinnie I said I would be here and I was gonna shit on your show. What a better way to do that than to screw with your golden boy The Undertaker. The biggest kiss ass in this business.

Tazz: Turn the mic off!

Warrior: Talk to me Warriors!

Vince with a bunch of security come out

Vince: Turn them cameras away from that man!

The cameras are not focused on Warrior as we get crowd shots of people looking in shock. Vince can still be heard through the mic.

Vince: Get that bastard out of here right now. That's right cuff him up! Get him out of here that piece of trash! I made you! And I can break you and your life is gonna be hell!... (struggle) Don't touch me I will sue you! Get him out!

Cole: Fans up next we have the Six Person Tag Team match!

Overall Rating 86%



Cole: Alright! Here come L.O.D. and Christy Hemme. Oh my look at her face!

Tazz: What about it?

Cole: She got her face painted like the L.O.D.

Tazz: She has? Oh!

Six Person Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Road Warrior Animal, Heidenreich, and Christy Hemme

There were angry faces in the form of the new L.O.D. and Christy as they were looking for revenge after Friday Night Smackdown where MNM won the Tag Team Tiles in not so honorary fashion. The match started up with Christy on the chase of Melina after she was not so graciously slapped in the face by Melina. Nitro was his normal arrogant self continuing to mock Heidenreich with his trademark stomping march. Animal was bursting to get in on the action as Heidenreich was double teamed by the new Tag champs. The Houston crowd were behind every step of the way chanting L.O.D. to spur Heidenreich on. He managed the tag to Animal and the veteran took control with a double clothesline to MNM and blocking a low blow attempt by Melina leaving Christy to get her hands on her. We saw a catfight between the two divas with Christy connecting with a bulldog and to get the male audience on her side she proceeded to rip off the top of Melina leaving her in her Bra for all the audience to see. Embarrassed Melina left the ring with Christy chasing behind her. In the ring Heidenreich and Animal were in full control after stereo powerslams and the end for MNM was near. Animal hoisted up Mercury on his shoulders and Heidenreich climb up to the top rope. The doomsday device was hit and Animal got the pin to the delight of the fans. The new L.O.D. got some consolation after the happenings of Smackdown last Friday.

Winners: The new L.O.D. and Christy Hemme

Tazz: A great win for the L.O.D. here where they were out to prove a point

Cole: No doubt about it and... wait a minute Animal wants to talk.

Animal: MNM we showed you guys that your win last Friday was because you guys cheated. Well this coming Friday boys you will have nowhere to hide. We have a rematch clause and we are going to have our rematch on Smackdown. But don't worry boys because all will be legal because Theodore Long has made this match a Street Fight! Tell 'em Hawk!


Overall Rating 71%

Crowd Reaction 75%

Match Quality 63%


Josh Mathews is backstage as Eddie Guerrero gets ready for the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Josh: Eddie Guerrero you are moments away from your biggest ever challenge in your career. You face the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. What is your strategy tonight? Are you going to Lie, Cheat and Steal?

Eddie: What are you talking about homes! Eddie doesn't lie, cheat and steal to his friends! And Batista is my friend vato!

Josh: Do you expect us to believe that?

Eddie: You don't have to take my word for it homes! Just watch and see a friendly competitive match between friends!

Josh: You mention friends a lot. Is that to convince yourself?

Eddie: I know what it is vato! You jealous! You have no friends and my friend just happens to be the World Heavyweight Champion! I hope I win but if I don't... I...I... I will be happy for my friend!

Overall Rating 94%


''Can you feel the Heat!''

Cole: Can Eddie Guerrero reach the top of the mountain one last time?

Tazz: I've gotta tell you Cole I have travelled all around the world with this man and this was the type of stuff that made all the bumps and bruises worth it. He is ready for this match without a doubt.

''I walk Alone!''

Tazz: The Animal is unleashed!

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero

The match between friends began with a handshake showing great sportsmanship that brought a refreshing change. The match was a battle of powerful and scientific styles meshed together in a testing match for both superstars. People have their opinions on Eddie Guerrero as a person but nobody can deny his wrestling ability and his determination and it was used to full effecting this match as Eddie's refusal to let Batista work at his own pace frustrated the big man. This lead to several mistakes including focusing his attention the referee's count claiming it was too slow and not on the prone Eddie. This allowed Guerrero to regain his batteries and fought back super charged and even managed to put Batista through the ''Three Amigos'' and after attempting a forth suplex both men collided and knocked down referee Nick Patrick. After Batista tried a spinebuster Eddie reversed it into a tornado DDT. With Batista and the referee down Eddie looked to the fans who had seen this situation before. Eddie went to the outside and folded up a steel chair and went back into the ring. Was the ''new and improved'' Eddie Guerrero all a ruse. As Batista was starting to get back up Eddie had the chair in hand. Would he use it? He looked to the fans and he looked at Batista and in the end he threw the chair to the outside. As Eddie walked towards Batista, he was shocked when the Animal shot straight up. He was playing possum. After giving Eddie a huge spinebuster Batista signalled for the ''thumbs up and thumbs down'' and delivered a Batista Bomb to his friend and was victorious. After the match as the referee was going to give Batista the title belt Eddie snatched the belt from his hands with all wondering what was going to happen. What did happen was a humble Eddie Guerrero hand over the belt to a victorious Batista and they ended as they began with a handshake. Maybe this ''new and improved'' Eddie Guerrero is the real deal. Either way it was a physical and worthy main event match.

Winner: Batista

Cole: You know Tazz I don't think Eddie can win without lying, cheating and stealing!

Tazz: Maybe your right partner!

Cole: Batista stands tall but the ''friendship'' still lives on. Goodnight everybody!

Overall Rating 90%

Crowd Reaction 94%

Match Quality 82%


Show Rating 84%

IPB Image

We got a 1.46 buy rate for 'No Mercy'!

The attendance was 16238 people.

We made $3650000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $974280 from ticket sales.

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Guest Hazza_F5

Raw Preview

IPB Image

Raw is coming off a huge WWE Homecoming that brought many great moments. Here is what is in store this week from Corpus Christi, Texas:

Bischoff announces John Cena's next challenger

Eric Bischoff's failure to win the WWE Title last week was not what he wanted but now he says that he has a new challenger that will be victorious. Who will it be?

Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Carlito and Chris Masters

The Game made his long awaited return last week to aid his best friend Ric Flair. This week The Game returns to the ring for this huge tag team match.

Helms looks for answers on Piper's Pit

After last weeks assault on Mick Foley by the ''Rowdy'' one, mild-mannered reporter from the Daily Globe Gregory Helms attempts to find out why Piper did it on the show that finds the truth.

All of this and a lot more on Raw

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Guest Hazza_F5


Corpus Christi, TX

October 10, 2005

IPB Image

Opening Pyro

Hosts: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and The Coach

Ross: I want to welcome you all ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw. JR still here alongside The Coach and Jerry ''the King'' Lawler and guys we have one hell of a main event tonight.

Coach: Without a doubt as we will see John Cena team up with Shawn Michaels as they take on Snitsky and Tyson Tomko.

King: And we will find out who is the new number 1 condertender for John Cena's WWE Title!

''Time to play the game!''

Ross: First we ave the return to the ring of the very best!

HHH and Flair vs Carlito and Chris Masters

The fans have been waiting a long time to see Triple H in the ring for a very long time and the crowd were totally behind the team of Helmsley and Flair. The young team of Carlito and Chris Masters have really stepped up during The Games absense and here was the chance to see how far they have both come. The Masterpiece showed his freak-ish strength lifting up Triple H for the torture rack that was once used to great effect by former WCW Champion Lex Luger. Triple H was able to power out of it and made the tag to The Nature Boy who went on to chop the living daylights out of both Masters and Carlito. Carlito pulled the match back into his teams favor by drilling Flair with a DDT. The young team continued to work on the current Intercontinental Champion and Triple H was getting obviously on the apron waiting for the tag. When Flair was able to pull through the punishment and go for a tag Triple H stepped off from the ring and went to leave up the aisle shocking everyone in the arena. Flair totally shocked by his best friend's actions was over powered by Masters and resulted in giving up to the dreaded Master Lock. Carlito and The Masterpiece were the victors but everyone could not ignore what had just happened in regards to Triple H.

Winners: Carlito and Chris Masters

King: I can't beleive what I just saw

Coach: He just abandoned his best friend. He just left!

Ross: What in the hell is that man thinking?

Overall Rating 87%

Crowd Reaction 90%

Match Quality 83%


Todd Grisham is backstage trying to get a word with Triple H

Todd: Triple H! What just happened? Why did you leave your best friend out there?

Triple H grabs Todd by the throat and slams him against a wall

HHH: (screams) I needed to do it! I had do it! Ric I had to do it! You will understand! You will all understand! I have been away for 4 months dammit and it's time for The Game to regain his spot as player 1!

Ross: What in the hell is he on about?

King: I do not like the sound of this!

Overall Rating 100%


Coach: Kerwin White's handicap is now at 2!

Ross: And you think that will help him win a wrestling match? Jackass!

Coach: No but stars like myself and Kerwin White have crossover appeal.

King: I have yet to see Kerwin on ESPN golf.

Coach: Well here he is with his caddy Nick Nemeth

Ross: Your changing the subject Coach

Coach: I'm doing a job here guys!

King: First time for everything!

Shelton Benjamin vs Kerwin White

If the recent addition of Kerwin's new caddie Nick Nemeth at ringside wasn't enough of a distraction for Shelton Benjamin, the new ring attire of Kerwin White would make a blind man's eyes sore. As the match went on the referee was having difficulty keeping control of the attempts of interferance by Nemeth. Micky Jay was having no more of it and ordered that Nemeth leave ringside immediately. The gameplan that Kerwin had in mind was foiled and he would now have to go to plan 'B'. That would of been he had a plan 'B' as Shelton took full control and after a Dragon-whip and the T-bone suplex Shelton scored the three count. A great victory for a man who is certain for a big future in the WWE. Then out of nowhere came Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle came out and gave Shelton a huge German Suplex and Angle Slam. What was this all for?

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Ross: For god sakes why is Kurt Angle out here?

King: He is asking for a mic so I guess he is gonna tell us.

Angle: Last week I beat Shawn Michaels in an Iron Man match and tonight I have just shown you all why Eric Bischoff has to name me the number 1 contender to the WWE Title. Hell I defeated Cena at Unforgiven so I already deserve a rematch. You may all think I suck but very soon you will have to call me champion.

Coach: Amen!

Overall Rating 83%

Crowd Reaction 73%

Match Quality 93%


Maria is backstage with Edge and Lita

Maria: Edge last week you won the Money in the Bank Ladder match against Matt Hardy. Now Matt has left Raw what is next for Edge?

Lita: Let me say something as I was the one to take the high road and not speak publicly about my private life. Matt I know your watching at home licking your wounds but now you have to face yourself in the mirror and see the truth. You were never the man you hyped yourself to being. You were your own biggest fan and now all of your ''MF'ers'' finally see you as the man I left in the first place. You are a loser and now you have nothing!

Edge: Now that myself and Lita can finally get on with our lives now that Matt had to leave Raw I can finally go forward to what I crave most, the WWE championship. And I have a feeling that my quest will begin tonight!

Overall Rating 84%


Ross: This next female contest will be a non-title match

King: It's so great when we get to see the Divas in action!

Coach: These two ladies are no strangers to each other I can tell you that

Trish Stratus vs Victoria

This match began outside of the ring as Victoria wasted no time waiting for Trish Stratus' entrance. Both Torrie and Candace ringside proved difficult for Trish to deal with as the beauties tried their collective best to make sure Victoria was the Diva to have her hand raised at the end of this match. Victoria looked to end the bout with a clothesline but the flexible skills of the Women's Champion was able to dodge the attempt by performing King's favourite move ''The Matrix'' and a Chick kick stunned Victoria but Trish could only get a two count. While going for the Stratusfaction Torrie pulled the ropes down which resulted in the downfall for Trish in this match and later on was unable to kick out of the Widow's peak. It did'nt end there as all three Divas took out their frustrations on Trish. Raw Diva Search winner Ashley came out to aid her friend but suffered the same fate after Torrie connected with a creasent kick to the pretty face of Ashley.

Winner: Victoria

Coach: Oh Boy the Ladies in Pink are not playing tonight

King: Angry women are hot!

Ross: Will you two just compose yourselves for just one damn minute!

Overall Rating 77%

Crowd Reaction 79%

Match Quality 75%


Ross: Get ready folks for another wild ride on live Tv with the ''Rowdy'' one.

Piper's Pit


Piper: Well I gotta first of all say that I am overwhelmed with all the controversy I caused last week when I laid out Mick Foley with a lead pipe. Come on guys it wasn't like I hit him with a coconut for example! I condemn anybody that does that in this day and age. But lets get to business. My actions last week garnered some major league press and tonight on Piper's Pit we have a reporter on the show that wanted to question me on the show. So ladies and gentleman please welcome this young kid by the name of Gregory Helms!

King: I don't think Piper knows who this ''kid'' is

Coach: Come on we all know that this guy is The Hurricane. He has taken this whole Superhero fascination way too far!

Ross: How do you know it's the Hurricane?

Coach: Stop it JR you know what I'm talking about

Ross: Of course I know who it is for god sakes. Everyone knows it Coach. We just like to rib you!

Piper: Well there ''Gregory'' you asked for this time on MY show so go ahead.

Helms: Mr. Piper last week you had the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley as your special guest on Piper's Pit but you then proceeded to crack his head open with a lead pipe. Wassup wit dat! ... ahem! What I meant to say was...what is up with that?

Piper: Firstly Hurricane... I mean... Mr. Helms sorry I do not need to answer myself to you or anybody. I'm ''Rowdy'' Roddy Piper and I am a sick son of an unamed goat and I am not afraid to admit I enjoyed cracking Foley's head open and if he was standing here tonight I would do it again. Wanna know why? Because that man I remember is not there anymore. I want Cactus Jack! I want Mankind! Hell I want Mick Foley the sickest human being on the planet but until that happens I will do what is right for the business and Mick Foley the sick bastard is good for this business! Mick Foley the author is not! That brings me to you ''Gregory'' Who are you? Are you gonna llive in this dreamland of comic books? You gonna hide behind a superhero mask and a cheap suit for the rest of your career? Or are you gonna be Shane Helms? The man I saw down in WCW tearing the house down every night. What are you gonna do? Ladies and gentleman I have been ''Rowdy'' Roddy Piper and I do what is right for the business. Just when you think you have all of the answers I change the questions!

Ross: What the hell!

Sean O'Haire comes out through the crowd and begins to pummel Helms

King: Oh my god!

Coach: O'Haire has not been seen in ages here in the WWE. Why is he here?

King: Remember the alliance of O'Haire and Piper on Smackdown! It looks like they are back together on Raw

Piper: I see the future and the future is in the ring right now!

O'Haire: Hey! He is not telling you anything that you don't already know.

Ross: Good god almighty two men back together on one nasty page!

Overall Rating 72%


Ross: Tonight we could see for the first time ever a man in his pyjamas win a title

King: Only on Raw guys!

Coach: I am sure that ain't gonna happen!

World Tag Team Championship Match

Cade and Murdoch vs V Squared

Trevor Murdoch left a lasting impression in this contest leaving Val Venis with a swollen eye after hitting a monster right hand in the early stages of this match. Val Venis was in dire straights unable to get anywhere close to his huge partner for a tag and his vision impaired in one eye was enough to keep the champions in full control. The young Texan Lance Cade was in fine form delivering a shoulderblock and a stun gun leaving Venis gasping for breath and a concerned Viscera could only watch. The strategy utilized by Cade and Murdoch looked to be a winner but the veteran Val Venis persevered and a clothesline on Murdoch left both men struggling to reach their respective partners and as both guys tagged in the match was wide open. Big Vis looked like he was going to win the match but Cade just managed to lift the big man over the tope rope as Viscera was charging towards him. This left a battered and bruised Val Venis to take a DDT from Murdoch driving his face down to the mat and was unable to kick out before the three count.

Winner: Cade and Murdoch

Coach: I told you guys! What another great win for my boy Cade!

Ross: You're in love with him arnt you? It's always ''Cade this'' and ''Cade that''

King: That reminds me of a certain Dr. Death fan I know.

Ross: Who asked you!

Overall Rating 75%

Crowd Reaction 70%

Match Quality 80%


Eric Bischoff is backstage and hears a knock on his door.

Eric: Come in.

Edge: Hey Easy E! I just wanna say beforehand thankyou for this opportunity and after that whole saga with Matt Hardy this is definately the thing I need.

Eric: What are you talking about?

Edge: Your new number 1 contender. It's me! It all makes sense!

Eric: No what makes sense is that you are Mr. Money in the Bank. You can have a title shot when you like.

Edge: I was hoping on saving that for another time

Eric: If you want a title shot you use the Money in the Bank. Now if you don't mind I've got some business to attend to. Excuse me!

Overall Rating 84%


Edge steams out of Eric Bischoff's office and inadvertantly bumps into Ashley who spills her soda all over herself.

Edge: Oh I'm sorry there!

Ashley: It's ok. It's only soda I can dry it off.

Edge: I bet you can

Ashley: Excuse me?

Edge: I mean sorry about the soda. I've gotta go though

Ashley: Sure

Overall Rating 89%


''It wasn't my Fault!''

Coach: These guys have been sent out here by Eric Bischoff to do a job tonight and that is to harm John Cena and Shawn Michaels

Ross: Bischoff is not in a very good mood after being totally squashed by Cena at WWE Homecoming and he will be planning revenge no doubt

John Cena and Shawn Michaels vs Snitsky and Tyson Tomko

The dream team of the WWE Champion and the Heartbreak Kid faced tough competition in Snitsky and Tomko. Cena showed no signs of thinking about who Eric Bischoff would name as number 1 contender as he chose to mock both of his opponents to the delight of the crowd. Feeling left out the Showstopper decided to join in with the fun and games. That soon stopped when Tomko showed us all his feelings on the jokes by delivering a big boot to HBK. Shawn had his fair few battles with guys larger than himself and he had to dig as deep as he had done against the likes of Diesel and Sid during his career. The power of Snitsky was used to geat effect after a huge forearm right to the lower back of HBK. Known for his back problems in the past Shawn also showed us his will to win and he fought back and tagged in Cena. The match was turned into a warzone with fists flying everywhere and eventually the match came to an end after an F-U on Tomko and Sweet Chin Music on Snitsky which lead to a double pin and a win for the dream team.

Winners: John Cena and Shawn Michaels

King: Eric Bischoff is not gonna be happy about this

Ross: The team of Cena and Michaels stand tall tonight!

Overall Rating 82%

Crowd Reaction 82%

Match Quality 83%


Cena is still in the ring celebrating with the fans

''I'm back and better than ever!''

Coach: Here we go guys this is gonna be good

King: You know who the new number 1 contender is don't you?

Coach (laughs) I can't wait to see his face.

Eric: Cena last week you may of gotten lucky and left Homecoming with the WWE Title but I hope you enjoy your time as champion because it's about to run out. My new number 1 contender is...

Lights Out

''When the flame Returns!''

Eric: Kane!

Kane is in the ring and delivers a huge chokeslam to Cena

Ross: Good god almighty hell fire in Brimestone!

Coach: Yes! Eric Bischoff is a genius!

King: Look at the sick expression on Kane's face

Ross: Eric Bischoff plans on ending Cena's WWE Title reign and his career! My God what a night!

Overall Rating 91%


Show Rating 84%

IPB Image

We got a 6.81 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7512 people.

We made $300480 from ticket sales.

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Guest Hazza_F5

Here is the upcoming Pay-Per-View schedule

(27/11/05) SURVIVOR SERIES (Raw & SmackDown!) - Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

(18/12/05) ARMAGEDDON (RAW) - Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI

(1/29/06) ROYAL RUMBLE (RAW & SmackDown!) - American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

(2/19/06) NO WAY OUT (SmackDown!) - 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD

(4/2/06) WRESTLEMANIA 22 (RAW & SmackDown!) - Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL

(4/30/06) BACKLASH (RAW) - Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

The WWE have decided to cancel the plans for Taboo Tuesday and New Year's Revolution and are now reverting back to 12 ppv's a year. New WWE Creative Director H. Farrow feels that the emphasis of 1 PPV a month will be best for the overall PPV aspect of the company in terms of buys and revenue.

In TV news, USA are pleased with the performance of Raw's switchover from Spike TV and the ratings. There is a possibility that WWE.COM's coverage of Velocity and Heat could lead to both 1 hour shows extended to 90 minutes each. With the current Legends programme beginning to catch on some former talents may get the call to take part in the shows to elevate the new talent, promote WWE.COM's Jukebox service, Shopezone.com and various other revenue streams.

In last weeks newsletter we reported that James Smith, Teddy Hart, Lash Leroux, Nigel McGuinness, Russel Simpson and Simply Luscious were all offered WWE developmental deals. Smith, McGuinness and Simpson impressed agents at the OVW tapings last month to earn deals. Simply Luscious will be ''developing her look'' before getting promoted to the full-time roster. Lash Leroux comes to many as a shock because of his look but it is beleived that Johnny Ace likes the guy from their days in WCW. Teddy Hart has been given a deal after claiming he is a lot older and mature now and has been given a ''final chance'' to prove himself.

- credit Wrestling Observer

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Byte This!

October 12, 2005

IPB Image

Host: Todd Grisham

''Hello there everybody and welcome to Byte This brought to you by WWE 24/7 Online and tonight we have a huge guest for you. Triple H will be on the show calling in to answer my very tough questions regarding Ric Flair. I didn't get very far on Monday but I hope Triple H has calmed down by now. But first we have Droz on the line. How is it all going?''

Droz: It's going well man and I have just seen No Mercy and I gotta say that Vince really showed him who's boss.''

''I guess you are refering to Warrior who showed up and screwed Undertaker out of the Casket match.''

Droz: Absolutely and I'm guessing he was upset that I couldn't get to Houston on Sunday so the tough guy could take me on. All I can say is I hope that is not the last time we see Warrior because to be quite frank about it I want Taker to kick his ass all over the ring but I'm not too sure that Vince would be willing to have Warrior on the shows. Taker can beat his ass anywhere but I know that myself and many other people would like to see it.

''Amen to that one and we do have a couple of qoutes from people in the business about Warrior.''

A complete wacko! - Jerry Lawler

He was as stiff as hell! - Bobby Heenan

Totally unprofessional! - Triple H

He was unable to take the ball and run with it. That is why I came back. I was needed! - Hulk Hogan

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Guest Hazza_F5

Smackdown Preview

IPB Image

Smackdown comes to you from San Antonio, Texas this Friday night as we will all see the fall-out from last Sunday night's No Mercy.

WWE Chairman will be on Smackdown!

Mr. McMahon made a surprise appearance at No Mercy and this Friday he has a huge annoucement that even himself may regret.

Batista vs. Booker T

This match was made after Booker T was unhappy with the job World Heavyweight Champion Batista had done as special referee in last weeks main event. What will happen in this huge match?

Street Fight

WWE Tag Team Championship

MNM © vs. The new L.O.D.

MNM won the belts on last weeks episode in controversial fashion. After The new L.O.D. & Christie Hemme defeated MNM in a six person tag team match at No Mercy Road Warrior Animal ordered this match to take place under the L.O.D's rematch clause. This match promises to be a war.

Sylvan puts on a show!

The model Sylvan has said that this Friday night we will all see why he is in such high demand as the top male model in North America. What does he have in store?

All of this and more this Friday night on Smackdown.

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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Smackdown

San Antonio, TX

October 14, 2005

IPB Image

Vince McMahon appears on the titantron

Vince: Ladies and gentleman I have some very unfortunate news to tell you all. I have to unfortunately announce that Theodore R. Long is no longer general manager of Smackdown. Earlier today the WWE Board of Directors called for an emergency meeting after hearing news that Theodore R. Long has officially stepped down as Smackdown General Manager. Mr. Long left these comments that I will read out.

''Over the past year I have strived everyday to make Smackdown the number 1 brand in sports entertainment and I now feel I have taken Smackdown as far as I possibly can. My time as Smackdown general manager has been the best time of my professional career and Smackdown has the greatest fans in the world. This is not the end of Theodore Long in the WWE as I will be part of the family in other areas so the next time we meet we will all holla holla holla!''
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Guest Hazza_F5

WWE Velocity

San Antonio, TX

October 15, 2005

IPB Image

Hosts: Josh Mathews and Steve Romero

Orlando Jordan vs. Paul London

OJ gets the victory after reversing a victory roll attempt by London into a roll-up of his own. The win was tainted as he had his hands on the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Overall Rating 68%

Crowd Reaction 51%

Match Quality 85%


Video Package

At No Mercy thanks to the interferance of Warrior, The Ortons were able to defeat The Undertaker in the Casket match. There will be nowhere left for Randy to hide as this coming Friday night on Smackdown it will be settled once and for all inside the cage.

Overall Rating 88%


Bobby Lashley vs. Doug Basham

The newcomer Lashley was in fine form defeating the ''Bash Man'' after a huge dominator.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Overall Rating 76%

Crowd Reaction 65%

Match Quality 88%


Vince is on his cell phone as a knock is heard at his office door.

Vince: I'm going to have to call you back (puts his cell phone down) come in!

Palmer Canon enters the office.

Vince: What can I do for you?

Canon: I think it is what I can do for you sir as you do know that I have put myself forward as a candidate to be the new Smackdown General Manager. And I was thinking about this problem you have currently. Warrior is being a total hindrance and I was thinking about this. Why don't you sort it out the McMahon way. I can see it right now. Mr. McMahon vs. Warrior!

Vince: You know what? I don't see it! I liked you but you are rapidly going down in my estimations. Get out!

Overall Rating 87%


Nunzio and Vito vs. Steven Richards and Robbie Dawber

The Italians got the victory after Vito pinned the young Robbie Dawber. Steven Richards was unpleased with his partner's performance and argued with him after the match.

Winners: Nunzio and Vito

Overall Rating 64%

Crowd Reaction 53%

Match Quality 75%


Funaki is joined by JBL.

Funaki: This is Funaki. Smackdown NUMBA ONE announcer! I am joined by JBL. Next week you face Eddie Guerrero to see who is numba 1 contender. Your thoughts? Go!

JBL: I'm guessing you asked me about my number 1 contender match at Smackdown against Guerrero because I couldn't understand one damn word of what you just said! I go into this match like a warm-up because at this moment I am at the top of my game and it is a matter of time before I get my shot at Batista to once again become Champion and cement my staus as a Wrestling God!

Overall Rating 79%


Rey Mysterio vs. Simon Dean

Mr. 619 took on the owner of the ''Simon System'' Simon Dean in a very competitive match. Rey got the win after a West Coast Pop.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Overall Rating 83%

Crowd Reaction 81%

Match Quality 86%


Show Rating 74%

IPB Image

We got a 1.26 rating for 'Velocity'!

The attendance level was 8043 people.

We made $321720 from ticket sales.

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