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Tsunami Bomb splits up


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Hi everyone. I’m sure you’re all aware that there hasn’t been any news in months, and unfortunately the only news I have to report is bad. Tsunami Bomb has broken up.

Now, if you’re a fan and friend of ours (who this letter is directed to anyway), your first thought is probably “NO!” and your second thought is “WHY?” Well, there are many factors that have come into this decision to break up. Fortunately, there is absolutely no drama going on between band members. We are all still friends and hang out, and the last 7 years (or 2 or 3, depending on member) have been some of the best of our lives. We got to tour the world and make lifelong friends on the way. We all still love music and love playing music. Sadly, the breakup is because of everything but the music. Over the years, while steadily growing more and more successful, we’ve also become more and more weighed down by the business end of the music industry. The side that you guys don’t see as music listeners is immense. Managers, labels, sales numbers, sound scans, agents, producers, accountants, lawsuits, royalties, contracts... the list goes on and on. If all of these parts of the business stay aligned and go as planned, things should be easy to handle. That has not been our case. We’ve actually nearly broken up before each record has come out, for different reasons each time. This time we decided we would get ahead of the mess and stay friends.

Although all this must seem very selfish of us, we do wish that things would not have gone this way. Personally, my main regret is letting all of you down. We are eternally grateful for the support you’ve shown us throughout our existence: most of you have stuck by us through member changes, musical evolutions, etc. and we won’t forget it. You are the reason we’ve kept going for so long -- without you, we would have ended years ago in a garage, practicing in front of a bunch of 6-year-old neighborhood kids. Tsunami Bomb fans have been some of the nicest, friendliest, most courteous punk rock concertgoers ever -- other bands should be honored to have you guys as fans. We owe it to you to answer any questions you have about our breakup, our futures, or whatever else you want to talk about. A few of us will be present on the message board as often as possible to help with this (and a few of us don’t have the internet). The message board will be up for at least a few more months. Also, we’ll be maintaining this myspace page and kinda using that as a mailing list, because our mailing list is now defunct. We will have some announcements coming up about remaining merch sales (we do still have all of those new designs I promised you months ago)!



Sucks..another decent band down the drain

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Gutted. I love Tsunami Bomb, a bit of cheery female punk never goes amiss. They were started to get a bit emo, moving away from the likes of Rotting Vampire Eyeballs and Irish Boys, but they were still fucking quality.

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