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Indigo Prophecy

Guest Grapehead

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Guest Grapehead

This game is amazing. I've been so bored with so many generic plots hitting the market lately, but I find this to be a complete breath of fresh air. You play through the game using 3 main characters, and at a few points you use a side character for a very brief period. The story of a murder plays out through cinematic conversations, which you control where the conversation heads, and through action sequences, that you control using a 'Simon Says' style of memorizing direction patterns and returning them on the Left and Right analog. Sounds kind of strange, but it really plays out superbly, and the story leaves nothing to be desired, it is, to be quite blunt, spectacular. The voice acting is also very good, by today's standards, and you really get a feel that there is emotion behind their words and actions. Everything you do can come back to bite you in the ass later, so you have to really think about all your actions, but to add to that you only have a set amount of time to give responces to people's questions before the game chooses one for you, so it really brings out quick thinking. All the control, and depth of the game alone make it one of my picks for sleeper title of the year, and possibly even greater achievements. I'd love to see a sequel to this game, and as you see at the end, there is room for a continuation of this story. In short, GET THIS GAME!

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But yeah, it's a cool game. It'd be better if they stuck to the first half of the game in being a murder/cop chaser, but it's still alright by me. I just hate the fact that you can't get to watch the Office action scene afterwards without having to do the sequences. I loved that bit :P

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